Compass No. 519 November 2018

From the Principal

Time for Rest and Stillness

Many of us would be familiar with the passage from Ecclesiastes that talks about the times and seasons in our lives.  It begins ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven …’.   Time is one of our most precious gifts.  Time that we give to others, time that we use to strengthen relationships, time that we use to build our skills and capacities, time that we use to learn and do new things, time that we use to do the mundane but necessary and time to do things that we love and bring joy into our lives. Holidays bring an important time for rest and rejuvenation. 

Christmas is a time where we are encouraged to be countercultural, slow down and appreciate the blessings that God has given us in our families, in our vocations, in our friendships and in the beautiful surrounds of the Sunshine Coast.  God invites us to pause in front of the manger and say a prayer of thanks to a God who sent his Son so that we might have life.  Christmas is a great time to make time to pause and centre.

Principal's Log

Over this last fortnight parents, students and staff have enjoyed the Year 3 and 4 string ensembles and the Year 5 and 6 Multi-Instrument Concerts.  These performances have allowed young people, staff and parents to celebrate the tremendous growth the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6s have shown over the year. During Wednesday’s chapel we had the pleasure of listening to our Senior String Ensemble who demonstrated great musicality as they played a beautiful rendition of the ‘Joyous Sound of Christmas.’  We thank Mrs Helen Williams for her leadership of the instrumental team and the string program and all of the tutors who have enabled our music program to strengthen significantly, this year.   We thank our parents for attending and supporting the students at these concerts.


We look forward to the Home Coming of the Year 9 Rite Journey this afternoon.  This is a powerful program that provides the opportunity for Year 9 students to engage in reflections, activities and rituals as they grow in their understanding of themselves, their relationships with people and God, their strengths and their purpose.  As a rite of passage, it marks an important time in young people’s lives as they transition into young adulthood.  We thank Mr Duncan McNee, Mr Chris Bartlett, Ms Leigh Finter and Ms Marg Gunn for their leadership of these students.

At years end we farewell our Director of Students, Mr Brendan Delaney who has served our community well since 2004 through his roles as Head of House and for the Director of Students and Head of Middle College Staff and Students for the past eight years.  Mr Delaney has been instrumental in the implementation of restorative practices and had significant impact on shaping the culture of the College through his support of students and staff and promotion of positive psychology.   We farewell our Head of Senior College Students, Mrs Kim Bonello who has given strong leadership to our senior students since 2011 and prior to that as Head of House.  Mrs Bonello has provided strong encouragement and support to senior students and also led the implementation of positive psychology into the College over the past twelve months.  We also farewell Dr Peter McMahon who has been Head of Bula House and prior to this year has also led the development of an outstanding Outdoor Education program.  In the early days of the College, Dr McMahon also fulfilled the role of Director of Students and played a significant role in the shaping of College culture and establishment of many traditions that are an integral part of College life.  We thank these three leaders for their very significant contribution and generosity of time and spirit that has enriched the lives of many.


We also farewell our Head of Careers, Mrs Natasha Purcell and Head of Learning Enrichment P-5 Mrs Anthea Brighton who have provided tremendous support to students and their families.  Middle and Senior College parents, staff and students have greatly appreciated Mrs Purcell’s warm, calm and encouraging professionalism as she has shared considerable expertise and strengthened our Career Education processes.  Parents of P-5 students and staff have appreciated Mrs Brighton’s care and considerable professional skills and capacity in supporting young people with diverse needs and their families.  We farewell Prep teacher, Mrs Anne Phythian who joined the College in 2003 and has been appreciated for the way she has nurtured and encouraged children in her role as a Foundation College teacher.  We also farewell Prep Aide Mrs Larissa Whincop who has provided valued care and support for the Prep children, their families and teachers.  Mr Norm Stone is also retiring as an Information Technology Aide after having generously served the College since its inception in 2001.  Mr Stone was instrumental in enabling the College to grow its IT services and in the early days the IT Education program.  Mr Stone has also given strong service to the Chess program of the College.  We also farewell Mr Damien Johns who has capably fulfilled a contract as a Year 6 teacher in Semester 2 of this year.  Staff and students have appreciated Mr John’s energy and commitment.

