Compass No. 547 September 2019

From the Principal

Building Connections

Building connections into community is an important life skill. For our young people, building connections with their school enables them to grow existing interests and strengths and to grow new ones. Being connected to community gives us purpose, enhances our wellbeing and fosters important social and emotional skills as we experience the ebbs and flow of community life. Human beings, no matter what age, flourish when they are connected to and contributing to community. At Pacific, there are many opportunities for young people to connect through their academic, social, emotional and spiritual learning and through their pastoral, outdoor education, sporting and cultural pursuits. In community, young people learn the importance of contributing to and shaping better outcomes for others. The same is true for the adults of our community.

Engagement with service activities, small and large group devotions and worship, builds relationships with others and with God as we come together for a common purpose. In sharing God’s love with people, Jesus built community. The sustainment and enhancement of our spiritual growth is boosted by being in community together with this common purpose. God encourages us to come together regularly with the common purpose of building our relationship with Him and in support of each other. This connection is central to who we are and is life giving.

Principal's Log

Last Friday morning’s Celebrating Dads’ breakfast was an amazing opportunity for community connection, with more than 550 people coming together. People enjoyed the tasty, high quality breakfast provided by our Hospitality Department, the talented performances of our musicians and connecting with each other. In celebrating breakfast together, we were able to say thank you to the men of our community for the strong way in which they support families and this community. Thank you to staff, students and parents for coming along and making the morning such a success. A special thank you to our Music students and staff, Year 9 and 12 student leaders, Hospitality students and staff and Mrs Leanne Bevis for their leadership of the morning. 

We congratulate our Middle Years Future Problem Solving team of Jasmin Groves, Sebastian Box, Piper Reid and Trixie Willett and individual participant Charles Box who have been selected to participate in the national finals of this competition. We wish them all the best and thank our coaches of Mrs Jo Belchamber, Ms Petta Scheiwe, Mrs Rae Hall and Noah Beasley for their support of the students.

We wish our Year 9 students all the best for their two-week outdoor education white water canoeing and bushwalking expedition that they will embark on next week. This experience provides tremendous opportunity for young people to connect with each other and to nature. As they encounter new experiences, they will have a unique opportunity to grow greater self-awareness, confidence and a broad range of social emotional skills including teamwork, persistence and problem solving as they support each other and discover new things about themselves, others and the natural environment. We thank Mr Nick Tait for his organisation and leadership of this experience and staff Mr Duncan McNee, Mr Ben Ryan, Mr Alex O’Connor, Mrs Angela Hill, Mrs Emma Lendrum and Pastor Tim who will accompany the students on the first week of the expedition.

Over the weekend, it was a delight to watch three of our PLC Netball Club teams compete in the first week of finals at Caloundra Netball Association. It was particularly pleasing to see the strong growth in the girls’ skill level and game play. All girls are to be congratulated on the determination and tenacity that was evident in all three games. We thank and congratulate our coaches, Club committee and particularly our Netball Coordinator Mrs Michelle Dufty on the growth that has occurred over the year and wish our PLC Arabians and PLC Fillies well as they compete in the finals over the next two weekends.

The College is currently reviewing its weekly Compass Newsletter as well as other forms of communication. This afternoon, you will have received an email, inviting you to participate in a short communications survey, which will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. We thank you in advance for taking the time to participate and look forward to receiving your feedback.

May God equip us with the minds, hearts, hands and feet to support each other to grow stronger individually and as community.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Bonding to School

We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.
Each of us should please their neighbour for their good, to build them up…
May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity
among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus. (
Romans 15:1-2, 5)

When we are fast heading towards the end of a term, this thread of bonding to school is very appropriate. At this time of the term, people get tired and sometimes the bonds that connect us to our school are stretched. This is where these words from Romans speak to us. Paul describes two kinds of people – the strong and the weak. There are times when we feel we belong to either category. But Paul’s image is all of us helping each other, like spokes in the wheel of a bicycle. When we are feeling frayed and vulnerable, we need the support of those beside us, to help ‘hold us together’.

