Compass No 708 - January 2024

From the Principal

Living and Learning Well Through A Sense of Wonder

Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what’s up there, or into the eyes of a dog and wondered what they were thinking? Have you wondered how to improve a relationship, solve a problem, how a story or play might unfold, what it would be like to live in another place or time, or to walk in someone else’s shoes?  Have you stood in nature, maybe the bush, the beach, or even in your backyard and wondered at the awesomeness of it?

All of us are great “wonderers”. It is why we asked those thousands of why questions as four year olds and continue to question today.  As we wondered and questioned, we learnt. As we wonder, our curiosity is peaked; our brains are engaged and developed.  Creative thinking is sparked. Wonder and curiosity are the engines for learning and growth. 

Having a disposition of wonder and curiosity opens our minds to the adventure of learning, invites exploration and inquiry, stimulates deep thinking, increases motivation and encourages questioning. It results in increased academic success. We would not be surprised to learn that having a sense of wonder and curiosity leads to greater creativity, which is critical for success in our increasingly complex and changing world. We may be surprised to learn that people with strong dispositions of wonder and curiosity have increased levels of happiness, more satisfying relationships and an enhanced sense of purpose.

God created us with a great sense of wonder and curiosity. He has given us an amazing world to explore. Engaging with the world and people with a sense of awe, wonder and curiosity opens us up to gratitude, insight and growth.

Principal’s Log

Welcome to the start of the 2024 school year, with a particularly warm welcome to new staff and many new students and their families.  It has been inspiring to feel the energy and excitement as our community connected warmly with each other and very quickly moved into the rhythm of learning.

It was a delight to come together for our 6-12 and P-5 Commencement Services where we heard about the year ahead and inducted and celebrated our new staff and student leaders. These services provide an important celebration point for students as they transition into new year levels, particularly for our Preps, Year 5, Year 6 and Year 12 students who experience new phases of learning and leadership this year. We thank our parents, staff and students for their support of these important services. We express our appreciation to Pastor Ray Morris of St Mark’s Congregation, Mrs Michiko Hauser, Mr Mark Hauser, our music staff and students and support staff for their leadership and organisation.

In the week prior to students returning, we as a staff valued the opportunity to learn with Nicole Dyson, Founder and CEO of Future Anything. Nicole led us on a reflection of why the nurturing of wonder, curiosity, creativity, and discernment is critical for us all and how these dispositions can be enhanced for students. Teachers appreciated the opportunity to work collaboratively to enrich their planning to strengthen their dispositions. We look forward to growing capacity as staff, students and parents to enhance culture of thinking, filled with wonder, creativity and discernment.

Learning occurs best where staff, students and parents understand the purposes and processes of learning and work together to enhance experiences and opportunities. Pacific is very deliberate in supporting parents to understand the beliefs, values and ways of learning at the College so that parents can partner meaningfully in the learning process. Next week’s P-5, Year 6-9, Year 11 Information Evening and Music Parent Information Evenings provide important opportunities for parents to connect into community and to learn about how they can best support their child’s learning. Dates and times are listed at the back of the newsletter and further information has been emailed to families.

The College’s developmental Outdoor Education program provides important opportunities for growth. As students grow in their relationships with each other, nature and with God, important skills of collaboration, teamwork, problem solving, communication, creativity and critical thinking are enhanced. Social emotional capabilities such as resilience, self-awareness, and confidence also develop strongly through these experiences.

We wish our Year 8 students all the best as they embark on their 5 day Outdoor Education next week and thank Head of Outdoor Education, Mr Paul Brace and his team for their leadership and organisation of this rich program.

We congratulate Mrs Rita Williams who received the Sunshine Coast Sports Volunteer Award in recognition of her contribution to soccer in 2023. Mrs. Williams has provided outstanding service to this community through her role as the President of the Pacific Football Club over many years. We thank her for her generosity of time and heart to foster a community of volunteers who provide opportunities for students to enjoy and develop their soccer skills. We encourage families to consider the ways in which they can support our parent led groups including the Friends of Pacific, Pacific Football Club and the PC Netball Club which provide great opportunities for connection while enhancing student experience.

