Compass No 700 - October 2023

From the Principal

Empowering and Equipping Young People

Where we walk alongside young people and support them to take responsibility for their growth there is space for wondering, curiosity, exploration, solution finding and learning, through both the successes and challenges in life. Children grow resilience, confidence and capacity as they learn to negotiate and learn through failure and mistake making. In taking responsibility, young people learn that adults and peers trust that they have the skills to find a better way forward, including situations that they feel are unfair. In doing so, they are best placed to grow proactive habits of mind. Learning that there are things and situations outside of our capacity to change or influence, we develop an understanding to focus our energy on our circle of influence. The nurturing of the ability and mindset to accept and build from disappointment and difficulty, empowers young people to grow best across all dimensions of life including the academic, social, emotional, sport, cultural and spiritual dimensions. For sports lovers, we saw this powerfully at play over the weekend as we witnessed three great games, where players remained focused, adapting and adjusting despite themselves or teammates making errors, tough calls or the score.  In his post-game media interview, despite the disappointment of the result, Lions coach Chris Fagan could focus on the quality of the game, positive elements, confidence in his players, recognised the strengths of the opposition and most importantly was focused on what could be learnt from the experience.

God walks alongside us and provides the space for us to learn through the experiences of life. Rather than controlling or rescuing us, the Bible provides wisdom to guide us through the different rhythms of life. As we read different stories at different ages and in different circumstances the stories speak differently to us. The constant that remains is God’s love for us, His willingness to forgive us as we learn through mistake making and commitment to journey with us as a source of strength and hope. As both young and old, we are empowered to have the grace, hope and confidence to grow through all circumstances in life and to provide the space, strength and encouragement for others to do the same.

Principal's Log

We welcome everyone to the start of the new term and in particular our new students and their families. We also extend a special welcome to Ms Alisha Bausch (Middle and Senior College Maths and Science), Ms Sarah Tolhurst (Middle and Senior College English and Humanities) and Mrs Kana Chan (P-12 Japanese) who are replacing Mrs Melissa Pietrala, Ms Michelle McMillan and Mr Andrew Block while they are on long service leave. We also celebrate the return of Mr Jo Doran (Year 4) and Mrs Jodie Connors (Year 2) from long service leave.

We congratulate our PLC Jewels and Gems netball teams who played very well in the Queensland Primary School Cup on the Gold Coast over the holiday break. The PLC Jewels team played in the Championship Division which included 36 teams and were one of 6 teams who progressed to Division 1 after winning all of their 6 games on Day 1. They came 5th overall in the State which is an outstanding achievement. The Gems made up of Year 4 and 5 players gained a lot through their engagement in the Development Division. We thank Mrs Michelle Dufty and Mrs Karen Costa for their coaching and leadership of these teams and students Brooke Williams, Kayla Sanderson and Amelia Pike who travelled to umpire for the championships. Thank you to our parents for your support. We wish our netballers all the best as they continue to grow through these experiences.

Our Senior Boys and Girls also gained a lot from their experience at the Champion Basketball Schools Queensland competition on the Gold Coast. The girls played particularly well being placed 5th overall and the boys will take their learnings from this year forward. We thank Year 12 players Katie Graves, Henry Friend and Alex Lee who have been instrumental in the growth of basketball at the College including being in teams that have earnt the College a place in this highly competitive and selective championship. We thank Mr Brad Burdon and Mr Mark Hauser for their coaching and development of these students this year and in past years. We also thank student Ms Brooklyn Graves and staff member Ms Georgie Snelling for their leadership and support of these teams.

We are looking forward to our two-week Year 9 Outdoor Education experience where young people will grow in their independence, confidence, resilience, and solution finding as they enhance their connection to each other, God and nature. We thank Head of Outdoor Education Mr Paul Brace for his overall planning and leadership. We thank Mr David Druery for his leadership of the 2-week experience and final preparations and Mr Brett Kersnovske and the Rite Journey leaders for their preparation of the students, and Georgie Snelling, Sigrid Davis, Emma Lendrum, Leah Croke, Taylor Edwards, Brendan Macaulay, Graham Kanowski, Duncan McNee, Rob Belchamber, Liam Jacka, Rebekah Horsey, Megan Bancks, Josh Danzey and Josh Cummins for their support of students on camp.

