Compass No 452 - March 2017

From the Principal

Forgiveness, A Great Gift

Easter is a time where we are reminded of the power of forgiveness in our lives. Being able to forgive and feel forgiven frees us to live lives of energy and vigour. Letting go and forgiving keeps relationships intact and enables us to continue to be outward looking and being and doing good for others. Understanding that conflict often arises where different values are held, helps us to understand the perspective that another person may hold. Thinking through the values held by ourselves and others helps us to understand each other and be more objective. Seeking to understand involves deep listening and connecting.

To forgive requires us to act out of love and care for people. Like forgiveness, love is a gift that keeps on giving. The more we give, the more we have in return. Jesus acted out of deep love for people and took the burden of our sins to the cross so that through faith we might be forgiven. Over this Easter period we can pray wherever we are and at any time, to ask for God’s forgiveness. This forgiveness is a great gift that frees us to live abundantly.

Principal's Log

As detailed in a letter emailed to families on Thursday, we apologise for the late notice of the closure of the College on Thursday 30th March and have appreciated the support of families and staff in the way they have responded. We trust that all families have been able to remain safe and dry. The Cross Country Carnival has been postponed for Friday 31st March and at the time of writing this article, we are expecting that the College will be operating as normal tomorrow. Families are reminded that changes to routines are communicated via our website, the College app, Facebook page, SMS and via 92.7 Mix FM radio station. 

Thank you to all Middle College staff, students and parents who have engaged in important learning conversations as part of the Year 6-9 parent, student and teacher conferences. We appreciate the time given for these important conversations.

Congratulations to the Senior A Boys soccer team who played with great skill, energy and spirit in their grand final last night to defeat St Andrew’s Anglican College 2-0. The boys played with good sportsmanship and can be proud of their performance. Thank you to their coach Mr Delaney and to the parents and students who gave very strong support to the boys.

As a community we enjoyed participating in the blessing of the pets service last Sunday, which focused on the important place that animals and nature play in our lives. There was also a reminder of the role that we have in caring for our natural environment and the diversity of species in our world. We thank Pastor Ray and the St Mark’s congregation for sharing this opportunity with us.

Over the next fortnight, the final checks and approvals for the operation of the extension of our Early Learning Centre will be conducted. We expect to be moving into the new space at the start of next term. The Outside School Hours Care service will then move into its new home in the demountable next to the Prep – Year 2 car park. 

We farewell Mr Doug Fitzpatrick at the end of this term. We thank him for his gentle and thorough guidance of young people’s learning in his role as a teacher of Year 2, 3 and 4 children. We also thank Mr Fitzpatrick for his leadership of our Christian Studies program and teaching of Middle and Senior College students in his previous role as Head of Christian Studies at the College. Throughout his time, Mr Fitzpatrick has provided spiritual guidance and support to staff and students. We wish him every blessing as he now takes up his calling to be part of the ministry team at Immanuel Lutheran Congregation.

Thank you to all staff, students and parents for your support over the first term. There has been great positive energy as staff, students and parents have enjoyed learning and growing together in all areas of the College. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families who have been affected by Cyclone Debbie. We pray that all families are kept safe and have times of rejuvenation and rest over the Easter period. We are invited to live abundantly and graciously through God’s grace and forgiveness.


Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

The Rooster

During the week, I read an Easter story to the children in the Early Learning Centre. It was about Peter denying that he knew Jesus before the rooster crowed. All of the Kindy children knew exactly how to make a rooster noise. The sound is unmistakable, even for little children, just as it was for Jesus’ friend Peter. Nothing wakes people or disturbs them as much as a rooster crowing early in the morning. A couple of years ago, I stayed overnight with a friend who had a rooster in his small backyard. Not surprisingly, he received a noise complaint from the local council. Each night my friend would take his rooster into the garage to sleep so it was a little less noisy. On the night of his betrayal and arrest, Jesus said to his disciple Peter, “before the rooster crows twice, you will say three times you do not know me” (Mark 14:72).

