Compass No. 564 March 2020

From the Principal

Calm, Positive, Purposefulness

Having these three words as a mantra can help us to navigate challenging times in our relationships and circumstance. We are at our best when we can calmly focus on the present, be positive and solution focused and be purposeful in taking next steps to improve our situation. Through pausing to breathe, identifying where we are based on facts and focusing on the strengths, we are stilling our minds and shifting our mindset. We can then identify the next small step we can take to improve the situation. This strengths-based approach helps to still our emotions and get the solution focused parts of our brains working towards positive action. As we step, more positive emotion grows and so does our agency and efficacy.

Prayer can be a great way to still our minds where we invite God to guide us in our thinking, to be able to identify the strengths of where we are and guide us in our decision-making towards next steps. In the Bible we are encouraged to trust that God will provide for our daily needs just as He does for the birds and plants. Trusting that God will provide, enables us to centre ourselves in the moment and bring our best selves into play.

Principal's Log

Like other organisations, Pacific is calmly and purposefully putting contingency plans in place for different scenarios in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID19). All detailed communication regarding updated information has and will continue to be sent via email. As in all situations where there is urgent communication to be shared, this will be sent via SMS and posted on the red banner on our website. We have all seen where misinformation via social media has led to unhelpful behaviour on a national level. It is important that we rely only on official communication from the government and related organisations. For our College community this will be via email as outlined above. As referred to in the latest email dated 10th March, all families are encouraged to discuss with their children the importance of maintaining high levels of hygiene at home and at the College and to follow the advice given if members of the family develop flu-like symptoms. A reminder of this advice has been provided by our College nurses later in this newsletter.

As Middle and Senior College students engage with assessment and feedback over the coming three weeks it is important that they maintain a calm, positive and purposeful approach to the learning. Reflective thinking and conversations centred on what I can do, what I do understand and what I can do as a next small step is helpful in growing both efficacy and agency.

It is exciting to see that the first Duke of Edinburgh expedition for 2020 will occur over the Easter holiday break. The expedition to the Noosa Everglades is open to all Year 10-12 students and enables Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh students to advance their progress towards the achievement of these awards. We thank Ms Kim Wood for her leadership and support of this experience.

On Wednesday our Year 12 students enjoyed the opportunity to attend the University Showcase that visited the College. Representatives from Queensland universities, TAFE and the Defence Force shared information about post-schooling options with the cohort. Students then engaged directly with representatives in an expo-style set up to have their questions answered and learn more about future pathway options. We thank Mrs Wanda Hayes for her coordination of this valuable experience.

May God give us all calm minds where we identify the strengths of our situation and the small steps to take to move forward purposefully.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

De-escalating Your Enemies

But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. (Jesus in Luke 6:27)

Are you a de-escalator? You know, the type of person who tries to go down an escalator in a shopping centre when the escalator is actually moving upwards? It is easy to be confused by escalators in a shopping centre with multiple levels and it’s easy to be confused in a tense relationship where people are escalating their behaviour with one another.

In these situations, Jesus shows us a different way to react. A way of de-escalation, a way of being a de-escalator.  When a heightened level of tenseness occurs in a relationship, the natural reaction is to give the person more than what they gave you. In that moment of escalation, it is very easy to get caught up in the cycle of striking back and giving as good as you get. 

However, Jesus says to love, do good, bless and pray for those who hate, hurt and curse you. Following are tips for de-escalation. 

  • Loving your enemies. To be able to love those who hurt you, forgiveness needs to be found. Hanging onto the hurt continues the escalation. Forgiveness frees and de-escalates it.
  • Doing good. To be able to do good to those who hurt you is a tricky one. Everyone needs to be able to feel safe in their interactions with others but if someone hurts us, returning the hurt back to them continues the escalation. A demonstrable act of kindness usually takes some of the heat away in relationships. 
  • Blessing. Blessing those who are our enemies can lead to seeing them with compassion and empathy as people not monsters. 
  • Praying. Praying for others is always a way God uses to get us out of our self to focus on the needs of others and ultimately to change our hearts and transform us. 

Are you a de-escalator? Try this wisdom from God; love your enemies, do good to them, bless them and pray for them.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Education is Key

Several weeks ago, I included a link to the Federal Government’s eSafety website that provides resources to support Safer Internet Day 2020. Staying safe online requires continual engagement and discussion with our young people. The eSafety Commissioner has resources for parents at Parent Advice. Unpacking one aspect of this advice relates to online activity. Signs that your child’s online activity may be having a negative impact on them or on your family include:

  • less interest in social activities like meeting friends or playing sport;
  • not doing so well at school;
  • tiredness, sleep disturbance, headaches, eye strain;
  • changes in eating patterns;
  • reduced personal hygiene;
  • obsession with particular websites or games;
  • extreme anger when being asked to take a break from online activity;
  • appearing anxious or irritable when away from the computer; and/or
  • becoming withdrawn from friends and family.

