Compass No 439 - November 2016

From the Principal

Playing Our Best in the Closing of the Last Quarter

There are a lot of lessons we learn in life through playing and watching sport. These include how to persist when the scoreboard is not going your way, the benefits of focused practice, the importance of having good peripheral vision that can provide a broader perspective, the importance of teamwork and being committed to play our best and get the best from our team mates. Over the September break, we saw two grand final matches where both teams gave their very best effort right to the end. A ‘wow’ moment for me was straight after the match when Cameron Smith, captain of the losing Melbourne Storm team, had an informal chat to the television crew on the ground. He commented that no rugby league supporter could be disappointed that Cronulla had won. Later, he went on to deliver what was described as one of the best losing speeches.

Accomplishment is not just about winning, it is about knowing that we have given our best and supported others to do the same. It is having the capacity in those final moments of the game, when we are tired, to lift ourselves and others to higher levels that makes all the difference. In our spiritual lives we are also encouraged to run a good race to the end and to keep the faith as we read in Timothy, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. Keeping faith in a loving gracious God enables us to run the good race right to the end in all aspects of life.

Principal's Log

This week, we announced the College, Pacific Action Group and House Captains for 2017. We congratulate the following students and pray that they might grow in wisdom as they serve the needs of those around them.

College Captains

  • Captains: Alexandra Whitmore and Sam Wilson.
  • Vice Captains: Georgia Woods, Olivia McCluskey, Tom Turner and Beau Blake.

Pacific Action Group Captains

  • Academic: Tilly Byrne-Kirk                                           
  • Cultural: Ally Hickey
  • Environmental: Leah Monk
  • Pastoral Care: Chloe Laverick
  • Spirituality: Alyssa O’Sullivan
  • Sport: Jennah McAuliffe and Kurtis Modlin

House Captains

  • Bula
    Captains: Max Shadforth and Shelby Bennett.
    Vice-Captains: Matt Daniec and Cassidy Harvey.
  • Mumba
    Captains: Drew Chaplin and Caitlin O'Keefe.
    Vice-Captains: Gabrielle Donato and Jessica Keenan.
  • Wira
    Captains: Oisin Quilligan and Sophia Rule
    Vice-Captains: Emma Goodyear and Amie Thomas

On Monday night, our senior girls water polo team played with good spirit and tenacity to come back from 4-0 down in the first half to lose to Matthew Flinders 6-5 in the last few minutes of the grand final. The girls are to be congratulated on the high levels of sportsmanship, spirit, teamwork and skill on display on the night. Well done to the girls and coach Mr Brett Jones for a great season and thank you to parents, students and staff for their support.

As we approach the final days of regular classes for our Year 12 students and the final half of the last term for the remainder of the students, we encourage all young people to give of their best right to the end. For our Year 12 students this will mean preparing well for their final assessments next week and giving maximum effort right to the close of the last piece of assessment.

Congratulations to the OCEANfest Committee and Friends of Pacific who have announced the final figure raised from the event in August. This year’s festival raised a rounded figure of $37 000! Well done to all involved in the staging of this event and thank you to our community of students, staff and families for your support.

We look forward to the staging of Mulan, on Saturday 12th November. Staff and students have been rehearsing with great energy for many weeks. Families are encouraged to purchase tickets and to bring family and friends along to what promises to be a very entertaining evening. We wish the students and Director Mrs Laura Bonner, Musical Director Miss Anita Morton and their team of Miss Jenna-Maree Woodforth, Mrs Tracy Hickey, Mr Steven Healy, Ms Nell Keen, Mrs Sonia Boland and Mrs Janine Stone all the best as they make their final preparations over the coming week.

We pray that God would equip us all but particularly our Year 12 students, staff and their families to run well right to the end.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Living with people inevitably means living with conflict. Conflicts, arguments and disagreements are normal between people who think, act and believe differently. Whether it is in the workplace, classroom, at home or amongst friends, conflicted relationships can occur and cause pain. How to resolve conflict is an important lesson to learn at school and in life. Learning that not all conflict is bad, is important too. Some conflict is even healthy and can grow our character. Learning to work through conflicted relationships, rather than avoiding or denying them, is a sign of maturity. All conflict is an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to grow in our self awareness and self-control as well as an opportunity to grow in how we communicate our emotions when we are under pressure. Some simple ways to keep peace and grow through times of conflict include:

  • Talking about small conflicts before they become big problems.
  • When you’re angry, try talking more quietly than usual. The other person may respond by lowering their voice too. Instead of shouting at each other, you can have a real conversation.
  • Many conflicts fade away when people really listen to each other. Look at other people when they’re speaking; don’t interrupt, but ask questions if you need more information.
  • If you’re too angry to talk, (or the other person is too angry to listen), go to a quiet place and write about how angry you are. Or go for a walk.
  • Read books about peace and peaceful conflict resolution individually, or as a family.
  • Make a pact in your family never to use violent words or actions against each other.
  • Spend time each day in quiet meditation. Get to know yourself and your feelings and practice talking about them with others.