We look forward to a year of wonder and creativity where we grow in our connection with each other, the environment, and God, as we grow in our discernment and capacity to live lives of good purpose. May God bless us and enable us to flourish through the adventure of learning that awaits.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal 

From the Director of Students

Keeping Students Safe

Middle and Senior College Students and Mobile Phone and Earbud Use

Pacific’s E-Smart Policy recognises the educational potential of mobile phones as powerful learning tool.  In Years 6-12, teachers may incorporate mobile phones and use of earbuds/headphones into learning experiences when appropriate, enhancing the overall learning experience for students.  During the school day however, mobile phones and earbuds/headphones are not permitted for personal use during the school day.  Pacific’s approach to student use of mobile phones during the school day is aimed at minimising disruptions, fostering focused learning experiences, and promoting face-to-face connections and social interactions between students. It is important that parents, working in partnership with the College are communicating throughout the school day through Wellbeing Centre. This is particularly important where there are health issues or other concerns.

Middle College Students (Year 6 – 9)

• Mobile phones, earbuds/headphones are to be kept secure in locker or bag from 8.00am to 3.15pm. 

• Mobile phones and earbuds/headphones can be used as a learning tool if explicitly instructed by the teacher.

• Students ordering tuckshop will be required to utilise Flexischools or purchase a Flexischools pre-paid card Flexischools

Senior College Students (Year 10-12)

• Permitted to carry on person to check timetable, emails, student notices, make purchases from the tuckshop

• Not permitted to text, answer or make phone calls, scroll, take photos or videos during class or at break times.

• Mobile phones and earbuds/headphones can be used as a learning tool if explicitly instructed by the teacher.

• Not permitted to wear earbuds in class or during break times after 8.00am – 3.15pm

• Students who have signed a 2024 Independent Learning contract and are engaged in Vocational Education Training or external courses are permitted to use during spares for learning purposes.

At Pacific, where People are the Focus, relationships and walking with students as they learn, make choices and grow is important.  Providing students with the opportunity to have increased responsibility and care for their personal belongings, including their mobile phone and other devices while they are at school, and how they are used in harmony with other ways of connecting and interacting with each other is another opportunity for learning for life.

Pacific Learning Hub- Mr Brett Lee (Internet Safe Education) Tuesday 26th March

With a focus on Learning the Purpose, the College has invited Mr Brett Lee, leading expert in Internet Safe Education to deliver student workshops across Year 3 – Year 12; a whole College staff professional learning seminar; and a parent information evening on Tuesday 26th March, with a focus on the following age appropriate areas:

-          Responsible use of mobile phones

-          Social networking

-          The world of online gaming

-          The Law Online

-          Cyberbullying

-          Sexting and sexually inappropriate behaviour

-          Using the internet in the workplace

-          Protecting and cleaning up our digital reputation

-          Controlling and using the internet safely and effectively

Further information regarding student workshops and the parent information evening will be communicated soon.

The College thanks parents, students, and our community for their support of students and their responsible use of mobile phone, earbuds/headphones and other learning devices. 

Please do not hesitate to connect with me if you have any additional questions about the College’s E-Smart Policy and Procedures.

Ms Leigh Finter, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Welcome Back

Welcome to Pacific Lutheran College in 2024. It was lovely to unite with many continuing families and meet many new families during the week and at our P-5 Opening Service yesterday. We look forward to connecting as a P-5 College next Wednesday evening for our P-5 Parent Information session. We invite you to be part of refreshments from 5.30pm before the evening begins formally at 6.00 pm. The evening allows parents to hear wholistic aspects of college life before you hear from teaching teams relevant to their child’s teacher regarding the year ahead. Communication regarding this has been sent to families this week.

Parent engagement

A great strength of the Pacific community has always been the willingness of parents and families to support the College community by involvement in activities that strengthen relationships and foster opportunities for our students.

Parents and guardians also have the opportunity to be involved as parent connectors across the College. The role of a Parent Connector will be to serve as a link between the College and our community through a range of activities such as welcoming new families and providing social opportunities within year levels.

At times, Parent Connectors will also be called upon to support the various functions and events held by the College and Friends of Pacific. We are hoping that we may have several connectors per year level to provide support for each other and the wider community. An expression of interest will be emailed home next week.

Another rich opportunity the wider community can engage within the College is volunteering. There will be many chances to give service through schemes like parent reading, excursions, and helping in the tuckshop during the year.

