Compass No 640 - March 2022

From the Principal

Servant Leaders Inspire Hope

Leaders who are focused outward and intent on serving the needs of their community inspire hope.  There is an openness and generosity to the connections made. There is belief and a deep desire in supporting and encouraging others to understand and enhance their strengths to contribute to the community.  There is joy as capacity is grown individually and as a community.

God encourages us all to be servant leaders who use our gifts to support and enhance the capacity of others.  To have our eyes outward-looking and our hands outstretched to make a difference in the world around us.  We can do so with confidence and humility knowing that God walks within and beside us.  

Principal's Log

There has been a strong tradition of servant leadership among our staff, parents, and students.  This week, Mrs Jenny Lee (Chair of Friends of Pacific) and Harrison Dines (past student) were recognised at the Sunshine Coast Citizen of the Year Australia Day Awards.  We celebrated Jenny’s inspiring, creative and tireless service to the Pacific community through her roles as a member of the Friends of Pacific since 2012 and Chair since 2017 and her long-term leadership within the Pacific Football Club.  Harrison was recognised for his contribution to the Pacific Football Club for over 15 years as a player and a coach.  It was uplifting to be part of a ceremony where so many individuals and organisations were recognised for their service to the Sunshine Coast community. We thank and congratulate Jenny and Harrison for their service to this community.

Parents of our Year 12 Senior leaders joined us at our Installation Service for new staff and senior leaders on Wednesday.  This was a special moment for our community as we celebrated the gifts that our staff and senior students bring into the community in service to others.  We were delighted that parents were able to be part of the presentation of  badges and that new staff were able to take part in the ceremony, which normally occurs as part of our Commencement Service.  We wish our senior leaders and new staff every blessing as they continue to lead within the community.

One of our goals is to enhance the leadership of Year 10, 11, and 12 students within our Pastoral Care Groups, with senior students playing a more formal mentoring role for our Middle College students.  The links formed within pastoral care groups have always been greatly valued by students.  We have very capable students at the College and this program aims to grow the capacity of our senior students to actively mentor Middle College students and lead their pastoral care groups in partnership with their teachers.  The current Year 10 group who began their training in Term 4 of Year 9 will lead the way with their mentorship of Year 7 students later this year.  There were some great ideas generated yesterday as part of their leadership day and we look forward to walking alongside our Year 10s in enhancing our culture of strong senior student leadership.

Students from P-9 really enjoyed the disco on Friday night.  We thank our Senior Student Leaders who very capably led the evening.  Thank you to our staff and Friends of Pacific team who supported the event.

Our Art Department, very capably led by Mrs Denise McMahon, has a strong focus on supporting students to learn about the power of art to inspire thinking in a range of areas and have the opportunity to publicly share their works.  Year 8 students have been engaged in the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden Art and Ecology Butterfly and Moth program and created works that will continue to be displayed this weekend.

The Pacific String Quartet brought joy into the hearts of the dinner guests of Caloundra Rotary Club last Friday night where the students played a variety of pieces to entertain people as they arrived.  We congratulate and thank the students and Mrs Helen Williams for their preparedness and capacity to share their talents so professionally.

We wish our Junior Water Polo team all the best as they compete in the semi-finals next Monday.  We also look forward to our Year 5s being able to enjoy their outdoor education experience next week.

We pray that God would help us to see and respond to the opportunities to serve the needs of people and the planet.  

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal 

From the College Pastor

Crownless King

The Netflix series ‘The Crown’ covers all the pressures, scandals, and changes in the world and family of Queen Elizabeth. If you watch it, it is a captivating story. Amid all that she encounters, she remains steadfastly loyal to her duties and service of “the crown” as she leads Britain and the Commonwealth.

This Sunday, Christians around the world celebrate another person of royalty. A Jewish man who claimed to be King of you and me. On Palm Sunday, Christians remember Jesus’ entry into the ancient city of Jerusalem before his death and rising again at Easter. As a member of the line of the royal family of David, Jesus rides into Jerusalem as King with crowds cheering. He is, however, a different kind of king; he is a King without a Crown. He rides into the city not in a princely carriage, chariot, or even on a stunning stallion but on a borrowed donkey. He didn’t even own the animal. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem reflected the way he lived his life and how he saw himself as a crownless king.

People looked to Jesus wanting a powerful man who would usurp the government, but they got a servant king, an upside-down Messiah, a poor humble man who would soon be killed and wear a crown of thorns. Some people at the time got it; others didn’t. Today some people get who Jesus is, and others don’t. People still look for an all-powerful King who uses force, but Jesus shows us a different kind of God. A king who brings peace and hope to a troubled, conflicted world without might. 

