Compass No 664 - October 2022

From the Principal

Success at National Finals for Future Problem Solving Teams

Congratulations to both our Future Problem Solving teams who performed very well at the National Finals over the weekend.  Our Middle College Global Issues Booklet team of Oliver Friend, Isla Lendrum, Amy Richards, and Emily Studiman were placed 2nd out of 28 teams from across the country and received an invitation to represent Australia internationally.  This is an outstanding achievement.  The team produced strong responses to futuristic scenarios that involved re-mining in Australia, producing and presenting action plans to reduce environmental impact and enhance social sustainability in mining zones in the future.

We also congratulate our inaugural Community Problem Solving team of Declan Bancks, Jax Bautista, Aiden Kemp and Nathan Russell who also performed very well at the National finals. Adopting the name Blue Light Boys, the team focused on educating young people on ways to reduce the impact of blue light on students as they use technology.  We look forward to the Blue Light Boys raising awareness through their brochures, videos and website.

We thank and congratulate Mrs Jo Belchamber, Mrs Linda Sydes, Miss Adele Byerlee and students Charles and Sebastian Box for their leadership of our Future Problem Solving teams

Principal's Log

We look forward to welcoming our Prep – Year 5 Grandparents and Special Friends to the College on Friday.  Grandparents play a very important role in our growth and in families and communities. Our young people are very excited about being able to share their experiences at school and to learn with their grandparents. It is always good to see the joy felt by children and grandparents as they interact on this day.

Well done to our Intermediate Boys who competed in the Champion Basketball School of Queensland Junior Secondary Competition last week on the Gold Coast.  The team performed very well finishing 2nd in their pool and then 6th overall.  We congratulate the boys and thank coaches Mr Brad Burdon and Connor Dines.

Congratulations to Zara Richters who reached the finals for the 200m and 400m in the State Athletics Championships. After coming 2nd in the 400m event, Zara now progresses to the National titles in December. We wish her all the best as she prepares for the national competition in Adelaide.

Well done to our Robotics teams who recently enjoyed competing at the Cooran Technology Challenge. Three of the four teams reached the finals in the sumo competition. Congratulations to all team members and thank you to Mrs Janine Stone for leading our teams.

Final preparations are underway for the Soiree Amongst the Stars on Saturday 29th October which promises to be a wonderful evening where people within our community can connect and celebrate as we enjoy great music, and catering from our talented hospitality team, relax together and dance to the beat of Luke Dickens and his band.  Tickets for what promises to be a wonderful evening can be purchased here.

We wish our Year 12s a sense of calm purposefulness as they undertake their external exams in the coming weeks.

May God grant us all calmness of mind, generosity of heart and joy as we journey together.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the Director of Students


Year 6s- Transitioning into PCG and preparing for 2023

After the success of Middle College Orientation Day held last Tuesday, our Year 6 students were invited to attend a morning Pastoral Care Group (PCG) as part of their transition and preparation for 2023.

Students were welcomed by their PCG teacher and peers, who will journey with them when they return next year as Year 7 students. During the Year 6 students transition PCG mornings, which will be held each Thursday until the end of the term, students will engage in activities, devotion and build a connection with their PCG members so that they feel comfortable, confident and ready for 2023. It was also wonderful to see Year 6 students leading this week’s 7-10 assembly and sitting with their PCG group at this time. 

Year 9s- Transitioning as Senior College Students

As the term progresses, Year 9 students, returning from their two-week Outdoor Education experience will also engage in transitional activities, preparing them for Senior College in 2023. Students will attend their first Leadership Day on Thursday 24th November and their Rite Journey Homecoming Ceremony.  The Year 9 cohort will also link in with this year’s cohort of Year 10 Peer Mentor Leaders, who will share their own experiences of transition into the Senior College and how they have grown through the journey.

Year 8s- Transitioning as Leaders of the Middle College

With the many transitions occurring across Middle College this term, our Year 8 Students are currently learning about servant leadership in Personal Development. Exploring their character strengths and how they can contribute and grow as leaders of Middle College in 2023.  Towards the end of this term, Year 8 students will have the opportunity to nominate and interview for positions of Middle College Leadership, commencing 2023.  Details of how to nominate and the leadership process will be shared with students during Personal Development lessons and supported by Heads of House and Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Middle College Students. 

