Compass No. 525 March 2019

From the Principal

Welcoming Positive Futures For All

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this week, we acknowledge the important role that women play within families, communities, work places and society as a whole. We celebrate that in Australia, women have equal access to high quality education, health care and can engage in a choice of careers as well as play an important role within families and community groups. On this day too, we remember that access to this quality of life is not available to women in all countries. 

In recognising the abundance that we have within our lives in Australia, and particularly on the Sunshine Coast, we are reminded to be thankful for the individual gifts that we have. We are also encouraged to celebrate the diversity of gifts and perspectives that different women bring. Knowing and making the most of our strengths and being welcoming and encouraging of women who have different strengths and perspectives, provides a great melting pot for rich growth to occur.

The media can present a narrowing image of female identity in terms of shape, personality and roles. Sometimes individuals and social groups can also be limiting in their thinking. God has given us a great richness in life and invites us to live our lives fully and with purpose. Growing and playing to our strengths and welcoming others to do the same creates space for people to flourish. The more space we give, the more space opens.

Principal's Log

Congratulations to Rebekah Pierce who won the Caloundra Club’s Lions Youth of the Year competition for 2019. Well done to Jackson Laverick and Stephanie Keenan who also represented themselves, their families and the College well in their presentations and responses. We wish Rebekah well as she now goes on to compete in the regional competition at Bribie Island and thank Mrs Tina Cox for her support of these students.

It was a delight to learn that twelve Pacific students have successfully auditioned and been accepted into the Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra. This is a great opportunity for students and they can be proud of their growth and achievement. Our Music Department can also be proud of the talent and skill they have encouraged and nurtured within these young people.

We look forward to coming together as a community and celebrating International Women’s Day this Friday morning. May God give us the hearts and the insight to recognise the strengths that we and others possess and the generosity of spirit to provide a welcoming and encouraging space for those strengths to flourish.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Ashes on a Wednesday

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. Have you heard these words before? They are words from the Bible and you might have heard them spoken at the end of a funeral. In Genesis chapters two and three, we learn of Adam’s creation from the dust of the earth and then when he disobeys God, God tells him that he will eventually die and return to the earth; “Dust you are, to dust you will return” (Gen 3:19). These words were said over students and staff at the College this week on Ash Wednesday. In chapels, at kindy and in some offices, staff and students were invited to have an ash cross smudged on their foreheads as they heard these primordial words; “remember you are dust and to dust you will return”.

Why would a school want to remind students and staff they are going to die? Why would Christians develop this practice of being reminded of death and their mortality on Ash Wednesday? It’s not really a positive view of the future, is it? A more positive view of the future would be to say something like; remember you are alive, live life to the fullest. Jesus even said this at one point; “I have come to bring life to people that they may experience it to the fullest” (John 10:10). As a school, we definitely want children and teenagers to grow and develop a healthy, positive, hope-filled view of their future. Parents, teachers and schools want students to discover their potential, their talents and place, purpose and meaning in the world. This is important for students and indeed all people to discover.

But these words and the practice of the “imposition of ashes” have been developed by the Christian Church because of the events of Easter. Christians know that to truly live life abundantly and to its fullest, we need to die. We will all physically die one day, our life on earth is limited but we also need to die to ourselves. Each day we need the selfishness and pride we have as part of our human nature to die. Like Adam in the garden, we rebel against God and what we know we should do. We all have the unfortunate propensity to stuff things up in our relationships, in our expectations, in our lives. We put ourselves before others. But on one day a year, people have the opportunity to wear ashes and be reminded of a death that saves us. The ash smudged on our foreheads is in the shape of a cross, the cross that gives us hope and new life.