This is good news that God comes to us in this unexpected, upside-down way. We want proof from God that he is the mighty king of the universe, and what does God give us? He sends us a humble man on a borrowed donkey. We want God to get rid of our enemies, and what does God say to us? Love them. You can do it. I give you my love that sacrifices itself for others. We want God to be the spectacular miracle-maker to solve our problems and pain. God says, trust me. You are not alone. I will lead you through it.

As we progress through to the last week of term, may God give you hope. The hope that comes from a different sort of king, a King without a Crown.

Rev. Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Installation of Year 12 Leaders

This week the College community came together to celebrate the installation of our Year 12 College Captains, Pacific Action Group Captains and House Captains.

The service was a wonderful way of acknowledging the leadership that has already been demonstrated by our Year 12 Leadership Executive team, and for our College community to come together in our recognition of their efforts. 

Year 7 Students Build Connections

Due to the postponement of the Year 7 Outdoor Education Experience, this term in Personal Development lessons, students have engaged in a variety of community-building activities, where students developed connections, and appreciated Pacific’s culture, ethos, and core Lutheran values. On Tuesday 22nd March, students participated in a Building Connections Day, led by Lutheran Youth Queensland and Year 7 core teachers.  It was a day full of positive energy, engagement, and relationship building. The Year 7 Outdoor Education Experience has been rescheduled for later in Term Two. 

Year 10 Peer Mentoring Day 2

On Wednesday 23rd of March, Year 10 students continued their journey of growing capacity to lead and mentor Year 7 students at the Year 10 Peer Mentoring Day, led by trained Peer Mentoring and Support Pastoral Care Group Teachers and Heads of House.

The day commenced with teachers leading activities, slowly transitioning to Year 10 students facilitating and leading with the aim of growing confidence to support our Middle College students in their Pastoral Care Groups.

Year 10 students will have the opportunity in Week 10, Term 1 to apply for a Peer Mentor leadership role within their Pastoral Care Group and work with a small team in growing their capacity to lead, support, and mentor Year 7 students for the remainder of this year.

Ms Leigh Finter, Acting Director of Students 

From the Head of Learning K-5


In 2020, Federal, State, and Territory Education Ministers agreed that all schools will transition to delivering NAPLAN online by 2022.

Benefits of conducting online NAPLAN testing include:

  • 'tailored testing', which gives students questions better suited to their ability, resulting in more precise results
  • improving student engagement through computer-based tests.

NAPLAN testing window

  • 10th – 20th May 2022
  • Catch-up tests will be available during this time, catch-ups for Year 3 Writing must be completed by 13th May.

Please find attached a link to Parent Information here.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5


From the Head of Learning Middle College

High Achieving Middle College Students Attend University Satellite Course

Recently Mrs. Hayes, Head of Career Development, invited students to apply for a crash course in building satellites at Griffith University. Three Middle College students, Emily Studiman (Year 9), Sam Roberts (Year 8), and Ryan Dent (Year 7) attended the event which was part of the 2022 World Science Festival Mission Control’s Apprentice Program.

Emily reports that the experience was very rewarding. “We got to hold a tiny circuit board worth approximately $7,000 and learned that communication with Mars can take up to seven months. I have a different perspective on satellites and space technology now - how far it's come because I expected the satellites to be massive not tiny little cubes.” Ryan also relished this experience, adding that the circuit board they held would be launched into space later this year. Students also enjoyed exploring the university campus and facilities, especially the Engineering and Aviation Building.

As an educational experience, Emily rated the course 50/10 and encouraged other Middle College students to make the most of opportunities to extend their thinking through attending events like this. Thanks to Mrs. Hayes for sharing it with the community.

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Middle College

From the Head of Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment Centre News

The missionary William Carey is well known for saying “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” He was encouraging us to think big and go beyond what is expected – dare to dream. Learning Enrichment is all about thinking beyond our limits. Enriching the learning of our high-ability learners is about providing students with the opportunity to not just aim high but to soar.

Who are High Ability Learners?

Highly able learners are those who are working or have the potential to work, ahead of other learners their age. They may be working, or have the potential to work, at a higher level across the whole curriculum or in one or more curricular area. They may have different areas of interest and might be very knowledgeable in a particular or several field/s.