Education is key and at Pacific we are engaging students in a range of topics associated with being a responsible digital citizen. This term in Personal Development, we are guiding Year 6 and 7 students through the eight modules prepared by eSmart supported by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Junior College students are also continuing with this program. We thank Mr Damian Davis (Head of Staff and Students P-5) for his leadership in establishing this program for Middle College. Successful completion of the modules will provide students with their digital licence. More importantly it will provide them with a greater understanding of how to remain safe online and capacity to support others. Further information can be found at Digital Licence. We also encourage parents and carers to browse the various SchoolTV editions that relate to cybersafety.

Pacific as a Peace Place

Next Friday is Pacific as a Peace Place day, which coincides with the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. Pacific continues to work with all students to ensure a safe community and we should be proud of the work we do collectively in making the College a place of peace. During their Personal Development lessons, Middle and Senior College students will complete an anonymous survey covering a range of topics that will inform how we continue to support our young people.

Car Park Safety

A polite reminder that all car parks on the College campus require vehicles to travel at no more than 10km/h. For the safety of students, staff and visitors, it is important that the speed limit is adhered to. We thank you for your ongoing support on this matter.

Lost Property

Finally, there is a lot of lost property in the Wellbeing Centre including reading glasses, jewellery, wireless earphones as well as sports shoes and clothing. These items have been in lost property for several weeks. If parents or students are missing any of these items, please visit Ms Angela Hill in the Wellbeing Centre.

Mr Ben Ryan, Director of Students

From the Head of Learning K-5

Maths and Problem-Solving Skills

To develop a basic understanding of maths, children need to learn how to solve even the most difficult maths problems. These difficult maths problems are typically word problems. Teaching children how to solve word problems in maths is critical if they are to develop a complete understanding of maths.

Children can typically solve a maths problem presented in numbers and equations. However, when the same maths problem is written in a paragraph or sentence format, many children have difficulty sorting the important information from the distracting information.

Strategies for Math Problem Solving

The key to solving maths word problems is to have a plan or strategy, which works in any maths word problem solving situation. The following 12 tips will help children to become good problem solvers.

  1. Read the problem carefully, looking for clues and important information. Write down the clues, underline, or highlight the clues.
  2. If necessary, rewrite the problem to help find these clues.
  3. Look for clues to determine which maths operation is needed to solve the problem, for example addition or subtraction. Look for key words like sum, difference, product, perimeter or area. They lead to the operation needed to solve the problem.
  4. Look for what is needed to solve the problem, for example: how many are left, the total will be, everyone gets red, everyone gets one of each.
  5. Use variable symbols, such as “ ” for missing information.
  6. Eliminate all non-essential information by drawing a line through the distracting information.
  7. Draw sketches, drawings and models to visualise the problem.
  8. Is the word problem similar to previous work, if so how was it solved?
  9. Develop a plan based on the information determined to be important for solving the problem.
  10. Carry out the plan using the math operations which were determined would find the answer.
  11. Does the answer seem reasonable, if it does then it is probably ok – if not then check the work.
  12. Work the problem in reverse or backwards, starting with the answer to see if you wind up with your original problem.

Problem-Solving in Math is Personal

The ability to solve problems is the foundation of maths. For a student in any year level, the road to understanding maths is through the problem-solving gateway.

To develop the ability to solve problems, children need to make a personal connection as they visualise, touch and see the problem.

All parents can do problem-solving at home to help children build their skills. For example:

  • How many songs can be downloaded from iTunes with $7.75?
  • How many cars do I need to wash to buy a new game, when charging $5.00 each car wash?
  • How many marbles will fit inside a jar? They determine the volume in the jar. Next determine a reasonable estimate of the number of marbles by using similar materials.
  • Cooking – using fractions for baking.

Geometry Math Problems

How about seeing what geometric shapes are in your home or outside the home. Geometry is everywhere in homes and nature, examples include:

  • Traffic signs – octagon, square, round.
  • Bicycles – using “Pi x d” to find the circumference or “Pi x r2” for area of their bike’s wheels.
  • Window shapes – square, circle, rectangle.
  • Walls, floors, ceilings – rectangle, right angles, perpendicular, parallel.
  • Trees and bushes – oval, 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, round, cone.
  • Swing sets and other playground equipment – triangle, square, rectangle.
  • Pythagorean’s Theorem – how to determine a right angle of anything being constructed to ensure the corner is exactly 90 degrees.