Ms Leigh Finter, Acting Director of Students 

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Safety and Service in our Community

The theme across the College this week is safety. Last week, the nation paused to remember the 20th Anniversary of the Bali Bombing that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Amongst them were 88 Australians. Through the services and speeches, the fundamental right of individuals to safety was upheld and the impingement of this right affected every Australian and the ongoing effects on those touched directly or indirectly by such a horrific event. Sprinkled through these reflections and stories of remembrance was the role of service and self-sacrifice that individuals undertook either straight after the event or in the days, weeks and months after. It is often said at the worst of times, the best in people emerges. This was clear to all who remember such a traumatic incident. 

Our community was not immune to the reach of this event. Last week, the Murphy family who were impacted directly by the bombing, had the opportunity to accept an invitation to travel to Canberra to take part in the government’s official acknowledgement. During this event, they were fortunate enough to be able to speak directly to key decision makers such as past Prime Minister Mr John Howard and thank him and others for the service they showed to them and to those close to them. 

The connection between safety and service is often interwoven. How we serve those around us, often impacts the levels of safety we experience. This is evident daily in our College as our staff and students serve each other to create a safe and fruitful environment. How safe our students feel whilst in the College is always reflected positively throughout surveys and check-ins.  We give thanks to those who choose a life of service and pray for guidance in how we are able to serve others.  

Grandparents and Special Friends

Every year in Term 4, we have the privilege of opening our doors and welcoming our grandparents and special friends into the College. This year we look forward to once again seeing the gym filled to the brim with smiling faces, beaming with pride. When I reflect on my own experience of spending time with my grandparents, the memories are slightly grainy, but I am instantly taken back to a special time and place, usually with extended families and always being made to feel you’re the only one who mattered. Grandparents seem to have a particular ability to impart love unconditionally and knowledge in a way that is wise but unthreatening. 

The role that extended family play in the lives of students at the College cannot be underestimated. The support and care you provide enrich our community and the lives of the students in it. We thank you for the joy you bring to the lives of our students and the care you show to our wider community. Friday provides an opportunity to celebrate your importance in the lives of others. Our Junior College has been busy preparing activities and we look forward to being able to welcome grandparents to our College community again.

Prep Information Evening

On the 2nd of November, we invite all new families to attend the Prep Information Evening for students commencing in 2023. An invitation was sent directly to families last week with details. 

Thank you and God Bless.

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Learning Middle College

FPS Nationals

Congratulations to our inaugural Community Problem Solving team who recently competed at the Future Problem Solving National Finals, The Blue Light Boys. The boys excelled in their presentation at the Community Problem Solving fair and came away elated from the experience. Their project focused on reducing the effects of blue light on students using technology, particularly gamers. Awareness-raising actions included the production of a brochure for new PLC students next year, the creation of a website and an interview for ‘Cuppa with the Captains’ for Assembly.

To be selected to progress through to the National Conference is outstanding for the first year of PLC participation in this division. Thank you to inspiring coaches Mrs Sydes and Miss Byerlee, who supported this project, along with many other exciting community projects in Year 7 Pacific Plus.

Our Middle College Global Issues Booklet division team were awarded 2nd place at the National Finals in a division with 28 teams from across the country. They prepared an extremely strong booklet in response to a series of futuristic scenarios regarding re-mining in Australia. In two hours, the students identified problems and developed an action plan to minimise toxic emissions to achieve social sustainability in future mining zones. The students, Amy Richards (Year 7), Oliver Friend and Isla Lendrum (Year 8) and Emily Studiman (Year 9) were ably mentored and guided by Year 12 student Charles Box, who is himself a Future Problem Solving alumni.

Congratulations to all involved in this exciting achievement.

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Middle College

From the Head of Information Technology

Pacific Robotics Club

On Saturday 8th October, nine students in four teams, travelled to Cooran to take part in the Cooran Technology Challenge for 2022.

The students participated in the sumo competitions using Lego arts only.

On the day, the competition was fierce but one of our teams managed to top the list in the points rounds. We had three teams move into the finals made of the top eight teams in the points rounds. Sadly, two teams were eliminated in the first round.

Our Girls team won the first finals round but were defeated in round 2.

A wonderful day was had by all, and the day reminded us of the need to be graceful in defeat and show sportsmanship at all times.

Our teams were amazing, and all students had a fabulous day.

Mrs Janine Stone, Head of Information Technology and Robotics Co-Ordinator

From the Head of Career Development

Careers News

Griffith Uni Future Leaders Retreat (Year 11)

Griffith’s Future Leaders Retreat is for students entering Year 12 in 2023. This all-inclusive event will be held at the Griffith Gold Coast campus and the Gold Coast Performance Centre from 16th –18th January 2023. Through a program of inspiring lectures, interactive sessions and relaxing social events, you will enjoy career development and networking opportunities, as well as the chance to develop your leadership skills and create new friendships. Students will also hear from featured speakers, including leading researchers, personal development coaches and professional skills specialists. 

