From the Principal

Story Shapers

Adults often surprise themselves when they find themselves doing or saying exactly what their mother, father or grandparents had said or done.  People are constantly absorbing and shaping their story from those around them.  Family members and members of their various communities from school communities, sporting and surf clubs, cultural groups and Church groups have a powerful influence on the shaping of young people’s thinking as well as influencing other members of their community.  Growing up in a family or community where people respect and serve others, show resilience, hospitality, forgiveness, courage, compassion, flexibility or gratitude often sees these characteristics becoming part of the story woven by the young person in their life.

On a daily basis, I interact with people from our community who are amazing story shapers as parents, grandparents, students and staff.  Actions large and small shape who we are.  Small kindnesses not only make a difference but can be remembered for years and encourage us to be more fully human.  The much-quoted reflection by Jesus that the greatest commandments were to “Love God with all your heart” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself” speak volumes into today’s world.

Principal's Log

It has been another amazing week where young people, staff and parents have continued to shape and be part of rich experiences.  Last week’s basketball finals were a fitting end to a very successful season with four teams, the Intermediate A Girls, Intermediate B Girls, the Intermediate B Boys and the Intermediate C Girls all reaching the grand finals.  The Intermediate Girls A final was a very tightly contested game played with great sportsmanship, skill and determination from both sides.  In the final quarter, the teams swapped the lead with the result being tied at the end of full time and then Unity winning in an exciting extra time with a successful three point shot from way down the court as the final bell went.  Congratulations to everyone who has been part of a very successful season, to our teams that made finals and grand finals and particularly the Intermediate C girls who were premiers. Thank you to our coaches of Bailey Pointon, Georgie Snelling, Andrea Prinsloo, Caitlin O’Keefe, Mr Damien Evans, Mr Scott Crompton, Mrs Tanya Graves, Mr Andrew Block, Mr Bartlett and Mr Doran and in particular to our Head of Basketball Mr Mark Hauser for his tremendous passion and commitment.

Last Friday evening we enjoyed the Art exhibition which showcased the creative talent of our P-12 students.  The variety of styles and the connection of ideas exhibited in the pieces highlighted the depth and breadth of experience provided to students through their learning of art in the College.  Congratulations to all students and particularly teachers Mrs Denise McMahon and Mrs Kym Rodgers supported by Mrs Rowena Marshall for the staging of another highly successful showcase of student talent and creative thinking.  

 It was amazing to hear of the number of staff and students involved in the Disabled Surfer’s Association event on Saturday.  Thank you to students and staff who provided the opportunity for members of the association to enjoy time in the Ocean doing something they love.  Shapers at work!

Congratulations to our primary robotics teams who performed well in the Cooran State School Robotics Primary School Technology Challenge and particularly the girls team of Year 4 and 6 students of Maddie  Clues, Tamsyn Doyle and Kelsey Doyle who won the overall champions award.  It was great to hear that they also took out the most “most gracious team award” for their encouragement of others.  Thank you to Mrs Janine Stone who is providing great opportunities and leadership for our robotics teams.

I have been invited by the LEQ Director of Innovation and Technologies Mr Derek Bartels to participate in the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki next week which is a by invitation only funded conference and provides leading innovators from around the world the opportunity to come together, visit schools, engage in Masterclasses, and learn about different innovative approaches and future perspectives from each other.  This is an amazing opportunity to connect with leading innovative educators from around the world and I look forward to sharing my learnings on my return.  In my absence from November 3rd until November 13th, Director of Teaching and Learning, Ms Sue Arahill will be Acting Principal.

We wish the cast and crew of Shrek all the best on Saturday for what is promising to be a very entertaining and professional production.  We thank Directors Mrs Kristy Astwick and Mr Steve Lake and their team for the many hours of time they have given to bring the production to life.  I apologise that I will be unable to attend and look forward to being part of celebrations on my return. 