(What Teens Need to Succeed, Benson, Galbrait, Espeland, Search Institute, Free Spirit Publishing 1998, p.290)

Prayer: Lord Jesus, give us your strength and grace when we are in conflicted relationships. Help us to show self-control when we are tempted to lash out at others. Give us your peace when we have no peace within us, so that we can show it to others. Amen.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Year 6 Canberra Tour

Last week at the Middle College Assembly, some Year 6 students presented a wonderful description of their visit to Canberra.

When the Year 6 students were told the places we would be visiting in Canberra, I thought the Royal Australian Mint would be one of the least interesting parts of the trip. When we arrived we instantly thought, why do we need a place this big to make the little coins we use in our everyday lives? But when we walked into the Mint, we saw the history of currency in Australia. For example, when the Dutch were coming to our country, one of their ships washed ashore. Later the English discovered it and found a lot of Spanish coins. These coins were then cut with a hole in the middle to make a ring called the ‘holy dollar’ and the smaller circle was called the ‘dump’. This was Australia’s first currency. At the Mint there was a series of robots. One robot was minting coins and one was lifting barrels of coins that weighed up to three tonnes! Another robot was carrying the barrels around the centre and another one sorted all of the coins and put them into bags, which were then packed into trucks and taken to banks around Australia. During our visit, we also got to mint our own coins to take home as a souvenir. All up, I think everyone enjoyed learning about the history of Australian coins and how the Mint makes our coins today. – Liam Russell

In Canberra we visited the AIS, which stands for the Australian Institute of Sport. This is where our Olympians train. The tour started at the souvenir shop where we spent our money on sporting equipment. This was then followed by a tour around the facility where we visited the volleyball courts. We learnt that you had to be a minimum height of 6.5ft to join the Australian volleyball team. Another interesting fact: the tallest Australian volleyball player, Captain Tom Edgar, reaches a height of 212cm tall or 7ft. We then visited the gym to see where the Olympians trained, stretched and tested their abilities. Next, we visited the Olympian swimming pool, which cost $17 million to build. There is a glass-viewing platform under the ground for the coaches to watch and improve the Olympic swimmers techniques. It also had lots of cameras so the Olympians could watch themselves and try to perfect a particular technique. – William Swindles

At Geoscience Australia, we saw an amazing range of marvellously colourful rocks and minerals. We weighed ourselves to see how much we would be worth if we were pure gold. The average worth was about $2 million. We learnt all about igneous, which is sedimentary volcanic rock that is usually made of grains, rock fragments or fossilised remains of organic life. At the end of our visit, we simulated an earthquake on the seismograph by jumping up and down. Our experience at Geoscience Australia will last us a lifetime. – Eliza Bryan and Charles Box

At the CSIRO, we learnt lots of things like how to distinguish a butterfly from a moth. We also engaged in challenging and thought provoking experiences, in exhibits that focused on the topics of health, food, nutrition, biodiversity, climate change, and environment and energy. We also made some exciting discoveries in the hands-on Discovery Lab. We discussed the positive impact science has on people, industry and the planet. – Sophie Dahl

During our time in Canberra, we visited the new and old Parliament House. At the old Parliament House, we saw many interesting features including the mace, the English Coat of Arms and many flags. Another feature we saw was the original chair the speaker sat in. Overall, Old Parliament was one of the most beautiful places we visited. Outside New Parliament House was huge! We had to go through security to get into Parliament. When we finally got in, we did some role-playing before going into the House of Representatives and the Senate. Luckily, we came when it was question time. We got to see Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten argue, which was really fun. Then we went into the Senate. There weren’t a lot of people at the Senate but it was still fun to watch. Just as we were about to have afternoon tea, our local member Andrew Wallace came in, which was really cool. New Parliament House was by far the best! – Grace Whitelaw and Amie Hague

Reminders for Middle/Senior Parents and Students

Middle/Senior College parents are asked to please check their child’s uniform, particularly formal hats as a number of clearly named formal hats have been misplaced. We fully understand how easy it is for students to pick up someone else’s hat by mistake. If you do come across uniform items that belong to someone else, could you please return them to the Middle/Senior College Administration office. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

We also have two pairs of boys formal black shoes (quite large sizes) as well as a single black Adidas sport shoe in the Middle/Senior lost property. Please remember to name all school items including lunch boxes and drink bottles. This will enable us to return lost items to your children as quickly as possible.

