Compass No 469 - August 2017

From the Principal

Caring For Our Neighbours

Our neighbours surround us every day. They include all of the people in our learning spaces, the people we encounter in our neighbourhood, at work and in the school yard, those we walk or drive by and even those in far away places we see on the news. In response to a question of who is our neighbour, Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, which is timely for us today. Like the priest and Levite, we can sometimes be too busy to see the need in others or even walk away from those in need because they are not part of our group or clan. 

The choice of the Samaritan, an outsider, to be the one who was the ‘good neighbour’ is a powerful reminder that God’s love and grace extends to all people. Where people have differences, we are reminded to walk with them in compassion and love, in response to God’s grace and forgiveness for us. The simple acts of inclusion and listening can make a difference in our local context. Seeing all people as part of God’s creation and our commonality as human beings lifts us above religious and cultural differences. We begin with a respect for the dignity of all people. We respond with love to the needs of our fellow travellers who share the tiny blue dot in space at this time in history.

Principal's Log

We congratulate our kayakers who won the School State Marathon Kayaking Championship for the 14th year in a row. After many months of hard work, the team overcame challenging conditions to take out the title last weekend. This success comes through the commitment of staff, students and parents. Mr Gary Graves has worked tirelessly over the past 14 years to provide this unique opportunity for students, repairing and transporting craft as well providing valuable coaching and encouragement to our young people. We thank Mr Graves for his outstanding leadership over many years, Mrs Natalie Campbell, Mrs Rae Hall and Mrs Colleen Beattie for their support in coaching our teams and Mr Brett Jones for his assistance at the championships. 

Congratulations to Liam and Keeton Dines who achieved a Distinction and High Distinction in their Headstart courses at the University of the Sunshine Coast. It is a credit to both students that they achieved these high standards at a tertiary level whilst also completing full time school study.

It is worth taking note of the new entry requirements for students wishing to apply for teaching courses at university. As highlighted in a later article by Mrs Natasha Purcell, applicants need to submit a 1000 word statement that outlines their work and life experiences, their motivation for entering teaching and their involvement in leadership and learning activities. Applicants also need to use this statement to demonstrate their capacity for resilience, organisation and planning as well as their interpersonal and communication skills. Through their engagement with the Pacific learning community, students have excellent opportunities to grow these attributes, which are important across most work contexts.

This week QTAC also released a video that provides background to the scaling processes which will be used as part of the new ATAR system. The new certification system will begin in 2020 for students who are currently in Year 9. In preparation for this new system, teachers have already been part of significant professional development provided by the QCAA. All members of our community are invited to watch this short, easy to understand presentation by clicking on the following link:

May God grant us the capacity to be people who are good neighbours.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Caring Neighbours

As we focus on the thread of ‘Caring Neighbours’ this week and next, I asked Middle and Senior College students to consider the following in chapel on Wednesday:

  • How well do you know your neighbours?
  • What stops you from getting to know your neighbours?
  • Who exactly are my neighbours?

It was pleasing to see that about a quarter of students responded positively that they did know their neighbours. I suggested though, that the invention of the automatic garage roller door, which is in many modern houses, is one thing that does not help us to get to know our neighbours. Driving straight into our house at the end of a day does not help us interact and build relationships with our immediate neighbours. Previously people had more chance of meeting and talking with their neighbours on their front lawns as they got out of their cars before entering their houses. In many ways we live cocooned lives separated from the very people we live alongside in our suburbs. Having a nice home is important for people today. But one of the things that adds value to your home is the quality of your neighbourhood and the type of neighbours you have. No matter how lovely and warm a retreat your home may be, if you have bad neighbours your sense of living in a caring neighbourhood is greatly diminished.

