Compass No 445 - February 2017

From the Principal

Enhancing Trustworthiness

Over the past week there has been a lot of commentary about the performance of Australian schools relative to other nations in the media. Learning conditions within Australian schools are often compared to those in Finland. One of the qualities of the Finnish education system is that of trust. Members of the Finnish community place a high level of trust in schools and teachers.

We all learn, perform and grow better where there is a culture of trust. At Pacific we operate in this way. We trust our students, parents, teachers and support staff to be to be working together and giving their best to enhance the quality of learning for our young people. Our staff and students are challenged to see their learning and work as a vocation where they are called to make the best use of their gifts in partnership together. 

In this culture, we grow our capacity to use a range of information and data to provide feed forward to teachers, students and parents so that the next steps of learning can be planned and taken. This culture of trust is grown from the Lutheran school values of humility, service, quality, courage, compassion, forgiveness, justice, hope, acceptance and love.  These values grow from faith in a loving and gracious God who blesses us abundantly with our daily needs, is with us in times of struggle and forgives us when we turn to Him in faith for forgiveness when we fall short. In this type of culture, there is a full focus on the wholeness of the humanity of each member of our community as special parts of God’s creation. This includes a celebration of gifts and strengths, calm restorative guidance when growth or change is required and a respect for the dignity of all.

Principal's Log


Over the last week the Year 6 space has been fitted out with new furniture that enables staff and students to work flexibly through making quick changes to physical and virtual spaces. Often referred to as providing opportunities for agility, this type of classroom arrangement has a strong focus on enabling students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning as they develop skills to shape new ideas and to learn independently and in collaboration with others. These skills are among the attributes that young people will need to thrive. If you asked a group of contemporary educational leaders what attributes young people would need in 2017 to be successful in a rapidly changing and evolving world, the following would be among the list.

  • Passionate about what they are doing
  • Having confidence, capacity and desire to drive their own learning
  • Having a sense of curiosity
  • Courage to try new things and to innovate
  • Respect for people and having the capacity to collaborate without boundaries
  • Perseverance and resilience to learn through mistakes and disappointments
  • Having a desire to serve others and make the world a better place

As part of the next phase of the Finnish education system, there has been increasing focus on growing the creativity, curiosity and innovative capacity of their young people through engagement in the exploration of the bigger questions of learning.  

At the various parent information evenings over the past fortnight, parents will have heard how the Teaching for Understanding and Visible Thinking frameworks provide the opportunity for young people to grow their curiosity, wonder, innovation, perseverance and courage to take risks as they drive their own learning independently and in collaboration with others. Parents will have also heard how important social and emotional and spiritual capacities are grown through engagement with the learning of positive psychology and developing an understanding of Christianity from a Lutheran worldview. Through engagement with these programs within increasingly agile spaces young people have the opportunity to grow the attributes to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

An important part of this growth is the willingness of teachers to be engaged in ongoing learning. Next week another group of our teachers will be involved in professional development with international educational consultant Mark Church.

Greater growth occurs where parents are in tune with the learning experiences of their young person. Information evenings provide an important opportunity for parents to grow in this area and we thank all parents who have taken this opportunity including our middle college parents and staff in this last week.

We pray for the wisdom, courage and compassion to enable us to grow together in a culture where trust and personal responsibility abound.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Love Your 'Enemies'

How do we love those people who get on our goat? The people who annoy us, exasperate us, bother us.  How do we go about loving them? Is it possible? Jesus said we are to love our enemies, but do we really have enemies? We might think that we do not have any enemies in life but I would argue that all of us do. They might not be the type of person who kills us literally but they are still people who can eat away at us and destroy us to varying degrees and in various ways. They are people who gossip about us, who harm us, who damage us through their actions. Enemies are real, they have the potential to hold power over us and they can cause us great angst, anger and animosity.

So how do we take these words of Jesus seriously to love your enemies, do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful? To love your enemies means to be a person of integrity. It means showing courage and honesty by standing up for what you believe in and aligning your actions with your values. It is to give and expect nothing in return, even when we might experience hurt. A person of integrity loves their enemies. They do not spread gossip about them, they do not let their tongue say false things and lie about others. A person of integrity who loves their enemies does not succumb to the power plays of other people. They do not try to use force to fight back but instead they are able to focus on themselves and changing their own attitudes and behaviours.  

