Boat Shed Dinner

Boat Shed Dinner

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Last week, our Year 12 Hospitality students took over the reins at the popular Cotton Tree restaurant, The Boat Shed, for a sell out event. Restaurant staff daringly handed over control to students, who have been perfecting their skills in all aspects of restaurant operations, from waiting tables to working behind the bar and helping out in the kitchen. The evening allowed students to demonstrate their practical performance knowledge and understanding in a real world environment, further enhancing their learning.

Students were responsible for all aspects of the event from creating the invitations and designing the menus, to taking bookings, organising uniforms as well as arranging the entertainment for the evening, not to mention preparing and serving food and beverages on the night. All students conducted themselves in a professional and mature manner and should be very proud of themselves. A big thank you to Mr Dion Sparato at The Boat Shed and to everyone who attended to support our Year 12 Hospitality students.

Mrs Colleen Beattie, Head of Hospitality and Food Technology