Jesus was once asked; who is my neighbour? He responded by telling a parable of a person in great need who was cared for by a foreigner, a Samaritan. For Jesus the neighbour is not the person who lives immediately next door to us, over the back fence or across the road. The neighbour is not the person we have to respond to because of religious laws or the laws of the land. The neighbour is the person who we might not normally connect with, but who God has placed in front of us. The neighbour is someone who is in need and whom we can help straight away. A neighbour may well be someone from our immediate neighbourhood, or they may be someone across town or even be a part of the global community we are connected to. God places people in our path to respond to and offer his compassion and care. When we respond to our neighbours’ needs because we believe in a God who cares for us, we are truly serving our neighbour and engaging in God’s mission to the world. Who is your neighbour? 

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Care at Pacific

At Pacific, care in education has been a central aim from the beginning. As a school, we see care as a non-judgemental attitude, which extends in a number of directions: self, others, our environment and so on. Care is linked closely with empathy, the ability to feel as others feel and take on their perspectives. It is at the core of friendships and relationships.

Recently, our Pastoral Care teachers have had individual care conversations with students in their group. The purpose of these discussions is for students to reflect on their mid-year reports and how they are travelling on their educational journey. This process involved self-reflection by the students as well as goal setting for the future. These conversations happen formally twice a year, but in an informal way, teachers and students are continually having care conversations.

As students experience the day-to-day life of the College, it is hoped they get a sense of compassion and community, which are central to a life well lived. The philosopher Heidegger saw a rich sense of care as bringing humans back to their essence. Care is not just important when we are under pressure; it is the continuous process of mastering the art of living a good human life, one that is aimed primarily at human flourishing.

Celebrating Dads’ Breakfast

Members of our community are invited to start their Father’s Day celebrations early with our annual Celebrating Dads’ Breakfast next Friday 1st September.

Enjoy student performances and delicious food prepared by our Hospitality students and staff.

Date: Friday 1st September

Time: 7.00am

Location: Music Courtyard

RSVP: By Tuesday 29th August

RSVP’s can be submitted to Mrs Leanne Bevis at the Middle / Senior College Office or via email: Click here to download the RSVP form.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5


On Monday, a number of students across Years 4-6 represented the College at the Sunshine Coast Schools Chess Tournament. All students played well and represented the College with pride and maturity. A special congratulations goes to Christian who placed first in the Open B division. In the teams divisions (which included over 20 teams in each division from Novice to Open A), Pacific achieved great results, which are detailed later in the newsletter. Thank you to Mr Scott Crompton and Mr Norm Stone for supervising and assisting students on the day.

As the popularity of chess continues to grow at the College, in Term 4 students will be offered the opportunity to participate in chess lessons after school on Tuesdays with Chess Mates. Following is a link to news feature that Channel 7 did on Chess Mates last year:

Further details about Chess Mates will be forwarded to families next week.  

Prep - Year 2 Athletics Carnival

All Prep – Year 2 students have been busily preparing for their Athletics Carnival, which will be held next Monday 28th August. The Carnival will commence at 9.00am and conclude by approximately 10.30am. Parents are most welcome to attend this exciting event.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

4 Steps to Changing Child Behaviour

Procrastinating about homework. Backtalk. Refusal to do chores. Cursing. Most of the parents I speak with on a daily basis know something has to change with their child’s behavior, yet they feel overwhelmed about how to change it and unsure of where to start. With this uncertainty, it’s easy to get ‘stuck’ in a place of inaction. What’s a parent to do? Learn more at:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Through the Ages Trivia Night – Saturday 2nd September

20 team tables have now sold for our upcoming Trivia Night! Kicking off at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start, tickets are $10 per person for entry. There will be some great prizes up for grabs including wine baskets, gift vouchers and lucky door gifts from our wonderful sponsors.

Bookings and payments can be made at the Junior or Middle / Senior College Offices. Click here to download the Through the Ages Trivia Night flyer and booking form! Singles, couples and small groups are also encouraged to register and can be placed in teams by the Committee. 

There will be a bar on offer and delicious cheese platters ($20 each) available for pre-order. Teams can also bring their own food to enjoy and/or order pizzas to be delivered to the gym. More information is being sent to the Team Captains this week. Please note, there is no BYO alcohol.

