Compass No. 609 May 2021

From the Principal

Serving out of Love

When we use our gifts out of love for people, to assist others, there is an energising multiplier effect to all that we do.  When we act out of love we can come gently into people’s lives as guests and listen carefully to what is needed. There is a sense of purpose and growth for all involved. We move from a perspective of “having to”, to “choosing to”. Ordinary actions can become acts of kindness that flow through a family and group. Cheerfully making my bed, washing the dishes, taking out the rubbish or helping others in any small way changes the day.

When we choose to use our gifts in response to God’s love and generosity, we are spreading His love through our family, friendship groups, workplace and community. When we act out of love for humanity and the planet, we are paying close attention and living with purpose. Agency grows as life becomes filled with hope and possibility.

Principal's Log

Our community provided a warm informative and entertaining welcome to those who were guests to our community on Open Day. The quality and breadth of learning, experiences and connections our young people and families encounter here at the College permeated strongly through the day. The grounds and facilities looked immaculate, the music was welcoming and high quality, the hospitality staff and students professionally catered for people’s needs, the cast and crew of the Grease production enjoyed providing the community with a sneak peak, and staff and students enjoyed sharing deeper insights into the richness of learning and life at the College.  Our students whether leading tours, performing, catering or supporting subject areas were exceptional. Thank you to staff, students and parents who gave very generously of their time and talent out of their heart for this community.

Students and staff enjoyed the opportunity to support the work of the Salvation Army through the casual clothes day on Tuesday of this week.  The already generous donations of food and other household items doubled in a day. Thank you to the many families who have already provided their support to the families of the Caloundra area through their donations. We will continue to receive items until Friday 21st May.

Congratulations to our Dance Academy who performed very well at the recent Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod. The team were awarded a highly commended and second place for their performances in the Senior contemporary and lyrical sections of the competition. Congratulations to our dancers and to Mrs Astwick for her leadership of the dance program in the College.

There was a great deal of excitement Wednesday morning as the cast and crew began the process of “bumping in” for their performances of Grease. We are all looking forward to enjoying what promises to be a lively and thoroughly entertaining production this weekend. We wish the cast and crew all the best.

We give thanks to God for the tremendous generosity of spirit and heart for service that flows through our community.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor


Service is taking the focus away from ourselves to the other person. It shows God’s love to others with a kind and willing heart.

In chapel and devotions this week and next, students and staff are focusing on the thread of service. Service is a value dear to the college and Lutheran education. If you walk into the foyer of the main administration building, you see these values and mission of our school on the wooden wall behind the front desk.

The word ‘service’ is on the bottom right corner of the wall. Service is a foundational value for us as a Lutheran school community because all of us need to be encouraged to take the focus off ourselves and connect with the needs of others. Service is about getting down and dirty, and real with another human being. It is about getting on the same level as the other person who is in need. Seeing the connection, the oneness we have with each person on the face of the planet.

In the Bible reading for chapel this week (Luke 7:36-50), we hear the story of a nameless woman who gatecrashes a meal that a religious person hosted for Jesus. The woman comes into the house uninvited and sits behind Jesus. She starts washing his feet with her tears and perfume and drying them with her hair. The woman lovingly serves Jesus while the religious leader explodes with anger over what she has done. Jesus speaks into the situation and talks of forgiveness and service. Jesus reminds us that to be forgiven is to know that we are deeply loved. That deep sense of identity that comes from knowing God’s love for us takes the focus off ourselves so that we can focus on the needs of others. That is the deep sense of service we want children, teenagers and all people in our school to learn, grow and mature in. It is more than simply helping others’, it is being motivated by God to take the focus off ourselves and onto the people around us in need. 