So how do you be a person of integrity who loves their enemies? Those people you do not like, you cannot get on with, who cause you great grief. Jesus said love your enemies and pray for those who hurt you. Pray for your enemies. You might not have any power to change your enemies’ behaviour but by praying, you certainly can change your own behaviour and how you react to them.

One of the most powerful prayers I keep using in my life when I am confronted with someone or a situation that is exasperating me is, ‘Change my heart, God’. Asking God to change how we react to our enemies is a sign of growth in integrity and compassion. May you also find hope and strength in these simple words and grow in integrity when you next encounter people who you find challenging.

Let’s pray; Lord God, when we are at that point of wanting to get back at our enemies, when we are close to speaking unkind words about others, or are about to hurt them, help us to pause before we act and to say these words, ‘Change my heart, God’. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Middle College Leaders

Pacific is developing a strong tradition of student leadership. The 2017 Year 9 leaders will experience leadership training, skill development as well as opportunities to experience positions of responsibility. Our model is one of servant leadership that involves our leaders serving both the College and local community. College events such as sport carnivals, Open Day and orientation day along with community events such as ANZAC Day and the Red Shield Appeal are key activities for our leaders. They are also involved in fundraising for a range of causes that the College supports.

Developing a culture of collaboration between students and staff is an important role for our leaders along with developing care, dignity and respect for all in our community. Students at Pacific relish the opportunity to take on responsibility and have an input in the direction that leadership meetings take. As teachers we are often amazed at the energy, insightful thinking and ideas of our leaders. Their ability to organise their peers is another strong strength demonstrated by our leaders.

Congratulation to the Year 9 leaders for 2017:


Captains: Christopher Roth and Shyla Cooke

Vice Captains: Mackenzie Turner and Ariana Costa


Captains: Ryan Price and Brooklyn Graves

Vice Captains: Jared Solti and Atlanta Hopewell


Captains: Nicholas Sarvari and Caitlyn Whincop

Vice Captains: Oliver Fraser and Sophie Empson

The students will have their first meeting on Monday 13th February in L1 at 1.00pm. They will host their first Middle College assembly on 21st February.


Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Learning K-5

PIPS (Performance Indicators In Primary Schools) Testing Program

Our Prep students are currently participating in the 2017 PIPS testing program, which is coordinated by PIPS Australia at Murdock University. This is an international literacy and numeracy assessment program and is designed to assess students entering the first year of schooling.

As the Prep students are in the first year of schooling at our College, they have been chosen to be assessed. There are approximately 700 schools across Australia (both government and non-government) participating in this testing program.

The purpose of this testing program is to:

  • Assess the attainment and progress of students in literacy, numeracy and phonological awareness;
  • Diagnose individual student’s strengths and weaknesses; and
  • Predict future performances and identifying individuals who might benefit from early intervention.

In the testing program, the teacher works with the students on a one-to-one basis, with each assessment taking between 15 and 20 minutes. The program is tailored to each individual’s ability and is designed to assess students in many different contexts. It is a two-part process.

The first assessment is administered in the early part of the year while the second assessment is administered late in the year. In this way, we can see how well the students have progressed relative to their starting point. The College receives very comprehensive feedback from this testing program that informs the teacher’s planning for each child.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Random Acts of Kindness Week

A smile, speaking in a friendly voice, helping another or doing something thoughtful or generous for someone can brighten a dull day and invigorate our feelings and emotions. Acting kindly towards another not only makes the receiver feel good, but the person performing the actions finds their endeavours fulfilling and satisfying.

Next week (12th – 18th February) is Random Acts of Kindness Week and will be the focus for students at the College. If you are looking for some great resources/ideas to help bring a little kindness to others, visit:

Global Sustainability Goals

In September 2015, 192 world leaders through the United Nations committed to 17 global goals for sustainable development to be achieved by 2030. Seventeen goals to achieve three extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and address climate change. 

Last week at the Prep - Year 5 assembly, I spoke to the students about these goals and how they can both, as individuals and collectively, assist in the achievement of these goals locally by doing the simple act of recycling food and other waste material. Simple individual actions such as recycling, saving water by turning a tap off when brushing your teeth, or turning a light off when you leave a room save valuable drinking water and reduce greenhouse emissions by reducing power usage.

As a College, we can also play our part in helping to achieve these goals by providing an education encouraging creative thought, problem solving and problem identification skills and by providing students the opportunity to act in ways that support the achievement of these goals.

