Compass No 433 - September 2016

From the Principal

Reading For A Rich Life

Many of us will remember the joy, warmth and mystery that we have experienced where parents or grandparents read to us as children or where we have in turn read to children.  Books transport us to new places, enable us to walk in another’s shoes, stimulate our imaginations, build vocabulary and language skills, exercise our brain and build new connections, relax us, improve concentration and teach us about the world around us, our relationships and ourselves.  Homes where reading abounds enable people to grow richly.  Our brains are wired to grow through deep engagement with story.  Research has shown that, unlike watching TV which encourages more passive brain activity, reading books grows a stronger understanding of other people’s beliefs and needs and our cognitive capacity. 

The Bible through many stories teaches us about God’s relationship to us, how to be in good relationship with each other and ourselves and how to care for the planet.  The stories speak to us differently at different points of our lives.  We are invited to come into relationship with God through story.  Rather than simply a list of do and don’ts, the Bible contains stories where we have space to engage, connect and shape understandings.  Through the Bible, God’s wisdom continues to speak to people across the millennia of all backgrounds and ages.  Reading provides space for richness to grow.  It is worth creating space for reading for leisure and learning as part of the rhythm of our lives.

Principal's Log

It was great to be part of the Dad’s Breakfast last Friday where a very large group of men enjoyed coming together with their families to celebrate the important role they play within their families and within community.  The conversation was convivial and energetic, the food tasty and sustaining and the talented musicians added to the ambience of the morning.  We thank Pastor Tim for his reflection, Mrs Leanne Bevis and Mr Brendan Delaney for their organisation, Mrs Colleen Beattie, Mrs Rhana Holt, Mrs Michi Hauser and the hospitality students for the preparation and service of food, Flooke (featuring Ryan Smart) and the music staff for the entertainment and the ground staff for their support.  We thank all of the dad’s for making the time to celebrate the important role they play in their families and in our community.

We congratulate the U10 Pacific Eels team who won the Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association Fair Play Award.  The award recognises the team in the Association that best exemplifies the way that soccer should be played which includes respect for the umpires and opposition, good team spirit and teamwork.  This is an achievement of which they can all be proud.  As the season draws to a close, we thank all coaches, players and parents for their support of Club PLC Soccer and for making the season another great success for our young people.  A particular thank you to the Pacific Soccer Committee of Mr Ian Barnes, Mrs Jenny Lee, Mr Chris Friend, Mrs Louise Currey, Mrs Lisa Ackerman, Mr Ben Creamer and Mr Zane Russell.

The PLC Blake Prize provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals and groups to explore their creativity and spirituality as they produce art works that reflect their understanding of their relationship with God.  The winning artworks are framed and displayed around the college to stimulate ongoing thinking and reflection as well as celebrating the talent of the people who produced them.  We congratulate all those who participated and celebrate with those who were awarded prizes.  This is a wonderful experience for young people and we thank Miss Michelle McMillan and Mrs Denise McMahon for providing this unique learning experience.

We wish the following teams competing in Grand Finals all the best over the coming week and encourage people to support them where possible:

  • PLC Fillies Netball - this Saturday 10th September at 10.00am, Court 4.
  • Year 7 Girls Basketball – this Friday 4.00pm at Caloundra.
  • Senior Girls Touch and Senior B Boys Touch – next Wednesday 6.00pm at the Peregian Fields.

We thank God for the richness He gives us through words and literature and particularly His Word contained in the Bible.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor


Blessed is the one who reads.   Revelation 1:3

Libraries. I love the smell of them. The feel of books. The quite hush of people within them. Even the Librarian who has to tell people to be quiet. The range of books all ordered on shelves ready to discover in dewy decimal. The quiet nooks and crannies you can find to lose yourself in a good read. The spaces and technologies you can use to research and wade through reams of information. All these experiences, the smells, the feel of book covers and the library experiences are etched into my memory. The library of my secondary school where I would have to climb the stairs at the corner of the quadrangle to enter. The huge university library and then seminary library which had a cool 1970s designed mezzanine floor. The public library where I taught conversational English to recently arrived migrants. The times when I have been to different public libraries for story time with my kids or heard guest speakers or attended book launches. And the twin cities I lived in which had two exceptional public libraries. One with an art gallery physically connected to it and the other which housed the local museum.   

