Compass No. 528 March 2019

From the Principal

Learning Through Feedback

Being able to respond effectively to feedback requires us to be able switch down our emotional response. Questions such as ‘what can be learnt here’, ‘what needs to be learnt’ and ‘what are my next steps’ help us to focus our thinking on action. It also helps us to develop resilience, to take personal responsibility and to develop confidence in our abilities to make the changes we’ve identified. As young people receive feedback through their assessments, it is important that conversations are focused on what they, rather than someone else, should do to improve their learning. 

This important life lesson of putting our thinking and emotional energy into those things where we have influence is described by Stephen Covey in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a key to success. Growing intellectual efficacy and resilience takes time and exercise. It can’t be done by someone else.

Principal's Log

We congratulate our Speech and Drama students and their tutor, Mrs Lisa McKibben, on their growth over the last year. This was highlighted by all 26 students achieving either a Merit or Honours on their practical Speech and Drama exams at the end of last year. In addition to this, at the Australian College of Music’s Annual Awards Night held in Brisbane, Middle College student Mia Bradshaw received a Gold medal and Senior students Cosette Winter and Emily McKenzie and Middle College student Mya Boyall received Silver medals. We were excited to learn that 2017 graduate Imogen Joppich attained her Associate Diploma for Speech and Drama Teaching and was presented with the prestigious Sheila Birchley Award and bursary for outstanding achievement at the Diploma level.

Our Pacific Dance Academy students are looking forward to representing the College next Friday night at the Get the Beat dance competition, where schools from Northlakes to Noosa compete. The team is looking to build on the success they experienced last year where they were awarded 1st and 2nd place. We wish the girls joy as they perform next week and thank Mrs Kristy Astwick for her support of these students.

Year 9 students were recognised for their manners and warmth as they welcomed Learning Support and Enrichment teachers from a variety of Queensland Independent Schools yesterday. Pacific hosted the Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) NCCD Moderation Workshop Sunshine Coast. The workshop provided opportunity for teachers to engage in professional dialogue and learn more about the NCCD moderation process. Pacific regularly receives very strong, positive feedback from ISQ in regard to the quality of our differentiated approach that provides stretch and success for students including those who need extension. We are grateful to have the talented leadership of Mrs Jo Belchamber, Mr Chris Mundey and Mrs Sara Taverner in this area.

May we all grow the capacity to learn through feedback.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Palms and Courage

As we come close to the end of the term, our weekly threads focus on the events of Easter; Jesus’ death and his rising again to new life. This week our thread focuses on Palm Sunday, which will be celebrated in the middle Sunday of the holidays.

You might have noticed or been involved in some traditions that often happen on Palm Sunday. Some of these rituals include making crosses out of palm fronds, using whole palm branches in processions, as decorations in churches and in the wider community and marching in public places for peace and social justice issues. So, why the palms, processions and marches?

On the first Palm Sunday, nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus borrowed a donkey and rode into the city of Jerusalem while the people shouted out declaring Him King. The whole city received Jesus with shouts of Hosanna, a Hebrew word which means ‘save us’. The people of Jerusalem saw Jesus as the one who would save them from their Roman occupiers. But in less than a week, the political and religious powers soon turned on Him and orchestrated His death. Knowing this to be His purpose, Jesus willingly and courageously accepted God’s plan for His life and the life of the world.  

A wise person once commented that there are two kinds of courage. There is the kind of courage the prompts someone to throw themselves in the way of an oncoming car to push a child to safety. It is the kind of bravery that is instinctual, habitual and is revealed in the moment of crisis. There is also the kind of courage that sees danger coming a long way off, that has plenty of time to choose an alternative path, yet chooses to stay the course, to remain faithful, to endure the mounting fear to do one’s duty. It is this second kind of courage we see in Jesus. He knows what lies ahead of Him. He has seen it coming for most of His life. He has plenty of opportunities to flee to the path of safety. Yet, He does not. He stays the course, endures the fear, makes plans to embrace it in love and wrestle it to the death. (

How’s your courage barometer as we come to the end of the term? Are you feeling like you have much courage, the sort of Palm Sunday courage Jesus showed in pursuing to the end? Not giving up or taking the easy option but continuing to the very end, enduring the unpleasant things you know you have to go through. That’s the sort of courage Jesus shows us on Palm Sunday. It’s the sort of courage Jesus gives us exactly when we feel like giving up.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

What does it all mean?