This term, Year 4 students are engaged in the Eden Walk. A project designed to allow students to connect with others and to gain some appreciation of how and where others live. You can view more about this project at:

This term throughout the Junior College, the waste-recycling program will continue to include the onsite processing of organic waste (generated from lunch scraps, paper towel and other organic waste generated on the college grounds) into compost. The compost will be used on gardens and any excess will be available to the community.

As part of the recycling/sustainability philosophy at Pacific in all Junior College eating areas, separate bins are available for organic waste, recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste.  In classrooms two bins are provided for recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste. Initially an audit of how much organic waste is generated weekly was carried out. The audit revealed that as much as 70 per cent of the mass of waste sent to landfill each week is organic in nature. An OSCA (On Site Composting Apparatus) turns this organic waste into clean, useable compost.

Developing a social culture of sustainability begins in childhood. By involving students in the practical application of such a philosophy, as a school we can help students grow into adults who practice simple forms of waste management and recycling. Individually we may perceive our actions make only a slight difference, collaboratively when we have the knowledge and understanding to change the way we act as a community, the impact can be immense.

General Housekeeping

Communication With Staff 

Often parents need to communicate information to teachers regarding changes to their child’s routine or exemption from participation in sport, specialist lessons or activities due to injury or illness. Each morning, parents verbally advise teachers of such changes.

To avoid confusion and to ensure students are where they are meant to be, particularly at the end of the day, we ask all parents to put these changes in writing. All teachers can be contacted by email and Prep – Year 2 teachers can also be contacted through their classroom communication books. A short note can also be sent with students to advise their teachers of any changes.


Students and parents are reminded that the College hat is an important element of the school uniform. A number of students are already presenting to school each day without a hat. During break times, students need to wear a hat or they are required to stay out of the sun. Students should also be wearing their hats when travelling to and from the College.


Students in Years 1-5 may only wear their sports uniform to school on the days they have HPE. Years 4 and 5 students may also wear their HPE uniforms to school on Thursdays. Students might also be requested to wear their sports uniform to school for carnivals or excursions. On all other occasions students should attend school in their formal uniform.

If for some reason your child is unable to wear the correct uniform to school, please send a note to your child’s class teacher. A uniform reminder letter will be forwarded to parents whose children are in the wrong uniform and haven’t presented a note to their class teacher.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Important Notices

Hospital Bus Stop

In preparation for the opening of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital precinct, we have scheduled a stop at the bus stop behind the private hospital. If you would like to take advantage of this stop, please contact the Business Office for further details.

Mr Mike Healy, Business Manager

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

Presented on Monday 6th February

Prep:  Maeve Davis, Kefir Smith-Franklin and Lucas von Plessen.

Year 1:  Sam Schefe, Peach Cookson, Tamara Holden, Faolan Shearer, Luca Francesconi-Silveira and Ben Greenough.

Year 2:  Joseph Woods, Ava Gear and Grace Meekan.

Year 3:  Isabelle Lee, Carter Kiernan, Gracie Werner, Flynn Turnbull and Ella Mulhearn.

Year 4:  Luela Holland, Aidan Matthew, Sarah Heeney and Ruby McKibbin.

Year 5:  Luke Becker, Max Symes, Hunter Doughty and Kiana Campbell. 

Presented on Monday 6th February

Presented on Monday 6th February

Confidence:  Isabel McKeown and Araya Willis.

Persistence:  Kai Cassidy.

Organisation:  Hayley Mees.

Getting Along:  Tobias Moore, Zara Koebsch and Mia McEvoy.

Food for Thought

Natural Consequences, Limits and Empathy Guide Better Choices By Children

Where consequences for behavior are seen as punishment they might not be having the desired effect. Clear limits, natural consequences, empathetic listening and guiding conversations have been shown to grow children to make better choices, particularly when no-one is watching. Click on the link for more information:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

First Meeting 2017

We warmly welcome all parents/guardians of new and continuing students to come along to our first meeting for the year to be held on Tuesday 21st February at 7.00pm in the Library. These monthly meetings provide a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow families from all year levels, listen to Dr Dolling’s monthly report and hear about upcoming events. Friends of Pacific aims to support the college community in various ways throughout the year via events and fundraising, whilst providing an avenue by which we can join together as parents and friends.

Cat and Fiddle Barn Dance

The band is booked and preparations are underway!

