Compass No 639 - March 2022

From the Principal

Celebrating Our Multi-Culturalism

Respecting and valuing people from different cultural backgrounds enhances our lives.  We are enriched by exploring different ways of thinking, different cuisines, and different customs and beliefs. Australia has benefitted greatly from the diversity of its people.  As a vibrant multicultural country, we benefit from being part of a community that includes people of the oldest continuous culture and those from a wide variety of cultures who have immigrated to Australia.

As we meld together as Australians, God encourages us to “love our neighbour as ourselves”.  We are encouraged to first see and celebrate our common humanity. We come together as one people. Each person brings unique gifts and talents that can make a difference in the world around us.  When we act with and for each other, those gifts are amplified.

Principal's Log

As a lead into Harmony Week next week, we will be focusing on Pacific As A Peace Place this Friday.  P-5 students will have a casual clothes day where they will be encouraged to wear orange to celebrate the upcoming National Harmony Week and Year 4-12 students will complete the Pacific As a Peace Place Survey.  Growing young people to respect and value diversity as well as enhance each other’s wellbeing is an important part of the student experience at the College. As we shared on assembly this week, the results of the survey will be part of an ongoing project where we will be engaging with our students to reflect on ways we as a community can enhance each other’s wellbeing.  We look forward to sharing the outcomes of this process later in the year.

The Government has published the results of the 2021 Naplan tests on the My School website.  As a College, we use the detailed Naplan data provided each year, along with other data, to reflect on individual and cohort progress and to plan for improvement.  Both the proportion of students at year levels completing the assessment and the composition of cohorts can affect averaged rates of growth.  At Pacific, we have a very high proportion of students completing the assessment. This means we can focus on the growth of individual students using a range of data, including that generated by the Naplan tests. Families are invited to email Mrs Sue Zweck (P-5) or Mrs Jo Belchamber (Yr 6-9) where they have questions.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Pacific on Tuesday night we had the opportunity to thank our outgoing committee for their contribution last year in keeping the focus on community connection and support.  We thank the outgoing Treasurer, Mrs Belinda Watman, and are grateful for the willingness of the majority of the committee to continue in a variety of roles, including Chair Jenny Lee.  It was good to welcome new members to the meeting and the committee and we look forward to the year ahead.

May God grant us the ability to see and celebrate our common humanity.  We pray that God will guide us and all people in the world to focus on what unites us and to work for the common good of all.  We pray in particular, for the people and children of Ukraine and that God would provide for their needs.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Fessing Up Flaws

One of the things I love about the Bible is that it has all sorts of stories about real humans. No perfect people in their perfectly curated worlds like many social influencers today. The characters of the Bible are like you and me, flawed individuals who make mistakes, stuff up their relationships, and must live with the consequences. The people of God are presented in all their glorious weaknesses and imperfections.

King David from the Old Testament is one of the best examples. In the Bible, his story starts as a young shepherd boy who is brave and talented, handsome and courageous. He defeats Goliath in battle. He goes on to become King. David’s job as King was to represent God’s good and gracious ways. Instead, he lusts after one of his faithful soldier’s wives. He has the man killed and takes the woman, Bathsheba, to himself. This disastrous chapter in David’s life culminates with the prophet Nathan telling him a parable to point out his wrongdoing. Nathan says to David; For you did it secretly, but I will do this thing before all Israel and under the sun (1 Samuel 12:12). David has kept his actions secret. He tried to cover up his wrongdoing rather than “fess up” to his flaws and their consequences.

From these incidents in his life, we learn of David’s poor resistance to the pressures of privilege. Resistance skills are the thread for this week. Encouraging children and young people to learn to say no to the pressures and temptations we all face in life. Through David’s life, we learn that we can’t cover up everything we do. David was King, so he thought he could get away with these actions. Fessing up or confessing to what we’ve done wrong, and our flaws and imperfections, are what we need to be good humans. We learn through listening to the story of David’s life that resistance is not simply resisting outside influences that tempt us but also the inner drives that make us think more highly of ourselves than we ought to.

Rev. Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Pacific as a Peace Place Survey and Enhancing Student Wellbeing Project

During assembly this week, Dr. Dolling and I introduced this year’s Pacific as a Peace Place Survey for Middle and Senior College students. This survey consists of a variety of workshops designed for students to explore how PLC can enhance student wellbeing and provide students with the opportunity to voice their ideas, concerns, and suggestions.  In addition to these workshops, students who demonstrate a particular interest in developing a plan to enhance student wellbeing at Pacific will be invited to form a working action and implementation team.  This is a very exciting opportunity for all stakeholders to be part of the ‘Pacific We Want’ moving forward into the future.