Term 4 provides powerful times of learning for us all, as well as opportunities for celebration and fun. May God empower each of us to make the most of the learning opportunities that life presents and to be grateful for all that God gives us through the people and opportunities we encounter.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the Director of Students

Year 6 and Year 9 Peer Mentoring and Pastoral Care Group Experiences

Peer Mentoring at Pacific plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey of our students, fostering a sense of community, and providing support in their individual and academic growth.  This week, our Year 9 students commenced their journey as ‘peer mentors’ for the Year 6 students, where informal opportunities of connection led by Heads of House and Year 6 teachers occurred during Pastoral Care Group time.  The Peer Mentoring Program at Pacific aims to lay the foundation for robust Pastoral Care, promoting a holistic approach to student development.

The intention of connecting the Year 9 students with Year 6 students this week was to support the breakdown of potential barriers for Year 6 students as they embark on their journey of transitioning into Year 7 in 2024. This week’s activity offered a glimpse into some of the personal challenges Year 7 students may face, but also the opportunities that lie ahead for them.  For the Year 9 students, they also gain a sense of responsibility and confidence in leading as they become mentors as Year 10.

Next week, Year 6 will continue their Pastoral Care experience by meeting PCG teachers and students across Years 7-11.  By having Year 6 and Year 9 students already familiar with each other, the transition into more formalised Pastoral Care sessions will become smoother, creating an early connection and supportive network. The aim is that Year 6 students feel confident and empowered as they transition into Year 7 in 2024.

On Thursday 23rd November, Week 8, Term 4, Year 9 students will be immersed in formalised Peer Mentor training to support their growth and development as leaders within Pastoral Care Group.

I wish the Year 9 students all the very best as they embark on their Year 9 Outdoor Education experience next week and lean into the many opportunities and challenges that are presented to them.  This experience will certainly shape the remainder of their journey here as Senior College students, leaders and mentors to our Middle College students.

Ms Leigh Finter, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Strength and Safety

Welcome back to Term Four 2023, and a warm welcome to families new to Pacific this term. Term Four is always such a busy term, and we look forward to engaging with the numerous events and celebrations that the end of the year brings. It was wonderful to be surrounded by the busyness and industry of the students returning to class this week.

Social and Emotional Blockers

I, like many of you, sat transfixed over the weekend as the AFL, NRL and NRLW grand finals played out. All were amazing contests and a testament to the dedication and application of all teams.

When watching sports at such a high level, I am always amazed at the attitude that is displayed by individuals when events during a game don’t always go the way they are intended to. Time and time again, we see players missing the goal or dropping a ball. At the time, such small errors can be crucial, but continually we see the mental toughness of these players to leave that circumstance quickly and move on to what is in front of them.

This quick realisation that what has just transpired cannot be changed is evident for all to see. Sure, after the event, it may require further examination, but at the time, the mental determination to move on is crucial to ongoing success in the future. These mindsets flow nicely into our You Can Do It messaging this term.

This term in our You Can Do It program, we will be focusing on social and emotional blockers. These can be defined as worrying, feeling down or angry, getting hung up on negative experiences and procrastinating. They are called "blockers", as they can sometimes block our way forward to building success and striving to achieve. During the term, the students will be encouraged to become "lifesavers". The example pictured suggests that techniques for unblocking worries may include:

•          self-talk

•          choosing positive action

•          talking to someone and

•          calming down through actions and thoughts.

No one practice or method works for everyone. Our aim is to provide a range of strategies for our students to use when and where they are needed. This will continue to be covered in our Foundation and Junior Assemblies.

Keeping Safe In Our Neighbourhoods

On the 27th of this month, the Day for Daniel will be recognised in schools across the Sunshine Coast and increasingly, across the state and country. It is a time to acknowledge the potential threats to our community and also to educate our students on ways that help to keep them safe.

Fortunately, examples of actual harm to our children in their neighbourhoods are rare, and our communities' connection is strong. Unfortunately, many of us are aware of the devastating impact that the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe had on his family and the community in general. In the passing years, his family have fought hard to make sure that his memory will live on through the foundation and every year the child safety message is communicated.

The foundation website, has many resources about how we may equip our children to understand and read signs that aim to keep them safe. These resources are age-appropriate and cover a range of topics and I encourage you to peruse the resources and discuss their contents with your children.

