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Compass No 485 - February 2018

From the Principal

Purpose Right Here, Right Now

As members of the Pacific community, each of us have a clear purpose, right here, right now. It is about using our gifts to ensure that the best possible learning occurs and when the moment for helping someone presents itself we respond wholeheartedly. As staff, students and parents we are all engaged in building a positive learning environment that requires each of us to be collaborative, creative, resilient, effective in our relationships, giving of our best and encouraging others to do the same. The recently released OECD Education 2030 Position Paper highlighted the importance of young people developing subject area knowledge and ways of thinking then seeing the connections between them, developing social and emotional capacities, flexibility in their thinking skills, resilience and having optimism. 

We build purpose in our lives by living this moment God has given us, free of the burdens of the past and worries of the future fully engaged in the opportunity of the present.

Principal's Log

The OECD Education 2030 Position Paper ( describes education as “equipping learners with agency and a sense of purpose to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others”. This OECD project aimed to investigate the skills, knowledge and capabilities that will best equip young people for a rapidly changing future and the instructional processes that would best lead to these outcomes. The position paper outlines the learning cultures schools and jurisdictions will need to best prepare students for the future. Pacific’s focus on developing a Culture of Thinking through a focus on Teaching for Understanding and the planned development of social emotional and spiritual capacities resonated strongly with the hoped for culture described within the paper. A further key cultural element was the importance of teachers being effective learners. This is certainly a strength of the College. We also hope to encourage our parents to be learners that contribute strongly to a positive learning culture as well. I commend the first eight pages of this document to you as parents, staff and students as a reflective tool for your role within the enhancement of this culture and as a point of celebration of the rich purposeful culture of learning at the College.

It was pleasing to see our cohort of 2017 being recognised by the Courier Mail in the top 50 schools in the state for the percentage of OP eligible students who achieved an OP 1-5. Yesterday, I attended the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Medical Science Breakfast with Olivia McCluskey and her mother, 19 other students and their school representatives and families to celebrate the first cohort of students who will begin the medical science degree at USC. The need for persistence and flexibility was evident as USC Vice Chancellor and President Professor Greg Hill outlined the history of the process to introduce the course to the university. It was a delight to be part of this important historical moment on the coast.

One of our hopes for the future is to find ways for our students to engage with the parents of our community as mentors for our young people. In her article this week, our Careers Counsellor Mrs Natasha Purcell has asked for those people who are willing to have our students engage in work experience through the holiday periods to make contact with her at Further opportunities for parent involvement in mentoring will unfold throughout the year. Parents who have ideas of ways in which they could be involved in the mentoring of our students are also invited to email these ideas to Mrs Purcell.

As construction of the new administration and learning space commenced this week, it was sad to see the trees that were planted in the College’s first year being knocked down. As development at the College progresses, we will continue our strong environmental focus and will plant new trees not only to replace the ones that are lost but also to increase the number of native trees that are on our grounds.

We pray that God would give all staff, students and parents a clear sense of the purpose they have as members of our community.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

Important Notices

Power Supply Issues

During last week’s heat wave, the College experienced several partial power outages due to the extreme conditions. Energex has advised that we may need a power supply upgrade and we have asked our electrical engineers to come up with some recommendations. In the meantime, we have put in place common sense electricity conservation measures including the recommendation that air conditioners be set no lower than 24 degrees.

Supervision of Students Before and After School

A friendly reminder as we are now midway through Term 1, that students should only be in attendance at the College from 8.00am each morning, as this is when formal staff supervision commences. Only Prep to Year 6 students involved in the before school care program or those participating in scheduled College activities are able to be at school prior to this time.

In the afternoon, staff supervise the P-2 car park and Meridan Plains car park until 3.30pm. The Year 3-12 car park and the Woodlands Boulevard bus stop are supervised until 3.40pm. Students being collected by parents are required to wait at the relevant car park area so they are under the supervision of a staff member. Students not collected by these times will be taken to the main administration office where staff will contact parents. Students will be required to wait in this area until collected.

Students who wish to use the library for quiet study after school may attend until 4.00pm. They should be promptly collected by parents or make their own way home at this time as there is no further supervision after 4.00pm. Students not picked up by this time will be taken to the main administration office where staff will contact parents. They will be required to wait in this area until collected.

