Compass No 697 - August 2023

From the Principal

Celebrating Our Men and Fathers

Men play critical roles as fathers and mentors in the growth of children and in the growth of community.  Engaged men and dads help children to be secure, and confident in their surroundings, develop good social connections, and play an important role in the development of the social and emotional wellbeing and in the academic achievement of young people. The sharing of wisdom through stories and action has a lifelong impact on the lives of young people. Acts of courage, service and compassion have a multiplier effect and help to grow a sense of purpose, resilience and kindness in young people. Communities grow strongest where men, women and children bring their respective strengths to encourage and support each other through the tough times, celebrate the good and have fun together.

This Sunday we have an opportunity to be grateful for the role that dads and men have played and continue to play in our lives.  As a community, we are thankful for the important role that men play within our community as fathers, coaches, teachers, mentors and leaders. We give thanks to God for the many men who make our families and communities rich places to grow.  We are reminded that God invites us all to be in a nurturing relationship with Him as a loving, gracious and ever-present father.

Principal’s Log

The very special place that men play in our community was very evident this morning as over 450 people joined us for breakfast to celebrate our Dads and the men of our community. There was tremendous energy as men took the opportunity to connect and celebrate with their children and each other. The high quality of food provided by our hospitality team and the performances of our music groups added that extra level of enjoyment to the morning.  We thank our dads, young people and families for their support this morning and particularly our hospitality and music teams capably led by Mrs Emma Lendrum, Mrs Lucy Cumerford, Mrs Rhana Holt, Mrs Helen Williams and Mr Paul Cusick. Students also enjoyed the opportunity to purchase those special gifts for their dads at our Father’s Day Stall earlier this week and we thank Mrs Teena Thompson and the Friends of Pacific for providing this much-valued opportunity for our young people.

We congratulate the following students on their appointment as College Captains, Pacific Action Group Captains and House Captains for 2024. We wish them every blessing as they begin the transition to their roles of service through these senior leadership roles.

College Captains:

Ayanna Nath and Kade Herbert

College Vice Captains:

Georgia Frohmuller, Jessica Lloyd, Oliver Grey, Cooper Kiernan

Pacific Action Group Captains

Academic: Olivia Boland and Cooper Whatham

Cultural: Ayrisa Jones and Mitchell Pyke

Environmental: Jessica Smith and Sophia Smith

Spirituality and Service: Kiana Campbell and Kai Sorbello

Sport: Marina Krueger and Charles Garland

Technology: Lachlan Ridley and Herb Pelto

Student Wellbeing: Ayanna Nath and Kade Herbert

House Captains

Bula Captains:  Meleika Clarke and Alexander Poole

Bula Vice Captain:  Hayley Keet and Charlise Bell

Buran Captains:  Indi Suseno and Blake Dines

Buran Vice Captains:  Tazmin Read and Sienna Sebastian

Mumba Captains:  Hunter Smith and Justin Chipangura

Mumba Vice Captains:  Isabelle Pepper and Olivia Fiedler

Wira Captains:  Logan Pohlner and Kendall Macpherson

Wira Vice Captains:  Zoe Nankivell and Matthew McKenzie

We thank Director of Students, Ms Leigh Finter, Head of Learning Senior College, Ms Anne-Marie Gerlach and the Heads of House for leading this process.

We congratulate our Middle and Senior College debaters who have been participating in the Sunshine Coast Schools Debating Competition. Our two senior teams grew through the season as they worked hard and benefitted from the expert knowledge of coaches, past student Noah Beasley, and senior students Lucy Dimond and Ben McCormac. Our intermediate team coached by Mrs Rae Hall were successful in reaching the play-off round. We thank Mrs Rae Hall for her coordination and coaching, Mrs Virginia Schlotterbach and past students Noah Beasley and Makani Campbell and current students Lucy Dimond and Ben McCormac for their support of our teams.

