Compass No. 553 October 2019

From the Principal

Gift of Safety

What do you want most in life? This was the question put to a group of professional workers last year. Their answer, “to be safe”. Their jobs were not ones where there was any physical danger or risk. For many people the desire to be emotionally safe is top of mind. This is a gift that we can freely give by being thoughtful in the way we interact with others. Including people in our activities, seeing and building on the strengths of others and being positive in our communication builds a sense of safety. Where people feel safe in their friendships, families, teams and groups then there is room for risk taking and mistake making, which are critical for growth. Where people feel safe there is a comfort level to test limits. Personal safety promotes an openness of communication that is essential for relationships, social emotional growth and wellbeing.

God provides a safe space for us. He invites us to place our worries, burdens, fears and failures at the foot of the cross. Safe in His love for us, we are invited to rest in His presence and to recharge. Unburdened, we are free to go forward to use our gifts to support and encourage people. God gives us a great gift of safety which we can share daily.

Principal's Log

As we come together in community, we build connection and create a culture of growing together. The Grandparents and Friends Day last Friday was a wonderful day of connection and celebration where people across the College joined together to welcome our special guests. From the Prep led chapel to the learning space experiences, the high-quality morning tea provided by our Hospitality students and entertainment provided by our musicians and performers, there was a strong feeling of welcome and joy bubbling around the College. We thank Mr Druery for his leadership, our Hospitality students and staff, our Music students and staff, grounds staff and all of our staff and students for the generosity of spirit in providing such a warm, welcoming day. 

The spirit continued into the afternoon and evening when the Senior A Girls, Senior D Girls and Junior A Girls basketball teams competed in their grand finals. There was strong support from staff and students at all three games as our teams played with skill, tenacity and heart. Congratulations to all three teams for a great season and a particular mention to our Senior D Girls who won their grand final! It has been a tremendous season of basketball where players across all 15 teams have enjoyed growing their skills. This is the largest number of teams that Pacific has fielded in the competition and we thank our coaches and parents for their support. We particularly thank Mr Mark Hauser for his outstanding and inspiring leadership of our basketball program.

Viva La Arts was another wonderful celebration of student talent, initiative and confidence. The Cultural Pacific Action Group, led by Haley Meekan, came up with the idea of a night where people could roam from place to place and be immersed in the talents of our visual and performing arts students. It is a credit to our Arts teachers that they provided space for this totally student-led initiative, which included Haley auditioning and selecting performers and structuring the evening. It was a thoroughly entertaining evening and people of all ages enjoyed the tremendous talent on display. We appreciate the support given to this event by our community and congratulate Haley and the Cultural Pacific Action Group and all staff and students who were involved.

Middle and Senior College students then volunteered their time on Saturday morning to support the Disabled Surfers Association. We thank Mr Ben Dutton and his team of staff for their leadership of this important service activity that provides the opportunity for more people to enjoy the experience of surfing on the Sunshine Coast.

Wednesday then saw students having the opportunity to participate in the Pacific Pulse Surf Contest. The joy of the students involved and the professionalism of the event is a credit to Mr Darren Hooper and Mr Damian Davis. We thank them for their leadership of this event and our sponsors for their support. Mr Hooper’s and Mr Davis’ leadership of the Pacific Boardriders Club, who meet on Friday mornings during Terms 1, 3 and 4, is also greatly appreciated. Pictures say it all and I encourage families to visit the following link:

We wish our Year 3 students and staff all the best as they go on camp at the end of this week. We thank Mr David Druery for his leadership of this activity.

We also wish our Year 11 and 12 students all the best as they complete major exams from Friday of this week. For our Year 12 students, this is the final assessment they will complete. For Year 11 students, these exams provide important practice in readying themselves for the external exams that will occur next year.

Connecting to positivity grows confidence, competence and safety. May God give us the grace to see the great blessings that so many people bring into our lives through their service and help us to be people who grow connection and sense of safety for all.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

Important Notices

Building Opening Invitation

We look forward to celebrating the opening of our Stage 9 Extensions which include the new Junior College learning space, Reception, Wellbeing Centre and space for our Administrative and Learning Executive. All spaces support the College’s innovative and contemporary approach to learning. The service commences at 8.45am in the College gym and all are invited to attend.

From the College Pastor


How do we keep our children and young people safe in our various communities? As parents, we care for them, provide shelter, food, education, love, affection, emotional support, boundaries etc. But if we switch locations across the globe, how do parents in Cambodia, South Sudan, or Papua New Guinea keep their children safe?