That’s what our school community is, a place of support and encouragement, particularly for the tired, the weak, the strong. By coming together onto the one campus, we are, in a special way, bound together on our journey and given opportunities to look out for each other and to help one another, especially in difficult times. Paul uses our Lord Jesus as the example of someone who kept his eyes open on the needs of others. The same Lord Jesus who gives us endurance and encouragement as we follow him, even to the end of term.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior College Students

QCS and Exams

This week marked a massive milestone for our Year 12 students as they completed the QCS Test over two days. The results of these tests contribute to their OP score and signifies the start of the countdown to the end for the cohort. It was great to witness the coming together and participation in a long-held tradition for Year 12 students, the singing of the ‘Wade in the Water’ hymn, enthusiastically led by our Principal. The enthusiasm and vigour with which the whole cohort engaged in the process was exceptional and set the tone for the start of their first exam. We congratulate all students who completed the test with a smile on their face and wish them the very best for their results.

It is also at this time of term that all Senior College students find themselves in the middle of heavy assessment loads. When this occurs, it is easy for all of us to begin to focus on negative thoughts or begin to doubt ourselves and our abilities. However, it is also important to consider the benefits of being stretched and challenged, as this is when significant growth (both academically and personally) occurs. It is often through tough times that we learn the most. We encourage all students to focus on their strengths and calmly identify the next step to continue building on their learning. It also makes it a little easier to get through, knowing that holidays are just around the corner!

Exchange Students

Throughout Term 3, the College has hosted two Year 10 students, Koki and Ikumi, from our sister school in Japan, Seishin Gakuen. It has been a valuable learning experience for both Seishin and Pacific students to engage in a cross-cultural exchange. Koki and Ikumi have enjoyed the Australian lifestyle and have made considerable improvements in their English understanding. Pacific students have also formed strong bonds with Koki and Ikumi and have learnt as much from them as they have learnt from us. We thank our host families – the Buchanan’s, Swindles’ and Ousley’s – for their generosity, enthusiasm and care. We wish Koki and Ikumi all the very best for their future in Japan and hope to see them again in the near future.

Sametime Concert

Senior student Sam Aitken has long been known to us as someone with great musical talent and has been managing his pursuit of a musical career with his final year of schooling. Sam’s group, Sametime, will be performing a private event at Venue 114 this Friday 6th September and our Year 10-12 students are invited to be part of a ‘staged audience’ for a promotional video for the band. The event starts from 5.30pm. This is a great opportunity for members of the school community who enjoy and follow Sam’s band to support him. We wish Sam all the very best in his musical pursuits as he progresses with his career in the industry.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Prep - Year 2 Athletics Carnival

Thank you to the many parents and family members who attended the Prep – Year 2 Athletics Carnival on Monday. Children participated enthusiastically in all events and cheered loudly for their houses. A special thank you to Mr Darren Hooper and Mrs Natalie Campbell for coordinating the event and all Prep – Year 2 teachers and aides for supervising and encouraging their students during the carnival.

Fathers and Literacy

With Father’s Day only celebrated last weekend and the holidays just around the corner, it is an ideal time to focus on how dads can assist in building their children’s literacy.

Research clearly shows that dads play a critical role in their children's literacy development and levels of academic performance — by modelling reading, sharing stories, exploring the world together and engaging in meaningful conversations that build critical thinking skills. Boys in particular respond to positive modelling by older males. Following are some helpful tips from Reading Rockets.

What should I read?

Children will respond to your enthusiasm. You can select age appropriate nonfiction books about famous people, places, or how things work, or fiction. The important part is that you are enthusiastic about the book. Read slowly, talk about what you read.

What if I’m not with my child every day?

If you don’t see your child each day, try arranging a regular time to read books over the phone. Your child will look forward to this individual time with you and you will also be modelling behaviour that will keep your child on a path toward improved levels of learning.

What if I don’t like reading?

Even if you’re not a reader yourself, research has shown that your participation in literacy activities at home, can have a profound impact on your child’s academic achievement. You just have to send the message that reading is important. Some other simple ways to incorporate literacy into your everyday routine with your child include:

  • Tell stories about when you were young;
  • Recite nursery rhymes or jingles;
  • Read environmental print (for example road signs or brand names on food containers)
  • Ask your child about their day. Conversation with adults helps children learn new words and practice creating a narrative – both linked to better reading skills;
  • Check out books of photography or art and talk about the pictures;
  • When you are doing household projects, describe what you are doing to your child;
  • Involve your child in everyday writing tasks like shopping lists or paying bills; and
  • Create games that use letters, words or problem-solving.

