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CyberTaipan is an Australian cyber security competition run by the CSIRO. Similar programs are being held around the world, all modelled on the US Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program.

Three teams of students from the College took part in the first of two rounds of the competition on Friday. The competition was held online over a six hour period. Students worked hard and scored well in this round. The teams analysed a virtual Windows10 and an Ubuntu system to identify and remove vulnerabilities and security issues. Students solved forensic questions and searched for hidden problems on the system images to earn points for hardening the system while maintaining critical services.

Cyber Taipan Teams 2020
Rogues Chens JAMS
Noah Taverner
Jordan Doughty
Lachie Eden
Ethan Donohoe
Jack Carmichael
Noah Beasley
Harry Collishaw
Cody McMackin
Mick D’Addario
Astrid Williams
Jackson Mobbs
Jack Chessell


Each of our three teams scored in the top 50 of the 104 teams competing, which was a fabulous result. Well done to all students who put in a magnificent effort and provided support and encouragement to one another throughout the six hours. We now progress through to the next round of the competition, which will be held on Friday 28th August. Following this, the top teams from across Australia will have the opportunity to represent their school in the national finals before moving to the international finals. We wish our teams well at the next round.

Mrs Janine Stone, Head of Information Technology