Parents the world over, whether in Australia or developing countries, need the support of extended family, friends, church, school, village, or broader global community to help raise children in a safe and secure environment. In developing countries an essential way that families provide safety for their children is through economic security. Having a job, that long term income, becoming self-sufficient and self-supporting, these are fundamental economic certainties that provide immense security for the next generation. They are economic realities we sometimes take for granted in our country. But overseas aid and development organisations like the Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) operate to give people a hand up to sustainability instead of a hand out that can lead to dependence.

In the rush to Christmas where Australians are predicted to spend more than 25 billion dollars (that’s $1325 per person), how can we rethink our habits of gift-giving? How could we support families to become more self-sufficient, safe and secure for the sake of their kids? ALWS has a Christmas Gift catalogue called ‘Gifts of Grace’ where people can donate a gift that will help people achieve better sustainability in developing countries like those mentioned. If you’d like to buy a gift that will count for someone in need across the planet, check out the ‘Gifts of Grace’ catalogues that are in the Main Reception and Wellbeing Centre from next week. Information on how to donate can also be accessed at:

May God bless you and your loved ones as you provide for their safety and consider how this Christmas you can help others around the world.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior College Students

Service and Opportunity

The last two weeks have been a flurry of activity for the Senior College. There have been a number of students and staff involved in a range of different activities, that serve as a reminder of how special the Pacific community actually is.

Last Friday was an eventful day, with three major events. Throughout the day, the caring and positive attitudes of our students was on full display. For Grandparents and Friends Day, I heard wonderful stories of students giving up their time to help welcome visitors to the College, serve and prepare food, spontaneously assisting with clean up and packing up of events, all with a smile on their faces. Later in the afternoon, we had three basketball teams competing in grand finals around the Sunshine Coast. It was wonderful to witness the level of skill on the court, but more impressive was the amount of support from our community. The number of parents, students and staff who supported these games was remarkable and typified the communal feel of the school. The support was very much appreciated.

Finally, running concurrently with the basketball finals, was Viva La Arts. From 5.00pm the College came to life in a remarkable display of visual and performing arts. This was a student-initiative and was a culminating event that united different areas of the College into one night of celebration of talent and entertainment. Once again, it was amazing to see the level of support from the community as well as the dedication from our students in getting this event off the ground.

If that was not enough, a number of students (some of which had already been involved in Grandparents Day, basketball matches and/or Viva La Arts prior) gave up their time on Saturday morning to assist with the Disabled Surfers Association event. This gave students the chance to help others and bring joy to disabled youth on the coast. Then on Sunday, students, parents and staff also volunteered more time to help at the All Schools Triathlon event at Kawana.

This is a remarkable effort by all involved and we thank everyone who gave of their time. It is truly what I enjoy most about working at such a great school.

General Reminders

Year 11 Drivers

Any student who is driving to school needs to have completed a driver permission form and submit it to the Main Reception. Forms are available from the Wellbeing Centre and for more information, please contact Mr Mark Hauser.

Year 12 Graduation

Parents and students who are attending Year 12 celebrations (Graduation, Final Chapel and Formal) are asked to please RSVP as soon as possible. Please contact Mrs Leanne Bevis on 5436 7338.

Senior College Exams

We wish students all the very best for their exams this term. Year 11 and 12 students are commencing block exams in Week 5, and Year 10 students in Week 7. Please note that normal uniform expectations still apply during these weeks and students will be required to attend all exams in formal summer uniform each day (even on Fridays).

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Grandparents and Friends Day

Grandparents and Friends Day, which was held last Friday, was attended by more than 350 grandparents, family members and friends. Our special visitors attended Chapel and then spent time in learning spaces completing a variety of activities with students. A morning tea was provided for guests, before they attended a concert featuring a variety of solo artists, musical groups and ensembles. Events such as these enrich the learning experience for our students and strengthen the community bonds at the College. Thank you to all those family members who attended and to all the College staff and students who helped make the day such a success.

Chess Tournament

The Junior School Chess Tournament commences next week. The tournament features two age divisions – 10+ years and U10. The tournament is open to all Year 2-5 students. Students wishing to enter need to nominate by visiting the office and advising Mrs Sue Kleinschmidt.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

Telling or Dobbing

Telling adults when something happens is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it shows many good qualities. However, there’s a fine line between telling and tattling/dobbing. It’s good to help our children understand what both terms mean and help them understand when it’s ok to ‘tell on’ their peers. For more information, visit:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Friends of Pacific would like to acknowledge the tremendous sporting spirit on display from students, parents and staff whilst volunteering at the All Schools Triathlon on the weekend. We are thankful for the efforts of all who helped from Pacific. A huge thank you to Mrs Allyson Sarvari for coordinating the volunteers for the event. As with the previous Ironman event, Pacific will receive a donation for every volunteer we provided, which will help us raise further funds for the installation of additional water coolers at the College.

