Compass No. 506 2018

From the Principal

Aloha OCEANfest for Fun and Help for Cambodians and Farmers

We are looking forward to the energy and vibe of the Hawaiian atmosphere complete with a luau banquet, and Polynesian music and dance at this year’s Aloha OCEANfest on Friday night.  People will be able to relax and enjoy a range of other foods from an array of stalls, rides, side show alley, entertainment including the finals of our limelight competition, relaxing in the licenced Tiki cocktail bar, opportunities to win over $25,000 worth of prizes and the fireworks.

Through these activities, members of the community have the opportunity to not only support the fundraising activities of the College but also make a contribution to support children and youth that are part of the College’s Cambodian project and our farmers through contributing to the Buy A Bale drought relief fund. 

We thank our organising committee led by Mrs Teena Thompson, over 60 sponsors parents, students, staff and St Mark’s Lutheran Church’s congregation who have combined to provide generous hospitality and lots of opportunities for fun and connection.  We’re looking forward to a wonderful afternoon and evening of relaxation and having fun!

Principal's Log

We thank our Senior Voices group led by Mr Adrian King and Mrs Aleisha Tuaine for being part of the Hymns We Love at St Mark’s Lutheran Church, Bombala, on Sunday.  The singing of the young people was greatly appreciated, and we thank our parents, students and staff for serving our broader community in this way.

We congratulate our Year 7/ 8 Maths teams on their performances at the QAMT maths competition where the team of Noah Winten, Liam Russell and Callum Foley won the competition  We wish them all the best for the regional final later this month and thank Mr Andrew Block for his coordination of the teams.

Outdoor education provides an important opportunity for young people to grow in their relationships with others, self-confidence, team work, problem solving, resilience and appreciation of the environment and outdoor pursuits.  The Year 8 students enjoyed their week-long expedition style experience that included cycling, canoeing, walking, solo reflection, obstacle courses, high ropes activities and rock climbing.  We thank Head of Outdoor Education Mr Nick Tait for his coordination of this experience and staff Mr Chris Mundey, Mr Josh Cummins and Ms Angela Hill for the leadership of the experience alongside Mr Tait and specialist outdoor educators.

Congratulations to Year 11 student Sam Henderson who was awarded the Peirre de Coubertin award.  This award is provided by the Olympic Committee and recognises a student from each school who exemplifies the Olympic ideals.  The award is normally presented at a ceremony conducted by Olympic team representatives and provides the opportunity for the recipient to connect with past and present Olympians.  

We wish student and staff competing in this Sunday’s Sunshine Coast Marathon all the best and thank Mr Pohlner for his leadership of the College’s running club.

We give thanks to God for people who have generous and gracious hearts and pray that He would open our eyes to the opportunities that are presented to each of us daily to walk graciously and gently with our neighbours.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Parental Involvement

I will open my mouth and tell stories. I will speak about things that were hidden.

(Psalm 78:2)

There is a question that parents often ask their children or teenagers when they see them after school that gets to the heart of the thread for this week; parental involvement. The question is; “How was your day at school?” Sometimes children will openly respond to this question and you might be listening to them for quite a while. But other times, teenagers especially, might respond with a one word statement like, “OK” or “Good”. And if you do get more out of them it might be more along the lines of “What’s to eat?”.

Most parents want to be involved in their child’s schooling. They want to know about their son or daughter’s learning, their friends, and what sort of relationship they have with their teachers. Parents want a good relationship with their children about their schooling and positive communication in their home about what’s happening for them at school. But the challenge for many parents is how can you be involved if the communication with your child is not occurring regularly? To spark off that conversation in different direction why not try one of these alternate questions;

1.        What was the best thing that happened at school today?

2.        What was the worst thing that happened at school today?

3.        Tell me one thing that you are looking forward to tomorrow/ this week?

4.        Did anything surprise you at school today?

5.        Tell me one thing that you learned today.

6.        What do you think you should learn more/less of at school?

7.        What made you laugh today?

8.        What was the nicest thing you did for someone/someone did for you today?

9.        If you had to describe your day using four words, what would they be?

10.      If you got to be the teacher tomorrow what would you do?

Communicating with your children about their time at school is one way to be involved as a parent. But there are also many other ways parents can be involved in helping their children or teenager do their best and succeed at school. Some other ways include attending school events and community functions, helping with homework and study habits, and encouraging them in how to organize their time and activities wisely. We are blessed with a wonderful parent community here at Pacific, which is evidenced through the Friends of Pacific group and the mammoth event Oceanfest which they help organize. We have a high level of parental involvement in our college. But we also know as parents if we want to get involved in our children’s learning it is a balancing act between positive communication in the family, healthy expectations of our children and good home-school relationships. In the busyness of families and of life may you be encouraged as a parent in your communicating with your child and in your involvement in their learning.

