Compass No 442 - November 2016

From the Principal

Everyday Things That Make Us Smile

What are the everyday things that make you smile? For me, it is a walk on the beach and feeling the wind on my face, or seeing kookaburras proudly sitting on a branch after waking everyone at 4.00am, a new tomato on my bush, a person’s enthusiastic greeting or smile, an old man who bends to pick up rubbish along our street feeling proud about the difference he is making or seeing a young person excited about thinking. The list goes on. There are so many simple things in life to smile about and to appreciate. This list also includes the small and the not so small things that colleagues, friends and family do that can easily be taken for granted. Maybe it’s the tidy person, who keeps things in good order without you noticing or maybe it’s the chaotic person who brings mess but also energy and life into your everyday.

As Christmas comes, it is easy for these small things to be lost in the flurry of getting ready for the holidays and the desire for grandness in our celebrations and gifts. Is there a way to build an appreciation of simplicity into our Christmas? I am going to give it a go this Christmas. One thing we can all do is to take time to pause, be still and smile that a loving God was born in simple surrounds just for you and me. We can find that moment of deep inner peace that brings joy in the ebbs and flow of our daily life.

Principal's Log

As a community, we can be proud of the way our Year 12 students finished school in such a very warm, dignified and energised way last week. This was a celebration of their immersion in a rich culture shaped in partnership with staff, students and parents. We thank our parents for their continual encouragement and support, teachers who have worked hard to grow the learning of our young people and our support staff who enable so much to happen through working behind the scenes. Thank you to everyone involved in the activities of last week, including our Heads of House, Pastoral Care Group teachers, pastoral leaders, teachers and academic leaders who have been busy finalising results, Music and Hospitality staff, our Pastor, office staff, ground staff and Year 12 parents. A job well done by everyone! A particular thank you to Miss Kim Stone and Mrs Leanne Bevis for their leadership of the final activities well supported by Mr Brendan Delaney and to Mrs Rae Hall and Ms Rebecca Ross who have kept all academic processes moving smoothly.

We celebrated the ‘Homecoming’ of the Rite Journey where each Year 9 student shared some aspect of their journey publicly with their peers and parents. Parents enjoyed presenting the students with their blazers as a symbol of their transition into Senior College. The highlight of the afternoon was to see the students dance with each other and then with their parents. Thank you to Mr Duncan McNee, Dr Peter McMahon and Mrs Toni Fisher for their leadership of the Rite Journey groups and to parents for their support over the year.

The Year 3 and 4 String Ensemble performances on Tuesday afternoon highlighted the growth of our string program under the leadership of Mrs Helen Williams. Parents also enjoyed listening and celebrating with our Junior College ensemble groups on Wednesday afternoon. We thank Mrs Aleisha Tuaine, Mrs Helen Williams, Mr Adrian King, Miss Karlee Hutchinson, Mrs Jenna Woodforth, Mr Nelson Oakley, Mrs Annette Fowler, Mrs Jennifer Maggs and Mr Basil Barletta for growing our students musically.

Last week, Head of Mumba House Mrs Melissa Evans and Middle College Leading Teacher Mr Damien Evans presented at Pearson’s National Teaching and Learning Conference in Melbourne. Educators from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia attended the annual Conference. Mr and Mrs Evans’ presentation, titled ‘There’s An App For That’, showed how mobile technology could be used effectively in classrooms through the use of ‘tried and tested’ apps. This was a great opportunity and we congratulate both Mr and Mrs Evans on their success.

We look forward to the Carols Night on Friday evening, the P-5 Closing Service on Monday morning and the Year 6-12 Closing Service on Tuesday evening. These are all important community events where we celebrate the very significant contribution of parents, staff and students, the growth of our young people and the many blessings that God has given us. We look forward to sharing these events with students, parents and friends of the College.

At the end of year we will farewell contract staff that have been replacing staff who have been on long service and maternity leave. We thank Mr Luke Dutney who has very capably taught senior Biology, Science and Vocational Mathematics, Mrs Nicole Schirripa who has also capably taught Middle College students game design and robotics and Mr Darren Lawrence who has taught Physical Education and been generous with his time in coaching a variety of afterschool teams. We thank Mrs Karen Costa who has been a very effective and committed teacher of Year 5 students this year and Prep students last year. We thank Mrs Rae Hall and Mrs Rebecca Ross for the calm and effective way they have fulfilled the Acting Director of Teaching and Learning and the Acting Head of Senior College Studies roles this term. We look forward to welcoming back Ms Sue Arahill, Mrs Gisela Hohls and Mrs Kirsty Ridley next year.