More Volunteering Opportunities

We are next looking forward to assisting at the Noosa Triathlon this Sunday 3rd November from 9.30am – 2.00pm. Volunteers receive a t-shirt and a cap and will generally be helping on drink stations. If parents and/or Middle and Senior College helpers (Year 6-12 students) are able to assist out at this event, please contact Mrs Allyson Sarvari on 0402 276 988 or email:

The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

There is no doubt the world would be a poorer place without volunteers. As Tisha Tolar explains, “From large-scale operations to small community events, volunteers are always needed. There are plenty of stories promoting the work of celebrities who volunteer their time and talents, but there are many more people that work silently without recognition. They do it for personal satisfaction and to make a difference in someone else’s life. Along the way, most volunteers reap many additional, also often unheralded, rewards.” Click here to read all about The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering.

Next Meeting

The Friends of Pacific Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday 19th November at 6.30pm in the College Boardroom. We encourage you to consider supporting Friends of Pacific by nominating or expressing your interest for the 2020 volunteer committee. It’s a wonderful way to connect with fellow parents and staff, learn more about what is happening on campus and support events that bring much joy to our student body. The AGM nomination form is available here.

The next Friends of Pacific General Meeting will be held at the College on Tuesday 19th November, commencing straight after the AGM. Please join us for Christmas drinks afterwards.

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

College News

Pacific Pulse Surf Contest

On Wednesday, the Pacific Pulse Surf Contest was held at Currimundi Beach. The Contest, which has been an annual event since 2008, involves almost 50 students from schools across the coast. The Contest caters for all ability levels and is well supported by local businesses who provide sponsorship. Students have the opportunity to surf in a safe environment amongst friendly competition. Beach activities and games are also set up to occupy students who are in-between heats.

Organising the event and recruiting sponsors takes a great deal of time and effort. A special thank you to Mr Darren Hooper and Mr Damian Davis for their leadership and organisation of this impressive community event. As an example of their dedication, both were at the beach at 5.00am to set up for the day. In todays connected world, through the work of Mrs Natalie Campbell and Mrs Steph Scarlett, our Community Liaison and Communications Coordinator, heat results were live streamed and a contest video has been shared on our Facebook page (with thanks to Sunshine Coast Videography). Thank you also to USC student teachers, Miss Goddard and Miss Penhaligon, for helping run the beach activities and all the parents and family members who attended the event. It was a great community effort.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Year 6 Canberra Tour

In Week 2 of this term, the Year 6 cohort embarked upon a six-day tour of Canberra. The journey included many significant moments, memories and milestones and throughout the adventure, each student behaved impeccably, facing new daily challenges with courage and dignity. During the Canberra Tour, students resided at the Australian Institute of Sport, mixing with many athletes and other schools. Students were able to use the AIS facilities including the swimming pool, basketball courts and gymnasium. They participated in a tour and used the interactive zone, where they tested themselves in various sporting endeavours.

Students visited both the Old and New Parliament House where they got to experience how Australia’s political system functions. They witnessed question time, saw Parliamentary Ministers in both the House of Representative and Senate and watched Parliament House in action. The Year 6 students were extremely fortunate to meet the Prime Minister Mr Scott Morrison, after Question Time. The Prime Minister shared with students that he loved visiting our region and encouraged them in their learning at school. What an experience!

Although sombre and reflective, the Australian War Memorial provided time for students to explore and relate to the sacrifice and hardship that both men and women experienced during this period. Students placed poppies of a local Landsborough serviceman at the Roll of Honour showing respect for their bravery and sacrifice. Throughout the rest of the tour, students visited the Governor General’s residence, explored Questacon, learnt about the voting process at the Australian Electoral Commission, saw a great view of Canberra from Mt Ainslie, looked in awe at rare fauna at the Arboretum, touched a moon rock at the Geoscience Centre, saw a variety of animals at the National Zoo and Aquarium and learnt more about Australia at the National Museum.