Junior and Middle College Disco - ALWS Children of War Campaign and Harmony Week

We are proud to announce that tickets purchased for PLC’s Junior and Middle College Disco held on Friday 18th March will help raise money and awareness of the Australian Lutheran World Service’s Children of War Campaign. For more information about the campaign visit

Students from Prep-Year 5 will have a casual dress day on Friday the 18th and are encouraged to wear orange in support of National Harmony Week.  A gold coin donation will be collected at the beginning of the school day by classroom teachers and will be included in the money raised from disco tickets for ALWS’s Children of War Campaign.

For further information about the Junior and Middle College Disco and to purchase tickets, please click here.

Exciting Times for Our Year 12

Last Friday 11th March, the Year 12 students engaged in their final Lutheran Youth Queensland Leadership Day.  Originally planned for the commencement of the school year, this activity was postponed to Week 7 due to the challenging start of the year. This turned out to be a blessing as the Year 12 cohort appreciated quality time out of their normal academic classes to connect as a group and engage in fun, energizing activities to bring the Year 12 community together.

In the last week of Term One, Year 12 students will meet with their Year 2 buddies for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

The Year 12 cohort will have further opportunities to connect next term with a student-led BBQ lunch and a Retreat at Coolum’s Luther Heights in Week 9 of Term Two.

Ms Leigh Finter, Acting Director of Students 

From the Head of Learning Middle College

Philosophical Inquiry

Philosophical Inquiry was introduced as a Year 8 core subject this year. Research suggests that regular participation in a community of inquiry is associated with sustained gains across a range of academic, intellectual, and emotional domains.

So, what is Philosophical Inquiry? In essence, it is a collaborative dialogue in a supportive emotional climate. Lessons this term have focused on the exploration of open-ended inquiry questions posed by the students themselves. Each week a stimulus is shared (a poem, a picture book, an article) and students develop questions that result in an extended discussion. Questions such as, ‘Who decides what is ugly and what is beautiful?’(8B), where answers depend on what we mean when we use words like ‘beautiful’.

Through discussion, students are encouraged to clarify meaning, identify assumptions, and build arguments and counterarguments.  Philosophical Inquiry provides a strong foundation for students to hone their intellectual skills within Pacific’s learning framework, Teaching for Understanding.

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Middle College

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Stopping The Snowball

The theme of this term, You Can Do It, surrounds relationships. Throughout all our relationships, there will be times when we have a disagreement that has the potential to unravel into something bigger.

Of course, we always possess the power to change the course of problems and situations that we encounter from becoming more significant than they need to be. In our Assemblies, I have used the analogy of a snowball rolling down a hill. When a snowball starts, it begins small and is easily stopped. If left unchecked, a snowball grows and grows, becoming unstoppable, eventually damaging everything in its wake. Luckily, there are many techniques we can use to stop a problem from growing into an uncontrollable landslide.

One such tool is the ‘High Five Hand’ – speak friendly, speak firmly, ignore, walk away and report or get help. Students are reminded of their role if they are involved in or witness problems; they have a range of problem-solving strategies that aim to solve potential issues between students.

This technique aligns well with our thread of resistance this week and next. The ability to change the outcome of a situation toward a positive outcome rests with us all but, at times, can be challenging to attain. As part of our social and emotional toolkit, the “High Five Hand” aims to equip students with an easy-to-use tool that empowers young people to manage their relationships better.

Student movement before and after school.

We remind families that adult supervision in the college begins at 8.00 am. Students being dropped off at the college before this time are unsupervised and are therefore at risk of possible harm. We ask that students be dropped off at the college after 8.00 am or families contact the college OSHC for placement to ensure they are adequately supervised.

Once the school day is finished, students are asked to make their way promptly off the school grounds and should be waiting in the designated pick-up zones. Adult supervision ceases at 3.30. All students have been reminded that after school is not the time to play games or use equipment on the grounds.

Students across Years Three to Five have also been reminded of their responsibilities around devices before and after school. That device should be in bags until students exit the college. They should not be used when waiting before or after school. Devices can be used under supervision in the library until 4.00 pm.


As technology continues to evolve, the use of smartwatches has grown. A smartwatch has many positives but, as such, falls under the exact requirements of other devices when used at the college. Students have been reminded that contacting anyone external to the campus via a smartwatch is not allowed. This can create confusion and mixed messages, and families and students are reminded to use the appropriate communication channels by ringing the administration or emailing your child’s teacher.

