Compass No 688 - June 2023

From the Principal

Building Community Together

Everyone plays an important role in shaping community. From Early Learning through to Year 12, young people, parents and staff all play a role in shaping the community that is Pacific. Each person influences us as we interact together. By recognising the strengths in ourselves and others, we can come together, lift each other, and become more than the sum of our individual parts. Each person plays an important part in creating a welcoming, safe, and encouraging place where people can grow as we engage our curiosity, embrace challenges, and bring our talents together to enhance opportunities.

In Corinthians, we are reminded that each part of the body is as important as any other and each has a particular role to play. God places us to be in community together, each with our individual gifts that we are called to use in service to each other and for the good of community within and beyond Pacific. Community is strengthened where we act with love. As part of Christ’s body, we are invited to share His love and the hope that comes through faith in God. It is this love and hope that binds us and strengthens us as individuals and as community.

Principal’s Log

We were excited to hear of the experiences of our Future Problem Solving Team on their return from the United States. The International Conference was an opportunity for immersion in a wide range of rich learning experiences. Pacific students were excited to collaborate with other highly able students from around the world to demonstrate their critical thinking and creativity in workshops, performances and competitions. Confidently contributing to all activities, the Pacific team members made global connections with like-minded leaders of the future and developed skills to be contributors in a global context. Amy Richards valued the privilege of being Queensland’s flag bearer. Outside of the competition they enjoyed the opportunity to obtain glimpses of life in New York, Massachusetts and even Vancouver where they had an extended stopover. We congratulate Oliver (Year 9), Isla (Year 9), Amy (Year 8) and Emily (Year 10) and Year 7 students William and Fletcher who competed in the Multi Affiliate Global Issues Competition (MAGIC) section of the competition. We thank Mrs Jo Belchamber and Mrs Emma Lendrum for accompanying and leading this experience.

Our PLC Jade and PLC Opal netballers competed with skill and tenacity in their grand finals of the Intermediate B Reserve and the Senior C divisions. We congratulate the girls and their coaches Emma Frohmuller and Mrs Talyor Edwards on their successful season in reaching the grand final. We thank our coaches and parents who have supported our netball teams as they competed in the Monday night Secondary School Competition. A particular thank you to Mrs Michelle Dufty for her leadership as the Head of Netball.

Our Year 10 students and their families valued the opportunity to learn more about their future pathways through presentations from Head of Learning Senior College, Ms Anne Marie Gerlach and Head of Careers Mrs Wanda Hayes this week.  We thank our students and parents for their support of the evening and Ms Gerlach and Mrs Hayes for their informative leadership. We look forward to sharing the excitement and walking alongside our young people as they grow their capacities to engage successfully in a range of pathways.

We wish our Year 12 students all the best as they engage in their retreat over the weekend. As a student-led initiative, our Pacific Action Groups Captains and College Captains have planned the experiences for their time together at Luther Heights.

May God give us the grace and confidence to use our gifts to strengthen and encourage each other as we grow together in community.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the Director of Students

As Term Three Approaches

As we approach the end of another term, it is important to take a step back and reflect on all that has happened so far in 2023. It is remarkable to think about all that the College has been involved in over the past nine weeks – ANZAC Day, leadership days, Future Problem Solving competitions, District Cross Country, Athletics carnivals, music evenings, drama performances, Red Shield Appeal, parent conferences, SCISSA competitions, exam block, photo days and speech competitions just to name a few.

It has been a pleasure to witness the involvement and enthusiasm of all students who engaged with these opportunities and, for some, even got out of their comfort zone to try new things. Our involvement in all aspects of school life is important to the growth of the culture of the community as well as to the growth of the individual child. There are many more opportunities for all students to take part in in the back half of the year and I would encourage all students to continue to be involved in all the rich experiences that the College has to offer as we now look forward to the second semester.

This weekend, the Year 12 cohort goes on their “Year 12 retreat”, which is a valuable experience for them as they approach the final half of the year. This is a time of reflection, cohort bonding and refocusing for them as they look at how they are going to finish their schooling year. We thank Ms Finter and her work with the College leadership team in preparing for this valuable experience, as well as the range of staff who are giving up their weekend to enjoy the retreat with the Senior students. I know it will be a weekend that everyone will look back on fondly.