If you or your business would like to sponsor and/or donate to the event prize pool, please email FoP:

Father’s Day Stall

Friends of Pacific are hosting a Father’s Day Stall on Wednesday 30th August. All the gifts on offer will be $5 each. Prep – Year 5 students will visit the stall with their class teachers during Period 1 and 2. A stall will also be set up for Middle and Senior College students from morning tea until 11.30am. More information will be sent home with students or you can click here to download the flyer.

Thank you to ALL our parent volunteers who help make these events possible. We appreciate the time and energy you give to our incredible Pacific community!

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News

2017 Book Week

We congratulate the winners of this year’s CBC Book Week Awards:

  • Older Readers: One Would Think the Deep – Claire Zorn
  • Younger Readers: Rockhopping – Trace Balla
  • Early Childhood: Go Home Cheeky Animals – Johanna Bell
  • Eve Pownall Information Books: Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks – Gina M Newton
  • Picture Book of the Year: Home in the Rain – Bob Graham

We’ve had a fabulous response to our Book Week celebrations in the library this week! Lunchtimes have been buzzing with excited students taking part in a range of literary-related activities and enjoying the fun of ‘escaping’ in all kinds of ways! Friday will be the close of our celebrations and students are invited to dress up as their favourite book characters.



Book Fair

Thank you to all who supported our Book Fair. It was clear to see how many parents encourage reading with their children and a delight to see families choosing books together. A percentage of the sales enable us to purchase resources for the College.

Book Club Issue 6

Brochures have been distributed for the current issue of Book Club. Orders can be made via the library or parents can order online via LOOP. At present there is a special offer for parents to earn Bonus Books via LOOP orders, which may be of interest if you are building up a home library or thinking ahead to Christmas. Orders should be placed by 4th September.

“Books aren't like broccoli. You don't have to eat it because it's good for you. Books drag you in because they are fascinating.” – Jackie French

Ms Sue Warren, Teacher Librarian 

Junior College

Chess Competition

This week, 23 students from Pacific attended the Sunshine Coast Schools Chess Competition at Lake Kawana Community Centre. All students represented the College well and our teams achieved some fantastic results on the day.

  • PLC 1 (Will Butler, Ethan Benson, Jack Brewer, Hobie Barry) placed 5th out of 22 teams in Open A.
  • PLC 2 (Rhys Veizer, Christian Schlotterbach, Cooper Kiernan, Georgia Fergusson) placed a tied 4th out of 20 teams in Open B.
  • PLC 3 (Toby Creamer, Aidan Mathew, Frank Martin, Holly King) placed 10th out of 20 teams in Open B.
  • PLC 4 (Max Styles, Dylan Casement, Amber Hetherington, Liam Hague) placed 6th out of 26 teams in Novice.
  • PLC 5 (Hudson Gear, Zane Holmes, Austen Lauritzen, Riley Shepherd) placed 7th out of 26 teams in Novice.
  • PLC 6 (Will Whittingham, Hanna Meager, Hayden Burnett) placed tied 12th out of 26 teams in Novice, a great result with only three team members!

Congratulations to Christian Schlotterbach who placed first in the Open B Individual Competition with 6 points out of 7. Well done to all students who participated and thank you to Mr Norm Stone for his technical assistance at the competition!

Mr Scott Crompton, Year 5 Teacher

Secondary College

National Science Week’s Mock Murder Mystery

Picture this: it is 2045. Pacific offers innovative subject choices including echolocation of water/plants/animals, 3-D printing foodstuffs, extra-terrestrial communications, holographical chemistry, space elevator technology and a Certificate XXXXV in Travel Agency for space travel. However, a dark cloud descended upon the College when one of our own was found deceased in the car park. The question is, WHODUNIT?

To solve this mystery, students were provided clues through Schoology each day last week. These included everything from trying to work out who the four suspects were from their silhouette, to reading police witness statements as well as additional pieces of evidence collected along the way.  Finally, the person who was charged with attempted murder was revealed in the encrypted clue below. Can you crack the code?

Fortunately for us, detectives Astrid Williams and Lachie Buchanan were on the scene and managed to piece the clues together. Their solution is below.

  1. Mrs Empson wrote the note about how to get amygdalin and left it in Mr Pohlner’s room;
  2. Mrs Empson gets the amygdalin from the apricot seeds;
  3. Mrs Empson baked the banana bread and gave it to Mr Pohlner, laced with amygdalin;
  4. Mr Pohlner takes a Panadol out of his backpack for the headache (caused by the cyanide);
  5. Whilst in the car park he sees Mr Hooper driving towards him and tries to run away, but he exhibits signs of cyanide poisoning, including dizziness;
  6. Mr Hooper swerves (tire tracks on grass) and runs over Mr Pohlner (accidentally), gets a dent in his car, whilst also leaving a fingerprint on Mr Pohlner’s backpack as he checked for signs of life;
  7. Mr Hooper immediately takes his car to the body shop to get it fixed;
  8. He calls his wife to get her car;
  9. Mr Hooper drives back to school in his wife’s car as they live just five minutes away; and
  10. Mr Hooper ‘discovers’ the body and calls the police while Mrs Empson covers her tracks.

Case closed!

Miss Rebecca Ross, Head of Science

Startup Weekend

Calling all Year 10-12 Entrepreneurs at Pacific! Startup Weekend invites budding entrepreneurs to take an idea from nothing to something, pitch to prototype, in just 3 days. Any student interested in startups, launching a business, entrepreneurship, or creative problem solving is encouraged to register.

Startup Weekend will propel students to launch creative business ideas by practicing the ‘Lean Startup’ process. Students will pitch ideas, form teams around the top ideas, conduct customer research and work intensely to build a prototype that illustrates the potential of their business. Startup Weekend culminates in a Shark Tank style pitch competition where teams present their business and demonstrate their prototype to a panel of local entrepreneurs.

Pacific has five spaces available for students in Years 10-12. Those who are interested are asked to see Mr Wes Warner as soon as possible for more details.

Mr Wes Warner, Head of Business

Year 11 Hospitality Excursion

Last Friday, Year 11 Hospitality students enjoyed an excursion to RACV Resort Noosa. HR Manager Kelly Traynor took students on a site tour and also provided an overview of tourism operations in the Sunshine Coast region. Sous Chef Ben Maher gave a cooking demonstration, which will assist in preparing students for the Year 12 Graduation event later this year.


Mrs Colleen Beattie, Head of Hospitality and Food Technology

Cultural News

Middle College Japanese Speech Contest

In Week 5, Pacific held its annual Japanese Speech Contest. Students were judged on the content of their speech, fluency in pronunciation, appropriate cultural gestures and their ability to answer questions in Japanese. The standard from all participating students was very high.

This year, Mayumi Katayama and Akito Iwase, our two inbound exchange students from Seishin, joined the Japanese Department to judge the speeches. We are very pleased to announce the following results:

Year 6-7 

  • 1st place – Sierra Lauritzen       
  • 2nd place – Catalina Stylianou
  • 3rd place – Christian Schlotterbach
  • Highly commended – Jasmin Groves

Year 8-9

  • 1st place – Tanushi Nath
  • 2nd place – Ellie Dixon

We also acknowledge our other Middle College participants Caitlin Moffitt and Eliza Bryan. Well done to everyone!

Schlotterbach Sensei, Japanese Teacher

Senior Drama Production 2018

Auditions will commence in the first week of next term for ‘The Three Musketeers’, a comedy production adapted by Charles Morey from the original story by Alexandre Dumas.

We wish all students auditioning the very best of luck and we cannot wait to see their amazing talents when the show hits the stage next year!

‘One for all, and all for one’

Mrs Janine Delaney, Head of Drama

Student Reflection – Thoughts Have Feelings Too

Earlier this month, two actors from Humonculous Theatre Company performed ‘Thoughts Have Feelings Too’ for our Year 6 and 7 students. Below, one student shares her reflection on the performance.

“On 8th August, Year 6 and 7 students saw an exceptional drama performance about emotions. The performance explained how we feel, how we can affect others and the type of relationships we have with those people. In this drama performance, the two actors had very different characteristics and sometimes that wasn’t good for their relationship. In the end they couldn’t last without each other. Even though they were completely opposite it didn’t stop them from being friends because no one is the exactly same. I learnt from this performance that I shouldn’t try to be someone that I’m not. Everyone should be proud of who they are and not be afraid to show their true colours.”

- Kelsey Punter, Year 6 Student

Mrs Janine Delaney, Head of Drama 

From the Head of Career Development

USC Headstart Program

Senior students Liam and Keaton Dines have successfully completed their first semester of tertiary study through the Headstart Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Liam and Keaton used their evenings to attend lectures and workshops on campus and to complete course work whilst also juggling the demands of their senior school studies. Both students not only passed their courses, but gained a Distinction and High Distinction – the highest grades that you can achieve at university. We congratulate both Liam and Keaton for their commitment to life-long learning and further education and for their outstanding academic achievements.

Bachelor of Education – New Entry Requirements

Students interested in studying a Bachelor of Education (Early, Primary or Secondary) now have an additional course entry requirement as specified through the Queensland College of Teachers for professional registration.

Currently the prerequisites for entry to a teaching degree are:

  • At least Sound Achievement in Authority English
  • At least Sound Achievement in Mathematics (Mathematics A and/or B and /or C)
  • Students entering undergraduate primary (including early childhood and middle years) programs also require a Sound Achievement in an Authority Science subject.

In addition to these academic requirements, applicants applying for teaching courses commencing in 2018 will be required to submit to The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) a 1000-word statement addressing their personal competencies for teaching to gauge their non-academic capabilities. In their personal statements, applicants need to describe their work and life experiences, their motivation for entering teaching and their involvement in learning or leadership activities; demonstrate a willingness to learn, be resilient, have strong interpersonal and communication skills and organisation and planning skills.

QTAC have released a video and prompting questions on their website to assist students to collate their statements: It would be beneficial for students to reflect on College co-curricular and extra-curricular involvement throughout the senior phase and to allow time to draft statements and have them checked prior to submitting. Students are welcome to see Mrs Natasha Purcell if they have any questions.

UQ Law

If you dream of a career in law and have experienced difficult circumstances during your schooling you can apply for the:

  • TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship, and/or
  • UQ Special Admissions Scheme (SAS) for undergraduate law programs.

Both the scheme and scholarship aim to increase the diversity of the cohort in the Law School. Applications are due by 8th September. Further information is available at:

ACU Passion for Business

If you’re currently in Year 12 and studying a business-related subject, ACU’s Passion for Business (P4B) program offers students an early competitive edge. P4B is a guaranteed early entry program designed to nurture your learning potential and give you a step up in your future business career. Applications are due by 15th September. Find out more at:

Key Dates

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor 

Junior Sport

Year 5-6 T20 Cricket

How’s that! This was the call from 30 Pacific students who played T20 cricket at Sunshine Coast Grammar School last Friday. Pacific had four representative teams, including an all-girls team, and competed against other independent schools from the Sunshine Coast. Participation, involvement and ‘having a go’ were the main aims of the day and every student had an opportunity to field, bat and bowl. The students can be very proud of their efforts and successes. Congratulations to those who participated.

Year 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day

The Term 3 SCISSA Gala Day is fast approaching on Thursday 7th September. A parent information letter was sent home this week via CareMonkey, which outlines the travel arrangements and sport venues for the day. Students need to arrive at school and meet on the front oval by 8.15am. Buses will depart at 8.25am sharp in order to transport teams to their various locations around the coast.

Prep - Year 2 Athletics Carnival

The Prep – Year 2 Athletics Carnival will be held here at school on the main oval next Monday 28th August. The carnival will run from 9.00am – 10.30am. All students are required to wear their sports uniform and house shirt on the day. Parents are most welcome to attend this event and cheer on their children.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Running Club – Sunshine Coast Marathon

The Pacific Running Club had more than 30 students and 15 adults enter the Sunshine Coast Marathon last Sunday. Participants ran a range of distances, from 2km, 5km, 10km and 21km. The atmosphere on the day was sensational, as was the determination of all Pacific entrants. The Pacific Running Club was so successful that we won the ‘Love & Partners Corporate Cup Challenge’ – a great effort. Thank you to all parents and students for their spirit and commitment throughout the year and to Mr Stuart Pohlner for his leadership of this group. 

SCISSA Touch Football

Week 7 – 23rd August


Snr Boys A

Snr Girls A

Jnr Boys A

Jnr Girls A







4 to 1

6 to 4

10 to 2

12 to 4







Lachlan Woods

Shelby Bennett

Tim Bange

Bethany McKenna

PCG Badminton Competition

Well done to all teams that took to the court over the last three weeks at lunchtime for the PCG Badminton Competition! It was a great social sporting experience for all involved. The final results were as follows:

Senior Division

  • 1st: Mumba 3
  • 2nd: Mumba 1
  • 3rd: Bula 3
  • 4th: Bula 6

Middle Division

  • 1st: Mumba 4
  • 2nd: Wira 6
  • 3rd: Wira 2
  • 4th: Wira 1
Senior Girls Water Polo

Our team came up against a very strong Siena Catholic College team on Monday night at Kawana pool. All girls played a great game and Aimee Sheppard was a stand out in the goal! The final score was 12-6 to Siena.

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer
  • Upcoming Events
  • Support Our U11 Eels!
  • Adermann Awards 2017
  • Pacific Soccer Sponsors
  • Daffodil Day 2017
  • Volunteers and Canteen Helpers 
  • Six-A-Side Summer Competition
  • 2018 Season
  • Pacific Soccer App
  • Pacific Soccer Contacts

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mr Matt Gigney, Secretary – Pacific Soccer Committee

PLC Netball Club

This week the finals series commences and all four of our senior teams are taking part. The games are scheduled for Saturday as follows:

  • 8.30am – Ponies on Court 5;
  • 9.30am – Fillies on Court 4;
  • 11.30am – Brumbies on Court 3; and
  • 12.30pm – Arabians on Court 2.

This is a great achievement for the girls and the club. Everyone is welcome to come and support our teams! We wish all players the best of luck in their endeavours.

Mr Trevor Colton, President PLC Netball Club

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

Weekly Services

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

Junior Oztag - Sign Up

Junior Oztag is a fun, safe and fantastic way to make new friends! Click here to download the flyer, which includes details on how to sign up for the approaching season.

LLL School Banking

Pacific provides opportunities for children and parents to operate savings accounts with the Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL). The LLL is a non-profit financial institution established in 1921. All LLL Deposit Accounts are ‘at call’ accounts and there are no LLL fees or charges.  All LLL deposit accounts have an attractive rate of interest with no ‘Bonus’ rate hurdles to jump.

The LLL pays a $5 gift to the first savings account opened for the child.

Deposits can be made through the College’s Business Office each Tuesday before school. To find out more, visit the Business Office.

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre! To order your book or digital membership, visit:

Upcoming Dates

24-25 Year 4 Camp – Alexandra Headland
26 OPTI-Minds Competition – Caloundra Christian College
27 St Mark’s @ Pacific Grow and Share Service (9.30am)
28 Prep – Year 2 Athletics Carnival (9.00am)
  Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)
29-30 QCS Test
30 Friends of Pacific Father’s Day Stall
31 10-19yrs Regional Track and Field Carnival
1 Celebrating Dad's Breakfast
2 Through the Ages Trivia Night (6.30pm)
3 Father's Day
4 Year 4-6 SCISSA Training (3.15-4.15pm)
7 Year 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day 3
8 Staff, Sport and Co-Curricular Photo Day
14 Year 6-8 Portfolios
  Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
15 K-12 Chapel
  P-5 Portfolios
  Term 3 Concludes
17-23 Senior Mountain Bike Expedition