Recently, legislation around volunteering changed, and all volunteers are required to undergo mandatory training once a year to comply with this change. Volunteers will be unable to engage with students unless this training has occurred.

The College is developing a more flexible platform for volunteer compliance within this area. Communication about volunteer accreditation will be distributed via email in the near future.

General Housekeeping

Communication with College Staff

Often parents need to communicate information to their child’s teachers regarding changes of routine and exemption from participation in sports, specialist lessons or activities due to injury or illness. To avoid confusion and ensure students are where they are meant to be, if changes should arise during the day, we ask this correspondence to be communicated through P-5 reception, not directly to teachers via email as teachers may not be in a position to attend to email during the day. Alternatively, students in Years 3-5 will also receive a student diary, which has space for notes of this nature.


A reminder that the College hat is an essential element of the school uniform. During breaks, students need to wear a hat, or they are required to stay out of the sun. Students should also wear their hats when traveling to and from the College.

Students are also required to follow the guidelines set out in the College uniform policy regarding hair and jewelry. These policies can be found via the parent handbook and also in the front of the Junior Handbook.

Students in Years 1-5 may only wear their sports uniforms to school on the days they have HPE. Years 4 and 5 students may also wear their HPE uniforms to school on Thursdays. There may also be occasions during the year when students are requested to wear their sports uniform to school for carnivals or excursions. On all other occasions, students should attend school in their formal uniform.

If, for some reason, your child is unable to wear the correct uniform to school, please send a note to your child’s class teacher. A uniform reminder letter will be forwarded to parents whose children are in the incorrect uniform without a note.

Car Parks

A reminder to all parents and students that they are to use the appropriate car park at the beginning and the end of the day. Prep-Year 2 students can use the front car park. Drop-off spaces require parents to remain with their cars. Students across Years 3-12 are to use the senior drop-off or car park at the western side of the College.

Families are reminded that there is access via Red Cedar Drive, and the Meridan Felds Car Park. These access points have supervision before and after school and provide accessibility for families living south of the College.

Additionally, parents are asked to use designated drop-off spots within the College as concerns have been raised within the community regarding the dropping off of students near Kawana Way. The lights that mark the intersection of Woodlands Blvd and Kawana way are particularly busy at the beginning and end of the days and in the interest of student safety, we ask that families use the P-2 carpark and 3-12 drop-off spaces during these times.

Take care, and God bless.


Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

How to book a Careers Appointment

Senior College students can now access the Careers Bookings Calendar and manage their own careers appointment, including inviting parents to join a meeting, either in person or via zoom.

Simply select the type of career- related appointment you would like and as courtesy ensure you check with your teacher that it is OK before you miss all or part of lesson before you make a booking.

Book appointments via the link: //" target="_blank">Pacific Lutheran Careers Support (

Mrs Veronica Sanmarco, Head of Career Development

From the Head of Instrumental Music

Music in 2024

Welcome back to music at PLC. All instrumental lessons and ensembles will begin in Week 2. You should hear from your instrumental tutor shortly if you have requested lessons.

If there is anybody new to the school who requires lessons or would like to join an ensemble, then please let me know at

There have been some small changes to the ensemble rehearsal schedule, so please look carefully.

Rock band audition will be coming up soon, watch out for student notices as to how you can sign up to audition.

Music Information Evening

If you would like to know more about music at Pacific, including classroom, instrumental, ensembles, music camp, music tours etc, please come along to our music information evening on Tuesday 30th January at 5.30 pm in the Music Room D1.1

Kind regards,


Mrs Helen Williams, Head of Instrumental Music (P-12)

Food for Thought

Parent Support in 2024

Raising children is both a huge joy and a unique challenge. At the end of some days, you may high-five yourself for being the most amazing parent, while others you may sit on the couch, head in hands, wondering how things got to where they did today. Parenting is a journey that many of us are not prepared for, with our young people often throwing us new behaviours or challenges that we feel not equipped to manage. The truth is that many of us are just doing the best we can with the information and education we have from our own past experiences or from our family and friends.

This year I would like to provide our PLC parent and carer community with information about their young people; how they function, how they think, what we can do as parents to support and/or challenge them. I am by no means an expert in any of these topics, but each week I will source information that might be helpful for you as a parent/carer of our young people. To help me ensure that the information is what you would like, it would be great if you could take two minutes to complete the Microsoft Form below and let me know what topics you would like me to cover.

