Compass No. 602 March 2021

From the Principal

Celebrating Harmony Week
The rich heritage that comes from our multiculturalism is one of the strengths we have as Australians. From the oldest, continuous culture in the world to that of the newest arrivals, the diversity of cultural experiences has enriched our country. The melding of diverse cultures has brought with it a greater depth and breadth of experiences in all areas of life. As we celebrate Harmony Week this week, we honour our common humanity and the richness that is brought into our lives through diversity.

In an increasingly connected globalized world, loving our neighbours stretches from the kindness and service we give to people within our community to those beyond our borders. 

Principal's Log

It was very exciting this week to celebrate the win of our Year 10 STEM students at Day 1 of USC’s Science and Engineering Challenge. Over the three days of competition, a maximum of eight schools participate per day. Students break into groups of 2-4 to compete in full or half day competitions on topics including Confounding Communications, Turbine, Future Power and Bridge. Our students returned excited about the learning that occurred and the success they had experienced. We thank all of our Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology teachers and our STEM teachers Mrs Claire Richards and Mr Wes Warner for the rich learning they provide for our students.

There was considerable praise for our students who had volunteered to assist at the Mooloolaba Triathlon last weekend. The organisers recognised the maturity, communication skills, care, community mindedness and initiative of our students. We thank the students who volunteered to assist on the Saturday and Mrs Allyson Sarvari and our Friends of Pacific for their organisation and support.

As a community we remember the service of Mr Allan Doig who was one of our Crossing Supervisors. We were sad to learn that Mr Doig had passed away over the weekend. Through his role with Queensland Transport, Mr Doig formed relationships with our staff, students, families and the members of the Kawana Forest community. We say a prayer of thanks for his service to this community and pray for him, his family and friends.

Over the weekend, it was exciting to hold our first Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey for the year. Twelve students across Years 6-10 participated in the overnight experience, hiking through Mapleton National Park. Students enjoyed the opportunity to explore new places and build on their leadership skills. We thank Ms Kim Wood for her leadership of the expedition and accompanying staff Ms Angela Hill, Ms Genessa Lee and Mr Simon Williams for their support of our students.

We celebrate the richness within our global village and pray that God would open eyes, hearts and hands to the gifts and needs of all peoples.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Truth is a Person
“I am the way, the truth and the life.” – Jesus in John 14:16

In Middle-Senior Chapel this week, students heard a video scenario of a person being triangulated by two friends. The scenario involved a person having two friends approach them for help. The two friends were talking behind each other’s backs and not communicating with each other. This person was caught in the middle of people who were not being honest with one another. We have probably all experienced this at some point in our lives. As a friend in this situation, we want to be sensitive to our friends and not hurt their feelings. However, when you are caught in this triangular type of relationship, you cannot force people to be honest to one another. You cannot control what other people say and do. As a friend, all you can do is be honest in your own words and actions and to speak the truth to others in love.

Being honest and speaking the truth in love is a hard thing to do. Especially when we are speaking that truth into a situation where there is friction or conflict. But speaking the truth in love is possible because we know that truth is a person. There is someone who experienced dishonesty, lies, triangulated relationships and out and out untruths about himself. This person lived in a world of falsehoods but lived with absolute truth, honesty and love. Jesus is truth embodied. When he walked the earth he showed us the truth of God. He spoke, acted and lived with profound loving truth in all aspects of his life. Christians believe this person is God, the God whom we are promised in the Bible, cannot lie.

Truth is a person. A person who is God, who is truthful to us when we struggle to be honest. May each of us grow in knowing and living the truth in all aspects of our lives. 

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior Students

From the Head of Senior Students
Friday of this week is the ‘National Day of Action Against Bullying’. Students have always been asked to take a stand against bullying and throughout the day will be engaged in activities and reflections that make them consider the impact that bullying can have on others. In today’s age of social media and technology, online platforms from across the world create one of the most prevalent forms of bullying and harassment that children face today. It is easy for young people to say nothing and let it go. However, we would like all to be able to recognise when comments and actions are hurtful to others and rather than being a bystander, become an upstander and speak out against negative comments that can have an effect on someone else. We hope that as a community, we can come together to support each other and treat everyone with care, dignity and respect at all times.

