Compass No 677 - March 2023

From the Principal

I Haven’t Learnt It Yet

“I haven’t learnt it yet” opens our minds to persisting or looking for ways to improve our understanding or skills.  In our relationships, the inclusion of the word, yet, can adjust how we think.  The use of the language of, “I haven’t understood that person’s perspective yet” or “we haven’t gotten to a common understanding yet”, keeps space for ongoing dialogue and growth to occur.  Keeping ourselves and others in the space where new learning is expected, has an impact on how we view the next steps.  It builds resilience and possibility.  

The good news is that we do not have to negotiate all the “yets” in our lives alone.  Guidance and support from parents, teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues and peers can open doors to new ways of thinking and learning.  We can also turn to God and pray for Him to guide us in those circumstances where we haven’t got it yet. In that moment of letting go in prayer, God is already at work. As we breathe and pray, space is provided for new ways of thinking and being.

Principal’s Log

Last Friday morning over 500 members of our community came together to celebrate International Women’s Day.  There was great energy as people enjoyed connecting together, listening to the music performances and enjoying wonderful food prepared by our hospitality team. The theme of Embracing Equity reminded us of the need to recognise and work to remove barriers that place limits on people.  We thank our community for their very strong support of the morning, our musicians led by Mr Paul Cusick, Mrs Carlie Purkis and Mrs Helen Williams for adding to the ambience of the morning and the hospitality team of staff and students led by Mrs Colleen Beattie, Mrs Emma Lendrum, Ms Lucy Comerford and Mrs Rhana Holt, for their very tasty and high-quality service.  We also thank Ms Leigh Finter, Mrs Leanne Bevis and Senior students for their organisation and leadership.

Continuous feedback around assessment for our Middle and Senior College students has commenced this term with parents and students able to view feedback on NAV as assessments are completed rather than waiting for the end-of-term report. This helps young people and their parents understand what is currently understood and what is yet to be learnt. Parents are encouraged to monitor their NAV parent portal and discuss how to build on the feedback provided. We look forward to gaining staff, student and parent feedback as we refine our processes in using assessment for learning.

Our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students have made a great start to their NAPLAN assessment and we look forward to being able to use the data as part of the suite of evidence used to support student learning. There has been a calm purposefulness in the way the students have engaged.  We thank staff and parents for the part they have played in reminding students that NAPLAN provides an indicator of what young people understand and are yet to understand, rather than being a judgement of them. We particularly thank our Heads of Learning Mrs Jo Belchamber and Mrs Sue Zweck and our IT team for the very considerable work that has gone into the preparation and administration of these tests.

Through this part of the term, children and young people will be receiving feedback through a whole variety of assessment processes. Helping students to view assessment as a process for learning that informs them of what they understand and are yet to understand is an important habit for life. Conversations in this space assist students to make the most of feedback and help to shift thinking from emotional responses to thoughtful reflection and action.

We pray that God would help us to see and embrace the possibilities for learning and growth through all of the “yets” that life presents.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Chaplain

Chaplain’s Update

This week in the Chaplain's update, the thread for the week is interpersonal competence. The bible verse Philippians 2:1-4 calls for believers to live in unity, humility, and love, valuing others above themselves and reflecting the grace they have received through Jesus Christ.

The video also gives a chapel update. This week the Year 9 leaders created an online chapel exploring skills in developing empathy, sensitivity, and friendship. We also hear from some of our Year 3 students who lead us in prayer.

Additionally, the update announces the return of the youth group on the 26th of March (Sunday of Week 9). An email will be coming out soon with all the registration details.


Mrs Holly Gricks, College Chaplain

From the Head of Senior College Students

Students in Action

Year 12 and 2 Teddy Bear’s Picnic

This week, the Year 12 and Year 2 Buddies connected for the highly anticipated Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  It was lovely to see Year 12 students bring from home their childhood teddy bears and share their stories of when they were the same age as their Year 2 buddies. There will be another Year 12 and Year 2 Buddy connection in Week 10, Term 1 and many more opportunities across the year.

Year 12 Students Volunteer at Mooloolaba Triathlon

On Saturday 11th March, 25 Year 12 students volunteered their time to assist competitors at the 2023 Mooloolaba Triathlon. This wonderful tradition of serving the local community and in turn, raising money towards the Year 12 Graduation gift was enjoyed by all the students who attended.  This event would not occur without the ongoing organisation and support of Friends of Pacific, in particular Mrs Allyson Sarvari. There will be another opportunity for the Year 12 cohort to connect and serve the Pacific community in Term 2.