There are so many more possibilities, just get your children to look at what they see.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Learning K-5

College Nurse

Health Notice

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected people from many countries around the world. There are lots of people talking about it and it can be difficult to understand all the information you are hearing and seeing. It is most important to be aware and informed, but not alarmed.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness which affects your nose, throat and lungs. If you are sick with coronavirus your symptoms may include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath

The virus spreads between people when someone with the virus coughs or sneezes. You may also catch the virus from contaminated surfaces via droplets on your hands and then transferring them to your mouth, nose or eyes when you touch your face or eat.

Advice provided to Education Queensland schools is as follows:

If your child develops flu-like symptoms, please:

  • keep your child at home;
  • avoid close contact with others such as touching, kissing or hugging, or any mass gatherings, especially those involving other children;
  • see a doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately;
  • seek medical advice if your child has other underlying medical conditions; and
  • call ahead to the medical centre or doctor’s surgery, advising of your child’s symptoms.

At Pacific, we are continuing to reinforce to students the importance of observing high standards of hygiene. It is important for you to continue to encourage your children to:

  • Wash their hands regularly with soap and water, particularly before and after eating and after going to the toilet. Washing hands often and properly means that you can protect yourself and prevent contamination.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap is unavailable.
  • Be mindful of cough etiquette. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue (which should be disposed of immediately) or the inside of their elbow. Try to stay at least 1.5 metres away from people who are coughing or sneezing.

Thank you for your support of community wellbeing and student awareness of the additional need for strong health and hygiene practices during this time.

Mrs Maree Hooper and Mrs Sharon Middleton, College Nurses

Food for Thought

SchoolTV: Coronavirus - A Guide for Parents

Coronavirus is an evolving international health concern. Around the world, people are being affected in many ways. Although children are considered at lower risk of infection, they are not immune to the multitude of news reports regularly seen or heard in the media.

This epidemic is of concern to parents, but it is also may be worrying to young people. Parents may be wondering how best to discuss this epidemic in a way that will be reassuring to children without making them worried. While most children will have already heard about the coronavirus, it is important for parents to take this opportunity to convey the facts and set the emotional tone. This may help children to feel more informed and reassured.

In this Special SchoolTV Report, parents are provided with some guidelines on how best to approach this conversation whilst still ensuring the wellbeing of their child. View the report at:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Shop Earn Grow

Help plant a greener future for our school! Simply shop at Currimundi Markets to vote for Pacific to WIN 1 of 2 Sustainable Garden Prize Packs! From 9th March – 3rd April 2020. Learn more at:

Look out for further information at Currimundi Marketplace.

Upcoming Events

  • Mooloolaba Tri – this Sunday 15th March
  • College Dance – Friday 27th March; and
  • One World OCEANfest 2020 Planning Meeting – Date TBA.

If you would like to be involved in helping out at the College Dance and/or OCEANfest, please contact us via email:

Mooloolaba Tri

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help at the Mooloolaba Tri this Sunday 15th March. We now have enough volunteers for the event! Pacific will receive a donation for every volunteer we provide on the day.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th March in the College Library at 6.30pm. Please join us for wine, cheese and a chat.

Quote of the Week

"Here's to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them." – Anonymous

Click here to follow our Friends of Pacific Facebook page

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Library News

Book Club

Book Club order forms were handed out to Prep – Year 7 students this week. Orders need to be placed online or handed in to the library by next Wednesday 18th March.

Ms Nell Keen, Head of Library


Junior Readers

‘Say Something’ by Peter H. Reynolds.

Peter H. Reynolds certainly knows how to pen a picture book with a very special message. The author of ‘The Dot’ and ‘Ish’ returns with his latest offering, ‘Say Something’. The world needs your voice and it has a lot of power to make a difference. There are many different ways that you can say something. Sometimes it’s by speaking up about something important. Sometimes it just by being there for someone. Other times you can make your point by painting a picture, planting a seed or sharing your ideas. This colourful picture book has lots of ideas about making the world a better place in lots of small, very important ways. It’s a great book to share and read together and it will leave you feeling nice and warm inside, and maybe even a little braver too.

If you liked this, try ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds.

Middle Readers

‘Toffle Towers: Fully Booked’ by Tim Harris and James Foley.

