Create for Space – Quberider Project

Create for Space – Quberider Project

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The excitement is building for our core group of IT students working on the Quberider project, as we are edging closer to the official launch date! The micro processing board has been installed and is now up and running. Students have been working through coding and running simple experiments to test the quality of the captured data.

Students are developing the code for an experiment that is designed to see if the changes outside the International Space Station (ISS) affect the inside environment or whether the inside environment is completely stable and controlled. Specifically the experiment is: “Do the changes in UV light and heat as well as effects from magnetic changes (storms) correlate to the humidity and temperature inside the ISS or is this completely stable and controlled?”

The sensors being used for the experiment include: thermometer, barometer (humidity and pressure) UV light sensor, ambient light sensor, magnetometer, real time clock and camera. Each of these sensors will be programmed to catch data at different intervals with a time stamp and write the data to a logbook, which will then be returned to us for analysis. The development and testing of this experiment needs to be completed and sent to Brisbane for further testing.

Hopefully the camera will capture some interesting shots inside the ISS. Stay tuned for further updates!

Mrs Janine Stone, Head of Information Technology