Last week, we farewelled Teacher Aide Mrs Jenny Hoffman, who has moved to the Gold Coast to be with her family. Mrs Hoffman very successfully supported students with needs to engage positively in the classroom. There are a number of young people for whom Mrs Hoffman has made a significant difference through her high level of skill in this area. We wish her well for her new path.

At the end of this year we will farewell Mrs Toni Fisher who has made a significant contribution to the engagement of students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through her passion for STEM education. We also congratulate Mrs Melissa Evans on her appointment as the Head of Middle College Students at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Noosa from the start of next year. We have appreciated Mrs Evans warm, professional support of students in her role as Head of Mumba House and her innovative and creative thinking in the teaching of English and SOSE across the middle years. We also celebrate with Mrs Tanya Crooks her appointment as the Principal of Redeemer Lutheran College from the start of 2017. As Pacific’s Director of Staff, Mrs Crooks has led the formalisation of the College’s appraisal process, the enhancement of staff leadership and has supported the increasing role of support staff in the administration of the College. We wish all of these educators every blessing for the next phase of their journey and thank them for the very significant contributions they have made to the College and the lives of individual students and staff.

Next year, Mr Mark Hauser will be taking on the role of Head of Mumba House. We thank Mr Hauser for his outstanding contribution as Head of Sport. He has inspired both staff and students through his passion for sport and continued to build the tradition of providing excellent sporting opportunities. We thank Mr Hauser for his generous service, dedication, enthusiasm and energy. Mr Brett Kersnovske, who is currently Head of Sport at Grace Lutheran College Caboolture Campus, will be taking on the Acting Head of Sport role for 2016 at Pacific. As previously announced, Ms Margaret Gunn, who is the current Dean of Co-Curricular at Brisbane Girls Grammar, will be the new Director of Staff in 2017. In other staffing appointments, we look forward to Mr Stuart Pohlner continuing as a Year 4-7 teacher and welcoming Mrs Emma Middleton who has taught Information Technology in the United Kingdom, at International Schools and more recently in Queensland, Ms Ceilidh Peers who will be teaching English and SOSE and Mrs Emma Lendrum who has had extensive experience teaching Hospitality and PE in Canberra. 

Thank you to all parents, students and staff for the very significant contribution you have made over the year. Thank you to our students for your positive approach to each other and to learning as part of this community. Thank you to our staff for your commitment and considerable expertise and to our parents for your support in so many and varied ways. Together we have nurtured a culture that challenges people to grow deep.

May the peace of Christmas fill you with joy. We trust that all those who have holidays, are rejuvenated through enjoying time with family and friends and times of relaxation and leisure.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

Important Notices

Middle / Senior College Closing Service

Date:              Tuesday 29th November

Time:             6.30pm (Students to arrive at 6.00pm)

Location:       The Events Centre, Caloundra

This is an important community event that all Year 6-11 students are expected to attend. If students are unable to attend, we ask that parents notify their Head of House, as listed below.

Students are required to wear their full winter formal uniform for the service. Students are to arrive at 6.00pm and report to their PCG teachers for roll marking and further instructions.

Accessing Student Reports

In December, student reports for this semester will be made available for download from the Parent Lounge, which is accessible through the ‘My PLC’ portal on our website: When the reports have been completed, a SMS will be sent to all families advising that they are available for download.

Please use the following details to login to Parent Lounge:

Username = XXXXXX (your parent code which is the account number on the top right corner on your fee statement)

Password = XXXXX (your BPay reference number on the top right corner on your fee statement)

If you have any questions regarding the download of student reports over the holidays, please contact administration.

From the College Pastor

A Christmas Prayer

Oh God. It’s nearly December.

The Christmas chaos has begun.

Christmas trees and lights on houses,

Long lines at the shops, catalogues in the mail,

Adults in a hurry, children in a frenzy.


O, my God. It’s Advent.

A time of anticipation. Waiting.

Knowing you will come. Wondering.

How will you come?

What will be the signs of your presence?

What are the signs of Christmas?

