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Thank you to parents and guardians for your support of CareMonkey within the Pacific Sports Department. A large portion of the College community has now signed on and created current care profiles.

If you have not yet seen an invitation to create your child’s profile, please check your Junk Mail folder. If you still cannot find the email request, please contact Mrs Natalie Campbell directly. Emails will come through from CareMonkey Administrator and will generally have a subject heading stating “Pacific Lutheran College is requesting….”.

The Sports Department has commenced use of this application and a number of back end functions have already started to streamline department functionality.

Please note, the following additional requests have also been emailed via CareMonkey. 

  • Year 6: Ocean Awareness
  • Year 3-4: Rugby 7’s

If you have any concerns with this application or your profile set up please contact Mrs Campbell at:

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Sports Aide