Compass No. 583 August 2020

From the Principal

Caring For Others As A Way of Being

One of the most powerful stories in the Bible is that of the Good Samaritan. Learning to care for others is an important part of life and enhances our wellbeing. The development of empathy and compassion is at the heart of care. It starts with respect for the dignity of all people. We are shaped by the culture we are immersed in at home, at school, in our workplaces and during our leisure. The way we speak, as well as the actions we take, create the culture in which we and others grow.

More than single acts of kindness towards a well deserving charity, caring for others as a way of being provides a richness that supports the development of a culture where together people thrive. It becomes a contagion. The more we live out caring for others as a way of being, the more it is caught. Simple things of living out God’s command of loving Him and loving our neighbour as ourselves change the world, one person at a time.

Principal's Log

The Athletics Carnivals at the end of last week were a tremendous success. Students exhibited great spirit and sportsmanship as they participated in differently shaped carnivals. With single year levels moving from event to event, there were high levels of participation and celebration of performance. As with all COVID-19 adjusted planning, there were staff and students who reflected that they would love to maintain many of the new elements of the day into the future. We congratulate all students and staff and Bula House who won the Year 7-12 carnival and Mumba House who won the Year 3-6 event. We look forward to the P-2 carnival next week. In particular, we thank Mr Darren Hooper, Mrs Natalie Campbell and Ms Marg Gunn for their leadership in the planning of the carnivals in a much more complex environment. Thank you to our parents for the tremendous way you have supported our staff and students through respecting the spectator free nature of our sporting events. We appreciate your support.


In the afternoons, families with Year 5 students are invited to park in the bay at the top of the Year 3-12 car park while they wait for their children after school. Using this space will mean that we’re able to keep the traffic on Woodlands Boulevard flowing and increase the speed and safe collection of children. Year 11 and 12 students have been asked to park off site to create space for parents to utilise. Middle and Senior College families who arrive after 3.20pm generally experience a very short collection time and reduce the congestion at the peak time between 2.50pm – 3.10pm.

Mrs Denise McMahon continues to develop creative ways to showcase the artistic talents of our students. This week, staff and Middle and Senior College students enjoyed the pop-up Art Gallery that showcased the Year 10 students’ portraits. Families are invited to engage in a virtual tour of our Year 12 students’ art works, the details of which are available later in this newsletter. Well done to Mrs McMahon for continually expanding the horizons of what is possible.

We pray for all those in need and that God would give us hearts, hands and voices to be people who care for others as a way of being.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal 

From the College Pastor

Caring Neighbours

There is a Sesame Street song that goes ‘Who are the people in your neighbourhood?’. It is an old one but a good one worth reflecting on. Crossing the road or a fence to connect with your neighbours is an excellent habit to grow caring neighbourhoods in our community. During the pandemic, across the world we have seen how much of a gift caring neighbours can be for the aged, the housebound, the disabled and the vulnerable in our society. Knowing the people who live next door to us and developing a relationship with them is part of the glue that keeps our streets, neighbourhoods and suburbs together.

We are focusing on this thread as a school because research shows how important and valuable it is for children and young people to develop caring relationships with adults outside of their families. One comment I have taken in over the years was how the suburban invention of automatic garage doors had impacted that sense of community and care for our neighbours. Before this modern convenience, people had to physically get out of their cars before they parked them indoors and were, therefore, more likely to connect with people walking by or their neighbours across the fence or road. Automation in technology can save us time, but it can also diminish the time we would otherwise spend connecting with people.