Friday 10th March at 6.00pm in the College Gym. This is a Kindergarten to Year 12 family event with a BBQ, bar and prizes on offer for best dressed!

If you are keen to join the Barn Dance Organising Committee, or help on the night, please contact us via

Mrs Jenny Lee, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Health News

Year 7 Vaccination Program

Parents of Year 7 students will have received vaccination consent and information forms in the mail. Year 7 students are able to receive three doses of HPV and one dose of dTpa (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis). The scheduled dates for the vaccinations are:

  • Monday 20th March – HPV (first dose)
  • Thursday 15th June – HPV (second dose) and dTpa
  • Thursday 9th November – HPV (third dose)

Should you wish for your child to receive these vaccinations, please return the consent forms by Wednesday 1st March. If you do not wish for your child to be vaccinated, please return the consent forms stating this, so the College is aware of your decision.

No student will be vaccinated if the College has not received the consent forms. If you have any questions regarding this process or if you have not received your consents and information package, please contact the College Nurse on 5436 7311.

Mrs Maree Hooper and Mrs Louise Burrell, College Nurses

Library News

Library Monitors 2017

Our library monitors had their welcome lunch this week and received their badges on assembly. The library staff look forward to working with our enthusiastic group of student leaders as they learn how to use the library computer to lend and return books, how to shelve and set up displays. Our team this year is:

  • Alex Hughes
  • Catalina Stylianou
  • Eliza Bryan
  • Ella Jarick
  • Elyse McFadyen
  • Evie Way
  • Gabriella McKenzie
  • Gabrielle Rattey
  • Makani Campbell
  • Mia Hetherington
  • Mia Salta
  • Ruby Akporhonor

Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Secondary College

Mathematics – After School Tutorials

To support students academically, the College offers Mathematics tutorials for students in Years 7-12. These tutorials are on Monday afternoons and are in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete class work, homework or seek assistance. The expectation is that they remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent.

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

Junior Sport

Year 3-6 Swim Carnival

Congratulations to all students who competed in the inter-house swimming carnival last Thursday at the Kawana Aquatics Centre. It was very hot with the temperature above 30 degrees all day. Team spirit was fantastic amongst all houses with loud cheering and war cries ringing out all day. Student participation was another highlight with students taking the opportunity to swim in the various competitive, house and novelty events during the day.

Total points at the end of the day were:

  • Wira          1694
  • Mumba      1738
  • Bula          1976

Congratulations to Bula who were the overall champion house.



Students have taken part in selection trials and training started this week and will continue next Monday. If you are unsure of training dates, please refer to the College calendar, which has all dates listed for the year. If your child is unable to attend training, please send an email or note through to their coach explaining their absence.

Students will play their first trial game against Immanuel Lutheran College next Thursday afternoon during school time. The first Gala Day will be held on Thursday 9th March (Week 7).

Armidale Rugby Carnival

The Armidale Rugby Carnival is held during the Term 1 holidays with students travelling and participating in the carnival from Friday 7th April to Sunday 9th April. The carnival is hosted by The Armidale School and sees schools and clubs from all over Queensland and New South Wales enjoy two days of rugby competition. Pacific has enjoyed competing at this carnival since 2009 and would once again like to attend this year.

If your son is turning 11 and 12 this year and may be interested in attending, please email or contact Mr Darren Hooper to receive an information sheet. We need to finalise numbers for this tour over the next week. 

District Sport Trials

There are a number of opportunities coming up for students who are under 12 to trial for district selection. Pacific is part of the independent district, which is made up of other independent schools from the Sunshine Coast.

District selection is the first step in the pathway to regional, state and even national selection in sports. The following district sport trials will be held towards the end of February and the start of March:

  • 12 years girls and boys soccer
  • 12 years girls and boys basketball
  • 12 years boys AFL
  • 12 years boys and girls hockey
  • 11 years girls netball
  • 12 years girls netball
  • 11 years boys rugby league (trial with Nambour district)
  • 12 years boys rugby league (trial with Nambour district)

If your child is interested in trialling for any of these sports, please see Mr Darren Hooper for an information/permission sheet.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Sport News

Junior Basketball Program (Years 2-8)

This year, Pacific is running its usual Junior Basketball Program for anyone interested in Years 2-8. This is a skills development program that will only focus on skills and drills. We are outsourcing some of the coaching to some very experienced coaches from the Sunshine Coast Phoenix Association to run the program. The first round of the six-week program begins next Thursday 16th February at the Pacific gym from 3.30pm – 4.45pm.