Year 5 Outdoor Education Program

We look forward to the Year Five’s embarking on their Outdoor Education Program at Luther Heights on the 28th of March. All information regarding the experience has been communicated from the Head of Outdoor Education, Mr Paul Brace. We thank him and his team for his preparation and flexibility in organizing the first Outdoor Education Program for this year. We look forward to hearing all about the Year Five’s adventures upon their return.

Student-Led Conferences.

Next week, parents and students will have the opportunity to engage with teachers, celebrate the growth of learning across the term, and set goals that will guide learning into the next term. These conferences are led by students and provide a time of rich reflection and growth for our young people. These will be held via Whereby, and families have received instructions regarding how and when to book these connections. If you are unsure of the process regarding these conferences, please get in touch with your child’s teacher.

Take care and God Bless.

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment Centre News

Assessment Week has been a BIG week. We have seen tears, happiness, anger, joy, frustration, success, laughter, and many other emotions.  Emotions are a way of communicating our feelings and helping us to manage trials and difficult experiences.

When we feel that we can’t get through the day, or are overwhelmed by multiple assessments, we must remember where our help comes from. Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He did all that and still, He reminds us in His word that we can do all things if we rely on Christ who gives us strength! (Philippians 4:13)

I think about many students who have daily struggles with learning. Some students who have Specific Learning Disorders battle daily in class and life. They must remember that they don’t have to do things alone.

What are Specific Learning Disorders?

Specific Learning Disorders are not intellectual disabilities and these students do not have a reduced cognitive capacity. Students with a specific learning disorder have significant difficulty in one or more academic areas while coping well, or even excelling, in other areas of academic, sporting, or artistic achievement.   In other parts of the world, Specific Learning Disorders are also called Learning Disabilities or Learning Differences.

Under Commonwealth and State Law in Australia, a Specific Learning Disorder is generally recognised as resulting in the child “learning differently”. If it is apparent that this difference is interfering with a person’s capacity to access the curriculum or demonstrate their skills and knowledge, an individually targeted intervention should be provided. This includes both adjustments and using appropriate teaching strategies.

The Different Types of Specific Learning Disorders

Specific Learning Disorders may occur in almost any area of learning. The common theme is unexpected under-achievement in an area of academic skill which is generally unmatched in other areas.

The nature of all Specific Learning Disorders is that the problem is severe, persistent, occurs despite appropriate educational opportunities, and contrasts with other areas of strength in academic achievement or cognitive development. The most common Specific Learning Disorder is Dyslexia, which is a persistent difficulty around reading and spelling.

On a side note:

Dyslexia is a specific learning disorder in reading.

Dysgraphia is a specific learning disorder in writing.

To find out more about the wonderful neurodiversity and gift of Dyslexia, watch this inspiring YouTube video, made by a raft of highly successful, well-known achievers.

Mrs Chantal McAllister, Head of Learning Enrichment P-12

From the Head of Innovation, Entrepreneurialism and Business

Esports Comes to Pacific

Last year I had the opportunity to visit a local school where they held a new competition called the FUSE Cup. The Federation of United Schools Esports - FUSE Cup is an international network of schools connecting young students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive and structured national esports competition while developing positive gaming behaviours and digital wellbeing.

The advantages are:

  • Safe, structured, supervised, supportive and social
  • Inclusive and values focused
  • Behaviour Management Policy in place that clearly outlines behavioural expectations of players
  • Age-appropriate using the Nintendo Switch that is exclusively non-violent. No shooting games are part of The FUSE Cup. Games played include Just Dance, Rocket League, Mario Cart, and Super Smash Bros.

At Pacific, we have entered teams in the three categories – Years 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10. Students sign up and play in a round-robin format to represent Pacific. The best four scores then go on to represent the College. Mr Davis said the initial response in the Year 5/6 was tremendous.

Last week our Years 5/6 team competed online via TEAMS in the Just Dance competition, where they were placed 2nd in the Sunshine Coast Competition. The students and Mr Davis had a lot of laughs throughout the day.

Thank you to Mrs Janine Stone, Mr Damian Davis, and Matthew Stanton (Year 12 Head of Technology PAG) for their oversight in this fantastic competition.

Mr Wes Warner, Head of Innovation, Entrepreneurialism, and Business

Food for Thought

Kids are Hardwired to be Negative… You Can Change That!

Overcoming negativity in children is possible. If you understand why humans are naturally negative, it is easier to make kids naturally more positive. This article contains tips that will help.