Just as Jesus died on the cross and was raised to new life, we need God to kill the things that need to die in our lives so that we can experience the freedom, forgiveness and new beginnings He offers us. As we continue to plough through the term to the Easter holidays, may we have moments to pause, be still and reflect on the meaning of the ashes, Lent and the cross.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor 

From the Head of Senior College Students

Love Your Enemies

Next Friday 19th March is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, which coincides with Pacific as a Peace Place. This is an important day on our calendar, as it reinforces our stance that bullying and violence are not to be tolerated. Everything we do at Pacific should reflect our core principles of Care, Dignity and Respect:

  • Care for ourselves and each other;
  • Dignity in how we act and interact; and
  • Respect for each other.

Even though these days are only on the calendar once a year, the principles of our Pacific community extend far beyond just one day. Around this time of year, I am often reminded of the words from the Gospel of Luke (chapter 6, verses 27-28), “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you”.

To many, it would seem counter-cultural to align ourselves with this line of thinking. The world tells us that we should only love those who love us and hate those who hate us. It isn’t always in our nature to “pray for those who mistreat” us! However, Jesus has called us to a higher level of thinking when interacting with each other.

There are so many positive interactions and achievements each and every day throughout the College and it is important to celebrate these. It is also important to remember how Jesus calls us to act when relationships break down. So, as we approach this significant day on the calendar next Friday, my prayer is that we all remember how to treat each other with care, dignity and respect.

For more information about the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, please visit

Senior Student Leadership

The journey through Senior College provides students with a range of leadership opportunities. I encourage all students to get involved in the many and varied aspects of service and leadership at the College. A great way of doing so is to join a Pacific Action Group. We have groups for Academic, Culture, Spirituality and Service, Sport, Pastoral Care and Environment. The groups are led by a student captain and are overseen by staff members. These groups meet every fortnight during lunchtime on Wednesdays. If you would like more information on these groups, please speak to me directly.

We are also privileged to have access to the Lutheran Youth of Queensland (LYQ) who run leadership days for our senior students. The Year 10 cohort will have their first LYQ Leadership Day in Term 2 and we look forward to hearing of their experiences. The Year 11 and 12 students have had sessions with LYQ previously and enjoyed the days immensely. I encourage all students to start to thinking about areas in the College where they can lead, regardless of whether they would like to pursue a formal leadership position.

God bless.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Cyber Safety

When Susan McLean visited the College last month, she covered a range of topics pertinent to young people using digital spaces. She made particular note of the legal age restrictions surrounding the use of many social media platforms. Apps such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok stipulate in their terms of use that users must be over 13 years of age. Therefore, if your child is on these platforms and is under age, they are breaking the law by ignoring the terms and conditions.

Enabling children younger than 13 to access these environments, can expose them to unsuitable content and even invite contact and interaction with unknown people. Sites such as TikTok have also recently been fined for the illegal collection of children’s data. By allowing children access to these sites before they are ready emotionally and socially, is leaving them in potentially dangerous situations.

The safe age restrictions also apply to the gaming platform, Fortnite. Their terms state that users must be 12 years of age. Again, early exposure to games and gaming platforms designed for older children can become problematic. Online trolling and exclusion within the game can be an issue for children who are not mature enough to deal with the features and interactions of the platform. There are also numerous examples of unknown adults contacting younger children through the game’s features.

As part of our Digital Licence, students in Years 4 and 5 cover various elements of what Digital Citizenship means. In addition to our student resources, there are also many parent resources available. These will be shared incrementally throughout the year. The first of these is an infographic on Fortnite: This provides many informative links to dealing with the challenges that Fortnite can present.

Chess Mates

Chess Mates is returning to Pacific Lutheran College this year! Chess Mates specialises in teaching children of all age groups and skill levels in a fun and engaging way. Younger students learn Chess through songs and stories, while older or more advanced students are taught openings, strategies and forward planning.

Classes will be held from 3.10pm – 3.55pm on Tuesday afternoons. The cost is $12 per lesson.

A Chess Mates registration form has been distributed to Junior College students. If you have any questions about the classes, please email Completed forms can be returned to Mrs Sue Kleinschmidt in Administration.