We pray; Gracious God, you have called us to look beyond ourselves and to serve the needs of our neighbours. Open our eyes to see where there is need in our region, our country and the world. Help us to learn to deny ourselves and to serve out of love and forgiveness. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

“Every little helps”¹

Having lived and taught for the best part of ten years in the United Kingdom over a decade ago, you’d be not too far off the mark in thinking that my lasting memory were the bitterly cold winters that I experienced. However, it is the slogan of supermarket chain Tesco’s, that has remained with me and brings back fond memories of doing the everyday, simple acts of food shopping, spending time with friends and eating a warm meal on those cold nights. “Every little helps’” has been synonymous with Tesco’s for decades and reflects the mission of helping the everyday shopper with their grocery bill. Likewise, at this time of year we should consider those who, in our community, are struggling to make ends meet. We are so fortunate to be in partnership with the Salvation Army once again as we come together as a community to contribute donations, of any size, of non-perishable food, household and personal items.  [1] 

Year 7 Scientists

Teachers often talk about the hook to get learners engaged in an activity and of course examples are plentiful. The use of an egg in Year 7 Science last week certainly had my attention. With a focus on Newton’s laws of motion, specifically the second law, students collaborated in small groups to create a protective casing for their egg. Furthermore, with the use of a plastic bag to create a parachute, students launched their egg from a height. There was great anticipation as the egg landed; had it survived intact, or cracked as it came into contact with the ground below, and how was Newton’s second law applied here? Pleasingly, for some their egg survived. However, it was the thinking of those that needed to re-consider their design that was visible and reminded me of the acronym F.A.I.L. (First Attempt in Learning). I thank Mr Alex O’Connor and the scientists of 7A for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of their lesson.

Restorative Practices

In February this year, I wrote of the key steps involved in a Restorative meeting. I would like to flesh out the first step; the invitation. Essentially, this involves the facilitator of the meeting to formally invite those involved in the process. Ideally, this is a face to face conversation with each participant individually. Whilst it is not necessarily a time to bombard the participant with information, it may be that the person involved requires further clarity on what the meeting will involve. Nonetheless, there would ordinarily be anywhere from several hours to a day before the participant needs to decide on their involvement. Parents too, would be informed of the process. It is during this time that I encourage parents and carers to engage in conversation with their young person to guide them on their involvement or not. It is for many a big step to accept the invitation and whilst it may elicit feelings of angst and frustration, it is also the first step to repairing the harm that has been caused by one or both of those involved.


I would like to thank the vast majority of our students for the way they are presenting themselves each day. I would encourage however, some of our young boys to purchase a new pair of school socks that are the appropriate size. Items can be purchased online through Flexischools or an appointment can be made through the main office (07) 5436 7300.

Open Day

Finally, I thank all students who were able to assist last Sunday to showcase the amazing school they help to create. The maturity and confidence of students, regardless of their age or the role they played, was evident to all and formed the basis for positive feedback from many families and staff.

Mr Ben Ryan, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

We are one

On Monday, we held the first of our split assemblies. Every second week, our assemblies will meet as a Foundation College (Prep-2) and two weeks after as a Junior College (3-5). We will meet as Prep-5 every alternate week. We are hopeful that by meeting in smaller clusters, that we may tailor our pastoral focus learning and celebrations.


In our Prep-2 assembly we have begun to learn the words and meanings of our Australian National Anthem. The change of wording in the first line from “young” to “one” is timely as our concentrated focus for this term is ‘You Can Do It’.  This theme outlines how we are the same in many facets and our commonality and acceptance of others helps us build, maintain and mend relationships.


Our ongoing assembly theme of right skills, right time, right plan helps our students call on expertise and competencies to solve problems they encounter. However, from time to time, we do have disagreements and differing of opinions and over the next weeks, we will be examining what constitutes a well-made apology.

How to apologise with feeling:

  • Express your remorse.
  • (I’m sorry.)
    • Take responsibility by naming what part you played in the harm.
  • (I shouldn’t have shouted at you.)
  • Show others how your actions have impacted them.
  • (I know that it upset you when I did that.)
  • Ask for forgiveness and promise to work hard to do better in the future.
  • (I will try to control myself in the future, so it doesn’t happen again.)