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

AGM and the 2022 Team

At the Annual General Meeting this week, we acknowledged parents and staff for their dedication to the Friends of Pacific over the past year. A special thanks went to outgoing executives Belinda Watman (Treasurer), and Pastor Tim Jarick (Pastor) for their energy and time. We also acknowledge two wonderful 2021 executives, Teena Thompson (Vice-President) and Louise Walker (Junior College Executive), who both will be staying on in 2022 to serve the Pacific community but in different executive positions.

I am honoured to take up the position of Chairperson once again. We welcome the following new and returning members to the 2022 executive committee.

  • Vice-Chairperson: Allyson Sarvari
  • Secretary: Jane Hill
  • Treasurer: Louise Walker
  • Executive Committee Members:
    • Jan Watman (Foundation College)
    • Renae Costa (Junior College)
    • Teena Thompson (Middle College)
    • Held over until next the meeting (Senior College)

We look forward to continuing to strengthen our connections within the Pacific community this year.


Friends of Pacific look forward to supporting the PLC Disco this Friday afternoon and evening. Prep-Year 5 students are encouraged to wear orange (clothes, socks, shoes, or accessories) for Casual Clothes Day on Friday 18th March to support National Harmony Week and bring along a gold coin donation to raise money for the Australian Lutheran World Services Children of War crisis in Ukraine. Year 6 - Year 9 students will not have a Casual Clothes Day on Friday however are encouraged to wear orange to the disco.

There will be a ‘Best Dressed’ award for one Junior College student and one Middle College student. Students are encouraged to be creative in their disco attire. There will also be a variety of games, led by the Year 12 College Captains and Vice Captains, and a chill-out designated area for students who wish to socialize in a quieter setting.

Book your tickets online via

Gala Day Canteen

Friends of Pacific will run a Gala Day Canteen at Meridan Fields for the Touch Rugby Competition on Thursday 24th March. A sausage sizzle and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the day. Should you wish to help on the day, please email

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

College News

Uniform Shop - New Hours

The Uniform Shop opening hours will now be as follows:

Mon:    8.00am – 10.30am

Tues:   8.00am – 10.30am and 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Wed:   8.00am – 10.30am

Thurs: 8.00am – 10.30am

Fri:      Closed

Flexischool uniform orders are available for your convenience.  These orders will be completed Wednesday to Friday and delivered to the students’ classroom for P-6 students and the PCG pigeonholes in the Well Being Centre for 7-12 students.

We are now stocking “Klipsta” hat clips.  Keep your hat safe and attached to your bag via the Klipsta clip.

Please be patient as we are experiencing delays in stock across all areas.  If an item is out of stock on Flexischools it is also out of stock in the Uniform Shop. Stock will be refilled as quickly as possible.  My apologies that I cannot provide exact stock arrival times.  Thank you for understanding.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop


The gripping Vampire legend of ‘Dracula’ comes to The Events Centre this May, for a limited season. An inspired cast of forty senior students from Pacific Lutheran College will deliver the classic Bram Stoker tale of power and unbridled evil on stage.

A visually striking set, amazing costumes, and an exciting range of music coupled with creative storytelling devices piece together Dracula’s poisonous identity, to make your senses come alive in this dark and eerie saga.

Come and sink your teeth into this one!

Tickets on sale from Tuesday, April 19th

Performances: 20th and 21st May

Mrs Janine Delaney, Director

Sport News

Year 7-12 Sport

Monday Night Netball

Well done to our PLC netball teams for another round of great performances.

SCISSA Volleyball

A tough week for our volleyball teams with some very tight losses across the board. Hopefully, with some training back on this week, we will be firing for the last few rounds!

Trish Buckley Volleyball

Well done to our Year 11 Girls Trish Buckley Volleyball team who competed well in two games last Friday night, ending the night with a draw and a win. We wish them all the best for their fixtures this week.

Competitive Sport News

A reminder that Netball skill sessions will be running on Tuesday mornings each week. Students who have signed up will be gaining valuable netball skills and knowledge from working with our Netball Coordinator, Michelle Dufty. If your student is interested in participating but has not signed up, please contact Michelle at

Student Accomplishments

Well done to Valentino Kelly, Sascha Cleland, and Joseph Modlin for their selection in the Independent District 13-15yr Boys AFL Team. Congratulations to Miles Romagnoli for his selection in the 10-19 years Sunshine Coast Regional Golf Team.

Congratulations also to Holly Targato for her recent efforts at the State Little Athletics Championships. Holly won a bronze medal and broke a club record with her Javelin throw.

