Compass No 710 - February 2024

From the Acting Principal

Embracing Gifts and Feeling Empowered

Within the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is all too simple to neglect the remarkable gifts inherent in each of us. Reflecting on how we can harness these gifts opens the door to a deeper sense of worth and purpose. Whether it is a talent for music, a passion for science, or an innate ability to connect with others, we are all uniquely crafted with great purpose. Take a moment to reflect on your own abilities and strengths – these are not random occurrences but rather intentional God-given gifts. By embracing our gifts and recognising the potential they hold, we embark on a transformative journey. Through opportunities of discovery, appreciation of others, and a heightened awareness of our impact, we pave the way not only for personal growth, but also for positive contributions that will ripple far beyond the walls of the classroom and Pacific community.

Recognising and harnessing individual gifts can have profound implications for personal and collective growth. By fostering a learning environment that encourages discovery of and an appreciation for diverse abilities, we can embrace our potential and cultivate a sense of purpose.  As everyone embraces their inherent gifts, a synergistic effect occurs, creating an enriching environment that promotes personal development and a community committed to making positive contributions to the world.

At Pacific, students, parents and staff are interconnected threads in the fabric of this transformative journey. By valuing and nurturing each person’s God-given gifts, strengths and talents, we are nurturing a culture of appreciation and support that goes beyond academic learning and achievements.  This collective mindset promotes a community dedicated and committed to making meaningful contributions.

May each of you continue to shine brightly, knowing that your journey is guided by our loving God. Embrace your gifts, celebrate your achievements, and walk confidently knowing that you are a cherished and integral part of our community.

Wishing you a week filled with self-discovery, empowerment, and realisation of your worth.

Acting Principal's Log

This week, we celebrated the start of the Year 9 students’ Rite Journey program with their teachers and parents. The ‘Departure’ ceremony is an important evening, where parents and students shared their reflections and insights with each other about their journey so far. The Rite Journey is an important opportunity for Year 9 students to reflect and grow in their understandings of themselves and their relationships with others as they lead Middle College and commence the transition into adulthood.  We wish our Year 9 students, teachers Mrs Emma Lendrum, Miss Taylor Edwards, Miss Sarah Tolhurst, Mr Chris Bartlett, Mr Mark Hauser and Mr Brett Kersnovske and parents all the best as they engage in this important journey of growth together. 

At the Year 10 Information Evening, parents and students gained greater insight into the many opportunities available at the College to grow agency, leadership and learning as they transition into the Senior College and life beyond Pacific. Presentations included peer mentoring and pastoral care, leadership development and engagement in co-curricular and service activities.  A focus on developing strong study habits and balancing part-time work and academic commitments, processes for submitting assessments and resources to enhance future pathways were also shared. We thank our parents and students for their attendance and the leadership of Head of Learning, Senior College Ms Anne-Marie Gerlach, and Head of Careers and Development, Mrs Veronica Sanmarco for their presentations.

Very high levels of participation and spirit were evident at last week’s Junior Inter-House Swimming Carnival.  Well done to all students for their engagement, support and encouragement of each other. We congratulate all swimmers for giving their best and congratulate students who have received acknowledgement and invitation to the District Swimming Carnival. We also congratulate Buran House for winning the Carnival and Wira for winning the Spirit Award. We thank our staff and parents for their support of the carnival and Mr Darren Hooper and Mrs Lisa Muir for their overall leadership of the event.

Last Friday, we welcomed back our Year 8 students from their 5-day Outdoor Education experience. The five days provided countless opportunities for our students to grow as individuals and strengthen relationships with each other, nature and God.  Our Outdoor Education experiences capably led by Mr Paul Brace provide unique opportunities for growth.  We thank Ms Alisha Bausch, Mr Rob Belchamber, Mr Sam Irwin, Mrs Sharon Middleton, Miss Taylor Edwards, Miss Rebekah Horsey, and Mr Josh Danzey, for their leadership of the Year 8 students throughout the experience.

