Compass No. 497 May/June 2018

From the Principal

Compassion Colours Our World

Viewing the world with compassionate eyes slows us down and forces us to listen deeply to each other.  In being compassionate we are walking with people, sharing their joys and pains in full colour.  There is time to be present and attentive.  Compassion requires us to be thoughtful in how we speak about others and to others.  We can grow compassion in ourselves and our circles by looking for those opportunities to pause and respond with compassion.  This may be by being kind to another person in need.  It may be standing up in a group or conversation where thoughtlessness reduces the dignity of another person.  Having the courage to live with compassion creates space in our lives to be fully human. 

We are proactive more than reactive.  It keeps the front part of our brain alive.  Jesus lived with compassion for people.  Through Jesus, God showed compassion for people of all time.  Even in His final moments Jesus showed compassion to the thieves dying on the cross with him.  We can trust that God always listens compassionately to us.  We can respond by challenging ourselves to act with compassion in the small and large opportunities that present every day.   We can colour life through compassion.

Principal's Log

Over the weekend we enjoyed the very entertaining and professional production of The Three Musketeers.  The ability to move an audience through moments of farcical humour to fully engaging with the more dramatic elements of the story is a testament to the talent of the performance skills of those on stage and to very effective direction.  A large contingent of staff, students and parents contributed to the performance through set design and construction, costuming, make up, sound effects, program design and production and hours of rehearsal.  Thank you to everyone for the part they played in making this such a successful production including our parents who transported students to and from rehearsals.  Congratulations and thank you to the cast and crew. We particularly express our appreciation to Directors - Mrs Janine Delaney and Ms Alisha Janssen, Producer - Mrs Tracey Hickey and the entire Production Team for their generosity of time and leadership of an adroit interpretation of the play.



Thank you to our community for your tremendous support of the Red Shield Appeal over the last month through donation of household and food items, being part of the Red Shield Collection on Sunday and monetary donations as part of the casual day held this week.  We thank Mrs Leanne Bevis, Mr Brendan Delaney, Ms Angela Hill, Mrs Kim Bonello and Mr David Druery for their leadership.  Compassion in action.


Over 60 netballers have enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the Monday night netball competition this year.  The PLC 6 team can be proud of their result in the Grand final on Monday night, representing the College and themselves well.  We thank them for their commitment and particularly our development coach: Michelle Dufty, teachers: Leigh Finter, Mel Pietrala, Emma Lendrum, sports coaches: Caity O’Keefe and Georgie Snelling.  A particular thank you to Ms Leigh Finter for her coordination and leadership of this competition in her role as Head of Netball.  We look forward to the ongoing growth in our netballers in coming years.

The Year 12 hospitality students showcased their skills to appreciative staff, students and parents as they ran the service at the Boat Shed Restaurant on Tuesday night.  Students helped to prepare food, waited on tables and welcomed diners as they arrived.  This is a valuable experience for our hospitality students and we thank the staff of the Boat Shed Restaurant and our hospitality staff of Mrs Colleen Beattie, Mrs Emma Lendrum and Mrs Rhana Holt for this experience.

We wish middle and senior college students all the best as they prepare for their upcoming assessments.  Shifting self-talk to what can be achieved in this moment is important.  Each small step forward makes a big difference.  May God grant us compassionate hearts.  We also pray that God would give all staff and students calm, positive, purposefulness as they prepare and learn through upcoming assessments.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor


A great spiritual teacher of the 21st century once said; I think technology (has) really increased human ability. But technology cannot produce compassion.

Compassion means to show mercy, sympathy, empathy, kindness, and care towards others. It is that gut wrenching pull on your emotions that enables you to literally ‘suffer with’ another human being. That is the origin and derivation of the word compassion, to ‘suffer with’ another person. That is what Jesus showed when he healed the blind, sick and the lame and crowds followed him. Jesus demonstrated fully what it means to suffer with us when he died an ugly painful death on the cross for us. In Jesus, God came to earth to suffer with his people.

This makes compassion such an important virtue for us to model and cultivate in the children and teenagers of today. Important because our world of technology cannot teach compassion. Compassion does not come from looking at a screen or talking into a phone. It can be evoked through these means, but it is most vividly experienced and learnt by one person sitting down with another person and learning something of their pain, their troubles. Compassion means being so affected by another person’s needs that our hearts are opened and changed as we put our love into action by attending to them. It is exercising the ability to reach out, to walk in another's shoes, to be open and responsive to the concerns of others and active in caring for others. It is sharing in the presence of God as we care for one another.

In this busy, technology filled world of ours, how can we together support one another as parents and as teachers to raise compassionate young people who can walk in the shoes of others?

We pray; Lord Jesus, you showed great compassion on the crowds that followed you. Fill us with the same compassion so that we can extend it to the young people in our lives. Give us hearts that not only suffer with people but also hands that act on people’s needs. Bless us with your compassion as we share it with others today. Amen. 

Tim Jarick, College Pastor 

From the Director of Students

Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal

A big thank you to the fifty parents who drove the one hundred and eighty-five students to their collection areas on Sunday morning for the Red Shield Appeal. The students raised $7,744 and have added to that this week with the Free Dress Day on Wednesday. It was wonderful to see so many of our production students up early on Sunday morning and supporting the appeal. In fact, the first two students to arrive on Sunday morning were Patrick Brennand and Declan Walker who were backing up after a weekend of The Three Musketeers.  The food collection by Pastoral Care Groups and Primary classes concluded this week and all donations were handed over to the Salvation Army.


Senior Students taught how to keep Calm for Exams

As senior students prepare for the exam block in week nine Personal Development classes have been teaching students the Mindstar Program.  Among other things this program teaches students how to use breathing to relax themselves. Students should prepare for their exams in a clear and detailed way. They should focus on the questions asked and write relevant answers. Their goal should always be to do their best. The use of breathing exercises will help them focus and settle their thinking. The research shows that slowing down and finding their own source of calm can improve a student’s academic performance. During the exam block at lunch breaks Pastor Tim will place the movable labyrinth in the Middle/Senior space. This will help students who would like some quiet time between exams to reflect and find a sense of calm.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

P-5 News

At assemblies we regularly recognise and appreciate the talent and expertise of our musicians, we applaud and support our talented students who achieve highly in sport, in chess and in other artistic endeavors. This week Year 1S under the tutelage of Mr. Lake, entertained us with a rendition of a Jack Johnson’s song about the 3R’s, Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.  At assembly I also discussed with the students the importance of applying those principles at school, home and in fact wherever we are. At lunch and morning tea it was great to see a number of students arming themselves with bags and moving around the College collecting rubbish.  If we all individually approach the problems facing the environment with “I can do it” attitude, collectively, we have the power to make significant improvements to our beautiful local, national and global environments.    

P-2 Cross Country

All students in Years Prep-2 have been busily training for the P -2 Interhouse Cross Country which will be held on Wednesday 20th June starting at 1.45pm. A letter giving details of the event was sent home this week. All parents are warmly invited to attend and support their children’s participation in the event.

Emotional Resilience 

The development of Emotional Resilience in children is important. Emotional Resilience means knowing how to stop yourself getting extremely angry, down or worried when something ‘bad happens.’  It means being able to calm down and feel better when you get very upset. nThis week I would like to continue to share some strategies from the You Can Do It program which may help eliminate or help to balance the negative mindsets that detract from children developing resilience.

To Eliminate “I Can’t Do It”

In order to combat this form of negative, pessimistic thinking, explain to your child that he/she has a choice in how to think about things that have happened and about things in the future.  Explain that when something bad happens, such as getting a bad grade or being rejected or teased by a classmate, your child can think negative thoughts or positive thoughts.

  • Examples of Negative “I Can’t Do It” thoughts: “I can’t do this.  No one likes me.  I’m not good at anything.  It’s all my fault.  Things will never change.  I’ll always be hopeless with friends/in my work”.
  • Examples of Positive “I Can Do It” Thoughts: “Next time things will be different.  Maybe I did not try hard enough or behaved stupidly.  I know that if I do things differently, including trying harder, the next time I am more likely to be successful than to fail”.

Explain to your child that an “I Can’t Do It” Type of Thinking leads him/her to feeling very down when bad things happen and can cause him/her to stop trying and withdraw.

Other suggestions for eliminating a child’s negative Type of Thinking called “I Can’t Do It” including the following.

  • Encourage your child when faced with difficult work to think of the last time he/she was successful at doing something he/she did not think he/she could do.  Then, encourage your child to think: “I did it before, I can do it again.”
  • Evaluate your child’s progress based on the amount he/she has learned rather than comparisons with other children.
  • Praise your child at those times when he/she continues working towards achieving goals/finishing work after experiencing difficulty or setbacks.
  • Remind your child before commencing a difficult task of eliminating from his/her thinking the ‘I Can’t Do It’ type of thinking and developing the mindset that ‘I will probably be successful.’
  • Model for your child the two types-of-thinking about doing something difficult.  For example, you could say, ‘Now I have to learn more about how to use a computer.  I can think: ‘I’m hopeless at doing these things. I’ll probably never learn it’ or ‘If I try my best, I’ll probably be successful.’ You should discuss the different impact these two types-of-thinking will have on your feelings and motivation to learn about computers.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

School TV

Today parents face a multitude of modern day challenges in raising happy, well and resilient young people. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, this can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance.

SchoolTV addresses this as a new online resource designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies. Topics include Anxiety, Diet and Nutrition, Dealing with School Transitions, Online Safety etc.

Parents can access the site at and click on ‘Launch SchoolTV’.  Your feedback regarding the platform would be appreciated.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Aloha OCEANfestproudly supported by festival partner Newwave Orthodontics!

Big Kahuna Cent Auction

Once again, we will have one of the favourites at OCEANfest - the very popular Cent Auction!   To create the prizes for the Cent Auction, it begins with each class collecting new, donated items based on a theme. Laundry baskets will be distributed to each junior classroom next week and these are used to store the donated items. From Years 7-12, PCG groups are asked to decide on a larger item and pool their money. Look out for further information about the Cent Auction next week!​

Funds raised at Aloha OCEANfest will see an investment in digital, interactive technology to enhance learning areas across classrooms at PLC. OCEANfest 2018, is also proud to support the PLC Cambodian team with their endeavours to work alongside the Lutheran Church of Cambodia’s Rainbow Hostel and Life Centre. If you, or a business you know, wishes to be a part of OCEANfest 2018 as a sponsor/prize donor please contact our organising committee via

BBQ Volunteers for Junior Athletics at USC

Thank you to Allyson Sarvari, Mandy Hentschel, Sara Dent and Mandy Kelly for offering their valuable time! Any fellow Junior School parents who are able to assist on Wednesday 6 June at USC volunteering on the Pacific FoP BBQ, please contact if you only have an hour to spare, your help is greatly appreciated!

Next Meeting: Tuesday 19 June

Our next Friends of Pacific meeting will be held on Tuesday 19 June from 6.30pm in the College Library.  All welcome to attend.

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Library News

Geek Girls - Virtual Reality

This week in Geek Girls we explored the world of virtual reality. Students used Google Cardboard VR glasses to ride a rollercoaster, used VR apps on the iPads to view dinosaurs and butterflies flying around the room; brought pictures of animals and books to life and played a VR game using Leap Motion.​


Readers' Cup

Last week, some of our students travelled to Immanuel Lutheran College for the Sunshine Coast Region Year 5/6 Readers Cup competition under the leadership of Ms Sue Warren. Our team of two Year 5 students – Cooper Adams and Kirra Burdett-Cluer – and two Year 6 students- Kyla Chirgin and Ayrisa Jones plus Year 6 reserve Priya Miles acquitted themselves well in spite of nerves. It was a valuable experience for them all in terms of working together, being prepared and ‘having-a-go’ and all are keen to try out again next year. Buddina State School were the Regional winners who will now go on to the State competition in September.

Voices on the Coast Literature Festival

Students in Years 4-12 are invited to apply to attend the Voices on the Coast Literature Festival at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Come and see authors, illustrators, poets and performers; experience the lecture theatres of the University; get books signed by authors and have a fun day with thousands of other students who love literature. The Year 7-12 day is Thursday 19th July and Year 4-6 is Friday 20th July. Forms can be collected from the library and must be returned by 4th June for Years 7-12 and by 15thJune for Years 4-6.

Ms Nell Keen, Head of Library

Secondary College

Boat Shed Fine Dining

Pacific Lutheran College Year 12 Hospitality students are currently in the midst of completing their Cert ll in Hospitality and on Tuesday evening they took over the Boat Shed Restaurant at Cotton Tree.  Once again, our students did an outstanding job waiting, bar tending, and cooking for over 80 guests.  This hands-on experience not only builds confidence but also gives the students a greater insight into the hospitality industry.  These are practical skills that can be used in their future careers or working their way through University.  Mrs Colleen Beattie, Head of Department Food and Technology

From the Head of Career Development

Expos, Open Days and Events 2018

Basair Brisbane Career Info Seminar

Learn about a career as a Commercial Pilot at one of our free information seminars. Monday (June 4, 2018) Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm. Location: Archerfield, Building 8 Grenier Drive, Archerfield Airport Details and Registration:

ACU Experience Day

Thursday July 5th 9.30 – 1.45pm is a free event that gives you the opportunity to sample the degree of your choice and get a taste of life at ACU. You will meet current staff and students while experiencing the course you’re interested in. You can choose from a range of ACU study areas including nursing, midwifery, business, paramedicine, education, physiotherapy, exercise science, theology and more. Registration is required:

Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO) 21st & 22nd July Brisbane Showgrounds

Australia's largest tertiary studies expo, offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in starting, changing or upgrading their career! Featuring many local, interstate and overseas education providers, students’ services and job support agencies. The list of exhibitors is here

USC Open Day 22nd July - tour the campus and listen to faculty talks.

Sunshine Coast Daily Careers Expo is the region's most comprehensive careers, employment and training expo that offers visitors the latest information on tertiary studies, further training, hands on demonstrations and employment opportunities. Held on Tuesday, 24th July 2018 at the Calvary Centre Tanawha and offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in starting, changing or upgrading their career to meet with a diverse range of organisations that are both locally-based and from around Australia.

UQ updates

UQ's Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science have a range of videos showcasing the daily life of a UQ Science student. These videos explore the studies, opportunities and experiences of real-life students in Advanced Science, Marine Biology, Equine Science and more!

UQ's Young Scholars Program (YSP)

YSP Provides high achieving secondary school students with an opportunity to discover, learn and engage with UQ's academic community and like-minded students from across QLD and NSW. Designed to nurture and develop future leaders, the Program also presents students with a unique opportunity for academic extension and enrichment. The program includes a five-day residential camp in November. Applications are now open and close on Friday 10 August 2018. Discover more here.

Scholarships at UQ

A range of scholarships can be searched for on the UQ Scholarships website:

Exploring fields of Engineering

Considering Engineering but not sure which area to specialise in? This link provides an outline of what Engineers do and what the future of engineering looks like.

Junior Sport

Independent District Cross Country Carnival

Well done to all students who competed last week at the Independent District Cross Country Carnival. Conditions were perfect for running on the day with mild temperatures and a mostly dry track after recent rain.

Ten schools competed on the day at the carnival with some outstanding runners representing the various schools. Congratulations to the following Pacific runners who recorded top ten placings on the day.

  • Noella Finney      4th          9 Years girls 2km
  • Valentino Kelly    4th             9 Years boys 2km
  • Katie Daniels      5th          11 Years girls 3km
  • Bella Lumkes     7th          11 Years girls 3km
  • Darcy Connors   10th        11 Years boys 3km
  • Zara Richters     3rd          12 Years girls 3km

Well done to Katie and Zara who have now been selected in the Independent District Cross Country team to compete at the Sunshine Coast Regional Cross Country Carnival.  At the end of the carnival Pacific finished in fifth place out of the ten schools.




3-7 Athletics Training

Unfortunately, due to wet weather athletics training had to be cancelled on Monday afternoon. Next Monday training will commence afterschool from 3.15 – 4.30pm. All students from Years 3 – 7 are welcome to come along to practice specific athletic events in preparation for their upcoming athletics carnival.

Students in Years 4-6 can choose to either train for athletics or their chosen SCISSA sport next Monday.

Athletics training will run each Monday afternoon until the end of the term. After the 3-6 Athletics Carnival next week, only students who have been selected to represent Pacific at the Independent District Athletics Carnival will be invited to train on a Monday afternoon. 

3-6 Athletics Carnival

The 3-6 athletics carnival will be held next Wednesday 6th June out at The University of the Sunshine Coast athletics track. Student will need to arrive at school that day in their sports uniform with their house shirt. All students need to have a hat and water bottle to take to the carnival as well.

Buses will transport students to and from the carnival and will depart the college at 8.30am, returning by 3.00pm for normal afternoon dismissal.

If there are any parents who are planning on attending the day and are able to offer their help as a timekeeper or in any other jobs please send an email to either Darren Hooper or Natalie Campbell

Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

7-12 SCISSA Wednesday May 30th

Well done to all our SCISSA teams this week. Some excellent results and fantastic effort from all players. A special mention to Nathan Hienz for filling-in the tennis team at very late notice. Well done and thank you. Also, a special mention to the open boys’ volleyball team who showed tremendous determination and team work to fight back from one-set-down to almost win in the 3rd set against Good Shepard. A true reflection of the PLC fighting spirit. Well done boys!