We give thanks to God for the generosity of heart and talent of people within our community who shape us gently and powerfully.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Reformation Role Models

Who knows? Perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther 4:14

In chapels, classes and the Compass this week we continue looking at the thread of role models. A role model might not just be a contemporary person but also a person from the past who has influenced and inspired countless people over the years due to their words, actions and life. The above text is from a female role model from the Old Testament. Esther who was a Jewish Queen in a foreign country. Esther had the opportunity to save her people from death because of her privileged position. She was challenged to think that God had called her to speak up “for such a time as this?”

During the week, October 31st as well as being Halloween is remembered as Reformation Day in the Lutheran and Protestant traditions. The day which is a public holiday in many parts of Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and other parts of Europe remembers Martin Luther’s nailing of his ninety-five theses to the church door in Wittenberg. These ninety-five statements were written by Luther to correct abuses he saw happening in the Catholic church of his time. Historians have claimed Luther was a reformer, a revolutionary, a heretic, an anti-Semite, and a madman. Despite his flaws, colourful language, and antagonistic words against others he can still be viewed as a positive role model. Luther is a positive role model because, at a time when he could have been killed for it, he stood up for his conscience and beliefs. In the face of the most powerful institution of his time, the Roman Catholic Church, Luther defied the papacy in his writings, lectures, and life. Amongst many other things he said the pope did not have the power he claimed, he married a nun, he translated the Bible into the language of the people and gave them permission to read and interpret the Scriptures for themselves.  

What stands out for me is Martin Luther’s absolute conviction in the grace of God even when his life was threatened. Luther was excommunicated by the Church several times, his life was in danger, but he firmly held to the goodness of God. Despite the culture of the church which encouraged people to trust in their own works and even buy forgiveness, Luther taught that in Jesus we know that God is for us not against us. We can trust in a gracious God and put our faith in Christ. Martin Luther is undoubtedly a role model that still influences people today and speaks into our world.

Ps Tim Jarick, College Pastor 

From the Head of Senior Students

Senior Student News

Year Twelve: End of year events

Thank you to all families for responses to the Graduation and Formal events.  You will receive communication this week via email regarding these events.  Please feel free to contact the Middle/ Senior College Administration office and speak with Mrs Leanne Bevis if there are any enquiries about upcoming events.  Thank you for your ongoing support as we embark on the final weeks of the educational journey at Pacific Lutheran College.

Year Twelve’s Service: Disabled Surfer’s Association Event

We had a wonderful turn out last Saturday, 27th October with students and staff working with the Disabled Surfers Association event giving disabled children and adults an opportunity to ride on a stand-up paddle board and catch a few waves.  Thank you to Mr Ben Dutton, Dr Peter McMahon, Mrs Jo Belchamber, Mr Joe Doran, Mr Damian Davis and Mr Chris Bartlett for leading and supporting the day.  The next Disabled Surfers Association event is on Saturday, 24th November at 8.30am – 12.00pm at Maroochydore Beach.  We will be seeking volunteers for this event closer to the date.  Thank you to the following students for your time and service: Jake Adams, Austin Beasley, Patrick Brennand, Jacob Cross Pitcher, Finn Davis, Mali Davis, Sophie Empson, Nathan Gale, Jack Gothorpe, Ethan Hall, Georgia Harle, Nathan Heinz, Michael Hewitt, Sophia Julian, Jackson Laverick, Lauren McCluskey, Olivia Papallo, Shani Shuttleworth, Joseph Simpson, Ryan Smart, Ruben Taverner, Harrison Dines, Anna Kraschnefski, Phoebe Swan, and Rebekah Pearce.  Austin Beasley has written a summary about his experience at this event below.

Have a great week.

Mrs Kim Bonello, Head of Senior College Students


The Disabled Surfers Association (DSA) is a charity organisation dedicated to give disabled men and women of all ages the opportunity to catch a wave, an activity of which anybody should be allowed to participate in regardless of their condition.