Jesus, born of Mary, laying in a manger,

God Incarnate, the Word made flesh.

They knew you would come, but not how.

That was a surprise, a miracle,

A sign that only a few could see.


O, my God. It’s Advent.

In this holy season of waiting,

I am watching for signs of your coming.

Help me not to confuse

The glow of bright lights or

The bustle of holiday activity with

The real signs of your Christmas gift.

Open my eyes to see you in surprising places:

The faces of students,

The community of the classroom

Friendship with colleagues,

Partnerships with parents.

Open our hearts to experience anew the miracle:

You are born and live among us, fully human, fully God.


I know that you have come, and you will come again.

I do not know how. That is always a surprise. A miracle.

Give me the eyes of faith, O God, that I may see. Amen.

(Adapted from S.Harris-Ewing ‘Prayers for School Teachers’)

First Communion

Pastors Tim Jarick and Ray Morris will be leading a First Communion course during Term 1 next year for any school families who have children turning 10 or 11 this year. If you have a young person who is baptised and is interested in receiving Holy Communion, please email or phone Pastor Tim ( 5436 7353) for more information. The course will start on Ash Wednesday, 1st March 2017.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Year 6 Tree Planting

On Tuesday this week, the Year 6 students and staff worked with the Sunshine Coast Council to plant 300 trees in the Kawana Forest area. The positive way students engaged in the task and their genuine concern for the environment was really impressive. The students I spoke with during the experience had a real sense of community service and the need to care for our fragile environment. In the coming years, Pacific will continue to work with the Sunshine Coast Council in their tree planting projects. Well done to the staff and students involved.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Thank You

As the end of another school year quickly approaches and the focus turns from school life to holidays and Christmas, we would like to thank all parents and friends of the College for your valued support throughout the year. In classrooms, on the sporting field, in cultural endeavours and at social events, your presence and assistance is much appreciated and valued by students and staff. The educational journey at Pacific is very much a journey shared between parents, staff and students. Throughout the year, a large numbers of parents have helped and supported their children, the staff and the wider College community. As the year reaches its conclusion, we take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, joyous and holy Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday. 

Upcoming Junior College Events

Carols Night

This Friday 25th November, the annual Carols Night will be held in the gym, starting at 5.00pm. Food will be available for purchase following the concert. A flyer providing further details has been sent home with students.

P-5 Closing Service

The P-5 Closing Service will be held in the College gym on Monday 28th November, starting at 9.00am, The service will mark an important transition for students, particularly those in Year 5, who move to the Middle College next year. Academic Excellence and Endeavour Awards will also be presented to students across Years 3-5. All parents and family members are most welcome at this important event.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

This Week Monday 21st November

Prep:  Stella Barnes and Lily Parkes.

Year 1:  Jemma Costa and Summer Nauman.

Year 2:  Caiden Holden, Nate Hauser, Emily Creamer, Miranda Walsh and Mena Wilkinson.

Year 3:  Riley Bowering, Addison Biggs, Jazlyn Miller, Riley Shepherd, Libby Punter, Grace Cawley, Angus Friend and Georgina Walsh.

Year 4:  Jayden Fioraso.

Year 5:  Haylie Powell, Matthew Johnston and Class 5A.

You Can Do It Awards

This Week Monday 21st November

Confidence:  Amber Hetherington, Olive Crawford and Sonny Austin.

Persistence:  Luca Francesconi-Silveira and Sophia Debuse.

Getting Along:  Sam McKean, Gracie Werner and Brooke Hodgetts.

Resilience: Tarryn Fawke.  

Other Awards

Mathletics:  Emily Bryce.

Food for Thought

Parents and Digital Technology

Children today are digital natives, growing up in an age where social media and online communication is the norm. ‘Parents and Digital Technology’ is an indispensable book for parents who may feel they are struggling to keep up. The book addresses the issues that young people and their families face in the world of modern technology. Find out more at:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Throughout 2016, Friends of Pacific (FoP) embraced the College theme of ‘Growing Deep’. Through various activities and events held through the year, there was a much wider and deeper connection with those associated with Pacific Lutheran College. This included students, parents and staff but also extended to the business community and local residents of the Caloundra area.