All levels of athletes are welcome to attend from beginners through to representative players. Most year levels have had basketball instruction in Physical Education lessons previously, however all students will be exposed to basketball fundamentals training throughout every session. The main focus of the program is to develop basketball skills and application of these skills in modified-game situations.

The cost for the program (6 weeks) will be $25 per participant and all participants will receive their own personal basketball to use, as well as a PLC Basketball Program training shirt. Please note that the shirts may only be ready mid-way in to the program (they will not be ready for the commencement of the program).

Students have received registration letters this week and those wanting to be a part of the program have until Wednesday 15th February to register.

Mr Mark Hauser 

Secondary Sport

SCISSA Volleyball and Soccer – Results Week 2

Well done to all SCISSA teams this week! Games were held in super hot conditions but all players dug in and gave it their best! Special mentions to the Open Boys soccer team for a convincing win over St Andrew’s Anglican College (SAAC) and both the Intermediate Girls B and Intermediate Boys volleyball teams for solid wins over SAAC as well.




Jnr. Girls 1

Jnr. Girls 2

Int. Girls A

Int. Girls B

Int. Boys

Snr. Girls

Snr. Boys


























Annika Fawke

Alisha Woods

Atlanta Hopewell

Shoshanna Baird

Jackson Laverick

Georgia Woods

Drew Chaplin

*The Junior Boys volleyball team had a bye this week.

Student Success

Year 7 student, Tim Bange, has been selected in the Queensland City under-12 boys Oztag team. They will take on the Queensland Country and Queensland Barbarians at a tri-series tournament in June. The teams were selected at the Oztag State Cup held at Kawana in January. A Queensland side will be selected at the tri-series in June. Congratulations to Tim on his achievement and we wish him all the best at the tournament later this year.

Congratulations to James Brown and Harrison Feckner for their selection in the district touch football team and Brooklyn Graves and Katelyn Connors for their selection in the district volleyball team!

Mr Brett Kersnovske, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer Update
  • About Pacific Soccer
  • Pacific Soccer and Brisbane Roar Partnership
  • FREE 'Come and Try' Day
  • Last Week to Sign-On
  • Uniform
  • How You Can Help Out at Pacific Soccer
  • Working Bee - Saturday 18th February 
  • Equipment Purchases 2017
  • Coaching Academy Course

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mrs Jenny Lee, Pacific Soccer Registrar

PLC Netball Club Update
  • Key Dates
  • Fees
  • Registration
  • Uniforms

Click here to download the PLC Netball Club newsletter for this week.

Mr Trevor Colton, President PLC Netball Club


New Frozen Yoghurts!

We have hit the ground running at the Tuckshop!

Our new Twisted Frozen Yoghurts are flying out the door in this hot weather. They are 98% fat free, gluten free and made from all natural ingredients. High in calcium and protein, contain live and active probiotics as well as real fruit and have NO artificial sweeteners. They taste fantastic, just ask the kids! They are available in raspberry/coconut, strawberry/vanilla bean, watermelon/mango and chocolate/vanilla bean and are only $3 a serve.


This week all Prep – Year 5 students will have received a form inviting parents, grandparents and caregivers to spend a little time volunteering at the Tuckshop. At present, we are relying heavily on student volunteers to make it through the busy lunchtime period from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. If you have even an hour to spare once a month we would love to see you. This invitation is open to helpers who have students in any year level!

Ms Carrie Dickson, Tuckshop Convenor

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra


Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

Upcoming Dates

14 Year 12 Information Evening (7.00pm)
15 9-12yrs District Swim Carnival
16 13-19yrs District Swim Carnival
21 Year 10 Information Evening and Camp Information Evening (6.30pm)
  Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
23 13-19yrs District Trial Day 3
24 Primary Lutheran Swim Carnival
26 St Mark's @ Pacific Grow and Share (9.30am)
27 Year 8-9 Theatre Incursion (9.00am - 10.30am)
28 Shrove Tuesday
1 Ash Wednesday
  Year 12 University Showcase Day
2 10-19yrs Regional Swim Carnival
3-5 Production Camp - Luther Heights (3.30pm Departure on Friday)
10 International Women's Day
  PLC Barn Dance
11 Safe Drive Australia Skills Day - Mt Cotton