When I arrived at Ballinger Beach that morning, I was blown away by the many people there willing to give of their time. To see people my age being lifted out of a wheelchair and onto a surfboard was truly confronting, but then I thought of the bravery of these people to get out into the ocean. Each of the four groups of volunteers worked together to carry the participant on a big foam surfboard out through the waves and form lines to guide the surfboard as it came in. Whenever a surfer would reach the shore, or get on the board, there would always be a loud cheer from all of the volunteers. I must say that the whole time that I was there, I just couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. To see the looks of pure joy on the faces of those who once thought, ‘I can’t’, was incredibly rewarding.

The DSA has three events each summer and requires only one morning of your time. I recommend volunteering to anybody 15 years-of-age or older who would be interested in becoming a DSA volunteer. This one morning means so much to these people and is a life changing experience for both the participant and the volunteer.

Austin Beasley, Year 11 Student

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

P-5 Update!

Grandparents and Special friends Day was held on Friday October 26th was attended by nearly 400 Grandparents and family. Our special visitors attended Chapel, spent time in classrooms prior to morning tea completing a variety of activities and following morning tea, our visitors attended a concert featuring a variety of solo artists, musical groups and ensembles. Events such as these enrich the learning experience for our students and strengthen the community bonds which support the College community. My thanks to all those family members who attended and to all the College staff and students who helped make the day such a success.

Pacific Pulse Surfing Contest

On Wednesday the Pacific Pulse Contest was held under clear blues skies at Kings Beach. The contest which has been an annual event since 2008 involves over 50 students from schools across the Sunshine Coast who compete for both individual and school trophies. The contest is open to all upper primary students from novice to expert level. All participants receive a bag of donated goodies, surf in a safe lifeguard protected environment, participate in a variety of beach activities and games and feast on the delights of freshly cooked BBQ food.

Organising the event and recruiting sponsors takes a great deal of time and effort. A special thanks to Mr Hooper and Mr Davis who jointly are responsible for the contest. As an example of their dedication both were at the beach at 5.30am (with help from Mr Dutton) to set up for the day. In todays connected world, through the work of Mrs Campbell, Mr Learoyd and Mrs Whittaker, surfers were able to watch on screen, (immediately after they exit the water), downloaded videos of their heats, whilst a drone hovers over the contest area filming surfers and beach activities and adding another dimension to safety. Thanks also to the volunteers working the BBQ, Miss Roberts for helping run beach activities and all the parents and family members who attended the event. A great community effort.

If you have a child interested in surfing, learn to surf classes are held each week and for more experienced surfers’ other opportunities are available for them to improve their fitness and level of surfing. Please contact Mr Davis or Mr Hooper for details.


The Junior School Chess Tournament commences next week. The tournament features two age divisions. Ten years and older and under ten years of age and is open to all students from Years Two to Five. Students wishing to enter need to nominate by visiting the office and advising Mrs Kleinschmidt.      

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

How to build your child's resilience

Everyone experiences stress in some or many forms throughout their life and loss, rejection, and failure are an inventible part of the human experience. Resilience helps kids to navigate setbacks and become confident in their ability to manage obstacles in their life. Therefore, teaching children how to cope with ups and downs can set them up for good mental health both now and into the future.

Mrs Annie Williams, School Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Pulse Surf BBQ

With bacon and egg burgers straight off the BBQ, everyone was well catered for at the Pacific Pulse surf competition at Kings Beach, on Wednesday morning.  We send a huge thanks to Mrs Allyson Sarvari who coordinated the BBQ and to Mrs Teena Thompson and Zac Walker for their assistance.

Annual General Meeting

We warmly invite all new and current families, together with College staff to attend our Annual General Meeting. Please join us for wine and cheese at 6.30pm on Tuesday 19th November in the College Library. With planning already underway for our 2019 events, we look forward to welcoming many new faces to our volunteer committee!


Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Library News

Virtual Reality in the Library

We now have a virtual reality system in the library, using the HTC Vive. Virtual reality allows students to engage in immersive educational experiences that would not be available in real life. For instance, students can travel back to Ancient Egypt and explore a pyramid, or go into space and take a space walk from the International Space Station, or travel inside the human body to see how cells work. We have a number of educational experiences available across all areas of the curriculum, as well as some fun games for students to participate in at lunch times. The full range of apps is on display in the library.

Ms Nell Keen, Head of Library

IT Department

Robotics Technology Challenge

On Saturday 27th October the Pacific Robotics Club fielded three teams in the Cooran State Primary School Technology Challenge.

The three teams were:

Team 1: Ashton Clues and Liam Brown

Team 2: Jules Schirripa

Team 3: Maddie Clues, Tamsyn Doyle and Kelsey Doyle.

The teams played 10 qualifying rounds with the best of three matches for each round. Team 2 and 3 moved to the finals with team 3 winning all of their 10 rounds.

The girls played through the finals enthusiastically and won the overall champions for the day. Many coming home with medallions, a trophy and a full EV3 lego kit as prizes. They girls also won the ‘Most Gracious Team’ award due to their support for other teams and their enthusiasm. All three teams played with amazing sportsmanship, sometimes allowing opponents several chances to restart if they had robotic problems.

This now bring the sumo competition to an end for 2018. We have had a wonderful year with unforgettable experiences in the tournaments we have taken part in. The students are now getting robots ready for an even better year in 2019.


Well done Sumo Group!

From the Head of Career Development

Professor Encourages Medically Minded Students

Head of the School of Medicine at Griffith University, A/Professor Jennifer Williams, spoke with Pacific senior students about studying Medicine through their program based at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Professor Williams spoke about the varied pathways into Medicine and the study beyond an initial Bachelor of Medical Science undergraduate degree into specialist fields.  She spoke about the various undergraduate degrees that can lead into Medicine if students don’t gain the highly competitive OP/ATAR required for direct entry and the benefits of starting in another area of health, including working in that profession whilst completing further post-graduate study within Medicine. If you would like information about further study options and pathways to Medicine, see Mrs Purcell in the Careers Room.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Junior Sport

Junior Sport Update!

2018 Independent Schools Cricket Blast

Pacific participated in the Independent Schools T20 Cricket Blast. Year 5 and Year 6 students played a number of games throughout the day and had some great results in these games. The students had a great time learning about and playing the great game of cricket. It was a fun and enjoyable day out and students are looking forward to once again participating in this carnival next year.








Year 2 – 4 Learn to Surf Program

Twenty-four very excited students from Years 2, 3 and 4 assembled nice and early down at Kings Beach on Monday morning to begin their first session of the Junior Learn to Surf Program. Grey skies and a cool breeze didn’t deter these young rookie surfers who learnt about waves, rips and how to pop up and stand on a surfboard. Students talked about and practiced these skills on the beach before venturing into the water to test their newly learnt skills in the water. There were a few wipe-outs along the way, but all students emerged from the surf with big smiles on their faces.








Pacific Pulse Surfing Contest

Conditions were almost perfect for the 2018 Pacific Pulse Surfing contest on Wednesday. The contest has been running since 2006 and Kings Beach was once again the venue for a fun filled day of beach games and surfing. This year 50 surfers from Pacific Lutheran College, Our Lady of the Rosary, Buddina State School, Good Shepherd Lutheran College and Talara Primary College enjoyed the clean 1-2 foot waves on offer for the contest.


The Pacific Pulse is a teams based contest with each school providing a team of ten surfers. Each student surfs two 15-minute heats during the day against four other surfers from the various schools. Students are ranked 1 to 5 based on their two highest waves scores during the heat and the school with the lowest overall points total at the end of 20 heats is crowned the champion school. This year Buddina State School were crowned the 2018 champion school. Overall results for the day were as follows:


Buddina State School – 32 points

Our Lady of the Rosary – 54 points

Hot Shots (Buddina/Talara Combined team) – 59 points

Pacific – 70 points

Good Shepherd – 76 points


The highlight of the day for students would surely have been the tag team event at the end of the contest. All ten surfers from each school were required to paddle out and catch one wave on a learn to surf foam board before running up the beach to tag their next team member. All ten surfers had to complete this within 20 minutes. There were a number of acrobatic manoeuvres on display from all teams during this event.


