Compass No. 541 July 2019

From the Principal

Staying Motivated For The Long Haul

As we start a term, a new fitness regime or working towards a new goal, motivation can be high. A key to maintaining motivation for the long term is to keep in the optimal challenge zone. Research has shown that we like to be engaged in activities that are ‘at the border of success and failure’. We get bored by tasks that are too easy and give up when challenges become too great. In adhering to the ‘Goldilocks Rule’ of engaging with challenges at the edge of our abilities, where we encounter just the right challenge, our brains fire up and we are more likely to maintain long term motivation. Paying immediate attention to our progress and celebrating our growth helps us to work towards peak motivation. 

Seeing our minds as a ‘suggestion engine’ where we have the ‘power to choose’ also helps us to remain motivated. When our mind suggests we are too tired or that we take an easier path, another suggestion recognising the worth of completing the activity is also likely to pop up. Understanding that it takes grit and determination to succeed and that discomfort is usually a short-term experience we can make a more positive choice. Where we take responsibility and hence have autonomy, recognise the growth of mastery and see there is a purpose in what we are doing, motivation remains high. We can find our purpose in recognising that we are making the most of the gifts of talent and time that God has given us. We grow our capacity to make a difference. We are open to His invitation to fully engage in the adventure of life.

Clear, J. (2019). Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay Motivated. [online] James Clear. Available at: [Accessed 24 Jul. 2019].
Principal's Log

Pacific was one of 12 independent schools invited to present at the Independent Schools Queensland Curriculum Innovation Ideas Exchange Final Showcase earlier this week. We shared our learnings in the implementation of the underwater drone project that students have engaged in as part of their Year 9 STEM 2 elective. This project has grown capacity in student’s creativity, innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Transdisciplinary experience, capability and motivation have also grown in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as students have designed and constructed their underwater drones to rescue a Barbie Doll. Partnership with Praesidium Global has seen our students gain extra insights into the design and construction process and the place and nature of innovative STEM thinking in industry from a global perspective. We thank Mr Wes Warner for his leadership, teacher Mrs Claire Richards and Praesidium Global CEO Mr David Baird for the rich learning experience offered to our students.

Webinars developed by our Head of Career Development Mrs Wanda Hayes will provide a great opportunity for senior students and their families to learn more about the university application process and overseas university study options. This new innovation for the College provides an opportunity for students and parents to connect with learning at a time and place that suits their family. We thank Mrs Wanda Hayes for providing this important opportunity for our students.

Thank you to staff, students and families who took part in the P-12 conferences over this past week. These conversations can help to clarify next steps, enhance learning and strengthen the learning partnership that exists between students, teachers and parents. We appreciate the time given by all members of our community.

May God help us to be discerning in paying attention to the inner voices that lead to positive purposeful action and grow in us the motivation, courage and capacity to make the most of gifts He has given us. 

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Walk my Way

But here is the one thing I do. I forget what is behind me. I push hard toward what is ahead of me. I push myself forward toward the goal to win the prize. God has appointed me to win it. The heavenly prize is Christ Jesus himself. – Philippians 3:13-14

In recent weeks, I have been preparing for a 25km walk I am doing soon. I’ve completed a couple of 10km walks, a 15km last weekend and hopefully a 20km this weekend. Like Paul in the above Bible reading, I am pushing onwards to what is ahead of me, moving forward toward my final 25km goal. Motivating the body to achieve something like this takes time, effort and hard work, especially when you are unfit like me! Training my body to achieve this 25km goal is only one of my motivations though, the other goal is to raise awareness of children who have little access to education, to connect with staff and students of our Pacific community and other local Lutheran schools and churches. And of course, to support the education of children in African refugee camps. This walk is called ‘Walk my Way’ and is being organised by the Australian Lutheran World Service.

‘Walk my Way’ is happening next Sunday 4th August. The 25km walk goes from Good Shepherd Lutheran College in Noosaville to Luther Heights Youth Camp in Coolum and there are also shorter alternatives available. Every $26 raised enables a refugee child in Africa to go to school. You can register for the walk, find out more information, set a fundraising goal, share your fundraising page on social media and donate to the Pacific team by visiting: Alternatively, click here to download the ‘Walk my Way’ flyer.