Senior College Volunteers

Last weekend, almost half of the Year 12 cohort volunteered their time to help out at the Mooloolaba Triathlon event. Despite the early start, the volunteers worked together to get various parts of the course set up and ready for one of the biggest events on the Coast’s sporting calendar. It was great to hear about their dedication and the way they came together to work as a team to support the event. Thank you to Mrs Allyson Sarvari for her coordination of the volunteers and for her organisation and dedication with the event. We look forward to further opportunities for the cohort to come together to volunteer at various events, as this is a great way for them to finish their final year off strongly and build lasting memories. Well done to all.

Drivers to school

As more and more students obtain their P-plates in the senior school, it is important to remind parents and students that their safety on the road, and the safety of others, is a top priority. Students should be entering the school zones at 40km/h and school carparks at 5km/h. Students can park in the student carparking zones but should not be going to their cars throughout the day. All students who are driving to school will also need to complete an orange student driver form. These can be collected from the Wellbeing Centre.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Senior College Students

From the Learning Team

The Cultural Force of Interactions: Forging Relationships that Empower Learners
As a culture shaper, interactions form the basis for relationships among teachers and students, students and students, and teachers and teachers. Interactions knit together the social fabric that binds individuals together in our community. The Interactions among group members help to define the emotional climate, tone, or ethos of a place. In a culture of thinking, teacher’s interactions with students show a respect for and an interest in students’ thinking while nurturing their development as valued, competent individuals able to contribute effectively to the group.

In our classrooms at Pacific we:

  • Ensure that all students respect each other’s thinking in the classroom. Ideas may be critiqued or challenged but people are not.
  • We make clear that mistakes are acceptable and encouraged within the classroom.
  • Our students are pushed to elaborate their responses, to reason and to think beyond a simple answer or statement- for example “What makes you say that?” Thinking Routine.
  • We listen to students and show a genuine curiosity and interest in students’ thinking, making clear that our value is thinking.

“Nothing speaks louder about the culture of an educational context than the interactions that place within them.” – Ron Ritchhart

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Learning K-5

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community
Mooloolaba Triathlon

Thank you to all our volunteers who assisted at the Mooloolaba Triathlon this past weekend. Our volunteers were capably led by Mrs Allyson Sarvari, with a large contingent of Year 12 students being highly commended by the team at Mooloolaba Triathlon for their efforts.

Friends of Pacific will receive a donation for each volunteer that we can reinvest back into our community. We greatly appreciate the effort put into preparing for and supporting our team of volunteers at these events. Special thanks go to Mrs Allyson Sarvari for all the time and effort she puts into making this event successful and to Ms Angela Hill in the Wellbeing Centre for her support. 

Our next opportunity to volunteer for the triathlon will be in September. We hope to see you there!

Pacific Together

Pacific Together is a discreet helping-hand offered by Friends of Pacific, in conjunction with Pastor Tim, to College families in times of need.

If you or someone you know within our College community needs extra support anytime during the year, the Pacific Together care group may be able to help in some small way or offer a care package in times of need.

We invite you to contact Pastor Tim Jarick or Pacific Together via the* FoP email:

Quote of the Week

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” – Author Unknown

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Important Notices

Reminder - Year 7 and 10 Families
A reminder that all completed vaccination consent forms are now overdue. Please return completed forms to the College Health Centre no later than Friday 26th March. Please note, we also require completed forms returned if you DO NOT give consent for the vaccination.

Mrs Sharon Middleton and Mrs Maree Hooper, School Nurses

Pacific Early Learning Centre

Thinking and Learning in Studio One
This week’s thinking and learning has supported our inquiries into growing socially responsible citizens. Studio One’s choice for their annual Gifts of Grace Lenten Fundraiser was ‘Build a House’. The annual fundraiser provides the opportunity for the children to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to connect with and relate to others. Our goal is to raise at least $250 so a family from Burundi can finally have a home.