If you have expertise in any areas of adolescent development, behaviour management, disability, parenting, or you feel that some information you possess may be helpful to other parents, please email me directly (

I thank you for taking the time to complete the form and look forward to journeying through the 2024 school year with you.

Look after yourselves and those around you.


Mr Brendan Macaulay, Head of Student Support

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Friends of Pacific play a vital role in strengthening community. As a member, parents have a unique opportunity to grow our College culture and build connections with students and families. 

Throughout the year, Friends of Pacific support a variety of events and College initiatives including the annual PLC Open Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, sport carnivals, trivia nights, golf days, OCEANfest and much more. If you’re interested in joining Friends of Pacific, please get in touch. We’d love to have you!

Volunteering with Friends of Pacific

Hosting events is only possible thanks to the efforts of those in our College Community who give so generously of their time.  Opportunities to volunteer and complete the relevant induction training will be released in coming weeks.  

2024 AGM

We extend an invitation to all PLC Parents to attend the Friends of Pacific AGM and first general meeting for 2024 on Tuesday 20th February at 6.30pm in the College Library.

Nominations for the following Office Bearers are being called:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Foundation Executive (Prep-Year 2)
  • Junior Executive (Year 3-5)
  • Middle Executive (Year 6-9)
  • Senior Executive (Year 10-12)
  • Alumni Executive

If you would like to nominate for a position and/or attend the upcoming meeting, please RSVP by Friday 9th February via email to: .

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Ms Jan Watman, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Senior Drama Production 2024

Sense and Sensibility – A New Adaptation of the Jane Austen Classic

Wishing our talented Cast, Crew, Musicians and Staff all the best as they embark on the next exciting production for PLC! Stay tuned as this new, innovative version of the much- loved story takes shape over coming months!

Janine Delaney (Director)

Mrs Janine Delany, Director

Uniform Shop

Welcome to 2024! 

The Uniform Shop is open from Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 10.30am and Tuesday Afternoon from 2.00-4.00pm.  Appointments can be made via the Main Reception. 

Flexischool orders are also available for your Uniform needs.  These orders will be completed Monday - Thursday and delivered to the students’ classroom in the Primary school and to the PCG pigeonholes in the Well Being Centre for Secondary students.  Please ensure that these are collected promptly to ensure that they do not go missing.

Formal Hats in some sizes are out of stock and should be back in store in the next few weeks.  If you have an item on Back Order, these will be delivered to classroom (Year 6) and Well Being Centre (Secondary College). 

Middle College Girls Ties and House Polos are now all back in stock.

Don’t forget to organise your School Swimwear and House Polos prior to the Swimming Carnivals/Trials in the first three weeks of school.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Convenor

Library News

What’s Happening in the Library?

Beyond the Book Literature Festival

Beyond the Book Literature Festival (formerly known as Voices on the Coast) is coming up very soon. This is an opportunity for students in Years 4-12 to meet authors, illustrators and poets and listen to them talking about their work, or work with them in writing workshops. Beyond the Book will be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Thursday, February 22nd for Years 7-12 and on Friday, February 23rd for Years 4-6.

Students who love books and reading and creative writing are invited to attend. There are only 28 places each day, so get in quickly if you would like to go. Workshops, in particular fill up fast. Information and nomination forms were emailed home last Friday. Paper copies of the form are also available in the library. Students must nominate which authors they would like to see and return the form to the library staff by the 5th of February. I will then send home a permission form for parents to sign in Parent Lounge.

Ms Narelle Keen, Teacher Librarian

Sport News

Years 7-12 Sport

A big welcome from the Sport Department to our 2024 school year. We hope to see many of our students enjoying all the sport opportunities on offer at PLC this year.

Introduction Information

A lot of our initial sport information has been sent out over the last 2 weeks via TASS. This would have included an introduction letter with lots of information regarding sport at PLC, as well as some further correspondence about representative sport. A reminder, all sporting consent will be sent through Parent Lounge via TASS For new parents/carers of the College, information and scheduling for all sporting activities will be communicated via a program called “Clipboard”.

The weekly Compass will also be used to pass on information regarding upcoming sporting opportunities and events, as well as competitive sport results, updates and celebrations of student sporting achievements. Please don’t hesitate to let us also know if your student had achieved highly in an outside school sport event and we will endeavour to acknowledge them in the weekly Compass.