Apologies never:

  • Blame others.
  • Make excuses for how others feel, or
  • Contain a “but”. (I am sorry but…..)

By following this process, we are accepting responsibility and acknowledging hurt. There is always an element of “give” in “forgiveness” and by encouraging the acceptance of apologies, we clear the way for fresh starts within our relationships.


I would like to thank the many volunteers amongst the Year 5 Gawun Leaders who gave up their own time to be part of the Open Day Tours last Sunday. The motivation of our student leaders has been outstanding and by joining students from the Middle and Senior College provided an added perspective of the opportunities and learning occurring within the Junior College. The feedback on the day from families new to the college was exemplary and we thank all students for their involvement in showcasing our college to the community.

Year 4 Outdoor Education

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Year 4 Outdoor Education Experience at QCCC in Mapleton. It was the first time PLC has utilised the venue and it was a great success. The planning and co-ordination between learning experiences and curriculum was outstanding and I would like to thank Ms Kim Wood for her co-ordination and oversight. Ms Wood was ably supported by Mrs Sarah Atkinson, Mr. Joe Doran, Mrs Amanda Empson, Ms Pia Henriksen and Mrs Natalie Rollings. It is an intentional move to increase the days away in Year 4 and it was noticeable how much the students grew during their time away. The students were very tired at the end of the last day but were able to articulate their learning and growth succinctly. A powerful part of any Outdoor Education Program at the college is contributing to their camp journal which will ultimately be presented to them on their exit to the college in Year 12. The students, reflections and documentations provide a snapshot of their experiences throughout their time at the college.


As the weather cools, we are asking parents and students for their support of the uniform policy by combining the correct jumper with the appropriate uniform. Our conversation regarding care for self, surrounds how we present ourselves to the community and in so many ways our uniform is an observable and easily recognisable sign for others to read the story we want to tell others. We also ask that jumpers are named so they may be returned to their owners quickly as they are often discarded as the weather warms during the day. We thank you in advance for your support.

Take care and God bless,

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Kids in Action

Friday 14th of May was the 2021 Kids in Action, Immersion day at Ewen Maddock Dam.  Twenty five schools attended with delegates ranging in ages from Year 4 from Good Shepherd, to Year 8 students from Immanuel. State schools and home schoolers were all a part of the amazing Sunshine Coast Council initiative, which is in its 9th year.

The day itself was stunning and our backdrop of the dam, glistening in the sunlight set the scene for our 2021 Future Dreaming Theme. The workshops were devised to sit under the banner of one of the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Students were broken into smaller groups and were given indigenous names to identify with. We were Gung - Water and Buran - Earth.

The day began with a welcome to country and an acknowledgement of forefathers and ancestry.  Two of our delegates, Henry (5C) and Mani (5C), proudly stood and represented their tribe and welcomed all participants to country, before our day commenced.

Below are some comments and feedback from our students.

“My favourite part about Kids in Action Future Dreaming excursion on Friday, was all of the amazing people who made  everyone feel welcome and made no one excluded. It was amazing to make new friends with others from different schools and learn more and more about our land”, Amelie 5P.

“I really loved painting the rocks and bark with ochre and I loved to learn how to make a fire using fire sticks”, Fletcher 5P.

“I liked how the groups we were divided into the four elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth. The day was exciting with lots of cool activities”, Kiki 5P.

“I really liked the activity where we learnt about how to tell if water is clean or not”, Henry 5C.

“The journey on Friday was amazing, I love being a part of this program, it was a wonderful experience to engage with others, connect with indigenous people and their culture. I absolutely loved the yoga poses because we linked our spirit with the culture, it was amazing”, Heidi 5P.

Mrs Luanne Pollard, Teacher Year 5

From the Head of Learning Enrichment

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) 2021

Schools in Australia participate annually in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). The NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. Please find more information about the NCCD in the attachments.