Libraries, books and reading have all been central to the Christian tradition. The Old Testament people were known as ‘People of the Book’. Their book the Torah, the book of the law, also had the prophets and the writings included. The New Testament Church kept books of their faith, the letters of Paul and gospels of Jesus which they ultimately bound together with the Old Testament into the book known to us at the Bible. Christian tradition has always highlighted the importance of books for learning and life, and great libraries became a key feature of Christian countries.

Books are important because they have a way of changing us. From visits to the school or public library when we were a child, to the picture and story books our parents or teachers read to us, their words and wisdom can still be locked in our minds today. When we read there is no doubt that we grow and learn. As people of the Book, as a school of the Book, how is God’s Word being read amongst us? God tells us that by reading and learning from His Book, the Bible, He will give us His Holy Spirit and increase our faith. What a promise worth pursuing, a Book worth reading?

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students

Parents Building Emotional Intelligence in their Children

In her book on Building Emotional Intelligence, Linda Lantieri discusses John Gottman’s research that encourages parents to become an emotional coach for their children. This means that parents use opportunities presented by difficult or hurtful emotions, such as when a child has had an argument or experiences disappointment, to explore the true nature of those feelings. Parents can encourage children to use feeling words to express their emotions, such as “I feel sad” or “that made me angry”. Children need ample opportunity to explore their emotional landscape with the caring adults in their life. The research also encourages parents to give children a regular time to be in stillness. This can help children to slow down and also gives them the opportunity to explore their feelings and grow emotionally. According to Lantieri, parents can help strengthen their children’s core by encouraging them to honour silence, self-reflection and going within. This can then become a life time habit for the child.

Another practical way that parents can help their children is to encourage them to use their time better and to help them become a more organised student. This term, student across the Middle College have had a number of assignments due. Those students who used a planner or calendar were able to keep track of due dates. When discussing home study and assignments with your child, it helps to encourage them to prioritise and identify:

  • What needs to be done now;
  • What needs to be done soon; and
  • What can be left until later.

If parents encourage children to approach assignments in an organised way they will have a better chance of finishing the assignment in a detailed way and on time.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Heads of Junior College

The Role of Fathers in Children’s Literacy Development

Following Father’s Day celebrations last weekend and with the holidays just around the corner, it is an ideal time to focus on how dads can help develop their children’s literacy.

Dads play a critical role in their children's literacy development — by modelling reading, sharing stories, exploring the world together and engaging in meaningful conversations that build critical thinking skills. Boys in particular respond to positive modelling by older males. Following are a few tips to encourage dads to read to their children.

What should I read?

Children will respond to your enthusiasm. You can select nonfiction (books about famous people, places, or how things work) or fiction. The important part is that you are enthusiastic about the book. Stop by the children’s room at your local library for more ideas.

What if I’m not with my child every day?

If you don’t see your child each day, try arranging a regular time to read books over the phone, or create your own podcast! Your child will look forward to this individual time with you and you will also be modelling behaviour that will keep your child on a path toward learning.

What if I don’t like reading?

Even if you’re not a reader yourself, your participation in literacy activities at home can have a profound impact on your child’s academic achievement. You just have to send the message that reading is important! Here are some other simple ways to incorporate literacy into your everyday routine with your child.

  • Tell stories about when you were young.
  • Recite nursery rhymes or jingles.
  • Read environmental print (such as road signs or brand names on food containers).
  • Ask your child about their day. Conversation with adults helps children learn new words and practice creating a narrative – both linked to better reading skills.
  • Check out books of photography or art and talk about the pictures.
  • When you are doing household projects, describe what you are doing to your child.
  • Involve your child in everyday writing tasks like shopping lists or paying bills.
  • Create games that use letters, words, or problem solving.

Use the language you are most comfortable speaking! Reading skills transfer between languages and you will be better at playing with words and language in your native tongue.

