Compass No. 612 June 2021

From the Principal

Compassion at the Heart of Respectful Relationships

Having compassion for people, in our families, schools, workplaces, and community groups is at the heart of building respectful relationships.  A culture of compassion is built upon small acts of kindness, where people respond to the needs of each other and where the dignity of the other person is preserved, particularly in times of difficulty.  Discussing acts of compassion within stories is a great way for people of all ages to reflect and grow compassion. 

The story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible is one narrative that helps us to reflect on the way we respond.  Like the two people that walked by, we can sometimes be too busy or not tuned into helping those who come from different groups or perspectives.  It is good to slow down and be conscious of those times where we can make a difference by crossing the road.

Prinipal's Log

Late yesterday the Queensland Government issued advice in relation to a positive case of COVID being detected in our local area.  Families are encouraged to monitor and follow the advice provided by Queensland Health updates.  Changes to routines at the College will be communicated by email and SMS.  We have continued the increased cleaning of high touch surfaces and provided an additional reminder to staff and students to maintain COVID safe practices, including those related to social distancing and high standards of hygiene.  Families can find updated information at

Students enjoyed the opportunity to test their skills at both the Year 3-6 and Year 7-12 Athletics Carnivals last week.  There was very good spirit and high levels of participation at both days.  Congratulations to all students who gave their best and encouraged others to do the same.  Thank you to Mr Darren Hooper, Mr Cameron West-McInnes and Mrs Natalie Campbell for organising the day and staff and parents for their support.

The Jazz Ensemble enjoyed entertaining people at Bunning’s Caloundra on Saturday.  The music performance and the Bunning’s Sausage Sizzle were part of the Music Departments fundraising for their planned music tour to New Zealand next year.  For those who have seen the clip of the band’s performance on Facebook, you can see the Bunning’s staff dancing in the background.  We thank Mrs Helen Williams and Mrs Aleisha Tuaine for organising this event and our students and parents for their support.

Middle and Senior College students have completed important assessments this week.  As feedback is received, students will be encouraged to identify areas that require review and consolidation and ways in which they can improve their approach to learning and revision.  Family discussions about what can be learnt, helps to build a proactive and thoughtful habit of response to feedback.

May God equip us to grow in compassion.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor


Then Jesus called for his disciples to come to him. He said, “I feel deep concern for these people.” Matthew 15:32

What are those ‘compassion’ blockers? What are the things that stop you from showing compassion to others? Is it the tyranny of not having enough time? Is it being in a bad mood and feeling antipathy towards someone? Is it all the other things in our lives that get in the way of connecting more deeply with others? Numerous factors can stack up against us showing compassion to others. We can have empathy, that sense of feeling for other people, but when empathy is backed up with action, then we have deep compassion.

This deep concern and compassion for the other literally comes from the gut. It is a gut reaction to seeing the needs of others. This is what Jesus displayed in the text above when he had compassion on the crowd of four thousand plus hungry people. The crowds had followed him for three days, and Jesus did not want to send them home empty. He declared his compassion for them and then acted on it by gathering seven loaves of bread and a few fish. After blessing the food, the disciples handed it out to the crowds, who were all miraculously fed. There were even leftovers, and everyone was satisfied.  

This story of Jesus’ compassion to the hungry people shows us that compassion breeds generosity, contentment, and thankfulness. Compassion activates generous concern for others and a sense of contentment within ourselves. We may have things that block us from showing compassion to the needs of people around us. However, God can break through to us and change us with his compassionate love, which we show to others.