I also thank the Year 9 leaders for the work that they have been doing in the Middle College throughout the year so far. It has been a pleasure working with such an enthusiastic, driven and energetic group of young leaders. They have run assemblies, organised lunchtime activities, assisted at major events, served the community behind the scenes, taken chapel services and planned a range of initiatives for the Middle College throughout the rest of the year. They have also been invaluable in helping with the running of their respective houses as well. Often these leaders go about their role unnoticed but all with the goal of making Pacific Middle College a slightly better place each and every day.

On Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th of June, the Academic Action Group challenged Year 11 students to take on the theme of “What is Your Life Lens?” in the Year 11 Speaking Competition. Across the cohort, three nominees from each House were selected to present their interpretation of this theme. As an audience member, it was wonderful to sit back and listen in awe, as the Year 11 students shared their various life lenses and with that, the experiences, knowledge and depth of insight each student has on the many wonders and challenges that they face in the 21st Century. A huge congratulations to the Academic Captains, Daniel and Beyonce on their leadership of the Academic Competition and ongoing support from Mrs Barone and Mrs Steven in growing the Action Group this semester. Results will be shared at next week’s Middle and Senior College Assembly.

Finally, we congratulate all students on their efforts and results in the recent exam and assessment block. The results of these give each individual student a guide on areas that they are doing well at but also tell a story as to areas that they still can work on to improve. Feedback from teachers is valuable for students to continually move forward in the pursuit of achieving the goals that they have set for themselves. We appreciate all the time and effort that students have put into placing themselves in the best possible position for success but also thank the teachers for their preparation and guidance of the students that they teach.

We wish everyone a safe and blessed break as we move into our mid-year holidays. I pray that all families can have good quality time with each other, and students can rest up and rejuvenate ready for Term Three.

Mr Mark Hauser, Director of Students

From the Head of Learning K-5

Written Reports Term 2

As a parent/carer/guardian, you will receive two written reports each year. These reports will help you understand how your child is progressing and how Pacific supports your child’s development.

Your child’s report will be accessed through the Parent Lounge by the end of the first week of the June holidays.

Teachers use the Australian Curriculum to plan, assess, and report students’ learning. The Australian Curriculum sets high standards for the content all young Australians should be taught and what they should know and be able to do as they progress through school. Each learning area has achievement standards. These standards describe in plain language what students should typically know, understand and be able to do by the end of each year level. You are encouraged to read through the standards for each subject area and year level, and when students are expected to achieve them, on the Australian Curriculum website: The website also includes helpful examples of student work at different levels of achievement.

What are the requirements for student reports?

Written reports are just one way we communicate with you about how your child is progressing at school. All schools in Queensland provide parents and carers with two written reports each year that:

• report on all subjects studied by their child

• are based on a five-point achievement scale

• use plain language

• identify areas of strength and areas that need more development.

Teachers at Pacific use various assessment strategies and tools to gather evidence of student achievement concerning the achievement standards in the Australian Curriculum. Based on the evidence, teachers make an on-balance judgement to decide which grade best matches the standard the student has achieved.

There is an opportunity to book an interview with your child’s teacher at the beginning of Term 3 about their report (information will be sent to you after the holidays).

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

Career Clusters in focus (Years 10-12)

This is the final part in a 6-week series of articles, where I have been overviewing one of the 6 Career Clusters each week. Senior College students have access to information about the Career Clusters on the PLC Careers Hub and will have an opportunity to learn about the Clusters in their PD lessons.

So far, we have looked at Makers, Guardians, Coordinators, Innovators, and Informers.

This week’s focus cluster is Linkers.

Linkers support others to find the things we need and manage our purchases, services, recreation, and travel. Linkers are skilled at helping others, managing relationships, and working with other industry professionals, and they need strong communication skills and a healthy dose of patience and resilience. Linkers often work in hospitality, retail, business, and any workplace where there is a need to interact with members of the public.

In addition to their technical skills, important transferable skills for Linkers include Communication, Supporting People, and Collaboration. Does this sound like you? What jobs do you know that fit within this cluster? (Hint: my job role is mostly a Linker role!)