We are excited to welcome Mrs Veronica Sanmarco to the College. Mrs Sanmarco has led the University of the Sunshine Coast Access and Diversity unit over the past 7 years and has extensive experience in supporting people in their career development through education, career counselling, employment services and advocacy roles.  Mrs Sanmarco has been a member of the QTAC Educational Access Working Party and has strong links with industry groups and universities.  Mrs Sanmarco has also been a member of the College’s Beyond Pacific working party and is looking forward to continuing and expanding on the innovative work in this area. We look forward to growing and working with Mrs Sanmarco.

We say a prayer of thanks for the men and dads of our community and pray that God would give them the wisdom, courage, compassion and love to live a life filled with connection and purpose.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

Summer Uniform

From the College Chaplain

Caring for Each Other in Love

There is a very common saying that states: “It takes a village to raise a child”. The people that surround us can have a huge influence on the kind of person that we grow up to be. I remember going to school and getting caught up with a group of people who probably didn’t have such a positive impact on my life at the time. Hanging out with these new “friends” led me to make some choices that I would not ordinarily have made. Fortunately for me, I had parents who cared enough for me to tell me some harsh truths about the choices I was making and provided more positive outlets for my energy.

A consistent theme throughout the term in chapels has been that of positive and caring neighbourhoods and the importance of these positive influences in our lives. Jesus was someone who recognised the importance of community and the support that it can bring to us. To illustrate this, we can look at the story of a Roman Centurion in Luke 7:1-10.

Just as the centurion's story illustrates a depth of faith and humility, it also highlights the importance of the people we allow into our lives. This passage teaches us that the centurion, a Roman officer, had surrounded himself with individuals who cared about him and his servant's well-being. He valued the lives of those under his authority, and this concern extended beyond societal norms at the time – caring for a servant!

In our personal experiences, we may recall times when our choices were influenced by those we surrounded ourselves with. Perhaps, like me, you found yourself on a path that wasn't aligned with your values. The good news is that just as the centurion was guided by the support of his community, we too are fortunate to have a heavenly Father who cares deeply for us.

Jesus recognized the power of positive community and loving relationships. He encouraged us to come together, bearing each other's burdens and celebrating each other's victories. When we try to go at things alone, we miss out on the strength that unity can bring. Like the centurion who sought help for his ailing servant, we can turn to Jesus and the people He places in our lives for guidance, strength, and healing.

Mr Mark Hauser, College Chaplain

From the Head of Learning K-5

Importance of Ongoing Feedback for Learners at Pacific

Ongoing feedback is crucial for our learners as it plays a significant role in their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Here are several reasons highlighting the importance of ongoing feedback for young learners:

Supports Skill Development: Constructive feedback provides young learners with insights into their strengths and areas that need improvement. This helps them understand what they are doing well and where they can focus their efforts for growth. Whether it's academic skills, sports, arts, or any other activity, feedback guides their learning journey.

Builds Confidence: Positive feedback reinforces a young learner's self-esteem and confidence. When they receive recognition for their efforts and achievements, they are more likely to believe in their abilities and take on new challenges. This positivity fosters a growth mindset that encourages them to keep trying even when faced with difficulties.

Encourages Reflection: Feedback encourages young learners to reflect on their performance and actions. By analyzing feedback, they can identify areas of improvement and develop a deeper understanding of their learning process. This self-awareness contributes to enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Clarifies Expectations: Clear feedback helps young learners understand what is expected of them. They can align their efforts with these expectations, leading to more focused and efficient learning. When expectations are well-defined, learners are less likely to feel overwhelmed or uncertain.

Promotes Goal Setting: Feedback aids in setting achievable goals. By understanding where they currently stand and where they need to improve, young learners can set realistic goals that serve as milestones for their progress. This sense of direction motivates them to work consistently towards their objectives.

Fosters Communication Skills: Receiving feedback teaches young learners how to listen, process information, and respond appropriately. This enhances their communication skills, helping them express their thoughts and ideas effectively, whether in academic settings or personal interactions.