Some Traits of High Ability Learners:

  1. They are curious and ask a lot of questions about the world around them and may ask detailed questions to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.
  2. They take their own approach to assignments. 
  3. They have a large vocabulary and prefer adult conversation. They often understand and use more words than their peers, including abstract and figurative language. This may be due to their reading habits and exposure to more advanced texts.
  4. They have original ideas. These learners are original thinkers and able to access abstract reasoning and bring together ideas from different areas.
  5. They are cognitively advanced and able to self-teach new skills. They learn quickly and do not require as much practice as other learners to develop new skills.
  6. They are sensitive to their environment and are very alert and tuned into their environment.
  7. They have strong feelings. These learners may be quite opinionated and have strong feelings about topics that are important to them. They can also be more aware of the opinions and feelings of other people.

Miss. Byerlee and I recently attended a Focus Group meeting, attended by teaching staff with a particular professional interest in the College’s approach to High Ability Learners.

The key points discussed were:

  • The whole college approach to creating limitless opportunities for high-ability learners.
  • Connecting with universities that have successfully researched high-ability learners and their learning needs.
  • An update and celebration of Pacific Plus
  • Engaging highly able learners in the classroom

The LEC makes connections across the college and the uniqueness of each individual student is what makes our College a beautiful place to be. I think William Carey was highlighting how each individual has a responsibility to do their very best for God. Ephesians 3 v20, focuses on how we can attempt great things for God by knowing that His mighty power is at work in us, so we can accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think!

Mrs Chantal McAllister, Head of Learning Enrichment P-12

Food for Thought

Breathing To Reduce Stress

Breathing is an automatic function of the body that is controlled by the respiratory centre of the brain. When we feel stressed, our breathing rate and pattern change as part of the ‘fight-or-flight’ response.

Fortunately, we also have the power to deliberately change our own breathing. Scientific studies have shown that controlling your breath can help to manage stress and stress-related conditions. Breath control is also used in practices such as yoga, tai chi, and some forms of meditation. Many people use their breathing to help promote relaxation and reduce stress. For more information click on the link below

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Disco Thank you

The P-9 discos, held on Friday afternoon and evening, were a fabulous opportunity to get dressed up and dance. We thank FOP members Teena Thompson, Allyson Sarvari, Louise Walker, Renae Costa, and Jane Hill for helping with the afternoon tea set and organisation. Proceeds from the tickets and Casual Clothes Day will go toward the AWLS Children of the Ukraine Fund.

Gala Day BBQ Thank you

We would like to thank Allyson Sarvari and Teena Thompson for running a canteen today at Meridan Fields for the first SCISSA Touch Rugby Gala Day of the year.

Upcoming date claimers

Mother’s Day stall – 4th May

Trivia Night – 20th August

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Ensembles In Full Swing

The music department is now in full swing with all ensembles rehearsing weekly. They have been busy learning new repertoire for upcoming events and have performed on the Chapel and the Installation Service. The Senior Concert Band is very busy rehearsing the Marching Band ahead of the ANZAC Day celebration in April.

Last Friday the Pacific String Quartet was invited to play for dinner guests of the Caloundra Rotary Club at the Events Centre Caloundra. The quartet played a variety of pieces and entertained the guests on arrival. Well done to Sebastian Box, Jack Shirley, Eden Williams & Brooke Williams for playing so professionally.

Mrs Helen Williams, Head of Instrumental Music

Butterfly Art Month with Kym Tabulo

Year Eight Art students with art teacher, Mrs Masselos, have had the opportunity this term to work with Dr Kym Tabulo, the March Artist-in-Residence at the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden’s Arts and Ecology Centre. They visited the gardens during this time as part of the associated science events for the annual Butterfly and Moth Survey. Their own butterfly studies are on display with the large canvas works of Kym Tabulo drawing attention to the importance of environmental protection.

Mrs Denise McMahon, Head of Department - Art

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop opening hours are as follows:

Mon:      8.00am – 10.30am

Tues:     8.00am – 10.30am and 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Wed:      8.00am – 10.30am

Thurs:   8.00am – 10.30am

Fri:         Closed

Appointments can be made via the main Reception, on 5436 7300. Flexischool uniform orders are available for your convenience.  These orders will be completed Monday to Thursday and delivered to the students’ classroom for P-6 students and the PCG pigeonholes in the Wellbeing Centre for 7-12 students.

We are now stocking “Klipsta” hat clips.  Keep your hat safe and attached to your bag via the Klipsta clip.