International PI Day and Academic Trivia, Week 10- led by the Academic Action Captains

On Tuesday, 14th March, students across Years 6-12 celebrated the irrational, transcendent and never-ending ratio that helps describe circles of all sizes (Exploratorium, 2023).  Students were given the opportunity to recite as many digits as possible for House points, that go towards the Hovey Family Academic Shield.  Year 12 students, Zeke and Joshua successfully recited 239 and 173 digits of pi.  The competition led and instigated by Academic Action Captains, Beyonce and Dan was a wonderful celebration of not only the day itself but of the incredibly talented students and their ability to create patterns and share their academic gift with others.  The Academic Captains will also host the Years 10-12 Academic Trivia, with the theme of Iconic Movie Groups on Monday 27th March, Week 10 after school.  Students are encouraged to enter their team at the Wellbeing Centre before Wednesday 22nd March.  Congratulations to the Academic Action Group for creating such engaging events.

Ms Leigh Finter, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

I Think I Can

One of Pacific Way’s statements surrounds the notion of self-belief. In many ways, we are continually developing capacity and resilience in the way we view ourselves. This is not always easily done. Neuroplasticity is in an exciting space and more is being learnt about our ability to rewire our thinking and increase our personal resilience.

Renowned cognitive scientist, Nathan Wallis, asks us to view our brain as a garden. When we try something for the first time, we are developing a neural pathway through that garden. One that requires ongoing maintenance and cultivating. These pathways flourish when we are happy and settled and when cortisol is flowing, or scientifically when our frontal cortex is engaged and when our brain stem is quiet. Hereafter, they are reinforced by the message we send each other. Language plays a crucial role in the messages that are received by others, and interestingly, the story we tell ourselves.

Self-belief can be built by self-talk but not self-thought. Our brains are overloaded by thought but can be directed by out loud positive affirmations. Alternatively, these pathways can be eroded by negative talk from others and ourselves. The simple use of “yet” at the end of a sentence can have a significant impact on “under-construction” pathways in the brain. At our assembly, the image of “The Little Engine That Could” has been used to reinforce the self-talk of “I think I can” and “I knew I could”.

As parents, choosing situations and scenarios that promote self-belief allows for your children to be exposed to challenges that may not be entirely smooth, to begin with. A balanced mix of risk and resilience allows young people to exhibit their competencies through considered experiences. By encouraging routines such as carrying their own school bag, organising personal resources, or making their own bed, you are sending them a strong signal that we believe in you and in turn, helping them believe in themselves, a disposition that flows into their learning, relationships and connections.

Pacific as a Peace Place

If you open one of our Junior College diaries, in the first few pages there is an explanation of our College logo. Amongst the explanation is the College’s deep affinity with the ocean that we are so fortunate to live so close to, the Pacific. When Magellan named the ocean many centuries ago, it translated directly to ‘Peaceful’. After so long at sea, he was relieved to be in such calm and navigable waters.

The correlation between an ocean and a school may not be evident straight away, but when looking more closely, there are many similarities. There is enormous diversity within both, oceans and schools are ever-changing, and there is enormous energy within them. By acknowledging Pacific as a Peace Day recently, we recognise the part we all play in making the College a place of peace and tranquillity.

At assembly, we continually discuss what characterises a community of care and in turn, builds a place of peace. As we know, anything worth valuing is a sum of its parts. It takes support, recognising our mistakes and especially honesty and courage. It takes forgiveness, empathy, and understanding that we don’t always get it right the first time. It takes confidence and persistence, and it takes teamwork. But most importantly, creating a peaceful place is a shared understanding that we are all small pieces of the puzzle. Together through our thoughts, actions and words, we can form the construct of a brighter and calmer future.

Uniform and Expectations

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all students and parents for their support of the College uniform policy. How we manage our uniform expectations shows the community how we present and care for ourselves. A reminder that hair for all students should be always tied back if longer than the collar and that students should not be wearing hairstyles that bring undue attention to themselves. This includes “tracks” in the side of the head as well as haircuts shorter than a number two blade. Students have been reminded about expectations regarding hair and accessories this week. All hair bands should be in line with the colours of the College. Shoes and socks must match the uniform of the day.