What sort of relationships have you developed with the people in your neighbourhood? Jesus told a parable once about neighbours. He pointed out to people who is our neighbour and how to be a caring neighbour. We don’t all have good neighbours or know our neighbours very well, but Jesus himself is the one who crosses our street and fence to show care and concern and love for us. In Him, there are no social boundaries, lack of time, unavailability or closed doors when it comes to God’s relationship with us. We can be freed to get to know our neighbours. And in the words of Henri Nouwen, a writer on spirituality; “We become neighbours when we are willing to cross the road for one another”.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students


There is great privilege in witnessing the new learning that occurs each and every day at school. The learning occurs across all domains of the College; the spiritual, the sporting and co-curricular, the social and emotional, the leadership and of course the academic. Naturally, we might tend to focus more on the outcome of the learning experience, the end product so to speak. However, focusing on the result may elicit only a mild, and perhaps even just a fleeting, moment of joy. More importantly it is shining a light on the process to arrive at a point of learning. It is at this juncture where we should focus on our effort, our resilience, our grit and our creativity that has got us there. Whilst not to diminish effort, resilience and grit; they are crucial ingredients to learning, it is creativity that we desire all students to develop. In 2018, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) launched The Future of Education and Skills 2030 project. Amongst the findings of the project was the need to think more creatively.

Vale Sir Ken

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Sir Ken Robinson a week ago. In the field of education, he was a pioneer, who championed, long before it might have been in vogue, the importance of creativity in education. Remarkably his TED talk ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ in 2006, is the most viewed in TED history, having been watched over 60 million times. A comment he makes, which has stuck with me since first viewing his talk, is this, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”. I encourage all families to dedicate 20 minutes to watching the full clip here.

Year 10 Art

We thank the Year 10 Art students for displaying their creativity in the form of portraiture inspired by Australian artist Abdul Abdullah. Their works clearly indicated the application of many hours of effort and skill. The pop-up art gallery was well received by staff and students alike during lunch and we thank Mrs Denise McMahon for her leadership of the Visual Arts Department in curating this initiative.

Water Rockets – Science

This week, it was wonderful to speak to many of the Year 8 students on the oval as they worked in small groups on their water rockets during Science. A range of variables were considered in the construction of the rockets and of course in the manner they were launched. The visible learning taking place and the creative manner in which it was done was tremendous to see and I thank Mr Joshua Cummins and Mrs Ashwita Venkatesh for allowing me to be a part of that experience.

Mr Ben Ryan, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Caring For Our Environment

2020 is the International Year of the Plant. We are constantly reminded of the role that the environment plays in our future and the drastic consequences that occur when it is neglected. With the recycling of organic waste occurring at the College, the next step in the process of lowering our environmental footprint will be a continuing focus on the collection of recyclable material and the lessening of waste going to landfill. At assemblies, our conversations continue to promote custodianship of the land and the consequences of its mis-management. We also continue to promote the use of the segregated bin systems located throughout the primary campus.

Our Year 5 Champions for Change group, led by Mrs Luanne Pollard, are promoting the sustainable message by encouraging students to cut down on single use plastics and to use our recycling and green waste bins appropriately.

I encourage parents to consider this when preparing food for their children’s lunches and morning teas. There are alternatives for replacing much of the plastic used in lunches. Although the use of paper bags is not ideal, paper is certainly preferable to plastic. Re-usable food containers and water bottles are great substitutes for plastic. Stainless steel cutlery can also be used instead of plastic ones.

Developing a social culture of sustainability and environmental awareness begins in childhood. As a school, we can help students grow into adults who have an awareness of what it means to have environmental sustainability by involving students in the practical application of such a philosophy and practicing simple forms of waste management and recycling. Individually we may perceive our actions make only a slight difference or are pointless, collaboratively when we have the knowledge and understanding to change the way we act as a community, the impact can be immense.

Prep – Year 2 Athletics Carnival

Prep – Year 2 students have been busily preparing for their Athletics Carnival, which will be held on Monday 31st August. With restrictions still in place, parents are unable to attend. However, the College will create a highlights video that will be shared on Facebook and in the newsletter, so that parents can still be a part of the day. We thank Mr Darren Hooper, Mrs Natalie Campbell and the P-2 staff for their planning and engagement in the day.

Year 5 Parking and Water Bottles

We thank you for the way families are continuing to work with the College for student pick up and drop off. We extend an invitation for parents of Year 5 students to use the carpark available at the end of the 3-12 carpark and encourage their children to walk to this space for collection. At present, there are numerous spaces empty in the afternoon and utilising these spaces would help alleviate some of the congestion in the drop-off zone.