Much of this was achieved through the staging of OCEANfest. It never fails to be an event of connection, community and fun! The ‘Carnivale’ theme of activities and entertainment only added to the enthusiastic atmosphere. The incredible support from the College community, parents and local businesses made it a great success. Thank you to NewWave Orthodontics for once again being our Platinum Sponsor and thank you to Mrs Mel Pollack and Mrs Jenny Lee for their enthusiasm, leadership and time in bringing OCEANfest together. In 2016, FoP also supported other College events such the inter-house sports carnivals and Open Day as well as running other initiatives like the Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls. Also this year, we assisted with a successful grant application to run the Cycle Skills program in 2017. As a result of the fundraising from all the events this year, we're very grateful to be able to contribute $40 000 to the College, which will assist with the provision of solar panels and other capital projects.

Pacific Together is another initiative of Friends of Pacific and is a contact point for Pacific families or staff who are in need or are experiencing challenging situations. The group offers support by preparing meals and assisting with day-to-day activities. Should you want to make contact, please do so through the FoP email address: Any communication remains confidential.

FoP would like to acknowledge the Parent Representatives who played a key role in assisting with the flow of communication and who supported us so strongly in many events this year. We thank everyone who connected with FoP this year, no matter what that connection was, as it all adds up to creating a community. Going forward into 2017, it’s important that we remember there are many in our community who are willing to be in involved – sometimes we just have to ask. I'm very excited that the committee for 2017 has extended and includes many of the current committee plus new members.

On behalf of the 2016 committee I extend our support to the incoming 2017 Executive of Jenny Lee as Chair, Esta Styles as Vice-Chair, Deni Fowler as Secretary and Penni Buchanan as Treasurer.

Thank you to the 2016 committee of Allyson Sarvari – Vice Chair, Sanet Strong – Treasurer, Kath Barry – Secretary, Leah Croke, Julie Hoffman, Jenny Lee, Sophie McKenzie, Mel Pollack, Nikki Stacey, Ian Barnes, Deni Fowler, Karen Petfield. Also thank you to Dr Bronwyn Dolling and Pastor Tim Jarick who continually support FoP, along with College Council and St Mark’s Lutheran Church.

Finally, we wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday and a very Merry Christmas.

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, FoP Chairperson

Library News

Code Club Break Up

Last Wednesday we held our final Code Club for the year. A number of parents came along to have a look at what their children had been creating and learning. Students had fun playing with Ozobots, coding a Lego Mindstorms robot and using Osmos on the iPads, as well as snacking on pizza and soft drink. Code Club will start up again in the new year for students in Years 4-6.

Library Monitor Luncheon

To thank our library monitors for their service this year, the library staff took them on excursion this Wednesday. We went to Collins Books on Bulcock Street where students got to select a book for the library. These books will have a plaque inside them with the library monitor’s name on it.

Afterwards, we went down to Hog’s Breath Café on the esplanade and enjoyed a meal together. Many thanks to our library monitors for this year and congratulations to our library monitors for 2017.

Champion Readers

This week on assembly we gave out awards for our champion readers. Champion Readers are Junior College students who have borrowed more than 120 books this year and Middle College students who have borrowed more than 50 books in the year. In total, we had 52 students that met the benchmark. They each received a certificate and a book prize. Congratulations to the following students:

Junior College Students (borrowed more than 120 books)

  • 191 books: Sarah Timperley 4C
  • 174 books: Holly King 3D
  • 173 books: Isabella Lee 2D
  • 158 books: Jared King 1C
  • 152 books: Sophia Debuse 2D
  • 152 books: Paris Pohlner PM
  • 150 books: Eva Barker PP
  • 150 books: Abbey Linfoot PP
  • 144 books: Madyson Pearce 2D
  • 143 books: Hayley Petfield 2P
  • 141 books: Georgia Karavolas 3D
  • 141 books: Jersey Pollard PH
  • 140 books: Holly Targato 2P
  • 139 books: Ned Brandenburg 2F
  • 138 books: Jemma Linfoot 2P
  • 138 books: Elijah Naus PM
  • 137 books: Madison Austin PM
  • 137 books: Alexis Jarrett PH
  • 137 books: Amelia Walsh PH
  • 137 books: Hannah Walsh PH
  • 136 books: Henry Dunn-Neill PP
  • 135 books: Mia Playford PH
  • 133 books: Mitchell Cannon PM
  • 132 books: Hobie Barry 5O
  • 132 books: Lily Parkes PP
  • 132 books: Cody Walker PM
  • 131 books: Archie Balderson PM
  • 130 books: Annabella Hentschel 2D
  • 129 books: Toby Creamer 3P
  • 128 books: Thomas Cannon PM
  • 128 books: Laura Newman PM
  • 127 books: Mia Murphy PM
  • 127 books: Nathan Russell 1C
  • 126 books: Megan Atkinson 3D
  • 126 books: Zara Koebsch PM
  • 125 books: Sienna Baker PP
  • 125 books: Abbigail Edwards PM
  • 125 books: Caidan Holden 2P
  • 125 books: Phoebe Wheat PM
  • 124 books: Emily Creamer 2D
  • 124 books: Luca Francesconi-Silveira PP
  • 124 books: Taylah Jarrett PH
  • 121 books: Flynn Johnson PM
  • 120 books: Carter Kiernan 2P