Year 4 Bible Presentation

All Year 4 families are invited to a special intergenerational service at St Mark's @ Pacific this Sunday 28th July. At this service, the College and church are introducing a new milestone of gifting an ‘Adventure Bible’ to all Year 4 students. The service is taking place at 9.30am in the Pacific music rooms; entry is via Red Cedar Drive. Please RSVP to the Year 4 teachers or myself (

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior College Students

International Relationships

Over the recent school holidays, I was privileged to be a part of the 2019 Japan Trip, where 20 Senior College students embarked on a two week cultural experience in Japan. This biennial trip, which has been going since 2005, has positively affected many lives (both in Australia and in Japan) through the sharing of cultures, traditions and experiences.

Although the students talk about the friendships formed, the visiting of different cities and the shopping and sight-seeing; there is more to the trip than what meets the eye. What most do not realise at the time, is the strength of connections formed between the two countries, across a range of different areas. The connections between staff and students are not just superficial, with many of the host families still in contact with Pacific staff and students long after the trip ends. In some cases, Pacific families travel back to Japan to spend more time with their host families, even years after the experience. Seishin students have also been known to do the same, visiting their Australian hosts in return. Past Japanese Teacher Assistants who have worked at Pacific, even for brief periods of time, are always eager to catch up with the Pacific travelling group due to the strong international bonds that have been formed through these partnerships.

In a world where globalisation is now the norm, the Pacific Japan Trip provides students with many great opportunities. Pacific greatly values the forging of international relationships, as also demonstrated by our engagement in various exchange programs. Recently, Camilla Barstad and Chloe Mear undertook a 12-month Rotary student exchange and the lessons that they learnt and taught us were invaluable. Similarly, this week we proudly welcomed our Seishin exchange students to Pacific for Term 3, Koki and Ikumi, and look forward to the experiences that we can all share. The opportunities that we are offered for building international relationships, as well as the tremendous benefits of them, are enormous. It is up to each one of us to make the most of them. We encourage all students and families to fully engage with these experiences to learn more about others in this global age.

Thank you to Mrs Michiko Hauser for her organisation and leadership of these important cultural experiences.

PCG and Year 12 House Photos

Over the next four weeks, all Year 7-12 students will have their photos taken in their Pastoral Care Groups for the College magazine. It is important to note that all must dressed in full formal winter uniform, with blazers (Senior College students) and ties. Please check carefully for the dates that each group is required for photos. Reminders will be in student notices in the lead up to each photo morning. All students will need to be on time to morning PCG in order to be in the photos.

  • Bula: Bula 5-8 taken this week and Bula 1-4 TBA
  • Wira: Week 4 and 5 – Wira 1-4 on Monday 5th August and Wira 5-8 on Monday 12th August
  • Mumba: Week 6 – Mumba 1-4 on Monday 19th August and Mumba 5-8 on Thursday 22nd August

The Year 12 house photos will be taken on Thursday 1st August during their Christian Studies lesson in Period 4.

Athletics Carnival

The Year 7-12 Athletics Carnival will be held this Friday 26th July. We wish all students the very best on the day. It is sure to be a fun and exciting carnival once again and we all look forward to the comradery, house spirit and quality of competition.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Year 5 Leaders and Parent Conferences

Congratulations to the Year 5 leaders for this term who were presented with their leadership badges at Monday’s assembly.

Thank you to those parents who attended the Prep – Year 5 conferences this week. As the learning journey at Pacific is a shared one between parents, staff and students, these conferences play an important role in enabling parents to be a part of their child’s growth and development.

Random Acts of Kindness

As I entered the College yesterday, one of the students greeted me with a hearty good morning and held the gate open for me to enter. Often, we undervalue the positive impact that small acts of kindness can have on another person. A smile, speaking in a friendly voice, helping another or doing something thoughtful or generous for others can brighten a dull day and invigorate our feelings and emotions. Acting kindly towards another not only makes the receiver feel good, but the person performing the actions finds their endeavours fulfilling and satisfying.

Are such behaviours innate or do they need to be learnt? Recent scientific evidence has found that surprisingly, our brains are actually wired to be benevolent. Our social environment is often directed towards an ‘every man for himself attitude’, based upon success at the expense of others.

Like any skill, how to speak and act with kindness is something that can be taught. At the College, the development of social and emotional competencies in students is a major focus. Research regularly reaffirms that happy, confident and resilient children perform more successfully academically.

Each year, students study the You Can Do It program, which includes lessons on Getting Along, Persistence, Confidence, Organisation and Emotional Resilience. Students work within the framework of Restorative Practices and the Christian Studies and devotions program. In support of these programs this term, students will be trialling study in developing the concept of kindness.