Mr Damian Davis, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Learning K-5

Nurturing a Love of Reading

For children today, reading books for pleasure has a lot of competition from many other pursuits. Television doesn’t require them to visualise scenarios or use their imagination as much and a video game has all the bells and whistles to be immediately absorbing. But books continue to form the cornerstone of childhood education and development, says Julie Wells, president of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA), and there is a large body of research to back this up.

“Nothing can fire up a child’s vivid imagination more than reading a book, or having one read to them, because it is their imagination that is creating the images from the words they’re reading,” she says.

“The academic and social benefits that come with enjoying reading have also been well documented. But for children it is the absolute joy they can find in reading that is so important.”

Quantity or Quality?

Educators, authors and government bodies have all enjoyed putting a figure on how many books children should be reading, or how many a parent should be reading with their younger child each day. In Australia, figures have been debated that parents should read five books a day to their little children, or at least for 10 minutes a day.

Well-known children’s author Mem Fox wrote in her book, Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud To Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever (Mariner Books), that children need to hear 1000 stories read aloud before they learn to read themselves.

“That sounds daunting. But when we do the sums, it isn’t as bad as we might think,” she writes. “Three stories a day will deliver us a thousand stories in one year alone, let alone in the four or five years prior to school.”

“Reading aloud and talking about what we’re reading sharpens children’s brains. It helps develop their ability to concentrate at length, to solve problems logically and to express themselves more easily and clearly.”

The benefits of reading have been shown over and over again in research. A German review of 146 international studies and 10,000 students found that children who read a lot end up higher on the social ladder. An analysis of the research found that avid readers score higher not only on language and reading skills but also on success at school and intelligence.

Ideas for Parents

  • Set aside a regular reading time to do at home. “This is a great habit to get into,” Wells says. “Turn off the screens and encourage your children to read, or read to them. They will soon love the chance to escape into their favourite books.”
  • Join your local library and visit as regularly as possible. This way you can peruse and devour a vast number of books, without the financial demand, while also having the chance to sample different genres and authors.
  • Get an idea of the better books from school librarians and staff at the local children’s bookshop.
  • Talk about books with your children. “Many children know what they like reading and at a young age know what authors they enjoy,” Wells says. “Otherwise, talk to them about their interests and find books to match.”
  • Model good reading habits. Wells says research shows that children who come from homes where reading material is easily accessible and whose parents read often are more likely to read for pleasure. “Maybe you’re just reading a paper or your favourite magazine, but let your children see you read.”

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5

Important Notices

Statement of Addresses

The Australian Government Department of Education has requested Pacific to provide them with a ‘statement of addresses’. A statement of addresses contains the following information about students at the College:

  • Students’ residential addresses (not student names);
  • Students’ level of education (i.e. whether the student is a primary or secondary student);
  • Students’ boarding school status (i.e. whether the student is boarding or a day student); and
  • Names and residential addresses of students’ parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

Click here to download the full notice from the Department of Education.

Mr Mike Healy, Business Manager

Next Step Survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual state-wide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2018. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12.

Between March and June, all Pacific students who completed Year 12 last year will receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage them to take part.

Further information on Next Step is available online at or toll free 1800 068 587.

Immunisation Program

Ozcare is providing free vaccinations conducted by an authorised team of Registered Nurses for all Year 7 and Year 10 students as part of Queensland Health’s annual School Immunisation Program. All Year 7 and Year 10 students are being offered free vaccinations as recommended on the National Immunisation Program to protect against vaccine preventable diseases.

Year 7 students will be offered human papillomavirus (HPV) and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination. Year 10 students will be offered meningococcal ACWY vaccination.

A consent pack has been sent home. Please read the information booklet carefully, sign the consent card and return to the school nurse as soon as possible.

For more information about diseases, vaccines or the School Immunisation Program, visit or call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84).

Please note these vaccinations are being held Thursday 28th March 2019 and not Thursday 28th February as listed in the school calendar.