Students are also reminded to bring a clearly named, filled water bottle of at least 1L and up to 2L that provides sufficient water for the day to school. Water filler stations are turned on, as per government advice but students are strongly encouraged to bring enough water for the day.

Take care and God bless.

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

SchoolTV Special Report: Riding the Corona Coaster

Across Victoria, students and their families are experiencing challenging times with the state being in various stages of lockdown. The second wave of the pandemic is also beginning to impact other areas of Australia and New Zealand. Riding the corona coaster and navigating the ups and downs of the current reality has been difficult for many people.

The uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next may have an impact on many students and their families. There is a concern that mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse, will increase, especially amongst young people. In this Special Report, families are encouraged to embrace the guidance offered to help minimise the impact of this corona coaster:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

OCEANfest Memories

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to relive some of the best OCEANfest moments. Well done and thank you to senior student Joshua Smith who has prepared this video.

Join PLC Community Connect


A reminder that PLC Community Connect is now live on the College website. Community Connect is an initiative of Pacific Lutheran College and Friends of Pacific, which aims to unite, build and strengthen connections within our community. We hope this resource will cultivate a strong culture of supporting local community businesses.

To connect with businesses in our community, visit:

As a past or current family of the College and a business owner, we encourage you to list your business in our free online directory. To be part of PLC Community Connect, simply visit the above link.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News

Science Week in the Library

To celebrate Science Week with its theme of Deep Blue: Innovations for the Future of our Oceans, library aide Mrs Peta Griffin spent the holidays creating a giant papier-mâché whale, suspended from the ceiling, which was a big talking point with students and visitors alike. Our display case highlighted the problem of plastic rubbish in the oceans, which tied in to units being done in our Year 4 and 8 classes, and staff members contributed diving gear and large shells for students to examine and feel.

Primary students had the opportunity to make underwater-themed ‘stained glass’ pictures and use green screen technology to take photos and videos of themselves swimming beneath the ocean.

Our most popular activity though was a science spherification experiment where secondary students made ‘edible water bottles’ using calcium lactate and sodium alginate. The spheres were edible, but not particularly tasty. The results were mixed but students had a great time. For those wishing to try this at home, the instructions can be found at:

Father’s Day

This week in the library, students got crafty creating personalised gift bags for Dad for Father’s Day.

New VR Apps

We have a number of new apps for our VR machine in the library. Click here to view the list of new apps. Secondary students are welcome to try the VR machine after school or at lunch times.

Ms Nell Keen, Head of Library

College News

Year 12 Virtual Art Gallery

The Pacific Art Department is pleased to present a virtual tour of our Year 12 students’ artworks. To view, visit:

Students framed a self-directed inquiry question in response to a field trip to Mary Cairncross Reserve earlier this year. Through independent investigation they explored new knowledge, inspired by their personal interests, beliefs and observations of the world. This knowledge informed their practice enabling students to produce these unique artworks.

We congratulate these students on their works.

Please note, the virtual tour platform can be used on Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers, however it is not support by Safari or any browser on iOS (iPad or iPhone). Children under 14 years of age should have parents operate the site for them, as per ArtSteps terms and conditions.

Mrs Denise McMahon, Head of Visual Art

Mathematics Tutoring

Mathematics tutoring is continuing on different days for different year levels, as follows:

  • Years 7-9: Monday afternoons in L13/14 from 3.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Year 10: Wednesday mornings in A5 from 7.30am – 8.15am
  • Year 11-12 General and Specialist Mathematics: Monday afternoons in upstairs A block from 3.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Year 11-12 Methods: Tuesday mornings in L13/14 from 7.30am – 8.15am

Students are to bring their work and teachers will be available to answer questions and provide general assistance.