Finally, a reminder that all Middle/Senior College students must arrive to school and depart from school wearing their formal hats.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

World Kindness Day

Sunday 13th November is World Kindness Day. Often we undervalue the positive impact that small acts of kindness can have on another person. Smiling, speaking in a friendly voice, helping another person or doing something thoughtful for someone else can brighten a dull day and even invigorate our own feelings and emotions.

Are such behaviours innate or do they need to be learnt? Recent scientific evidence has found that surprisingly, our brains are actually wired to be benevolent. However, our social environment is often directed towards an ‘every man for himself’ attitude, based upon success at the expense of others.

Like any skill, how to speak and act with kindness is something that can be taught. At the College, the development of social and emotional competencies in students is a major focus. Research regularly reaffirms the ideas that happy, confident and resilient children perform more successfully academically. As a community, let’s focus on treating others with kindness. 

Year 3 Outdoor Education Camp

Last Thursday and Friday, I had the pleasure of joining Year 3 students and staff on their first Outdoor Education camp at Luther Heights in Coolum. Students and their teachers left the College on Thursday morning and returned on Friday afternoon excited, if not a little tired! While at Luther Heights, students completed a variety of activities including low ropes, mini flying fox and a treasure hunt that were aimed at developing cooperation, teamwork and confidence. The student’s behaviour was impeccable and they enthusiastically participated in all activities. Thank you to the Year 3 class teachers, Mrs Tanya Graves, Mr Joe Doran and Mrs Lu Pollard, Teacher Aide, Mrs Pia Foxlow and Outdoor Education Aides, Madi Bell and Josh Grimley for their care and support of students. 

Junior College Chess

The Pacific Junior College Chess Tournament has commenced this term and is being held during lunchtimes. Nearly 40 students across Years 3-5 have nominated to participate in this year’s event. Whilst the tournament is in progress, there will be no Chess Club on Tuesdays.  

Prep Orientation Night

Thank you to the new and returning parents who attended Wednesday night’s presentation. Starting school is always an exciting and often challenging time for all involved. Hopefully the information, suggestions and overview of Prep at Pacific will assist with a smooth transition for both children and their parents.    

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

This Week Monday 31st October

Prep:  Joshua Allen, Beau Anderson, Sienna Baker, Joshua van Staden and Will Fowler.

Year 1:  Tilly Bignell, Arjuna Suseno and Madison French.

Year 2:  Ruby Davis, Ryan Notley, Kahlia Taylor, Nicholas Currey, Monty Palmer, Katie Holman and Ayla Forman.

Year 3:  Luela Holland, Mason Pratt, Charlie Schefe, Finn Jones, Hugh Henry, Liam Hague and Charlie Ford.

Year 4:  Jackson Bailey, Mitchell Pyke, Zac McCarthy and Blake Dines.

Year 5:  Harry Hockam, Hanna Meager, Lillian Atkinson and Maya Armitage.

You Can Do It Awards

This Week Monday 31st October

Confidence:  Phoebe Wheat.

Persistence:  Sienna Fioraso.

Getting Along:  Kyah Morgan, Caleb van Staden and Charlie Dee. 

Other Awards

Mathletics Gold: Lachlan Currey, William Stephenson, Jemma Simpson and Paige Whincop.

National Mathematics Competitions

Pacific Lutheran College students competed in a number of national Mathematics competitions throughout 2016. We would like to congratulate the following students who achieved a very high standard.

Australian Mathematics Competition

High distinctions were awarded to students who achieved in the top 3% of their year and region (top 5% for Year 11 and 12). Distinctions were awarded to students who achieved in the top 20% of their year and region (25% for Year 11 and 12).

High Distinction: Shannon van Schooten, Joseph Higginson and Jackson Laverick.