This morning, our students enjoyed the opportunity to connect across year levels as Year 12 and Year 2 buddies connected for the first time. There was excitement in the air as buddies were introduced to each other. This connection highlights the role that our current Seniors will play in shaping our community for the future. When our 2022 graduates return for their 10-year reunion our Year 2 students will be in Year 12 carrying on the tradition of strong student influence and contribution.

We wish our music students well as they depart for Music Camp tomorrow and thank Mrs Helen Williams for her leadership in organising this opportunity for our students to connect and enhance their musicianship.

We pray that God would provide for those continuing to be affected by the recent QLD weather events and for those around the world who are suffering through war, poverty and disease.  May God enable us to see and act through the use of our strengths to assist people in need.

Ms Leigh Finter, Director of Students and Acting Principal 

From the College Chaplain

Shrove Tuesday

Next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, marking the start of Lent. To celebrate Shrove Tuesday and prepare for Lent, the Spirituality and Service Pacific Action Group will be serving pancakes with cream and syrup, from 7.30am – 8.15am outside Coral Café. The cost is a gold coin donation, and all proceeds will go to charity. 

Mr Mark Hauser, College Chaplain

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Learning Together

Every Monday morning, our Junior College assembles to hear about what has been and is happening around our College. This connection time allows for holistic messaging that reflects the thread for the week as well as expanding on key teachings of our College ethos and ‘You Can Do It’ lessons. Our alternating split assemblies in Foundation and Junior College cohorts, allow us to better tailor our messages to a more specific audience. New audio equipment under our Junior College buildings has supported our split assemblies effectively.

This year, we continue the implementation of ‘Pacific Way’ across the Junior College. Our intentional focus includes developing a sense of self, managing interactions with others and deepening connections with spirituality, service and the environment. Our Junior Diaries address our expanded message for the week and in recent weeks we have focused on what it means to be Independent and Responsible in all areas of College life.

Our College theme of Wonder, Creativity and Discernment sits seamlessly into our philosophy regarding Pacific Way. The theme will be explored further through our assemblies and where these intentions are driving and evolving learning. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to what is valued and reword what our over-arching statements will mean to individual year levels as well as dissect beacons, unique and valued experiences in year levels. Student voice allows these documents to evolve and provide the touchstones and certainty as we support our students now and into the future.

This term’s theme for “You Can Do It” surrounds relationships and connects seamlessly to our “Learning Together” Pillar. At our assembly last week, Mrs. Atkinson's presented the ‘You Can Do It’s’ structure to better understand what positive relationships look like to us. During the term, concepts such as connecting with others, understanding peer pressure, and solving conflict productively will be covered.

Friendships are not always straightforward. Part of our understanding of relationships is recognising that problem solving and differences of opinion are entirely normal. They are part and parcel of the whole picture. All of us are human and err from time to time but what this does provide is that as individuals, we all have thoughtful awareness from which to navigate. Our restorative framework provides the scaffold from which to mend relationships that from time to time, wander off track. The mercy that out faith provides empowers us to offer true forgiveness.

We look forward to supporting our students when working with each other areas across all areas of the College and thank Mrs. Atkinson for her leadership.

Parent Connectors and Volunteering

The involvement of parents and extended family members has always been a hallmark of the success of the College. There are numerous ways that the wider community may wish to be involved with College life and support the range of College activities.

The role of a Parent Connector is to serve as a link between the College and our community through a range of activities such as welcoming new families and providing social opportunities within year levels. At times, Parent Connectors will also be called upon to support the various functions and events held by the College and Friends of Pacific. We are hoping that we may have several connectors per year level to provide support for each other and the wider community.

Parents and guardians have the opportunity to be involved within the College as a volunteer. Volunteering plays a pivotal role in parent and student engagement and community connection. Creating strong ties to the people around us is important for our wellbeing and being a volunteer is not only rewarding but is a great gift to others. Volunteers have rich opportunities to give service through schemes like parent reading, excursions, assisting at College events supported by Friends of Pacific like, SCISSA Gala Days, our Annual PLC Open Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, inter-house Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and the biannual OCEAN fest, a large-scale event which provides the opportunity to celebrate the caring community which surrounds our students.

