Compass No 478 - November 2017

From the Principal

One Step At A Time

In a fast paced world, learning to take one step at a time is an important life skill. When faced with a myriad of choices it is important that we learn to calmly prioritise and give our full attention to the task at hand. Part of dealing with busy times in our lives is to set time limits for each of our priorities, stick to the commitments we have made to complete a task and not let the worry of future steps crowd our thinking. As Middle and Senior College students prepare for their end of year assessments, helping them to prioritise their preparation, focus on one step forward and learning to celebrate each step taken helps to maintain effective momentum. 

In the Bible we are reminded that God walks with us and cares for us in our busy times. We are encouraged to trust that God will take care of us and not to worry about the future but to make the most of the present moment. 

Principal's Log

There was a great deal of energy as new Middle College students were welcomed into this next phase of their learning journey at the orientation day on Monday. The welcoming smiles and guidance of house members and pastoral care groups enabled parents and students to move smoothly into new experiences. These included pastoral care group time, a chapel led by the 2018 Captains with kindness as its theme, introductory activities and tours with Heads of House and different classes and activities in the afternoon. Welcoming messages hand written on morning tea wrappers provided by the College added an extra personal touch. In the evening, parents learnt about the Cultures of Thinking that embrace our approach to teaching and learning, our development of wellbeing and social and emotional capacities through the integration of Lutheran tradition with positive psychology and the range of co-curricular opportunities on offer. They then enjoyed the opportunity to connect with each other over light refreshments. Thank you to Mrs Rae Hall, Mr Brendan Delaney, Mrs Leanne Bevis and our Heads of House for their leadership of the day. We also thank our new students and families for the way they engaged and all of our staff and students who provided a warm welcome to our community.

After weeks of preparation designing and constructing a robot, our Year 10 team participated in the First Tech Challenge at Grace Lutheran College over the weekend. This was the first time the College had entered the competition and our team performed very well, coming sixth out of 13 teams, placing above teams who had experienced greater success in previous years. A great deal of learning took place and the team is already planning improvements for next year’s competition. Well done to Jackson Laverick, Joey Simpson, Charlie Nightingale, Jacob Cross-Pitcher, Laslo Martin, Nathan Heinz, Harrison Carde and Reuben Taverner who were variously involved in the construction, android development, programming and the competition day. Thank you to Mrs Janine Stone for her leadership of the team and to Mrs Emma Middleton for her assistance with coaching.

Congratulations to senior student Natasha Whiteley who was awarded the Young Sport Achiever of the Year at the Caloundra Community Awards last Friday. The annual awards aim to recognise the efforts of outstanding individuals and groups within the Caloundra Electorate. Natasha was recognised for her outstanding achievements in Judo, both nationally and internationally. Well done to Beau Blake, Kaylee McKeown and Haylie Powell who were also nominated for awards in this category and Mr Ian Barnes who was nominated for his very significant contribution to this community.

After many years leading our Outdoor Education program, Dr Peter McMahon has decided to transition from this area and focus on his role as Head of Bula House. Dr McMahon has done an outstanding job in leading a unique, progressive Outdoor Education program that provides increasing opportunities for young people to challenge themselves, grow and develop a fuller appreciation for the outdoors. These experiences have been highly valued by students, parents and staff and have made a significant difference for many. We thank Dr McMahon for all the outstanding opportunities he has provided over many years. We appreciate that Dr McMahon has already planned much of next year’s outdoor education program and will continue to provide support as the new Head of Outdoor Education transitions into the role. We will be advertising for this position this weekend.

We pray for our Year 12 students as they complete their final assessments and then engage in a variety of activities next week. We also pray for all of our students who are preparing for and completing their assessments over the coming fortnight. We pray that all members of our community have calm focus on each step, knowing that a loving and gracious God walks with them.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Cultural Competence

The Bible text for this week’s thread of cultural competence is the parable of the Pharisee and tax collector. One day Jesus told the story of a Pharisee (a religious person) and a tax collector who came to church to pray. The Pharisee told God that he was better than those who cheated and stole, like the tax collector. He was proud of his good living and good works; he felt right before God. The tax collector in the story simply prayed to God for help and mercy because he knew he had done wrong. He was honest and didn’t compare himself to others. Jesus said; “everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted”.