We pray, Open our hearts, Lord, so that we grow in compassion for others. For the vulnerable, the poor, the lonely, the sick, the hungry, those who are grieving and in pain. Open our eyes so that we are not fearful of people’s pain and suffering. Open our minds and bodies so that we are moved to act with compassion and help people in need. Amen.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior College Students

Year 12 Retreat

After a busy start to the year, the Year 12 cohort are excitedly preparing for Pacific Lutheran’s first ever Year 12 retreat experience. As the students approach the final semester of their journey at Pacific, they will come together this Friday to Sunday, for an outdoor experience that aims to connect the group. This initiative is largely student-driven with many of the activities being planned and run by the College Captains and Pacific Action Groups, as a way of enhancing the connection with their peers. We hope that this is the start of a great tradition for Year 12 cohorts into the future. I’d like to thank Ms Kim Wood for her organisation of the bulk of the program. The College Captains have also been instrumental in bringing this to life and I thank all the staff who are helping with this experience. All the best to everyone involved this weekend.

Year 10 Exams

This week, the Year 10 cohort undertook their first experience of Senior College block exams. The manner in which they presented themselves and conducted themselves for these exams was excellent and will prepare them well for future exam blocks at the College. I would encourage all students to reflect on their results and use them to consolidate on their learning for the future. Feedback on their progress is vital for students moving forward, and I hope that they can see the value in the exam experience.  Together with their end of semester reports, this will enable them to plan for future success into Semester Three.

Pacific Action Groups

It has been wonderful to witness the strength of our Pacific Action Groups this year and the initiatives that they have enacted in 2021. We have an enthusiastic and dedicated group of Year 12 captains who have worked together to build the number of students involved in Action Groups.  There is now a great representation of student voice throughout the Middle and Senior College. Congratulations to the leaders of each group for the effort they have put in so far. We look forward to more new and exciting ideas for the second half of the year. Some major projects that each group have been working on are as follows:

  • Sport: Staff v student challenges, lunchtime borrowing systems, Fast-5 netball and 3-on-3 basketball competitions
  • Academic: Senior College trivia nights and PCG trivia challenges
  • Cultural: Musical promotion
  • Environmental: Clean up Australia Day, installing bird boxes in the rainforest, recycling bins in classrooms
  • Pastoral: Positive pieces at assemblies, PERMA in the classroom and around the school
  • Spirituality and Service: leading chapels, planning a Sleepout for the homeless (Term Three)

Pacific Action Groups meet every Wednesday lunch time (even weeks) and are a great way for students to contribute ideas to specific areas of the College. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. I thank the staff for their support and assistance of these student initiatives.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Learning K-5


Reading is a social and critical practice. It is something we do to achieve personal and social purposes. We read written, visual and multimodal texts for enjoyment, to find information and to learn. Through reading, we build relationships and communicate with others across time and space.

Successful readers are able to question the authenticity and accuracy of meaning gained from text by evaluating their interpretation against prior knowledge of the world, prior texts and prior experiences. In the process, knowledge is transformed and new knowledge is created and integrated into existing knowledge.

Strategic readers are able to talk about reading and about themselves as readers. Effective and supportive reading instruction, enables students to become fluent readers. It supports students to comprehend what they are reading, to apply and communicate knowledge and skills in new contexts, and to have a strong desire and motivation to read.

At Pacific we have been using the Developmental Reading Assessment for the last 10 years and this year we have engaged in a new online reading assessment tool.

The new PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment equips teachers with accurate and robust assessment tools to identify students' instructional or independent reading levels. The resource offers a complete literacy assessment, allowing teachers to conduct reading records, to effectively capture students' progress in reading fluency, retelling abilities and comprehension within and beyond the text.

The PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment resources provides teachers with the right tools to:

  • accurately identify students’ reading levels
  • use evidence to inform teaching practice and lesson planning
  • monitor students’ reading achievement and progress over time
  • implement consistent assessment practices within and between schools
  • capture data for school review and community feedback.

The new systems numbering does not directly correlate to the old and we are excited to move forward with such a thoroughly researched and informative assessment tool.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Learning K-5

Pacific Early Learning Centre

Social Play

The children’s thinking and interest in camping has led to social play around campsites. Set amongst the bamboo, the campsite setting is facilitating the sharing of ideas, personal experiences and creativity. We are seeing the children’s resourcefulness as they use natural and man-made materials to support their play ideas. Marshmallows and tacos made from dried bamboo leaves and sticks are toasted on the fire, and ping pong balls representing sausages are cooked on the coals. The children’s respectful communication skills have been evident, as they create dialogue and detailed storylines. The children have displayed cooperation skills in their play as they assign roles, valuing the ideas and contributions of others.