The link to the NCCD factsheet is here:

The link to the NCCD letter is here

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Enrichment

From the Head of Outdoor Education

Year 4 Outdoor Education Program

Last week saw the Year 4 classes head to QCCC Mapleton for their Outdoor Education program.  After a morning of preparation at the College, the students wheeled their luggage to the awaiting buses and headed up the highway full of excitement and enthusiasm.  The first afternoon was the long awaited “Mud Challenge”, mimicking the days of the indigenous Bunya gatherings. Students earnt rewards by completing challenges like scrambling through the fig tree roots, building bridges to cross creeks and wading through mud.  As the skies turned dark and the storm approached, we headed back towards the comfort of warm showers and the dorms.  Our night was filled with delicious food, stories from long ago shared by local Kabi Kabi man Kerry Neill and we got to try lemon myrtle tea before bed.

The two days saw us blessed with blue skies as we continued our outdoor learning.  We looked at the impacts of colonisation on indigenous people and what life on the missions was like.  We had an art experience with local Kabi Kabi artist Jessica, got to try our hand at throwing spears and boomerangs with indigenous man Eli.  We were taken back to convict times in a role play that required us to build a raft to get across to Van Dieman’s Land before finishing the day with a bushtucker walk with Ochre Bee, where we learnt the indigenous use for many of the local rainforest plants.

I would like to thank the staff who supported students in their outdoor learning over the three days at Mapleton; Mrs Sarah Atkinson, Mr Joe Doran, Mrs Amanda Empson, Ms Pia Henriksen, Mrs Natalie Rollings, Mr Damian Davis, Ms Tegan Luker, Ms Karen McLean, Mr Kristan Fischer and Mr Cody Skinner. 

Ms Kim Wood, Head of Outdoor Education

Food for Thought

What does childhood anxiety look like? Probably not what you think.

A 7-year-old is the perfect student but destroys his bedroom and screams at his siblings after school. A 10-year-old snaps at her mother constantly, criticising just about everything she does. An 8-year-old cries every morning before school and clings to his parents each time they attempt to drop him off at school, sports events or birthday parties. A 12-year-old experiences headaches that make it difficult to get out the door on time. A 6-year-old can’t fall asleep at night. Though all of these behaviours appear unrelated and present different challenges, they have one common thread: anxiety.

For more information click on the link below.

Mrs Annie Williams College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Thank you to all of our wonderful families who attend our monthly Friends of Pacific meetings in support of our College Community.  Last night’s meeting was well attended and lead to some very productive outcomes.

We are excited to see what’s to come in this 20th Anniversary Year.

Friends of Pacific meets on the third Tuesday of each month with our next meeting to be held on June 15th.  We meet in the College Library at 6:30pm and all are welcome.

Pacific Together

Pacific Together is a discreet helping-hand offered by Friends of Pacific, in conjunction with Pastor Tim, to College families in times of need. 

If you or someone you know within our College community needs extra support anytime during the year, the Pacific Together care group may be able to help in some small way or offer a care package in times of need.

We invite you to contact Pastor Tim Jarick or Pacific Together via FoP email:

Quote of the Week

“Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”

– Henry Ford and Edward Everett Hale.

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News

Library Update

2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge

Registrations are now open for the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Students from Prep to Year Nine are challenged to read between fifteen and twenty books between now and the end of August. For more information and to register, go to

Telling Stories Writing Competition

Students in Years 4-9 are invited to submit an entry for the Telling Stories Writing Competition. Win cash prizes for a story between 300-1000 words depending on year level. Entry forms and information have been emailed out to students and entries must be submitted via Ms Keen by 22nd August.