We thank all of these staff for their tremendous service they have given the Pacific community and wish them every blessing for the next phase of their lives.

We thank Mrs Natalie Campbell for her capable leadership of sport while Mr Kersnovske has been on leave.  Her thorough, warm and highly professional approach has enabled young people and staff to continue to participate in and enjoy a wide variety of sport this term.

We look forward to welcoming back Prep teacher Mrs Anna Maher, Mr Brett Kersnovske and Mrs Fiona Schefe as they return from leave.  We wish Mr Druery a well-earned break as he takes long service leave in Term 1 and Head of Music, Mrs Aleisha Tuaine every blessing as she takes maternity leave and welcomes a new child into their family.  We congratulate Mrs Marnie Whittaker, Industrial Technology and Design teacher on the birth of her baby and wish her and her family every blessing as they grow together and Mrs Whittaker enjoys maternity leave through until the end of Term 3 next year.

Next year we will be welcoming Mr Ben Ryan as the new Director of Students and Head of Middle College Staff and Students from the start of 2019.  Mr Ryan comes to us from St Augustines in Sydney where he has had roles as a Student Formation Leader of Year 7, 8 and 9 students.  He has also had experience in schools in Western Australia and the United Kingdom.  Mr Ryan is a keen sportsman and is involved in outdoor education within his school.  Mrs Wanda Hayes, who is currently Director of Post-Secondary Planning at Brisbane Girls Grammar and National President of the Career Development Association, will be continuing to enhance career education in the College in her role as Head of Careers Development.  Mrs Sara Taverner who has had extensive international experience and is currently at Our Lady of the Rosary, will be taking on the role of Head of Learning Enrichment P-5.  Mrs Taverner brings expertise and experience in supporting students with diverse needs including those who are gifted and talented.  We also welcome new teachers, Mrs Gina McCarthy as an Industrial Design and Technology teacher who has previously taught at St Andrews Anglican College and Pimlico State Highschool, Mr Alex O'Connor as a Middle and Senior College Mathematics and Science teacher from Nudgee College and Mrs Kim Kiernan as a Year 3-6 teacher from Merridan State College. Mrs Angela Lengenberner will be taking on the role of Prep Aide.  Mr Tim Ambrose will be joining the permanent staff as an Information Technology and Communications Assistant.

We congratulate Mr Mark Hauser who will take on the role of Acting Head of Senior School students after having very capably fulfilled the role of Head of Mumba House for the past two years, Mr Chris Mundey who has had previous experience as a leader of pastoral care of Middle College students in a New South Wales Catholic school who will be the Acting Head of Bula House, Mr Damien Evans who will take on the role of Acting Head of Mumba House for 2019, Mr Steven Lake who has had both local and international experience as a leader of music education and the performing arts as Acting Head of Music in Term 1 and Mr Damian Davis who will take on the role of  Head of Staff and Students P-5 during Term 1 next year as well as his current role of Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurialism  P-5. 

We look forward to the growth and new perspectives that these experienced and capable staff will bring into our community next year.

This year has been an amazing year of learning, growth and community activities.  We thank all staff, parents and students for the many and varied ways they have supported each other and this community.  I trust that you all have a well-earned break from the routines of school, find time for rest and return rejuvenated for the New Year.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

An End of Year Christmas Prayer

A prayer for the end of the school year and the seasons of Advent and Christmas:

Let’s pray; Lord God, for these last days of school, bless us with an awareness of your peace. As we celebrate the end of the school year give us gratitude for the learning we have done, for the talents and abilities we have shared, for the ways we have been challenged and the relationships we have enjoyed.

Bless us with your presence Jesus, as we prepare for the celebration of your birth to Mary and Joseph and to us. As we sing carols with the Junior School, attend Closing Services, and farewell students and staff who are leaving, give us gratitude and hope. 