Use the language you are most comfortable speaking. Reading skills transfer between languages and you will be better at playing with words and language in your native tongue.

Walk the walk

Your child learns from what you do. Make sure the messages you are sending about reading reinforce that knowledge and literacy are valuable, achievable and powerful.

For more information on reading with your child, visit:

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

Beauty - The Real Picture

Beauty – The Real Picture is a program for girls aged 10-12 years and will be held in the upcoming school holidays.

We know that self-esteem and body image are prevalent issues for pre-teen and teenage girls, particularly as we live in a society that is focused on beauty and perfection. Beauty – The Real Picture focuses on the development of healthy self-esteem and positive body image. The program is delivered in a fun and engaging way using a variety of activities, teamed with the use of multimedia and interactive discussion.

To learn more and to register, visit:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Important Notices

2020 Book Packs

Information regarding the 2020 Book Packs will be sent out with the Principal’s letter over the upcoming school holidays. However, please note there are changes to the process across Prep – Year 5. From 2020, stationery resources and textbooks for Prep – Year 5 students will be supplied by the College as part of the Resource Levy within the school fees. The stationery resources and textbooks will be supplied to students by their classroom teachers on their first day of the school year. Year 6-12 students will still receive book lists as per normal. Any questions relating to this matter can be directed to our Purchasing Officer, Mrs Sanet Strong on or 5436 7344.

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

IRONMAN 70.3 Volunteers

We are looking forward to our community coming together at IRONMAN 70.3 this Sunday 8th September. We now have our team organised and Pacific will receive a donation for every volunteer, which will help us raise further funds for the installation of water refill stations at the College. Thank you to Mrs Allyson Sarvari for her administration and coordination of the upcoming event.

Next Meeting

Please join us for our next meeting at 6.30pm on Tuesday 17th September in the library.

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Secondary College

Future Problem Solving

Following the Future Problem Solving qualifying event earlier this term, two of our Middle College teams have been invited to participate in the 2019 National Finals.

Jasmin Groves, Sebastian Box, Piper Reid (Year 9) and Trixie Willett (Year 8) prepared one of the successful qualifying booklets, tackling the issue of Food Loss and Food Waste in the future. Charles Box (Year 9) submitted a qualifying booklet in the individual division. It is to the great credit of these creative thinkers that they have reached the national stage of the competitive program, as it places them in the top tier of the teams in their divisions. Congratulations!

The National Finals take place from 18th – 20th October at Moreton Bay College. The topic will be ‘Coping with Stress’ and finalists will consider how exponential change and fast-paced trends in society will increase stress in the future. Issues may include the personal and societal impacts of stress, how different countries and cultures deal with stress and whether promoting healthier lifestyles might help people to cope with stress.

After attending the opening ceremony and dinner, students will complete a six-step booklet in two hours and perform an Action Plan presentation.

Well done to all students who participated in the Future Problem Solving program this year and we wish those students who have made the finals the best of luck.

Thank you to Mrs Rae Hall, Ms Petta Scheiwe and Noah Beasley for their time and assistance in coaching our teams.

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Enrichment

Junior Sport (P-6)

Prep - Year 2 Athletics Carnival

After spending all term training and learning new skills, our Prep – Year 2 students enjoyed the chance to represent their house at the Athletics Carnival on Monday. With beautiful weather conditions, a large number of spectators cheered students on as they participated in various events during the afternoon.

This year, students participated in sprints, shuttle relays, ball games, sack races, high jump, long jump and plastic javelin throws. It was fantastic to see high levels of speed, coordination and sportsmanship displayed by students from all year levels.

At the end of the carnival, scores were tallied from all the events and the overall champion house was announced.

  • Bula – 882 points
  • Wira – 939 points
  • Mumba – 968 points

Congratulations to Mumba who were crowned champions for 2019!

Sponsorship Opportunities - Pacific Pulse Surf Contest

The Pacific Pulse Surf Contest has been running for 14 years and involves six primary schools from the Sunshine Coast. Each school enters a team of competitors who participate in individual and team events. This year’s contest will be held on Wednesday 30th October at either Kings Beach or Currimundi Beach (depending on conditions) and we have 48 surfers competing.

