Compass No 641 - March 2022

From the Principal

Finding Peace

Many of us will have a favourite peace place, where we are able to re-centre and recharge. For many, it may involve being in nature and doing things like walking along the beach or amongst trees, gardening, or being in the surf. Slowing down and taking time to breathe and connect with nature provides the opportunity to gain perspective and energy. Holidays provide an ideal time to let go, laugh, and simply be.

The Easter period also reminds us of God’s promise to bring deep and lasting peace into our lives. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God’s love shines brightly for us. We are given the sure promise that we can leave our burdens and worries with Him and be renewed by His grace and forgiveness. Taking time to be still and let this sure knowledge of God’s love and grace flow through us brings a deep sense of peace.

Principal's Log

This term has been one where together we have navigated a range of changing circumstances. Staff have worked hard to ensure that students have had the opportunity to engage with high-quality learning and co-curricular experiences. Parents have been generous with their time and provided strong support to the community. Students have adapted and engaged well and made the most of the opportunities. Thank you to parents, staff, and students for each playing your part in enabling us to calmly adapt and make the most of opportunities to learn and grow together through the different rhythms of this term.

I enjoyed the opportunity on Saturday to celebrate with our students who had been selected as finalists of the Local Student Art 2022 Prize and have their work displayed at the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery from Saturday 26th March to 8th May. Congratulations to Katie Fiedler, Kaylea Jackson, Tilly Bignell, and Evie Stiller for their creative and thought-provoking pieces. Evie also received a highly commended for her work. Thank you to Mrs Denise McMahon and Mrs Lara Masselos for their development of our artists.

Congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 Water Polo team who reached the grand final of their division of the Sunshine Coast Primary School Water Polo Competition. They should be very proud of their season where they finished runners-up after a hard-fought final against St Andrews. Thank you to Mrs Fiona Schefe and parent Mr Tom Friend who coached the team on Monday nights.

We farewell Pastor Tim Jarick as College Pastor at the end of this term.  Pastor Tim’s support for people and enthusiasm for growing the understanding of staff, students, and parents about their relationship with God has been greatly valued by this community.  His encouragement to find times of stillness and his preparedness to walk alongside people have made a difference for many.  We thank Pastor Tim for his leadership, guidance, encouragement, and support and wish him every blessing as he takes on the role of Senior Chaplain at St Peters Lutheran College, Indooroopilly. The College Council has commenced the process of calling a new Pastor to our community.

Mr Josh Danzey will be returning next term as Head of Mumba House and Middle and Senior College Maths and Science teacher. Mr Brad Burdon will be the Acting Head of Sport while Mr Cameron West McInnes takes long service leave for the first four weeks of next term. We congratulate Mr Brett Kersnovske on his appointment as the Acting Head of Middle College and Ms Megan Bancks as the Acting Head of Bula House from the start of next term. We also welcome Mr Zack Griffin who has commenced as the Library Aide.

May we all find the time to rest and rejuvenate over the Easter break and experience the peace that comes through God’s love and grace for us.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor


This is my last article for the Compass, so it is an opportunity to say goodbye to the Pacific College Community. As I reported to the College Council, it has been 1200 school days, 24 terms, 12 semesters, 6 years since I arrived at the College back in Term 2, 2016. A lot has happened in college life since then, and a lot has happened in our world, especially in the last two to three years. New facilities and buildings have opened as the College continued to grow. New staff members and students joined the team each year. The twenty-year anniversary of the College’s establishment. Not to mention all the learning, camps, excursions, events, and the making of memories that happens in the life of a K-12 school. All the challenges and celebrations of learning and being a school community.

It has been a joy to serve as a pastor to the Pacific College community, students, staff, and parents over this time. I have appreciated all the experiences I have had to grow professionally and personally as I leaned into my role. I have valued the relationships, community-building events, worship chapel and devotional times, meetings, yard duties, special events, and even being in the Principal’s office regularly!

It is fitting that I finish at the College at the end of Term 1, leading up to Easter, the central event in the life of any Christian community. The death and resurrection of Jesus mean a Lutheran school is a place of grace where we are free to make mistakes, be vulnerable, and grow and be challenged as we view the world anew through the eyes of God. Through faith in Christ, we are encouraged together to serve one another in hope and love.    

