Compass No. 582 August 2020

From the College Council

Congratulations Dr Bronwyn Dolling - The Educator Hot List 2020

Congratulations to our Principal Dr Bronwyn Dolling who has been recognised in The Educator Australia’s Hot List for 2020. The prestigious annual list “recognises and celebrates professionals who represent the cutting edge of educational excellence in Australia”.

This is a much deserved acknowledgement of Dr Dolling’s exceptional leadership, vision and dedication to innovation in education. As a learning community, we are the beneficiaries of Dr Dolling’s experience and commitment to professional development. Her ability to encourage, engage, support and inspire benefits all of Pacific Lutheran College.

Excerpt from award:

“Principal at Pacific for nearly two decades, this well-respected leader inspires and empowers staff to draw on best practices from international educational research in curriculum design, structure, and delivery – all while maintaining a focus on developing young people to be compassionate, deep thinking, and socially just with the confidence and knowledge to tackle real-world challenges”.

Mrs Ruth Zerner, College Council Chair

From the Principal

Principal's Log

While the Hot List award is named as an individual recognition, it is very much a celebration of what we have achieved together as a community. Significant numbers of staff and leaders across K-12 have embraced exploring and building a contemporary, coherent, innovative approach to education together. This approach draws on the synergy between the learnings of Harvard’s Project Zero team, positive psychology and Lutheran theology. Teachers have welcomed the opportunity to explore new ways of doing things and learnt together as teams. Students across the College have increasingly had the opportunity to direct their learning through access to digital resources and taking advantage of flexible learning practices and spaces. As there has been a focus on the continual growth of our culture of thinking, there have been different teams leading the development of contemporary approaches to learning and students’ social emotional capacities as well as enhancing the skills of digital technology, entrepreneurialism, innovation, critical thinking, and creativity. There has been a whole school focus on the development of deep understandings of disciplinary learning and the development of connections between these areas as well as connections with the real world. The support and engagement of our parents with this evolving approach, and who we are as community including the way we run our clubs and events such as OCEANfest, has enabled us to continue to grow and enhance our learnings together. While the award is named for a single person, it is a whole community achievement and one where we can all be proud of the part we have played. Are we there yet? No. The great thing about learning is that it is never done. Schools are like people, there is always more to learn. However, this is a milestone we can all pause to celebrate. Well done Pacific!

As another point of celebration, we congratulate our student leaders for 2021 and wish them well as they work with our current College Captains and make the transition to leadership of our community. A meeting with the combination of the leaders of the 2020 and 2021 Pacific Action Groups this week produced very creative thinking, generating new opportunities for staff and students. We thank Mr Mark Hauser, Mr Ben Ryan, Mr Damien Evans, Mr Brett Kersnovske and Mrs Leigh Finter for leading the leadership selection process well and congratulate our incoming leaders.

College Captains: Tegan Graves and Noah Beasley

Vice Captains: Olivia Gartrell, Nicola Hewitt, Elijah Modlin and Connor Dines

Pacific Action Group Captains

  • Spirituality and Service: Astrid Williams
  • Sport: Alicia Woods and Lachlan Buchanan
  • Academic: Tanushi Nath and Layla Kidd
  • Pastoral Care: Chelsea Kidd and Michael D’Addario
  • Environmental: Sophia Summers and Holly Ubrihien
  • Cultural: Madison Randl and Alexander Jose

House Captains


  • Captains: Cosette Winter and Patrick Henderson
  • Vice Captains: Samantha Holt and Christopher Carde


  • Captains: Georgina Jones and Thomas Grey
  • Vice Captains: Dempsey Hall and Joshua Stevenson


  • Captains: Emma Frohmuller and Billy Hocken
  • Vice Captains: Ella Hockam and Campbell Williams

It is a pleasure to announce that Mr Brett Kersnovske has been appointed to the permanent position of Head of Bula House. Mr Brett Kersnovske has made a strong start to the role in his acting capacity. As a result of this appointment, Mr Kersnovske has advised that he will not continue as Head of Sport next year. We appreciate Mr Kersnovske’s significant contribution to the ongoing maturation of the sport program here at the College in his role as Head of Sport. His thoughtful and thorough approach was greatly appreciated. We look forward to celebrating more fully Mr Kersnovske’s contribution in the future and his contribution as Head of Bula.

It was great to see the start of the U14 rugby match last night where Pacific played against Sunshine Coast Grammar School. It was a high-quality game and our boys can be very proud of their teamwork, skill and tenacity. I was very proud to read an email from the Head of Sport at John Nash State High School last week, who praised our teams for their sportsmanship and attitude both on and off the field at their matches. In particular, our Open Boys rugby team was commended for their spirit, skill and perseverance in a tough match.