We have sponsorship opportunities available for local businesses who would like to donate merchandise or direct financial support. In return for your support, your business logo will be displayed on all promotional items including a competitor shirt, which is provided to all 48 surfers in the contest. Depending on your level of support, there are also other opportunities for your business to be promoted.

This is a great community event that is highly enjoyed by all participants. Sponsorship provides a great opportunity for businesses to connect not only with the Pacific community, but with students and parents from across the Sunshine Coast.

If you are interested, please contact either of our event coordinators – Mr Darren Hooper ( or Mr Damian Davis (

Year 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day 3

Our third SCISSA Gala Day for 2019 will take place on Thursday 12th September. Students will need to arrive at school by 8.10am on this day and make their way to the front oval (between the gym and the front car park) for roll call. It is important that all students arrive to school on time so we can leave at the scheduled departure time of 8.25am. All sports, with the exception of dance, will be travelling.

The venues for sports this term are as follows:

  • Girls Basketball – Matthew Flinders Anglican College, Stringybark Road, Buderim
  • Girls Volleyball – Caloundra Indoor Stadium, North Street, Caloundra
  • Girls Soccer – Maroochydore Soccer Club, 462 Maroochydore Road, Kuluin
  • Boy Touch – Noosa Touch Association, Shields Street, Tewantin
  • Boys Volleyball – Nambour Christian College, McKenzie Road, Woombye
  • Boys AFL – Maroochydore Rugby League Club, Wises Road
  • Water Polo / Flippa Ball – Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Mons Road, Forrest Glen
  • Dance – Pacific dance studio

More detailed information has been sent out via CareMonkey this week.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport (7-12)

Monday Night Water Polo Results






Intermediate Girls

St John’s



Ashley Anderson-Stevens

Maggie Princehorn

Intermediate Boys




Ruben Devine

Senior Girls





SCISSA Touch Results






Junior Girls A





Junior Boys A




Cooper Johnson

Junior Girls B




Zara Grant

Junior Boys B




Scott Hiley

Friday Night Basketball Results

Teams of the week: Senior C Girls and Senior C Boys.





Int A Girls




Int D Girls




Int C Girls




Junior B Boys

St Teresa’s



Junior A Girls




Junior C Girls (Year 7)

St John’s White



Int A Boys




Int B Girls




Senior C Girls (Year 11)




Senior D Girls (Year 12)




Int C Boys




Senior C Boys (Year 11)




Senior A Girls




Junior B Girls (Year 8)




Senior A Boys




Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC

2019 Presentations and Free Family Fun Day

Our end of season Presentation Day will be held on Sunday 15th September from 10.00am to 2.00pm. All Pacific FC players and their families are welcome to attend.

Celebrating 10 Years!

This year marks 10 years of playing and club competition for two valued Pacific FC members – Marley Biggs and William Harrys. Since they started in the U6 division, their contribution and participation in all aspects of club life is to be highly commended. Additionally, we also recognise the 10-year involvement of Liam Russell who played for Pacific FC for seven years and volunteered in the canteen and as co-coach for an additional three. We congratulate these players and their families on their enthusiasm and long-term support of Pacific FC and look forward to a very special celebration at our upcoming Presentation Day.

Representative Trials

On 12th, 19th and 26th October, the SCCSA Representative Trials for the 2020 season (U10-U16) will be held at Mudjimba Multisport. Please note, a new U9 age division has been added to the 2020 representative program. All current U8 (born 2011) – U18 players (up to 2002) are welcome and encouraged to trial. Pacific FC will hold a free pre-rep information and trial session for interested players and their families in late September. Please let us know via email if your player is interested in attending. Click here to register for the trials.

Mr Zane Russell, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball Club

Week one of the finals is over. PLC had three teams take the court for what was our most successful finals outing in recent years. All three games were of a very high standard with the players from both sides displaying courage, determination and spirit that we can all be proud of!

The day commenced with the PLC Arabians, our Division 2 team, playing the Golden Beach Thunder, a team which they had drawn with on two occasions throughout the season. The game was an arm wrestle for the first two quarters with the Arabians establishing a lead in the third quarter to go on and win 34 to 30. The Arabians now advance to play the Pacific Swoopers at 8.00am this Saturday on Court 2.