Also, congratulations to Katie Graves who was successfully selected into the Regional Basketball Team Girls 16-18 years. Katie will be competing at the State Championships later this month. Good luck Katie!

A quick reminder that we love to celebrate students’ high-level sporting accomplishments both in and out of school sports, so please get in contact with me if you have news to share!

Upcoming District Sports Trials

The following sports will have upcoming district trials taking place early in Term Two. If you would like your child to trial in one of these sports, please contact Nat Campbell via email at to register your interest.



PLC Expression of Interest

(closing date)


10 - 12 Girls

31 March 22


10 – 12 Boys

30 March 22

Rugby Union

11-12 Years

31 March 22


13 – 18 Years

21st April 22

Nominations for these sports will not be taken after these closing dates.


Junior Sport

4-6 Gala Day

Students in Years 4 to 6 will participate in their first Gala Day next Thursday 24th March. A parent information letter was sent home this week with information regarding this day. A reminder to families that students need to be at school on this day by

8:15 am for rolls for our teams to get away on time. Students are to meet their teachers and coaches on the front Gymnasium courts. 

3-6 PLC Cross Country Carnival

The Years 3-6 Inter-House Cross Country carnival will take place on the last day of Term One, Friday 1st April from 10:45 am – 1:00 pm at Meridan sports fields, adjacent to the College.

All students are to wear their house sports shirts on the day.  Shoes must be worn at all times and hats should be worn when not racing.  The course has a high potential to be muddy after the recent rain and I would encourage students to wear old runners and bring a plastic bag, towel, and a spare sports uniform to change into after the race. Students will also need to bring their plastic drink bottles for use before and after their race.

Course Distances and Order of Events - Updated

*Race times are only a guide and may run earlier or later than anticipated.

10:45am            Students move over to Meridan Sports fields

11.00                 8 Yrs. Boys/Girls (born 2014) 1km

11.20                 9 Yrs. Boys/Girls (born 2013) 2km

11.40                 10 Yrs. Boys/Girls (born 2012) 2km

12.00                 11 Yrs. Boys/Girls (born 2011) 3km

12.20                 12 Yrs. Boys/Girls (born 2010) 3km

12.40                 Presentations

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Lutheran College has several sports development programs outside of school hours. These programs encourage participation, allowing students to be part of a team, and learn basic skills of the game.
The parent-led Pacific FC Soccer and PLC Netball Clubs compete on Saturdays in community competitions throughout the Sunshine Coast.

PLC Netball Club

The first set of round-robin-style grading games was a success! Each team played 2- 4 half games against various teams and each game was awesome to watch. This weekends’ games were grading games to make sure all teams are placed with those of similar skill levels, so the season is as exciting as possible. This Saturday will be another day of grading games before our season officially kicks off. We hope to see you down there supporting PLC! 


Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details throughout the season.

Contact: Donna Townsend, PLC Netball Club President
Facebook: PLC Netball Club
Instagram: PLC Netball Club

Pacific FC

The season was due to kick off last weekend however, the torrential downpour last Friday put an end to the PLC fields being open. Our U15/16 Eels did get to play at Buderim and we congratulate the team on their performance, energy, and dedication whilst in the mud.

19th March - Round 2 Games and U11+ Grading

The first games at Pacific commence at 8.30 am and the last game kicks off at 2.25 pm. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Our U11-U14 competitive teams will play their first grading game this weekend. Pacific FC is hosting three grading games with our U11 Marlins, U12 Razors, and U15/16 Eels playing at home while our U14 Barracudas will play at Unity College.

Our U7 Snappers and U11 Marlins are on canteen duty. If you can lend a hand this Saturday with field set-up and pack-up, please email

Reminders – Training and Games

Please remember that dogs and smoking are not permitted at any games or training. These rules are intended to protect our players, officials, and spectators and apply not only at the Pacific fields but any other venue where our teams play.

Thank you to all our families and supporters.

Contact: The Registrar
Facebook: Pacific Soccer FC 

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 9.00 am. We are thankful that we can meet each week for worship together. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, signing in, and hygiene requirements we need to follow to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


18       Pacific as a Peace Place Disco (3.30 – 5.00 pm Prep to Year 5, 5.30 – 8.00 pm Years 6 – 9)

19       Academic Scholarship Test

23       Year 10 Peer Mentoring and Leadership Day

28       Year 5 Camp departs: Luther Heights Youth Camp, Coolum – returning Wednesday 30th

31       Year 5 Excursion: Ewen Maddock Dam Landsborough