We have much to celebrate together and we thank God for the people he has brought into this community and the gifts they have given.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the Head of Senior Students

Leadership News

This term, leadership has been a focus across the Senior College, but particularly for our Year 11 cohort. Congratulations to our elected 2021 student leadership team, which was announced in the Principal’s Log. We wish all these students the very best for their duties over the remainder of their time at the College. Students have begun working with the current captains in preparation for their transition into Year 12 and the commencement of their formal leadership roles.

100 Days Celebration

Last week marked another milestone for Year 12 students as they look ahead to the end of their school journey. The College Captains acknowledged this with a ‘100 days until graduation’ celebration. It has been a very different year for our 2020 Year 12 cohort, so it was great to see the excitement on their faces as they reflect on what is left of their time at Pacific. We wish all Year 12 students the very best for the remainder of their time and look forward to seeing them graduate as a cohort in November.

Exam Preparation

Senior College students are starting to reach the business end of the term, with exams and assessment fast approaching. Year 12 students are getting ready for mock exams in preparation for their final external exams in Term 4. The work they put in now will set them up well for their final term. Year 11 students are also focused on best preparing themselves for their block exams in early Term 4, before they begin their final year studies. Year 10 students are still working through their assessment and have also been involved in careers meetings with Mrs Wanda Hayes to select their senior subjects.

With the pressures around exams and the importance of doing your best, it is necessary to remember a few key points:

  • You are much more than what your results might indicate at a single point in time.
  • There is support for you if you need assistance (class teachers, PHG teachers, Heads of House, Mr Mark Hauser and our College Counsellor Mrs Annie Williams). Please reach out to these people if you need anything.
  • Take time to do something for you (the College Captains had some good ideas on assembly this week).
  • Learn from your mistakes and results.
  • Celebrate the small successes and look at the bigger picture.

We wish all students the very best in their preparations during this busy time of the term.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Learning K-5

National Science Week - Deep Blue

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. It provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of scientists, STEM professionals, innovators, designers and entrepreneurs to the world of science.

This year’s celebrations centre around our planet’s oceans, which cover two-thirds of its surface and help control its weather systems and the make-up of the atmosphere. ‘Deep Blue: innovation for the future of our oceans’ is the school theme for National Science Week in 2020. The ocean theme also enables teachers and students to discover and investigate Australia’s world-renowned contributions to marine science, marine based industries, marine technologies and marine innovations.

In April 2019, the Australian Government established the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) in Launceston, Tasmania. The CRC will use ‘big picture thinking’ to solve problems and use science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to design new solutions to forge future paths in the areas of offshore engineering and technology, aquaculture and marine ecology, and marine renewable energy. According to the CSIRO, “The concept of a ‘blue economy’ is one that balances sustainable economic benefit from the world’s oceans and coastlines with the need to protect their long-term health”. Given Australia’s geopolitical position, the blue economy is fundamental to our and our neighbours’, ongoing economic, environmental and social prosperity. The blue economy is generally taken to consider all aspects of the marine, maritime and coastal regions that have a direct or indirect impact on the economy.

This year we are using the Resource Book of Ideas for National Science Week, which offers our teachers and students the opportunity to explore these concepts in addition to the cultural, commercial, environmental and recreational aspects of our oceans.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Learning K-5

Food for Thought

How to Foster your Child's Self-esteem

Self-esteem is how people feel about themselves, both inside and out. People with good self-esteem generally have a positive outlook, accept themselves and feel confident.

Having good self-esteem does not mean a person is arrogant or self-centred. It means appreciating your own self-worth and importance, taking responsibility for your actions and showing respect and care for others. Learn more at:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

We thank all those who attended the August FoP meeting via Zoom on Tuesday evening, including Shadow Minister for Education and Industrial Relations Mr Jarrod Bleijie. It’s great to have the opportunity to connect online to continue encouraging and supporting the Pacific community.

OCEANfest Memories

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to relive some of the best OCEANfest moments. While we’re sad OCEANfest 2020 has been postponed, we take heart that when the time is right, we will once again celebrate with family, friends and our local community.


Join PLC Community Connect

A reminder that PLC Community Connect is now live on the College website. Community Connect is an initiative of Pacific Lutheran College and Friends of Pacific, which aims to unite, build and strengthen connections within our community. We hope this resource will cultivate a strong culture of supporting local community businesses.