We have engaged in rich conversations and introduced provocations to support the children’s exposure to a variety of cultures in Australia and around the world, with a focus being on houses. The children are showing curiosity and enthusiasm for learning as they investigate the resources that houses are made from and the many processes involved in their construction. The teaching teams are using strategies to support skill building in communication, collaboration and construction. 

In the clay space, children have been encouraged to work in small groups, building one model house at a time. As the children ‘Think, Say, Plan, Do and Reflect’, together they are sharing their skills, knowledge and dispositions in a sociocultural learning environment. By working together, they are showing confidence and involvement in learning and are recognising the strengths and achievements of their peers. The children are also demonstrating fine motor skills as they use tools to cut the clay and join pieces together. 

The children have been keen to make a finished product, acquiring skills in patience and perseverance, creativity, problem solving and reflecting on their own learning.

We have introduced many natural materials to support the children’s exploration of different house construction. Sticks, paper bark, hessian and bamboo poles have all been used to support each child’s active learning. There has been a great sense of enthusiasm, creativity, problem solving and collaboration as the children share ideas and discoveries.

(Reference: Significant Learning from the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines)

The Studio One Team, ELC

College News

Science and Engineering Challenge Day

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a day-long competition designed to provide Year 10 (or Year 9) students with a positive experience of science and engineering. A maximum of eight schools per day compete against each other at one venue. On Tuesday, Pacific participated in Day 1 of the competition

Pacific was divided into eight groups of 2-4 students. Each group was required to complete either one full-day activity, or two half-day activities from a range of sessions including Confounding Communications, Turbine, Future Power, Bridge and Grasping at Straws. Students were awarded points for each activity, based on a number of criteria.

At the end of the day, Pacific won with a margin of 26 points to its nearest rivals. This outcome is only possible through the great work of the students and the wonderful teaching by the Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology departments. Congratulations to all students who participated.

It was also a great surprise to see 2019 graduate, Joe Simpson, who is currently studying Engineering at USC and was a judge at the competition.

Mr Wes Warner and Mrs Claire Richards, STEM Teachers

Year 9 Information Technology
As an introductory activity in the Year 9 IT elective, students are introduced to advanced Adobe Photoshop skills through a series of guided tutorials. For assessment, the students develop a folio of pieces. This year we introduced a new item to the folio which asked the student to compose a piece of work in Photoshop, using the skills they had learned, that spoke about them as individuals.

We have had some amazing pieces of work submitted and have framed and displayed samples on the wall in the IT Lab.

It is always amazing when students are given opportunities to present themselves in creative ways. The artwork we have seen has meant this will be a feature of year nine in the future.

Below are some samples of compositions submitted.

Stella Geelhoed

In this task, I used two facts about myself. One being that my favourite animal is a ferret and I can ski, I love the mountains.

I tried to use all the techniques in my image, especially the face where I made the image pop.

Jayden Fioraso

In the picture I created I used an image that looked something like me. I was going to Photoshop my face into the image but it was difficult to get the angles correct.

I changed the image to black and white and used an image of a aircraft in the sunglass reflection. I am aiming to go to ADFA when I leave school to become a pilot.


Mitch Pyke

The Norwegian Blue Parrot

This composition was made from a Monty Python sketch that I really enjoyed. In the sketch, a person buys a parrot which is dead but the salesman insists that it is alive but pining for the fjords of Norway. My composition puts the parrot into the fjords.


Blake Kopscicas-Moore

The Gold Coast

I really enjoy going to the Gold Coast so this became the base of my image. I created an island of the Gold Coast using a variety of images and the side panel hints that there are more of these islands.


Heb Pelto

On the Road

My composition is about me on the road to a new world of Sonic the hedgehog through the ring portal. I love Sonic the Hedgehog.


Taj Ellerman

Wasteland in a Bag

My composition is about the concern I have for the lands of Australia and our carelessness with plastics. Plastics are turning our land into a wasteland.