Legislation surrounding volunteering requires all persons to complete an induction process to volunteer in any capacity across the College. Previously, this process has required a series of Zoom sessions run during the year, however, the College is in the final stages of adapting this process to a more flexible delivery system.

If either of these opportunities interests you, please respond to the correspondence being sent out via email early next week.

Take care and God bless,

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Learning Middle College

NAPLAN Online Term 1

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be participating in NAPLAN online Wednesday 13th March – Monday 18th March.

NAPLAN online assessment will take place during Term 1 this year.

NAPLAN Online questions will be tailored to student responses, ensuring a more accurate snapshot of student understanding. The questions become more or less difficult, adapting to student progress and providing more precise results.

Parents and students are encouraged to visit the Public Demonstration Site and explore the range of question formats available. Please refer to the attachment (link found here) for more information about the Public Demonstration Site.

Students will participate in practice tests at school, so they are familiar with the testing process. More information regarding necessary equipment will be provided prior to the tests.

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Middle College and Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Learning K-5

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

School P.A.T.H Sessions

Pacific has partnered with Parent to Parent to offer a planning tool for individual students who have already engaged in an in-house career planning session with the Head of Career Development and would benefit from engaging in the P.A.T.H. 8-step process, which focuses on person-centred goal-setting tools to guide them in planning further education, employment or training options. 

For families with N.D.I.S. plans, funding can be used to engage in the program to develop longer-term goals, with continued support available via Parent to Parent post-school.

If you are interested in learning more, please email Veronica Sanmarco, Head of Career Development, and Chantal McAllister, Head of Learning Enrichment,

How to book a Careers Appointment

Senior College students can now access the Careers Bookings Calendar and manage their own careers appointment, including inviting parents to join a meeting, either in person or via zoom.

Simply select the type of career- related appointment you would like and as courtesy ensure you check with your teacher that it is OK before you miss all or part of lesson before you make a booking.

Book appointments via the link: Pacific Lutheran Careers Support


Scan the QR Code

Mrs Veronica Sanmarco, Head of Career Development

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Friends of Pacific (FoP) play a vital role in strengthening community. As a member, parents have a unique opportunity to grow our College culture and build connections with students and families. 

Throughout the year, Friends of Pacific support a variety of events and College initiatives including the annual PLC Open Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, sports carnivals, trivia nights, golf days and much more.

The Friends of Pacific AGM and first general meeting for 2024 will be held on Tuesday 20th February at 6.30pm in the College Library. We welcome all new and existing parents to attend.

Nominations for the following Office Bearers are being called:

 • Chairperson

 • Vice-Chairperson

 • Secretary

 • Treasurer

 • Foundation Executive (Prep-Year 2)

 • Junior Executive (Years 3-5)

 • Middle Executive (Years 6-9) 

 • Senior Executive (Years 10-12)

 • Alumni Executive

If you would like to nominate for a position and/or attend the upcoming meeting, please RSVP by Friday 9th February via email to:


  1. It’s a wonderful way to connect with other Pacific families and share your ideas.
  2. You will become a greater part of your children’s learning journey.
  3. Meet and talk with Pacific Staff and learn of upcoming College projects and events.
  4. Experience feelings of self-worth through volunteering your time and seeing your efforts pay off in the smiles of you children and their friends.
  5. And finally, the number one reason to join….WE NEED YOU!

We look forward to seeing you there! Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Ms Jan Watman, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open from Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 10.30am and Tuesday Afternoon from 2.00pm-4.00pm.   Appointments can be made via the Main Reception. 

Flexischools orders are also available for your Uniform needs. These orders will be completed Monday - Thursday and delivered to the students’ classroom in the Junior College and to the PCG pigeon-holes in the Wellbeing Office for Middle and Senior students. Please ensure that these are collected promptly to ensure that they do not go missing.

Formal hats are all now back in stock as well as Middle College girls ties and House polos.

Don’t forget to organise your school swimwear and House polos prior to the Middle/Senior Swimming Carnival to be held on Wednesday, 14th February.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Convenor

Library News

Welcome Back

It was a pleasure speaking to many of you either in person or online at our parent information evenings. Our PLC Library is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm each day. We are a busy, lively library with lots of students visiting every day. At lunchtime we have silent areas for study and reading, as well as more social areas for playing chess or board games, doing arts and crafts, building with Lego, exploring the STEM activities in our MakerSpace or experiencing virtual reality.

