Japanese – Seishin Visit and Long Term Exchange

Japanese – Seishin Visit and Long Term Exchange

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On Monday 8th August, we said farewell to the 20 students and three staff members who were visiting from our sister school, Seishin Gakuen. Throughout last week, the Seishin students were hosted and shadowed by a group of our Senior College students where they experienced both school and home life in Australia. The tears shared at the final farewell reflected the deep friendships that were forged between the students and this experience will no doubt stay with them forever. We thank all the shadow students and in particular, the host students and families for looking after the Seishin students and supporting Japanese at the College. We look forward to seeing our Seishin friends in Japan next year on our biennial trip.


As we said goodbye to our Seishin visitors, we warmly welcomed two students from the group who will be completing their Term 3 studies at Pacific. Reina and Satomi are the first students to participate in the Inbound Exchange Program between Pacific and Seishin, which was established this year. We thank Lauren Petersen and Karlee Connors and their families for hosting the two exchange students for the term as we begin this exciting venture.

We also congratulate Year 10 students Mali Davis and Lauren Petersen, who have been selected to go to Seishin Gakuen in Term 4 this year.

Mrs Michiko Hauser, Head of Japanese 6-12