Middle College Students (borrowed more than 50 books)

  • 220 books: Isobel Hughes 6I
  • 195 books: Jasmin Groves 6I
  • 85 books: Sophie Wilkinson 6P
  • 66 books: Georgia Sharry 6P
  • 60 books: Ruby Akporhonor 6P
  • 59 books: Sebastian Box 6P
  • 58 books: Ellie Dixon 7C
  • 57 books: Mikayla Cross-Pitcher 6S

Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Junior College

YACHTS – Term 4

Our Young Achievers Creatively Honing Thinking Skills (YACHTS) program this term had students from Years 2-5 embark on a problem solving and thinking skills adventure.

“I liked the Dragonquest. We investigated dragons, thought of new functions and made up our own dragon.” – Sam Roberts, Year 2

“I liked the animal theme, a lot of kids our age like animals. We got to go into the rainforest and design our own animal with features we incorporated.” – Toby Creamer, Year 3

“We did stuff on crime investigations. We did these Loculus puzzles and lateral thinking puzzles like behind the blue door. I enjoyed the Loculus puzzle because I thought this could mean something different.” – Keeley Meade, Year 4

“I like how we got to experiment and build things ourselves. We got to work with other people that we don’t usually work with. We got to have fun!” – Lillian Atkinson, Year 5


It was great to be a part of the excitement and enthusiasm with our YACHTS students.

Ms Anthea Brighton, Head of Learning Enrichment P-5

Solar Buddy Program – Update

Last week, the College received news that the Solar Buddy light units built by our Year 2 students and families at OCEANfest have been delivered to a community in Uganda.

The lights are now with students and families of Hope Junior School in Laminadera Village. Laminadera is situated in the Gulu district of Northern Uganda, which is approximately 340kms from the capital Kampala.


This was a great Service Learning initiative for our community and we look forward to running the classroom program again next year.

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5

Secondary College

Year 9 Rite Journey Homecoming – ‘Taking it to the Limit’

On Monday evening, the Year 9 cohort came back together to celebrate their Homecoming for Rite Journey. Throughout the year, students faced challenges both inside and outside the classroom. Students reflected on how they had grown as young people, with the help of their parents and teacher guides. This evening was a symbol of the students returning as a whole group and the start of their journey into Senior College.

This was the inaugural year, where students took part in the Centurion Challenge. Students were challenged to earn 100 points in service of others, the environment and their family. A total of 17 students received a Centurion badge to acknowledge they had conquered the challenge, many receiving well over the 100 points required. Rebekah Pierce exceeded all expectations in earning 250 points. Well done to all students for taking on this challenge. 

The evening ended with students displaying their old time dancing skills. First with each other and then with their parents and other significant adults in their lives.


It is always a privilege as teachers to be able to take students on the Rite Journey. We acknowledge and thank Mrs Toni Fisher, Mr Duncan McNee and Dr Peter McMahon for guiding these students in 2016. Finally, thank you to Year 9 parents for their involvement and guidance throughout the year. We ask for God’s blessing and protection of these students as they progress to the Senior College next year.