Mr Alex O’Conner, Head of Senior College Mathematics

From the Head of Career Development

SCTTTC Information Evenings – Trade, Beauty and Aviation

The Sunshine Coast Technical and Trade Training Centre (SCTTTC) is holding three further information evenings in September:

  • The event on Thursday 3rd September will provide information about four trade courses offered at the centre:
    • Certificate II Automotive
    • Certificate I Construction
    • Certificate II Electrotechnology
    • Certificate II Plumbing
  • The event on Wednesday 16th September will provide information about two beauty courses offered at the centre:
    • Dual Certificate II Salon Assistant (Barbering) and Certificate II Retail Cosmetics
    • Certificate III Beauty Services
  • The event on Thursday 17th September will provide information about the Certificate III Aviation (Remote Pilot).

If you wish to attend any of these events, you must register in advance. There is a limit of one student and one parent per family. To register, call the Centre on 5499 5222.

USC Headstart Information Evening

USC’s Headstart program allows Year 11 and 12 students to complete a university subject while still at school – fee-free. Participants in Headstart attend classes with university students, completing all the same tasks and assessments as university students. Their results are also included on their university academic record.

A Headstart subject can’t be used in the calculation of students’ ATAR. But if they pass any Headstart subjects they are eligible for a single adjustment point if they apply to study at USC after Year 12 and will also receive credit for that subject.

If you wish to do a Headstart subject, the best times to do so are in Semester 2 of Year 11 or in Semester 1 of Year 12.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can register for the information evening on Thursday 17th September by clicking here. If you are considering enrolling in Headstart, please make an appointment to discuss your options with me directly.

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Sport News

Competitive Sport


Snr A Girls: The girls suffered a tough loss, not only on the scoreboard, but in terms of players with two getting injured on court and two unable to play before the game even started. This week is an essential game to win if they are to make it into semi-finals!

Snr A Boys: The boys went down to one of the top teams in the competition and unfortunately, their season is now over. Well done to the team on all their efforts.

Snr B Girls: Had a good win against Siena Catholic College which keeps them in the running for semi-finals (but they will need to win their next game to get there!). The girls have been improving throughout the season and are playing well as a team. Well done girls.

Snr D Girls: Had a tough loss on Friday, narrowly going down by a few points. It is a close competition in this division and the girls will also need to win their next game to stay in the top four teams for semi-finals.

Snr D Boys: Played their first home game of the season, taking on Chancellor SHS. The boys played well as a team and started the game neck and neck with their opponents. However, some big plays by Zac, Nick and Dylan saw them take control and record a big win. The boys have a bye this week but are certain to play in the semis.

Jnr B and C Boys: Both teams played at Pacific for their season opener. The boys started off well in their first quarters but were out matched by their opponents’ defensive efforts. It was a great first game together and the boys will no doubt continue to improve throughout the season.

Junior E Boys: The team recorded a big win over St Andrew’s Anglican College to start their season off well. It is bound to be a competitive season in this division and a learning experience as well.


Our 1st XV travelled to Gympie to play St Patrick’s College and recorded an exciting 24-22 win. The Under 14s continued their strong season with a convincing 32-5 win over Siena Catholic College. Lastly, our Under 16 Girls also played Siena’s A team. Unfortunately, they lost to a much faster and experienced team, bringing their winning streak to an end.

Water Polo

Our Senior Girls played their last game on Monday night, going down to Matthew Flinders Anglican College (MFAC) in a very close game (9-8 points). Well done to the girls on their season. The Intermediate A Girls played St John’s but unfortunately went down 14-2. Lastly, the Intermediate A Boys played MFAC and had a fantastic 10-9 win.  

Touch Football

Our girls touch football teams played Glasshouse Christian College on Wednesday afternoon. The Junior A Girls had a well-deserved 3-1 win whilst the Intermediate Girls, who were missing some key players, went down 2-1 in a tight game.

Athletics Carnivals

Last week, the Primary and Secondary Athletics Carnivals were held at The University of the Sunshine Coast. We were blessed with sunny conditions for both carnivals and it was fantastic to see so many students competing for their house on the day.

Well done to Mumba House who were the champions at the Year 3-6 Carnival and Bula House who won the Year 7-12 event.

Results from these carnivals will be used to select a team for the upcoming 10-19yrs Independent District Athletics Carnival. The carnival will be held over Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th of September at The University of the Sunshine Coast. Parents of students who have been selected will receive notification this week.

