Learning, A Treasure For Life

Learning, A Treasure For Life

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Teaching is a hope filled profession. As we celebrate World Teacher’s Day in Queensland this Friday, we recognise the impact that teachers and schools have on young people’s lives and society as a whole. Learning is one of the joys of life. Good teachers help us to learn from the past, live well today and inspire us to shape a better future. Ben Franklin captures the sense of what a good teaching and learning relationship involves in the following quote, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. 

We celebrate the joy, inspiration and care provided by our teachers. We celebrate the learning provided by this community and are thankful for the role that teachers, support staff, parents and students play in shaping a place where learning can happen well. We thank God for Jesus, our great teacher who did not leave behind a dry rulebook of what and how. Instead, we have stories infused with love that invite us to engage at a greater depth and learn more as we travel through life. He left us space where mistakes could be made and learnt from.

As a learning community we have the privilege of nurturing deep learning across all dimensions of life. This is a great treasure for life that should never stop growing.