Take care and God Bless,

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

Tell me about… University (Years 11 and 12)

Are you contemplating university study when you finish school, but are mystified by how it all works? Do you wish you knew the difference between a major and a minor? Do you know whether you should choose a bachelor’s degree or an honours degree? Are you concerned about how and when to choose your specialisation and/or your major for your university degree? Help is at hand! Come along to this year’s first “Tell me about…” session and get all your questions answered.

When: Tuesday 18th April, at 4.00pm (online)

Click here to register.

Can’t make it to the session? Register yourself anyway: only people who have registered will be given access to the recording.


QIMR Berghofer Holiday Science Experience (Years 10-12)

Tuesday 4th April 2023

Looking to get a taste of what it’s like working in a medical research laboratory? QIMR Berghofer hosts a one-day science experience program during the school holidays each year. Students can undertake a day of training in practical skills related to genetics, infectious disease or blood biology in our purpose-built education laboratory facilities.

The program is open to Queensland high school students in Years 10, 11 or 12 and is free to attend.

Find out more here.


Griffith University Pathways to Medicine and Dentistry (Years 10-12)

Online session: Wednesday 29th March at 6.00pm

This information session outlines the various pathways into Griffith’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, as well as covers the requirements for entry to Griffith’s Dentistry program. Although the focus is on pathways and programs at Griffith University, some of the information provided may also be useful for students who are considering Medicine or Dentistry programs at other universities. Click here for more information and to register.


Experience Health careers events at ACU (Years 10-12)

The Health Faculty at Australian Catholic University (ACU) is running a series of ‘experience’ events for school students during the upcoming school holidays. Each of these events runs from 10.00am to 12.00pm on the specified date, and features a mixture of hands-on workshops, tours of facilities, and an opportunity to chat with current students – you might even see some former PLC students there! For more information and to register for each event, click on the event names below.

Physiotherapy and Sport & Exercise Science – 12th April

Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology – 13th April

Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine – 14th April


Endeavour College Course Focus: Studying Naturopathy

Tuesday 21st March 2023

Our Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) students experience a holistic learning environment, broadening their studies across biological sciences in order to understand the human body and its functions. This webinar, hosted by Katrina Arch (National Sales and Admissions Director), will answer all your questions about the course, subjects, student life and career outcomes after you graduate.

Find out more here.


Endeavour College Course Focus: Studying Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

Tuesday 21st March 2023

Our Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine) is a clinical degree based on scientific evidence and underpinned with a holistic approach to patient care. This webinar will answer all your questions about the course, subjects, student life, clinical experience, and career outcomes after you graduate.

Find out more here.


QUT Advice Night

Tuesday 21st March 2023

With the right information and support, transitioning from school to university can be easier than you think. In this webinar we’ll provide advice on:

•          making course and career decisions

•          entry requirements and how to apply

•          study costs and financial support

•          resources for parents and students.

You’ll also hear from real students about their uni experience and have a chance to ask questions about their course, why they chose QUT, and uni life.

Find out more here.


Study in the US Virtual Information Session (Years 9-12)

Tuesday 21st March, 6.00pm

Students and families are invited to attend a 'Study in the US' virtual information session. The session will draw from the presenter’s experience working as Assistant Director of Admissions at a US university and will cover the application process as well as the higher education system in the US. We've seen a substantial increase in interest and successful student application outcomes, even comparing to pre-covid times.

•          Study in the US.

•          Tuesday 21st March at 6.00pm AEDT

•          Further information and registration can be found here.

•          The presentation is best suited for students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.


Camplife Mount Tamborine Gap Year Program (Year 12)

Find your purpose in ministry and a satisfying career!

In 2023 QCCC Mt Tamborine will be offering a Gap Year experience for school-leavers and young adults. While the details are still being worked on, we want to let you know about the opportunities we are hoping this will offer.

The new program will offer a staged approach across two years, with the opportunity in the first year to develop skills and experience across the broad scope of Camping Ministry. In the second year there will be the opportunity to specialise in Outdoor Education (in partnership with Vertec Adventure), Church-based Youth/Children’s or other ministry areas (in partnership with Crosslife – a baptist church), or in a specific area of Camping Ministry e.g. Chef, Admin, Maintenance etc. as available at QCCC Mt Tamborine). See the website here for more details.


Webinar to explain how the Google Career Certificates Scholarships work (Years 10-12)

Do you want more information about the Google Career Certificates Scholarships?