The sound of the rooster’s crow is piercing. Even for Peter who acted bravely at times, hearing the rooster crow made him feel frightened and accused. At that sound he knew exactly what he had done wrong. Like Peter, we too have times when we deny what we know, we are not always honest and we stand accused at the sound of what we have done. But just like Jesus did that night with Peter, He looks at us with love. He takes the accusing voice away from us so that it is not loud or deafening. He says to us like He said to Peter, “I heard the rooster too, but I love you. I forgive you. You may have denied me but I have not denied you. I want you back. I have work for you to do. You are my disciple.” This is exactly what Jesus said to Peter after the events of Easter day, when He appeared to him on Lake Galilee. These are words of hope that Jesus says to us when we hear our roosters’ crow and feel accused within ourselves. The risen Lord Jesus has a gracious word to say to us. 

May God bless you and give you the peace of Jesus over these Easter holidays.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

Important Notices

Hospital Bus Stop

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital will be officially operation from 4th April. Some services however have already opened to the public. Pacific has scheduled a stop in the precinct at the bus stop behind the private hospital. If you would like to take advantage of this stop, please contact the Business Office for further details.

Mr Mike Healy, Business Manager

From the Director of Students

Holiday Relaxation

As we approach the holidays it is important for students to think about how best to rest up and recover from the busy term. Sitting in front of a screen playing games or watching videos for hours on end is not a good way to relax our brains. Dr David Strayer, a cognitive psychologist and researcher from the University of Utah who specialises in attention, is in a unique position to understand what modern life does to us. “Our brains aren’t tireless, they’re easily fatigued.” However, according to Dr Strayer, the antidote to the stresses on our brains caused by modern living and screen time is simply nature.

Dr Strayer argues that, “when we slow down, stop the busywork and take in beautiful natural surroundings, not only do we feel restored but our mental performance improves too”. When we are in nature, the prefrontal cortex, the brains command centre, is allowed to dial down and rest, like an overused muscle. Research from the University of Exeter in England shows that people who live near green spaces reported less mental distress. This result has also been found by Dutch and Canadian studies.

As we live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, we have the opportunity to get out and enjoy all nature has to offer, from the beaches to the hinterland. We hope all our students have a healthy and restful holiday break.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Happy Holidays

Thank you to all parents and families for their support and involvement in the many and varied aspects of life in the Prep – Year 5 area of the College this term. Your support and involvement is greatly valued and welcomed by the children, staff and the entire College community. We wish you all a happy and holy Easter and a great holiday!

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Food for Thought

10 Ways to Raise Extraordinary Human Beings

Parenting is certainly one of the most rewarding aspects of life, but it is also one that requires great skill and finesse to do successfully. If we are able to raise great children, we are going to establish the foundation for a great future. Here are 10 things we can do to raise extraordinary human beings, who recognise their own strengths and know how to use them:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Trivia Night – Save the Date


Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Junior College

Grandparents Wanted!

Year 1, 2 and 3 classes are looking for Grandparents to read with our students. Each grandparent will read with one student at a time, sharing a love of stories together. The students may come from any class throughout Years 1, 2 and 3 and reading will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes with each student.

Any time our grandparents can offer will be greatly utilised, whether it is one hour per week or a whole morning block!

Each grandparent will require a Blue Card: A brief orientation will also be provided before reading commences with students.

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read with a child.” – Dr Seuss.

Please contact Ms Anthea Brighton in the P-5 Learning Enrichment Centre on 5436 7362 or to register your interest or make further enquiries.

Ms Anthea Brighton, Head of Learning Enrichment P-5

Secondary College


Hawker Hall

On Harmony Day this year, Hawker Hall came to life at Pacific Lutheran College. The Year 10 Hospitality students designed street food dishes that could be sold to staff and peers alike during morning tea. The dishes included crispy crumbed calamari, spicy chicken sliders, bangin’ buffalo wings, crispy churros with chocolate sauce and mean street waffles. In groups, students embraced the task and worked together to achieve a fabulous end result of cooking, presenting and selling their dishes in a shop front scenario. Well done to our Year 10 Hospitality students!


Year 12 Excursion

This term, our Year 12 Hospitality students visited Mooloolah Meats Butcher and Mooloolah Bakery for an insight into how these particular businesses work. Jacob Hume, a past student who acquired an apprentice with Mooloolah Meats, demonstrated his skills and highlighted the different cuts of meat and suggested cooking styles for each. This was a culminating experience allowing students to truly see farm to feast procedures on a commercial scale. Students also learnt about small business operation and the importance of hygiene in the workplace.

Students then ventured on to the bakery where they were shown how to make multiple flavours of pies from the meat that was supplied by the butcher. All students tasted the savoury and sweet pastries and thoroughly enjoyed the day out. In our post excursion discussion, we talked extensively about running a food business, including front and back of house operations. Thank you to Dean and Steve for allowing our students to experience this!

Mrs Colleen Beattie, Head of Food Technology and Hospitality

Cultural News

Ten Pacific Students Receive Medals at ACM Awards Night

Ten of the College’s Speech and Drama students received gold or silver medals at the Annual Australian College of Music (ACM) Awards Night last Saturday in Brisbane.

Speech and Drama students have the option of doing an end-of-year practical exam with the ACM. Students who score 85% or higher are then in the running to receive a gold or silver medal if they come first or second in Queensland in their grade level.

Senior students Gabrielle Donato and Imogen Joppich were also invited to perform on the night. They acted a duologue from 'Tartuffe - the Hypocrite' by French playwright, Moliere.

The gold medal winners were Gabrielle Donato, Grace Whitelaw and Emily McKenzie.

Our silver medallists were Imogen Joppich, Briarna Bell, Zebediah Gallagher, Mya Boyall, Matthew McKenzie, Sebastian Carter and River Boyall.


Other students who received Honours were Archie Palmer, Aidan Meade, Olivia Boland, Keeley Meade, Priya Miles, Grace Powell, Gabriella McKenzie, Tamara Zolotar, Allegra Pollack, Holly Bennett, Mia Bradshaw, Georgie Jones and Georgia Moor.

Congratulations on this incredible result. Our students continue to amaze me with their absolute fearlessness and enthusiasm.

Ms Lisa McKibben, Speech and Drama Tutor

Side Show Musical – Meet the Cast

Name: Sam Henderson
Character: Terry Conner

Tell us about your character
Terry Conner is a talent scout and a press agent. He is intrigued by the twins and is in love with Daisy but is too scared to tell her.

What is your favourite part of the production process?
My favourite part of the production process is seeing the show evolve through the rehearsals.

What themes in the production do you think are important?
One of the themes in the show is family. This resonates with me, as family is very important in my life.

Name: Rhett Ousley
Character: Buddy Foster

Tell us about your character
Buddy Foster is a performer, dance and vocal coach. He is good friends with Terry Conner. Upon meeting the twins, Buddy takes a particular interest in Violet.

What is your favourite part of the production process?
My favourite part of the production process is getting to know everyone and forming friendships with a range of people I wouldn't normally come into contact with.

What themes in the production do you think are important?
I think the main themes are love and loss and how they can contradict each other, while existing in the same moment. The production really shows how getting to the top is hard and the fall can be even harder, but through these ordeals there is always a positive to hold on to.

Name: Jared Solti
Character: ‘Sir’

Tell us about your character
Sir is the ringleader of Side Show. He is charming, but cunning and is only in it for the money.

What is your favourite part of the production process?
Everything has been really fun so far. It’s been great getting to know lots of different people and it’s a really friendly and supportive atmosphere.

What themes in the production do you think are important?
There’s lots of heartbreak and betrayal in this production. It shows that in the face of adversity or oppression, people can still rise. One of my favourite lines from the show is, “Success is sweeter when you’ve been at the bottom”.

Name: Lachlan Masson
Character: Jake the Cannibal King

Tell us about your character
Jake is the supportive leader of the freaks and takes on a guardian role. He is very protective of the twins and has a crush on Violet.

What is your favourite part of the production process?
My favourite part of the production process so far has been watching Ben Summers dance and seeing everything come together.

What themes in the production do you think are important?
One of the themes in the show that I think is important to explore is discrimination and how people overcome obstacles.

Mrs Janine Delaney, Head of Drama and Side Show Director

From the Head of Career Development

“Where are they now?” – Calling Pacific Alumni

We are seeking photos of past students depicting their personal, academic or vocational achievements (great or small) since graduating from Pacific Lutheran College. Are you in contact with a past student? Please ask them to email our Careers Counsellor, Mrs Natasha Purcell (, with a photo that depicts their achievement and a short blurb that includes their name, year of graduation and details of their achievement. The images will be collated and utilised in promotional materials for College Open Days and events.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor 

Sport News

Pacific Kayaking – 2017 Season

Pacific kayaking commences in Term 2 with training taking place on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3.30pm – 5.00pm at Lake Kawana. All Year 4-12 students are invited to attend training after school. Year 4-6 students also have the option of participating in school time training during Thursday SCISSA sport.

Please check CareMonkey for more information and to sign up. You can train just to keep fit or aim to make the Olympic team! The College provides all equipment for students wishing to compete in the TK1, K1 and C1 sprint craft in both singles and doubles.

This year we also have a couple of interschool challenges as well as the normal state championships. Please see Mr Gary Graves for more information.

Mr Gary Graves, Kayaking Coordinator

Secondary Sport

Cross Country Carnival

The Year 3-12 Cross Country Carnival has been postponed due to weather event caused by ex tropical Cyclone Debbie. It will be rescheduled for early next term and details will be advised in due course.

Open Boys Soccer

Congratulations to the open boys soccer team for winning their grand final yesterday against St Andrew’s Anglican College! What an awesome effort from all of the boys. We thank all team members and coaches for their efforts this term.

Term 2

We look forward to the following sports getting under way at the beginning of Term 2. If you are a part of any of these teams, please make sure you see Mrs Natalie Campbell as soon as possible to collect your playing jersey.

  • Boys and Girls Rugby Union
  • Boys Futsal
  • Open Boys and Girls Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Tennis
  • Junior Girls Trish Buckley Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Kayaking

Thank you to all students, staff and parents for an exceptional term of participation and achievements across such a wide variety of sports. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term at Pacific and I am very excited to see what Term 2 has in stall for all of us. Enjoy the Easter break.

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer
  • Pacific Soccer App
  • Round 5 Games
  • Wet Weather Cancellations 
  • Training and Games - Reminders
  • Playing Attire - Hats
  • Brisbane Roar vs Victory Game
  • Amart Sport BBQ Fundraiser 
  • Supporters and Sponsors
  • Pacific Soccer Jersey Sponsors
  • Involvement with Pacific Soccer
  • Pacific Soccer Contacts

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mr Matt Gigney, Pacific Soccer Secretary 

PLC Netball Club

Well done to all players on another awesome week of club netball. Whilst the weather was threatening, the rain held off and the club had great on-court results with all of the teams being highly competitive. There were a number of fine performances across all of the teams. The girls are continuing to enjoy themselves and beginning to develop their team identities, personality and style of play. It is also fantastic to see the parents supporting and encouraging players from both sides, which reflects positively on the College, our club and ourselves as individuals.   

Once again it was difficult to select our players of the week, however this week the recipients are:

  • Unicorns – Cayley Slevin for her enthusiasm and effort; 
  • Mustangs – Gracie Jones for an awesome display;
  • Ponies – Elyse McFadyen for outstanding competition in her game;
  • Brumbies – Gabriella McKenzie for great movement and intercepting;
  • Fillies – Evie Glover for giving 100% effort; and
  • Arabians – Caitlin Hall for her efforts at goal shooting.

Mr Trevor Colton, President PLC Netball Club

Uniform Shop

Stock Update

Winter stock has now arrived, even if winter hasn’t! We have full stocks of formal jumpers (Years 1-12), sports jackets (P-12) and tracksuit pants (P-12). Please place your order online with Flexi-Schools or pop in to the shop and get ready for winter. Girls Middle College ties (Years 6-9) are also back in stock. The smallest size girls formal and sports socks (5-8 shoe size) are also back in stock.

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra

Easter Services

Celebrate Easter with St Mark’s Lutheran Church. Click here to download the Easter Service times.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships today and 20% of the proceeds will go towards Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre! To order your book or digital membership, visit:

Upcoming Dates

31 K-12 Chapel
  Year 3-12 Cross Country Carnival (10.00am-3.00pm)
  Term 1 Concludes
2-7 Senior Canoe Expedition - Clarence River
18 Term 2 Commences
19 Senior SCISSA Volleyball Season Commences (4.00-5.30pm)
24 Prep - Year 5 Anzac Day Service
25 Anzac Day Public Holiday
26 Year 6-12 Anzac Day Service
  13-19yrs District Trial Day 4
26-27  Senior College Interviews
27 Year 11-12 IPT
  Big Day In - USC