Trade Taster Programs at TAFE (Year 10)

If you are not sure what you want to do when you finish school, you can try out a range of trade and skill areas offered to you in TAFE Queensland’s Trade Taster Programs. You can test out a couple of different study areas without needing to commit to a full qualification or apprenticeship, so you can decide what industry is right for you.

Trade Taster Programs are delivered between five to nine weeks, depending on the study area. You will be required to attend one day per week for a full school day, over the duration of the program during a school term. TAFE has developed these programs to fit around high school subjects, so you can gain the advantage of kick-starting your career path, while you are still studying at school.

The Trade Taster Program is fully funded by the Queensland Government and is available at no cost to Year 10 students. The Trade Taster Programs won’t affect your VET in School (VETiS) funding entitlement.

There are three different Term 3 Trade Taster courses available at Mooloolaba TAFE Campus: Cookery, Salon Assistant and Community Services. At Nambour TAFE Campus, you can do a Trade Taster program that includes construction, automotive and furnishing units. Applications are now open for all of these courses.

For more information, including how to apply, click here.


Mid-Year start for some courses at TAFE Sunshine Coast (Years 10 and 11)

TAFE Queensland offers a number of TAFE at School courses in their mid-year intake at their Nambour and Mooloolaba campuses.

Courses available for a July start at Mooloolaba are:

• Cert II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology

• Cert II in Salon Assistant

Courses available for a July start at Nambour are:

• Certificate II in Animal Care

All the above courses run for 4 Terms, so they will finish mid-year next year. If you are considering taking one of these courses, please discuss your plans with Mrs Wanda Hayes, to make sure you understand how this course will impact your school program.


To submit your application for a TAFE at School course, please visit and use the application code TQEC2302 to begin your application. You will need your Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) and Unique Student Identifier (USI) numbers. If you don't have a USI yet, you can head over to to get one.


You may be eligible for a range of fee-free TAFE at School courses, covered under VET in Schools (VETiS) funding, which is funded by the Queensland Government. The courses advertised as VETiS funded below are dependent on eligibility requirements. For further information, please refer to the VETiS website. Eligible students are entitled to one VETiS-funded program only.

If you have already accessed your VETiS funding through another course, you can still apply and enrol in these courses at the below full fee cost. Payment plans may also be available to assist with the payment of your course; however, if you’re under 18 you will need a guarantor. Applications will be subject to credit checks. For information about our withdrawal and refund policy, please visit the TAFE Queensland website.  


Generation Innovation Challenge (Years 10-12)

Got a big idea? Generation Innovation (GI) could help you turn your dream into a reality.

The GI Challenge is a unique opportunity for young minds aged 15-25 in the Sunshine Coast area to turn their innovative ideas into reality. This is a FREE 12-week program that provides participants with advanced business training, invaluable one-on-one mentoring, and essential connections with leading business people. And the cherry on top? A chance to win a $10,000 prize package!

We believe young people hold the entrepreneurial spirit we're looking for. Whether they aim to leverage new technology, revolutionize a product or service, or solve a societal challenge, we welcome ideas of all kinds.

Registration is simple and can be done through the Generation Innovation website: Don’t delay - registrations close on Friday, 21st July 2023.

You can find more information on our flyer and key dates are attached. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


Upcoming University Open Days (Years 10-12)

Keep an eye on the calendar: we are coming into the Open Day season! University Open Days are a great opportunity to check out courses of interest, get a feel for a university’s vibe, and investigate accommodation options.

The following Open Days are coming up:

UniSC Sunshine Coast Campus – Sunday 16th July (click here to register, and go in the draw to win a trip to K’Gari)

UniSC Moreton Bay Campus – Sunday 23rd July (click here to register, and go in the draw to win a trip to K’Gari)

QUT Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove Campuses – Sunday 30th July (visit the Open Day website to register for event reminders and go into the draw to win a MacBook Pro)


Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Food for Thought

How to Help Your Children Learn Who Is a True Friend

Parents are children’s references and often are their first friends. After all, they share their games and experiences. However, it’s natural that as children grow, they begin to create new relationships. They meet friends at school, in the neighborhood or with the children in their families. As this happens, how do you help them understand who is a true friend during this emotional growing experience?

We can’t choose the friendships our children have. This is especially true during adolescence, which is when friends often take the place of other interests and become the most important thing in their lives.