As I leave, this is my encouragement to the College community to continue to learn who Christ is as you grow spiritually and are shaped through your engagement with Pacific. Particularly those aspects of our school life that can help form faith; practices like coming together for chapel, devotion, and times of prayer. Christian Studies classes, service-learning activities, and restorative conversations where there has been hurt, and we learn the hard way to practice forgiveness also provide the opportunity for growth. These are the touchstone aspects of our College that make it what it is.  

Next term, I start as Senior Chaplain at St Peter’s Lutheran College, Indooroopilly. However, I will still be a Pacific parent until my daughter graduates at the end of next year. So please say hello when you see me at the Closing Service.

Lenten blessings

Rev. Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Year 12 and Year 2 Teddy Bear Buddy Connection Activity

On Thursday 31st March, Year 12 and Year 2 students experienced their first of many buddy connection activities for the year.  Students were able to connect using their personal teddy bears as a way of getting to know each other. Over the course of the year, Year 12 students will lead a range of activities, and Year 2 teachers will facilitate opportunities for connection to further develop the relationships between the Senior College and Junior College students. This celebrated tradition of bringing together Year 12 students with Year 2 students has been highly anticipated and I look forward to seeing these networks grow throughout the year.

ANZAC Day march, Monday 25th April 2022

Pacific Lutheran College will again participate in Caloundra’s ANZAC Day march on Monday 25th April. Details of the march and how to pre-register interest (students, staff, and parents) in participating can be found in this link.

The College will hold ANZAC Day Chapel Services for students in Years 6 – 12 and Prep-Year 5 on Wednesday 27th April. Details of the two separate services will be shared in Week 1, Term 2. 

Year 11 Leadership Day, Thursday 28th April 2022

Year 11 students will have the opportunity to participate in their first Leadership Day of the year, led by the Lutheran Youth Queensland team, on Thursday 28th April. This day will be the first of many journeys into College leadership for Year 11 students in 2023.  I look forward to working with the Year 11 students in growing their individual and collective capacities to lead confidently.

Ms Leigh Finter, Acting Director of Students 

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Pacific as a Peace Place

If you open one of our College diaries, in the first few pages there is an explanation of our College logo. Amongst the explanation is the College’s deep affinity with the ocean that we are so fortunate to live so close to, the Pacific. When Magellan named the ocean many centuries ago, it translated directly to ‘Peaceful’. After so long at sea, he was relieved to be in such calm and navigable waters.

The correlation between an ocean and a school may not be evident straight away, but when looking more closely, there are many similarities. There is enormous diversity within both oceans and schools. Schools and oceans are ever-changing, and both can become unpredictable and unknown. By celebrating Pacific as a Peace Place recently, we recognised the part we all play in making the College a place of peace and tranquillity.

In assembly, we have been looking at what characterises a community of care that, in turn, builds a place of peace. As we know, anything worth valuing is a sum of its parts. It takes support, recognising our mistakes, honesty, and courage. It takes forgiveness, empathy, and understanding that we don’t always get it right the first time. It takes confidence, persistence, and it takes teamwork. But most importantly, creating a peaceful place is a shared understanding that we are all small pieces of the puzzle. Together through our thoughts, actions, and words, we can form the construct of a brighter and calmer future.

Outdoor Education, Gawun and the Year 5 Leaders

As leaders of the Junior College, our Year 5 cohort had the opportunity to attend their Outdoor Education Program this week. Students learned concepts around leadership, group dynamics, and their agency to help and serve others. For the leaders of our Junior College, there is great responsibility in how students grow their leadership skills to benefit themselves and others.

In addition to the Outdoor Education Program, Year 5 Students took part in a series of leadership activities at Ewan Maddock Dam. One of the core concepts involved in the Pacific Way is one of service to self and others.  The leadership day allowed students to reflect and collaborate to develop a series of service-learning opportunities that enhance the culture and provide our student leaders with tangible opportunities. It also provided a reflection space for individual reflection of how students can hold themselves to the values that their families and College promote.