To connect with businesses in our community, visit:

As a past or current family of the College and a business owner, we encourage you to list your business in our free online directory. To be part of PLC Community Connect, simply visit the above link.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News


We are on the countdown to Book Week 2020. Each Prep to Year 8 library class is now exploring the CBCA Book of the Year books. The next few instalments of Bookmarks will feature books from the Book of the Year Shortlists and Notables lists.

Junior College

‘We’re Stuck’ by Sue deGennaro (Book of the Year Shortlist – Early Childhood)

A beautiful story about community and connections in a busy, moving world, ‘We’re Stuck’ forces its characters to stop and connect. Together, they must work through their problems and they discover they actually already have everything they need. They also join forces to brighten someone else’s day.

Turtle is racing to the lift. He has a very important list and he needs to get to the shops and back to his mum. In Building 24, the residents often meet in the lift. They shuffle and move over to let in Crocodile, who needs to get to a meeting and Giraffe who is on the way to the doctors. Lion is due for a haircut and Hippo needs to get the cafe open. But then, suddenly the lift stops. The residents of Building of 24 are STUCK! What happens next? Find this delightful book in our picture book collection.

Middle College

‘The Dog Runner’ by Bren MacDibble (Book of the Year Shortlist – Younger Readers)

‘The Dog Runner’ is a superb, beautifully written book. Thought-provoking and action filled, ‘The Dog Runner’ is an Australian, middle-grade novel that is dystopian fiction at its finest. Ella, her half-brother Emery, father and mother live in a small apartment along with three dogs. They hide the dogs, as many judge them for having extra mouths to feed when food is already scarce. When Ella’s mother doesn’t return from work and her father goes out to find her and also doesn’t return, Ella and her brother escape their apartment. Taking their dogs along with two others and using a bike sled, they set out across the country to try and make it to Emery’s mother’s property.

Senior College

‘The Boy Who Steals Houses’ by C.G. Drews (Book of the Year Shortlist – Older Readers)

Sammy Lou steals houses. It’s the only way he can stay off the streets each night, look after his older brother and feel some small part of being home, which he craves so much. But when Sammy steals a house that is occupied, he is surprised to find himself swept up in the big, loud and slightly crazy family who lives there. But presented for the first time with everything he has ever wanted, Sammy isn’t sure he can shake his past, which is about to catch up with him. ‘The Boy Who Steals Houses’ is an emotionally devastating, heartbreaking YA contemporary novel. Seriously. Pack tissues. In parts funny and with characters who are totally loveable, ‘The Boy Who Steals Houses’ is sure to steal your heart.

Ms Madison Dearnaley, Teacher Librarian

College News

Year 5 Outdoor Education Experience

Last week, Year 5 students packed their bags and eagerly boarded the buses ready for their Outdoor Education program at PCYC Bornhoffen in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Students embraced the theme of ‘growth mindset’ trying their best at new activities such as abseiling, creeking, low ropes and hiking. Students also had an opportunity to try sleeping in a tent for the first time, visit the local glow worms and roast a marshmallow on the campfire. Each night, students reflected on their experiences in their journal and enjoyed the wonderful food served up by the Bornhoffen staff. We boarded buses to make the journey home on Friday, only to get caught up in the Brisbane long weekend traffic! I would like to thank parents for their understanding and patience as we slowly crawled up the highway, edging closer to their waiting arms.

I would also like to thank Mrs Lu Pollard, Mr Scott Crompton, Mrs Chrissy Dobson, Mr Damian Davis and Mr Scott Massie for their endless energy and support in delivering the program and Mrs Shelley Hogan for her preparation assistance. Finally, thank you to the students for the way in which you pushed yourselves to learn in the unfamiliar outdoor environment. I look forward to seeing you continue to grow through your outdoor learning journey here at Pacific.

Ms Kim Wood, Head of Outdoor Education

Year 8 Speaking Competition

The Year 8 Speaking Competition was held last week with a topic related to their camp experiences. Five students provided individual responses that reflected some of the humour and trepidation that accompanied their activities during the annual outdoor education program. Congratulations to all speakers and special thanks to the judges Mr Ben Ryan, Mrs Rae Hall and senior leaders Ryan Price and Bailey Corneal.

Wira student Georgia Frohmuller was announced as winner for her funny reflection that utilised rhyme. Second was Bridgette Cooper and Jessica Lloyd was third.

This completes the house competition in speaking for 2020. Both Middle and Senior College participants accrued points for the Liz Newton Shield. The winning house this year was Mumba. Sincere congratulations to all students who were prepared to face audiences of peers and reveal something about themselves.

