Celebrating Our Dads

Celebrating Our Dads

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The special role that men play as fathers within their families and community is a great gift that goes on for a lifetime. Through every interaction that we have, ways of being are acted and learnt. Ordinary times of being together and playing together make a lifetime of difference. 

Men play an important role within families as dads and within community as mentors for a range of children through their roles as teachers, coaches, leaders and family friends. Within the Pacific community, our men play a key role in leading, growing and nurturing young people and in providing a wide range of rich opportunity. 

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we celebrate all that our dads have given us through being who they are as people. As a community we say thank you to our men for their tremendous generosity in giving their time and skills. More than things, it is the way of being and the gift of time and self that makes the difference.