Walk the walk

Your child learns from what you do. Make sure the messages you are sending about reading reinforce that knowledge and literacy are valuable, achievable and powerful.

For more information on reading with your child, visit:

Mrs Sue Zweck, Head of Teaching and Learning K-5 and Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

This Week Monday 5th September

Prep: Caleb van Staden, Ben Greenough, Eva Barker, Zara Koebsch, Archie Balderson and Elijah Naus.

Year 1: Lanayah Howlett, Summer Toracki and Amy Richards.

Year 2: Sophia Debuse, Brooke Hodgetts, Nate Hauser, Leo Michaels, Rohnan Webb, Miranda Walsh, Will Moffitt and Ayla Forman.

Year 3:  Bailey Ackerman, Chloe Hughes, Jay Ricotta, Liam Loane and Lara Foxe Hooper.  

Year 4:  Marco Huen and Sebastian Carter.

Year 5:  Gabbie Maynard, Jack Styles, Isabella Feckner, Riley Osborne, Katie Graves and Callum Foley.

You Can Do It Awards

This Week Monday 5th September

Confidence:  Lily Parkes.

Persistence:  Abbigail Edwards, Abbey Linfoot and Hugh Henry.

Organisation:  Beau Anderson.

Getting Along:  Paris Pohlner, Olivia Crawford, Mia Playford and Finn Jones.

Resilience:  Liam Hague.

Other Awards

Mathletics Gold:  Luke Becker, Grace Powell, Jacob Puschmann, Cooper Feckner and Rhys Veizer.

Food for Thought

How to Raise Nice Caring Children

Children are not born simply good or bad. They need adults who will help them become caring, respectful and responsible for their communities at every stage of their childhood. Learning to be caring is like learning to play a sport or an instrument. Daily repetition, whether it is helping a friend with homework, pitching in around the house, or having a classroom job, makes caring second nature and develop and hone youth’s caregiving capacities. Learning gratitude similarly involves regularly practicing it. To find out more, visit:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

FILMfest 2016

BRIEF:  Entrants were asked to create a short film or ad that can be uploaded to YouTube highlighting our Carnivale, the Olympics or solar energy.

RESULT:  It was clear that students had a lot of fun making their video clips.  They were fun to watch with a good mix of ideas.

We presented the awards at both the Junior College and Middle/Senior College assemblies this week.

Winner Junior College Ad Section

Junior Finalists

  • Alice Hindmarsh and Kelsey Punter
  • Ainslie Colton and Evy Gover
  • Alex Lee and Lachie Currey
  • Jayden Fioraso

Winner Senior Short Film Section

Senior Finalists

  • Kelsey Bradford
  • Haley Meekan and Stella Teys

A big thank you to Mrs Janine Stone for judging.

Thank you to our Sponsors: Yogurtland Kawana, Fowler Lawyers, The Big Boing Trampoline Park, Caloundra Big Screen Cinemas and Aussieworld.

COLOURfest 2016

Our recent COLOURfest was a huge success with almost 100 colourful entries from Kindy to Year 3.

Congratulations to the following winners and particpants who received their prizes at Junior Assembly this week.


Kindy:  Gemma and Jenna

Prep:  Matthew, Amelia, Hannah and Paris

Year 1:  Alex and Noella

Year 2:  Mena, Holly and Isabella

Year 3:  Alexandra, Angus, Riley and Bella

Thank you to Mrs Sue Zweck for judging. Thank you to our main sponsor Yougurtland Kawana.

A huge thank you also to our other sponsors:  Newwave Orthodontics, Nefertiti Pearce - McGrath Real Estate, Uni-Industries, Amazen Caloundra, Maleny Dairies and The Mosaic Studio Caloundra.

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, FoP Chairperson

Library News

Overdue Items and Holiday Borrowing

This week, parents should receive an email about their child’s overdue books. Books that are overdue by more than a month and that aren’t returned by the end of term will be charged to your account.

Once students have returned their overdue items they may borrow up to 10 books for the holidays.

Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Junior College

YACHTS in Story Country

This term, our Yachts students ‘hit the books’ as they explored the magic woven by talented Australian authors for Book Week 2016. Excitement mounted as students collected their shiny copies from the library, rushing back to the room to begin reading right away!