The traditional custodians of the land, the Gubbi Gubbi people, have a name for care or care for, Gawun. It is hoped that our Year 5 leaders can exhibit ‘Gawun’ for our College community and grow as leaders and people through a concentrated focus. You may have noticed our Year 5 leaders moving amongst our Junior College and adding a level of guidance to the younger students in the classroom and our play spaces.

Our plan involves building on the work established by previous cohorts and identifying critical areas within the Junior College that would benefit from additional support. Through further discussion, we hope to be able to move to house-based leadership activities that create a pathway for our students to flow into leadership opportunities that exist in middle and senior college.

Our students and teaching staff have been involved in the process from the start, and it has been wonderful to see agency and teamwork in action. We thank Mr Paul Brace, Head of Outdoor Education, for his planning and coordination of this experience and the many staff that attended the program and allowed the students to be involved in such a rich learning opportunity.

Car Park and Shared Food

A reminder to our community that the Prep-Year 2 car park is only for parents with students in these year levels. Year 3 and above students are asked to use the senior drop-off space. For our car park to perform at its optimum, we ask that you remain with your car when using the student set down area and vacate it as quickly as possible. Your cooperation on this matter provides flow within the car park and allows many more cars to use the drop-off zone.

With Easter approaching, many students may wish to bring in treats such as chocolate eggs to share with their classmates. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions remain in place at the College regarding shared food among students. Any food brought in by students to be shared will be returned home. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Shared birthday cookie packs are available for ordering through the tuckshop. These can be catered to specific class numbers. Please contact the tuckshop for further information:

On behalf of the Junior College, I would like to thank the support and care you have shown in supporting students, staff, and the necessary adjustments required during such a busy beginning to the year. I wish you and your families a restful and reinvigorating holiday break.

Take care, and God bless.

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment Centre News

Assessment time for all learners is a time for action and responsibility. It would be safe to say most students find this time difficult. With our Year 11 and 12 students in mind who are facing big challenges, it is important that they take time during these holidays to rest and time to plan for the term ahead. Students need to dig deep mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to prepare for their exams and assessments. A great way to do this is to think about your “self-talk”.

What is “self-talk”?

Self-talk is your internal dialogue (what you say to yourself). Your subconscious mind influences this process, revealing your thoughts, beliefs, questions, and ideas. Self-talk can be both negative and positive. It can be encouraging, and it can be troubling. If you’re an optimist, your self-talk may be more hopeful and positive. The opposite is generally true if you tend to be a pessimist.

Positive thinking and optimism are effective stress management tools. Having a more positive outlook on life can provide you with health benefits. For example, one 2010 study shows optimists have a better quality of life. If you believe your self-talk is too negative, or if you want to emphasize positive self-talk, you can learn to shift that inner dialogue. It can help you be a more positive person and improve your health and emotional wellbeing.

Why can self-talk be good for you?

Self-talk can improve your performance and general well-being. For example, research shows self-talk can help athletes with performance. It may help them with endurance or to power through lifting a set of heavy weights.

Positive self-talk and a more optimistic outlook can have other health benefits, including:

  • increased vitality
  • greater life satisfaction
  • improved immune function
  • reduced pain
  • better cardiovascular health
  • better physical well-being
  • less stress and distress

Research suggests that people with positive self-talk may have the mental skills to solve problems, think differently, and be more efficient at coping with hardships or challenges. These benefits can reduce the harmful effects of stress and anxiety.

Click on the link below for an example of positive self-talk.

Mrs Chantal McAllister, Head of Learning Enrichment P-12

From the Head of Mathematics

Building Confidence in Senior Mathematics

The University of Queensland is offering special online study sessions for senior Mathematics students. Through this platform, students can explore concepts in Mathematical Methods and/or Specialist Mathematics through exercises, lectures, and workshops that include exam-style questions. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to enrich your mathematical understanding of the topics covered in the senior mathematics curricula and prepare you for tertiary mathematics studies.

Have a look at the link below for more details.

Ms Patricia Hosking, Head of Mathematics

Food for Thought

How to Help Teens Put Less Pressure on Themselves

Many teens feel like they aren’t good enough unless they are at the top of their class and excel in their sport of choice and are the best at the instrument they play and have a ton of friends and have hundreds of “likes” on whatever they post… you get the idea.