The vast and complex learning experiences provided students with a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity. The tour would not have been possible without the support of Pacific Staff including Mrs Kim Kiernan, Mrs Linda Sydes, Mrs Melissa Ousley, Mr Darren Hooper, Mr Brendan Delaney, Mr Stuart Pohlner, Miss Georgie Snelling and Outdoor Education facilitators Teagan, Susy, Lisa and Georgia. We also thank the Year 6 parents for preparing their children and supporting the Canberra Tour. We also acknowledge the Australian Government, who recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government is contributing funding of $60 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

Mr Stuart Pohlner, Year 6 Teacher

STEM Showcase

Mr Wes Warner, Head of Innovation Entrepreneurialism and Business

Secondary Sport (7-12)

SCISSA Soccer Results






Intermediate Boys A




Macklin Kirkley

Intermediate Girls A




Caitlyn Barry

Junior Boys A




Alex Lee

Junior Girls B




Jessica Lloyd

Friday Night Basketball – Grand Finals

The Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools basketball season has come to end for 2019. There were 180 teams who competed throughout Semester 2 and Pacific had 15 teams participate in various divisions across six different age groups. It was certainly the most popular season of basketball that I have been a part of!

Eight of our teams finished in the top four in their divisions and last Friday, three played in grand final matches. They were the Junior A Girls, Senior D Girls and Senior A Girls. This was the first time that Pacific has had representation in a Senior A Division final of a Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools sport competition. These finals are regarded as the pinnacle of school sport on the Sunshine Coast and to make a final in any division is a remarkable achievement.

The Junior A Girls versed a very strong Mountain Creek State High School team who featured many Sunshine Coast and Queensland representative players. The girls held their ground throughout most of the game, but unfortunately went down in the last quarter. There were some standout performances from Katie Graves, Gabby Gorham and Imogen Hiley. Amedy Buchanan, April Romagnoli, Roze Stockwell and Maya Armitage also played exceptionally well throughout the season and it was a pleasure to see their development over the past 13 weeks. Well done, girls!

The Senior D Girls came into their grand final having lost only two games all season – one of these games was against the team they were playing in the final, Sunshine Coast Grammar School. The score line was very different this time around, with the Pacific girls claiming victory in a thrilling match! Congratulations to Tamika Cheney, Rebekah Pierce, Alyssa Rabnott, Ella Block, Tahlia McGregor, Lauren McCluskey, Lily Chamberlain, Georgia Harle, Vivienne Casley and Crystal Page on a great season. It was a great way to end your basketball careers at Pacific! Thank you to their coach, Mr Andrew Block.

Finally, the Senior A Girls took on Mountain Creek State High School in a match that very closely resembled the Junior A Girls final. Despite being up at the start of the match and having equal opportunity at scoring, the Pacific girls came runners up. It was a great effort by all the girls in a tough final, with particularly strong defensive efforts all around. It was the lowest score that Mountain Creek had achieved throughout the entire season, which is a credit to our team. We are already looking forward to the 2020 season with all of these girls still eligible to play in seniors again next year. Another great effort from Brooklyn Graves, Katie Graves, Gabby Gorham, Louella Hindmarsh, Phoebe Swan, Sophie Empson and Eliza Woods. Thank you to their coach, Miss Andrea Prinsloo.

Thank you to all students, parents and staff who supported our finals contention this year! There was great energy from the crowd and the girls and myself appreciated the support. Until next year!

Mr Mark Hauser, Basketball Coordinator

Club Sport

Pacific FC

Representative Trials

Representative Trials for the U9 North Academy and the U16 Girls will be conducted at 9.00am this Saturday 2nd November at Mudjimba Multi-Sports Complex. All other age groups are still at the same time as previous sessions. Best wishes to all who are trialling.

Mr Zane Russell, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball Club

As it is the off season, PLC Netball will profile a series of interviews designed to introduce the people who make up our Club, starting with our president Mr Trevor Colton.

Where did you grow up and go to school? I am a Melbourne boy and lived there for all of my childhood, except for a year spent living with my Grandmother on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands at the age of 7. My high school was Maroondah High; which no longer exists.

What was your first job? At 18 I was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Military College Duntroon. After graduating four years later, I spent the next 16 years in various Army appoints across Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, mainly in technical roles such as ‘Bomb Disposal’ and ‘IT based Computer Simulation’. I retired after 20 years at the rank of Major.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? My mother, who in turn was shaped by her early years. Between the ages of six and 11, my mother lived under Nazi occupation. The lesson she instilled in my sister and I from day one was that, in life you are entitled to nothing, you have to earn everything. 

What sports did you play during your school years? As a male growing up in Melbourne in the 1970s, there were only two choices – AFL in the winter and cricket in the summer. In later years, I also played competition volleyball and baseball and was a handy golfer, playing off scratch at the age of 15, but that was a long time ago!