National Simultaneous Story Time

National Simultaneous Story Time was celebrated on Wednesday at 11am. Children in schools, at home and in libraries all joined together to read the same book at the same time. This year’s reading was even more special because it came from outer space! Astronaut Dr Shannon Walker, currently on board the International Space Station, read the book Give Me Some Space by Sunshine Coast author, Philip Bunting. Students from Kindy to Year 5 came together at the gym to watch the reading.

As part of the lead up to the reading, the library ran a number of space-themed activities. This week students created rockets out of pool noodles, launched bicarb-and-vinegar-powered rockets on the oval, created glittery stars and chalk pastel galaxies, and went for a space walk via virtual reality. Our library aide, Mrs Griffin, made a fabulous display with a model of the International Space Station and an astronaut suspended from the library ceiling.

Ms Narelle Keen, Teacher Librarian

College News

School Photos Tuesday 25 May 2021

School photographs are scheduled to be taken by Advancedlife, Tuesday 25th May 2021. An order envelope has been distributed this week. If possible, it is our preference that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo day. Parents who place their order online DO NOT need to return the order envelope. 

Orders for packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at using our school’s unique 9 digit advanced order code. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day.

Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please contact us at

Miss Carolyn Sainty, Administrative Executive Secretary

Winning entries to the Student Gardening Competition

This week our Year 12 Environmental Pacific Action Group captain Holly Ubrihien, and Mrs Petfield delivered the prizes to the students who won the various sections of the Student Garden Design competition. The judges were very impressed with the thought and detail that went into the entries. Congratulations to our winners and all students who entered the competition. 

Prep – 3 

1st – Willow Power 

2nd – Nicolas Marquenie 

Years 4 – 5 

1st – Gemma Bryce 

2nd – Bailee Kiernan and Harry Pike 

Middle College 

1st - Eleanor O’Çonnor 

We are excited to now bring some of the ideas from the competition to fruition. The Gardening Club students are using these design ideas to create a garden that will be located behind the Prep buildings. If you have any donations of gardening equipment such as gloves, watering cans, soil, plants, spades, timber, paint, stumps of wood or have expertise in building planter boxes - now is the time to contact Mrs Sydes and the Gardening Club so that we can start planning and planting.  

Mrs Linda Sydes, Teacher Year 6

Cultural News

Grease – Best of Luck to our Cast, Crew and Production Team for ‘Grease Show Week’!





Mrs Janine Delaney, Director

Pacific Dance Academy

Congratulations to the Pacific Dance Academy who competed in the Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod recently and were awarded a Highly Commended and a 2nd place for their performances in the Senior contemporary/lyrical sections of the competition.

Our team, consisting of students from across year levels 7 to 12, performed exceptionally well having entered the senior groups sections, well above their collective age group. Furthermore, our humble team of nine competed against another 20 schools from around the Sunshine Coast, most of which have a much larger number of students on stage.

Regardless of the highly competitive context of the section, the Pacific Dance Academy represented the College with grace and expertise in the eisteddfod and are to be congratulated for their commitment and energy leading into the event. A special mention goes to the Year 12 leaders, Zoe Clewett and Nicola Hewitt, for their creative choreography of both pieces and their excellent coaching of the team throughout this year.

A wonderful achievement by the Pacific Dance Academy and an excellent start to the 2021 competitions for dance. Well done!

2021 Pacific Dance Academy:

  • Evangeline Bloomfield
  • Eliza Bryan
  • Naima Collett
  • Kielana Clewett
  • Zoe Clewett
  • Nicola Hewitt
  • Ruby Pederson
  • Mia Smara
  • Amber Taylor

Mrs Kristy Astwick, Dance Teacher

Sport News

Junior Sport

3-6 Athletics Carnival

The 3-6 Athletics carnival is fast approaching with a number of pre-carnival athletic events having already taken place or coming up next week.

Sprint Nominations and Discus Event

Thursday 20th May 2021 (1.40pm – 2.00pm)

Students completed their sprint nomination this afternoon to either run in competitive races (heats) or a non-competitive race.  All heats at the carnival will be timed using electronic timing gates. The times from all heats will be collated to determine the fastest times per age group, which will be used to determine age champion points and district selection for this event.