Some of this feeling of not being “good enough” comes from comparing themselves with others. It is rooted in our inherent need to belong and be accepted, and it isn’t necessarily good for our mental health.

Comparing oneself to others and striving to be perfect is a recipe for mental health problems. We know from research that self-critical perfectionism, the kind of perfectionism where you set high standards for yourself and criticize yourself when you don’t meet them, where you focus on your failures and constantly doubt yourself, is linked to depression and anxiety. A different kind of perfectionism is what researchers call “personal standards perfectionism”, which is unrelated to depression and anxiety, and simply means setting high goals for yourself without harsh self-criticism.

What can we do? How can we help teens see that it’s possible to have high standards for themselves, while at the same time treating themselves kindly? Click on the link below for more information.

How to Help Teens Put Less Pressure on Themselves (

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor



Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

A Day in the Tuckshop

We thank Mrs Shea Moor and her team for their ongoing efforts last week to keep the tuckshop open for students and staff, despite the challenge of staff shortages. It was a privilege for Teena Thompson and myself to help out Friday and witness the care and consideration taken when catering for large numbers.

Upcoming date claimers

Mother’s Day stall – 4th May

Trivia Night – 20th August

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop opening hours are as follows:

Mon:   8.00am – 10.30am

Tues: 8.00am – 10.30am and 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Wed:  8.00am – 10.30am

Thurs: 8.00am – 10.30am

Fri:     Closed

Appointments can be made via the main Reception, on 5436 7300. Flexischools uniform orders are available for your convenience.  These orders will be completed Monday to Thursday and delivered to the students’ classroom for P-6 students and the PCG pigeonholes in the Wellbeing Centre for 7-12 students.

We are now stocking “Klipsta” hat clips.  Keep your hat safe and attached to your bag via the Klipsta clip.

Buran House Polo shirts will become available in Term Two. Details about this, including parent options for sizing, will be emailed to Buran families over the holidays. All students in Buran House will be presented with a free house polo in celebration of the new house. 

Boys formal hats are now back in stock and can be ordered via Flexischools or make an appointment to come in store for a fitting.  If you had paid for a formal hat on backorder, these have now been delivered to the classroom for Year 6 or the Wellbeing Centre for Years 7-12.  Students have been emailed to advise that they are awaiting collection.

Please be patient as we are experiencing delays in stock across all areas.  If an item is out of stock on Flexischools it is also out of stock in the Uniform Shop. Stock will be refilled as quickly as possible.  My apologies that I cannot provide exact stock arrival times.  Thank you for understanding.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop

Tuck Shop

I would like to give a massive, big shout-out to all the amazing PLC staff and FOP members who assisted me in the Tuckshop last week. Thanks to Ann Barwick, Rhana Holt, Leanne Bevis, Wanda Hayes, Nat Campbell, Jenny Lee, and Teena Thompson.

You are all amazing!

I am sure the students and staff equally appreciated all your efforts to help keep the Tuckshop operating last week.

Mrs Shea Moor, Tuckshop Coordinator


Come and support our amazing cast of 40 talented students and let them immerse you in the story of…….’ DRACULA!’

We would love to see you there!

Tickets on sale – 19th April


Mrs Janine Delaney, Director

Library News

This Week In The Library

FREE Year 12 Research Investigation Webinars

The University of Queensland is offering free webinars and workshops for Year 12 Science and Maths students to assist you in your assessment, particularly with research investigations. Check out below for more information.

Webinar 1, 27 April
How to plan your writing, focusing on developing a research question from a research claim.

Webinar 2, 4 May
How to search for primary literature effectively, then how to read a paper efficiently.

Webinar 3, 1 June & Webinar 4, 2 June
Observe report writing in action (in two parts).

Delivered in a biology context with limited places available.
Register here to attend online or receive recordings.


Year 12 Mathematics Unit 3 Study Days, 2, 3, 5 & 7 April

Explore concepts in Mathematical Methods and/or Specialist Mathematics through exercises, lectures, and workshops that include exam-style questions.

Find out more.

Year 12 Biology Unit 3 Study Days, 5 & 12 April

Year 12 biology students attend online revision classes to consolidate Unit 3 learning: explore concepts in ecology through case studies, thought excercises, and exam-style questions.

Find out more.