Join Grandshake in a short webinar "Google Certificates, Explained!" which will help students understand this amazing opportunity and talk through how best to get access.  In this webinar, on March 28th at 2.00pm (QLD time), Grandshake will help students:

•          Understand Google's Certificate Program.

•          Figure out which certificate is right for them.

•          Get access to the certificates.

•          Understand the Google Employer Consortium (and how to get in front of them).

•          Get any questions answered.

Click here to register.

About Google Career Certificates

Designed and delivered by senior Google experts, the Google Career Certificate program offers job-ready professional training, in areas including IT Support, UX Design, Data Analytics, Project Management and Digital Marketing.

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Food for Thought

How to be a good parent: It’s all about you!

So much of the information out there about how to be a better parent focuses on techniques for modifying your child’s behavior. But it is missing the mark. Research has shown that the one thing a person can do to be a better parent is to focus on developing him or herself. This is where a person has to start in order to be a nurturing, attuned mother or father. When it comes to parenting, there are many reasons for us to look inward and understand ourselves as people if our goal is to become a better parent.

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Pacific Together

Pacific Together is a care-based service offered by Friends of Pacific to College families in times of need. If you, or someone you know within our College community, needs extra support during the year, the Pacific Together care group may be able to help in some small way or offer a care package. Please contact PLC Chaplain Ms Holly Gricks (

We were never meant to do life alone. We need the love and care of others, especially in times of need, so if you would like to support the continuation of this care-based service through a financial contribution, we invite you to contact Pacific Together via email ( Your contributions ensure that we can provide a care package for those in our community when the need arises.

OCEANfest 2023 – One World

Thank you to those people who have already put their hand up to be part of the OCEANfest steering committee. It’s not too late to join this awesome group of people to assist with the planning and organisation of the event.

If you are interested in joining the OCEANfest Committee please contact Ms Samantha Barrass, Community Liaison and Communications Coordinator, ( We will meet in the coming weeks and welcome everyone who would like to be part of this committee. 

There will also be sponsorship opportunities as well as other ways you can showcase your business, including donating raffle prizes. If you would like to express your interest, please contact Ms Samantha Barrass, Community Liaison and Communications Coordinator, ( More information will be available soon.


There are so many exciting events on the calendar in 2023 and we need more people who are available to volunteer and support these events to ensure their success.

All volunteers need to have completed the Volunteer Induction for 2023 and have their volunteer lanyard. If you missed the Volunteer Inductions earlier in the year, please email Belinda Dawkins, Human Resources and Compliance Officer, ( to register your interest and she’ll be able to send you more information.

Next FoP Meeting

We would love to see you at our next meeting, on Tuesday 21st March at 6.30pm in the Library. You can RSVP by emailing Come along, meet some new people and find out how you can help connect our community.

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Carly Lovell, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

‘PIPPIN’ is coming to The Events Centre!

Don’t miss out!

We’ve Got Magic To Do!

Tickets on sale from Monday 17th April

Mrs Janine Delaney, Director

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

Competitive Sport News

Monday Night Netball

It was a hard round for many of our teams this week in the Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools’ competition with a number of teams starting in new divisions. Well done to our Junior teams Crystal and Amber for competing in some close games, only going down by a small margin. PLC Garnet secured a win, albeit a forfeit win, and we hope that their hard work at training pays off in the game next week. Well done to the PLC Opals team for continuing their unbeaten run this season. Our PLC Sapphire team had some high-level competition this week playing against last year’s grand finalists. The team put in a great effort, and while they were not ultimately victorious, they showed the skills and determination needed to succeed in A Division. We wish our teams all the best for next week.

SCISSA Junior and Intermediate Soccer

As we draw close to the end of the season, it was great to see our teams push forward with a focus on a potential finals berth. Our Intermediate Girls and Boys Team 2 played hard but went down in some close matches. Our Junior Boys went in with a lot of confidence from their win last week but faced some strong opposition against a strong Matthew Flinders team. Congratulations to the Intermediate Soccer Boys Team 1 for their strong win against Nambour Christian College. 

SCISSA Senior Volleyball

Well done to our Senior Volleyball teams for another competitive round in the SCISSA Competition. Special mentions go to the Senior Girls Team 1 and 3 for their home wins on Friday night. The win for the Senior Girls Team 1 puts them firmly into the hunt for finals. We wish all the teams the best for their final round next week.