How did you become involved in PLC Netball? That’s simple, it was all Dr Dolling’s doing. During our school interview we arrived at the gym and Dr Dolling asked Ainslie what sports she played. Ainslie replied with a series of individual sports to which Dr Dolling immediately replied; ‘Well, you need to play a team sport’. On arrival at Pacific, Ainslie started playing netball for SCISSA and the Club. My parents were supportive of both my sister and I in terms of our sporting endeavours, which again has influenced me.

What is the most significant achievement of PLC Netball since you became President? I hope that is yet to come. The leadership team has done a fantastic job over the last three years, building the Club to a position where it is recognised by the Caloundra District Netball Association (CDNA) as a viable and integral part of the association. One of our focuses is to work with the CDNA as a centre of netball excellence within the Sunshine Coast. The recent appointment of Christian Gorham as the new Vice President of CDNA is our first step on that journey. Having said that, I am also extremely proud of the Club’s Umpiring and Junior Coaching programs. We have girls as young as Year 7 out there every week umpiring games or coaching teams, which helps build their leadership and decision-making skills.

What are your aspirations for the 2020 season? To continue to build on the efforts of the past and improve in those areas where we have identified improvement is required; particularly in the area of community engagement.

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball Club President

Uniform Shop

Upcoming Closure - Stocktake

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

This year the Uniform shop will be closing for stocktake on Tuesday 26th November. Please ensure that, if you are in Year 9, that you have purchased your blazer, tie and trousers (for male students) and blazer and senior tie (for female students) before this date. 

2020 Uniform Requirements

If your student is commencing Year 1 in 2020, please see the below pictures for formal uniform requirements. All of these items are available in the Uniform Shop. Formal shoes for Year 1 are black leather lace ups. Skate shoes, high tops and Mary-Jane style shoes are not part of the uniform.

If your student is commencing Year 6 in 2020, please see the below pictures for formal uniform requirements. Year 6 students require a formal hat to be worn with their formal uniform. The bucket hat continues to be worn with their sports uniform. All of these items are available for purchase in the Uniform Shop. Formal Shoes are black leather lace ups. Skate shoes, high tops and Mary-Jane style shoes are not part of the uniform.

As the new year is always busy with new students, existing families are encouraged to make their purchases before the end of this term. Swimming trials are also in the first couple of weeks of school resuming next and all students in Year 3-12 are required to have school swimwear (or approved race swimwear) for both the trials and carnival. It is advisable to try swimwear on to get the correct fit. A full range of sizes will be in store from the beginning of November for both styles.

The Uniform Shop will be reopening on Monday 20th January 2020 for new student fittings. For appointments, please contact the Main Reception on 5436 7300.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Service Notice


Sunday Worship Times

St Mark’s Church @ Pacific

9.30am Pacific Lutheran College

(Entry via Red Cedar Drive, Meridan Plains)

Google Maps St Mark's Lutheran @ Pacific


Are you looking for a friendly church where young people, old people, children, families and singles are appreciated, empowered and encouraged to grow as Christians?

Everyone is welcome!

Get in touch: Pastor Ray Morris

0429 856 532

Pastor Ray, St Mark's Lutheran Church

General Notices

LLL Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a charitable financial institution which provides savings accounts and has been trusted since 1921.

The LLL has a variety of savings accounts: personal and joint accounts; guardian accounts for children; and Business accounts, including self-managed super funds and not-for-profit organisations.

LLL Savings Accounts have many features, including:

  • A great interest rate;
  • No fees or charges at all;
  • Internet banking;
  • No minimum balance or deposit requirements;
  • No ‘bonus’ interest hurdles; and
  • Your money is available to withdraw at any time.

For further information regarding the LLL, visit the College’s Business Office or

Upcoming Dates

1 Year 3 Camp Returns
4 Year 12 Study Day
  Middle College Orientation Day
  Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)
  Middle College Orientation Evening (6.00pm)
4-8 Year 11 Exams
5-11 Year 12 Exams
6 Prep 2020 Information Evening (5.00pm)
7 Years 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day
8 STEM Showcase
  Ensembles Concert
12 Year 4-6 Sport Awards (12.00pm-1.00pm)
  Year 7-12 Sports Awards (2.00pm-3.15pm)
12-14 Year 12 Alternative Days
14 Year 12 Graduation - Venue 114, Lake Kawana (6.30pm)
15 Year 12 Farewell Chapel (8.30am)
  Year 12 Formal - Sebel (5.00pm)