FEAST, 26 to 29 June

Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science, and Technology (FEAST) is a 4-day residential program where you’ll explore agriculture, animal, and plant science at our Gatton campus and test drive what it’s like to be a UQ student by taking part in hands-on workshops run by current students and staff.
Find out more.


Junior Physics Odyssey, 6 to 8 July

Year 10s hear from physics researchers, meet current students and explore diverse topics in physics by participating in an exciting range of hands-on experiments and workshops.

Find out more.

Experience Genetics, 8 July (for individuals)

Year 12 biology students improve their understanding of Unit 4 subject matter and practice laboratory skills relevant to genetics: recombinant DNA (bacterial transformation), gene regulation, DNA extraction, amplification (PCR), and analysis (gel electrophoresis).

Find out more.


Welcome to the new Library Aide

This week, we welcomed our new Library Aide, Mr Zack Griffin. Mr Griffin has a background in IT and a passion for reading. We look forward to having his help around the library and with our Makerspace.

Reading Over the Holidays

Why not try reading an eBook over the holidays? The library has an extensive collection of eBooks for our middle and senior students. Browse our collection at and log in using your school login to borrow an eBook. Books will return automatically after two weeks.   


Ms Narelle Keen, Head of Library

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

Competitive Sport News

Thank you to all students and parents for their support of our competitive sport programs in Term 1. Despite the challenges that have been presented this term, it has been fantastic to see students being able to connect and enjoy a range of sporting opportunities. Organisation for most of our Term 2 competitive sports has taken place now, with students advised of their teams and information sent home to parents. If you have any questions regarding your student’s participation in Term 2 competitive sports, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Student accomplishments

Well done to our Regional Swimming representatives, Emily Lengenberg, Isabela Stammers and Alexander Monroe, who competed at the recent State Swimming Championships. Our swimmers consistently made finals for their events, and were mostly within, or around, a top 8 finish against competitors from across the state. Results were as follows:

Emily Lengenberg: 5th 100 Butterfly, 12th 200 Freestyle, 12th 50 Butterfly, 8th 200 Backstroke, 8th 100 Backstroke

Isabela Stammers: 7th 400m IM, 8th 200m Backstroke, 9th 100m Backstroke

Alexander Monroe: 6th 100m Breaststroke, 5th 50m   Breaststroke, 9th 200m Breaststroke

Congratulations also to Sam Williams for his recent 2nd Place in the recent QLD Longboarding Championships!

Community Sport Opportunities

Basketball is one of our pillar sports that we are continuing to grow and develop. We have a community partnership with Aspire Basketball, which is looking to help grow and develop our young basketballers. There is an exciting new opportunity in the form of the Aspire Champions League for PLC students to build skills with highly qualified coaches and play in regular fixtures.

Please click on the link below to find out more information.

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Junior Sport

3-6 PLC Cross Country Carnival

The 3-6 Inter House Cross Country carnival will take place tomorrow from 10:45am - 1:00pm at Meridan sports fields, adjacent to the College. Students will need to wear their house shirts to school tomorrow. Buran students will need to wear their normal sports shirts due to their house shirts being delayed.

Parents, please be aware the course will be muddy and wet in some locations due to the rain earlier this week. Students will need to make sure they have spare shoes and possibly a spare sports shirt to change into after their race. A plastic bag to place wet, muddy gear into after the race is also recommended.

Year 5 /6 Sunshine Coast Primary School Water Polo Competition

On Wednesday evening our PLC Primary Water Polo team played in the finals of the Sunshine Coast Primary Schools Water Polo Competition. This competition has grown over the last few years and includes Independent, Catholic, and State Schools from around the Sunshine Coast. PLC had played strongly throughout the regular season rounds and qualified for the semi-finals.

A strong performance in their semi-final allowed PLC to progress through to the gold medal game later in the evening.

PLC played a very strong and experienced St Andrews team in the grand final. St Andrews started strongly and were able to score some quick goals early in the game. PLC fought back strongly in the second half defending with much more vigour and scoring a couple of early goals. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and PLC finished runners-up this year which is a fantastic achievement for these students.

Thanks to all parents who travelled and supported the team during the season and Mrs Fiona Schefe and Mr Tom Friend who coached the team on Monday night.  