It didn’t take long for the zealous literary lovers to finish reading the texts and begin planning ways to share this experience with classmates across Prep – Year 5. Year 4 students were lucky to meet the author they had studied at a Book Week visit in the library.

After much designing, rejigging and lunchtime labour, we were ready! Book Week was here.

Sock puppets were whipped up to read the news, beach towels were fluffed for storytelling in comfort, colourful collages were craftily created and scavenger hunts were set and clues hidden. It was time to visit the classrooms and spread the love of literature in its finest forms.  

The joy of losing yourself in the layers of a well-crafted story is something very special. And even more so, when shared with your keen and bright eyed peers.

Ms Anthea Brighton, YACHTS Coordinator P-5

YACHTS P-5 Enriching Opportunity

The awesome ‘EXPLORAMA’ will be held again this year at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Saturday 29th October. Various extension workshops will be offered to students across the day.

Registrations are now open and places are extremely limited. To find out more and to book, visit:

Ms Anthea Brighton, YACHTS Coordinator P-5

Secondary College

After School Mathematics Tutoring

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials for students in Years 7-12 who would like extra assistance or clarification of concepts. These tutorials are held on Monday afternoons in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete Maths class work, homework or ask for assistance. The expectation is that students remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent.

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

Cultural News

PLC Blake Prize

And the winners are…
This year, the PLC Blake Prize blossomed into a mature event, as it now five years old! There was a high standard of entrants with an increase of participants from the Middle and Senior College Pastoral Care Groups. Once again, the Junior and Foundation College students entered the competition with class collaborations. Each year it is interesting to see the diverse pieces of art as well as the deep thinking behind the pieces.

The judges, Tim Lofthouse (past student) and Juliette Warnes (In School Trainer – Lutheran Youth of Queensland) found judging this year’s competition challenging in a good way. They stated, “We found the judging process to be a lot more difficult than first expected, with several pieces of a high standard. We wanted to look at the pieces comprehensively, considering both the message and delivery equally. Our top five artworks were selected based on their ability to creatively communicate a powerful message and appeal to a broad audience”.

The overall winner was Bee Kind (Bula 7). “Bee Kind” allows the audience to relate to the old Proverb in a sense of comfort and happiness. The piece was visually pleasing with multi-layered components and a clear message:  Bee Kind. We loved the intricacy of the glue.

The other winners were as follows:

“Prayer Catcher” (Bula 5): Prayer messages are caught on the wind to be sent forth. This piece is quite striking. It is obvious a lot of effort went into its creation and installation. It resonates with a youth audience.

“God’s Grace” (Bula 6): Each of these pages represents a new beginning and with each new day comes a beginning. This contemporary piece is clean and thought provoking. The message is deep and moving. The intentionality of the message was powerful.

“Festival Jesus” (Wira 4): “Festival Jesus” blossoms within each and every person. We thank God for sacrificing His only Son. The process of this piece appears extensive. It is visually engaging with striking colours and textures.

“Sunflowers” (Year 2): God created the flowers and everything they need. We can be like flowers and trust God to look after us too. The scale of this installation is impressive with multiple elements relaying a feel good vibe!

Well done to all participants this year. We look forward to seeing what the Pacific Lutheran College community has to offer in next year’s competition.

Mrs Denise McMahon and Miss Michelle McMillan, PLC Blake Prize Coordinators

Upcoming Student Concert

Mr Adrian King’s vocal and piano students and Mr Oakley’s Brass pupils will hold a concert on Wednesday 14th September (Week 10), commencing at 3.30pm. The performances will take place in MC2 and MC3 (the senior and junior school music rooms).

Our vocalists and brass players have worked hard in their quest for performance excellence and we extend an invitation to our community, including staff, family and friends, to come and enjoy their music making.

Mr Adrian King, Head of Instrumental Music

From the Head of Career Development

QTAC Application – Course Preference Checklist

Have you submitted your QTAC application? The on-time due date is 30th September 2016 (during the upcoming school holidays).