Ps Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Year 8 Camp

The Year 8 students have just returned from a very positive camp experience. They found it a good opportunity to strengthen friendships and to make new friends. This is what Samantha, Eliza, Holly and Denali reported on the experience to the recent Middle College Assembly.


Grade 8 Camp 2018

During the camp we participated in abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing a half-marathon, hiking along the beach at high-tide in soft sand and mountain biking up Mount Everest’s baby brother, laser tag (which my team smashed) and challenging obstacle courses. I will remember all of these experiences in years to come. More importantly I will also remember, the making of new friends, the strengthening of existing friendships and the support and encouragement of our exceptional leaders. I know when I say this I speak on behalf of the entire grade in thanking the teachers who included Mr Cummins, Ms Hill and Mr Munduy from PLC and Tegan, Peter and Kelly as our Outdoor Education Facilitators. These Incredible staff gave up their time to support us through the entire camp.

The camp was exceptional and those who will be in Year 8 in the future, lucky you as I know you will love the camp.

I will also remember the boys in my group studying movement / flight patterns and avoidance of obstacles by spending three hours attempting to get a Frisbee out of a tree. They did eventually succeed in recovering the precious frisbee. Thanks for the memories.

Samantha Hutton

Camp speech for Assembly

Camp this year included many awesome achievements and unforgettable moments. Each day was packed with excitement and fun activities which included mountain biking, hiking, laser tag, obstacle courses, solos, abseiling and more. However, there were also many challenges. For me this was canoeing and rock climbing. Each group did two canoes to different places. My favourite was when we went to Boreen Point. We had no wind meaning the water was like glass and we went through thin streams surrounded by trees, the nature and the animals seen were amazing.  By the end our arms were so sore as we were paddling for over three hours. Rock climbing was incredible but also my most challenging activity. Although I trusted the people holding the rope I was connected to, I was still freaking out. We were expected to reach the top of the 30-metre wall and abseil down however I probably got five metres max which was a great achievement for me.  After these long days, I was grateful that we were able to all help each other out, prepping dinner for example and on our groups first day putting up our tents for us. All of these actions were highly appreciated. I loved every moment of this camp experience and wish I could just get back on the bus and do it all again.

Eliza Bryan

‘Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.’

Good morning everyone, I am Holly Williams, one of the lucky Year 8’s who got this amazing opportunity be a part of the first year 8 eco-camp.

This quote I just mentioned, by John Muir, really did reflect on my time in camp. With all of the challenges we faced, a new corner, a new trail, a new road, brought more exiting, fun experiences our way.

On the first day, Monday, we met at Meridan Plains to meet our group facilitator. I was fortunate enough to be a part of Kelly’s group. She helped me throughout the camp, to pursue challenges I thought were near the impossible mark. My group that I was a part of, contained fifteen people, which was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for better people in the group.

At Noosa North shore, we received our backpacks, and the first thing I thought was- ‘Oh no! I have packed too much.’

This was true, so to say, but I managed to fit it all into one of the smaller bags. I was then glad to meet our other facilitator, Dean, who is a funny yet serious man.

Our first activity, well let’s say challenge, was a 23km ride, from Noosa North shore to Boreen Point. It took us 3hours!

Once we reached Boreen Point, we set up camp, in front of a beautiful lake, where we could watch the sunrise. I guess we all thought the lake was beautiful until the next day.

On Tuesday we canoed across the lake, which was only 8km, but it sure felt longer! It took us three hours, then, we had to walk with our packs for 17km along the beach. This took us about 4hours. That night we camped at the Noosa North shore campsite.

On Wednesday, we had a pretty relaxing day. First, we did our two-hour solo, which was a great opportunity for us to reflect on the past few days, and think about what was around us. Then we did an obstacle course that contained swinging over water, climbing over walls, walking on hanging tyers and much more. After that, we challenged another group that liked to call themselves ‘Team Wedgie,’ in Laser Tag! We smashed them.