Any activities organised by the College before and after school will be supervised by staff as normal and parents are asked to drop off or collect their students at the appropriate times, advised by the supervising staff.

We appreciate your cooperation in assisting us to keep your children safe.

From the College Pastor

Sense of Purpose

For many people the type of questions we ask to explore our sense of purpose in life include Why was I born? Why am I here? And what’s the point of life? We usually ask these questions at times when we are angry, depressed or frustrated at the world. When we are in a place of pain, suffering or grief. But we can also ask these questions when we are motivated, focused and feeling good about ourselves. This thread of believing that your life has a purpose, challenges us to examine ourselves. Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. In our College community we believe that no one is here by accident, every life has worth, meaning, value and purpose. God has created us and given us gifts and talents to discover and use for the blessing and service of others. We believe that we also need times of quiet for reflection on our meaning and purpose in life so that growth and transformation can happen by God’s grace. For many young people and adults as well, finding our purpose can be an unfolding journey that takes many years, experiences and trials. For some people, the answers to these deep questions do not come easily.

If we don’t know what out purpose is in life, find some quite time to reflect, think and just be. Some helpful questions to ask yourself when you are in this space are:

  • What matters to me?
  • What gets me excited about each new day?
  • What are my talents, interests and passions?
  • What dreams do I have for the future?
  • If I could do only one thing with my life, what would it be?

Our journey through school and through life is a search for finding meaning and purpose. Sometimes our purposes change, sometimes people change, sometimes life and its direction changes. Whatever the case maybe for you, God promises to be with you in your questioning and your searching for purpose. Your soul will find rest in God he is your rock and salvation. 

A prayer for the thread this week, sense of purpose…

Lord, sometimes it seems like we can easily lose our direction in life. We become disorientated and don’t know where we are going. This week give us a strong sense of purpose in all that we do. Surround us with people of hope who model to us optimism, meaning and motivation. Flourish in us your purposes for our life. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer Group

Any parents or friends of the College who are interested in getting together to pray for our College community and families are invited to contact Pastor Tim for more information. Phone 5436 7353 or email

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Leadership at Pacific

This week at the Middle College Assembly, we inducted the new Year 6 and 9 leaders. At Pacific, leadership begins with identifying and understanding our Christian values. Therefore, leadership is a service model that aims to influence and direct people to work together to achieve the goals of a team. Leadership also provides students with an opportunity to grow effective communication and interpersonal skills. Leaders are encouraged to lead by example and embrace integrity. Overall, our aim is to encourage leaders who will be authentic, who listen to others and are imbued with a pervading drive to serve others before themselves. A culture of student leadership helps enable all students to flourish.

At our next Year 9 leadership meeting, students will bring their top five character strengths from the recent survey completed in their Personal Development classes. We will discuss the strengths of the group and look at areas where we can grow as a team. The leaders will be helping with Pacific’s celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday 9th March. During Term 2, among other things, the leaders will raise funds for the Red Shield Appeal, join in the ANZAC Day parade and take families on College tours during Open Day.

Congratulations to our Year 6 Leaders:

Captains – Charlise Bell and Charlie Garland
Vice-Captains – Indi Suseno and Brock Rudes

Captains – Ayrisa Jones and Taj Turney
Vice-Captains – Sophie Bloomer and Zac McCarthy

Captains – Paige Whincop and Logan Pohlner
Vice-Captains – Jessica Lloyd and Frank Martin


Congratulations to Year 9 Leaders:

Captains – Olivia Gartrell and Patrick Henderson
Vice-Captains – Samantha Holt and Elijah Modlin

Captains – Tegan Graves and Noah Beasley
Vice-Captains – Ella Wildman and Dempsey Hall

Captains – Nicola Hewitt and Connor Dines
Vice-Captains – Emily McKenzie and Campbell Williams


Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Clean Up Australia Day

In recognition of Clean Up Australia Day, which will be celebrated across the country on Sunday 4th March and at the College on Friday 2nd March, at assembly next week I will discuss the role each individual can play in keeping our environment litter free. There is a lot of online material that details the degraded state of our oceans and the dangers to our health posed by the enormous accumulation of pollutants:

The environmental footprint of a school can be quite high. When a large group of individuals gather daily in one place, there are environmental implications for water usage and electricity as well as rubbish generation and disposal. At the College in an attempt to minimise our environmental impact, importance is placed on initiatives such as the collection of rainwater, the installation of solar panels, a strong emphasis on recycling and supporting sustainable, environmentally friendly forms of travel.