Cultivates a Growth Mindset: Ongoing feedback encourages young learners to view challenges as opportunities for growth. When they learn to accept feedback positively, they are more likely to embrace setbacks as learning experiences and persist in the face of obstacles.

Strengthens Relationships: The process of giving and receiving feedback nurtures healthy relationships between young learners and their peers, teachers, mentors, and parents. Constructive feedback fosters trust and mutual understanding, creating an environment where learners feel comfortable seeking guidance and support.

Adapts Learning Strategies: Feedback allows young learners to adapt their learning strategies based on their progress. If a particular approach isn't yielding results, they can adjust their methods with the guidance of feedback, which promotes adaptable and flexible thinking.

Prepares for Real-World Situations: Learning to accept and utilize feedback is a valuable life skill. Young learners who become adept at receiving feedback gracefully are better prepared for professional and personal challenges in the future, where feedback is a common component of growth and success.

We are currently providing student feedback – Year Prep to Year 2 on Seesaw and Year 4 and 5 on Nav.

Enjoy celebrating your child’s learning.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

CQUni | SUN Term 3 Information Session

Monday 4th September 2023

Are you a current high school student in Years 10, 11, or 12 and interested in getting a head start on your studies?

Start Uni Now (SUN) is a CQUniversity initiative that provides a real university experience by combining your school study with the challenge of university-level study.

Join us for an informative session that covers everything you would like to know about SUN including what units are available, costs, how to apply, and how you may be eligible for direct entry into your course and credit towards your degree. You will also learn about how SUN can form a pathway to university that is not just reliant on your ATAR score.

Students as well as their families, friends and Support networks are all welcome to attend.

Find out more here.


Create for a Day at SAE

Saturday 9th September 2023

SAE Institute is opening its doors this September for a one-day program, designed to expand your skills and get you working on inspiring creative projects in the fields of Animation, Audio, Design, Film, Games or Electronic Music Production.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience life as an SAE student and discover what it means to be a creative professional, in state-of-the-art facilities with industry experts by your side.

During the workshop, attendees will learn valuable practical and collaborative skills to build a creative piece of work! They will also receive a certificate of participation to acknowledge the creative project they have undertaken.

Due to the level of workshop content, this event is open to school students aged 15 years and above (Year 10 and over).

Date: Saturday, 9th September, 2023 | 10.00am – 4.00pm | Brisbane

Find out more here.


Fashion 2D & 3D workshops

The University of Canberra-Brisbane campus, Bachelor of Creative Industries (Applied fashion), will run two fashion design workshops in late September.

The workshops are designed to give an insight into being a designer and maker and a typical day at a fashion degree. 

The design process will be explored through drawing, collage, ideation and 3D up-cycling and textile manipulation. The result will be a portfolio-ready mini project and plenty of ideas you can try out in future projects.

Workshop Two: will be held on Friday, 29th September for Year 11-12 students.

The workshops are free, but registration is a must. Please follow this link to the registration page.


Mrs Veronica Sanmarco, Head of Career Development

Outside School Hours Care

September Vacation Care Program

We look forward to caring for your child during school holidays and providing an environment where they can learn, relax and play.

Our vacation care program provides a caring, safe and secure environment for children and families from Pacific Lutheran College as well as the local community.

To learn more about the program including fees, hours of operation, how to enrol, important dates and more, please click on this link.

To book your child into one or more of the activities provided by the OSHC team, please use the attached booking form.

For any other queries, please contact us at

Ms Julie McCosker, Service Leader of the Early Learning and Outside School Hours Care Services

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Father's Day Stall - THANK YOU

Huge thanks to Mrs Teena Thompson for her organisation of the Father's Day stall. We are incredibly grateful to Teena for the way she creates such a fun shopping experience for the students. We are also appreciative of our wonderful FoP volunteers who helped out on Tuesday morning.  It was great to see the students shopping for the special people in their lives.