Mrs Julie McCosker, Service Leader

Friends of Pacific

Next Meeting

Friends of Pacific meets on the third Tuesday of each month with our next meeting to be held on June 15th.  We meet in the College Library at 6:30pm and all are welcome. Please register your attendance via email to

Quote of the Week

“Individually, we are one drop.  Together, we are an ocean.”

–  Ryunosuke Satoro.

Pacific FC

Thank you to the Pacific FC and Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association families who generously donated an array of non-perishable goods to the Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal

Pacific FC is proud to be involved with Pacific Lutheran College and give back to the local community through such a worthwhile cause. This is the Salvation Army’s signature fundraising drive which helps fund their vast network of social and community services on the Sunshine Coast.

Our next home game is on Saturday June 19th and any home baking is much appreciated for the canteen.

For more photos of our recent home game for Round 10, follow us on Facebook and instagram.

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News

Visiting Author - R.A Spratt

This week, Rachel Spratt, author of the Nanny Piggins, Peski Kids and Friday Barnes series, spoke to the Year 3-5 students. Her former career as a stand-up comedian was in evidence as she entertained the students while still promoting the importance of reading. Many students had brought books from home to be signed and there was a great buzz from students as they left the library.

If your children would like to purchase books and have them delivered to the school, follow this link

Sand Art

This week in our lunchtime crafting sessions we did sand art. The primary students created a butterfly, while the secondary students created mandalas. This was a beautiful, but messy, craft which allowed students to be mindful and make some beautiful artworks.

Ms Narelle Keen, Teacher Librarian

College News

Pacific Lutheran Kindergarten & Early Learning Service

Together we are raising funds with Entertainment. Choose a Membership that is right for you.  Visit: Pacific Lutheran Kindergarten & Early Learning Service (

Mrs Ann Barwick, Administration Assistant

Cultural News


Last weekend was a busy weekend for the Music Department. We had six middle college students attend the State Honours Ensemble Programme (SHEP) in conjunction with the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and Griffith University. The students rehearsed at various locations around Brisbane working with renowned conductors. The weekend culminated in showcase concerts on Sunday at the prestigious Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Congratulations to Jada Baker, Ayrisa Jones, Rachel Monroe, Jax Bautista, Erin Lacey & Phoebe Struckett.

While that was happening on Saturday we were undertaking a major fundraising event for the upcoming New Zealand Music Tour. We took over the Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Caloundra! The Pacific Jazz Ensemble was also there entertaining the shoppers as they entered the store and while they waited for their sausages! The students of the Jazz Ensembles did an amazing job, playing for around 3 hours in very hot conditions.  Congratulations to all of our musicians and volunteers!

Ensembles Concert – Thursday 24th June

The Music Department warmly invite you to attend our Semester One Ensembles Concert on Thursday 24th June.  This year, we will be hosting this exciting evening in the Pacific Lutheran Gymnasium, offering families the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed dinner as our ensembles perform.  There will be curries and hotdogs available to purchase on the evening, with a bar available for soft drink, wine and beer purchases.  There is also an option to pre-order a cheese box at registration. (very limited numbers available on the night).  EFTPOS will be available.

The concert will begin at 6pm with doors and food stands opening from 5.30pm.  Pre-registration is necessary, so please follow the link to register your attendance.  We look forward to sharing the hard work of our students with you on what promises to be an exciting evening! 

Mrs Helen Williams, Head of Instrumental Music

From the Head of Career Development

Year 11 2022 Information Evenings

Year 10 students and their parents are encouraged to join us at the QCE information evening on 16th June. This event focuses on how the QCE and ATAR results are determined and provides an essential foundation for students as they plan their senior program of study. This event will be followed by our Subject Expo on 14th July, giving students and parents a chance to talk directly with Teachers and also with external course providers about Year 11 study options in 2022.