Buran House Polos are yet to arrive in the shop.  All Buran House students will be notified when these arrive in stock.  For the Cross Country, please wear your Sports Polo if you are in Buran House.

Please be patient as we are experiencing delays in stock across all areas.  If an item is out of stock on Flexischools it is also out of stock in the Uniform Shop. Stock will be refilled as quickly as possible.  My apologies that I cannot provide exact stock arrival times.  Thank you for understanding.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop


The gripping Vampire legend of ‘Dracula’ comes to The Events Centre Caloundra this May, for a limited season. An inspired cast of forty senior students from Pacific Lutheran College will deliver the classic Bram Stoker tale of power and unbridled evil on stage.

A visually striking set, amazing costumes, and an exciting range of music coupled with creative storytelling devices piece together Dracula’s poisonous identity, to make your senses come alive in this dark and eerie saga.

Come and sink your teeth into this one!

Tickets on sale from Tuesday, 19th April

Performances: 20th and 21st May

Mrs Janine Delaney, Director

Library News

Library News

This week in the library, students have been invited to cut out a yellow or blue heart and add their message of support to our display honouring Ukraine. This has resulted in lots of discussion and empathy about what is occurring overseas. On our craft days, our junior students made green shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day, as well as some very hungry caterpillars, and our senior students used washi tape to decorate their notebooks.

Overdue notices will be sent home this week. Please encourage your children to return their books before the end of term. Students may then borrow extra books for the holidays.

Author, Aleesah Darlison is hosting a book party at Little Book Nook in Palmwoods on Saturday, 2nd April to launch her new book Rusty the Rainbow Bird. See the attached flyer here for more details.

Ms Narelle Keen, Head of Library

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

Competitive Sports Results

Monday Night Netball - Round 2 - 21st March




PLC Jade


Amelia Pike

PLC Crystal


Jemma Costa

PLC Amber


Marcy Negus

PLC Ruby


Amelia Hopcott

PLC Emerald


Juliette Kenna

PLC Opal


Gracelyn Brown

PLC Saphire

No Games


PLC Pearl


Evie Way

SCISSA Volleyball




Junior Boys

PLC 1 - 2 GCC

Matt French

Junior Girls

PLC 1 - 2 SCGS

Madison French

Intermediate Boys 1

PLC 2 - 1 SCGS

Cooper Whatham

Intermediate Girls 3

PLC 1 - 2 SCGS

Amber Hetherington

Intermediate Girls 2


Danica Cockburn

Intermediate Girls 1

PLC 2 - 0 SCGS

Jessica Lloyd

Fraser Coast Rugby 7’s

It was an early start for our Rugby 7’s teams last Friday, with students getting on the bus just after 5 am to head to Fraser Coast Anglican College for the annual Fraser Coast 7’s tournament. It was great to see so many students involved this year, with PLC fielding two U13s and one U15s team. The boys performed admirably all day and were competitive against all teams. A special mention goes to the U13A team who made it to the Grand Final but went down against a well-drilled Maryborough side. We are looking forward to much more Rugby as the year progresses!

Junior Sport

Upcoming District Sport Trials

The following sports will have upcoming district trials taking place in early Term Two. If you would like your child to trial in one of these sports, please contact Nat Campbell via email at to register your interest.



PLC Expression of Interest

(closing date)


10 - 12 Girls

31st March 22


10 – 12 Boys

30th March 22

Rugby Union

11-12 Years

31st March 22


13 – 18 Years

21st April 22

Nominations for these sports will not be taken after these closing dates.

3-6 PLC Cross Country Carnival

The Years 3-6 Inter-House Cross Country carnival will take place next Friday 1st April from 10:45 am – 1:00 pm at Meridan Sports Fields, adjacent to the College.

All students are to wear their house sports shirts on the day.  Shoes must be worn at all times and hats should be worn when not racing.  The course has a high potential to be muddy with rain forecast for this coming weekend. I would encourage students to wear old runners and bring a plastic bag, towel, and a spare sports uniform to change into after the race. Students will also need to bring their own plastic drink bottle for use before and after their race.

Course Distances and Order of Events – Updated

*Race times are only a guide and may occur earlier or later than anticipated.