Gala Day BBQ – Volunteers Required

PLC will be hosting a Gala Day on Thursday 7th September at the Meridan Fields for students playing touch football and AFL. We are looking for volunteers to help run the FoP BBQ. Please check your email if you have completed the PLC Volunteer induction for more info and the link to register. We'd LOVE to see you there.

Pacific Together

Pacific Together is a care-based service offered by Friends of Pacific to College families in times of need. If you, or someone you know within our College community, needs extra support during the year, the Pacific Together care group may be able to help in some small way or offer a care package. Please contact PLC Chaplain Mr Mark Hauser -

We were never meant to do life alone. We need the love and care of others, especially in times of need. If you would like to support the continuation of this care-based service through a financial contribution, we invite you to contact Pacific Together via email:

Your contributions ensure that we can provide a care package for those in our community when the need arises.

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Carly Lovell, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Short Preparation Debating Pressure Produces Excellent Lessons for PLC Intermediate and Senior Debating Teams

Do you think our sportspeople are paid too much? Do you agree that 100 hours of driving is an unreasonable requirement for gaining a licence? Do you believe that schools should block YouTube?

These are just some of the topics our debaters have grappled with in their recent rounds of the Sunshine Coast Schools Debating Competition.

This fast-paced, high-pressure debating competition, held over the last four weeks, saw debaters allocated a topic and a side and given just 60 minutes to prepare their team’s case and their interconnected speeches. 

With only a dictionary and each other to work it all out, they learnt not just about the formal elements of debate structure and public speaking but most importantly, how to work effectively together to meet the deadline. 

This year, we welcomed current and past students to the coaching team and thank Noah Beasley, Lucy Dimond and Ben McCormac for their generous and expert support of our two Senior teams of Poppy Cleland, Franklin Stamm, Kiana Cambell, Ayrisa Jones and Kade Herbert (PLC S.2) and Sophia Smith, Olivia Boland, Jessica Hutton and Alexandra Schlotterbach. These two teams worked hard, learnt many valuable lessons and appreciated the expert knowledge, tips and support offered by these ex-debaters. 

We also acknowledge the enthusiasm and commitment of our Intermediate team of Harper Hogg, Samuel Roberts, Isabelle Jeha and Hamish Dimond coached by Head of English, Mrs Rae Hall. This team has been successful in making it into the playoff round to compete in the semi-finals.

We thank Mrs Virginia Schlotterbach and past students Noah Beasley and Makani Campbell for taking up the challenging work of adjudicating Junior, Intermediate and Senior debates this year. 

Mrs Rae Hall, Head of Department -English

Maths Tutoring Sessions

Please note that Maths tutoring for the term finishes in Week 8. There will not be any Monday afternoon or Friday morning maths tutoring during Weeks 9 and 10 this term.

Well done to all the students who have made the most of these opportunities. A really big thank you to the wonderful Maths teachers who have given up their time to provide our students with this extra assistance.

Maths tutoring will resume Week 1 Term 4 on Friday and from Week 2 on Monday.

Mr Michael Knight, Head of Mathematics

Library News

Another Successful Book Week

Thank you to everyone who got involved in our Book Week celebrations last week, dressing in and joining in the fun. The escape room was extremely popular at lunchtime, as were our craft activities.

Congratulations to our competition winners:

  • Book in a Jar competition – Emelie C. Tayla C. and Sophie G (P-5 division)
  • Stella W., April R., Imogen H., Savanna M., Mariah S. and Gracelyn B. (6-12 division)
  • Little People, Big Dreams competition – Vivienne P. and Scarlett V. Year 5

Book Club

Book Club order forms were sent out last week for K-6 students. Please get orders online by Friday, 1st September.