Competitive Sport

Students will have the opportunity to sign-up and participate in a number of competitive sport teams throughout the year. These teams play outside of school hours, generally on a weekday afternoon/early evening. We encourage all students to play in at least one competitive sport team per semester to maximise their engagement (and enjoyment) within the school community (as a plus, they will have a lot of fun). All competitive sport sign-ups are done online via the Clipboard link which is available to students on the 7-12 Sport NAV Page. If there are any issues with signing up, they should contact a member of the Sport Department.

Students in competitive teams will be provided with playing shirts/singlets/jerseys throughout the year. It is important to note that these are on loan to students just for the duration of the season and need to be returned at the conclusion of the season. A fee may be charged to any students/families who fail to return their uniforms at the completion of their competition.

Weekly Friday Sport

Each week students from Years 7-12 will participate in sporting activities on a Friday afternoon. These activities range from competitive sport training to sport development sessions for upcoming competitive sports, and sport for life options which provide students with a variety of physical activity and movement opportunities. Friday sport is a great opportunity for students to actively engage in physical activity through a lens of their choice. Friday sport times are as below.

Year 11-12 Sport: 12.15-1.15pm

Year 7-10 Sport: 1.45-3.15pm

Swimming Carnival

Inter-House Swimming Carnival

All students will have an opportunity to be in the pool and get points for their house on the day.

ALL students must:

-          be at their allocated meeting places (TBC) by 8.25am on the morning of the event

-          attend and are encouraged to swim (where possible)

-          wear correct house uniform and swimmers as outlined in this letter

-          return on buses in completely dry clothes

-          not be on mobile devices on buses or throughout the day at the pool

-          swim in house coloured swim caps (provided on the day) for all events

-          students are encouraged to dress up (zinc, costumes, etc) but must do this once they arrive at school

A full program with further details will be sent to parents prior to the carnival.

District Swimming Carnival: Online Nomination of Times

Students who are keen to trial for the district are to nominate online. They will be required to provide their times for each of the particular races they are nominating for. Any student who wishes to compete in a 200m race or is requesting an exemption must have a proof of their time. More information regarding online nominations has been sent out. Students should contact Lisa Muir if they have any questions –

SCISSA Sport Term 1

Students in Year 7-12 also have had the opportunity to pick a competitive sport for Term 1 and represent PLC in either Year 11-12 Volleyball or Year 7-10 Soccer in the Sunshine Coast Independent School Sports Association. Interested students need to ensure they are signed up via the Clipboard link which was sent out through email and put on the 7-12 NAV page. Students who have signed up by Monday 29th January will be placed into teams. Information regarding the season and a request for consent will be sent out via TASS next week. Games schedules will be able to be accessed through Clipboard when the draw is released.



PLC Basketball Academy (Term 1 and 2)

The Academy is an invitation only program suited to Higher level Representative players or those talent identified as having the potential to be a high-level Representative player i.e., Sunshine Coast Rep. This selection process is completed by Mr. Burdon in conjunction with PLC Basketball Coaches and Sport staff.

School Sport Pathway (trials throughout Term 1 and 2)

10-12 Boys and Girls (1st Feb)

13-16 Boys and Girls (2nd Feb)

17-19 Boys and Girls (Direct to region)

Students should see Mrs. Muir to nominate for these trial opportunities.


Sunshine Coast All Schools Basketball (Term 3 and 4)

Nomination process for “Competitive Basketball” commences during Term 2 so students should read notices and emails. In 2023 we entered 15 teams in this competition and all levels of athlete can be catered for. Athlete’s for CBSQ (State Championship) teams as well as the following years Basketball Academy are typically identified throughout this competition.


Information has been sent out recently to Year 7 and 8 students and families regarding sign up and trialling for the Monday night netball season beginning on Monday the 19th of February. Please note that the trial date for Year 7 and 8 girls netball is Wednesday the 24th of January (Week 1). Netball trials will be held on the back PLC Courts from 3.30pm - 4.30pm. Please email netball coordinator Michelle Dufty ( if you have any questions.

All other year level students will be meeting their coaches over the next few weeks and getting organised with a training schedule. Players will be advised when to collect a playing dress from the Sport Office. Game schedules will be able to be accessed through NAV calendar and Clipboard when the draw is released.