Our website contains our library catalogue, where you can search for books, check your loans and place reservations. You will also find links to research skills, our LibGuides page which supports student assignments, our ebook collection and our Clickview video library.

Our Middle and Senior students can access the library homepage here while the Junior students’ page is here

Drop into the library to borrow, ask for book recommendations or for assistance with finding information.

New LibGuides Added

The following libguides have been added to support current assignments. The password is plc.

Year 7 HASS – Deep Time

Year 10 Business – 4-Day Work Week

Ms Narelle Keen, Head of Library

Sport News

Years 7-12 Sport

Competitive Sport News

Well done to all our teams who played in their first competitive SCISSA sport fixtures this week.

Please note that fixtures for the rest of the SCISSA Volleyball and Soccer season will be entered into Clipboard and emailed out to all parents by the end of the week. Information regarding venues and bus departures and arrivals will be found in this fixture information.

SCISSA Junior and Intermediate Soccer

It was fantastic to have all our soccer teams competing in the first round, with the Junior Boys team 1 and Intermediate Boys travelling to Glasshouse Christian College while the Junior Girls, Junior Boys team 2 and Intermediate Girls travelled to Sunshine Coast Grammar, Immanuel Lutheran College and Good Shepard Lutheran College respectively. The Junior Boys team 1 seemed to click immediately as they worked well as a group and got a comfortable win over Glasshouse. The Intermediate Boys, Junior Boys team 2 and Junior Girls battled hard in their fixture but were unable to overcome spirited opponents in their first round of the season. This aside, the Intermediate Girls were able to play some good quality football and put 6 goals in the back of the net for a strong round 1 victory. It was great to get the first game ticked off and we are looking forward to seeing how our teams progress across the season. A big thank you to Miss Horsey, Alexander Lee and Jack Best for their work with their Soccer teams this afternoon.

SCISSA Senior Volleyball

There are 4 senior Volleyball teams who are going to be competing in the senior SCISSA competition this term. The Senior Boys Team 1 had a tough first set of games against very experienced sides and will be better for the experience. Special mention goes to the Senior Girls team 2 who were able to win both sets in their opening match against Glasshouse CC and take home a win. There were some students missing from teams this round and this is a timely reminder to students that when they have signed up and have committed to teams, it is important to be present at all games to make sure they are supporting their teammates and coaches. If they can’t make games, please ensure they contact their coaches. Thank you to Mr Brace, Sarah Ashdown, Georgie Snelling and Henry Friend for their work with the PLC Volleyball teams this week.

Other Sport News

Run Club

Run club started up this Tuesday with a fantastic turn out of students from Years 3 through to 10. It was a hot, humid morning but the students bought into the run and students ran some strong times for their first Run Club session of the year. Consistent attendance at these sessions is recommended for students to maximise progress in their cardiovascular endurance. Please email me at if you are looking to attend any future Tuesday morning sessions.

Student Acknowledgements

Well done to the following students who were selected in District Teams:

We congratulate Toby Moore, Marcel Patullo and Josh Allen who played for the Sunshine Coast rep cricket teams over holidays, ran by the Scorchers.

Mr Liam Jacka, Acting Head of Sport

Junior Sport

Primary Swimming Carnival

The 3-6 Inter-House Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday last week. It was a great day out at the pool with students enjoying the chance to get into the water throughout the day to represent their house. It was great to see our new Year 6 leaders, leading their houses during the day in house war cries, with high levels of house spirit on display during the carnival.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who were age champions or runners up in their age group at the end of the carnival.

Congratulations to Kyle Huxley who also broke two records on that day in the 11 years boys age group.

11-year Boys 50m Backstroke – 39.12s

11-year Boys 50m Butterfly – 36. 53s

Well done to the 11 years Mumba boys who were also able to break the record in the 11 years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay.

Congratulations to Wira house who were awarded the House Spirit trophy at the end of the carnival for some outstanding cheering and house spirit.