Celebrating Father's Day in the Library

This week we celebrated Father’s Day with a display of picture books which showed the importance of dads and the difference they make in a child’s life. We also hosted two craft days. On Tuesday, students used beads to make key rings for their dad, while on Thursday we had a card-making day.

There is a lot of research surrounding the importance of male reading role models, particularly for boys to become readers. The library always welcomes dads to come in and borrow books to share with their children.

Ms Narelle Keen, Teacher Librarian

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

Competitive Sport News

Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools’ Water Polo

Congratulations to our Intermediate Girls Water Polo team for their strong win in their first game of the competition on Monday night. Many of these students played together for the first time last year and it is great that we have such good numbers again for the Intermediate Division. These students will head victoriously into their bye week as we look forward to our Junior Boys coming off their bye and playing their first match next Monday.

Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools’ Basketball

Congratulations to our Senior B Boys and the Intermediate E Boys teams who have qualified for Semi-Finals in the Friday Night Competition. The Senior B Boys finished first and will play at Maroochydore Clippers at 8.00pm on Friday. The Intermediate Boys have one more tough game left in their season and will play an away Semi-Final the following week.

A special mention to the Senior A Girls who have only narrowly missed out on finals but have been competitive in the top division all the way through.

Thank you to all students, coaches, and parents involved in PLC Basketball throughout Term 3.

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

The semi-finals last Saturday resulted in a win for our Division 1 team, PLC Fireballs, and sent them directly to the Grand Final on Saturday 9th September. Well done, Fireballs!!

This Saturday 2nd September will see the following three PLC teams battle in the Preliminary Finals for a final chance to contest the Grand Final:

•  PLC Fury, 8.00am, court 2

•  PLC Mavericks, 9.15am, court 4

•  PLC Avengers, 8.00am, court 1  

We encourage all PLC netball club families and supporters to come along and cheer on the teams!!

Save the DATE … PLC Presentation Day will be held this Sunday 3rd September (yes, Father’s Day), at Moffat Beach Brewery Co, Production House, 51 Caloundra Road, Caloundra. Please let your coach or manager know as soon as possible if you will be attending presentation day.

AGM and Season re-cap: The PLC Netball Club Annual General meeting will be held on Saturday 9th September, (after the Grand Final games), at Moffat Beach Brewery Co, Production House, 51 Caloundra Road, Caloundra from 12.30.  All Team coaches and managers can return their kit bags and dresses on the day. All parents and supporters are encouraged to attend and provide the PLC Netball Committee with feedback on the 2023 season and contribute to changes and improvements for 2024. We look forward to seeing you there.

Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Townsend, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

Grand Finals

Join us this Saturday at Buderim United Soccer Club, Fishermans Rd and support our U12C Marlins and U15 Barracudas.

U12C Pacific Marlins v Stella Scorchers 11.30am

U15 Pacific Barracudas v Noosa Gold 11.50am

High Performance

Our U13 Razors and U12 Marlins were put through their paces recently with high performance testing at SmartaSport Physiology. Our players were assessed in areas such as jumping, sprints and pro-agility. This gives them a good idea of their strengths and areas they can work on. Thank you to Nanette who ran the sessions and to the Pacific coaches and managers who supervised and took part.

2024 SCCSA U9-U18 Representative Trials

Dates 7th, 14th and 21st October. Venue: Chancellor Park Soccer Club. Registrations open shortly. Register your interest via:

Female Divisions in 2024

Pacific has a long history of supporting girls in soccer both in mixed teams or in all-girls teams. SCCSA will provide more opportunities for girls with U7 and U9 Female Divisions in 2024. Register your interest via:

Girls are welcome to participate in other mixed age groups as well.

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark’s

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00am. We are thankful that we can meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


31       Celebrating Dads’ Breakfast (7.00am)


1         Pupil Free Day

4         Year 11 Exams Commence (conclude 14th September)

8         Year 12 Mock Exams Conclude

15       Term 3 Concludes


2         King’s Birthday

3         Term 4 Commences