Distinction: Bailey Hockam, Callum Mason, Jack Gretton, Olivia McClusky, Sam Reidy, Alexandra Whitmore, Jackson Mikolic, Ethan Hall, Olivia Papallo, Liam Munro, Khy Bolt, Samuel Fleming, Lily Croke, Patrick Swindles, Sophie Empson, Ryan Price, Caitlin Hall, Emily Hynes, Tyrone Brooks, Toby Brown, Lachlan Buchanan, Ella Ousley, Olivia Gatrell, Alessandro Papallo, Cosette Winter, Noah Beasley, Amie Hague, Nicholas Pollack, Jacob Salvesen, Varshit Surapaneni, River Boyall, Charlie Schefe, Cooper Kiernan, Will Butler, Callum Foley and Christian Schlotterbach.


Distinctions were awarded to students who achieved in the top 11% of their year level and region.

Distinction: Ashton Haas, Cooper Kiernan, Callum Foley, Nikita Gallagher, Ella Jarick, Erika Christensen, Noah Smith, Zoe Clewett, Noah Beasley, Jackson Laverick, Joseph Higginson, Ethan Hall, Liam Munro and Drew Chaplin.

Food for Thought

Earning the Right

Life won't always gift your child with exactly their heart's desire. But there are ways you can make sure that they learn to appreciate what they have. In fact, there are no entitlements, only rights. And rights are earned by being responsible.

To learn more, visit:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

October Meeting Update

The October Friends of Pacific meeting was full of information as there had been no meetings in August or September due to OCEANfest and the school holidays.

The OCEANfest Committee and Friends of Pacific are extremely pleased to report that the event raised a rounded figure of $37 000. We are extremely grateful to the Pacific community and the businesses that supported this event. This profit will directly benefit all students at the College. 

We also appreciate your patience for the release of figures. Many of the invoices were not presented until well after the event and the final allocation and breakdown of income and expenses was reliant on everything being accounted for. A final thank you to our community for supporting this event.

Cycle Skills Program

This year, Friends of Pacific assisted in the submission of a grant application to run the Cycle Skills program in 2017. The grant application was successful and the College will receive funds to roll out this program next year.

November AGM

On Tuesday 15th November at 7.00pm, the Friends of Pacific AGM will be held, followed by our regular meeting. All meetings are held in the library meeting room and we warmly invite the community to attend.

At the AGM, all committee positions will be declared vacant and the 2017 committee will be elected. Friends of Pacific provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents and be involved in a variety of events and initiatives at the College. We encourage new members who are interested in nominating themselves or someone else to email:

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, Friends of Pacific Chairperson

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to all students who completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Students across Queensland were challenged to read a minimum of 15 books over a 12-week period. This week on assembly, certificates, signed by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, were presented to the Junior College participants. Middle College recipients will receive their certificates at next week’s assembly.

Well done to the following students:

  • Bailey Ackerman;
  • Makani Campbell;
  • Jasmin Groves;
  • Finn Jones;
  • Sam Jones; and
  • Alexandra Schlotterbach.
Library Monitors 2017

Next week, students in Years 5 and 6 will be invited to apply for the position of library monitor for 2017. Students who are interested will need to collect an application form from the library.


Over the last few weeks in MakerSpace, students have designed and raced hoop gliders, made whirligigs and Minions bookmarks and used some chemistry to create fizzing bath bombs.


Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Cultural News

Mulan – Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets for our Year 4-7 Musical Production of Mulan are now on sale at:

Mrs Laura Bonner and Miss Anita Morton

From the Head of Career Development

Introducing Our Dedicated Careers Website!

Pacific Lutheran College now has a dedicated careers website to help our senior students make decisions about their future careers and life beyond school. Our aim is to provide students and families with all the latest careers information in a central location. The site has information, links and resources on the senior phase of learning and post-school options including university, TAFE and employment pathways. Students and parents can sign up to receive email alerts and reminders of selected career calendar events and to receive careers newsletters. In the secure area, students can login to complete career interest, abilities and values tests, create a resume, develop career and action plans and search for course information. There is also a section with links for parents.

The site can be accessed on the Senior College page of Pacific’s main website – under the ‘Career Planning’ tab: Save it to your favourites!