Lastly, congratulations to Buran house who were crowned the 2024 Swimming Carnival champions.

Armidale Rugby Carnival

Early in Term Two, PLC will be attending the Armidale Rugby Carnival on Friday 12th - Sunday 14th April. The tour is open to boys in Years 5, 6 and 7 who are turning either 11 or 12 in 2024.

If you would like your son to be part of this tour, please email to register your interest. Training started on Monday, but we are still looking for a few more additional players who may be interested in attending this carnival. 

PLC Athletics Training (Years 3 – 12)

In preparation for both the PLC Primary, Secondary and Independent District Athletics Carnivals which will be held in Term Two (dates as per College Calendar), PLC will be offering Athletics training sessions on Monday afternoons. Students who were selected in the College’s Athletics team in 2023 have been automatically invited to these sessions. However, if your child is new to the College or would like to train in the lead up to these carnivals, please email Lisa Muir to receive further information.

This year we have once again employed the services of Mr. Chris Brearley to coach our students in sprints. Chris is a Level 2 sprints coach who has worked with our sprinters for a number of years. We will also once again have Mr. Richard Franklin coaching this year. Richard is a highly qualified athletics coach in high jump and will work with our students in this area. Lastly, Mr Garth Cooper, who is one of the leading throwing coaches in Queensland, will guide our discus and shot put students each week.

Training sessions will run from 3.15 – 4.45pm each Monday afternoon on the main oval. Students who are in Years 4-6 and would like to train for athletics will take part in these sessions in place of their normal SCISSA sport training session.

District Sport Trials

There are a number of Independent District sporting trials coming up during Term One. Below is the list of sports and the cut off dates. If your child has a suitable level of skill and experience in one of these sports and would like to trial, please email to register their interest.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

The PLC Netball Club team selection trials took place last Sunday with great success. Thank you to all parents and players for attending – we were all very excited to see players back on court.  From the talent displayed on the day, we are looking forward to another great year of netball!! 


Initial team lists will be finalised by Friday 9th February and training will commence over the coming weeks. Training is held at PLC on the back netball courts and the training day/time will depend on the availability of the coach and majority of players, usually Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons. Grading games on 9th , 16th and 23rd March are to ensure players have been placed in the right team, and the team is in the right Division. Final team lists will be completed after the grading rounds and players may be moved to a different team, or a team to a different Division, during this process.

Please note the following important dates:

  • Saturday 9th March: Grading round-robin; teams play multiple shorter games.
  • Saturday 16th March: Grading round-robin, teams play multiple shorter games.
  • Saturday 23rd March: Final round of grading games; teams play 1 game of normal length.
  • Easter School holiday break.
  • Saturday 20th April: Competition commences, round 1, Caloundra Indoor sports stadium.

PLC Netball club encourages and welcomes parent involvement with our teams, so if you are interested in being a team manager or coach, please reach out.

We look forward to another wonderful year of netball in 2024!!

Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Watkins, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

2024 Registration Update

We've had strong registrations in all age groups, especially in U7-U11, with both returning and new players.

This is your last chance to register before teams are confirmed this weekend.

Register via link:

Prep - U6 - Limited spots available

Years 1 & 2 - U7 - Girls Division - More players needed

Year 1 - U7 Mixed - Full - Wait list

Year 2 - U8 - Full - Wait list

Years 3-5 U9 Girls Division - Full - Wait list

Year 3 - U9 - Limited spots available

Year 4 - U10 - Full - Wait list

U11 - Girls - Full - Wait list

Years 5/6 - Mixed – Sharks - More players needed

Year 7 – Marlins - Limited spots

U16/17 – Barracudas - Full - Wait list

Please consider how you can help your team by coaching or managing.

Games commence on Saturday, 2nd March.

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

Upcoming Dates


9         Music Camp Departs (3.30pm)

14       Year 7-12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival

20       Friends of Pacific AGM (6.30pm)

22       Year 6 Leadership day

22       9-19 Years District Swimming

22       Year 7-12 Voices on the Coast

23       Year 4-6 Voices on the Coast

26       Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm – 4.15pm)

29       Year 10 Vaccinations