The amount of non-recyclable rubbish generated at the College is large. Much of this rubbish is generated from plastic food wrapping associated with student lunches, which does not readily break down and unfortunately can end up being washed into the ocean. We encourage parents to consider this when preparing food for lunches and morning teas. Although the use of paper bags is not ideal, paper is certainly preferable to plastic. Reusable stainless steel water bottles and stainless steel cutlery can be used instead of plastic ones. Re-washable containers are also great for storing food. For more information regarding eco-friendly lunches, visit: If every Pacific student’s lunch contained one less piece of plastic per day this would equate to over 160,000 pieces of rubbish removed from the environment annually. Remember every little bit helps!

Chess Mates

Chess Mates is returning to Pacific Lutheran College this year! Chess Mates specialises in teaching children of all age groups and skill levels in a fun and engaging way. Younger students learn through songs and stories, while older or more advanced students are taught openings, strategies and forward planning. The focus is on making new friends and having fun while learning.

Classes will be held from 3.10pm – 3.55pm on Tuesday afternoons, commencing on Tuesday 27th February. The cost is $10 per lesson.

A Chess Mates registration form and a Pacific parent consent / medical form have been emailed to all parents. If you have any questions about the classes, please email call Ash on 0415 256 452. Completed forms can be returned to Mrs Sue Kleinschmidt in the Junior College Office.

Class Parent Representatives

Thank you to those parents from Prep H, Prep M, 1R, 1S, 2C, 2G, 3D, 4C and 5C who have nominated as Class Parent Representatives. If you think you would like to be a parent representative for your child’s class, please either advise your child’s teacher or myself.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

Surviving School Exams and Stress

Academic pressure can get the best of students if they don’t learn how to deal with it properly. Some helpful tips for students include:

  • Take time to plan
  • Look after yourself
  • Rest when you need to
  • Stay focused
  • Ask for help

For more information, visit:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor


International Women's Day Breakfast

Lost Property

Items for Collection

We are now midway through Term 1 and our lost property drawers are overflowing. Here are just some of the drink bottles and lunch boxes! If you recognise anything please pop into the Main Administration Office to collect or give us a call and we can get it back to your child. Please remember to label each item so it can be returned quickly.


Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

First Meeting for 2018

Thank you to all who attended our opening meeting including some wonderful new faces! Our Vice President, Mrs Deni Fowler along with our wonderful Hospitality department, ensured the evening was very welcoming with a delicious Aloha share platter. We firstly heard from Dr Dolling regarding the accreditation process rolling out in 2020 as well as the many extensions and extra curricular activities on offer at Pacific this year. Mr Trevor Colton (PLC Netball Club) and Mr Matt Gigney (Pacific FC) both delivered detailed plans for both clubs to flourish this season. We also discussed opportunities for growth of our OCEANfest and how year level parents and caregivers can be involved. Look out for the 'how you can help’ email going out soon. If you are new to the College and would like to meet other parents, this is a great opportunity. Please contact us at for further information.

Coles Sports for Schools

Pacific is participating in the Coles Sports for Schools promotion. Simply collect the vouchers and follow the steps at: Our College will gain valuable sports equipment with every voucher collected.

Mrs Jenny Lee, FoP Chairperson

From the Head of Learning Enrichment

Presenting Professor Tony Attwood

Hosted by STEPS Autism Treehouse at the Caloundra RSL on 20th April. In this workshop, Tony will discuss the following topics:

  • Making friends – strategies to improve social understanding and friendships skills;
  • Adolescent issues for teenagers with an ASD Level 1 (Asperger’s syndrome); and
  • Managing challenging behaviour in children with Autism.

Early bird tickets are available until 31st March for $115. General tickets after this date will be $135. For more details, visit:

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Enrichment

Secondary College

Year 7 IT – Helping Others to Use Devices

On Friday, Year 7C had the great pleasure of visiting residents at IRT Woodlands Retirement Village, as part of their Information Technology program. Once the introductions had taken place, students and residents chatted about technology. Residents discussed how they used inkwells and slate boards and students demonstrated and explained some of the technology they currently use such Fitbits, Youtube and language translator apps.

Both were equally impressed with what each shared and many of the residents have requested to be buddied up with the students. On our next visit, students will show them how to operate certain features on their phones and devices.

Students had a wonderful time and are looking forward to going back to help residents and share more stories. Students will visit IRT Woodlands again on Friday 2nd March and Friday 23rd March.

Mrs Emma Middleton, IT Teacher

Cultural News

Outbound Exchange Program

Applications are now open for the Outbound Exchange Program. This program is open to Year 10 students studying Japanese and involves a one-term exchange during Term 4. The successful students will complete their Term 4 studies at our sister school, Seishin Gakuen in Japan whilst home staying with a Seishin family. Application forms can be collected from Mrs Hauser in the S6 staffroom and are due at the end of Term 1. For more information, please contact Mrs Hauser on


Mrs Michiko Hauser, Head of 6-12 Japanese and Exchange Coordinator

From the Head of Career Development

Information on OPs to ATARs

Are you curious about the new Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) being introduced in Queensland from 2020? Here are some links with further information, frequently asked questions and short video clips:

Work Experience

Are you able to offer a Pacific student a work experience or work shadowing opportunity throughout the year – typically during school holidays? Perhaps you may be happy to speak with a small cohort of students who are interested in your profession or vocation or have a one-on-one conversation about pathways into the profession and a typical day in that role. If you can feel you can contribute in some way, I would love to hear from you. Please email outlining what you may be able to offer our students or request a call back to discuss it over the phone.

Career Checker

Career Checker is a five-minute quiz to find out how well you are doing in the three career planning areas of:

  • Knowing yourself;
  • Getting career ideas; and
  • Deciding and adapting.

Once you have completed the quiz, the Career Checker provides you with your results and offers tips for further exploration or next steps.

Queensland University Open Days 2018

It is highly recommended students attend university open day events at the institutions they are interested in. Open days give students an opportunity to talk to lecturers and current students about the courses they are interested in. Students can also check out the campus and learn about the support services offered and social and cultural activities available. Open days usually occur between July and early September each year.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Junior Sport


The Semester 1 SCISSA season is well under way with all students now placed in their chosen sports. Monday afternoon training continues up until Week 8 for all students. If your child is unable to attend training for any reason, please send a short email or note to the teacher in charge.

The Term 1 Gala Day will be held on Thursday 15th March. Further information regarding departure times and venues for this day will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Independent District Sport Trials

Pacific is part of the Independent District, which provides students with the opportunity to progress through regional, state and even national levels for school sport.

There are a number of upcoming trials in the next month. If your son or daughter would like to trial for any of the following sports they need to collect a form from Mr Darren Hooper.

  • Under 12 boys and girls soccer – Tuesday 27th February
  • Under 12 boys and girls basketball – Monday 26th February
  • Under 12 boys AFL – Thursday 1st March
  • Under 12 boys and girls hockey – Tuesday 27th February
  • Under 11 girls netball – Thursday 1st March
  • Under 12 girls netball – Thursday 1st March

This week is the last chance for students to submit their nominations for these trials.

Student Success - Swimming

Congratulations to Middle College student Indah Suseno who was selected in the Independent District Swim Team to compete at the Sunshine Coast Regional Swim Carnival next Wednesday. Indah was selected to compete in the 11yrs 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Regional Swim Carnival

From the District Swim Carnival earlier this month, the following students gained selection in the District Swim Team to compete at the Regional Swim Carnival next week. We congratulate the following students and wish them all the best for the carnival.

  • Emma McEvoy
  • Tom Chapman
  • Aliza Walsh
  • Chloe Johnston
  • Jayda Lowe
  • Cody Proeger
SCISSA Results

Our Open Boys SCISSA soccer team was washed out this week due to the weather. The SCISSA volleyball results were as follows:






Yr 7/8 Boys




Eamon Mahoney

Yr 7/8 Girls




Gabrielle Rattey

Yr 9/10 Boys B




Michael D’Addario

Yr 9/10 Girls Blue




Carys Mahoney

Yr 9/10 Boys A




Jae Flynn

Yr 9/10 Girls Green





Yr 9/10 Girls White




Atlanta Hopewell

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific FC

Team Vacancies 

After a busy few weeks of sign-on and more than 150 player registrations, we are now starting to put teams together. At this stage, we have vacancies in the following age divisions. Please encourage your children to join – we cater for all player levels. Contact Lisa on 0421 352 030 or email as soon as possible.

  • 3 X U6 (Prep) born 2012 and 2013
  • 3 x U7 (Year 1) born 2011 and/or 2012
  • 3 x U15/16 (Year 8-9) born 2002-2004 or girls born 2001

Coaches and Managers are also needed for some teams so please let us know if you can help out. Final teams will be announced in the coming week, so please download the Pacific FC App to access this information:

The season starts Saturday 10th March! 

Working Bee and Welcome BBQ

A huge thank you to all who attended the Working Bee and Welcome BBQ last weekend! We’ve got a very clean and tidy canteen and storage area, our first aid supplies are all restocked and we even have handles on our new cupboard doors! 

Roar Game

Book your tickets to the Roar Game at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday 3rd March at:

  • Want to be a mascot? Eleven Pacific FC children aged 6-10 will be given the opportunity to be mascots for the game!
  • Want to play at half time? Ten Pacific FC children aged 5- 7 will be given the opportunity to play a game at half-time!

20% Off This Weekend – Rebel Sport

Pacific FC members will receive 20% off gear from Rebel Sport when they shop this weekend (24th and 25th February) and on the 17th and 18th March! Simply mention that you’re a Rebel Active/Pacific FC member or sign-up in store. The best news is that 5% of all sales come back to our club!

Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific FC President

PLC Netball Club

On Saturday the club held its first grading day and movie night. For the older girls, it was great to see their endeavour, skills and spirit as they competed for a place within their respective teams. For our younger teams it was their first training session with an opportunity to meet the coaches, parents and each other.

Training was followed by a BBQ and movie, ‘A Night at the Museum’. The aim was to provide an opportunity for our community to come together as one and to ‘break down’ the team boundaries. With this aim in mind, the evening was a great successful. A special thank you to our Events Coordinator Allie Morgan and the other helpers who pitched in to assist. Thank you also to Pacific FC for the use of their canteen and to the College for providing access to the facilities.

The night also provided an opportunity to announce our Club Captain for 2018, Tayla Gorham. Tayla plays in our senior team, coached a team last year, umpires for the club and this year takes on the role of Director of Umpiring, being responsible for the training and mentoring our junior umpires. Tayla achieves this whilst balancing her Year 10 studies. We wish Talya all the best for 2018.

This week sees team training commenced on Tuesday for the senior teams and Wednesday for the U12s and below.

Our next social event is a trip to the Lightening vs Firebirds game on Sunday 6th May. Due to the size of the USC facility, the Lightening do not offer group bookings for home games, so the club is forced to travel to Brisbane. To express your interest in attending and / or reserve your place, visit:

Stay up-to-date via Facebook and our website!

Mr Trevor Colton, PLC Netball Club President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Weekly Services

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

LLL School Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no LLL fees or charges.  All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.

The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.

Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Upcoming Dates

23 Primary Lutheran Swim Carnival
25 St Mark's @ Pacific Grow and Share - ELC Blessing (9.30am)
26 Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm-4.15pm)
28 10-19yrs Regional Swim Carnival
2 Clean Up Australia Day
5 Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm-4.15pm)
9 International Women's Day Breakfast (7.00am-8.00am)
12 Years 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15pm-4.15pm)
15 Years 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day 1
16 Pacific As A Peace Place Day
17  Academic Scholarship Test
20 Friends of Pacific (6.30pm)
20-22 P-5 Conferences and Portfolios
22 Year 7 and 10 Immunisations
24 Music Scholarship Test
  Earth Hour
27-28 Middle College Conferences
29 K-12 Chapel
  Years 3-12 Cross Country Carnival (10.00am-3.00pm)
  Term 1 Concludes