Year 12 Tertiary Applications Evening

Tertiary applications for 2022 will open in early August. In preparation, we are offering a Tertiary applications information evening for Year 12 students and parents on 28th July. This event will provide up-to-date information on application processes and early offer schemes.

ACU Guarantee – Applications Now Open

Year 12 students who are considering studying at ACU next year can now apply for the ACU Guarantee scheme. This early offer scheme uses your Year 11 results to predict a selection rank. Students whose ranks meet course requirements can be offered their place for next year, even before they finish Year 12.

CQUniversity Post Year 12 Study Options Webinar

CQUniversity is hosting a webinar for Year 12 students and parents to overview next steps after school. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday 16th June at 4pm, and features information on how to make career and course decisions, the CQU application process, alternate pathways available at CQU, and CQU course fees and scholarships. For more information, or to register, go to

University Open Day Events

For students who are planning to attend one or more university Open Day events in the coming months, here are some dates for you. In each case, further information is available on the individual university website.

  • USC (University of the Sunshine Coast) – Open Day Online – Sunday 18th July
  • ACU (Australian Catholic University) – Open Day (Brisbane Campus) – 7th August
  • Bond University – Open Day Online – 24th July
  • Griffith University – Open House (Online) – 12th July – 20th August
  • Griffith – Open Day (Nathan, Gold Coast and Southbank campuses) – Sunday 8th August
  • QUT (Qld University of Technology) – Open Day – 24 July on-campus; 25th July online
  • UQ (University of Qld) – Open Day (St Lucia campus) – Sunday 1st August

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Sport News

Senior Sport

Competitive Sport Results

SCISSA Volleyball

Wednesday’s SCISSA volleyball matches marked the end of the season for our Open Boys and Girls teams. Thank you to all players for their commitment and dedication throughout the season. The Open Boys had a double header at home, with one win and one loss.  The Open Girls went down to GSLC.

Well done to the following students for being awarded MVP this week:

  • Connor Dines
  • Harry Collishaw
  • Cosi Winter


Well done to the 4 Pacific Lutheran teams for their efforts in the Monday Night Netball semi-finals. Making semi-finals in this competition is a fantastic achievement and all teams represented the college admirably during the games. A big congratulations goes to PLC Crystal and PLC Emerald who will be representing the college in Grand Final matches next week. We wish you all the best! Thank you to all students, parents and staff, whose involvement and support has made this 2021 season such a success for Pacific Luheran.




PLC Crystal


Orly Sillar

PLC Amber


Ruby O'Brien

PLC Emerald


Jessica Watkins

PLC Pearl


 Lauren Le Clerc


Competitive Soccer

The Open Boys travelled to North Brisbane Football Club on Tuesday night for a Uhlsport game against Padua College. The team held their own for the majority of the match, only going down by a few goals late in the game. A tremendous effort from these students to represent their school during a busy time in the year. The Open Boys and Girls have one more fixture next term against Genesis, with the Junior Boys playing against Grace Rothwell next Tuesday.

SCSS Rugby

The season finally drew to a close last night with our U13s playing their final match against Victory College. The boys represented the college extremely well, demonstrating great development in their skills, team cohesion and game awareness throughout the game. Their strong efforts were rewarded with a 31-0 victory. Thank you to those committed players who have worked hard all season to be part of our Rugby Program.

7-12 Athletics Carnival

Thank you to all students who participated in the 2021 Senior Athletics Carnival. It was a fantastic day and it was great to see strong participation and spirit throughout the Carnival. The efforts of the U13 and Opens age groups having so many students compete on the day should be commended as they set a great example of what PLC sport is about. I can’t wait to see these strong efforts translate to the District Athletic Carnival. Age Champions, Spirit Trophy and Champion House will be announced at Assembly next week.