Next to play were the PLC Fillies, our Division 7 team, who faced the Moffat Beach Firefish, a team they had not beaten during the season. Again, it was a close match with only two to three points between the teams all game. In the end, the PLC Fillies prevailed 28 to 25 to advance directly to the grand final on 14th September.

Finally, our PLC Palominos took the court against the Pacific Kestrels. Again, is was a tight and hard-fought battle with both teams having opportunities. In the end, it was the Kestrels who prevailed 27 to 24. Despite their loss, the girls should be very proud of their efforts during the season and on the Saturday.

The only game this weekend is the PLC Arabians who are playing at 8.00am on Court 2. If you have time, come down and support the girls in their bid to reach the grand final.

A reminder that the Club Presentation Night will be held on 15th September at Laserzone, commencing at 5.30pm.

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball Club President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Baby Bundles

As part of the St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra congregation’s outreach to the wider community, we prepare Baby Bundles to give to struggling families. These bundles are passed on to Community Health Caloundra for distribution. Over the past 14 years we have assembled hundreds of bundles to show God’s love to people in need.

In past years, families from Pacific Lutheran College have been generous in donating items, used and new, for the bundles. We are appealing to families again to help us with donations that assist in this ministry.

Each bundle contains clothing for newborns up to about size 2 and items such as bunny rugs, sheets, baby shoes and soft toys, depending on availability. The bundles also include some consumable items such as baby wipes, baby cream, powder, disposable nappies and hair brushes.

If anyone has any of these items in good condition and would like to donate them, it would be greatly appreciated. Even if you could perhaps purchase one or two items of consumables or clothing when you do your shop, this would be greatly appreciated. Just one or two items from each College family would make a great difference. These bundles go to very needy families and are much appreciated.

If you would like to give to this worthy cause or know more about it, please contact our Baby Bundle Coordinator, Robyn Kruger, by phone on 5493 6968. Thank you in advance for your support.

Service Notice


Sunday Worship Times

St Mark’s Church @ Pacific

9.30am Pacific Lutheran College

(Entry via Red Cedar Drive, Meridan Plains)

Google Maps St Mark's Lutheran @ Pacific


Are you looking for a friendly church where young people, old people, children, families and singles are appreciated, empowered and encouraged to grow as Christians?

Everyone is welcome!

Get in touch: Pastor Ray Morris

0429 856 532

Pastor Ray, St Mark's Lutheran Church

General Notices

LLL Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a charitable financial institution which provides savings accounts and has been trusted since 1921.

The LLL has a variety of savings accounts: personal and joint accounts; guardian accounts for children; and Business accounts, including self-managed super funds and not-for-profit organisations.

LLL Savings Accounts have many features, including:

  • A great interest rate;
  • No fees or charges at all;
  • Internet banking;
  • No minimum balance or deposit requirements;
  • No ‘bonus’ interest hurdles; and
  • Your money is available to withdraw at any time.

For further information regarding the LLL, visit the College’s Business Office or

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre!

To order your book or digital membership, visit:

Pacific Fitness Hub

Parents have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Pacific Fitness Hub’s classes! The classes are a great way to keep fit and make new friends.

  • Training: We will be offering a mix of various types of training, tailored to each individual, including high intensity, weights, cardio, core training, yoga/ flexibility.
  • Transformation: Mason will track your progress and achievement of your goals.  Functional fitness assessment, body composition measurement and goal related fitness assessment will be recorded at commencement and on completion.
  • Goals: Improve strength, increasing lean muscle, increasing endurance, mobility, flexibility, reducing body fat percentage, improving sleep, concentration and mood and increasing energy levels, nutrition changes.

For enquiries and registration please contact Mason on 0433 421 969 or email:

Upcoming Dates


9                       Year 9 Camp Departs

                         Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)

12                    Years 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day

17                    Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)

19                    Years 4-6 SCISSA Photos

20                    K-12 Chapel

                         Year 9 Camp Returns

                         Term 3 Concludes


4-7                   Melbourne Arts Tour

7                       Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

8                       Term 4 Begins

9                       Years 7-10 SCISSA Soccer Season Begins