10:45am            Students move over to Meridan Sports fields

11.00am             8 Years Boys/Girls (born 2014) 1km

11.20am             9 Years Boys/Girls (born 2013) 2km

11.40am             10 Years Boys/Girls (born 2012) 2km

12.00am             11 Years Boys/Girls (born 2011) 3km

12.20am             12 Years Boys/Girls (born 2010) 3km

12.40am             Presentations

Years 5/6 Sunshine Coast Primary School Water Polo Competition

Congratulations to our junior Water Polo team who have been playing in the Sunshine Coast Water Polo competition this term. The team has been very successful in the pool rounds and has now qualified for the semi-finals next Monday.

The team plays at 5:00pm against SAAC 6 and if they win this game will progress to the grand final which will be played later that evening.

Good luck to all members of this team!

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport 

Club Sport

After School Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, giving students the opportunity to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.

The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

After 2 weeks of grading round-robin games, our teams and divisions are all sorted. This weekend will be the first full game for all our teams. Congratulations to all the girls who have played their first netball games for our club during the last two weeks. We are excited for another great season with you all!

Contact: Donna Townsend, PLC Netball Club President
Email:    Facebook: PLC Netball Club      Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Pacific FC

Thank you to our Round 2 Volunteers

Round 2 at Pacific was only possible due to the extraordinary effort of our many volunteers – managers, coaches, parents, and committee members. Thank you to the set-up helpers who had an early 7 am start and the pack-up helpers throughout the day. Our canteen continued to hum morning and afternoon with the BBQ and home bake, courtesy of Sian McNamara. We particularly thank the helpers from the U11 Marlins, the U7 Snappers, and the other teams who pitched in to make it all happen. The winners of the Round 2 Hi-Five Helpers Draw are Jett K, Adam B, Jason M, Helen M, and Chris T, who all scored $10 RSL gift cards.

MATCH REPORTS - Round 2nd – 19th March

U6 Pacific Mantarays kicked off for the very first time on Saturday with a full team and plenty of enthusiasm. The sideline supporters cheered on the teams and the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Awesome effort Mantarays!

Our U7 Pacific Snappers were well matched with Stella Storm. Everyone played well, but the Snappers pulled a last-minute goal for the win. Elliott, Lucas, and Hugo smashed goalkeeping, Xavier scored all 5 goals, with Benjamin narrowly missing two attempted goals. Go Snappers!

An awesome first game of the season for our U7 Pacific Stingrays. We welcomed Eddie to our team, and he won our Player of the Day. Elliot was a superstar in goals and earned himself the Laserzone Award. An excellent first game. Well done to the team.

Great first game for the U8 Pacific Angelfish despite being down 2 players and a coach! Dotti was our super player earning herself the Player of the Match. Can’t wait for next week, hopefully with a full team.

U9 Pacific Seahorses put their heart and soul into their first game of the season against the well-established and talented Currimundi Megalodons. We were so close to scoring several goals but missed them by a whisker. With some new little Seahorses who have joined us this year, the team came together well and it’s clear they have a great deal of potential to go far this year! Unfortunately, we had a few injuries, but our little Seahorses are resting and recovering and I’m sure will be back better than ever soon. 

Our U9 Pacific Sharks might’ve lost, had some injuries and some tears - but we won in spirit in the end. Great to see everyone back on the field.


Our U11 Pacific Marlins had a cracking first game. The boys worked so well together on their first outing on the big field, holding the opposition scoreless and chalking up 4 goals, including their first penalty goal.

The U12 Pacific Razors were eager to take to the field and get the season on its way with a grading game at home. It was an even start to the game with both sides putting in lots of effort closing down opportunities on each side. Mooloolaba were able to get through on a break coming up 1-0 with a clean unstoppable shot inside the post. The Razors kept their heads up and showed their determination and resilience, increasingly winning ball possession and creating more and more chances. All the hard teamwork paid off with nice passing play and plenty of goals scored by several different players, ending in a final score of 8-2.  It was an exciting game and start to the season, with the Razors showing team spirit and what they are capable of.

Our U14 Pacific Barracudas were solid in their 2-1 victory against formidable opponents at Unity, with Nicholas and Brody scoring goals. Well done Barracudas!

The U15/16 Pacific Eels took to the field on Saturday without subs due to injuries. They stayed in the zone all the way through with some superb defence and excellent goalie saves, however, the Caloundra opposition eventually took the game.

Round 3 DRAW

Click here for the Round 3 Draw.

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00 am. We are thankful that we can meet each week for worship together. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, signing in, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


28        Year 5 Camp departs: Luther Heights Youth Camp, Coolum – returning Wednesday 30th

31        Year 5 Excursion: Ewen Maddock Dam Landsborough


1          Year 3-12 Cross Country Carnival

15        Good Friday