We pray for the team of students and staff who are travelling to Cambodia. Keep them safe and protect them. Watch over all people throughout the world especially in places of conflict and poverty and in your holy land of Israel and Palestine.

Bless our holidays and all that we do in them so that we are built up in our relationships with family and friends. Give us joy, contentment and faith as we celebrate the birth of your Son this Christmas season. In your Triune name we pray. Amen.

Cambodia Trip

Thank you to all members of the College community who have helped raise funds for the College’s partnership with the Lutheran Church of Cambodia. The team of eleven students and two staff will be leaving for Cambodia on 9th December and returning 23rd December. A big thank you to the Friends of Pacific, St Marks Congregation, Staff, Students and Families for contributing to carwashes, the OCEANfest stall, casual clothes days, buying superdoopers, soft drinks, chocolates, and contributing in various other ways. Through all these combined efforts we have surpassed our goal and raised $11 365.45. All this money will be given to the Lutheran Church's Rainbow Hostel and Life Cente in Cambodia, to support people there. Early next year students from the trip will reflect on their Cambodian experience in chapel.

Ministry and Service Survey

Every family in the College and Early Learning Centre has been emailed a Ministry and Service survey of three questions. Please check your inbox and click on the link to help provide information which will contribute to the college’s strategic direction in this area. The survey will be open until 5pm Friday 30 November.

Ps Tim Jarick, College Pastor 

Important Notices

Closing Services

Closing Service – Year 6 to 12

The closing service will be held at 6.30pm, Tuesday, 4th December at the Events Centre, Caloundra.

Please arrive by 6.15pm.

Students are to wear formal uniform.

If students are not planning on attending, they need to notify their Head of House for 7-12 and classroom teacher for Year 6.

Closing Service - Prep to Year 5

The Closing Service for Prep to Year 5 students will be held at 9.00am, Monday 3rd December in the Sports Hall (gymnasium).


2019 School Fees

The College Council has approved the 2019 fee schedule. There will be a general increase of $65 - $75 per term in the tuition fee across all year levels. There has also been increases $10 - $35 per term in the resource levies at most year levels except at Year 9 where the levy has been increased by $170 per term to help offset the cost of the Year 9 camp. Year 10 resource levy has been reduced by $80 to bring it in line with Year 11 & 12 levies.

If parents have any queries regarding fees, please contact the Business Office.

Mr Mike Healy, Business Manager

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

P-5 Update!

As the end of another school year quickly approaches and the focus for students and families turns from school life to holidays, Christmas and the New Year, we would like to thank all the parents and friends of the College for your valued support throughout the year. In classrooms, on the sporting field, in cultural endeavours and at social events, your presence and assistance is much appreciated and valued by students and staff. The educational journey at Pacific is very much a journey shared between parents, staff and students. Throughout the year large numbers of parents have helped and supported their children, the staff and the College Community.  As the year reaches its conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, joyous and holy Christmas and safe and enjoyable holiday season and New Year.

P-5 Closing Service

The P-5 Closing Service will be held in the Sports Hall (gymnasium) at the College at 9.00am, Monday 3rd December.  The service marks an important transition for all students, particularly our Year 5s who move next year to Middle School next year.  Academic Excellence and Endeavour Awards will also be presented to students in Years 3-5. All parents and family members are most welcome at this important event.

 As parking will be limited on Monday, due to carpark closures, alternative arrangements similar to those in place for Grandparents and Special Friends Day, will be in place. An email giving details was forwarded to all families on Wednesday. 

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Student, P-5

Food for Thought

Being a Role Model for Teenager Daughter

You have an important part to play in your child’s life – even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Setting a good example your teenage daughter goes beyond teaching good manners and time management skills.

Here are some thoughts on how to be a role model who raises a resilient woman.

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Carols BBQ

Friends of Pacific will be hosting a BBQ at the Carols event from 4.30pm tomorrow.