What is the meaning of life? It would be fair to say that for millennia, human beings have pondered this question and attempted to answer it. It’s fair to say that everyone who has pondered this question would come up with a unique response. Christians though, would suggest that the answer may be found in Genesis chapters 1 and 2, where God made a beautiful world and created humankind to live in it and share a special relationship with Him.

Malcolm Bartsch in his book, A God Who Speaks and Acts, beautifully describes how one of the purposes of Lutheran schools is to encourage students to develop patience and an understanding that not everything may be known immediately. Moreover, it is only through our collected experiences that we develop wisdom and perhaps get closer to making sense of such a difficult question. We live in a world that is operating at an alarmingly fast pace, where the answer to just about anything is only a Google search away. It is therefore a challenge to remind ourselves that sometimes it is necessary to just ‘stop and smell the roses’. A further challenge that not only aligns with the need to exhibit patience, but also moves away from seeking the answer to the meaning of life, is to find meaning in life. Michael Steger, an internationally respected voice in this field, has determined that meaning in life is positively correlated to, amongst other things, positive emotions, life satisfaction and resilience. Furthermore, we might all be able to experience more meaning in life through engaging in various activities. Therefore, as the end of term nears and the holidays begin, I encourage our young people to consider taking up a new hobby or activity that broadens their minds, engages their senses and provides further meaning in their lives.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish all members of the Pacific community a safe and relaxing break over the holidays, in preparation for when we return in Term 2.

Student Volunteers - Open Day

Years 6-12 students are encouraged to volunteer as tour guides for the College’s upcoming Open Day on Sunday 28th April (12.30pm – 3.30pm). The student tours are an important component of our Open Day program and are a highlight for many visiting families. Students who are interested can leave their name at the Middle / Senior College Administration Office.

Mr Ben Ryan, Director of Students

From the Head of Teaching and Learning K-5


Last week, our 2018 Year 4 YACHTS students visited the Queensland Museum for the finalist ceremony of the World Science Festival’s Hatchery Crusaders Project.

At the ceremony, students heard from CEO and Queensland Museum Director, Dr Jim Thompson, as well as Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP. Students received a personalised certificate for their participation in the project and the Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP also presented our team with a Highly Commended trophy for their entry, Plastic Tomb. This was incredibly exciting for our students, but the excitement didn’t stop there!

As part of this event, students had exclusive access to the turtle hatchery, as well as to Queensland Museum’s turtle expert, Patrick Couper. Following this, students had a private session with six scientists from Queensland University who are currently researching plastic pollution and its impact on the marine environment. They were able to further explore this area and share their own knowledge with the scientists, participating in a quiz about the plastic pollution problem. The scientists were amazed at the depth of knowledge Pacific students were able to share and decided they’d need to make the quiz even more challenging next time!

Our trip concluded with special VIP access to the NASA exhibit, which thrilled many students who have a personal interest in this area. All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity to see our students shine and enjoy the exclusive experiences they were involved in. Well done to all our YACHTS students for the work that they do, but particularly to this group of finalists.

Mrs Christine Doyle, Head of Teaching and Learning 3-5


Neon Disco - Still On!

The Neon Disco is still going ahead this Friday!

A friendly reminder that this event is strictly for Pacific students only. Siblings younger than prep age will be unable to join in. On entry, students will be given a wrist-band and it is a fully supervised event (parents can drop off and leave). There will be food and drinks available to purchase for parents who wish to stay.

Prep – Year 5 Disco:

  • Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm
  • Cost: $5 (includes a snack on entry and food on departure)

Year 6-9 Disco:

  • Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm
  • Cost: $5 (includes food on entry)

To book, visit:

Food for Thought

Managing Angry Feelings

Anger is a normal emotion in both children and adults alike. But how we express and deal with our feelings of anger is the difference between living in relative peace and feeling like we are at our wits’ end.

Learning to manage angry children and teens is an ongoing process and an important skill to learn. Learn about how to deal with anger at:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Golf Day – Sunday 9th June

The Pacific Lutheran College and IBN Private Golf Day will be held on Sunday 9th June from 10.30am at the Pelican Waters Golf Club!

Registrations are now open! Click here to download the registration form and book your team in!

  • $100 per individual player; or
  • $400 per team.

The registration fee includes a cart, brunch and a meal at the 19th. We are planning a fun event, so gather your team together now!

Hole sponsorship opportunities are still available and we encourage you and your business to get behind the event. This prestigious 4-ball Ambrose event attracts the College’s top sports people as well as amateur golfers from across the Sunshine Coast – your prime target market.

