Being Before Doing

Being Before Doing

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As we wake each morning, our minds can quickly switch into the list of things that await us on a new day.  Slowing our minds by taking time to notice the beauty in the people and the world around us can help us to be more human beings than “human doings”.  Stepping outside, taking deep breaths of fresh cold air, maybe seeing the last stars of the night battling with an emerging sunrise can recentre and refresh.  Taking time to reflect on the things we are grateful for in this new moment and new day can also freshen our minds and bring joy.

God invites us to, “Be Still and Know That I Am God”.  We are invited to come to Him in prayer and put our trust in Him to take care of our needs.  By letting go of our chatter, we are freed to grow richly within His grace as we adventure through the successes and learning moments of each day.

(adapted from Richard Rohr, 2018, Just This, pages 72-73 Letting Go of the Junk, Centre For Action and Contemplation, New Mexico)