Mrs Maree Hooper and Mrs Sharon Middleton, School Nurses

Food for Thought

How to Respond to Expressions of Frustration

Pouting, whining and sulking are some of the ways that children communicate their displeasure, anger or frustration with a situation. This behaviour is not just limited to young children either, teens do it because they haven’t always learned the skills to express their frustration in an appropriate way. The behaviour will continue as long as you continue to react to it.

For more information, visit:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Save the Dates

The PLC Golf Day will be held on Sunday 9th June at the Pelican Waters Golf Club! Stay tuned for more information.

The Trivia Night will also be held this year on Saturday 17th August in the Pacific gym! More information on this event will follow later in the year, however please mark the date in your calendars.

Event Planners and Helpers – We Need You!

If you love organising events, or are keen to join in the fun and learn more about the big day, then please join Erin Carter and the team at our Golf Day planning session on Monday 11th March at 2.00pm in the College Library. This is a wonderful opportunity for new parents to get involved.

March Meeting

Our next Friends of Pacific meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th March at 6.30pm in the College Library. All families and staff of the College are welcome to attend. We encourage you to come along and connect!

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Library News


The following LibGuides have been added or updated this week to support current assignments. Please note, the password to access these guides is plc.

Book Club

Book Club forms went out this week to students in Prep to Year 7. Orders are due by Monday 11th March.

Lunchtime Usage of the Library

During lunchtimes, the library regularly hosts more than a hundred students who participate in a wide range of activities. In order to ensure that all students are catered for, certain spaces are designated for specific activities. The senior area is for senior students only, except for students using the VR equipment, while the middle fiction area is a silent space for students doing quiet reading or individual work. We look forward to our library being an ongoing place of connection for people and ideas.

Ms Nell Keen, Head of Library

Celebrity Readers

Our Celebrity Reader spots are becoming more popular now that they are a regular part of the library’s lunchtime program. We were delighted to have Dr Bronwyn Dolling join us as our special guest last Friday for part of Love Your Pet week. Dr Dolling’s reading of ‘Big Pet Day’ was a hit with our junior audience and her astute judging of ‘pets’ in the parade afterwards was very well received!

tHinker Team – Term 1

Numbers in our Wednesday afternoon tHinker Team are growing with students of all ages eagerly engineering and creatively using pop-sticks for this term’s challenge. After their first session, students made a pop-stick harmonica (the ensuing ‘concert’ was most entertaining!) and over the past few weeks have been designing and constructing Ferris Wheels. This process has involved much discussion, planning and trial-and-error as students developed some useful construction skills.

Ms Sue Warren, Teacher Librarian

Secondary College

Afterschool Mathematics Tutoring

Afterschool Mathematics Tutoring is held in L14 every Monday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. All students from Years 6-12 are welcome. Please bring homework or other study.

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Department Mathematics



Mrs Colleen Beattie, Head of Hospitality

Innovation, Entrepreneurialism and Business

Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards

The Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards provide a fantastic opportunity for Year 10-12 students to showcase their skills and bring their creative ideas to life. Students can also connect with industry mentors to develop their entrepreneurial thinking skills. This program equips teams with contemporary experience and teaches students how to make ideas commercial through:

  • following lean principles in product development; and
  • finding product market fit through design thinking.

Interested students in Years 10-12 are asked to see Mr Wes Warner in the S Block staff room.

Immerse High 2019 Competition

Pacific Lutheran College has been invited to participate in Immerse High 2019, an immersive storytelling competition for high school students. This competition runs for seven weeks during Term 2 and is open to Year 7-12 students on the Sunshine Coast with an interest in Art, Film or other Creative Industries.

The competition has two topics for different age groups:

Senior students (Years 10-12) – ‘Point to Point’, which is directly linked to Noosa's Floating Land Festival theme. Point to Point is an acknowledgement of the two anchor sites for this year’s event (Boreen Point and Noosa National Park), as well as a statement of provocation, asking artists and audiences to consider the way they move through a space and the fact that every journey leaves a mark. Artists are invited and encouraged to propose projects that engage thoughtfully, poetically, politically or provocatively with Point to Point. It is not an idea to be illustrated, but rather a starting point from which a diversity of meanings might emerge.