Hole Sponsorship - $700

  • Opportunity to display your banners at the hole.
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional material to the golfers.
  • Hole sponsors can enter one team of four (4) from your company (including a cart) to participate in the day and network with parents and players from the College.

Raffle Prizes

We thank Life and Love Photography for their generous prize package donation of a family portrait sitting. If you would like to donate a prize to the Golf Day Raffle, simply email us. A gift voucher or prize donation would be very much appreciated. With any donation, your business will be acknowledged with your business cards and flyers distributed to all players.

If you would like to be part of this event, please contact Golf Coordinator Erin Carter on 0403 125 824 or

Disco Support

FoP will be supporting the Neon Disco tomorrow evening with a BBQ and fruit station. Come say hello and lend a hand if you’re free!

Parent Representatives

We thank Mrs Rita Williams (Year 8 and 10) and Mrs Allyson Sarvari (Year 11) for offering to help out as Parent Representatives in the Middle and Senior College. Parents who are interested for Year 7, 9 and 12 are asked to contact Mr Ben Ryan ( or the Middle / Senior Administration Office on 5436 7315.

Woolworths Earn and Learn Promotion

Once again, FoP will coordinate the upcoming Woolworths Earn and Learn promotion. Next week, you’ll see the banners up around the College. When the stickers are released in coming weeks, please start collecting!

Save the Date – Trivia Night

The Trivia Night will also be held this year on Saturday 17th August in the Pacific gym! More information on this event will follow later in the year, however please mark the date in your calendars.

April Meeting

Our next Friends of Pacific meeting will be held on Tuesday 23rd April (the first day of Term 2) at 6.30pm in the College Library. All families and staff of the College are welcome to attend. We encourage you to come along and connect!

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Library News

Overdue Notices and Holiday Borrowing

Overdue notices will be emailed home this week. Please ask your children to return overdue books before the end of term. Books that are overdue by a month or more will be billed if not returned. Once students have returned their books, they may borrow up to 10 books over the upcoming school holidays.

Ms Nell Keen, Head of Library

Harmony Day Celebrity Reader

Thank you to Mr Damian Davis who rounded off our Harmony Day celebrations last Friday with the reading of a very new and lovely picture book called ‘All Are Welcome’. This book follows a group of very diverse children through their school day with wonderful examples of inclusivity. Mr Davis’ commentary and discussion with the children was a very valuable experience for all.

International Children's Book Day

Each year, on or around the anniversary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen, celebrations of children’s books take place all around the world. We have been lucky to acquire some fun activities and giveaways from Puffin books and on Friday, our Celebrity Reader session will have a special lucky door prize for one audience member and special Puffin stickers for everyone.

The wonderful Jackie French shared this thought during the week. What a marvellous insight into books it is!

“A writer is a literary window washer. Writers write so the reader sees what is already there more clearly. A book does not change the world, but those who have read it, and see what they have never known, or never understood, may decide to act. Or at the least, they will see the world shine just a little more brightly.”

Ms Sue Warren, Teacher Librarian

Junior College

Year 5 Champions for Change

Our Year 5 Champions for Change have been busy this term, researching and campaigning to commence a sustainable process for collecting recyclable containers consumed on the Junior College campus. The hope is to roll this out across the Middle and Senior College in Term 2.

Last week was the first week of utilising our green wheelies, having class champions and tallying and reporting back to the year levels. We were delighted and amazed to discover that we collected over 250 containers in one week! Our most impressive year level was Year 3, whose students collected 73 containers in total. This week, we know the students are being vigilant, so we can’t wait to see the results.

We have modelled and discussed the three steps needed to recycle safely and effectively, before placing containers in our wheelies:

  1. Empty the containers;
  2. Clean out any extra scraps; and
  3. Remove lids or straws.

This Friday is the Neon Disco and our Champions will ensure we can capitalise on any empty containers.

Please look for our green wheelies and support our College, our environment and the passion of our Year 5 Champions for Change.

Mrs Lu Pollard, Year 5 Teacher

Secondary College

Afterschool Mathematics Tutoring

Afterschool Mathematics Tutoring has concluded for Term 1 and will resume on Tuesday 30th April (Week 2 of Term 2).

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Department Mathematics

Academic Challenge

Last week the first PCG challenge was held for the year: a mathematical problem-solving challenge! Points were awarded for correct answers and marks were also given for showing working steps.