Items on offer:

Sausage sizzle: $2.00

Chicken on a stick: $2.00 

Cold soft drinks and water: $2.00

Zooper Doopers: $1.00

Assorted treats from 50cents

If you are keen to help out, please let us know at or turn up at 3.30pm at the College Gym. We greatly appreciate any time and help you can offer.

Giving Back

It was a pleasure to present Miss Michelle McMillan, coordinator of The PLC Cambodian team, a cheque for $1000 at the senior assembly this week. The funds raised at the Cambodian stall and associated activities at OCEANfest, will go towards supporting the Lutheran Church of Cambodia’s Rainbow Hostel and Life Centre. We wish Michelle, Pastor Tim and the team every blessing for safe travels.

Save The Dates

PLC Golf Day @ Pelican Waters, Sunday 9 June 2019

Trivia Night @ PLC Saturday 17 August 2019

Would your business like to sponsor either of our two main events in 2019? Get in touch via our email address if you would like further details:

With planning already underway for our 2019 + 2020 events, we look forward to welcoming many new faces to our volunteer committee at our first meeting in 2019 at 6.30pm on Tuesday, 19 February in the College Library.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Chairperson

Library News

Champion Readers

Once again, we have determined our top borrowers for the year. The following students have all done fabulously and with great constancy throughout the year.

Prep: Tara Lund

Year 1: Charlotte Andereisz

Year 2: Madison Austin

Year 3: Matthew Martin

Year 4: Holly Targato

Year 5: Elizabeth Wegener

Middle College: Jasmin Groves, Georgia Fergusson, Hobie Barry, Zane Holmes.

Also, a special congratulations to Holly Targato of 4C, who once again completed the semester reading challenge – a wonderful effort from a very dedicated young reader.


Medieval History

Year 7 this term researched Medieval History in their library sessions and created a museum ‘artefact’. The trebuchet, which was fantastic, was made by Grace Steven.


Ms Sue Warren, Teacher - Librarian

Cultural News

Important Instrumental Music News

If your child is currently enrolled in instrumental music lessons, please be aware that you will be receiving an email which details the rollover of instrumental lessons into 2019. A paper copy of the letter should also come home with the students – please look out for them.

If you have a child who would like to enrol for instrumental music lessons for 2019 then you can collect an enrolment form at any of the school offices or email for an electronic copy.

Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra for 2019

Congratulations to the following PLC music students who have been successful in securing a place in the Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra for 2019.  

  • Kate Monroe
  • Sebastian Box
  • Eden Williams
  • Lachlan Eden
  • Elizabeth Wegener
  • Sarah Lacey
  • Rachel Monroe
  • Thomas Wegener
  • Jada Baker
  • Danica Cockburn

A wonderful achievement – we are looking forward to following your musical pursuits in 2019.

Mrs Helen Williams, Head of Instrumental Music

Sayonara Party!

Year 5s enjoyed a Primary Japanese ‘sayonara’ party this week. Whilst we had real sushi, Jada Baker and her mum made these sushi cakes. That’s right — cake! Thank you to those who contributed. The students had a wonderful time.


Mrs Joanne Baily, P-5 Japanese Teacher

Junior College

Containers for Change - Year 4 and 5 Entrepreneurial unit

This year our Year 4s and 5s are taking advantage of a government initiative to raise money, in a bid to acquire a Junior School Water Bubbler.

We are collecting refundable containers and cashing them in.  Students have been working each lunch time to inform other students and collect.  They have brainstormed changes that could occur throughout the College to support a more sustainable future, that is litter free.  Ideas included changes to the tuckshop and our personal habits in consumerism.

On our P-5 carols night we will also have several collection bins and a promo crew giving attendees the code (C10026221).  We will be selling keyrings that will have the code on them for a gold coin donation.

Given that it will soon be school holidays, you can continue to participate in the College’s ‘containers for change’ scheme at home. There are many companies refunding, the easiest to access is Mark Drive, off Daniel St, Caloundra Road.  It is called ‘Refund It’ and you can simply self-label your bags of containers with our code and the money will go towards our Junior College bubbler.

Thank you in advance for supporting this Junior College initiative.

Mrs Lu Pollard, Year 5 Teacher

Junior Sport

Surf Skills for Year 6 Students

As a part of Year 6 Health and Physical Education lessons, students this term have been participating in an Ocean Awareness unit in both theory and practical classes. The purpose of this unit is to introduce all students to water safety at surf beaches, increase student confidence in the water and educate students about the importance of surf safety and lifesaving techniques.

Each Tuesday afternoon the Year 6 students have been enjoying the outdoor classes at Dicky and Kings beach where they have been developing their knowledge and skills in these key areas. Students have also been learning how to paddle through the break and catch a wave on a nipper board, wading through the break zone and catching a wave when body surfing.

It has been fantastic to see all students improve their confidence in the water during these lessons and to also learn about wave types and beach conditions including identifying rips and how to react if caught in a rip. A program like this would not be possible without the help of a number of people. Thanks to the dedicated Year 6 teachers and aides who have helped facilitate the program each week.


Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Pacific Board Riders

Last Friday, a small team of Pacific Board Riders, entered the OPC classic at Maroochydore. The surf competition has been running for the past eight years and was held in perfect surfing conditions. Special mention to Luca and Taj Turney and Hayden Burnett who all finished second in their heats. Our team conducted themselves very well and it is great to see the improvement as a result of the hard work and training that has occurred during the year. We look forward to being involved again next year.

Pacific Board Riders wraps up this week and we are excited about the continued growth of the club in 2019.


Mr Damian Davis, Year 4 Teacher and Pacific Board Riders coordinator

Secondary Sport

Sport Update!

Uniform Returns

If parents can please assist by helping students locate any sports jerseys and team uniforms, they may still have at home.  A large number of items remain outstanding. These are required to be returned to Mrs Campbell immediately. 

Sport in 2019

The PLC Sports Department is committed to providing a program that meets competitive, health and wellbeing needs of our students. 

Students are offered a diverse range of sporting options and I encourage each of them to take up these opportunities.  In 2019 we will once again ask for your family’s commitment, sporting spirit and effort to ensure the continued success of PLC Sport.

With sporting activities commencing very early in Term 1 please be aware in Week 1 we will be calling for students to register for the following competitions:  

  • Years 7-12 All Schools Netball (Monday Nights)
  • Years 7-10 SCISSA Volleyball (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Years 11-12 SCISSA Soccer (Wednesday afternoons)

Years 3-12 Students will take part in Swimming trials at the swimming carnival in the first few weeks of Term 1 and will be required to wear PLC Swimmers.  Please take this into consideration when organising uniforms for the start of the 2019 year.

PLC Board Riders and Running Club will also recommence in Term 1.

There will be a number of opportunities for students to trial for Independent District and Regional teams in the following sports during Term 1.

AFL, basketball, baseball, netball, rugby league, rugby union, tennis, touch, volleyball, water polo.

Note: A full listing of 2019 trial dates will be provided at the commencement of 2019.  Students wishing to trial will need to see Mr Kersnovske for required paperwork to be completed, approved and submitted by trial due dates.

Further information regarding upcoming sporting opportunities will be released in 2019.

Thank You

It has been a fantastic year for sport at PLC this year and we can all celebrate in the success that we as a school have achieved in 2018.

We sincerely thank the many coaches and staff who have contributed to our teams this year giving their time, effort and expertise to various sports.  I would also like to thank Head of Sport - Mr Kersnovske for entrusting his role to me during his Term 4 leave.  Having only stepped into his shoes for a short time, I highly commend his calm, organised approach to providing so many sporting opportunities to students and the continued growth and development of sport at PLC.   

Thank you for your continued support of PLC Sport.