Middle students (Years 7-9) – Tell a story from the perspective of an animal that lives in the Noosa Biosphere. The audience takes on the perspective of the animal as they interact with the VR/AR work, experiencing the ecosystems and environmental issues encountered by the animal. This could be told from a realistic (literal) point of view or using fantasy elements to tell the story. Entrants must:

  • Create an immersive story or experience using VR/AR, aligned to one of the competition themes.
  • Make a video of your immersive experience (max 30 seconds).

Mr Wes Warner, Head of Innovation, Entrepreneurialism and Business

Cultural News

Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra

We congratulate 12 Pacific music students who successfully auditioned and were accepted into the Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra (SCYO) this year. Last weekend those students attended the SCYO Music Camp in Mapleton. They spent the weekend rehearsing with various conductors in their full groups and in smaller, sectional groups. It was an intense musical experience that helped students to get to know their bandmates from other Sunshine Coast schools and the weekend culminated in a showcase concert on Sunday afternoon. The standard of music was incredibly high and our Pacific students should be very proud of their inclusion in the SCYO this year and the way they represented the College.

Mrs Helen Williams, Head of Instrumental Music
Oklahoma Production Camp

Last weekend, an inspired group of 38 cast members and six staff attended the 'Oklahoma' Musical Camp at Luther Heights. Staff and students had an amazing weekend full of rehearsals and bonding as an ensemble.

Our talented cast worked tirelessly on their performances; singing, dancing and acting and we are very excited to bring to life the well-known musical and beautiful romantic storyline of ‘Oklahoma'!

Everyone has been working extremely hard and we commend the cast and crew for their efforts so far.

‘Oklahoma’ will be on stage at The Events Centre, Caloundra in May. Stay tuned for more information and for booking details! You won't want to miss this iconic musical production.

Mrs Janine Delaney, Oklahoma Director

From the Head of Career Development

University Showcase at Pacific

Each year, representatives from Queensland universities, as well as from TAFE and Defence Force recruiting, tour the Sunshine Coast, running a series of events in schools. Each event features information sessions and an expo-style display, where students can speak directly with representatives. This year, Pacific is hosting one of these events on Wednesday 13th March, from 10.30am to 11.15am in the gym. All Year 12 students will attend.

USC – Headstart Information Night

Headstart is a transition program for Year 11 and 12 students to study USC courses while still completing high school. Students get a taste of university life and prepare for future study while working towards a USC degree. Click here to view the available Headstart courses. Interested students and their parents are invited to attend an information night at the Sippy Downs campus on 21st March:

Trade Careers Information Session – Caloundra

Students who are interested in pursuing a trade are invited to attend an information session about trade careers in the Australian Defence Force.

Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Location: Caloundra RSL, 19 West Terrace, Caloundra
Details and registration:

Work Experience – Science and Medical

Students interested in a science or medical career, should consider applying for a work experience placement with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR Berghofer), or with the Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organisation (CSIRO).

  • QIMR Berghofer in Brisbane offers a range of work experience programs during school holidays for Year 11 and 12 students. Students have the opportunity to work with researchers on current medical research projects.
  • CSIRO offers students in Years 10 to 12 the chance to gain first-hand experience of research in a scientific environment. In 2019, CSIRO is also offering ‘virtual’ work experience for regional and remote students. This program will provide an opportunity for students to undertake collaborative, group (STEM) projects without having to leave their towns or communities. Visit the CSIRO Work Experience website for more information.
WEP Information Session – Thursday 14th March

What is Student Exchange? Who is WEP Australia? Students can have all their questions answered at one of WEP’s public information sessions. Students will get to meet the WEP team and returned students from our local area.

Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Location: Venue 114, 114 Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina
Details and Registration:

Mrs Wanda Hayes, Head of Career Development

Secondary Sport (7-12)

Monday Night Netball

It was another good week for Pacific in the Monday Night Netball competition. There was strong support from family and friends and our students played some great netball! Following are the results and MVPs:

Team Result MVP
Senior Grey Loss Eliza Woods
Senior White Win Louella Hindmarsh
Intermediate Pink Win Makani Campbell
Junior Yellow Win Imogen Hiley
Junior Blue Win Remy Hammond
Junior Green Win Amahli Kentispeare
Junior Purple Loss Tamsyn Doyle


Mrs Michelle Dufty, Netball Coordinator

SCISSA Results - Wednesday 6th March
Team Opposition Score Result MVP
Jnr Boys A Volleyball SAAC 1-2 Loss Eamon Mahoney
Jnr Boys B Volleyball - - - -
Jnr Girls Volleyball GSLC 2-0 Win Chantelle Page
Int Girls A Volleyball GCC 0-2 Loss Emily McKenzie
Int Girls B Volleyball SCGS 1-2 Loss Holly Ubrihien
Int Boys A Volleyball SAAC 2-0 Win Elijah Modlin
Open Girls Soccer - - - -
Open Boys Soccer MFAC 2-3 Loss Jackson Ricotta


Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC

Kick Off – This Saturday!

We look forward to hosting the U6 and U7 Rooball Carnivals at Pacific this weekend where we will welcome the many new families from right across the Coast. The draws for the U6-U10 Carnivals and U11+ grading games are available on both the Pacific FC Team App and the SCCSA website. It is good to double-check the draws in case of any field changes or wet weather. A friendly reminder that all SCCSA venues are dog and alcohol free.

Rooball Canteen Roster

Thank you to the parents from the U6 Sharks and U6 Orcas as well as the U7 Lions and U7 Bears for assisting in the canteen this weekend. Your help is very much appreciated. Parent rosters are posted in the Pacific FC Team App for easy reference. Canteen sales enable us to fund additional fitness and coaching programs for our players.

Additional Canteen and Field Set-Up / Pack-Up Help

If any other parents or players from our U11+ teams can help at the carnival, even for one hour, please email us or let your team manager know. We will be running a Rooball ribbon table as well so will need some extra help from players. Please email your availability to:


Calling all bakers! If you would like to make and donate cupcakes, a slice or any healthy treat for the home game canteen this Saturday, we’d love to hear from you. Simply send us a message on Facebook or email:

Pacific FC Committee

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Service Notices

Pastor Ray, St Mark’s Lutheran Church

General Notices

LLL Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no fees or charges. All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.  The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.  Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre!

To order your book or digital membership, visit:

Pre-order now to enjoy special bonus offers!

Pacific Fitness Club

Parents have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Pacific Fitness Hub’s classes! The classes are a great way to keep fit and make new friends.

  • Training: We will be offering a mix of various types of training, tailored to each individual, including high intensity, weights, cardio, core training, yoga/ flexibility.
  • Transformation: Mason will track your progress and achievement of your goals.  Functional fitness assessment, body composition measurement and goal related fitness assessment will be recorded at commencement and on completion.
  • Goals: Improve strength, increasing lean muscle, increasing endurance, mobility, flexibility, reducing body fat percentage, improving sleep, concentration and mood and increasing energy levels, nutrition changes.

For enquiries and registration please contact Mason on 0433 421 969 or

Upcoming Dates


8                       International Women’s Day Breakfast (7am)

11                    Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15 – 4.15pm)

12                    Primary Lutheran Swimming Carnival

14                    Year 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game

15                    Pacific as a Peace Place

16                    Music Scholarship Test

18                    Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15 – 4.15pm)

19                    Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)

21                    Year 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game

23                    Academic Scholarship Test

25                    Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15 – 4.15pm)

26-28              Prep – Year 5 Conferences

27-29              Year 12 Hospitality RACV Work Experience

28                    Year 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day