Thank you to everyone who put their brain to the test and participated with enthusiasm. A champion PCG was selected from each house. Overall, there were only four points between first and second place, so well done to everyone. However, there can be only one winner and that was Mumba 5, followed by Bula 3 and Wira 5.

Stay tuned for our next challenge!

Reuben Taverner, Academic Action Group Captain

Cultural News

ACM Annual Speech and Drama Awards Night

The Australian College of Music’s Annual Awards Night was held in Brisbane on Saturday, with five Pacific Lutheran College students receiving recognition for achievements in Speech and Drama.

Middle College student Mia Bradshaw received a Gold medal, topping the state for her performance in Grade III Speech and Drama. Senior students Cosette Winter and Emily McKenzie and Middle College student Mya Boyall all received Silver medals. To be eligible for medals, students need to score more than 85% in their exam and be in the top two places in the state.

Pacific Lutheran College 2017 Graduate, Imogen Joppich, received her Associate Diploma for Speech and Drama Teaching on the night as well. Imogen was also presented with the prestigious Sheila Birchley Award and bursary for outstanding achievement at Diploma level.

From the Head of Career Development

Defence Force Recruiting Events

The Defence Force Recruiting team at Maroochydore is holding a series of events throughout April, including:

  • ADFA Future Leaders Networking Information Session – Wednesday 3rd April (evening)
  • Maroochydore Engineering Careers Information Session – Thursday 11th April (evening)
  • Sunshine Coast STEM Pathways Event – Friday 12th April (all day)
  • Submariner Information Session – Wednesday 17th April (evening)
  • Careers for Indigenous Australians Information Session – Monday 29th April (evening)

To register or for more information, visit the Defence Jobs events page:

TAFE Queensland Creative Masterclasses

TAFE Queensland is offering free masterclasses over the school holidays, in the areas of architecture, acting, music, film and television, photography and fashion. For more information and to register, visit:

Study in Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is holding an Interstate Student Information Day on Tuesday 16th April, on campus in Melbourne. This is not an Open Day, it is an event designed specifically for interstate students, to introduce them to the University and residential colleges. Registrations are essential. For more information and to register, visit: 

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Careers Counsellor

Junior Sport (P-6)


Starting next term, there is an opportunity for students aged 5-11 to be a part of the Rookies2Reds program delivered by Queensland Rugby Union. This fun and safe program is facilitated for one hour each week over a five-week period with sessions commencing after school from Monday 27th May to Monday 24th June 2019.

This program is designed to establish base level rugby skills such as passing, kicking and match play. Participants will receive a ‘Rookies2Reds’ pack for completing the program, which includes:

  • Bag
  • Hat
  • Rugby Ball and pump
  • Water bottle
  • Family pass to a reds home game, valued at $120

The cost is $60. Registrations and payments can be made online at:

Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Mr Josh Cummins at:

Mr Josh Cummins, Rugby Coordinator

Secondary Sport (7-12)

Monday Night Netball

After the cancelled games last week, it was good to be back on the courts. All teams played extremely well and the cancelled round appear to give all the girls another lift in their excitement and commitment to play. It was very pleasing to watch.

Team Result MVP
Senior Grey Loss Emily McKenzie / Emma Frohmuller
Senior White Win Crystal Page
Intermediate Pink Win Sophie Heidrich
Junior Yellow Win Katie Graves
Junior Blue Win Gracie Stevens
Junior Green Win Charlotte McDonagh
Junior Purple Loss Kirrily Petfield


Mrs Michelle Dufty, Netball Coordinator

SCISSA Results - Wednesday 27th March
Team Opposition Score Result MVP
Jnr Boys B Volleyball SUN 2-0 Win Zac McCarthy
Int Girls A Volleyball







Olivia Gartrell

Cosette Winter

Int Girls B Volleyball SAAC2 0-2 Loss Holly Ubrihien
Int Boys A Volleyball SCGS 0-2 Loss Nick Masson


Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC

The skies might have been clear but we could have used some cloud cover on Saturday with the extreme heat! Our players coped as best they could with the high humidity and were still smiling in the end. Well played everyone!

Thank you to the U7 Bears for sending in some fantastic photos from their game. Follow all the action on the Pacific FC Facebook page.

Thank You Volunteers

A huge thank you to the U8 Hammerheads, U7 Tigers, U11 Barracudas, U12 Seals and U14 Cobras who helped out for the Round 3 home games last Saturday.

Congratulations to Dave Harrys from the U12 Seals on winning a $50 Rebel Sport gift card. Dave helped last Saturday with field setup and pack up as well as cooking on the BBQ.