The concepts translate easily from school to home. As a parent, we all want our children to be happy, confident and resilient. We also want our children to act with thought and kindness without the need for extrinsic forms of motivation (prizes). A quick internet search reveals there is a great variety of interesting material available on the topic. The following site, which contains a program used successfully in the Colorado Schools District in the United States, acts as a great starting point if you are interested in the topic:

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Blockbuster Trivia Night

The Pacific Blockbuster Trivia Night is shaping up to be bigger than Ben-Hur. Tables are selling faster than tickets to the Star Wars Trilogy or Bohemian Rhapsody. We’re now at 85% capacity, so don’t delay in booking your table. This event will sell out!

Gather your team of 8-10 for a night of fun and laughter on Saturday 17th August. We welcome back our quiz scribe, Mrs Leah Croke and MC, Mr Russell Ousley and wait in anticipation to see which team will be crowned champions. Kicking off at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start, tickets are $10 per person. There will be a fully stocked Blockbuster Bar and you’re invited to BYO food and table decorations. There will also be some amazing prizes up for grabs for the trivia winners and round winners, table challengers, best-dressed themed tables and individuals. Don’t miss our Blockbuster Live Auction, which will include the famous Pacific car park space and an F45 training package.

Plus…come dressed as a character from your favourite movie for more laughs. If you're stuck for dress up ideas, here are a few tips: Go Back to the Future with Game of Thrones. Call on the Ghostbusters or Mrs Doubtfire and bring along your friends from Madagascar. It might be Mission Impossible to find an Incredibles outfit but it will be worth seeing the School of Rock.

Don’t forget…. there will be loads of prizes, games and challenges on offer so you can act Seventeen Again!

To book…

1. Get your team together and appoint a captain. No need to worry if you don't have a full team, we can place you with others (adults, alumni and Year 11 and 12 students).

2. Click here to download the booking form. Complete the details and return via email to:"> before tables sell out!

3. Look out for clues. The earlier you book your table, the more chances you’ll be given to gather hints.

4. The best-dressed Blockbuster-themed tables and individuals will win prizes!

Year 7-12 Athletics Carnival – BBQ Stall

FoP will once again host the BBQ stall at the Year 7-12 Athletics Carnival this Friday 26th July at USC. We will have a sausage sizzle, drinks and muffins available for purchase throughout the day. Thank you to Mrs Allyson Sarvari for once again coordinating the stall. If parents have time to help on the day for an hour or so, please send a quick email to:

Next Meeting

Please join us for our next meeting at 6.30pm on Tuesday 30th July in the College Library.

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Library News

Voices on the Coast

Last week, 55 students attended the Voices on the Coast Literature Festival. Students heard from a range of authors, saw performances, listened to poets and learnt how illustrators create their art. During their free time students enjoyed meeting authors and getting their books signed, exploring the University of the Sunshine Coast campus and socialising in the cafeteria. It was a highly enjoyable and thought-provoking day.

Book Week

We’ve received some great entries for our Book Week activities. Each week a new activity is posted on our Book Week page: (password is plc). All entries go in the draw for a gift card to Event Cinemas and anyone who completes all five activities will be invited to a pizza party later this term.


Some LibGuides have been added or updated over the holidays. If your child has assignments coming up, check the LibGuides for information to assist with research. The password is plc.

Year 4 HASS

Year 7 Biology

Year 11 Chemistry

Book Club

Book Club orders are due in to the library by this Monday 29th July.

Ms Nell Keen, Head of Library

Junior College

Get Ready Schools Competition

Earlier this year, primary school students were urged to get creative and produce videos to encourage the community to be disaster ready as part of the Sunshine Coast’s Get Ready Schools Competition. As part of the Get Ready Queensland program, council developed the school competition so that young people are part of the conversation when it comes to disaster preparedness.

Students across Prep – Year 6 were encouraged to enter the competition and three of our students were announced as finalists. In May, their videos were played at the Sunshine Coast Emergency Services Community Expo. Congratulations to Alex Hentschel, Annie Hentschel and Isabella Lee!