You can find out more information regarding the Retreat here.

Admission to the Retreat is only via College recommendation. If you are interested in being nominated for the Retreat, please email your expression of interest to Wanda Hayes ( by Monday 24th October.

Griffith University early offer scheme update (Year 12)

Students who wish to apply for an early offer to Griffith University may be concerned their IA1, IA2 and IA3 results are not yet showing on the QCAA MyQCE portal. There is good news for you: the admissions team at Griffith has now confirmed they are happy to accept IA results directly from the student's school student management system, results on College letterhead or QCAA statement of provisional results. So, if you would like a copy of your results on College letterhead, please email Wanda Hayes.

Sunshine Coast University Showcase (Year 11)

In the past, universities from all over Queensland have collaborated to deliver a roadshow called the Sunshine Coast University Showcase. The showcase this year will be run at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  We have booked a session for Pacific students on Thursday, 10th November.

Please note that the Showcase includes representatives from the Australian Defence Force and TAFE Queensland, as well as representatives from all major Queensland Universities. So there really is something for everyone at the showcase. A letter will go out to families of all Year 11 students next week. Students who are interested in attending the Showcase are asked to register as outlined in that letter by 27th October.

Amelia Earhart Bursary (scholarship) (Year 12)

The Zonta Club Caloundra City offers a Bursary for $2,000.00 to girls in Year 12 who are planning to study science, engineering, mathematics or aeronautical studies at tertiary level in 2023. This Bursary is awarded annually and may be used at any University or College. Applications for the Bursary need to be received by 30th November 2022. These will be assessed by a panel and suitable applicants will be asked to attend an interview in December. Evidence of Year 12 results and awards will need to be provided at the interview. The application form is attached here.

Selection ranks for performing arts qualifications (Year 10-12)

QUT has just announced they will now grant a guaranteed selection rank for a range of performing arts qualifications. For example, AMEB seventh and eighth grade Music qualifications and some equivalent Speech and Drama qualifications will give a student a selection rank of 84. For students who wish to study at QUT, this means they could gain entry to some courses on the basis of their completed performing arts qualifications. Details of selection ranks that QUT will award for various qualifications are outlined here. Watch this space to see if other universities follow suit…

QUT Diploma in Esports (Year 11 and 12)

Are you actively involved in online gaming? Do you play in an esports team; like playing against friends; or even get involved in local tournaments? Esports is a serious business. It is estimated that the video games industry is worth close to $100 billion in 2022. New esports job opportunities are appearing weekly and include roles for commentators, event managers, journalists, content creators, photographers, coaches, and sales and marketing executives. 

The QUT Diploma in Esports provides students with foundational knowledge and skills related to esports as an emerging billion-dollar industry worldwide and how students can be involved in the coming esports revolution. Covering both practical and theoretical realms, physical and mental health, pro-athlete attitudes and values, business strategies and a range of digital technologies, this qualification will prepare students for a variety of esports career pathways. As a blended education model, students gain skills online and on campus in a highly supportive environment.

Students who successfully complete this course will be automatically offered a place in any of these QUT degrees:

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Creative Industries
  • Bachelor of Communication
  • Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments
  • Bachelor of Information Technology

QUT Offer Guarantee: If students achieve an ATAR/QUT selection rank of 60.00 or higher (including any adjustments) and satisfy all other admission requirements, they are guaranteed an offer for this course.  

Diploma details: QUT website information 

Year 10 QTAC Guides available (all year levels)

The Year 10 QTAC Guide lists all university courses in Queensland and outlines subjects required for entry to each one, based on universities’ commitments. We have some spare copies of the Guide for the 2025 university admissions year. If you would like your own copy of the guide, see Mrs Wanda Hayes, at the back of the Library.

Casual tutoring jobs for 2023 (Year 12)

Number Works’n’Words is currently recruiting Maths and English Tutors for 2023. Applicants should have successful results in either or both English and Maths Methods and should be studying at University in 2023 (not deferring). Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work at least 2 afternoons per week, from 16th January 2023, and could also work some shifts before the end of this year. Please email Wanda Hayes if you are interested in applying.

Transition to University – Senior information evening (Years 11 and 12)

The University of Queensland invites you to participate in a transition to university night, hosted by Andrew Bannerman from the Future Students Australia team.