Should a 10-year-old boy be the owner of a hotel? Can he make it into a fantastic, exciting, out-of-this world place to visit for children? When Chegwin inherits his family’s hotel, he decides to make a few changes. A flying bus is just the beginning. But running a hotel isn’t easy, as Chegwin is about to discover. This is a super hilarious book, perfect for fans of the Story Tree House books.

If you liked this, try ‘Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables’ by Tim Harris.

Senior Readers

Tin Heart’ by Shivaun Plozza.

This is a touching story about new starts, family and embracing life. Marlowe has a congenital heart condition. She is used to being sick. But when an accident and death of another teen gives Marlowe a new chance at really living, Marlowe is faced with deciding who she is now. She’s used to being the dying girl. Now things are different. Marlowe sets out to discover who her donor was, must deal with her growing feelings for the neighbouring butcher’s son (and hide that from her ultra-Vegan mother), and make new friends. ‘Tin Heart’ is a heart-warming and funny journey about growing up and finding your true self.

If you like this, try ‘Living Voice’ by Karen West.

Ms Madison Dearnaley, Teacher Librarian

Secondary College

Outdoor Education

Upcoming Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

During the upcoming April school holidays, the first Duke of Edinburgh expedition for 2020 will be held from 3rd – 7th April. The expedition is open to all Year 10-12 students, but we specifically encourage our Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh participants to join!

Students will head to Elanda point and camp the night on shores of Lake Cootharaba, which is Queensland's largest saltwater lake and is the gateway to Australia's only everglades system. From here, students will explore the upper reaches of the Noosa River and enjoy sunset at the Cooloola Sandpatch before returning on 7th April. The cost is to be advised.

Students who are interested are asked to contact me directly at:

Ms Kim Wood, Head of Outdoor Education

Mathematics Tutoring

This year, the Pacific Mathematics department will offer ‘Maths Homework Help’ to all Year 6-12 students each Monday afternoon, from 3.20pm – 4.20pm in L13/14. This gives students the opportunity to come and do their maths homework in a quiet environment with a teacher present to ask questions when needed. All students who attend are expected to work quietly on their maths homework/revision.

Mr Alex O’Connor, Head of Senior College Mathematics

From the Head of Career Development

Griffith Aviation Flight Camp

Griffith University will host the Griffith Aviation Flight Camp from 7th-8th April 2020 (during the first week of the upcoming school holidays). The Flight Camp is an exciting two-day non-residential camp that offers Year 11 and 12 students a unique opportunity to experience what an aviation career has to offer. The program includes a range of hands-on activities, including flight simulators, site visits and an opportunity to connect with student mentors and hear from a variety of industry speakers. 

For further information about the camp and details on how you can apply, visit: Applications close on Friday 20th March 2020.

SCHI Health Careers Day

The Sunshine Coast Health Institute will hold their annual High School Careers Day on Friday 21st August 2020. This half-day event introduces students to the many and varied career opportunities available within the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service – not just doctors and nurses, but also allied health professionals and a range of other business and administrative roles in hospitals. Attendees will also have the opportunity to connect with education providers and explore health career pathways. If you are in Years 10-12 and are considering a career in the health industry, please email Mrs Wanda Hayes to express your interest in attending. Expressions of interest must be received by Thursday 26th March.

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Junior Sport (P-6)

District and Regional Sport Success

Over the past few weeks, a number of students have trialled and competed at both district and regional sport trials / carnivals. Congratulations to the following students who have gained selection into teams of various age divisions.

  • Swimming: Evie Richters, Charlie Schefe, Thomas Wegener and Emily Lengenberg.
  • AFL: Joseph Modlin, Jackson Wallis and Hamish Carroll.
  • Netball: Kayla Sanderson, Evie Richters and Zoe Woods.
  • Rugby League: Flynn Turnbull.

We wish these students well for the upcoming regional trials.

Sunshine Coast Regional Representatives

Congratulations to Thomas Wegener and Emily Lengenberg who have been selected to represent the Sunshine Coast at the Queensland State Swimming Championships in Brisbane later this month. Thomas qualified for the 50m backstroke, while Emily qualified for the 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and 100m backstroke. We wish them the best of luck for the championships.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport (7-12)

SCISSA Results - Wednesday 11th March






Int Boys A Volleyball




Cooper Johnson

Int Boys B Volleyball




William Whittingham

Int Girls A Volleyball




April Romagnoli

Int Girls B Volleyball




Ruby Smith

Jnr Boys A Volleyball




Rhys Veizer

Jnr Boys B Volleyball




Jed Picken

Jnr Girls A Volleyball




Jessica Lloyd

Jnr Girls B Volleyball




Olivia Boland

Sunshine Coast Lightning – 2020 Memberships

Join the Lightning family and support our local team! The Sunshine Coast Lightning has a range of membership packages available in 2020. To learn more, visit:

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC

Plenty of fun was had at our season opening Rooball Carnival on Saturday and we thank everyone who supported us in running them at the College. A special mention to the team who started setting up at 5.30am and were still there at 4.00pm packing up! We hope all new players and families had a great day!

