First Lego League

First Lego League

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Last Sunday, two teams of excited Year 6 and 7 students, the Pacific Pirates and the Pacific Professors, travelled to Grace Lutheran College to participate in the First Lego League (FLL) tournament. This year, the tournament at Grace had over 40 teams from around Australia. There are also other tournaments taking place at various venues around Australia.

The tournament involved three sections: the robot game where teams accumulate points by completing a series of challenges by programming their robots; a research project where students present their findings to a panel of judges and a design component where students are quizzed on their designs and programming abilities.

The tournament encourages fun, cooperation, teamwork and being gracious to fellow competitors. The students involved were outstanding in the way they conducted themselves and in the way they worked together.

At the completion of the tournament, the Pacific Professors were announced as winners of the Teamwork award. This award recognises a team that is able to accomplish more together, than they could as individuals through shared goals, strong communication, effective problem solving and excellent time management.

We congratulate both teams for their hard work leading up to the tournament and their achievements and behaviour at the event.

Pacific Pirates: Thomas McLaughlin-Phillips, Ryan Price, Mackenzie Turner, Nicholas Sarvari, Thomas French, Lachlan Wardle, Lily Croke, Georgia Barton, Sophie Empson and Louella Hindmarsh.

Pacific Penguins: Cosette Winter Oliver, Sara Allen, Astrid Williams, Imogen Layfield, Georgia Moor, Ethan Watman, Dempsey Hall, Noah Beasley, Alex Papallo and Harry McLaughlin-Phillips.

Mr Andrew Block, FLL Coordinator