Key Dates for Year 12 Students
  • 18th November: Final day of school for Year 12 students. Students must stay at school up to this day to be eligible to receive a QCE and OP.
  • 18th November: Depending on the courses applied for, students could receive a QTAC offer from this date onwards.
  • 23rd November: Schools publish subject achievement indicators (SAIs). Students should check they've been placed in the correct position compared with their classmates and speak with the school immediately if there are any queries.
  • 8th December: QTAC documentation and applications due for courses commencing in Semester 1 2017.
  • 15th December: Major offer round for creative and performing arts and some other courses for entry in Semester 1 2017.
  • 16th December: QCAA posts QCEs, Senior Statements, Statements of Results, QCIA and Tertiary Entrance Statements to Year 12 students.
  • 17th December: QCAA publishes Year 12 results and OPs in online learning accounts at –
  • 17th December – 8th January: Re-order QTAC preferences if required.
  • Late December: OP Ineligible Ranks will be available on your QTAC application.
  • 8th January 2017: Final date for change of preferences on QTAC application for the major offer round on 16th January.
  • 16th January 2017: Major QTAC offer round for most courses.

All students in Queensland are issued with a Senior Education Profile when they complete Year 12. The contents of a student’s senior education profile will vary depending on their learning achievements.

Senior Statement

The Senior Statement is a record of a student’s learning account. It shows the subject they studied and results, which may contribute to the award of a QCE or Tertiary Entrance Statement. Every student who attends school up until the last day of Year 12 will receive a Senior Statement.

Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

The QCE is Queensland's senior school qualification. It is awarded to eligible students who achieve a significant amount of learning to a set standard and in a set pattern, while also meeting numeracy and literacy requirements. Students who are not eligible for a QCE at the end of Year 12 have an additional seven years to meet the eligibility requirements.

Tertiary Entrance Statement

If students are eligible for an Overall Position (OP), they will receive a Tertiary Entrance Statement as part of their Senior Education Profile. The Tertiary Entrance Statement shows a student’s OP and FPs. These are used to rank students for admission to tertiary courses.

Defence Force Recruiting

Throughout November, Defence Force Recruiting is holding information evenings on the following career industries. Click on the links for more information:

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Junior Sport

SCISSA Training and Gala Day 4

Next week is the final Monday afterschool SCISSA training for the year. All teams will have training as per usual, except the kayakers who have finished training following the completion of the State Championships. Kayaking students can be collected from school at the normal time on Monday.

Next Thursday, students will participate in the final Gala Day carnival for 2016. An information letter has been emailed home to families, outlining all relevant information regarding the day. Please make sure you child is at school and on the front oval by 8.20am ready for roll marking and departure at 8.25am.

Rugby 7’s Development Program

This program is continuing on Wednesdays during lunchtime from 1.00pm – 1.40pm on the junior oval and will run until Week 7. It is open to both boys and girls with the emphasis on improving students’ skills and knowledge of the game through game play. Students will need to wear their sports uniform and have a mouthguard to participate each week.

Year 4-6 Sports Awards

The 2016 Year 4-6 Sports Awards will be held on Tuesday 15th November (Week 7) in the Pacific gymnasium. The ceremony will commence at 12.00pm and will recognise students who received either the MVP or Coaches Awards for SCISSA sports during Semester 1 and 2. Parents are welcome to attend the ceremony, which should be finished around 1.00pm. 

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Water Polo Grand Final

On Monday night, the open girls water polo team played in the grand final of the Sunshine Coast Schools Water Polo Competition. They travelled to Noosa and took on Matthew Flinders Anglican College (MFAC), after finishing the regular season undefeated. The first half didn’t go Pacific’s way, with MFAC scoring the opening four goals. Aimee Sheppard struck early in the third quarter to get Pacific’s scoreboard ticking over. The team then hit back with two more unanswered goals to come within one point of MFAC. Late in the game however, MFAC scored two more times. Despite the Pacific girls rallying together for a spectacular second half, they came up short by one goal, losing the match 6-5.

Well done to all the girls on a fantastic season and a great team effort in the grand final game. Thank you to all the parents for their support and to Mr Brett Jones for coaching the girls this season.

Year 7-10 SCISSA Soccer

Games for Week 6 are as follows:

Jnr Boys 4.00pm PLC ILC Meet on PLC oval by 3.40pm
Int Boys 4.00pm MFAC MFAC Bus departs PLC: 3.20pm
Bus returns PLC: 5.10pm
Jnr Girls 4.00pm SCGS SCGS Bus departs PLC: 3.20pm
Bus returns PLC: 5.10pm
Returning Sport Uniforms

As the year is winding down and most sport seasons are finished, it is important that all students return their playing uniforms at the end of each season. Rather than us chasing up individual students, it would be greatly appreciated if everyone had a good look through their wardrobes and handed in any Pacific uniforms. Please pass these on to Mrs Natalie Campbell at the sports aide office opposite the tuckshop. Students who do not return uniforms will have the cost billed to their fees at the end of the year.