Jessica Smith


I created an image about going away for holidays with my family and not really knowing what the holiday will bring as an adventure.


Mrs Janine Stone, Head of Information Technology

Gardening Club Competition
The Pacific Gardening Club is running a competition to design a student garden that we would like to build here at our school. There will be different categories for Prep – Year 3, Year 4-5 and Middle and Senior College.

To enter the competition, you will need to bring in a gold coin donation and draw your design on the entry form or you can be more creative and include designs on Minecraft, a model or even Lego.

If you are interested in entering this competition, please collect an entry form from P-5 Students or the Wellbeing Centre. There will be a submission box in both these offices as well. Don’t forget to include your gold coin donation, which will go towards more gardening club projects such as a new vertical garden. Entries will close on Wednesday of Week 10 and results will be announced early in Term 2.

Mrs Linda Sydes, Year 6 Teacher

Duke of Edinburgh
On Saturday 13th March, 12 students from across Years 6-10 joined four staff on the first Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey for the year. With smiles and backpacks on, students boarded the bus for the short trip up the range to Mapleton National Park. On arrival, we decided to take a short 1km side trip down to Gheerulla Falls and were rewarded by a beautiful cascade of water. After checking the route ahead on our maps, we set off navigating our way towards Thilba Thalba walker’s camp. The 7.5km journey saw the group dodging leeches on the damp rainforest floor, traveling through dry sclerophyll forest on the ridge tops and gazing north through the vast expanses of the valleys. While carrying everything on their back for the weekend was a challenging and new experience for the younger students, the group found ways to assist and support each other to arrive safe and happy at the campsite. The evening was spent cooking dinner together on Trangia stoves, laughing and star gazing at the look-out.

Sunday morning saw a beautiful sunrise over the fog filled valley and a stunning bird’s eye view of the Kenilworth Bluff before we wandered down the ridge line to meet the lunch time bus back to the College. A quick refreshing dip in Gheerulla creek was a wonderful end to the two days of exploration and walking. Thank you to the wonderful Duke of Edinburgh and Bridge students for the way they took each challenge in their stride. It was a pleasure to take this diverse group of young people who showed care, kindness, tenacity and humour throughout the weekend as they explored new places and developed their leadership skills. Thank you also to staff, Ms Angela Hill, Ms Genessa Lee and Mr Simon Williams for contributing to a positive and memorable experience with our students.

The next Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey will be a three-day bushwalk along the Cooloola Wilderness Trail from Saturday 24th – Monday 26th April. This trip is open to Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh students and will see them follow the footsteps of Eliza Fraser across the Great Sandy National Park and culminate with a river cruise through the Noosa Everglades. For more information about the Duke of Edinburgh program, please email me on

Ms Kim Wood, Head of Outdoor Education

From the Head of Career Development

QUT Advice Night – Year 11 and 12 Students and Parents
Year 11 and 12 students and their parents are invited to get their questions about university answered at QUT Advice Night on Wednesday 24th March, from 5.30pm to 7.00pm. The webinar will offer advice about course and career planning, how to apply, study costs and resources available to support parents and students throughout the year. There will also be the chance to hear from real students about their university experience.

QUT Information Session – Year 9 and 10 Students

Year 9 and 10 students are invited to a quick guide to QUT Information Session. The webinar will be held on Wednesday 28th April, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, and will provide students with tools to help make course and careers decisions and advice about subject selection.

Bond University – Health Simulation Day

Experience what it is like to manage the care of real patients, from start to finish. Health Simulation Day is your chance to consult with clinical doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, biomedical and exercise scientists, and other allied health professionals, gaining a deep understanding of the different career options available in the health sciences. Sessions will run on Saturday 12th June or Saturday 4th September. This event is targeted for Year 12 students. Register your interest at:

University Subjects at School

Most Universities offer programs that allow Year 11 and 12 students to complete one or two university subjects while they are in their final 2 years of high school. There are now three programs that are accessible for Pacific students.