Mrs Tina Cox, Head of English

Mathematics Tutoring

Mathematics tutoring is continuing on different days for different year levels, as follows:

  • Years 7-9: Monday afternoons in L13/14 from 3.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Year 10: Wednesday mornings in A5 from 7.30am – 8.15am
  • Year 11-12 General and Specialist Mathematics: Monday afternoons in upstairs A block from 3.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Year 11-12 Methods: Tuesday mornings in L13/14 from 7.30am – 8.15am

Students are to bring their work and teachers will be available to answer questions and provide general assistance.

Mr Alex O’Conner, Head of Senior College Mathematics

Sport News


Well done to our teams on their games on Friday. The Senior A Girls, Senior A Boys (won one, lost one), Senior D Boys and Senior E Boys all recorded wins. There are only two more rounds of regular season games for the seniors before semi-finals. At this stage, the Senior A Girls, Senior D Girls, Senior D Boys and Senior E Boys have very strong chances of making it into semis. The Senior A Boys will need to win this week to keep their hopes alive. We wish all teams well for Friday.

This Friday is the start of the Junior and Intermediate boys season, with the girls beginning in two weeks’ time.


All three of our rugby teams played on Wednesday evening. Well done to the Under 16 Girls who bounced back from a loss last week to record a massive 55-10 win over Siena B. Our 1st XV played Matthew Flinders Anglican College who proved a little too strong for our boys on the night and finally the Under 14 Boys played Sunshine Coast Grammar School. The boys were in the game at half time but unfortunately let Grammar score a few quick tries in the second half. Pacific finished the game strongly and were able to score the final two tries of the game. Well done to all players who represented the College. 

Water Polo

On Monday night, our Senior A Girls water polo team continued with their season and our Intermediate A Girls and Boys teams began their season. The Senior A Girls played a double header on the night, having a strong 9-5 win over Siena Catholic College in their first game but unfortunately went down in a high scoring second game 7-14 to Good Shepherd Lutheran College. Our Intermediate A Boys had a massive 21-4 win over Siena Catholic College and the Intermediate A Girls went down to St Andrew’s Anglican College 2–12.

Touch Football

Our Intermediate A Girls, who are second on the ladder, had a bye this week. The Junior A Girls played two games this week but unfortunately went down in both games 0-5 to St Andrew’s Anglican College and 3-4 to Immanuel Lutheran College. The girls are improving each week as the season progresses.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC

With the first of our four home games fast approaching, it was time for a well-overdue spring clean of the soccer shed last weekend. Six hours later and we had:

  • Pumped up many balls;
  • Sorted the gazebos, including two new ones thanks to Guzman y Gomez;
  • Assembled new goals;
  • Installed air-conditioning; as well as
  • Cleaned and sorted everything else!

We send a MASSIVE thank you to John, Paul, Doug, Greg, Chase, Alex, Liam, Zaida and Jenny who all rolled up their sleeves and got to it!                           

Upcoming Events

For more details on any of the following, please contact:

⚽️ 4 home games ahead.
⚽️ Register your team for 6-a-side SCCSA summer soccer. All ages and non-SCCSA members can play.
⚽️ 2021 SCCSA Rep Trials and Preparation sessions for current U8-U16 players in October.
⚽️ 1-1 K3 skills coaching is now available on Thursdays from 4.15pm.
⚽️ 3 Day September Skills Holiday Clinic at Pacific
⚽️ Invitation for U6-U10 Pacific players to join Fire Pre-Academy Summer Clinic.

The season has now been extended until 12th September with our next home games to be played at Pacific over four Saturdays from this Saturday 22nd August until the season end. With the use of the EVA QR code, all spectators will be required to check in and out of the grounds and of course, will be required to follow the directives of Pacific, SCCSA and Queensland Health.  


‘An R U OK? culture is one built on mutual respect, trust, authenticity and a willingness to support those in your world who might be struggling. Building that culture isn't down to one person, it's a team effort.’

For a wrap up of all of the action, follow the Pacific FC Facebook page or email:

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Holy Communion Worship

We are pleased to announce that we will move forward with fortnightly public worship services at 14 Bombala Terrace on the first and third Sunday of each month. Our care is for the vulnerable and wider community with the resources we have at one location.

Commencing on Sunday 6th September and then Sunday 20th September there will be services at 8.30am, 9.30am and 10.30am, all with Holy Communion.

Bookings are now available by clicking here, or follow us on Facebook and visit our Church webpage. Please contact Janelle on 0488 556 150 for booking assistance.

Weekly online worship for St Mark’s is also available at our Church webpage or Facebook page.

All are welcome.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church (0429 856 532 or