Our U12-U15/16 teams also kicked off their 2020 campaigns with grading games across the coast! It may have rained during the afternoon session but that didn't stop the action. It was so good to see the players out making the most of the cooler conditions.


Celebrating Women in Sport

We celebrate and acknowledge the importance of women in sport following International Women’s Day on Sunday. Here are a few photos of our ladies in action over the years!


Growing Pacific FC Information Evening

Thank you to those who attended a special ‘Growing Pacific FC’ information evening on Tuesday. We discussed the following:

  • Delivery of a new set of goals for our fields;
  • Ordering extra playing jerseys; and
  • Introducing the Next Step Program for U12 and U10 and possibly U9 players in May.

Round 2/B – Saturday 14th March

This weekend, we have home games for all of our teams except the U15/16 Cobras who are at Bli Bli. Click here to visit the Pacific FC website for game times and canteen rosters.

Important Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the current evolving situation of COVID-19, the College and Pacific FC will be reinforcing to students and players the importance of observing high standards of hygiene. It is important for you to continue to encourage your children to:

  • Wash their hands regularly with soap and water, particularly before and after eating and after going to the toilet;
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap is unavailable;
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of their elbow;
  • Dispose of tissues in the bin immediately; and
  • Fist pump instead of shaking hands at games.

If you or your child develops flu-like symptoms, please advise your manager/coach and:

  • Keep your child at home; and
  • See a doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84).

Further advice and information about the coronavirus is available on the Queensland Health website:

We Want You!

Do you enjoy keeping fit and having fun with your friends? Most teams are full for the 2020 season, however we do have a few opportunities in the following age divisions:

  • U8 x 2 spots
  • U9 x 2 spots
  • U13 and U14 x 1 spot each
  • U15/16 x 2 spots

Follow us on Facebook!

Mrs Rita Williams, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball Club

Last weekend was the 2020 season opening march past and grading round robin. The day started with the traditional march past where PLC displayed our new uniforms and bows. The new dresses looked fantastic and the teal bows topped off the ensemble. Steph Woods and Jackie Russel from the Sunshine Coast Lightening judged the performance and PLC won the CDNA March Past award! Well done to all the committee who have worked to incrementally improve our presentation over the years.

On court performances were also strong on the day. The PLC Fillies and PLC Pintos both won all of their games, which is a fantastic result. Grading continues this week with another round robin, after which teams will be allocated to their playing divisions for the year.

There are still positions available for girls born in 2008 or 2009. If you are interested in playing, please contact me at:

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball Club President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Service Notice


Sunday Worship Times

St Mark’s Church @ Pacific

9.30am Pacific Lutheran College

(Entry via Red Cedar Drive, Meridan Plains)

Google Maps St Mark's Lutheran @ Pacific


Are you looking for a friendly church where young people, old people, children, families and singles are appreciated, empowered and encouraged to grow as Christians?

Everyone is welcome!

Get in touch: Pastor Ray Morris

0429 856 532

Pastor Ray, St Mark's Lutheran Church

General Notices

LLL Banking

The LLL has a variety of savings accounts: personal and joint accounts; guardian accounts for children; and Business accounts, including self-managed super funds and not-for-profit organisations.

LLL Savings Accounts have many features, including:

  • A great interest rate;
  • No fees or charges at all;
  • Internet banking;
  • No minimum balance or deposit requirements;
  • No ‘bonus’ interest hurdles; and
  • Your money is available to withdraw at any time.

For further information regarding the LLL, visit the College’s Business Office or

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2020 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre!

To order your book or digital membership, visit:

Upcoming Dates

14 Music Scholarship Test
16 Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm - 4.15pm)
17 Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)
20 Pacific as a Peace Place
21 Academic Scholarship Test
24 Year 12 Hospitality - Tides Dinner
24-26 Prep - Year 5 Parent Conferences
26 Year 4 - 6 SCISSA Gala Day
27 Prep - Year 9 College Dance
3 K-12 Chapel
  Year 3-12 Cross Country Carnivals
  Term 1 Concludes