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At the end of key periods, it is good to reflect on those things for which we are grateful.  This can happen at the end of each day, week, month, term, or semester.  Learning to be grateful shifts our mindset to one of appreciation for all we have rather than feelings of envy or entitlement. As I think back over the term and semester there are very many people and things for which I am grateful.

These include the determination, generosity, and heart of staff and parents to improve opportunities for young people, the warmth and appreciation expressed by our students, the privilege of sharing with young people and staff their joy as learnings and experiences have unfolded, the opportunity to grow with people through more challenging times and support people in need and the benefits that new facilities have provided for our community.

God has blessed us richly. We are blessed to be able to come together to engage in the joy of learning in the beautiful, natural and peaceful surrounds of Pacific. We have been able to travel to places to play sport, enjoy music, drama and dance, grow in the outdoors, engage in competition and learn about the world around us.  Most of all God has blessed us through the people He has brought into our Pacific community.