The discus event was also held during sport this afternoon during sport time. Congratulations to those students who finished in the top three places for the age group in this event.

P-2 Cross Country Carnival

The Prep – Year 2 Cross Country carnival will be held at the end of this term on Wednesday 23rd June (Week 10). Students are practicing for this event during Physical Education lessons. Due to construction of the Primary building, this year’s carnival will be held down on the Meridan AFL fields which are adjacent to the PLC ovals.

Parents and spectators will be welcome to attend the carnival.

Independent District Touch Football

Well done to Sienna Baker who was recently selected in the 12 Girls Independent Touch Football team. Sienna will now represent the district at the upcoming Sunshine Coast Regional Touch Football Carnival in early June.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Senior Sport

Competitive Sport Results

SCISSA Volleyball

Congratulations to the Open A and B Girls Volleyball Teams for their wins on Wednesday. Well done to the following students for being awarded MVP this week:

  • Tanisha Bell
  • Chantelle Page

Trish Buckley Volleyball

The Year 9 Trish Buckley team played their last game on Friday night and took one set each against Mountain Creek. A strong season by the girls see them currently coming first in their pool, but they will have to wait to see how results work out from fixtures this week.


Competitive Soccer Fixtures for the next few weeks are as follows:

Thursday 27th May: Uhlsport Open Girls vs Mt St Michaels 4pm at Mitchelton Football Club.

Tuesday 8th June: Uhlsport Open Boys vs Padua College 5pm at North Brisbane Football Club.

Tuesday 15th June: ISSA U14 Boys vs Grace Rothwell 4pm at Pacific Lutheran College Main Oval.


Another great night for our Monday Night Netball Teams! Well done to all players and coaches




PLC Crystal


Mahli Gates

PLC Amber


Indie Kentispeare

PLC Emerald



PLC Jade


MecKenzie Stanieg

PLC Opal


Grace Stevens

PLC Pearl


Ruby Smith and Amie Hague

PLC Sapphire


Amedy Buchanan


Competitive Sport Term 3

Sign-ups for Term 3 Competitive Sports have now closed for students. Letters will be going home soon for the students who signed up to play SCISSA Touch, SCSS Water Polo and SCSS Basketball next term. These students will automatically be placed into training sessions for these sports on Fridays next term. Students who aren’t doing competitive sports will do their Friday Sport sign up within the next few weeks.

Student Recognition

Well done to the following students for their fantastic achievements in sport:

Jack Tracey and Jacob Patterson for selection in U13 Sunshine Coast Stingrays Rugby Union Team.

Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

Uniform Shop

Winter Uniforms

Winter is nearly upon us and it is time for Jumpers and Jackets.

The Uniform Shop currently has a full range of Formal Jumpers in stock for Year 1-12 students. Currently Sports Jackets for Prep – Year 12 are in stock in sizes 4 and 8-14 as well as L-XXL. All other sizes in Sports Jackets are on order. They will be available for order on FlexiSchools once the stock arrives in store, so please keep an eye on the website.

Trousers for all Year 10-12 students are available in store and online for the Winter Uniform. A reminder that blazers are a requirement for Years 10-12 as part of the Winter Uniform.

If you need to come into the Uniform Shop for a fitting, please ensure you make an appointment by calling the Main Reception on 5436 7300. The Uniform Shop hours are Wednesday to Friday (term time) from 8.00am – 10.00am.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Coordinator

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 8.30am and 9.30am. We are thankful that we are able to meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, signing in, and hygiene requirements we need to follow in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates


27                        Under Eights Morning

21-22                  Senior College Musical - ‘Grease’

27                        Year 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game - GSLC

28                        Caloundra Show Holiday

31                        Year 4-6 SCISSA Training