Friday Afternoon Sport Choices Term 3

Over the next two weeks, students will need to sign up on NAV for their Friday afternoon sports. Their potential options have been put on NAV this week and will have been sent to PCG teachers. Students who are in Competitive Basketball or Touch do not need to select a sport as they will automatically be placed in these sports for training. The portal for nominations will close on Friday morning 18th June. 

Student Recognition

Congratulations to Katie Graves for selection into the Sunshine Coast 13-15yrs Girls Basketball Team. We wish her all the best for her State Championships in July.

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Junior Sport

3-6 Athletics Carnival

The rain held off long enough last Thursday for the 3-6 Athletics Carnival to be run. Fantastic house spirit was on display with Bula taking out the War Cry Battle during the day with some very energetic and loud war cries.

The level of student participation was outstanding with large numbers of students running, jumping and throwing to gain points for their house on the day. It was also pleasing to see several long-standing records being broken.

Congratulations to the following students who set new records.



New Record

Abby Novosel

12 Girls High Jump


Gemma Bryce

9 Girls Shot Put


Lily Costa

8 Girls Shot Put


Sasha Kopera

10 Girls High Jump


Jackson Ackerman

11 Boys Long Jump



Congratulations to the following students who were named as age champions or runners up for their age groups on the day.


Age Champion

Runner Up

8 Year Girls

Haya Gogarty

Amity Astwick

8 Year Boys

Kruz Britton

Jax McFadden


9 Year Girls

Gemma Bryce

Billie McKinnon

9 Year Boys

Izaac O’Connor

Tobias Moore


10 Year Girls

Zara Koebsch & Eva Barker


10 Year Boys

Byron Bignell

Beau Woods


11 Year Girls

Mae Clark

Madison French

11 Year Boys

Jackson Ackerman

Sam Schefe


12 Year Girls

Ana-Belle Mogg

Abby Novosel

12 Year Boys

Lennon Biggs

Joseph Woods


Finally, congratulations to Mumba who were crowned the 2021 overall house champions at the end of the carnival. The final points for the day were:

  • Mumba – 1716
  • Bula – 1637
  • Wira - 1632

P-2 Cross Country Carnival

The Prep – Year 2 Cross Country Carnival will be held at the end of this term on Wednesday 23rd June (Week 10). Students are practicing for this event during physical education lessons. Due to construction of the Primary building, this year’s carnival will be held down on the Meridan AFL fields which are adjacent to the Pacific Lutheran ovals.

Parents and spectators will be welcome to attend the carnival but will need to sign in via one of the QR codes located around the clubhouse and please remain on the outside of the field fence while spectating.

A map of the P-2 courses is located below.

Student Achievement

Well done to Abby Novosel who competed at the Sunshine Coast Regional Cross Country last week. Abby finished in 13th place in the 12 girl’s race.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Sport P-6

Uniform Shop

Winter Uniforms

Winter is upon us and it is time for Jumpers and Jackets.

The Uniform Shop currently has a full range of Formal Jumpers in stock for Year 1-12 students. Currently Sports Jackets for Prep – Year 12 are in stock in sizes 4 and 8-14 as well as L-XXL. All other sizes in Sports Jackets are on order. They will be available for order on FlexiSchools once the stock arrives in store, so please keep an eye on the website.

Trousers for all Year 10-12 students are available in store and online for the Winter Uniform. A reminder that blazers are a requirement for Years 10-12 as part of the Winter Uniform.

If you need to come into the Uniform Shop for a fitting, please ensure you make an appointment by calling the Main Reception on 5436 7300. The Uniform Shop hours are Wednesday to Friday (term time) from 8.00am – 10.00am.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Coordinator

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 8.30am and 9.30am. We are thankful that we are able to meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, signing in, and hygiene requirements we need to follow in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


16                        Year 11 2022 QCE Information Evening (6pm)

15-17                  Year 5 Outdoor Education Program

24                        K-12 Chapel Ensembles Concert

25-12 July          School Holidays