Miss Michelle McMillan, Head of Christian Studies

Cultural News

Music Department Update

November is always a busy time for the Music Department and this year has been no exception! On Tuesday, the Year 3 and 4 Strings Program held their end of year concert. This was a time of great celebration, giving parents an opportunity to hear what we have been working towards all year. This year, we particularly celebrated having purchased all of the violins and violas that students played on. Giving the students the extra opportunity to practise between lessons has made a significant difference to the music we make – thank you parents for your support! We also thank Mrs Helen Williams for the way she has led this program and look forward to another exciting year in 2017. Any students who are yet to return their violin or viola are asked to do so as soon as possible.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Junior College Ensembles held their end of year concert. With performances from the Year 5 Concert Band, Year 3 Choir, Year 5 Strings, Year 6 Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Junior Woodwind Ensemble, Year 6 Drumline and the Year 6 Orchestra it was a very entertaining afternoon! Well done to all students involved and thank you for such a wonderful afternoon. We thank Mr Adrian King, Miss Karlee Hutchinson, Mrs Jenna Woodforth, Mr Nelson Oakley, Mrs Annette Fowler, Mrs Jennifer Maggs and Mr Basil Barletta for the time they gave to preparing students for this concert. Any Year 6 students who are yet to return their instruments are asked to do so as soon as possible. Year 5 students will return their instruments after the P-5 Closing Service on Monday.

At the end of this year, we will farewell Miss Karlee Hutchinson and Mr Basil Barletta. Both tutors have devoted many years to the music at our College and have made a significant impact on the lives of many students. We thank them for all they have done here and wish them all the best as they move on to new adventures. Students who have been enrolled with Miss Hutchinson or Mr Barletta will be able to continue lessons at the College and we look forward to introducing the new tutors at the start of next year.

Thank you for your support of the Music Department in 2016 – it’s been a big year and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Mrs Aleisha Tuaine, Head of Music

From the Head of Career Development

Career Exploration and Future Pathways

With school holidays approaching, it is a good time for senior students to turn their attention from their immediate studies to conducting some exploration into careers and future pathways. It can be as simple as watching videos about various professions on or signing up to to access a rich variety of information on careers, courses, case studies, career insights and more.

How do I find a job with good prospects?

Rapid changes in the world of work and emerging new technologies mean that we need to try and stay ahead of the game by looking for occupations that have better job prospects than others. How do we do this? A myfuture article, ‘The 4 factors affecting job prospects’, suggests that we should be taking the following factors into account when looking for a job with good prospects:

  • Number of people – The more people employed in an occupation, the more likely there will be jobs in every location.
  • Employment growth – Historical information tells us how many new jobs have been created in an occupation. Projected growth information can indicate how many additional jobs there are likely to be in the future.
  • Skills shortages – These indicate good opportunities in an occupation for people with the skills and experience needed. Shortages vary by location and change over time.
  • Job turnover – This is the annual percentage of employees who move out of the occupation into other occupations, retirement or unemployment plus employees who change jobs within the same occupation. Turnover creates opportunities in all occupations when employees need to be replaced.

Where can I find this information about the jobs I’m interested in?

  • myfuture website – Sign up for free if this is your first time on the website. Go to the Occupations section and search for your job of interest. Click on the Prospects tab.
  • Job Outlook provides occupational information including job prospects.
  • The Australian Jobs publication provides information about the labour market for industries and occupations as well as states, territories and regions of Australia. It also provides occupational and industry information that will help you understand where the jobs will be in the future.
  • The Labour Market Information Portal provides you with up-to-date information about your local labour market. It provides information at the national, state and regional level.

Some cautions:

  • Fast growth within an occupation does not guarantee more job opportunities, because the number of people seeking work may outnumber the job openings.
  • Even occupations with declining job prospects can offer job opportunities, as people move across jobs.
  • It is difficult to accurately predict long-term job prospects. Unexpected events can have an enormous impact on the labour market (e.g. very few people predicted the global financial crisis).

Consequently, when you are making career decisions, job prospects are just one piece of information you need to consider. Other information includes your interests, skills, values, work preferences and education and training requirements.

We wish all of our families a safe and joyous Christmas and I look forward to working closely with you all again in 2017. Happy exploring!

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Sport News


If you have not yet received an email invitation to create your child’s profile, please check your account’s Junk Mail folder. If you still cannot find the email request, please contact Mrs Natalie Campbell directly. Emails will come through from CareMonkey Administrator and will generally have a subject heading stating “Pacific Lutheran College is requesting….”.