That night, we camped at a site called ‘Billy’s’. We had a fire there, and everyone had heaps of fun, throwing frisbees, playing 44 homes and poking sticks into the fire.

On Thursday, the day I was dreading the most, we canoed 14km back to Boreen Point.

Friday morning was probably the hardest, being 5 degrees and having to wake up at 5am to pack up camp.

Once packing up was done, we made our way to our abseiling site, where we abseiled 40m. I was third to go, and I enjoyed it so much, apart from my rope getting stuck on a rock, but that’s another story.

After that, I did rock climbing, and being honest here, I made it halfway up the cliff face, then got stuck.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that this camp has really opened my eyes and shown me how much I can actually do. My group became closer as friends, even family, and people who weren’t so confident with themselves truly opened up. Year 8 Camp has definitely been one of the most enjoyable camps I have done.

Thank you, Mr. Tait, for your amazing organisation and effort to make this a memorable experience, and to my two group facilitators, Kelley and Dean for their support, and to my wonderful group who supported me and brought many laughs into the trip.

I guess at the end of all this, ‘Only one who wanders, finds new paths.’

Thank you for listening, have a great day.

Holly Williams

Surrounded by Nature

I was in the middle of deciding whether to eat my mandarin or my apple, one of life’s very important question. When I heard this thumping in the distance. My first thought was that it was an instructor, but I quickly realised it couldn’t be. My second thought was that it was Reuben, just wandering around for no apparent reason. At last the thumping came closer and closer until seven kangaroos appeared out of the bush including a joey. I kind of sat there like hmmm until I realised that SEVEN KANGAROOS WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! By the time I figured out what was happening I heard Rueben go ‘Wow’ , and then yell to me “Oi did you see those kangaroos.”

Yep I thought, and started to draw them until I stopped because they looked like dragons for some reason. On the whole, camp was great!  I loved making songs with my buds and seeing a whole bunch of animals that ranged from stingrays to eagles that are trying to eat baby birds. Very, very entertaining. Thanks.

Denali Hatcher

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Senior Students

Year 12 Photo

Year 12 students, please note that next Tuesday, 21st August 2018, before school, we will be taking the Year 12 cohort photo.  Please meet me at the gym by 7:45am dressed in full winter uniform (as per page 18, Student Handbook).

You are required to be on time for this photo: the photos WILL be taken regardless of attendance (i.e. we cannot hold up the schedule if you are late) due to a tight schedule for the remainder of the day.

Year 12 & Year 2

This term, the Year 2 and Year 12 students brought along their lunch and teddy bears for a gathering to connect and meet their buddies.  This was a really positive experience and the connections made between Year 2 and Year 12 students continue to flourish.  This was a relaxing and engaging opportunity for Year 12 students to lead a range of activities with the Year 2 students.  Thank you to Year 12 students.  We look forward to connecting later in the term.

College Carpark

Drivers in the College carpark, the speed limit is 10Km per hour.  Please adhere to this for the safety of all in the College community.

Mrs Kim Bonello, Head of Senior School Students & Personal Development (Middle/Senior College)

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5


With the recycling of organic waste occurring at the College the next step in the process of lowering our environmental footprint will be a continuing focus on the collection of recyclable material and the lessening of waste going to landfill. At Assembly 2 weeks ago, I spoke with students regarding placing recyclable items of waste into the yellow recycling bins located throughout the Junior School campus.

I would encourage parents to consider this when preparing food for lunches and morning teas. As a parent I appreciate the convenience of snap lock plastic bags, plastic food wraps and fruit juice packed in tetra packs (which are recyclable) with attached straws wrapped in plastic and food presented in plastic bags.

There are alternatives for replacing much of the plastic used in lunches. Although the use of paper bags is not ideal, paper is certainly preferable to plastic. Re-usable stainless-steel water bottles to carry juice in and stainless-steel cutlery can be used instead of plastic ones. Re-washable Tupperware like containers are great for storing fruit, yoghurt, spaghetti and baked beans in. 

Developing a social culture of sustainability and environmental awareness begins in childhood. By involving students in the practical application of such a philosophy, as a school we can help students grow into adults who have an awareness of what it means to have environmental sustainability and who practice simple forms of waste management and recycling. Individually we may perceive our actions make only a slight difference or are pointless. Collaboratively when we have the knowledge and understanding to change the way we act as a community; the impact can be immense.