Events such as the Pacific Pulse contest could not occur without the work and support of a number of people. Thanks to Mr Damian Davis and Mrs Natalie Campbell for their efforts in the lead up to and the running of the contest and to Mrs Allyson Sarvari and the Friends of Pacific who cooked and served food and drinks throughout the day.


Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the generosity of a number of sponsors who kindly supported our surfing contest.

Thanks to:

SOULS Thongs – Who have been a massive supporter of this contest for over 10 years. They donated all thongs which are in each of your competitor bags.

Beach Beat Caloundra and Sticky Bumps Wax – Donated Champion male and female prizes and wax and stickers for competitor bags.

Smorgasboarder Magazine – 50 Magazines competitor bags

Rebel Sport Minyama – Gift Cards

The Big Boing – 10 Free passes

Caporn Piling Contractors – Cash sponsorship for our 2018 Pacific Pulse contest shirts

Laserzone Kawana – 50 free passes for competitor bags

World Surfaris – Items for competitor bags

Coles Kawana – Donated many of the items for our Friends of Pacific fundraising BBQ.

Red Energy Promotions – gift bags


 Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Senior Sport Update!


All sports jerseys and uniforms are now required to be returned to Mrs Campbell, except for Jnr/Int Soccer who are continuing their season.


Blessed with good weather for another week! 


Game Time Venue Field Team 1   Team2 DIV Results
4.45pm MFAC 1 PLC  v  MFAC Int A Boys Lost 2-3
4.00pm PLC 1 PLC v SCGS Jnr B Girls Won 1-0
Game Rescheduled     PLC v MFAC Jnr A Boys N/A
BYE           Int B Girls N/A


Next week’s draw is:

Game Time Venue Field Team 1   Team 2 DIV Bus Depart Bus Arrives PLC
4.45pm GCC 1 PLC  v  GCC Int A Boys 4.00pm 6.00pm
4.00pm SUN 1 SUN  v  PLC Jnr A Boys 3.15pm 5.10pm
4.45pm PLC 1 PLC  v  SCGS Int B Girls    
4.00pm PER 1 PLC  v  SAAC 2 Jnr B Girls 3.10pm 5.15pm



We sincerely thank Mr Mark Hauser for once again leading an exceptional basketball program in 2018.  We are grateful for your time, organisation and commitment to the continual growth of basketball at PLC.  Our thanks also go to our highly skilled coaches who have given up numerous hours and travelled all over the Sunshine Coast with their teams this season.  Please see Mr Hauser’s article for a full wrap up of the 2018 season from Mr Hauser.

Sports Awards

On Tuesday 13th November 2018 we will celebrate a year of sporting success with our annual Sports Awards held at PLC.  The awards are split into two ceremonies.  Years 4-6 as our Junior Awards and 7-12 for our Senior Awards.

Throughout the year coaches and support staff have nominated MVP and Coaches Awards for each of the sporting teams across these year levels.  We also acknowledge our premiership teams.

Year 7-12 students who have been heavily involved in school sports during 2018 are encouraged to self-nominate to be considered for the PLC Sports Excellence Awards (Champion Male and Female).  Students who would like to be considered can download further information and a nomination form from Schoology. Any nominations must be received by Mrs Campbell no later than Friday 2nd November 2018.

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Acting Head of Sport


Last night marked the end of another season of school’s basketball, and the atmosphere at the finals venues was outstanding. Congratulations to the four teams who made it to the finals – that was a massive effort and the success we had throughout the year was exceptional. Well done to all.