This event is aimed towards Year 11 and 12 students who have chosen university as their next step after high school. Students are provided with detailed information regarding ATAR advice and responding to their university offer, how to enrol in university and plan a timetable, as well as a panel of current UQ students from the Sunshine Coast region who will share their tips to a successful transition from high school to university. Although it is UQ-focused, the information can be applied to general university study.

Audience: Students, parents, carers and Guidance Officers
Date: Wednesday 9th November 2022
Time: 4.30pm – 6.00pm
Location: Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Lecture Theatre

To register, click this link.

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Excitement is building for the Pacific Lutheran College Soiree Amongst the Stars being held at the College next Saturday evening.  Join with us to celebrate Pacific’s 21 Years of learning and growing together. It will be a time to celebrate all that our College community has achieved.

Come along and share a toast with friends from the Pacific community as you are spoilt with delicious food and drinks with signature canapes from our Hospitality department.  Be entertained by our String Quartet and for those who like a bit of a dance, Luke Dickens and his band will have us all up on our feet. All this Amongst the Stars and under the glow of Pacific, lit up as you have never seen before. 

This is set to be a magical evening to celebrate with friends, tickets are still available at Soiree Amongst the Stars.

Saturday 29th October from 5.30pm at Pacific Lutheran College.  This is an 18+ event.

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Uniform Shop

Please arrange to visit the Uniform Shop during Term 4 for uniforms for next year to avoid the rush.  Visits to the uniform shop are by appointment.  Appointments can be made with the Main Reception on 5436 7300.  Our Uniform Shop hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.00am to 10.30am by appointment and Tuesday afternoons 2.00pm to 4.00pm.  The last day of operation for 2022 will be Thursday 24th November.

We strongly advise all current families to please arrange uniforms for next year before the end of Term 4 2022.  All uniforms can be returned for exchange in Term 1 2023 if still in original packaging and unwashed/named.  Transitioning students in Prep to Year 1 and Year 5 to Year 6 students will require Formal Uniforms for the start of 2023. 

New families will be given preference for Back-to-School appointments in January 2023 and appointments will be required.

Uniforms ordered via Flexi-schools will be delivered to the classroom (Junior College) and the Well Being Centre (Middle/Senior College) up to Thursday 24th November 2022.  Orders placed during the holidays will not be ready for collection until after Monday 9th January 2023.  You will receive an email advising when your order is ready, and it can be collected from the College Main Reception.

Please ensure all Rite Journey uniform requirements (including Blazers and Trousers) are purchased before Thursday 24th November 2022.

Swim Trials will be held from the first week of Term 1 2023 and school swimwear is required for all students in Years 3 to 12.  To avoid the Back-to-School rush on these items, current families are strongly encouraged to purchase swimwear during Term 4 2022. It is advised that, when purchasing swimwear, it is tried on as they cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Prep Uniform Fittings

Please contact the Main Reception on 5436 7300 for appointments for Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th of October between the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm.  Current families, with a student starting Prep in 2023, are most welcome to visit the Uniform Shop during normal days of operation as above.  Appointments will need to be made.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Convenor

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

Competitive Sport News


Some great games again last round. Well done to all teams as we had many record wins and some great improvements across the board. The Junior D Boys, Junior C Girls, Intermediate C Girls, Junior B Boys and Intermediate F Boys all came away victorious this week.

There are only two more rounds left for most teams, before semi-finals in Week 4. Only the top four teams in each division get to play semi’s. Based on current ladders, the following teams are still in the running:

Intermediate A Girls, Junior C Girls, Intermediate B Boys and the Intermediate F Boys (PLC C). These teams are also an outside chance, depending on wins and losses from other matches and will need to win both their final games – Intermediate C Girls, Junior B Boys and Junior D Boys.

A reminder to parents to please help by volunteering to score at games. Teams that make grand finals will not have to provide scorers, but all other games will need volunteers.

A special mention to our Intermediate Boys basketball team who competed in the Champion Basketball School of Queensland (CBSQ) Junior Secondary tournament recently. Held at the Commonwealth Games legacy venue, this 4-day tournament involves Years 9 -10 basketball teams from across the state competing in multiple divisions, where the winning teams will gain automatic entry into Basketball Australia’s Schools Championships later in 2022. Our team performed very well finishing 2nd in their pool. The boys then won their crossover match to make it to the top eight. The boys narrowly missed placing in a medal match, going down by a tight margin in their quarter-final. They bounced back to win a game which placed them in the 5th vs 6th match. While the team couldn’t secure the win in their final game, the boys should be very proud of their efforts across the 4-day event, the first tournament experience for many of our Pacific players. The team displayed outstanding determination and never stopped competing at their best in a highly skilled basketball competition. We look forward to seeing them continue to progress in the years to come.