However, what we can do is guide them so that they know how to build valuable relationships in which respect and sincerity are valued.

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Pacific Together

Pacific Together is a care-based service offered by Friends of Pacific to College families in times of need. If you, or someone you know within our College community, needs extra support during the year, the Pacific Together care group may be able to help in some small way or offer a care package. Please contact PLC Chaplain Ms Holly Gricks -

We were never meant to do life alone. We need the love and care of others, especially in times of need. If you would like to support the continuation of this care-based service through a financial contribution, we invite you to contact Pacific Together via email: Your contributions ensure that we can provide a care package for those in our community when the need arises.

Next FoP Meeting and OCEANfest Meeting

We’d love to see you at our next meeting, on Tuesday 20th June at 6.30pm in the College Library. You can RSVP by emailing Come along, meet some new people and find out how you can help connect our community. Immediately following our FoP Meeting will be the OCEANfest Steering Committee catch-up at approx. 7.15pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Friends of Pacific wish all College families a wonderful mid-year break. May there be much rest for our students who have had a busy start to 2023. Safe travels to those who are venturing beyond the Sunshine Coast, whether somewhere in Queensland, interstate or overseas. May your holiday be full of incredible moments. We look forward to seeing everyone in July.

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Carly Lovell, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Hospitality at SeaWorld

We are excited to share the incredible experiences of our Year 12 Hospitality students who recently participated in the SeaWorld Hotel School opportunity. Last week, our students had the privilege of immersing themselves in the world of hospitality, gaining valuable insights and creating unforgettable memories.

The SeaWorld Hotel School, renowned for its excellence in the hospitality industry, hosted our students for a 3-day program that combined theoretical knowledge with hands-on training. It provided a unique opportunity for our students to expand their horizons and gain practical skills in a real-world setting.

Throughout the program, students were exposed to various aspects of the hospitality, business and tourism industry. Each day they attended interactive workshops and team-building activities. These activities aimed to enhance their understanding of customer service, event planning, culinary arts, and hotel management.

A highlight of the program was the students' active participation in real-life event scenarios. They had the chance to work in different departments of the hotel, including the front desk, housekeeping, and restaurant service. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, our students gained practical skills that are not only valuable for a career in hospitality but also applicable in many other areas of life, such as effective communication and problem-solving.

Beyond the educational aspect, the SeaWorld Hotel School also provided our students with a chance to relax and enjoy the resort's amenities. Access to theme parks and the Outback Spectacular allowed our students to unwind and have fun after a day of learning. This perfect balance between education and recreation ensured our students had a well-rounded experience, fostering personal growth and creating lasting memories.

The feedback from our students has been overwhelmingly positive. They expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to step out of the traditional classroom setting and gain practical skills in a real-world environment. The SeaWorld Hotel School experience has left an indelible mark on their educational journey, equipping them with valuable skills and insights that will undoubtedly serve them well in their future endeavours. Together, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs Colleen Beattie, Head of Department – Food Technology

OCEANfest One World

PLC OCEANfest One World 2023 – From 3pm, Friday 18th August - TICKETS ON SALE SOON!

OCEANfest is shaping up to be our best event yet! Pacific Lutheran College is excited to celebrate ‘One World’ OCEANfest 2023 with a special focus on providing something for the whole family.

Entry is free! Unlimited ride passes, OCEANfest Currency and the famous cheese box will be available to pre-order through Flexischools soon or purchased on the night.

Raffle – You Can Help Our Students

Pacific Lutheran College and Friends of Pacific are very excited and proud to host OCEANfest ‘One World’ 2023. Sponsors and donors enable us to raise funds and support our community and our student’s academic, sporting, cultural and social experiences. All sponsorship proceeds go towards projects that improve Pacific Lutheran College and benefit students. We appreciate the support received across PLC and the broader community.

The OCEANfest committee ask PLC families and local businesses to consider donating an item for our raffle. In previous years we have received donations of stand-up paddle boards, jewellery, scooters, gym memberships, beauty treatments, hampers, vouchers, dinner and entertainment experiences. If you are interested in supporting this wonderful event, please email Simone Shaw by email at or Carly Lovell by email at for further details.