4 – 6 Gala Day

Last Thursday, students in years 4-6 participated in their first SCISSA Gala Day for 2022. Students had the opportunity to represent PLC in one of many sports on offer this term. This year Olympic Handball has been a new addition to the sports choices. Handball is an Olympic pathway sport and gives students the opportunity to play a sport that will be on offer at the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

Congratulations to the following teams who won their division on the day:

  • 5/6 Netball Div A (Champions)
  • 5/6 Netball Div B (Champions)
  • 5/6 Boys T20 Cricket Div A (Champions)
  • 5/6 Girls Touch Football Div B (Champions)

There were also several teams who were runners-up in their division on the day, which was pleasing to see.

Students Success

Well done to Harlen Smith and Euan Lengenberg who last week competed at the Queensland School Swimming Championships in Brisbane. The State Titles is a massive swimming meet and both boys swam PBs in their events, which is fantastic to see. The boys competed in the following events:

Harlen 4 x 50m Freestyle relay, 50m Butterfly – 30th

Euan 50m Backstroke – 43rd, 100m Backstroke – 26th

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport P-6

Club Sport

Pacific FC


Our U7 Pacific Stingrays had a win against the Chancellor Crows. Thanks to Xavier from the Snappers for filling in for us. As always, the Stingrays played their little hearts out. Lil earned the Laserzone award for awesome goalkeeping and great attacking in the first half. Our little pocket rocket Archie ran and attacked hard all game, earning the player of the game voucher. A great effort from our team of superstars!!

Our U7 Snappers performed some amazing goalkeeping work by Benjamin and Nicholas. Xavier’s defence was absolutely on point and Hugh, Elliott, and Hugo all gave the other team an absolute run for their money. Great work Snappers!

Another cracker of a game for the U8 Pacific Angelfish!! A loss, but half of the team is new to the sport and it’s great to see the girls’ confidence growing already. Some awesome goals were saved by the goalies, Indie and Dotti!!! A brilliant game by all. Well done to our Player of the Match, Milla!!

Our U9 Pacific Seahorses fought until the very end against Coolum Crusaders, showing awesome defence skills against a strong team. With no reserves for the first half, the Seahorses were lucky enough to have some great helpers from the U9 Pacific Sharks and U8 Pacific Angelfish - thank you! Our player of the match Poppy showed great skills in every position she played. Unfortunately, we lost 4-0, but with the effort and skills displayed today, a victory is certainly in sight. Well done Seahorses!

The U9 Sharks played well on Saturday scoring 3 goals!!!  Well done team!

While we were defeated 3-5, a few of our players helped our U9 Pacific Seahorses beforehand. Special mentions to Noah M - Great defence, Jason - fantastic goals, Marshall - awesome goalkeeper, Fin - player of the match and Darcy - best player attitude despite a tummy ache! Great passing from Noah Y, Luke, William, and Jai. Great delivery of the ball by Kaiden!!! We missed Oliver!

The U11 Marlins came away with another great win on Saturday. Big shout out to Hunter from the Hammerheads for filling in for us! The boys played rock-solid defence again and used that foundation to build a 4-1 win.

Razors took the field on Saturday for their 2nd grading game against the Currimundi. They proved tough opponents right from the start with plenty of hard work to try to get and keep possession. The Razors all played their hearts out, however, Currimundi took the lead in the first half and kept on top with some nice finishes. A 5-0 loss in the end with the Razors not giving up throughout the game. No games for a couple of weeks before the competition starts with plenty of exciting games ahead.

U14 Barracudas 1-1 vs Siena Marlins.  As the score suggests, a tight match. Awesome work Barracudas.

The fixtures resume after the break on Saturday 23 April.

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00am. We are thankful that we can meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, signing in, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

Easter Worship Times

Maundy Thursday 14th April – 6.30pm Holy Communion

Good Friday 15th April – 9.00am Holy Communion

Easter Sunday 17th April – 7.00am and 9.00am Holy Communion

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


1         Years 3-12 Cross Country Carnival

1         Term 1 Concludes

15       Good Friday

19       Pupil Free Day

20       Term 2 Commences

25       ANZAC Day


4         Mother’s Day Stall