 P-2 Athletics 

All P-2 students are busily preparing for their Athletics Carnival which will be held on Monday 3rd Sept.  The Carnival will start at 9am and will be completed by 10.30am. Parents are most welcome at this exciting event.

Year 4 Camp

Year 4 camp will be held on Aug 23rd -24th at Alex Park. A letter giving details of the camp, permission slips and medical forms was forwarded home last week. Could all parents/guardians please ensure all relevant forms are returned to your child’s teacher.  Should you have any questions regarding camp please contact either your child’s teacher or myself.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

ONE more sleep!

We’re counting down to Aloha OCEANfest 2018 for fun, friends, food and fireworks!

To view the Aloha Program of Events, including menus, ride information, Aloha Raffle, Big Kahuna Live Auction items and performance times, click onto our new Aloha OCEANfest 2018 webpage!


We have an amazing array of items that will be auctioned off in the Tiki Bar 7pm tomorrow night! We thank our generous sponsors for making the BIG KAHUNA LIVE AUCTION an event not to be missed.  For more information please click here...


All College families will now have received an invitation from PLC Admin to volunteer at OCEANfest via The direct link to volunteer for the event is: Aloha

We encourage your family to sign up and support your parent reps with the year level stalls as they have spent considerable time organising and planning for OCEANfest.


Sponsorship of OCEANfest 2018 is a unique opportunity to connect with our ever growing and diverse community. Due to the success of previous OCEANfests, we have forged many strong partnerships that have enabled us to raise funds, support our community and our student's academic, sporting, social and cultural experiences.

We thank all our generous sponsors of Aloha OCEANfest 2018.


Our Father’s Day stall will be held on Wednesday, August 29 in both the Junior and Senior College. Gifts are $5.

NEXT FOP MEETING: Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Our next Friends of Pacific meeting will be held on Tuesday, 21 August from 6.30pm in the College Library.  All welcome to attend.

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson 

Library News

Book Week

Book Week is always a special part of the Pacific Calendar! The library will be a hub of excitement as students get involved in fun learning activities!



















Ms Sue Warren, Teacher-librarian

Secondary College


Year 7/8 students continue to set high standards in Mathematics after the Pacific A team were announced as the overall winners last Tuesday of the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers annual inter-school quiz. The Pacific B team also performed well placing fifth overall.

The students were tested over five rounds including Estimation, Speed, Problem Solving (individual and team) and General Knowledge. The aim of the quiz was to engage high achieving students in mathematics and encouraged teamwork and co-operation. The students competed with great spirit and showed great commitment to solving complex problems.

The Pacific A team will now move on to the regional final later this month.

Congratulations to the following students on their efforts -

Team A: Noah Winten, Liam Russell, Callum Foley

Team B: Sebastian Box, Noah Smith, Piper Reid, Joshua Turnbull, Ben McCormac    

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

Earlier this year, a number of students across Years 6 to 9 completed in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA) organised by the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee.

The MCYA Challenge was held during a consecutive 4-week period between May and June. It comprised four problems for primary students and six problems for students in secondary levels. Problems could be discussed in groups of two or three registered students before individual submission of solutions. There were separate problem sets for Upper Primary (Year 5-6), Junior (Year 7–8) and Intermediate (Year 9–10) students.

Recently, the results arrived back at the College and a number of Pacific students performed very well.


Noah Winten Year 8

Harry Collishaw Year 9

CREDIT (Top 50%)

Year 8 - Noah Smith, Sebastian Box, Deepal Maharaj, Adelaide Howard, Holly Bennett,

Year 6 – Logan Pohlner, Kirrily Petfield, Taylor Mikolic, Charlie Garland

Mr Andrew Block, QAMT Co-ordinator and Year 7 Mathematics/Science Teacher

Cultural News

2018 Eisteddfod Results and a Friendly Reminder from the PLC Music Department

Congratulations to all pupils who participated and excelled in the Sunshine Coast 2018 Eisteddfod last week.

Also, a very big thank you to all the PLC music staff for their time and talent in preparing the pupils for these events.


Pacific Lutheran College Junior String Orchestra attained 3rd place in the Primary Aged Large Orchestra.

Lauren McCluskey & Kate Monroe, both members of the S.C.Y.O. attained 2nd in the Large Ensembles.