The Int A Girls were the first game of the evening and what a match it was! Although PLC lost in overtime (it was a high quality match and the PLC girls played a great team game with tremendous defense. This team has been playing in A-division finals for 5 years now and is probably one of the most consistent teams we have ever had. A great group of girls who should hold their heads up high. A pleasure to be associated with. Thank you to Mrs Graves (and Mr Graves) for coaching them throughout the season.

The Int B Girls took on an undefeated NCC, and despite being down by a fair few point going in to the final quarter, fought back hard. They managed to get within about 4 points at one point but ran out of legs in the end and were unable to get ahead. The girls have had a great season, only losing two games all year (both by the same team). The effort they put in was tremendous, and all of them improved dramatically throughout the season. It was great to see them play each week and grow in confidence – especially for those who had never played before! Well done girls on a great season and thank you to Georgie Snelling for your passion and enthusiasm!

Our Int B Boys were undefeated all season, leading up to the finals, which was a great feat in itself. Unfortunately, they came up against an in-form Kawana team who were PLC’s biggest challenge all season as well. They are a young team and have a bright future ahead of them. Well done to all the boys, and to Mr Crompton and Mr Evans for leading them throughout the season. I look forward to seeing them excel in 2019!

Finally, we had the Int C Girls play against SCGS at MFAC. Congratulations to the Int C girls and coach Caity O’Keefe, for winning the C-division premiership. Once again, these girls were always enthusiastic and a great group to work with. They went through the whole season undefeated, and there were a number who had never played the game before. So well done girls! Enjoy your premiership for the next year, and I expect to see you all playing again next year!

A huge thank you to:

  • The parents for transporting your children to games; for your positive support; and for helping to make the season so easy! I really do appreciate you allowing your children to be involved each year, and the commitment you show to supporting the school and our players. We are very lucky.
  • The players for your commitment, dedication and effort every week. This was a very smooth season and you all did very well. I look forward to you all being involve next year (hopefully) and hope that you have all learnt a lot throughout the season. No matter where you finished, as long as you enjoy the game, that is all I am after!! And watching you all play each week, I can tell that you all did.
  • The coaches! Without your help week in and week out, our success would not have been possible. I can’t thank you all enough Bailey Pointon, Georgie Snelling, Andrea Prinsloo, Caitlin O’Keefe, Mr Evans, Mr Crompton, Mrs Graves, Mr Block, Mr Bartlett & Mr Doran. Thank you for giving up your time and working with our kids.
  • Finally – thank you to Mrs Hauser for helping out and going above and beyond more than you ever should!! I appreciate your help, support and for putting up with me throughout each basketball season. From scoring, to convening, to coaching and training, you have been an amazing support.  I’m cooking dinner this week (probably more of a punishment than a reward for you though).

Thank you all for another great season. Enjoy your Friday’s to yourself (except there is a 3 on 3 basketball competition next Friday!).

Mr Mark Hauser, Teacher in Charge - Basketball

Club Sport

Managers and Coaches

If you have any team gear to be returned, please bring to the soccer shed either Wednesday November 7 or Thursday November 8 from (8-8.30am or 2.45-3.15pm). This includes gear bag, cones, ball bag and jerseys.

Working Bee

Our Working Bee will be held on Saturday November 10 between 1 and 4pm. Come along to help clean, tidy and restack equipment. There will also be a kid’s v parents soccer game and BBQ at 4pm. 

Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific FC President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor


Volunteers Required

Calling all parents, grandparents and friends of the Pacific community! If you can volunteer for only 45 minutes, (from 12.45 to 1.30pm) then we’d love to hear from you! We have positions available to serve students at the tuckshop counter.  We would love to see some new faces at the Tuckshop this term! Your time and effort will be most appreciated by staff and students. If you are unsure about what is involved, please feel free to pop in, meet our Tuckshop Convenor and have a look around. There are jobs to suit everyone and it’s a great way to meet new people and lend a helping hand.

Ms Carrie Dickson, Tuckshop Convenor

General Notices

Come and Worship!











Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra