Open Day

Compass No 492 - April 2018

Club Sport

Pacific FC

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday 5th May – Kondalilla Falls walk

  • Saturday 5th May – NO games

  • Next game – Saturday 12th May

  • Next home game – Saturday 26th May (PLC Netball also on that day)

  • Club photos – Saturday 2 June


Some of our Pacific FC players are off to the Representative State Titles at Redbank this weekend, so best of luck to them all.

Enjoy the long weekend (no soccer/football for most of you) but don’t forget about the Kondalilla Falls walk on Saturday.  Meet at the car park at 9.00am see our Facebook page for full details.

PLC Open Day

Thanks to our Pacific FC stars who came out on Sunday for the PLC Open Day.  It was great for the school and new PLC families to see the Pacific FC strip.  Thanks also to Rita Williams, John Williams, Steve Symes and Rob Moffitt for assisting in setting up. 

U6 Tigers

The U6 Tigers played the aptly named Bli Bli Chargers, who impressively for this level were stringing together passes!  Kruz was unlucky early on not to give the Tigers the lead, while Sophia was a star in goal with one handed saves (while taking a drink).  Jimmy and Axel put in some huge dribbling runs, fantastic to see, while Nicholas and Luke both put in massive efforts to play the whole game.  Although the scoreline was a bit one sided, the Chargers Manager did say next goal wins and Kruz obliged for the Tigers.  Well done Kruz for giving the Tigers a moral victory. 

Player awards to Jimmy and Axel.

U8 Razors

The Razors played Mooloolah Pythons away.  Jacob helped Razors take the lead with a powerful strike, but the Pythons played a very structured game with a skilful striker up front managing to score 4 goals in the first half.  The strength of the Razors showed with the team adapting their structure to reduce his attacks - very much player led.  With that the Razors went on to take scores level in the second half.  Only a late goal by the Pythons meant the score ended 5-4.  Brilliant effort by all in attack and in covering defence, working as a team and never giving up.  Jacob got 3 goals, Isabel 1 and Noella and Quinn came close.  Chloe was outstanding in goal, Kayla strong as ever in the outfield.  Porscha, Blake and Rachel shone with their persistent effort. 

Isabel and Jacob got player awards for their leadership and play.  

U9 Vipers

The Vipers showed some real promise after a few weeks of specialist coaching from Greg Lee and Rob Moffitt.  They are really starting to show some cohesion, control and passing.  Unfortunately, it has not yet meant any goals.  Against Nambour on Saturday it took a while to realise the opposition were playing offside, but once the Vipers sorted that out, it was a real close tussle.  The second half was a nil-all draw! The whole team did some great things, but special efforts came from Jarryd who nearly swallowed the ball and Blaize who had some amazing runs down the wings. 

We have a rest this week then let’s see if we can score some goals and get some wins.  Vipers rule!

Pacific FC Sponsors

Pacific FC Contacts

  • Jenny Lee (Canteen)

  • Lisa Ackerman (Registration)

  • Louise Currey (Treasurer)

  • Esta Styles (Vice President)

  • Matt Gigney (President)

  • Zane Russell (Grounds)

  • Rob Moffitt (Director of Coaching)

  • Rita Williams (Equipment)

  • Margie Hickey (Uniforms)

  • Paul McFadyen (Grounds)

If you have any queries, or if you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific FC President

Pacific FC

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday 28th April – away games

  • Sunday 29th April – Open Day Display at PLC

  • Saturday 5th May – NO games, but instead we will have a Pacific FC club walk to Kondalilla Falls. Meet at car park at 9.00am.

It was great for everyone to be playing games on the weekend after three weekends off, and lots of rain before that.

U6 Tigers

Nicholas has enjoyed his award, so thanks to Donut King….!!

The Tigers played Currimundi Orcas - with players missing and the early start we were a couple of short to start with but the Tigers rose to the occasion (and Currimundi were nice and reduced their numbers).  Nicholas was fantastic in goal, blocking all the Orcas strikes.  Kruz continued his massive runs and big shots putting the Tigers in front where they remained.  Jimmy was a huge talent running hard with good ball skills, Axel was involved in every play in the outfield then kept them goalless in the second half. Luke got a good few touches on the ball and kept pushing, and Sophia lifted the team with her strong running and skills.  All up it was a brilliant effort on a hot day with no subs. The players all just kept going and thoroughly deserved their first win of the season. The player awards went to Nicholas and Kruz.  Hats off to coach Beth, who is building a good team.

U8 Razors

The Razors came up against Caloundra Green, and carried on with their high paced style of play.  Chloe was the first to lift the team through a charging run into space from defence then putting passes forward.  This drove everyone else to start looking to pass and their play improved from there.  Blake scored the first goal, a well-placed and powerful shot. Caloundra then had one goal against the run of play, but then the Razors powered ahead in the second half, with passes leading to goals from Isabel, Noella and Chloe.  Rachel with her enthusiasm, Jacob, Quinn and Jackson’s strength and skill led to a really comprehensive w

in.  Player awards went to Blake and Chloe.

U9 Vipers

The Vipers came up against a typically strong Caloundra team, but showed real enthusiasm.  There was some great passing and a couple of stellar runs from Ben and Charlotte.  Nathan was a superstar in goals in the second half.  He was like Spider Man morphed with Steve Irwin as he was jumping around saving goals from everywhere.  New Vipers players Blaze, Ben and Jarryd all played brilliant games. Onwards and upwards, Vipers.


The weather is forecast to include some rain, but please remember that unless you are advised by your Team Manager, the games are on.  Sometimes it is raining in one suburb but not at the grounds you are playing at.

Pacific FC Sponsors

Pacific FC Contacts

  • Jenny Lee (Canteen)

  • Lisa Ackerman (Registration)

  • Louise Currey (Treasurer)

  • Esta Styles (Vice President)

  • Matt Gigney (President)

  • Zane Russell (Grounds)

  • Rob Moffitt (Director of Coaching)

  • Rita Williams (Equipment)

  • Margie Hickey (Uniforms)

  • Paul McFadyen (Grounds)

If you have any queries, or if you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball Club

This week we take time to remember those who have served our Country in Armed Conflict and Peace Keeping Operations.  The privileges and freedoms that we enjoy are a direct result of the efforts of these men and woman.  This year also marks the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice of World War One.  As a mark of respect, PLC Netball’s junior team for 2018 has been renamed ‘PLC Light Horse’.

In addition to the human cost, 123,000 horses saw service during World War One.  Many of these horses came from the farms with their owners, carrying them faithfully through the battles of Romani, Beersheba, Palestine and onto Victory in Damascus.  Their reward was to be left behind after Armistice as it was deemed too expensive to return them to Australia.  Only one horse is known to have been returned to Australia.  A poem by "Trooper Bluegum" sums up the men's sentiment:

I don't think I could stand the thought of my old fancy hack

Just crawling round old Cairo with a 'Gyppo on his back.

Perhaps some English tourist out in Palestine may find

My broken-hearted Waler with a wooden plough behind.

No: I think I'd better shoot him and tell a little lie: --

"He floundered in a wombat hole and then lay down to die."

Maybe I'll get court-martialled; but I'm damned if I'm inclined

To go back to Australia and leave my horse behind.

As a mark of remembrance, this year the RLS is offering ‘Purple Poppies’ in remembrance for those animals who have severed.

Lest We Forget.

For those who have booked their seats for the Lighting Road trip on 6 May 18, please finalise your payments ASAP.  Please note no additional seats are available.

Our players of the week for 21st April are:

  • PLC Thoroughbreds – Rani Munro

  • PLC Arabians – Chelsea Kidd

  • PLC Fillies – Ainslie Colton

  • PLC Ponies – Kirra Burdett-Cluer

  • PLC Palominos – Huntyr Wortley

  • PLC Mustangs – Amelia Holmes

Well done to all of our awards winners. Stay up to date via Facebook and our website!

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball Club President

General Notices

Kawana Forest Meeting Place

Hire Space

The venue consists of three meetings spaces of various sizes suitable for meetings, small seminars, training, private functions or low impact physical activities such as Yoga or Pilates. A fenced outdoor space and a forecourt are also available. Individuals, groups and businesses can hire the venue. The venue is furnished with tables and chairs, whiteboards, a kitchen with crockery and cutlery and a data projector and screen, which is in Meeting Space 2.

Click here to download the fact sheet.

Contact: For more information or to make a time to inspect the facilities contact the coordinator on 0428 776 043 or email


Fitness Sessions – PLC Fitness Centre

Group Fitness Sessions for Mums

Personal trainer Mason is holding group fitness sessions for mums in the newly refurbished PLC Gym (next to the uniform shop). The classes run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8.30am – 9.15am. Classes are designed for and focused on toning, weight loss, strength, mobility and fitness conditioning. The first session is complimentary.

Text or call Mason 0433421969 for more information and to book!

Body Transformation Challenge

The Body Transformation Challenge is an eight-week training package, which will run from 4th June – 30th July. By signing up for the challenge, you will receive:

  • Unlimited Group training sessions includes Yoga.
  • Nutrition supplements for energy detox and rebuilding.
  • Body work and massage.
  • Personal training sessions.
  • Body composition scan and reports.
  • Coaching support sessions and more!

There are only 10 places available. For more information and expressions of interest contact Mason at or 0433421969.

Kawana Forest Meeting Place

Hire Space

The venue consists of three meetings spaces of various sizes suitable for meetings, small seminars, training, private functions or low impact physical activities such as Yoga or Pilates. A fenced outdoor space and a forecourt are also available. Individuals, groups and businesses can hire the venue. The venue is furnished with tables and chairs, whiteboards, a kitchen with crockery and cutlery and a data projector and screen, which is in Meeting Space 2.

Click here to download the fact sheet.

Contact: For more information or to make a time to inspect the facilities contact the coordinator on 0428 776 043 or email


LLL School Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no LLL fees or charges.  All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.

The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.

Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

From the Principal

We Remember Them


Anzac Day is a day where we remember the sacrifice of those who have gone to war to fight for our freedoms and way of life. Through participation in the Prep – Year 5 service on Monday, the Year 6-12 service on Tuesday, the Caloundra Anzac Day March and other commemorative activities, Pacific students, staff and their families have joined with Australians across the country to show their respect and appreciation of the sacrifices made by our defence personnel and their families. 

We honour that sacrifice by valuing each day, the great blessing we have to live in peace in a land of abundance. We honour that sacrifice by making the most of our time and our gifts in response to their service to us.

Principal's Log

The respect shown by our staff, student and parents through their participation in the two remembrance services here at the College and the Caloundra ANZAC Day March highlighted the communities valuing of the sacrifices made by our defence personnel and their families.  We thank our students, staff and families for their support of these important events and thank Pastor Tim Jarick, our College Captains and musicians for their leadership of our school based services and Mr Brendan Delaney and Mrs Leanne Bevis for their coordination of our participation in the Caloundra march.

Over the past two weeks, Middle and Senior College students and their families have met with staff to discuss areas of strength and strategies for improvement as part of the Middle and Senior College conferences.  These discussions provided important information and helped to strengthen relationships critical for effective learning.  We thank our staff, students and parents for their commitment to optimising student outcomes through this process.

Students across Years 3 to 12 enjoyed the opportunity to be part of their respective cross country events last Friday.  We congratulate all those students who participated with great determination and spirit.  We wish those students who have been selected to represent the College at district level on Wednesday 9th May all the best. Thank you to our staff and particularly our Sport team very capably led by Mr Darren Hooper, Mr Brett Kersnovske and Mrs Natalie Campbell.  Congratulations to Mumba House for winning the Year 7-12 competition and thank you to our parents for your support.  The winning house from the Year 3-6 Carnival will be announced at the Junior College assembly tomorrow.

This week we farewell our Community Liaison and Communications Coordinator Mrs Stephanie Scarlett. Mrs Scarlett has done a tremendous job in connecting our community through sharing highlights from our College via our newsletter, Facebook and print media as well as leading our marketing processes.  Mrs Scarlett’s creativity, eye for detail, good humour and heart for our community saw her be highly effective in this role.  We thank her for her very capable service and wish her all the best as she takes on a national marketing role.

We look forward to sharing more of our good news with families and the broader community at our Open Day this Sunday.  Families are encouraged to come and enjoy performances, be part of interactive learning experiences, sample great tasting food from the Hospitality Department and learn more about the next phase of their child’s learning from staff and students.  Families are encouraged to invite people from outside of our community who may be interested in investigating the richness of a Pacific education.

As a special event, families are invited to bring their pets to the St Mark’s @ Pacific service on Sunday morning at 9.30am in the gymnasium.  This was a special service last year that many families and their pets enjoyed.

We thank God for the service of our defence personnel and pray for his healing and comforting hand for all those affected by war and conflict around the world.  We pray for peace and that we might live lives worthy of the sacrifices others have made.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor


No one has greater love than the one who gives their life for their friends.

John 15:13

This week at Pacific we had two special chapels for Anzac Day on Monday for the Junior and Foundation Colleges and Tuesday for the Middle Senior Colleges. In both these services we heard the above words from Jesus. Words that go on to speak about friendship and mateship, a quality that is often linked to the “Anzac Spirit”. On Monday’s chapel I focused on this idea of friendship with the younger students. Then on Tuesday’s chapel I spoke to the older students about these words of Jesus that are sometimes written on war memorials across our country. Particularly I showed pictures of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. Possibly Australia’s largest war memorial after Canberra’s national one. The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance which is located near a tram stop on St Kilda Road is an imposing building with many steps up to a classic structure of columns and a pointy roof.  Inside the Shrine is a closed room which has on its floor a marble stone of remembrance. Within the square boarded stone of remembrance is the phrase “No greater love hath man”.  Significantly, on Remembrance Day, the 11th November at 11am each year, the day which marks the end of the First World War, a ray of light shines through a hole in the roof of the Melbourne Shrine and lights up this marble stone on the floor, shining on the word “love”. “No greater LOVE hath man”. 

There is great meaning in that word “love” that comes to light in the Melbourne Shrine. Many war memorials in our cities and country towns were built after the First War World. They are dotted all around our country and were built in the context of families who were still grieving a son, father, brother, uncle, grandfather who had gone to war and never came back. Most families in Australia were touched personally by these sacrifices and their love may well have grown dim through their loss. But love, as the Melbourne Shrine reminds us, love, especially the love of Jesus can shine light into our lives to give us hope. Love shines light into people’s lives when it is willing to sacrifice and willing to give. This is the story of Jesus and his reason for suffering and dying on earth for us. And this is the story of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country. These qualities are what makes for true friendship and relationship.

As we to remember the sacrifices of previous and current generations who serve in war for our freedom, may we be pointed to the one who shines his light to make our love alive.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior Students

ANZAC Day March


An important component in the development of students is inspiring in them, the adopting of a sense of civic responsibility to the communities they live in.  Volunteering their time in assisting others is a pursuit that will benefit their personal growth and lifelong experiences immensely.  

On Wednesday, 25th April 2018 a number of students from year levels across the college took part in the Anzac Day morning march.  Thank you to Mr Brendan Delaney and Mrs Leanne Bevis for leading the organisation of this service event, to staff for supervising and to students and families for their involvement on the day.  Lest we forget.  

Personal Development - Mindstar

This term in Personal Development lessons, Year 7, 8 and 10 will complete three sessions of the Mindstar program. Mindstar is a student wellbeing program that aims to teach simple strategies that will improve student wellbeing and resilience.

Session one: focuses on how the brain works, why it challenges our thinking and provides simple relaxation strategies that can be used in everyday life.

Session two: focuses on difficult thoughts and emotions and provides strategies to deal with them effectively.

Session three: focuses on values, what really matters to each individual and then incorporates those values to create a personal wellbeing plan.

The Mindstar program shares overlapping themes and applications with PERMA and positive psychology including helping individuals to set positive goals, building on positive strengths and introducing mindfulness practices. If parents would like to learn more about Mindstar, please visit:  You can now choose to connect with your choice of psychologist, social worker or counsellor by phone, face to face or by using Mindstar’s secure video platform.

Teens can have their voice heard and make a difference!

Young people aged 13-18 years old, have the opportunity to have their say as part of an exciting new project being run by the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC).

The Growing Up in Queensland survey gives teenagers across Queensland a voice about their experiences, opportunities and challenges. 

The QFCC wants to discover:

  • How Queensland’s children and young people experience life in their community.

  • Their career aspirations and the supports and barriers which can impact them achieving their goals.

  • What they think government should focus on and how they want their communities to look now and in the future.

The QRCC wants to hear from young people from across Queensland, living in different communities, from different cultures and of all abilities.  The online survey can be accessed at:

Year 12 and Year 2

Next week, the Year 12 students will be allocated a Year 2 buddy.  This is an exciting connection!  The Year 12 students intend to organise a teddy bears picnic, gathering to connect and meet their buddies in the coming weeks.  We look forward to seeing updates throughout the year.

Mrs Kim Bonello, Head of Senior College Students and Personal Development (Middle/Senior College)

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Years 3-6 Cross Country Carnival

Last Friday the Years 3-6 Cross Country Carnival was finally held after being postponed at the end of last term due to inclement weather. Thank you to the many parents who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the Carnival and support their children.

Student participation rates and the standard of performance in all year levels were outstanding. In every race there is only one winner (unless of course there is a tie).  What particularly impressed me about the participants in all races was the persistence and effort all students put into completing the course and their support for each other.

Some of the things we face in life can be a bit challenging and uncomfortable. Facing these trials with effort and a persistent, “I can do it” attitude as displayed during the cross country races are positive attributes to be applauded and encouraged. A special thanks to Mr Hooper and Mrs Campbell for organising the event and to all the HPE and classroom teachers who helped make the day a success.

Junior School ANZAC Day Service

Thanks to the many parents and family members who attended the Junior School ANZAC Day Service on Monday. Special thanks to Mrs Pollard and Year 5 students whose input and leadership helped make the service both relevant and meaningful.

As the number of veterans dwindle it is important for young people to not only remember the sacrifices of the past but to accept the responsibility for continuing this legacy of remembrance into the future.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

Fundamentals of a Healthy Childhood

Today’s children are being deprived of the fundamentals of a healthy childhood, such as:

  • Emotionally available parents

  • Clearly defined limits and guidance

  • Balanced nutrition and adequate sleep

  • Movement and outdoors

  • Creative play, social interaction, opportunities for unstructured times and boredom

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Important Notices

Quality Schools Survey 2018

As previously advised, this year Pacific will be participating in collection of information through a survey managed by Research Australia Development and Innovation Institute (RADII). The data that is collected will be used by the College and Lutheran Education Australia to develop strategies and implement initiatives to improve the quality of education offered by Lutheran schools.

Invitations and individual survey links will be emailed by RADII to students from Year 5 through to Year 12, parents and staff  in the coming weeks. Students will have opportunity to complete surveys in class and we encourage all parents to participate in the survey as this will assist us in determining how well the College is supporting the learning of our students.

All survey responses go directly to RADII and are not identifiable by the College, unless you wish to indicate that you want your feedback to be identified. All data will be stored securely and the anonymity of all participants is assured.

We encourage you to participate in the Quality Schools Survey in May as this will provide valuable feedback to the College. When the feedback from the survey is received we will share the findings with you.

Thank you for supporting the survey process.

Ms Margaret Gunn – Director of Staff

School Photos
  • Prep - Year 12: Tuesday 22nd May

  • Siblings: Tuesday 22nd May

A reminder that class photos for Prep – Year 12 and sibling photos will be taken on Tuesday 22nd May.

Individual order envelopes were handed out last week. If you would like a sibling photo taken, please collect an order envelope from the main office.

Photos can be ordered and paid for online using a secure online platform.  Orders placed online DO NOT require an envelope, cash/cheques or paperwork returned to school.

Envelope Orders:  photos can also be purchased in the traditional manner using an envelope, with cash/cheque enclosed.

To place your order, visit and enter the code B7H 8V9 RRH  This code can also be found printed on your envelope.  To ensure a smoothly run photo day, online orders for Sibling / Family Photos will be cut off at midnight on Monday 21st May to allow a list of students that require Sibling / Family photographs taken to be compiled.  Sibling photos can still be ordered after the online cut-off date by collecting an envelope from the office and returning the envelope on photo day with your payment enclosed.

All online orders should be placed before our day of photography.

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Open Day – This Sunday

Look out for our Friends of Pacific BBQ stall at Open Day! All items will be $2 each.

Mother’s Day Stall – Wednesday 9th May

Our annual Mother’s Day is on again with gifts on offer to students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

All gifts are $5 each. Thank you to Mrs Teena Thompson and Mrs Sanet Strong who are working hard behind the scenes to create the special gift packages. Thank you also to the Year 4 parents who will be coordinating the stall on the day.

The stall will be located in the under-croft behind the Uniform Shop from 8.30am.

Our Early Learning Centre will also have gifts on display in their reception foyer for purchase during the week of 7th – 11th May.

May Meeting

Our next Friends of Pacific meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd May from 6.30pm in the College library. All are welcome to attend.

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

Junior College

Year 6 Awareness Day Excursion

On Monday 23rd April 2018 Year 6 students travelled to Immanuel Lutheran College to take part in a full day seminar activity day run by Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS), the international aid arm of the Lutheran Church. This year’s focus was “Survive. Or… Thrive”. Students engaged in activities in an effort to become the ultimate survivor while developing their understanding of the survival challenges faced by those of us in the developing world. Students then explored the surprising changes that can help people transition from merely surviving to thriving, and the work that ALWS does with those in poverty. If you would like more information on the work ALWS does or would like to support what they do please visit

A group of people posing for the cameraDescription generated with very high confidence





Mr Chris Bartlett – Head of Christian Studies

Cultural News

Count Down to the Three Musketeers!

The cast and crew have been working tirelessly in rehearsal over the last two months, honing their acting skills, fencing skills and perfecting the many comic moments in this very funny new take on the original story.

Tickets go on sale Monday 30th April and are available either by contacting The Events Centre (54914240) or online

Look out for some of our roaming characters at our Open Day this Sunday and collect a flyer with all of the details.

Don't miss out, bring the whole family!


Mrs Janine Delaney and Miss Alisha Janssen

Junior Sport

Junior Sport

Welcome back to the start of Term Two for Junior College Sport. Term Two is always a very busy time of the year with many different carnival and sporting activities taking place. 

Year 3-6 Cross Country Carnival

After being rescheduled from Term 1 due to wet weather the long awaited 3-6 Cross – Country carnival finally took place last Friday. The house spirit on display was outstanding with the Year 6 leaders organising and leading war cries throughout the carnival.

Due to an impending storm the age champion medallions and overall house champions were unable to be presented at the end of the carnival. These will be presented on assembly Friday morning to students.

Congratulations to following students who finished in the first three places in their age group:






8 Boys


Jackson Ackerman

Flynn Bowering

Blake Tadgell

8 Girls


Jaz Edmondstone

Tahlia Kelly

Madison French

9 Boys


Valentino Kelly

Joseph Woods

Lennon Biggs

9 Girls


Noella Finney

Madyson Pearce

Quinn McFadden

10 Boys


Coby Sorbello

Riley Bowering

Charlie Schefe

10 Girls


Sarah Barrett

Chloe Hughes

Leila Osborne

11 Boys


Darcy Connors

Luke Becker

Patrick Dale

11 Girls


Bella Lumkes

Katie Daniels

Danica Cockburn

12 Boys


William Stephenson

Charles Garland

Frank Martin

12 Girls


Macey Winter

Zara Grant

Jessica Lloyd

The Pacific Lutheran College Independent District Cross Country team letter will be sent out via CareMonkey to students who qualified early next week. The district carnival will be held on Wednesday 9th May (Week 4) at the Maroochydore Cricket Club Fields at Buderim. 


SCISSA training has once again started for Term Two with students training last Thursday during school time. Students will remain in their Term One sport choice again for this term and will hopefully have the opportunity to play in some trial games and a Gala Day if the weather continues to remain clear and sunny. 

A reminder to parents that Monday afterschool training for SCISSA does not start until Monday 14th May (Week 5).

Armidale Rugby Carnival

Students from Years 5, 6 and 7 ventured down to Armidale over the last weekend of the Easter school holidays for The Armidale School Rugby Carnival. This is the tenth year Pacific has sent a team to the carnival, which is the largest rugby carnival in Australia for Under 12’s. Team’s from all over Queensland and New South Wales competed over the weekend, with one team from Western Australia making the long journey to be part of the weekend. 

The Pacific team began training back in Term Four last year in preparation for the carnival and the skill level of the team greatly improving as a result of these training sessions.

A group of people playing football on a fieldDescription generated with very high confidenceA group of people standing in a fieldDescription generated with very high confidenceA group of young people playing football on a fieldDescription generated with high confidence







At the carnival all teams play four games on the Saturday and one final game on the Sunday. From the five games over the weekend, Pacific recorded two wins, one draw and two losses which was a great result after being down one or two players for most of the weekend due to injuries. The results from each game were as follows:

  • Game 1 - Pacific 7 defeated Padua College 0

  • Game 2 - Pacific 0 drew with Highland Goats 0

  • Game 3 - Tamworth 24 defeated Pacific 0

  • Game 4 - Pacific 10 (first try scorer) defeated Moree Bulls 10

  • Game 5 - Dalby Wheat men 12 defeated Pacific 5

A special mention must go to the Pacific coaches who gave up their time training the boys in the lead up to the carnival and over the weekend of the carnival. Thanks to Mr Scott Crompton, Mr Josh Danzey, Mr Jordan MacLeod and Mr Stuart Pohlner who all freely gave their time and expertise to help make this experience possible. The students who took part in the carnival greatly appreciated their efforts over the weekend.

Mr Darren Hooper – Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Year 7-12 Cross Country Carnival

The Year 7-12 Cross Country Carnival was held in cool, wet conditions on Friday last week. Students and staff enjoyed the atmosphere and the cooler temperature was well received by some of our faster runners. Mumba narrowly edged out Wira this year to take the overall points winner. Wira taking the Spirit Trophy with excellent team comradery and war crys. Top 3 finishes in each age group will be presented with their medal on assembly next week. Well done all!





12 Years


Lachlan Woodward

Zara Richters


Luca Turney

Zaida Williams


Eamon Mahoney

Stella Ward

13 Years


Tim Bange

Olivia Cooke


Cooper Johnston

Imogen Hiley


Sam Swan

Maggie Princehorn

14 Years


Jack Connors

Alicia Woods


Jason Wulff

Yasmin Richters


Denali Hatcher

Grace Whitelaw

15 Years


Harry Lang

Astrid Williams


Sebastian Moye

Anna Kraschnefski


Niels Whiteley

Madison Randl

16 Years


John Redd

Georgia Harle


Alex Hickey

Phoebe Swan


Jackson Laverick

Shyla Cooke



Harrison Turner

Olivia Papallo


Luke Morris

Sarah Gale


Robert Holmes

Tamika Cheney

U13 Boys Rugby Union

15 a side Rugby Union kicked off for our U13 boys on Monday against a strong Good Shepherd Lutheran College team. PLC got off to an excellent start through very strong defense. They scored first to take an early lead. Good Shepherd would score the next few tries to take a healthy lead into half time. To the PLC boys credit, they scored the last 2 tries of the match to have the final score 36-17 to Good Shepherd. A superb effort from all the boys. MVP – Cooper Johnson. Good luck next week boys!  

SCISSA Volleyball (Senior) and SCISSA Tennis

Our senior SCISSA Volleyball and Tennis competitions commence next week- Wednesday 2nd May 2018. Please keep a close eye on the notices and Schoology for details.

Monday Night Netball Results






PLC 1 (Snr A)





PLC 2 (Snr B)

St Johns

39 v 6


Ella Hockam

PLC 3 (Int A)


21 v 1


Ella Hockam

PLC 4 (Jnr A)


32 v 11


Imogen Hiley



23 v 7


Eden Williams



16 v 6


Makani Campbell


PLC Sprint Kayaking training will commence in Week 1 of Term 3 and continue through to Week 2 of Term 4.

Training is in preparation for the Qld Schools Sprint Championships being held at Lake Coomera on Sunday 21st October 2018. Students from Year 4-12 have the opportunity to join the PLC Kayak Team but they must be able to attend at least one training session per week after school and commit to competing at the Championships.

In 2018 PLC will not be entering a Marathon team but students can still participate individually by entering directly online through the QLD Canoeing website.  The Queensland Schools Marathon Championships will take place on Sunday 19th August 2018. The venue is yet to be confirmed by Queensland Canoeing.

Training will commence in the first week of Term 3 on a Monday and Thursday afternoon from 3.30pm -5.00pm. Students interested in Kayaking should advise Mr Graves during this term.

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Weekly Services

Grow and Share Event - Pet Blessing

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

Upcoming Dates

29 St Mark's @ Pacific Grow and Share - Pet Blessing
  PLC OPEN DAY (12.30-3.30pm)
2 Years 7-12 Schools Tennis and Rugby Begins
7 Labour Day Public Holiday
9 Friends of Pacific Mother's Day Stall
  9-19yrs District Cross Country
14 Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)
15-17 NAPLAN
17 Years 3-6 Athletics Sprint Trials
20 St Mark's @ Pacific Grow and Share - Prep Bibles (9.30am)
21 Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)
22 Prep - Year 12 Photo Day
  Friends of Pacific Meeting (6.30pm)
24 Year 3-6 Athletics - Discus Events
25-26 Senior Drama Production
27 Red Shield Door Knock Appeal
28 Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)
29 ICAS Science Competition
31 Under Eights Morning