Thank you to Connor Dines for supporting the team over the course of the tournament and Mr Brad Burdon for leading the team at this tournament and throughout the year.

SCISSA Rugby 7’s

Our second week of competition was an excellent continuation of highly competitive and successful Rugby from all our teams who competed on the night. Our U13 Girls started exceptionally in their first round of competition, going undefeated in all three of their games against Sunshine Coast Grammar, Matthew Flinders Anglican College and Suncoast Christian College. Our U13 Boys also shared the same success going undefeated in the competition in their first round. The boys posted a one-try win against Grammar, who defeated them in the division 1 semi-finals in the Term 2 competition. Our U14 Boys continued their competitiveness, posting a draw against Glasshouse Christian College and a very convincing win against St. Andrews. Well done to all players involved in fixtures this week and I am looking forward to another successful round next week.


Another reminder that our 2023 Sunshine Coast Secondary School Netball Competition (Monday Night Netball) trials are being held over the next fortnight for girls from Years 8-11. Students who missed confirming their attendance via Operoo should email Michelle Dufty (

Trial details:

  • Tuesday 25th October intermediate 2023 Years 9-10 (current Years 8-9)
  • Thursday 27th October Seniors Years 11-12 2023 (Current Years 10-11)

Representative Sport Opportunities

If any students are interested in attending the trials listed below, please contact Mrs Lisa Muir ( for further details.

16-19 years boys Cricket

16-19 years girls Cricket

12-14 years and 15-18 years Baseball

13-19 years boys and girls Softball

11-12 years Aquathlon and 13-19 years Triathlon

Student Acknowledgments

Congratulations to Zara Richters for her recent efforts in the State Athletics Championships. Zara made finals for both her 200m and 400m events and finished 6th place in the 200m.  She finished 2nd place in 400m and will now be progressing to the National Titles to be held in December in Adelaide. Well done Zara!

Congratulations to Isabella Welsh who was invited to attend the Tennis Queensland Junior Development tournament in Rockhampton recently. Isabella played in many matches across the tournament and ended up winning the grand final in her tier. Awesome work!

Key Sport Dates Term 4

Tuesday 25th October: Netball trials for 2023 season for Years 8-9 students

Thursday 27th October: Netball trials for 2023 season for Years 10-11 students

Thursday 3rd November: Ballinger Cup Senior Hockey Challenge

Thursday 17th November: Sports Awards Assembly

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Junior Sport

P-2 Swimming Program and Carnival

Information was sent home to families this week regarding our Term 4, P-2 Learn to Swim Program and Swimming Carnival. All students will participate in four x 30-minute swimming lessons run by qualified Learn to Swim Instructors employed through the Kawana Aquatic Centre.

Date for these Learn to Swim lessons are:

  • Thursday 10th November
  • Friday 11th November
  • Monday 14th November
  • Thursday 17th November

At the end of this two-week program students will participate in a fun, modified P-2 Swimming Carnival on Thursday 24th November (Week 8). The carnival will run from 9.00am – 11.00am at the Kawana Aquatic Centre.

Parents are welcome to come along and attend this event and the Learn to Swim lessons. 

Years 1-3 ‘Have a Go’ Lunchtime Netball Sessions

Students in Years 1 to 3 have the opportunity to participate in Netball ‘Have a Go’ Sessions during lunchtime. There are still two sessions remaining for this program and all boys and girls in Years 1 -3 are invited to come along.

The lunchtime sessions aim to introduce students to netball in a fun environment and to encourage students for the 2023 netball season in both school and club netball.

Sessions will be run by Ms. Michelle Dufty and Senior students on the following dates.

  • Tuesday 25th October    - Pacific Lutheran College Gymnasium (1.00pm – 1.40pm)
  • Tuesday 1st November - Pacific Lutheran College Gymnasium (1.00pm – 1.40pm)

Students are able to wear their sports uniform to College on the day if they are planning to attend one of these lunchtime sessions.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

For all enquiries, please use the contact details below.

Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Mrs Donna Townsend, PLC Netball Club President

Pacific FC

For all enquiries, please use the contact details below.

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00am. We are thankful that we can meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


21       Grandparents and Friends Day

22       Year 9 Outdoor Education students returns

26       Year 2 Ginger Factory Excursion

27       Year 3 Outdoor Education program departure – returning 28th October

29       PLC 21st Birthday Soiree – Amongst the Stars


2         Prep 2023 Information Evening 5.00pm

3         Year 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day 4