Sharing your profile

Did you know you can now share your CareMonkey profile with other family members, friends or trusted carers? For more information on this option, please visit:

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Sports Aide

Junior Sport

Gala Day Kayaking

With our kayaking students recently finishing their competitive season this year, the team used the Term 4 SCISSA Gala Day as an opportunity to try a different form of water sport. Our team spent the morning learning about the culture, canoes, safety and technique of paddling an Outrigger Canoe. It was perfect weather to be out on the water for the morning and the team enjoyed paddling around the canals of Minyama. With success at both the Queensland Schools Marathon and Sprint Championships this year, the team returned to school for the afternoon to celebrate their achievements.


Our sincere thanks to Raine, Lyn, Sandy and the Panamuna Outrigger Canoe Club for organising equipment and for their time and guidance during the morning. Juniors through to Golden Masters compete in Outrigger Canoeing in Australia. The club can be contacted via if students are interested in trying out this sport.

Mr Gary Graves, Kayaking Coordinator

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer

Free Come and Try Sessions

On Tuesday, Pacific Soccer held the first Come and Try Session in conjunction with the Brisbane Roar. Students from Kindergarten to Year 3 were invited along to learn new skills and experience team play in a fun, friendly environment. Thank you to Coach Paul and Coach Kristy for their enthusiasm (and magical fairy dust) so that both new and current players could feel comfortable and welcomed. We also thank Coach Greg and a number of our U11 club players for helping out at the session.


Our next sessions will be held in Week 2 and 3 of the new school year:

  • Tuesday 31st January 1.00pm – 1.30pm for Prep to Year 3 students
  • Tuesday 7th February 3.00pm – 4.30pm for Prep to Year 3 students (including After School Care students)

A booking sheet will be sent out to students in Week 1 next year.

2017 Season – All Ages From U6 (including players born in 2012)

From 9th January next year, players will be able to register online through the Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association website at: If you have any questions regarding signing up with Pacific Soccer for the 2017 season, please email

Mrs Jenny Lee, Pacific Soccer Registrar

PLC Netball Club Update

High Return Investment Opportunity

Investment opportunities are still available for those parents who would like to assist on the PLC Netball Committee. Few investments in life provide greater returns than those we reap from being actively involved in the development of our children and their friends. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.    

A reminder to all players (past, present and future) that an expression of interest in playing during the 2017 season would be appreciated via email to or via text to 0409 59 22 39. Your expression of interest is non-binding, but it would allow the committee to begin planning teams and recruiting players.

How’s this for the ultimate Christmas present? Netball Queensland is giving away an ANZ Championship ball (used during the finals) signed by the 2016 Firebirds Team. For a chance to win, visit:  

Finally, the Committee would like to wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Mr Trevor Colton, President PLC Netball Club

Uniform Shop

End of Year Closure and January Assistance

This year, the uniform shop will close on Friday 25th November at 9.30am.

If you are able to assist in the uniform shop from 16th – 20th January next year, please contact Mrs Peta King directly on 5436 7349. There are two timeslots to be filled each day: 8.00am – 12.00pm or 12.00pm – 4.00pm. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra


Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

Kawana Forest Meeting Place

‘That’s Not Santa’ – Performance 

These holidays, ‘That’s Not Santa’ will be performed at the Kawana Forest Meeting Place. 3bCREATIVE - Play Up! performances aim to engage children and families at a community level with quality age appropriate content.

‘That’s Not Santa’ is suitable for ages 3-10 (adults love it too) and is an original, funny and interactive performance for children written by early childhood educators and performed by professional actors.

Date: Thursday 15th December at 2.00pm.

Venue: Kawana Forest Meeting Place. Bring along a little cushion for your child to sit on.

Cost: $10 (children under 2 free).

Bookings: (search: That’s Not Santa!). Limited tickets will also be available at the door.

Click here to download the performance flyer.

Ferment Your Way To Christmas

Another exciting event at the Kawana Forest Meeting Place these holidays is a fermenting seminar with Elisabeth Fekonia. The seminar will be held on 
Wednesday 14th December from 7.00pm to 8.30pm and will include information, recipes and taste testing so you can ferment your way to a happy and healthy Christmas!

Tickets cost 
$25 each or $35 for 2 tickets or $49 for 4 tickets and can be purchased at:

Sunshine Coast Christmas Lights

Sunshine Coast Football – 2017 Sign On

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