Open Girls A

Miss Marg Gunn 




Olivia Papallo

Open Girls B

Miss Marg Gunn




Phoebe Swan

Open Boys A

Mrs Deb Turner 




Harrison Dines







Open B Division

Mr Ben Dutton 




Michael Hewitt







U15 Boys

Mr Josh Cummins




Sam Larsen




Oliver Frazer

U17 Girls

Mr Darren Hooper




Natasha Whiteley




Brooke Graver

U13 Boys 

Mr Scott Crompton

St Johns



Alex Lee

Club Sport

Pacific FC


  Upcoming events:

   2 June - Home Game + Team photos

   9 June – Home Games


Combined Netball and Soccer Day!

Even though the grounds were a little wet, we had a great turnout of players, supporters and friends.  Thanks to all the helpers who set up fields, sold raffle tickets, worked the canteens and packed up fields.  It makes a massive difference when we have many hands.



U9 Vipers

The Vipers had another early start and we even had to supply a referee for the first half.  Thanks to the very fair efforts of Rob Moffitt.  There is nothing he can’t do.  The Palmwoods side showed that they would be a tough challenge and after a tough first half, the Vipers were unlucky to be down 3-nil.  Nathan was amazing in goals, Flynn was flashy all around the ground, and it was great to have Charlotte back.  Jarryd kept on running all game and had great support from Jackson Ackerman.  The second half was a gutsy effort from all the Vipers.  Final score 4-nil and lots of improvement is already being seen.  More goals and even a win is on the cards soon for the Mighty Vipers.

Pacific FC Major Raffle

Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets over the next 2 home games.  The raffle will be drawn on June 9 but don’t miss out.  Click here for more information:

Raffle – Over $1000 worth of prizes to be won!

All teams will receive raffle tickets to sell over the next 3 home games. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

  • 1st PrizeEva Kool Esky filled with soft drinks – valued at $770
  • 2nd PrizeRazor Ripsurf Pro – valued at $149
  • 3rd Prize - $50 RSL gift voucher
  • 4th Prize - $30 PFC canteen gift voucher

Pacific FC Team and Individual photos – Saturday 2nd June

Our friends at Sunshine Sports Photography will be at PLC on Saturday 2 June for team photos. This year we have gone for a new look! Photo envelopes were given out last Saturday to every player. Plese bring these envelopes to the photo session this weekend. For packages available, go to:

School Holiday Camps

We will be offering a holiday soccer/football camp these school holidays.  More details to follow.

PFC Soccer Sponsors

Click here for all our sponsors:

Pacific FC Contacts      

Committee email contact: If you have any queries, or if you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball Club

This week the club hosted the CDNA round at the school.  It is always a very busy, tiring, but rewarding day.  Whilst extremely wet under-foot, the day was sunny, and a carnival atmosphere prevailed, with Mr Whippy doing a roaring trade as the day warmed.  

A special thank you to Allie Morgan, who was responsible for the behind the scenes organisation of the day.  Organising an event such as this takes time and if you do it right, nobody notices as the day runs smoothly without incident.  Allie achieved this and much more.  Thanks also goes to all of the team helpers and Pacific Soccer.  Without the active participation from all concerned, the day would not have been the success that it was.

Consequently, the school, the club and our community were portrayed in an extremely positive manner to the whole of the Caloundra Netball Community, for which we can all be proud.  

Our players of the week for 26 May 2018 are:

  • PLC Thoroughbreds– Maggie Princehorn
  • PLC Arabians – Amie Hague
  • PLC Fillies – Talieah Birt
  • PLC Ponies – Amber Hetherington
  • PLC Palominos – Huntyr Wortley
  • PLC Mustangs – Zoe Woods
  • PLC Pintos – Poppy Schreiweis

Well done to all of our weekly winners.  Stay up to date with face book

Trevor Colton - President PLC Netball

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

General Notices

LLL School Banking


Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘atcall’ accounts and there are no fees or charges. All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.  The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.

Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Upcoming Dates


1        Caloundra Show Holiday

3        Thread: LEA Value – Compassion PERMA: Engagement, Relationships

4        Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm-4.15pm)

5        10-19 Years Regional Cross Country

6        Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival USC (9.20am-2.30pm)

8        Ensembles Concert

10      Thread: Youth Programs PERMA: Relationships Meaning

11      Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm-4.15pm)

11-13  Middle College Exams

14      Years 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day 2