Cent Auction (ELC – Year 6)

Our Cent Auction baskets for this year’s OCEANfest are filling up fast! Thank you all so much for helping to drive these donations.

The baskets will be collected at the end of the first week of Term 3 (Friday 14th July), families who have not yet donated please do before this date.

There will be a prize for the class that best matches their allocated theme with a creative display. The winning class will be announced before the festival and the class will receive a Pizza Party!

Your help is appreciated!

Reminder - Competition to WIN 2 Ride Passes to OCEANfest!

For your chance to WIN 2 x Ride passes to this year’s OCEANfest, like and follow the PLC OCEANfest 2023 Facebook page. The winner will be announced on the last day of term, Wednesday 21st June. This competition is open to PLC families only.

Rides at this year’s OCEANfest - Round Up, Sizzler, Dodgems, Highflyer, Mini Skater, Giant Slide and the Cup and Saucer.

Enter the competition by following and liking the PLC OCEANfest 2023 Facebook page. You will also be kept updated through this portal.

Ms Samantha Barrass, Community Liaison and Communications Coordinator & Mrs Carly Lovell, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

‘Art’ by Yasmina Reza at the Black Box Theatre Nambour

On Friday night a group of past and present Speech and Drama students went to see a play put on by a new Sunshine Coast-based group called Staged Theatre.

The play was ‘Art’ by Yasmina Reza, a French comedy that was later translated into English for London and Broadway audiences. It concerns the conflicts that develop in the relationship of three friends when one of them buys a plain white painting for a ridiculously large sum of money.

Staged Theatre put on an excellent production at the Black Box Theatre in Nambour and had the audience shrieking and gasping with the antics of the three actors. It was wonderful to see local talent up on stage and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for their next production.

Staged Theatre is currently looking for ten talented actors of all ages and experience levels to be part of their next production, ‘Shakesbot: A Digital Ode to the Bard’. Auditions are being held in Buderim on Wednesday 28th June. More information can be found on their website at

Mrs Lisa McKibben, Speech and Drama Teacher

Library News

Reading to Evoke Feelings

We are promoting reading to evoke feelings this week in the library. Come into the foyer and see our display of books showing emojis of many emotions that books make us feel.

Try looking at the books we have on display to see if you have read them and if they made you feel a certain way. Books take us on many journeys that can take us away from the moment or take us on holidays. Whatever the experience they create such positive wellbeing where we can reset and refresh our brain.

Ms Gina McPherson, Teacher Librarian

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

7-12 Inter-House Athletics Carnival Results

This week we announced the Years 7-12 Athletics Age Champions, Spirit Cup and Champion House at the assembly. Well done to Mumba House for being awarded the Spirt Cup for their fantastic attendance and house support on the day.  A big congratulations go to Bula for taking out the top place in the house points tally and winning Champion House for the 2023 Athletics Carnival.

Well done also to the Age Champions listed below:

Our PLC Athletics team who will represent the College at the Independent District Carnival on the 10th and 11th of August is close to being finalized. Students and parents will receive information in an email in the coming days regarding this event. We are very keen to continue our strong efforts from last year (2nd place!) and we want to make sure we are taking a full team with us to compete. There will be transport options available throughout the carnival to make sure that students can compete without missing large amounts of academic time. If you have any questions about the District Carnival, please contact Mr Cameron West-McInnes (

Competitive Sport News

Monday Night Netball

PLC Jade coached by Emma Frohmuller competed in the Intermediate B Reserve Grand Finals and PLC Opal coached by Ms Taylor Edwards competed in the Senior C Grand Final. Both teams played with great spirit and tenacity, and while the results didn’t go their way, should be proud of their effort throughout their games and over the whole season.  Thank you to all students, staff and parents who came to support our teams on the night. It has been a big season for our netball players and coaches and another great campaign for PLC Netball.

Term 3 Competitive and Friday Sport

Term 3 Friday Sport Sign Up Portal closes tomorrow! Students were emailed a link last week and were asked to sign up unless they were in one of the following sports: Competitive Basketball, Competitive Touch Football, Competitive Water Polo, Competitive Girls 10 aside Rugby, Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Dance.

We ask that all students complete their selections no later than the 16th of June.