Take care, and God bless,

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan - due Friday 6th October

Year 10 students, in consultation with their school and parents/carers, are required by legislation to develop a Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan that maps out their learning and training through Years 11 & 12.

The personalised SET Plan is designed to:

1. Work as a ‘road map’ to help and empower students achieve their learning goals during the Senior Phase of Learning

2. Assist students to explore further options across education, training and industry sectors

3. Help students communicate with parents/carers, peers and school staff about their future aspirations and formally document a student learning pathways. 

4. Ensure that students are aware of the requirements of the QCE and that they have made clear, informed choices which will set them up to ultimately obtain a QCE 

5. Ensure that students are aware of the requirements to achieve an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR), Vocational qualification or an achievable career pathway after school.

As a reminder, the digital SET plan forms are due this Friday 6th October.  For students requiring a careers appointment to finalise their plan, please email the Head of Career Development, Veronica Sanmarco

Thank you to those Year 10 students who have submitted their SET Plans. 


Online Panel: Navigating a Pathway in STEM – What girls and their family supporters need to know

Wednesday 11th October 2023

We know that for young people, and their family supporters, navigating a pathway into a STEM career can be challenging for a range of reasons. First, STEM offers diverse options in careers, some of which are unknown or misconceived. Second, information available can be outdated, limited or misinforming depending on access to information.

We have heard from girls, parents/carers and teachers, that addressing the challenges to navigating STEM pathways is a priority. This online panel will host a range of people that are passionately involved across the STEM careers sector.

Find out more here.


Griffith | Year 12 Early Offer Guarantee Information Webinar

Tuesday 10th October 2023

If you’ve listed a Year 12 Early Offer Guarantee-eligible degree in your QTAC preferences, or are just looking for more information about Year 12 Early Offers, come to our online information webinar on Tuesday 10th October.

You’ll be able to hear from and chat directly to our study advisers to get your questions answered, so you can lock in your study plans sooner and take the stress out of waiting for an ATAR.

Find out more here.


JCU | Year 12 Webinar

Thursday 12th October 2023

Want to hear what student life is really like at JCU and how to make the transition from high school to uni as easy as possible? Then this JCU Year 12 webinar is the perfect opportunity for you.

Key topics:

Hear from current JCU students about their move from school to uni, and their top tips for first years.

Learn about student life including the vast range of clubs, social activities and societies at JCU (and how to balance life and study).

Discover what it’s like to live on-campus with other students from around Australia.

Find out more here.


Mrs Veronica Sanmarco, Head of Career Development

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Carly Lovell, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Maths Tutoring Sessions

Well done to all the students who have made the most of all the additional mathematics assistance lessons this year.

Maths tutoring has resumed on Friday mornings, with Monday afternoon sessions resuming in Week 3.

Mr Michael Knight, Head of Mathematics

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

Champion Basketball Schools Senior Boys and Girls

At the end of Term 3 the Senior Boys and Girls Basketball teams travelled to the Gold Coast for the CBSQ (State Championships). This event was the culmination of the school basketball calendar for our senior students.

The PLC Senior Girls had qualified this year for their first ever CBSQ after winning the Wildcard challenge. They took this great form into the state championships, winning 6 out of 7 games and ultimately finishing in 5th place. This great result ensures that the team will not need to play the Wildcard challenge again in 2024 and had direct qualification.

The PLC Senior Boys had more challenging timing with 2 starting players succumbing to ankle injuries in the lead up to the tournament. Despite this the team battled hard and improved on last year’s performance to finish in 11th place. This also ensures the boys direct qualification for 2024.

Special mention must go out to our graduating Senior players Katie Graves, Henry Friend and Alex Lee who have represented the College with pride throughout their PLC Basketball Careers.

A big thank you to Ms Brooklyn Graves, Ms Georgie Snelling, Mr Mark Hauser and Mr Brad Burdon for the time and energy they put into working with these teams over a big 4 days and across the year in preparing for this event. Mr Burdon in particular has given up many of his hours this year before and after school to prepare our students for these tournaments and this is providing our students with fantastic opportunities to improve their skills.

There is still plenty of basketball to come with the Friday night season continuing along with Junior Secondary and Sophomore Boys CBSQ coming up over the next month!