Friday Sport Sign Up

Reminder that the Term 2 Friday Sport Portal will close at 5.00pm on Friday the 17th March. This is for students who are not participating in a Term 2 Competitive Sport. Please note that some sports will have filled up quickly so students may need to consider alternative options. Students who are participating in Year 11-12 Soccer, Year 7-10 Volleyball, 15 aside Rugby, 7-12 Netball and 7-10 Kayaking do NOT need to sign up a Friday Sport.

Friday Sport Options

Competitive Sport Training (Students will be allocated to these trainings from competitive sign ups)

Soccer (Year 11-12), Volleyball (Year 7-10), Netball (Year 7-12), Rugby (Year 7-8), Kayaking (Year 7-10)

Sport Development (For sports in Term 3)

Touch Football (Year 7-12), Basketball (Year 7-12)

Sport for Life

Fitness (Year 7-12), Pilates (Year 7-12), Self Defence (Year 7-10), Tennis (Year 7-10), Recreational Sport (Year 7-12)

Oztag/TRL (Year 7-12)

Year 7-12 Inter-House Cross Country

Reminder about our Years 7-12 Inter-House Cross Country coming up in the next fortnight. This carnival is a compulsory event for students and is both a House Championship event and a District Team Trial. The top 6 runners from each gender and age group will be selected to represent PLC at the District Trials held on the 9th May. 12 year old runners in Year 7 will have their times compared to 12 year old’s in the Year 6 group when selecting the team.

Please see further about the event below:

Date: Friday 31st March 2023

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: Meridan Plains Sports Fields

Uniform:  House sports uniform and hat - Hats are required to be worn whilst cheering but are not required when running.  Students must also wear suitable running shoes and not bare feet.

Required: Water bottle, spare uniform and shoes to change into after event if conditions are wet


*Please note that times are only a guide and races may be run earlier/later, depending on circumstances.              

1.30pm: Gather on Meridan Fields ready for start of Cross Country event

1.45pm: 12/13 Boys and Girls Race (3km)

2.00pm: 14/15 Boys and Girls Race (4km)

2.15pm: 16/Opens Boys and Girls Race (4km)

2.55pm:  House/Age Presentations

3.10pm:  PCG Roll Marking and Departure

Student Acknowledgements

Well done to the students listed below for their outstanding achievements in sport:

Congratulations to Alexander Monroe, Emily Lengenberg and Isabela Stammers for their recent performances at the Sunshine Coast Swimming Carnival. Some great results for these Year 7-12 students which are listed below

Isabella Stammers finished 4th Place in the 100m Butterfly

Alexander Monroe won the 50 and 100m Breaststroke events. He has now made the Sunshine Coast Swimming Team for the following events; Boys 17-19 50m Breaststroke Prelims, Boys 17-19 100m Breaststroke Prelims, Boys 13-19 200m Breaststroke

Emily Lengenberg came 2nd in 100m Butterfly and 200m Backstroke and has made the Sunshine Coast Swimming Team for the following events; Girls 13-14 100m Fly Prelims, Girls 13-19 200m Fly, Girls 13-19 400m Free, Girls 13-19 200m Back

Tom Chessell for his recent performances in the 15-18 Years State Baseball Championship. Tom did extremely well hitting 3 individual home runs and pitching a perfect game. Tom was awarded MVP and the Fielding Award for the tournament and has been selected in Qld Team to defend the title which was won in the National Schoolboys last year in August 2022. Well done Tom!

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Junior Sport

3-6 PLC Interhouse Cross Country Carnival

The Years 3-6 Interhouse Cross Country is fast approaching and will be held on Friday 31st March. Spectators are welcome to attend the carnival which will be held at the Meridan AFL and Soccer fields. First races of the day will begin at 11.00am with the Under 8 boys and girls.

Students over the next few weeks will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the course during Physical Education lessons.

Please find a map of the course below.

PLC Kayaking 2023

PLC is looking forward to another fantastic year of kayaking. The school has just purchased a brand-new fleet of kayaks and paddles. The kayaking program is a wonderful opportunity for students in Years 4-12 to develop their skills and fitness in a world class facility at Lake Kawana.

The PLC kayaking program has been running for over 20 years and caters for different skill levels and abilities. Students train after school and have the opportunity to compete in two major competitions throughout the year (School Marathon and Sprint Championships). Students can select which craft to compete in (TK1, K1 or C2) and can also compete in a doubles and K4 team boats.