Keen rugby students will have the opportunity to participate in Representative Rugby Tours/Tournaments in Term 1. These events include the Fraser Coast Rugby 7s tournament and the Armidale Rugby Tour.

Tournament details are below:

Fraser Coast Rugby 7's (u13 Boys, u15 Boys and Girls, Opens Boys and Girls)

Date: 22nd March

Armidale Rugby (u12 Boys, u14 & u16 Girls)

Dates: 12-14th April

Students need to register their interest via the Clipboard link which can be accessed through the 7-12 Sport NAV Page. Interested students will have information and a request for consent sent home to parents via TASS. Nominations need to be in before the 29th of January and the 9th of February for Armidale and Fraser Coast respectively.

Extra Sport Opportunities separate to SCISSA

Monday night Netball (see Netball information above)

Fraser Coast and Armidale (see Rugby information above)

Trish Buckley Volleyball

Years 10-12. Friday night competition starting in week 5. Sign-ups via Clipboard.

Run Club

This is focused around getting students engaged with running with a focus to help their cross-country times. This runs for the entirety of Semester 1 on Tuesday mornings at 7.00am. The first session will be Tuesday of Week 3 (February 6th). If students are interested, they are to sign-up via clipboard by Wednesday Week 2.

Student Acknowledgements

Each week we aim to celebrate outstanding student achievement in their sporting pursuits, both inside and outside school sport. If you have information on outstanding achievement, don’t hesitate to contact us.

13-19 years District Trials Information

Should you have any questions about district trials. Please contact Lisa Muir. See below for her email.

Mr Liam Jacka, Acting Head of Sport

Junior Sport

Welcome back to all returning families and also a warm welcome to any new families starting at PLC this year. It is a busy start to the school sporting calendar with swimming and various other sporting opportunities happening already.


The 3-6 Inter-House Swimming Carnival will be held next Thursday 1st February at Beerwah Aquatic Centre. Students will need to arrive at their classrooms by 8.25am for rolls, with buses departing at 8.35am from PLC.

The aim of the carnival is to maximise participation, develop friendly House spirit; have fun and select a PLC Swim Team to compete at the Independent District Swimming Carnival.  All students will have the opportunity to swim at this carnival for house points.

Students will need to wear PLC swimmers under their uniform to school on that day (house shirts to be worn) and enclosed shoes must be worn to and from the carnival with their sports hat.

Parents are welcome to attend the carnival but are asked to remain in the parent spectator’s area provided on the day.


SCISSA sport will begin on Thursday 8th February for all students in Years 4-6. Class teachers will ask students to select two sports early next week that they would like to try on this day. Students will finalise their sport choice at the end of this session in Week Three. Please see the table below which contains the sport choices available to students.

Armidale Rugby Carnival

Early in Term Two, PLC will be attending the Armidale Rugby Carnival on Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd April. The tour is open to boys in Year 5, 6 and 7 who are turning either 11 or 12 in 2024.

If you would like your son to be part of this tour, please email to register your interest for further information. Training will start on Monday 5th February.

Run Club

One of the extracurricular opportunities available to students at PLC is the be part of the PLC Run Club. Students in Years 3 and up meet on Tuesday mornings prior to school (7.00 – 8.00am). Run Club will start in Week Three and runs through Term one and Two. A sign-up sheet has been sent around to students in Years 3 – 6 this week, however if your child missed this sign up, please email Lisa Muir to receive an information and consent letter.

District and Regional Sporting Trials

Below is a list of sports and dates for District and Regional trials throughout the year. Trials are open to students in the 10 – 12 years age group. Students wishing to trial should be at a high level in their chosen sport and would need to be play competitively in an outside of school competition for this sport. 

If you would like to find out further information or register your child for one of these sports, please email Lisa Muir (PLC Sports Administrator) to register your interest.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

The PLC Netball Club is thrilled to welcome prior year players and new players to the 2024 netball season. Registrations are now open for players from 6 to 18 and you do not have to be a PLC Student to join. Registrations are done on the Netball Connect App NetballConnect - Competition Management System (

Caloundra Netball Association is hosting a Club sign-on day on Saturday 3rd February, 9am – 12pm, at the Caloundra Sports Stadium, North Street, Golden Beach. PLC Netball Club committee members will be available to help with registrations and answer questions.