Rachel Monroe and Elizabeth Wegener, both members of the S.C.Y.O. attained Highly Commended in the Primary Aged Large Orchestra

Kate Monroe a member of the S.C.Y.O. Chamber Strings attained 1st place

Kate Monroe a member of String trio/quartet 15 years and under, attained 1st place

Eden Williams & Elizabeth Wegener attained 3rd place in the under 18’s piano accompaniment

Eden Williams was Highly Commended in the String Duet, Under 13’s

Eden Williams attained 2nd place in the under 15’s String Trio

Kate Monroe attained 2nd place in the quick study string solo 15-18yrs

Kate Monroe attained Highly Commended – string solo 15-18 yrs 

Rachel Monroe attained 2nd place in the under 9’s string solo.

Other string solo competitors were, Sebastian Box and Sophie Wilkinson and also in the Ensemble Class the Pacific Lutheran College Senior String Orchestra making its debut appearance as did the Pacific Lutheran Brass Ensemble.


The Pacific Junior Voices received a Highly Commended for their Sacred Song and entered the Musical Theatre class.

Kai Sorbello attained 1st place for the Junior Musical Theatre class.

Ruby Davis attained Highly Commended for her vocal solo

Kate Monroe attained 1st place for Musical Theatre Vocal Solo 14-15yrs

Other Eisteddfod performers were Dayne Rowlands, Elizabeth Maclean, Evy Gover, Izabelle Britton, Phoebe Shearer, Ruby Davis and Charlotte Sorrell. Participation in the Duet Class were Elizabeth Maclean and Isha Wallis, Phoebe Shearer and Ruby Davis.

There have possibly been more PLC pupils who have entered classes in the Eisteddfod. If that is the case, please send the results to me – Adrian King and I will correlate the outcomes and will publish in the forthcoming Compass Newsletter.

Also, a Friendly Reminder.

I am very pleased to announce that enrolments have been steadily increasing in the Instrumental Programme throughout this past term and I would just like to remind parents and guardians of the conditions of the enrolment.

Thank you.

Conditions for Enrolment

  • Students are required to commit to the program for a minimum of one (1) Semester,
  • Students need to bring all necessary equipment to lessons,
  • Students will maintain their instruments in playing condition,
  • Students will practice at regular intervals to maximize their learning experience,
  • Students will be invited to join College bands and ensembles on reaching an appropriate standard,
  • All students in an ensemble will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances at which they have been requested to             play,
  • Invoices for required number of lessons, will be issued at the end of Term One and the commencement of each term thereafter,
  • On receipt of Invoice, full payment is required within two (2) weeks.
  • Students/parents must notify the teacher 24hrs prior to any planned absences so an alternative lesson time can be arranged. The date and time to be determined by the teacher concerned.
  • However, if a student falls ill on their lesson day the office should be notified, and a message left for their tutor by 8.30am.
  • No credits or catch up lessons will be given for lessons missed without prior notification to the teacher,
  • To withdraw from the programme one (1) months’ notice prior to the end of the school semester should be given in writing.

 Mr Adrian King – Head of Instrumental Music

From the Head of Career Development

Sunshine Coast Health Institute

Students with an interest in health fields from years 10-12 attended a Careers Day at the Sunshine Coast Health Institute on Friday. Pacific students were one of only a few schools invited to attend on the day to learn about the scope of career opportunities across allied and health professional roles based at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. The Sunshine Coast Health Institute is a partnership between USC, Griffith University, TAFE and the hospital and provide training opportunities to students enrolled in various health courses across both the University and TAFE.

Students watched a mock video sequence of an emergency patient arriving by helicopter at the hospital and the extent of health professions who are involved throughout this patient’s journey into emergency, theatre operations, intensive care, rehabilitation and discharge. Health professionals currently working within these roles also spoke to the students about their jobs, why they chose to work in that field and the pathways they took to enter that profession. Paramedics ran students through the basics of CPR awareness using their simulated dummies showing the messages the heart was sending to the brain.

The tertiary providers spoke to students after the session regarding future study and pathway options. A key message from the day was that there are always pathways into the health fields, even if you are not a top academic student, and that essential skills include the ability to work as a team and to communicate clearly. Some of the study options available on the Sunshine Coast include: Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Paramedic Science, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Midwifery, Bachelor of Dietetics and Nutrition, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Diploma of Nursing, Certificate IV in Allied Health, Certificate III in Health Services Assistant, Certificate III in Individual Support and many more. Students can study a Certificate III in Basic Health Care at Pacific Lutheran College during the senior phase.


Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Secondary Sport

Peirre de Coubertin

Sam Henderson was awarded the Peirre de Coubertin award on assembly this week. This is a prestigious award that only one student per school receives across Queensland. The award recipient needs to exemplify the Olympic movement which encourages fair play and good sportsmanship.  Sam has represented the school in Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Athletics over the last few years here at PLC and is very much a deserving winner. Well done!

Year 7-12 Water Polo Results







Junior Girls

Mrs Elliot, #Brad


Siena 2



Maggie Princehorn

Junior Boys

Mr Kersnovske


Sunshine Beach


Sunshine Beach

Hamilton Turnbull

Senior Girls

Mr Jones





Karla Lowe



7-12 SCISSA Touch Football Results







Junior Girls

Mr Hooper





Gabrielle Gorham

Junior Boys

Mr Cummins





Cooper Johnson

Senior Girls

Ms Finter





Josie Bradshaw

Senior Boys

Mr Danzey





Tomas Evans-Butcher


Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

PLC FC Update!

Bunnings Kawana BBQ

On Saturday we ran a BBQ at Kawana Bunnings.  This is a great way to raise funds for our club.   It means we can direct the monies towards uniforms or coaching for the kids.  We would like to run this often, maybe twice a year, but we need more helpers.  We only had 5 volunteers on Saturday.  Thanks to all that did help on the day, we really appreciate your efforts.

End of Season Presentation Day – Sunday 9th September (Kawana Indoor Sports)

Please make sure you all RSVP (yes or no) to our Presentation Day.  We have to do some major planning and we must know how many people are coming along.  It will be a great day with heaps of fun and activities.  Please contact your manager or contact the club.  If you do not RSVP, you will have to pay on the day.

Pacific FC and PLC Netball Joint Day and Rooball Carnival – Saturday 25th August

We have a massive weekend coming up on Saturday 25th August.  Not only are we sharing the day with PLC Netball, but we are also hosting the U8 Rooball Carnival.

There will be lots of activity (and building works) so we look forward to a great day.  We will have 2 canteens and a coffee van on site.  We will need lots of volunteers, so please contact your manager, and we will also send out a canteen roster.  We know that some teams are not playing at PLC but for our club to be successful, we need volunteers for these types of days. Please click here for more information…

Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball

Well what a day the CDNA Carnival was on Sunday!  We were off to a poor start with both Caitlin and Tayla going down with ankle injuries, but on the positive it could only get better from there and it did.

Well done to your Ponies who finished runners up and to our Palominos, who whilst finishing equal first, were place third on goal difference.  For all of the other teams is was an enjoyable day for parents and players alike.  A special thank you to all of those who helped out on the day in different ways.

A reminder that team photos are on after school in the gym of 22 August from 15:00.  Please make every effort to be there are the photos will be handed out at the presentation night, which is on 23 September at Laser Zone.

Our players of the week are:

  • PLC Thoroughbreds – Gabby Gorham;
  • PLC Arabians – Eloise Greenland;
  • PLC Fillies – Ainslie Colton;
  • PLC Ponies – Kirra Burdett-Cluer;
  • PLC Palominos – Taylor Mikolic;
  • PLC Mustangs – Kahlia Taylor  

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor


Volunteers Required!

Calling all parents, grandparents and friends of the Pacific community! If you can volunteer for only 45 minutes, (from 12.45 to 1.30pm) then we'd love to hear from you! We have volunteer positions available to serve at the front counter.  We would love to see some new faces at the Tuckshop this term! Your time and effort will be most appreciated by staff and students. If you are unsure about what is involved, please feel free to pop in, meet our Tuckshop Convenor and have a look around. There are jobs to suit everyone and it’s a great way to meet new people and lend a helping hand. Click here to download the Volunteer Form.

Ms Carrie Dickson, Tuckshop Convenor

General Notices

LLL Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no fees or charges. All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.  The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.  Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Upcoming Dates


20 - 24                                      Book Week

23 - 24                                      Yr 4 Camp – Alexandra Headland

27                                              Yrs 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)

28                                              Yr 6 Canberra Tour Information Evening (6pm)

29                                               Friends of Pacific Father’s Day Stall

31                                              Celebrating Dad’s Breakfast (7am)


3                                               P-2 Athletic Carnival (8.50-10.30am)

4 - 5                                          QCS Test

10                                              Yrs 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)

10 - 21                                      Yr 9 Two Week Camp Program

11 - 12                                      10-19yrs Regional Athletics

13                                              Yrs 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day 3