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5

Champions for Change

Well done to the Foundation and Junior College who have raised just under $1000 for our water cooler, simply by cashing in our empty containers from our Containers for Change program. Following are some things we hope to action this term. Our container numbers have dropped so far this term. Which means we are making better consumer choices. So, to continue raising money, we will conduct a Community Collection of cans on the last Friday of each month. Just bring in your empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans and we will recycle them for you. Please keep an ear out for more information regarding what to do. We ask that NO glass be brought in. We want to encourage the Waste Warriors, all those kids who like us, believe that we need to keep all our rubbish in the bins and NOT on the ground. We will be providing gloves, hats and bags for students to use during lunchtimes. Nude lunches. This term we would like to trial nude lunches. Where you either pack your lunches using zero packaging or you take home all the packaging you produce. This will get us one step closer towards our goal of a BINLESS Junior College and a cleaner environment.

So, you just need to remember these three things:

  1. Containers for collection, the last Friday of each month – the first one will be tomorrow, Friday 26th July. No glass please. Click here to download our flyer.
  2. Waste Warriors – can collect gloves and bags from outside the Learning Enrichment room.
  3. Nude lunches – officially for the month of August, but why not start changing your habits, today!

Summer, Orly and Honey, Year 5 Champions for Change

Cultural News

Japan and Inbound Exchange 2019

At the end of last term, 20 students and three staff members embarked on the biennial 15-day trip to Japan. After taking the scenic route to Narita International Airport via Kuala Lumpur, students arrived to the front gates of our sister school, Seishin Gakuen. During their one week stay here, students participated in activities such as shodo (traditional calligraphy), kendo (Japanese fencing), sado (tea ceremony) and kyudo (Japanese archery). The Pacific students also taught netball to Seishin’s Year 10 HPE class! The biggest highlight however, was the lifelong friendships that were forged between the Pacific students and their host families and shadow students.

After farewelling Seishin, the students travelled to Asakusa, Kyoto and Hiroshima. During the three day stop at Kyoto, students enjoyed a day at Universal Studios Japan, followed by a day touring the shrine and temples of Kyoto, including Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavilion) and Kiyomizu Temple. At Hiroshima, students learned about the tragic past of the now rebuilt city by visiting the Peace Memorial Museum and prayed for world peace at the Flame of Peace.

This trip has no doubt allowed students to develop a stronger cultural understanding of Japan and what it means to be an international citizen, highlighting the importance of fostering international connections, particularly with our sister school, Seishin Gakuen.

Following the Japan Trip, this week, we welcomed the Inbound Exchange students from Seishin, Ikumi and Koki. Ikumi and Koki will spend the remainder of Term 3 at Pacific. The Inbound Exchange provides valuable opportunities for both Pacific and Seishin students to build authentic connections, form lifelong friendships and develop intercultural understandings, all of which are crucial skills in today’s modern world. We thank Ella Ousley, Patrick Swindles and Lachlan Buchanan and their families for hosting Ikumi and Koki. We hope Ikumi and Koki enjoy their adventure at Pacific!

Mrs Michiko Hauser, Head of 6-12 Japanese

From the Head of Career Development

University Open Days

Term 3 is definitely Open Day and Expo season. There are events on every weekend right through July and August. To check dates and see what’s on, please check our Careers Events Calendar at:

Term 3 Appointments

Term 3 is also a busy time for student appointments. Students in Year 12 and Year 10 will receive invitations to meetings with Mrs Wanda Hayes during this term and into the early part of Term 4. Many invitations have already gone out and the rest will go out in the coming weeks. If you are concerned that you might have missed out, please contact Mrs Wanda Hayes or Mrs Ann Barwick at the Main Reception.

A reminder to Year 10 students: please make sure you complete all sections of ‘About me’, ‘Jobs’, ‘Next Steps’ and ‘Bulls-Eye’ on Career Central, before coming to your meeting.

Trade Training Centre Information Evening

The Sunshine Coast Technical Trade Training Centre will host an information evening for parents and students on Thursday 15th August. Information on various courses and opportunities will be presented. For more information, click here to download the event flyer.

Upcoming Webinars

QTAC Essentials for Parents

On Tuesday 6th August, Mrs Wanda Hayes will host a webinar for parents of Year 12 students, to explain how the university application process works. This is a great opportunity to bust some common myths and get a better understanding of what you and your Year 12 student can expect over the coming months, if they are intending to apply to university. This webinar will be broadcast live from 5.00 – 5.30pm on Tuesday 6th August. This presentation will also be recorded and made available to interested people who are unable to attend. Please click here to register.

International Study

On Monday 19th August, Mrs Wanda Hayes will host a webinar for parents and students who are interested in exploring their options for university study overseas. This will include information about how to access scholarship options. The webinar will be broadcast live from 5.00 – 5.30pm on Monday 19th August. The presentation will also be recorded and made available to interested people who are unable to attend. Please click here to register.

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Sport News

Wallabies Visit

On Tuesday, 100 students across Years 4-12 participated in an exclusive training session with a former Wallaby, Adam Freier. They participated in a variety of skill-based drills and were given tips and tricks to better their performance on-field. They also had the opportunity to hold the real rugby world cup that the Wallabies won in 1999. This was a great opportunity for students to get a taste of what rugby is about and engage with a player that has competed on the world stage.

Coming up on the calendar is Years 4-6 training during Monday lunchtimes, starting in Week 4. We also have the Sunshine Coast Rugby 7s tournament coming up in August. In Term 4 we will have the preliminary training starting up for the 2020 U12 Armidale Schools Rugby Tournament. We look forward to more players engaging with rugby and participating in the variety of opportunities we offer at Pacific.

Mr Josh Cummins, Rugby Coordinator

Junior Sport (P-6)

Sunshine Coast Marathon - PLC Running Club

Every Tuesday morning, Mr Stuart Pohlner leads a dedicated group of teachers and students from Years 2-8 for the PLC Running Club. The group’s original focus was our Cross Country Carnivals and the Caloundra Foreshore Run. But with these events now complete, the last run on the calendar is the upcoming Sunshine Coast Marathon on Sunday 4th August.

Pacific currently has 35 runners entered in either the 2km, 5km or 10km events and is ranked in fourth place for the school event nominations.

Event brochures were distributed to students this week. If your child is interested in participating, it is not too late to enter. Parents will need to transport their child to and from the event and provide supervision on the day. Pacific will have a tent set up near the start line. Runners can meet and leave their gear at this tent prior to their race.

Details for the day are listed below:

Date: Sunday 4th August

Start/Finish Line: Alexandra Headland Surf Club

Enter online at:

When you decide what race to enter and have completed the form, in the teams section look for Pacific Lutheran 2019 to join our team! This will also get you a 10% discount.

Secondary Sport (7-12)

SCISSA Touch Results






Junior Boys A




Logan Connolly

Junior Girls A




Charlise Bell

Junior Girls B




Olivia Fiedler

Junior Boys B




Harry Hockam


Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport 

Club Sport

Pacific FC

Round 14 Review

Our Saturday games are possible due to our amazing volunteers! That’s why we love giving away Rebel Sport gift cards! Congratulations to canteen helper Angela (U12 Seals), who has won the $50 gift card for Round 14.

Did you know our volunteer morning setup crew start at 6.00am and continue through until 8.00am? At 12.45pm, when the U6-U10 matches are finished, they change over the field for the competitive age teams to play. When the last of the games finish at 4.45pm, they then pack up the equipment, gazebos and clean up any rubbish. This takes about another hour. It’s a long day for our volunteers but they ensure that the games start and finish without a hitch. We thank our set up and pack up crew for all their continued hard work.

The Cookie Monsters were back for the Round 14 canteen. It’s always a good day when our home bakers create treats. Thank you to Elise, Carice, Diann and Mandy! 

Pacific FC Upcoming Events

As it's a busy term, we have put together a reminder about some of the upcoming events:

  • Round 15 – 27th July: Home game (canteen duty - Swordfish, Razors, Dolphins, Stingrays, Seals and Eels.) Home baking welcome!
  • Round 15 – Team photos: The photo schedule is now available on our Team App. Please bring your photo envelopes to the session.
  • Round 16 – 3rd August: Away game.
  • Round 17 – 10th August: Away game.
  • Round 18 – 17th August: Final round – away game.
  • 24th and 31st August and 7th September: U11-U14 semi, prelim and grand final matches. Saturday 24th August is our last home game for the season with the Rooball Carnival. We will most likely host the U6 and U7 carnivals with five fields.
  • Friday 13th September: U11+ SCCSA Adermann Night (SCCSA invite only).
  • Sunday 15th September: Pacific FC end of season family fun day and presentations at the College. All Pacific FC families welcome.
  • 12th, 19th and 26th October: SCCSA Representative Trials for the 2020 season (U10-U16) at Mudjimba Multisport. All current U9 (born 2010) – U16 players are welcome to trial.