Team selection trials are scheduled for Sunday 4 February at the PLC College Gym, 9am -12pm. Specific time slots, based on age group, will be communicated soon. Game dresses will be distributed on the day.

Team selections will be finalised by Friday 9 February and training will commence mid-February. Training is held at PLC on the back netball courts immediately after school finishes. The training day will depend on the availability of the Coach and majority of players, usually Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons.

Please note the following important dates:

Saturday 9th March: Grading round-robin; teams play multiple shorter games.

Saturday 16th March: Grading round-robin, teams play multiple shorter games.

Saturday 23rd March: Final round of grading games; teams play 1 game of normal length.

Easter School holiday break.

Saturday 20th April: Competition commences, round 1, Caloundra Indoor sports stadium.

CDNA have changed the Divisional structure for the 2024 season as outlined below. A player’s age on 31st December of the current year will determine the age group. The age listed is the maximum age of the player.

Competitive Divisions:

  • Intermediate –Female Divisions, players 12 years to 18 years (still at school):
    • Divisions 1 to 6
  • Junior –Female players 10 years to 13 years and Male players 10 years to 12 years:
    • Division 7 – 11 (more divisions added if needed)

Non-Competitive Divisions:

  • GO-1 (10 years) Full Rules (scored, but no finals)
  • GO-2 (9 Years) Modified-Full Rules
  • SET-1 (8 years) Modified Rules
  • SET-2 (7 years) Modified Rules

NET Program:

  • 10-week introductory program 5-6 years

PLC Netball club encourages and welcomes parent involvement with our teams, so if you are interested in being a team manager or coach, please reach out.

We look forward to another wonderful year of netball in 2024!!

For all enquiries, please use the contact details below.

Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Watkins, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

Registrations are Open - Prep-Year 11

Registrations for the 2024 SCSSA season are open for girls and boys born between 2019 and 2007 who wish to join U6-U16/17 soccer teams.

•         U6-U10 Saturday Mixed Rooball Fixtures

•         U11+ Saturday Mixed Competitive Fixtures

•         All Abilities Program and new All Girls U7 and U9 Comp

•         Weekly team training at PLC after school

•         K3 Coaching Clinics

•         Social opportunities for parents

•         Growth mindset sessions

•         Games commence March 2nd

Join now:

Inspiring Leadership

Congratulations Rita Williams on receiving the Sunshine Coast Sports Volunteer Award in recognition of contributions to soccer in 2023.

Rita, as the president of Pacific FC, played a crucial role in shaping a club culture that highly values volunteering. By prioritising and celebrating volunteer contributions, she has established a community where volunteering is not merely a duty but an integral aspect of the club's identity.

Rita's emphasis on the positive impact of volunteering fosters pride and purpose among members, reinforcing the idea that everyone plays a role in influencing and inspiring young individuals. Leading by example, Rita actively engages in various volunteering activities, encouraging others to follow suit. Her commitment extends to serving as the Grounds Official at home games and showing dedication to providing a safe sporting venue. Rita's consistent leadership, facilitated by a good support network and timely problem-solving, has led to sustained success for Pacific FC. Through fostering camaraderie and unity, she contributes to a positive and collaborative volunteer community, significantly promoting the development of soccer within Pacific FC and the broader Sunshine Coast community. – Pacific FC Members

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

Upcoming Dates


26       Australia Day (Public Holiday)

29       Middle College Information Evening (5.30pm)

29       Year 8 Camp Departs

30       Scholars’ Assembly (8.25am)

30       Year 12 Leadership Day

30       Music Information Evening (5.30pm)

30       Year 11 Information Evening (6.00pm)

31       P-5 Information Night (5.30pm)



1         Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival

2         Year 8 Camp Returns

5         Year 9 Rite Journey Departure (5.00pm)

5         7-12 SCISSA Sports Starts

6         Year 10 Information Evening (6.00pm)

9         Music Camp Departs (3.30pm)

14       Year 7-12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival

20       Friends of Pacific AGM (6.30pm)

22       Year 6 Leadership day

22       9-19 Years District Swimming

22       Year 7-12 Voices on the Coast

23       Year 4-6 Voices on the Coast

26       Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm – 4.15pm)

29       Year 10 Vaccinations