Friday Sport Selections are as follows for Term 3:

Sport Development: Rugby 7’s

Sport For Life: Tennis, Fitness, Self Defence, Recreational Rotations, Mixed Social Sport.

More details about the sport options can be found by accessing the Clipboard link.

Student Acknowledgements

Congratulations to Carter Kiernan (Year 9) who has been invited to join the Sunshine Coast Dolphins Academy 13-16yrs Squad for 2023. Carter is one of fifteen young men from the Sunshine Coast that have been selected because he displays both the playing and personal qualities that the Dolphins Academy are looking for.

To top it all off, due to Carter’s hard work and commitment over the last couple of years attending the Sunshine Coast Falcon RISE program, he has been selected to play in the curtain raiser game before this year’s 2nd State of Origin game at Suncorp Stadium.

Well done, Carter!

Term 3 Sport Events

14th July: Senior and Junior Friday Night Basketball Commences

19th July: SCISSA Touch Football Season Commences

27th - 28th July: Secondary Schools Indoor Netball Tournament

3rd – 6th August: Senior Schools Cup Volleyball

10th – 11th August: 13-19yrs District Athletics

10th – 11th August: Senior Girls Champion Schools Queensland Basketball Wildcard Tournament

13th - 17th September: Senior Boys and Girls Champion Schools Queensland Basketball Tournament 

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Junior Sport

P-2 Cross Country Carnival

The Prep – Year Two Interhouse Cross Country Carnival will be held next Wednesday 21st June (Week 10).

The carnival will run from 1.40pm – 3.00pm and will be held at the Meridan AFL fields, which are adjacent to the College. Students will run in Year levels on the day and parents/spectators are welcome to attend but remain on the outside of the fence when supporting students on the day.

Students will need to wear their coloured house shirts on this day.

Sunshine Coast Marathon

PLC will once again register a team to compete at the upcoming Sunshine Coast Marathon on Sunday 13th August 2023. This will be the culminating event for students who have attended Run Club. We would also like to encourage any other interested students to join us by entering if they are keen runners. There are a range of distances available on the day: 2km, 5km, 10km and 21.1km (age dependent).

Mrs Kiernan has set up a team for the event, please search for “PLC Run Club 2023”. When entering your child please select this team and you will receive a 10% discount off your entry price. Parents are more than welcome to enter and run as part of this team as well.

On the day, PLC will have a tent set up where we can meet, and some refreshments will be provided for students after the race.

It would be great to see as many of you as possible come along and join in on the day.  

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Bailee Kiernan who represented the Sunshine Coast School Sport 10-12 yrs. Girls Basketball Team that recently competed at the Queensland State Basketball Championships held in Townsville.

Bailee was the youngest in her team, and the only 11yr old to be selected for the Sunshine Coast. Bailee gained valuable experience at the competition and was lucky enough to be one of two players awarded player of the match twice during the tournament. Congratulations, Bailee!

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team and learn basic skills in the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

This Saturday 17th June is the final round of games prior to the school holidays.  All games are being held at PLC, either in the gym or at the back courts.  Please check Netball Connect for game times and court details.

Please remember: all players must sign the game sheet prior to taking the court.  Any substitute players must be listed below the registered players for the team, with the division and team name they are registered in next to their name and signature. Incorrect completion of the game sheet will result in a loss of points. Please also ensure players arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their games so that they can participate in the team warm-up, fill water bottles, and sign the game sheet.

The next round of games is Saturday 15th July – please check with coaches and managers regarding training for the first week of school.  The PLC Netball Club committee wishes everyone a safe and happy school break.  See you all in July. In the meantime, remember the basic rules of netball:

Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Townsend, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

Our teams completed their Round 12 matches last Saturday at PLC.

Click here for the Round 12 Match Reports.

Competitive Results

U12 Pacific Marlins v Nambour Pumas 2-1

U13 Pacific Razors Bye

U15 Pacific Barracudas Bye

Round 13 will be held at venues across the coast.

Click here for the full draw:

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark’s

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00am. We are thankful that we can meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


15       Ensembles Concert

17       Year 12 Retreat departure (returning 18th)

20       Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)

21       P-2 Cross Country Carnival

21       Term 2 Concludes

22       NZ Music Tour departs (returning 2nd July)


11       Term 3 Commences