Mr Zane Russell, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball Club

The Club Annual General Meeting was held this week on Monday 22nd July. Over the last 12 months, there has been significant change in the Club with us reaching our mandate of becoming a ‘Club for girls of all ages and all abilities’. This goal was achieved by fielding teams from Division 1 to U7 in the 2019 season and was achieved through the hard work and support of the College, Committee, coaches, team managers, parents and the players themselves.

Our committee for the 2020 season is:

  • President / Secretary: Trevor Colton (Arabians)
  • Treasurer / Vice-President: Christian Gorham (Thoroughbreds / Chargers)
  • Registration Secretary: Jo Withnall (Unicorns / Pintos / Ponies)
  • Assistant Registrar: Steve Rattey (Brumbies)
  • Media Manager: Trisha McFadyen (Fillies)
  • Social Events Coordinator: Lorraine Wilkie (Pintos)
  • Equipment Manager: Kylie O’Rourke (Ponies)
  • Community Liaison: Ann Johnston (Shetlands)
  • Ladies Team Manager: Carrie Wortley (Palominos)
  • Director of Coaching: Michelle Dufty
  • Director of Umpiring: Tayla Gorham (Thoroughbreds)
  • Club Captains: Ella Ousley (Arabians) and Amie Hague (Brumbies)

It is extremely pleasing to have achieved the following Committee outcomes:

  • 10 of our 11 teams this year are represented by at least one Committee member;
  • Three of our Junior players hold executive positions;
  • The size and diversity of professional skills continues to mature; and
  • We have two members from outside of the Pacific community.

An important addition to the team is the establishment of a Community Liaison Officer, Ann Johnston. Ann is a professional Social Worker specialising in Hospital Emergency and Paediatric related community support. Consequently, her professional expertise is a great asset to the Club. It is also important to note that the role has been established to facilitate resolutions. If you have any areas you would like to discuss with Ann, please contact her via:

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball Club President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Service Notice


Sunday Worship Times

St Mark’s Church @ Pacific

9.30am Pacific Lutheran College

(Entry via Red Cedar Drive, Meridan Plains)

Google Maps St Mark's Lutheran @ Pacific


Are you looking for a friendly church where young people, old people, children, families and singles are appreciated, empowered and encouraged to grow as Christians?

Everyone is welcome!

Get in touch: Pastor Ray Morris

0429 856 532



Pastor Ray, St Mark’s Lutheran Church

General Notices

LLL Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a charitable financial institution which provides savings accounts and has been trusted since 1921.

The LLL has a variety of savings accounts: personal and joint accounts; guardian accounts for children; and Business accounts, including self-managed super funds and not-for-profit organisations.


LLL Savings Accounts have many features, including:

  • A great interest rate;
  • No fees or charges at all;
  • Internet banking;
  • No minimum balance or deposit requirements;
  • No ‘bonus’ interest hurdles; and
  • Your money is available to withdraw at any time.

For further information regarding the LLL, visit the College’s Business Office or

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre!

To order your book or digital membership, visit:

Pacific Fitness Club

Parents have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Pacific Fitness Hub’s classes! The classes are a great way to keep fit and make new friends.

  • Training: We will be offering a mix of various types of training, tailored to each individual, including high intensity, weights, cardio, core training, yoga/ flexibility.
  • Transformation: Mason will track your progress and achievement of your goals.  Functional fitness assessment, body composition measurement and goal related fitness assessment will be recorded at commencement and on completion.
  • Goals: Improve strength, increasing lean muscle, increasing endurance, mobility, flexibility, reducing body fat percentage, improving sleep, concentration and mood and increasing energy levels, nutrition changes.

For enquiries and registration please contact Mason on 0433 421 969 or email:

Upcoming Dates


26                    Year 7-12 Athletics Carnival – USC

28                    St Mark’s @ Pacific Grow and Share Event – Year 4 Bible Presentation (9.30am)

29                    Year 8 Camp Departure

30                    Year 10 2020 Subject Selection Evening (6.00pm)

                         Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)


1                       Australian Mathematics Competition

2                       Year 8 Camp Returns

5                       Primary Lutheran Athletics Carnival

                         P-2 Author Visit

6                       Year 3-5 Author Visit

7                       Year 6-8 Author Visit

                         Year 10-12 Drama Excursion – Brisbane

12                     Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)

                         Years 7-12 Schools Water Polo Begins

12-16               National Science Week

13                    Year 9 2020 Information Evening (6.00pm)

13-16               Year 5 Camp – Bornhoffen

15-16              13-19yrs District Athletics Carnival

17                    Friends of Pacific Trivia Night (6.30pm)