Round 4 – Saturday 30th March

All games are being played away this week. Please check the SCCSA website or the Pacific FC Team App for your game time and location.

K3 Easter Holiday Clinic

K3 have been working with our competitive teams in recent weeks. Join K3 in further developing skills with their Easter Holiday Clinic at Pacific on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April. The clinic will run from 9.00am to 12.00pm each day.

Cost: $60 for one day or $100 for two days.

Book now: call 0426 454 626 or message

Roar Active Program

Following the success of the Roar Active Program at the beginning of the season, we have the Roar coming back to hold follow up sessions on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th April. The sessions will run from 3.30pm to 5.30pm each day. Pacific FC will subsidise the cost so registration is only $40 for both days. Click here to book online!

Mr Zane Russell, Pacific FC President


PLC Netball Club

Over the last two weeks there has been a number of positive developments for the PLC Netball Club. Saturday marked the commencement of the season, which was a historic occasion for the Club as we fielded a total of 11 teams, including two Division 1 teams. The PLC Netball Club has doubled in size over the last three years.

The importance of this achievement is about establishing a pathway for the growth of our future players. To achieve our goal of being a fully inclusive Club, PLC Netball must field a full suite of teams, playing in different age groups and at differing skill levels. This is the true significance of fielding teams from U7 to Division 1.  For the 2019 U7 team, these achievements have provided them a pathway that allows each individual to reach their full potential.

Team sport is built on self-sacrifice aimed at putting the team’s goals ahead of our own. This is a cornerstone it shares with the Christian faith. The success of the Club is the direct result of the hard work and sacrifice of a number of dedicated individuals over the last three years. To see the 11 PLC Netball Club teams performing competitively on the weekend has provided a sense of achievement and pride within us all.

The Club would like to acknowledge the 28 girls, of all ages, who have played continuously with the Club since the 2017 season. Our successes could not have been achieved without the ongoing support of these girls and their families. Within this group I would especially like to acknowledge Tayla Gorham and Caitlin Hall. In 2016 both girls played in Division 3, they stayed with the Club in 2017 to play in our Division 5 side, then our Division 3 side in 2018. To see them both take the field in our Division 1 sides on Saturday was one of those special moments, particularly as both girls are U17 players and this year will be their final year of junior netball.

Finally, thank you to the 33 parents and players who act as Committee Members, Coaches and Team Managers every weekend; we would not have a Club without your dedication, commitment and support.  

Based on the results from Saturday, the 2019 season will see the Club grow from strength to strength. Well done to everybody involved and it is now time to enjoy the fruits of our efforts in the weekly on-field performances of the girls.

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball Club President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Service Notice

General Notices

LLL Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no fees or charges. All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.  The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.  Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre!

To order your book or digital membership, visit:

Pre-order now to enjoy special bonus offers!

Pacific Fitness Club

Parents have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Pacific Fitness Hub’s classes! The classes are a great way to keep fit and make new friends.

  • Training: We will be offering a mix of various types of training, tailored to each individual, including high intensity, weights, cardio, core training, yoga/ flexibility.
  • Transformation: Mason will track your progress and achievement of your goals.  Functional fitness assessment, body composition measurement and goal related fitness assessment will be recorded at commencement and on completion.
  • Goals: Improve strength, increasing lean muscle, increasing endurance, mobility, flexibility, reducing body fat percentage, improving sleep, concentration and mood and increasing energy levels, nutrition changes.

For enquiries and registration please contact Mason on 0433 421 969 or

Upcoming Dates


27-29              Year 12 Hospitality RACV Work Experience

29                    Neon Disco


3                       Year 11 RYDA Driver Education Day

4                       K-12 Chapel

                         Year 3-12 Cross Country Carnivals

                         Term 1 Concludes

12-14              Junior Rugby Trip – Armidale

14                    Palm Sunday

18                    Maundy Thursday

                         First Communion @ St Mark’s (6.30pm)

19                    Good Friday

20                    Easter Saturday

21                    Easter Sunday

22                    Easter Monday

23                    Term 2 Commences

                         Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)

24                    Years 6-12 ANZAC Day Service

                         Years 11-12 SCISSA Volleyball Commences

25                    ANZAC Day Public Holiday

26                    Prep – Year 5 ANZAC Day Service

                         Years 7-9 Schools Volleyball Commences

28                    PLC Open Day (12.30pm – 3.30pm)