Year 7-12 Sports Awards

On Tuesday 15th November, all Year 7-12 students will be involved in the Sports Awards. These will take place in the College gymnasium from 1.50pm – 3.15pm. All students are required to attend, to celebrate our sporting achievements and recognise those who have excelled for the College throughout the year. We have one of the most high-profile athletes in Australia coming along to present students with their awards and also give a brief talk to everyone. It will certainly be an opportunity not to miss.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Club Sport

PLC Netball Club - AGM

The PLC Netball Club AGM will be held on Tuesday 8th November at Pacific Lutheran College (Room L13) from 5.30pm. Click here to download the official invitation. Please note that all committee positions are available in 2017 and we have already received a nomination for President, which is terrific!

This is a great opportunity to get together and continue to grow the PLC Netball Club. The Club could not operate without volunteers and we are extremely thankful for any support and assistance that community members can provide. We had a successful year in 2016, with our Under 11 Division 1 team winning their grand final and the Under 11 Division 2 team making it to the finals. We’re looking forward to making 2017 a great year too!

To download a committee nomination form, please click here.

Ms Bianca Moffitt, PLC Netball Club Registrar

Uniform Shop

Rite Journey Blazers

Blazers for the Year 9 Rite Journey have arrived. We already have plenty of new and second hand blazers, so if you want to avoid the rush, please contact the uniform shop to see if we have your size. Boys will also require trousers and a belt.

If you have second hand blazers that you wish to sell, please ensure that they are dry cleaned before they are handed into the shop for re-sale.

End of Year Closure and January Assistance

This year, the uniform shop will close on Friday 25th November at 9.30am.

If you are able to assist in the uniform shop from 16th – 20th January next year, please contact Mrs Peta King directly on 5436 7349. There are two timeslots to be filled each day: 8.00am – 12.00pm or 12.00pm – 4.00pm. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra


Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

A Night at the Proms

Saturday 5th November at 7.00pm
Lake Kawana Community Centre
Conductor: Adrian King
Guest Soloist: Hettie Van Wyk (Vocal)

Join the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra once again for an evening of the best of British music, including Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture, Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, Handel’s Overture to The Royal Fireworks Music and Haydn’s London Symphony Finale. Sing along with a medley of old favourites like Jerusalem, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory. Bring your flags, streamers and whistles, let your hair down and recall the traditions of the ‘old country’.

Ticket prices:

  • Pre-paid/concession - $30 each
  • Groups of 10+ - $25 each
  • At the door - $35 each
  • Children under 16 are free!

To find out more, visit:

Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club – Open Day

This Saturday 12th November, the Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club with the support of Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) and Surf Life Saving Queensland, is holding an Open Day to showcase Lifesaving and Defence equipment and assist in recruiting much-needed members for the club. The event will showcase state of the art defence and lifesaving equipment and provide a great family day out with activities such as Oztag, face painting, jumping castle and lots more. The Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter Rescue Service will be at the event, performing a rescue demonstration and landing. For more information, click here.

Summer Tennis Clinics

Over the upcoming December/January school holidays, a variety of tennis clinics are being held in Caloundra. Click here to download further information.

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. The NEW 2016 | 2017 Entertainment™ Book and Digital Memberships are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers. From every Membership we sell, 20% of the proceeds go towards our fundraising for Pacific Lutheran Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre! Click here to order your book or digital membership:

Upcoming Dates

3 Year 7-8 Vaccinations
  SCISSA Trial Game 8
7 Middle College Orientation Day
  Middle College Parent Information Evening (7.00pm)
  Year 12 Study Day
8-14 Year 12 Exams
10 SCISSA Primary Gala Day 4
15 Sports Awards
  Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
15-17 Year 12 Alternative Days
16-18 Middle College Exams
16-22 Year 10 and 11 Exams
17 Year 4-6 Foundation Council Cup
  Year 12 Graduation - Lake Kawana Community Centre (6.30pm)
18 Year 12 Farewell Chapel (8.30am)
  Year 12 Formal - Sebel Pelican Waters (5.00pm)
21 Year 9 Rite Journey - Homecoming (5.00pm)
24 Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
25 Carols Night
28 P-5 End of Year Service - Gym (9.00am)
29 Term 4 Concludes - Students' Last Day
  Middle/Senior Closing Service - Caloundra Events Centre (6.30pm)