Virtual Surfing Contest

Last week, we welcomed world tour surfer Reef Heazlewood and Tim Just (Reef’s Coach / PLC Boardriders Coach) to the College to present the awards for the Virtual Surfing Contest.

Students had a five-week period to surf and film two waves, which they submitted for judging by Reef and Tim. It was fantastic to see a strong number of students across Prep – Year 5 enter the competition and also pleasing to have a large contingent of girls participate.

Well done to all students who participated and congratulations to the following:

Prep – Year 5 Division

  • 1st Place – Anna Lumkes
  • 2nd Place – Beau Woods

Year 6-9 Division

  • 1st Place – Kate Williams
  • 2nd Place – Bella Lumkes

Year 10-12 Division

  • 1st Place – Sam Williams


  • 1st Place – Gabriel Taverner
  • 2nd Place – Erik Veizer

Best Wipeout: Sam Princehorn

Best Editing: Tyler Jacobs

We thank Reef and Tim for taking the time to judge the entries and present the awards. Also, thank you to Inverted Body Boarding Mooloolaba and Beach Beat Caloundra who helped out with prizes for the contest.

Kawana Water Polo

Caloundra Cricket

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC

With the first of our four home games done and dusted, we thank players, parents, spectators, coaches and managers for their patience, social distancing practices and good humour. A huge number of families checked in and out via the EVA app, minimised their rubbish and respected the ‘sitting whilst eating’ policy.

It was fabulous to once again see happy players getting out on our fields. The wind and dust expected didn't come, making for a picture-perfect day. Thirteen of our 14 teams played at Pacific and we had our club photographer, Shannon Russell, out on location to capture the special moments. We especially thank our early-morning crew of Zane, John, Paul, Liam, Alex and Astrid. Setting up for home games requires patience while being under enormous time constraints to be ready prior to 8.30am. The Pacific grounds team also need a huge round of applause for marking out the fields and presenting the College beautifully for our visitors.

Our modified, outdoor canteen worked well and allowed patrons to order and pickup their takeaway in a COVID-safe manner. We saw the addition of the Queensland Burger to our menu and, by all accounts, it was pretty tasty!


Upcoming Events

For more details on any of the following, please contact:

⚽️ 3 home games ahead.
⚽️ Register your team for 6-a-side SCCSA summer soccer. All ages and non-SCCSA members can play.
⚽️ 2021 SCCSA Rep Trials and Preparation sessions for current U8-U16 players in October.
⚽️ 1-1 K3 skills coaching is now available on Thursdays from 4.15pm.
⚽️ 3 Day September Skills Holiday Clinic at Pacific.
⚽️ Invitation for U6-U10 Pacific players to join Fire Pre-Academy Summer Clinic.
⚽️ End of season Presentation – Saturday 12th September at PLC after each game.

The season has now been extended until 12th September with our next home games to be played at Pacific over four Saturdays from this Saturday 22nd August until the season end. With the use of the EVA QR code, all spectators will be required to check in and out of the grounds and of course, will be required to follow the directives of Pacific, SCCSA and Queensland Health.  


“An R U OK? culture is one built on mutual respect, trust, authenticity and a willingness to support those in your world who might be struggling. Building that culture isn't down to one person, it's a team effort.”

For a wrap up of all of the action, follow the Pacific FC Facebook ​and Instagram pages or email:

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Holy Communion Worship

We are pleased to announce that we will move forward with fortnightly public worship services at 14 Bombala Terrace on the first and third Sunday of each month. Our care is for the vulnerable and wider community with the resources we have at one location.

Commencing on Sunday 6th September and then Sunday 20th September there will be services at 8.30am, 9.30am and 10.30am, all with Holy Communion.

Bookings are now available by clicking here, or follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage. Please contact Janelle on 0488 556 150 for booking assistance.

Weekly online worship for St Mark’s is also available at our Church webpage or Facebook page.

All are welcome.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or

General Notices

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre. For a limited time, when you purchase an Entertainment™ Book, an additional $10 or $20 will also be donated to our Early Learning Centre.

To order your book or digital membership, visit: