Compass No 446 - February 2017

From the Principal

Small Acts Of Kindness Go A Long Way

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week the College Captains led a reflection and recorded messages to be shared between the different age groups at both assemblies this week. We all know that small random acts of kindness make a significant difference. Earlier this week, a young lad from the Junior College gave me a small flower that he had just picked when we happened to cross paths out in the yard. The flower, which was half the size of my small fingernail, sat on my desk for the day and made me smile. I am sure that when he picked the flower, he hadn’t planned to present it to his principal but he took that random opportunity to make a difference.

Every day we have the opportunity to take advantage of that unforeseen moment to be kind. Small individual actions make a significant difference to many and shape a culture. We all know the story of the Good Samaritan who saw and responded to the need of the man lying by the side of road. God calls us to walk with our eyes and hearts open to those small and large opportunities we encounter each day to make a difference. We could all set ourselves the challenge of completing one small random act of kindness each day for the next week and see what a difference it makes. 

Principal's Log

One of joys of walking around the College is that there are so many incidental moments of great learning that are encountered. 

Over the past fortnight I have enjoyed talking to the Prep students as they were investigating how they might use a water container at the base of the wall to change the story of Humpty Dumpty to a better outcome. Their energy and breadth and depth of thinking about the problem were inspiring. 

Still within the STEM vein, it was good to walk through the industrial technology area and see the Year 9 STEM 1 students begin to construct their individually designed projects. They have taken up the challenge of attempting to design an innovative solution to a problem they have identified. Just as in life beyond school, there will be designs that will be successful and those that will not work. Great learning will happen no matter the outcome.

Later in the newsletter we read about the Year 4 Out of Eden Walk, which is an international learning opportunity that connects our Year 4 classes with students from across the world. Through this project, young people learn to slow down and observe, exchange stories about people and places and reflect on how their own lives connect to bigger human stories as they respond to the journey of journalist Paul Salopek as he treks along the Silk Road from Africa to South America.

Teachers too are engaged in ongoing learning. Today, a small group of teachers worked with international educational consultant Mr Mark Church to begin the process of planning their individual inquiry projects. These research action projects have a focus on improving student learning within their own classes. Teachers who engaged in this project last year described it as one of the better professional development activities they had experienced. We look forward to growing through these individual inquiry projects.

These are just some examples of the richness of learning that occurs at the College each week. We hope that the newsletter and other communication strategies such as Facebook enable all members of our community to value the many and varied ways that young people’s lives are enhanced through their engagement with activities across all dimensions of their lives. I would encourage families to read articles outside of their age group to appreciate the richness of the learning that occurs within your Pacific community.  There are many other activities described later in the newsletter that are worthy of great celebration. Fully knowing your learning community strengthens your capacity to make the most of the opportunities presented. Attendance at the Friends of Pacific meetings is another great way to develop a deeper understanding of your community.

May God give us the stillness and mindfulness to take advantage of those random moments where small acts of kindness could make a great difference.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Seek Peace

If there was a motto from the Bible for our College, I think it would be this one from First Peter chapter three, the second part of verse 11: “Seek peace and pursue it”.

“Seek peace and pursue it” is precisely what we are about as a College. It is what we strive to do and be at Pacific. The name of our College, Pacific, comes from the ocean that was named for its peacefulness. We have no noisy bells blaring between classes or pesky public announcements over speakers. We encourage members of our community to pursue peace in all their relationships, to strive for a culture of peace and to practice peace and patience. Pursuing, striving and seeking to be people and a school of peace is a real challenge though. When we are honest with ourselves and seek to be people of integrity in this aspect of our lives, it is a challenge to practice peace.

Seeking peace is a challenge because we need to show patience and bear with one another. At the Middle and Senior College Chapel this week, Mr Nico Prinsloo encouraged our secondary students to ‘count down before you blast off’. This phrase sums up how we can be patient with one another and begin to practice peace in our relationships. It’s a simple visual cue of what we can do to seek peace before it is too late. Another way we seek peace at Pacific is through restorative practices. When peace is not found in relationships at our College, we use restorative practices to navigate a way through the hurt or conflict. We don’t come from the approach of punitively punishing the problem maker. Instead, in a gentle and assertive way, we discuss good behavioural choices and reflect on how our actions can make others feel (showing emotional intelligence). We also discuss how we can follow through to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

When we are seeking peace in our relationships, we always need to be mindful of others. We can also remember that in Jesus, God gave us peace, a peace that surpasses all human understanding and keeps us in right relationship with one another. May God give our College such a peace.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior Students

2017 Annual Sunshine Coast Ecumenical Service

On Tuesday 14th February, the College Captains attended the Annual Ecumenical Service at St Teresa’s Catholic College, Noosa. The theme of the service was ‘solidarity’. The Bible reading for the service focused on Luke chapter 14, verse 12. Social justice issues were discussed and ways in which we can serve were key messages from the speakers. During the service, we were able to contribute to a reflection tree, pledging how we would work towards achieving solidarity this year.


‘2gather 2gether’ (Year 12 and Year 2)

This week, the Year 2 and Year 12 students were paired with their buddies for the year. On Thursday 30th March (Week 10), students will be invited to bring along their Teddy Bear and lunch for a picnic gathering to connect before the holidays. We are excited to begin growing positive connections between the Year 2 and Year 12 students.

Year 12 Leadership Day

In Week 2, Year 12 students worked with Juliette Warne (Lutheran Youth of Queensland, Leadership Trainer) and the facilitators from the Lutheran Youth of Queensland to engage in the ‘creating positive memories’ program.

Students were given opportunities to work together as a team, reflect on personal and team leadership, learn to overcome adversity, give things a go and create cohort goals. There was also time for stillness and validation on the day.


Miss Kim Stone, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Learning K-5

Helping With Home Learning

Home learning is an expectation for all our students. The nature of the activities will vary, so it is best to discuss expectations with your child’s teacher. All educators agree that reading is the most valuable home learning a child can do and should become a daily habit. Parents can help children develop sound study habits from a young age including establishing a predictable routine, encouraging effective use of time and helping them to be organised. No new content will be given for home learning, it will be work that has been taught and done in class.

  • Establish a predictable routine. If home learning is done at the same time each night, getting started is usually less of an issue.
  • Make home learning as enjoyable as possible. When sharing a book, make yourself comfortable, be involved in the story and enjoy yourself. Don’t make reading a test.
  • Establish a good working environment for students. Make sure they have a quiet area (away from distractions) that is well lit and with good ventilation. A table or a desk makes a good work space.
  • Encourage children to work reasonably quickly and efficiently. Have a set time limit that they should stick to. A little work each night is more productive than packing it all into one weekly session.
  • Encourage children to become organised by planning home learning around their extra curricular activities. A weekly planner or diary will help older students to organise themselves.
  • Keep explanations simple and practical when helping a child. If they become upset or frustrated and the atmosphere becomes tense, stop helping.
  • If your child has a problem, talk about the best way to find a solution. Perhaps between the two of you it can be worked out.
  • Be realistic and don’t expect to solve all home learning difficulties. When in doubt send a note to your child’s teacher letting them know the problem. They will appreciate being informed.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Prep - Year 2 Car Park

Before school each morning and in the afternoon, the Prep – Year 2 car park can become congested. Often students are alighting from or entering vehicles and moving through the car park. To ensure their safety, parents are reminded not to park in the drop off zones on the eastern side of the car park (near the Prep rooms). Parking in the drop off zones is prohibited as it causes increased congestion. Drivers are also reminded to follow signage and road markings (not parking across crossings) and the directions of staff on duty. Your assistance in keeping our students safe and lessening stress and congestion in the car park is most appreciated.

Class Parent Representatives

Thanks to those parents from Year 1C and Year 3P who have already nominated as Class Parent Representatives. A letter seeking nominations for these important positions was sent home this week. If you think you would like to be a parent representative for your child’s class, please either advise your child’s teacher, Mrs Sue Kleinschmidt in the Junior College Office or Mr David Druery directly.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Important Notices

Hospital Bus Stop

In preparation for the opening of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital precinct, we have scheduled a stop at the bus stop behind the private hospital. If you would like to take advantage of this stop, please contact the Business Office for further details.

Mr Mike Healy, Business Manager

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

Presented on Monday 13th February

Prep:  Tahli Sanderson, Macey McFadden, Beau Woods and Vienna White.

Year 1:  Abbey Linfoot, Anna Lumkes and Archie Balderson.

Year 2:  Emily Bryce, Levi Mansfield and Kylani Symes.

Year 3:  Sam Roberts, Brody McGregor, Annie Hentschel, Jemma Simpson and William Moffitt.

Year 4:  Ruby Prosser and Harry Mogg.

Year 5:  Priya Miles, Riley Dixon and Dayne Rowlands.

You Can Do It Awards

Presented on Monday 13th February

Confidence:  Lachlan Powell.

Persistence:  Archie Palmer.

Getting Along:  Alex Hentschel and Zoe Woods.

Food for Thought

Developing Independence In Secondary School

The ultimate goal for an adolescent is to achieve autonomy from their parents. Parents can promote autonomy by expanding their adolescent’s involvement in decision-making. Adolescents who are increasingly invited to be involved in decision-making are less likely to focus on peer opinions and peer acceptance. Learn more at:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

All Welcome – First Meeting 2017

We warmly welcome all parents / guardians of new and continuing students to come along to our first meeting for the year to be held next Tuesday 21st February at 7.00pm in the College library. These monthly meetings provide a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow families from all year levels, listen to Dr Bronwyn Dolling’s monthly report and hear about upcoming events. Friends of Pacific aims to support the College community in various ways throughout the year, whilst providing an avenue by which we can join together as parents and friends.

Cat & Fiddle Barn Dance – K-12 Family Event

Dust off your boots and get ready for a wonderful night of music and dancing on Friday 10th March at 6.00pm in the College Gym. The Cat & Fiddle Barn Dance is a Kindergarten to Year 12 family event with a BBQ, bar and prizes on offer for best dressed!

Early bird tickets will be available next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons outside the Prep classrooms next to our Barn Dance display. Please contact Sara Dent (Year 2) for more information.

Family Tickets: 2 Adults + up to 3 children for $30
Single Tickets: Children $5 each and Adults $10 each

We also have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available for the Barn Dance. We invite you and/or your business to be part of this great family event. For further information, please contact Mrs Mel Pollack at:

Look out for our Junior College Barn Dance colouring-in competition going home next week!

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News


The following LibGuides have recently been added to our site.

Maker Space

Last week in Maker Space, students made clay out of glue and corn flour, rolled it out and cut out heart shapes. This week, students decorated the hearts and made them into necklaces for Valentine’s Day.


Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

From the Head of Learning Enrichment

Information Session – ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Sensory, Social, Behavioural Challenges

An information session is being held on ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Sensory, Social and Behavioural Challenges at the Kawana Community Centre on Saturday 25th February. The session will run from 3.00pm to 5.00pm and tickets are only $10 each.

At the session, parents will:

  • Gain techniques to deal with sensory, social and challenging behaviours and meltdowns.
  • Identify underlying health conditions and heal from the inside out.
  • Learn how to take control of their family’s health and wellbeing naturally.
  • Gain knowledge on how to best support their child's development and education.
  • Learn how to reduce stress.
  • Help your family reach their true potential.

Tickets can be purchased at:

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Enrichment

Junior College

Year 4 – Out of Eden

This year, our Year 4 classes are participating in the Out of Eden Walk. The ‘walk’ is part of Harvard’s Project Zero and links to the Teaching for Understanding and Visible Thinking frameworks at the College.

Students are placed into ‘walking groups’ with young people from around the world and virtually follow the footsteps of Journalist Paul Salopek as he treks from Africa to South America following the old Silk Road. Our Year 4 students have been grouped with young people from schools in Greece, Brazil and the United States of America.

Every 100 miles, Journalist Paul Salopek uploads a photo of his surroundings and a video interview with a local, creating a footstep. Through the Eden Walk portal, students reflect on the footstep, complete activities, share their understandings and thoughts and interact with others in their walking groups to expand their learning.

The ‘walk’ aims to build connections with young people around the world and encourages students to:

  • Slow down, observe the world carefully and listen attentively to others;
  • Exchange stories about people, place and identity; and
  • Reflect on how their own lives connect to bigger human stories.

Stay tuned for updates as our Year 4 students continue their virtual learning journey, ‘walking’ around the globe!

Mr Damian Davis, Year 4 Teacher

Sustainable Chicken Challenge

This year, the Junior College has set out to integrate our Chicken Coop as a source of connection and relevance across all Prep – Year 5 classes and key learning areas. Term 1 has been taken on by the Year 3 classes and they have tackled the challenge with gusto. Last week, students cleared and cleaned the chicken coop, removing a large amount of waste and rubbish.  


With the coop looking fabulous, students turned to our feathered tenants. In groups of three, they conducted a nine-point health check on our seven chickens. They checked the health, the mood and weighed the chickens in. It was more challenging than most of the students anticipated, but all our chickens passed the test!

With everything looking great and a roster established to ensure that our chickens remain well fed and watered, we thought we’d be able to relax but sadly NO! Predators! We identified two very large goannas in the area. After consulting with Australia Zoo staff over the phone, we were told they could not be moved or relocated, as they are native Australian wildlife. 

We then discussed what would be needed to keep our chickens safe and happily laying eggs. The students came up with an extensive list of suggestions. Following is our top 5:

  • Provide fencing that the predators (goannas and snakes) can’t climb through – Charlie
  • Create a new pipe system for supplying water – Monty
  • Enclose the pen and creating a roof, so that the goannas cannot enter over the top – Jemma
  • Trial different materials for the pen roof as the tin would be extremely hot for them – Hayley
  • Research and create natural traps outside of the coop, to deter predators – Carter

We recognise that we will need some help to meet these project goals, so if anyone in the community has any ideas or suggestions or donations to make, please contact Mrs Lu Pollard at:

We will continue to share our progress throughout this project.

Mrs Lu Pollard, Year 3 Teacher

Secondary College

Year 9 Rite Journey Begins

The Rite Journey program assists Year 9 students as they move into young adulthood. The Rite Journey involves 14 principles:

  • To offer a healthy rite of passage for adolescents.
  • To provide a same-gender teacher-guide to promote a passage towards and an example of responsible, respectful adulthood for students.
  • To acknowledge and develop the holistic nature of students.
  • To show students by example that they are cared for and loved.
  • To develop strong relationships with both peers and adults.
  • To incorporate mentoring from ‘elders’ to ‘younger students’.
  • To challenge students with their own talents and abilities.
  • To celebrate the physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth of students throughout the year.
  • To nurture the self esteem of students.
  • To help students understand that individual rights should be balanced by reciprocal responsibilities and service to others.
  • To open students in understanding themselves and what they believe.
  • To encourage resilience in the students in the face of challenge.
  • To provide a space for young people to share and discover who they are.


Last week, this year’s program officially commenced with the Departure ceremony. College Captains, Alli Whitmore and Sam Wilson, began the afternoon with their reflections about Rite Journey and some words of advice for the Year 9 cohort. Students then spent time with their teacher guides, reflecting on their childhood and discussing their hopes for the future. A simple ceremony was shared by all student groups, as they recognised habits they wanted to leave behind as they move onto adulthood. These were written on a small rock and cast away.

Parents were also involved in the afternoon, giving their blessing for their child to embark on the Rite Journey. There were some touching moments as parents and children reflected on the past and shared their hopes for the future. We thank parents for their involvement this year.

Information about Rite Journey, the Centurion program and Year 9 camp was also shared with parents. The Centurion program is an opportunity unique to Pacific Lutheran College, where students are challenged to serve their world, each other and their family. Developed by Mr Duncan McNee, the program was implemented for the first time last year. More than 20 students reached the target of 100 points of service in 2016, with a few surpassing that target significantly. The challenge has been set for Year 9 2017!  

We wish the Year 9 cohort of 2017 God’s blessings for this year and thank teacher guides Ms Leigh Finter, Ms Margaret Gunn, Mr Duncan McNee and Dr Peter McMahon for their dedication to this special program.

Ms Michelle McMillan, Head of Christian Studies

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Workshop

This week on Tuesday, Year 11 Drama students participated in a Physical Theatre workshop with Zen Zen Zo. Through participation in a series of exciting and challenging exercises, students were introduced to the key performance skills of Energy, Focus, Physical and Ensemble Awareness. Students were challenged to push beyond the ordinary and consider how to physically express various elements of a performance. The workshop was a great foundation for students’ upcoming assessment. Thank you to Frankie, Tash and Annie from Zen Zen Zo for their time and expertise.


Mrs Janine Delaney, Head of Drama

Mathematics – After School Tutorials

To support students academically, the College offers Mathematics tutorials for students in Years 7-12. These tutorials are on Monday afternoons and are in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete class work, homework or seek assistance. The expectation is that they remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent.

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

From the Head of Career Development

Important Websites

At the Parent Information Evenings this term, I made reference to some of the following sites to encourage deeper exploration into careers, courses (Tertiary or TAFE) and pathways. Here are the links again for quick reference, save them to your favourites!

University Calendar

Click here to download the 2017 calendar of key events for each university in Queensland.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Secondary Sport

Year 7-12 Swim Carnival

Last Thursday, Year 7-12 students competed at the inter-house swim carnival. What a fantastic day! I have never been at a carnival with such amazing spirit and participation. Congratulations to all of the students who got involved on the day and the wonderful Pacific staff who ran such a brilliant carnival.


The final house points were:

  • Mumba 2360 points
  • Wira 2316 points
  • Bula 2146 points

The record breakers on the day were Cody Proeger, Tom Chapman (who broke three records), Emma McEvoy and Luca Sullivan. The age champions were as follows:

  • 12 years girls Emma McEvoy
  • 12 years boys Tom Chapman
  • 13 years girls Aliza Woods
  • 13 years boys Jason Wulff
  • 14 years girls Cosette Winter Oliver
  • 14 years boys Oliver Frazer
  • 15 years girls Chloe Johnston
  • 15 years boys James Brown
  • 16 years girls Karla Lowe
  • 16 years boys Nathan Weir
  • Open girls Luca Sullivan
  • Open boys Jake Hynes
SCISSA Volleyball and Soccer – Results




Jnr. Girls 1

Int. Girls A

Int. Girls B

Jnr. Boys

Int. Boys

Snr. Girls

Snr. Boys

















3 nil

2 nil











Gemma Taylor

Brooklyn Graves

Rebecca Pike

Joshua Stevenson

Michael D’Addario

Austin Beasley

Jennah McAuliffe

Jez Lofthouse

Student Success

In January, Year 12 student Jez Lofthouse was selected for the Football Queensland State U19 futsal team and represented the state at the futsal nationals in Sydney. Although the team didn’t place, Jez had a very successful tournament. This is his second year being selected for the Queensland team. We congratulate Jez on his achievement!

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer Update
  • Reminder - Player Registration Payments 
  • Uniforms
  • Pacific Soccer and Brisbane Roar Partnership
  • Pacific Soccer Committee 2017
  • How You Can Help...Volunteer!
  • Working Bee - Postponed
  • Equipment Purchases

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mrs Lisa Ackerman, Pacific Soccer Registrar

PLC Netball Club Update
  • Key Dates
  • Fees
  • Registration
  • Uniforms

Click here to download the PLC Netball Club newsletter for this week.

Mr Trevor Colton, President PLC Netball Club

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra


Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

Upcoming Dates

21 Year 10 Information Evening and Camp Information Evening (6.30pm)
  Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
23 13-19yrs District Trial Day 3
24 Primary Lutheran Swim Carnival
26 St Mark's @ Pacific Grow and Share (9.30am)
27 Year 8-9 Theatre Incursion (9.00am - 10.30am)
28 Shrove Tuesday
1 Ash Wednesday
  Year 12 University Showcase Day
2 10-19yrs Regional Swim Carnival
3-5 Production Camp - Luther Heights (3.30pm Departure on Friday)
10 International Women's Day
  PLC Barn Dance
11 Safe Drive Australia Skills Day - Mt Cotton
16 Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
17 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
18 Academic Scholarship Test
  Year 11-12 Safe Driver Test