USC runs the program under the name Headstart. Our students who take on a University subject at USC through Headstart have the option to attend classes live, or to study their subject online.

Our students can also take on a University subject at QUT, where the program is called START QUT. QUT offers a range of subjects that can be studied online through this program.

At Griffith University, the program is called GUESTS. There are a (limited) range of subjects available in online mode. More information about the program is available here:

All three programs give Year 11 and 12 students a real university experience, and set them up for their future, allowing them to study first-year uni subjects and receive credit to take time off their degree.

Any students who are considering adding a University subject to their senior program of study should make an appointment with me to discuss how the program works. In addition, they should attend the information session at whichever university they are interested in.

Headstart applications for Semester 2, 2021 will open to current Year 11 students after the Headstart information evenings, on Thursday 18th March at USC Sippy Downs, or Tuesday 23rd March online. You should register online here for the session you wish to attend.

START QUT applications for Semester 2, 2021 will open to current Year 11 students on Wednesday 31st March and close on Monday 31st May. To find out more information about studying a university subject while still in high school, be sure to register for the START QUT Information Webinar on Tuesday 30th March.

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Sport News

Student Success
Well done to the following students on their recent sporting success:
  • Carter Kiernan for his selection on the Coastal District Rugby League team. We wish him all the best for upcoming regional carnival in April.
  • Lennon Biggs for his selection on the Independent District Soccer team. We wish him all best for upcoming regional carnival in April.
  • Tom Chessell for his efforts at the recent Queensland Baseball Championships. His Sunshine Coast team came fourth in a tough tournament. Tom also received the Coach’s Award for his efforts during the tournament.
  • Lachlan Woodward for his efforts competing in the Queensland Athletics State Championships. Lachlan won gold and achieved a new personal best in the 400m event. We wish him all the best now for the upcoming National Championships in Sydney in early April.


Week 8 Results




Jnr Girls Volleyball

PLC 2 – MFAC 0

Jazlyn Miller

Int Girls Volleyball 1

PLC (1) 2 – PLC (2) 0

PLC 2 – GSLC 0

Katie Graves

Ainslie Colton

Int Girls Volleyball 2

PLC (2) 0 – PLC (1) 1

Jessica Watkins

Int Girls Volleyball 3

PLC 2 – SCGS 1

Elyse McFadyen

Int Girls Volleyball 4

PLC 0 – MFAC 2

Indah Suseno

Int Boys Volleyball 1



Int Boys Volleyball 2

PLC 2 – SUN 0

Sullivan Devine

Boys Soccer 1

PLC 2 – MFAC 1

Billy Hocken and Daniel Michaels

Boys Soccer 2




Monday Night Netball Results

Well done to all Pacific teams for their strong efforts this week!




PLC Crystal


Orly Sillar and Ellie Barry

PLC Amber


Charlotte Isaac

PLC Emerald


Jessica Watkins and Kate Williams

PLC Jade


Holly King

PLC Opal


Sophie Bloomer

PLC Pearl


Mariah Stamm

PLC Sapphire


Kaylah Newcombe


Mr Cameron West-McInnes, Head of Sport

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worship @ St Mark's

Sharing a common mission and ministry with Pacific Lutheran College

“Growing in faith and sharing God’s love with others”

Weekly worship services are held at 14 Bombala Terrace Caloundra at 8.30am and 9.30am. We are thankful that we are able to meet together each week for worship. As we do this, there are still physical distancing, signing in, and hygiene requirements we need to follow in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Our worship services are intergenerational with a blend of traditional and contemporary.

You’re welcome to follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage.

All are welcome at any of our services.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

Upcoming Dates

19                        Pacific as a Peace Place

                            Senior Trish Buckley Volleyball – Round 3

20                        Academic Scholarship Test

23-25                  P-5 Parent Conferences

26                        Senior Trish Buckley Volleyball – Round 4

1                          K-12 Chapel

                            Year 3-12 Cross Country Carnivals

                            Term 1 Concludes

2                          Good Friday

3                          Easter Saturday

4                          Easter Sunday

5                          Easter Monday