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Acting Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC Update

Registrations for the 2019 Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association season are now open. U6-U16 players are invited to sign on through the on-line portal.  In 2019, the numbers in each team will be capped. Register early to secure your spot! Click here to register:​











Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific FC President 

Congratulations PLC Almighty Appaloosas

After nine months of Netball, the season has finally come to an end with a thrilling grand final between the ‘PLC Almighty Appaloosas and the Jay Jays, on Tuesday night. The game was close, all night, with the Appaloosas up at quarter time, all square at half time and a three-goal lead to PLC at three quarter time.  The final quarter saw the Jay Jays fight back to be level with a minute to play.  Credit to our ladies who held their nerve, supported by a pressure shot from Kate Cameron with 13 seconds on the clock, to give PLC the win 27 to 26.  Well done ladies. 

A special thankyou to Carrie Wortley who coordinates our three ladies’ teams each week.  We could not have achieved this success without her efforts. The result is the perfect way to end what has been a very successful year for the club both on and off the court.  There have been highs and lows throughout the season, which has provided the lessons we need to learn in order to mature the club.

We can now enjoy a few weeks of rest before squad training commences for our U12 and older girls on Wednesday 30th January 2018 at 3.30pm on the rear courts. From the Club Committee, our coaches, managers and players, we wish you all a very merry, and more importantly, a safe Christmas and New Year. 

Mr Trevor Colton, President PLC Netball

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

A friendly reminder that the Uniform Shop has closed, however it will reopen on Monday 21st January for fittings and other uniform requirements.  Please note, appointments are necessary, so please ring the main office on 5436 7300 to arrange a time.  Flexi school orders can be placed but will not be delivered until Wednesday 30th January, onwards. 

Second hand items are for sale in the Uniform Shop. If you would like to donate or place items up for consignment, please attach contact details with the clothing.  Please also ensure that the items are clean and washed.  All items should be in good condition and not have any rips, tears, paint marks or large stains.  Zippers and buttons should be in good working order on clothing and bags.  Blazers for sale need to be dry cleaned. Sports Uniforms, socks, shoes and swimwear are not taken for sale.  If the clothing is named, can you please ensure that this has been removed or unable to be read.  Any item that is not in a saleable condition will be donated to the office or nurse.

If you have items on back order with the Uniform Shop, e.g. sports polos and formal tab shorts, these will be packaged up once they arrive and left at the main office for collection.  You will be contacted when they arrive.

If you can assist in the uniform shop at any time from the 21st January – 1st February next year, please contact Peta on 5436 7349 or Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in this busy time.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

General Notices

Come and Worship!






Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

LLL Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no fees or charges. All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.  The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.  Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Pacific Fitness Club

Parents at PLC have enjoyed the Pacific Fitness Hub’s classes on offer, keeping fit and making new friends.


We will be offering a mix of various types of training, tailored to each individual, including high intensity, weights, cardio, core training, yoga/ flexibility.


Mason will track your progress and achievement of your goals.  Functional fitness assessment, Body Composition measurement and goal related fitness assessment will be recorded at commencement and on completion.

Goals may include improving strength, increasing lean muscle, increasing endurance, mobility, flexibility, reducing body fat percentage, improving sleep, concentration and mood and increasing energy levels, nutrition changes)

Body Composition Tracking

We will offer Body Composition measurement and tracking. This will assess important parameters for overall health and wellbeing:  Lean muscle mass - Hydration levels - Total body weight- BMI- Body fat percentage - Visceral Body Fat- Bone Density

Please contact Mason. Enquiries and Registration: Please contact Mason m: 0433 421 969 or

Back to School Packs

Click here for the Impact School Supplies information.  

The BTS Online first order by window @ $3.95 P & H ends in 5 days, on 2nd December 2018.  


Upcoming Dates


30                                                 K-5 Carols Night


3                                                   P-5 Reports

3                                                   P-5 Closing Service – Gym (9.00am)

4                                                   Students’ Last Day Closing Service – Caloundra Events Centre (6.30pm)