Jesus’ parable is a classic story of people comparing themselves to others and thinking that they are somehow better. We often have an inbuilt desire to compare ourselves and in the process, look down on others who are different from us. However, this sort of comparison breeds discontent, especially in regards to cultural, racial and ethnic differences. Comparing ourselves with others is not helpful, spiritually or culturally. God simply desires each of us to have an honest and humble ‘self-image’.

When it comes to accepting people of different ethnic groups, cultural competence is an important skill for children and young people to learn. At Pacific this is a skill that we keep growing in as our community and the Sunshine Coast community becomes more culturally diverse. Checking ourselves for subtle racist attitudes, biases or prejudices is what we want to happen in our College community. Working together with people who are different from us is necessary in our diverse multicultural global world. More than ever we need to focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. Talking about racism, bias and prejudice and working together to be more open to people with differences is vital if we are to be the humble non-judgmental people God wants us to be.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

World Kindness Day

This Sunday 13th November is World Kindness Day. Often we undervalue the positive impact that small acts of kindness can have on another person. Smiling, speaking in a friendly voice, helping another person or doing something thoughtful for someone else can brighten a dull day and even invigorate our own feelings and emotions.

Are such behaviours innate or do they need to be learnt? Recent scientific evidence has found that surprisingly, our brains are actually wired to be benevolent. However, our social environment is often directed towards an ‘every man for himself’ attitude, based upon success at the expense of others. Like any skill, how to speak and act with kindness is something that can be taught. At the College, the development of social and emotional competencies in students is a major focus. Research regularly reaffirms the ideas that happy, confident and resilient children perform more successfully academically. As a community, let’s focus on treating others with kindness. 


A number of students are presenting to school each day without hats. During breaks students need to wear a hat or they are required to stay out of the sun. Students should also wear their hats when travelling to and from the College. We ask parents and guardians for their assistance with this matter.

Upcoming Events

Carols Night

On Friday 24th November commencing at 5.00pm, the annual Carols Night will be held at the College. Food will be available for purchase on the night. Further details will be sent home to families next week.

Prep – Year 5 Closing Service

On Monday 27th November commencing at 9.15am, the Prep – Year 5 Closing Service will be held at the College. The service marks an important transition for all students, particularly our Year 5 cohort who are graduating from the Junior College and our Year 2 cohort who are graduating from the Foundation College. All parents and family members are most welcome to attend this important event. An invitation will be sent home next week. 

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

Authoritative Parents

Parents must have a strong sense of their moral authority – their right to be respected and obeyed. The authoritative parent “explains reasons behind demands, encourages give and take and sets standards and enforces them firmly”. Research has found that at all age levels, the most self-confident and socially responsible children have authoritative parents. Learn more at:

Mrs Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

AGM Date Claimer

Our AGM is set for Tuesday 21st November at 7.00pm in the College library. We also have a special guest speaker, Mrs Sue Zweck, who will join us to present her journey through the Camino de Santiago. We warmly welcome all parents and staff of the College to attend!

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News

Week 6 Update

Library Awards

Our 2017 Library Awards will be slightly different to previous years. For the Middle and Senior College, we have selected our top borrowers and these students will be our Reader Leaders in 2018. They will be acknowledged in the library with their book recommendations on display.

Congratulations to Year 12 student, Paige, who was our top borrower this year. Well done also to our Middle and Senior College Reader Leaders for 2018 are Jasmin, Allegra, Georgia, Georgia, Noah, Zane, Hobie and Laslo!

For the Foundation and Junior College, we based our decisions on not only borrowing records but also the children’s overall participation in library activities, lessons and their consistent positive attitudes. Congratulations to Joshua, Alexis, Sasha, Amy, Eleanor, Ava, Ned, Isabella, Holly, Leila, Sameeha, Elizabeth, Sarah, Archie and Patrick. These students will receive their awards at the next Prep – Year 5 assembly.

Library Monitors 2018

Thank you to all students who have collected and returned their applications for next year. Students still have some time if they wish to nominate themselves. Applications are due by the end of Week 8.

Public Library Youth Librarian Visit

On Wednesday 15th November, a representative from Maroochy Shire Library Services will be visiting the College. The public library is the perfect venue for some great holiday fun and also has a Summer Reading Club. Please email us if you’d like a membership form for your children:

Reminder: End of Year Returns

Please assist your students to return all outstanding loans before or by the end of Week 7. This includes textbooks, home readers and general loans. Year 12 students should return all outstanding loans for sign-off on Wednesday 15th November.

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book. – Frank Serafini

Ms Sue Warren, Teacher Librarian

Secondary College

First Tech Challenge

Over the past six weeks, a team of Year 10 students have been designing and constructing a robot to participate in the 2017 First Tech Challenge, ‘Relic Recovery’. The competition was held at Grace Lutheran College on Saturday 4th November.

Thirteen schools participated on the day and our team achieved sixth place, which is a fantastic achievement for our first year in this competition.

Our team consisted of the following students:

  • Constructing the robot – Jackson Laverick, Joey Simpson, Charlie Nightingale and Jacob Cross-Pitcher.
  • Android development – Laslo Martin, Nathan Heinz and Harrison Carde.
  • Programming and competition – Laslo Martin, Reuben Taverner and Charlie Nightingale.


The team really enjoyed the competition day and already have some solid strategies and ideas for the 2018 challenge. Well done to all students involved!

Mrs Janine Stone and Mrs Emma Middleton, First Tech Challenge Coordinators

Cultural News

Instrumental Music Enrolments 2018

Next year, there will be a change in the enrolment process for Instrumental Music. For 2018, unless we receive written notice advising us otherwise, we will roll our 2017 student enrolments over for the new year.

This change in process will ensure that students are able to begin lessons at the start of the second week of Term 1.

If you want to discontinue instrumental lessons at the end of 2017, please take the time to email your student’s teacher and the Head of Instrumental Music, Mr Adrian King ( New enrolments will still require the completion of the Instrumental Music Enrolment form, which is available at any of the offices or directly from the Music Department.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Music Department and best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday break.

The Music Department

From the Head of Career Development

JMC Academy Creative Industries Short Courses

JMC Academy will offer the following short courses from 15th – 18th January 2018:

  • Audio (two-day course)
  • Character Design (two-day course)
  • Introduction to Visual Design (three-day course)
  • Insta-Pro Marketing Boot Camp (two-day course)
  • Pop Songwriting and Production (four-day course)
  • Script to Screen (four-day course)

To find out more and to register, visit:

Careers With Code Magazine

Quiz yourself to generate new ideas for career and study options, browse computer science degrees in Australia and New Zealand and meet the coders combining computer science with fashion, gaming, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and sustainability in the latest edition of the Careers with Code magazine. Visit:

CQUniversity (CQU) Online Chat Session

CQU will hold an online chat session from 3.00pm – 6.00pm on Tuesday 28th November. This is your opportunity to ask questions about courses, campuses and pathways. To register for this session, visit:

TAFE Queensland Events

The Future of Design Information Night: Interested in design but not sure about which area of design? This event will help you explore options in civil engineering, architectural studies and interior design. It will be held from 5.45pm – 7.30pm on Wednesday 15th November at the TAFE Queensland South Bank campus. Visit the website for more information and to register.

CRE8 2017: Come and join in this free showcase of the best student works from the year, across all areas of the creative arts, including fashion, floristry, photography, digital design and much more. It will be held from 6.00pm – 8.30pm on Thursday 16th November at the TAFE Queensland South Bank campus.

Meraki: The end of year fashion parade will be held from 5.30pm – 8.30pm on Wednesday 22nd November at the TAFE Queensland Mt Gravatt campus. Tickets are $15 per person and will be on sale soon. 

Gap Years

Taking a gap year is not for everyone. To get the most out of the experience you need to plan your time well. The following list of benefits has been adapted from a MyFuture newsletter.

  • If you’re unsure about your future direction, having the time to be clear on what you want to do can be valuable. This could lead you to being more focused when going back to study later.
  • Using the time during a gap year to get some work experience or gain skills can put you in good stead for your future studies and career.
  • Volunteering during a gap year can be very satisfying and not only offers new skills and diverse experiences but also can look good on your resume and add to your employability.
  • Many people taking a gap year plan to travel interstate or overseas. If this is an option you want to pursue, remember to stay safe. The Australian Government's Smartraveller advisory service contains valuable advice and information on staying safe overseas.

Year 12 students will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the QTAC process during their alternative week. A QTAC session with Mrs Natasha Purcell will be held on Tuesday 14th November. Key dates and processes will be covered. Videos and information on the following topics can also be found on the QTAC website:

  • Changing preferences
  • Uploading documents
  • Viewing and Responding to offers
  • Viewing your OP ineligible Rank
  • Changing your contact details
  • Checking if you are eligible for courses or finding pathways

Do you have a Tax File Number (TFN)? Students will need this to apply for Commonwealth Government loans (e.g. HECS, FEE-HELP, VET Student Loan) when you enrol at a university, TAFE or accredited private college after you receive an offer of a course place. Visit the Australian Taxation Office website for information.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor 

Junior Sport

Prep – Year 2 Learn to Swim Program

Next Monday 13th November, the Prep – Year 2 Learn to Swim program will commence. Prep – Year 2 students will participate in five lessons run by qualified instructors at the Kawana Aquatics Centre. The program is fully funded by the College and students will travel in their class groups to these lessons on the College buses.

The program will run on the following dates:

Week 7

  • Monday 13th November
  • Wednesday 15th November

Week 8

  • Monday 20th November
  • Tuesday 21st November
  • Thursday 23rd November

All students are encouraged to wear PLC swimmers to school, under their sports uniform. Non-PLC swimmers are also allowed for this program. However, please note, PLC swimmers will be required for students who are entering Year 3 in 2018, as all students across Years 3-12 are required to wear them at College swimming carnivals. Sun shirts and goggles are strongly recommended.

Year 4-6 Sports Awards

Next Tuesday 14th November, the Year 4-6 Sports Awards will be held at the College. The ceremony will run from 12.00pm – 1.00pm and this year, our special guest presenter is former Brisbane Broncos player, Jack Reed.

Most Valuable Player and Coaches Awards from Semester 1 and 2 will be presented and all winning Gala Day teams will be acknowledged.

Parents are most welcome to attend this event.  

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport


Week 6


Int 8/9 A Girls

Int 9/10 B Girls

Jnr A Boys

Jnr B Boys

Int Boys











7 - 2









Astrid Williams

Georgia Harle

Matthew Becker

Sam Mitchell

Sam Aitken

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Weekly Services

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

Back To School Podiatry Program

Children spend around 30 hours a week in their school shoes so it’s vital they’re fitted properly. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to problems in adulthood. Dan Everson Podiatry and Rebel Sport are offering a complementary Back to School program in January 2018 to provide earlier diagnosis of Biomechanical issues.

When: 8th – 19th January 2018.

Where: Sunshine Plaza and Rebel Sport Maroochydore.

LLL School Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no LLL fees or charges.  All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.

The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.

Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Upcoming Dates

10-13 Year 12 Exams
14 Sports Awards (12.00pm - 3.15pm)
14-16 Year 12 Alternative Days
15-17 Middle College Exams
15-21 Year 11-12 Exams
16 Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
  Year 12 Graduation - Lake Kawana Centre (6.30pm)
17 Year 12 Farewell Chapel (8.30am)
  Year 12 Formal - Sebel, Pelican Waters (5.00pm)
23 Year 9 Rite Journey - Homecoming (5.00pm)
24 Carols Night
27 P-5 Closing Service - Gym (9.00am)
28 Students' Last Day
  Closing Service - Events Centre, Caloundra (6.30pm)