Middle College Leaders

Middle College Leaders

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Pacific is developing a strong tradition of student leadership. The 2017 Year 9 leaders will experience leadership training, skill development as well as opportunities to experience positions of responsibility. Our model is one of servant leadership that involves our leaders serving both the College and local community. College events such as sport carnivals, Open Day and orientation day along with community events such as ANZAC Day and the Red Shield Appeal are key activities for our leaders. They are also involved in fundraising for a range of causes that the College supports.

Developing a culture of collaboration between students and staff is an important role for our leaders along with developing care, dignity and respect for all in our community. Students at Pacific relish the opportunity to take on responsibility and have an input in the direction that leadership meetings take. As teachers we are often amazed at the energy, insightful thinking and ideas of our leaders. Their ability to organise their peers is another strong strength demonstrated by our leaders.

Congratulation to the Year 9 leaders for 2017:


Captains: Christopher Roth and Shyla Cooke

Vice Captains: Mackenzie Turner and Ariana Costa


Captains: Ryan Price and Brooklyn Graves

Vice Captains: Jared Solti and Atlanta Hopewell


Captains: Nicholas Sarvari and Caitlyn Whincop

Vice Captains: Oliver Fraser and Sophie Empson

The students will have their first meeting on Monday 13th February in L1 at 1.00pm. They will host their first Middle College assembly on 21st February.


Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students