In Term 2, students train for the School Marathon competition to develop technique and paddling fitness. Distances range from 1500m through to 10Km. In Term’s 2 and 3, students train to compete in the doubles and singles sprint distances of 200, 500 and 1000m.

This year, PLC have recruited the services of Charlene Kelly (Qld Development Officer) and Mark Rantel (who has competed at world championships) to work with our students. Training is free, however students are charged a small competition fee ($50) which includes the cost of a training shirt and kayaking cap.

In Term 2, training will also be available for any Year 4-12 student Monday afterschool (3.30 – 5.00pm). Students who are part of the kayaking program can train for kayaking in place of their normal SCISSA sport.

In Term 3 and 4 training will be offered each Monday and Thursday afterschool  (3.30pm – 5.00pm) leading up to the Sprint Championships.

Please contact Mr Graves ( if you would like to participate in PLC kayaking in 2023.

Student Success

Well done to the following students who competed last week at the Sunshine Coast Regional Swimming Carnival at Morayfield.

• Gemma Bryce 11 Girls 50m Freestyle – 6th place

• Euan Lengenberg 12 Boys 50m Backstroke – 10th place

• Harlen Smith 12 Boys 50m Backstroke – 7th place, 12 Boys 100m Freestyle – 11th place, 12 Boys 50m Freestyle – 12th place

Congratulations to Lily Costa who has qualified for the Sunshine Coast Regional Team to compete at the Queensland State Titles. Lily finished with the following results:

• Lily Costa 10 Girls 200 Individual Medley – 1st place, 10 Girls 50m Backstroke – 4th place, 10 girls 100m Freestyle – 1st place, 10 Girls 50m Butterfly – 5th place, 10 Girls 100m Backstroke – 2nd place, 10 Girls 100m Butterfly – 1st place, 10 Girls 50m Freestyle – 1st place

Good luck to Lily at the upcoming Queensland State Titles to be held in Brisbane.

District Sport Trials

There are a number of Independent District sporting trials coming up. Below is the list of sports and the cut off dates. If your child has a suitable level of skill and experience in one of these sports and would like to trial, please email to register their interest.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

General Notices

K3 coaching: More than just a game

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

Last Saturday 11th March, saw our teams take to the court for the first games of the season in the Grading ‘Round-robin’ at Caloundra Indoor Stadium.  Thank you to all players, coaches, managers, and supporters for ensuring the day was a great success.

The first full-game round of the season kicks off this Saturday so please ensure you have received information from your coach/manager regarding start time, court and when/where to meet beforehand. If someone is unable to attend training or the game, please contact your team coach or manager (in the first instance) or the President email as a last resort.  Please ensure your team manager and coach have your correct contact details (email and mobile phone number).

Did you know:

• In the early 1900s, netball was also called ‘Women’s basketball’ in Australia and New Zealand

• Netball was introduced in England in 1890s

• In 1901, netball rules were published, after which it became an official competitive sport

• In the early years of netball, a team could have between five and nine players

• Netball guidelines were standardised at a conference in Sri Lanka in 1960

• Over 20 million people across 80 countries play netball!!

Training continues to go very well.  Please remember that all players are required to participate in their weekly training session.

Each team requires a manager to assist with coordination of communication for the team and some other duties on game day (e.g., scoring, collection of game card, ensuring all players sign the card etc.).  If your team does not yet have a manager, please consider taking on this small, but very important, role for your child’s team.

We welcome any suggestions for helping our club or providing feedback if you have any concerns.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media – Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Townsend, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

Our U6-U15 teams were all able to complete their Round 2 matches, despite the rainy conditions.

MATCH REPORTS: Click here for the Carnival, Grading and Round 2 Match Reports.

ROUND 3 DRAW: Saturday 18th March: Click here for the draw.

LOOKING AHEAD: 2023 Pacific FC Home Game Dates: 22nd April, 13th May, 20th May, 27th May, 10th June, 22nd July, 29th July, 12th August, 19th August (Carnival).

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00am. We are thankful that we can meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


17       PLC Disco (Years 4-9)

18       Academic Scholarship Test

27       Year 5 Camp departs (Returning 30th)

31       Year 7-12 Cross Country Carnival

31       Term 1 Concludes


18       Term 2 Commences

18       Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)