PLC Competitive Netball 2024

A quick reminder to all interested students that 2023 Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Netball (Monday Night Netball) trials will be held after school in Week 4. Student participation in these trials is critical to begin preparations to compete strongly in this competition. Please see details below:

Tuesday 24th October: Intermediate Trials (Current Yr 8 and 9 Students)

3.15-4.15pm on the PLC Rear Courts

Wednesday 25th October: Senior Trials (Current Yr 10 and 11 Students)

3.15pm-4.15pm on the PLC Rear Courts

Please email Netball Coordinator Michelle Dufty at if you have any questions.


SCISSA Tennis fixtures will begin next week. Students and parents will be provided with a copy of the draw and all fixture details will be visible on Clipboard. Teams will be finalized on Friday during sport time. Please contact Mr Cameron West-McInnes if you have any questions or concerns.

Student Acknowledgement

Well done to Kade Rowlands and Tom Bauer for playing in a QLD representative team at the National School Futsal Tournaments. Special mention goes to Kade for being recognized as an All Star (Top 10 players) in the tournament.

Well done to Holly Targato for being selected to represent Queensland in the QLD Little Athletics Development Squad to tour New Zealand.

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Junior Sport

Primary Schools Cup Netball

Over the September holidays, two PLC teams travelled down to the Gold Coast to compete in the Queensland Primary Schools Cup. The carnival is a state-wide event with 100 schools registered to compete.

Our PLC Jewels team (Year 6) was registered in the Championship Division with 38 of the best primary school teams in Queensland playing in this division.

During day one, the Jewels were undefeated in all 6 games and progressed through to Division One of the Championship Division, with the top 6 schools in Queensland.

On day two, the Jewels played very strongly in all their games and only narrowly missed out on the final playoffs. The girls finished the carnival in 5th position which places them in the top five schools in Queensland, which is a fantastic achievement and our best result as a College to date in a major championship.

Meanwhile, our PLC Gems, which was made up of students in Years 4 and 5 were registered in the Development Division with 62 teams. The PLC Gems played their hearts out, finding each other’s strengths during the carnival. They were graded into Division 7 out of 8 divisions.

During the second day of the carnival, the Gems played 7 teams in their pool and recorded a win and a draw from these games. Their overall placing was 5th in their pool, which is a great result considering this team is young and very new to netball.

Opportunities like this are not possible without the support of parents who travelled down to the carnival for the weekend and PLC staff members willing to give up their time. Thanks to Ms Michelle Dufty and Mrs Karen Costa who gave up their time coaching the teams in the many lead up training sessions and throughout the weekend.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the following PLC Middle and Senior College girls - Brooke Williams, Kayla Sanderson and Amelia Pike. The girls gave up their weekend and travelled down to these championships to umpire for PLC. Well done girls.

Years 2 – 5 Learn to Surf Program

As part of our school surfing program, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a four week Learn to Surf Program for students in Years 2 – 5 this term.

The program will be run through North Caloundra Surf School in conjunction with Pacific Lutheran College staff.  A range of topics will be covered in this four-week program including: reading ocean conditions, board handling and developing fundamental movements such as balance, agility and coordination.

Details of the program are as follows:

•          Monday mornings before school, 6.00am arrival for a 6.15am start. Sessions will conclude at 7.15am.

•          Program begins on Monday 23rd October (Week 4) and runs through to Monday 13th November (Week 7).

•          Students will surf at various Caloundra beaches (Kings, Dicky’s, Happy Valley) depending upon conditions.

•          Parents responsible for transport to and from the venue.

A portion of the cost of the program will be subsidized through the College and will cost $20 per student, which will cover four surfing sessions as well as use of a foam surfboard and wet shirt supplied through North Caloundra Surf School.

Participation in this program is limited with only 24 places available. Spots will be given on a first served basis.

If you are interested in your child participating in this program, please email to register your child.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

General Notices

Chess Mates

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

For all enquiries, please use the contact details below.
Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Townsend, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

National Titles
Congratulations to Pacific player Noella Finney and her U17G Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer team, who were runners-up in the Christian Football Federation Australia Nationals on the weekend.

2024 SCCSA U9-U16 Representative Trials
Dates 7th, 14th and 21st October. Venue: Chancellor Park Soccer Club. Registrations now open.

Register your interest via:

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00am. We are thankful that we can meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


9         Year 9 Camp Depart (Return 20th October)

17       Middle College Orientation Day & Evening

20       Pacific Pulse Surf Contest

23       Year 12 External Assessment Commences

24       Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)