Did you use the ‘desired – back-up – pathway’ plan when organising your preferences? For information about this plan and how to order your preferences, visit: Your sixth preference should be one that you have a very good chance of gaining entry to, given its previous cut-off and your results. You also need to check the major offer round dates of your preferences and make changes if the dates differ (preferences need to be chronologically organised according to the major offer round). Courses you are offered in early offer rounds can be conditionally accepted and your preferences can be changed for future offer rounds if necessary.

Have you deleted all wasted courses? Wasted courses include those that:

  • You do not meet the entry requirements.
  • You would not do if you were offered them.
  • Are full fee or located in regional centres that you have not consulted your parents/guardians about.
  • Are too difficult or impossible to commute to given where you live.
  • Are very competitive and you list them below much less competitive courses.
Tax File Numbers

Prospective university students (current Year 12 students) are encouraged to apply early for a Tax File Number (TFN). Students who gain entry to a university course must have a TFN to be able to defer their fee payment through HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or VET FEE-HELP (to pay later through the tax system). To obtain a TFN, students can contact the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and complete a 'tax file number - application or enquiry for an individual' form. Students need to apply early as it takes up to 28 days to receive your TFN. To find out more, visit:

Upgrading Via Tertiary Study

The most popular upgrade pathways are:

Study one year of any bachelor degree course. Even if you scrape a pass (GPA of 4), when you apply to QTAC again you will be given a rank of 93 (comparable to an OP 5 in 2015). If you do better than pass, you will get a higher rank. All Queensland universities, except the University of Queensland (UQ), use a QTAC schedule to allocate these ranks. UQ has its own schedule, which advantages its own students when they achieve above average results. See page 8 of UQ’s Entry Options booklet for more information on this:

Complete a diploma or advanced diploma at TAFE or another Registered Training Organisation. When you apply again to QTAC you will be given a rank of 82 (comparable to an OP 9 in 2015) for a pass grade of a diploma and 91 (comparable to an OP 6 in 2015) for a pass grade of an advanced diploma. Some universities (e.g. QUT and Griffith) will give you a higher rank for completing these qualifications.

Students should consider these upgrade pathways when selecting and organising your QTAC course preferences, especially as their fifth and sixth ‘Pathway’ preferences. Find out more about upgrading through tertiary study at:

TAFE Queensland Brisbane Spring School Program

The Spring Schools Program will be offered from 19th to 30th September at TAFE Queensland Brisbane campuses. The courses are designed to provide students in Years 10-12 with an opportunity to trial potential pathways in a wide range of industries. Spring Schools commence between 8.30am – 9.00am and finish between 2.00pm – 3.00pm each day. The cost is $20 per person, which includes pizza lunch, soft drinks and water. Places will be strictly limited and students are encouraged to enrol early. Spring Schools will be offered in the following fields:

  • Visual Art – 19th September at Logan and 20th September at Bracken Ridge
  • Floristry – 20th September at Grovely
  • Acting – 20th September at South Bank
  • Children Services – 20th September at Logan
  • Fashion – 20th September at Mt Gravatt and 22nd September at Bracken Ridge
  • Hairdressing and Makeup – 20th September at Caboolture
  • Jewellery – 20th September at South Bank
  • Justice – 20th September at Logan and 21st September at Mt Gravatt
  • Multimedia – 20th September at Redcliffe
  • Robotics – 20th September at Mt Gravatt
  • Sport and Fitness – 20th September at Bracken Ridge and 28 September at Alex Hills
  • Music – 21st September at South Bank
  • Networking – 21st September at Mt Gravatt
  • Design Fundamentals – 23rd September at Bracken Ridge
  • Hospitality – 23rd September at Mt Gravatt and 30th September at Bracken Ridge
  • Fashion – 27th September at South Bank
  • Hair/Makeup/Glamour Photography – 26th September at Logan
  • Music Business – 29th September at South Bank
  • Tourism/Events – 29th September at Mt Gravatt
  • Cooking/Baking – 30th September at Bracken Ridge and at South Bank
  • Horticulture/Animal Studies – 29th September at Mt Gravatt

To receive the full program, email: and insert ‘Spring School’ as the subject line.


TAFE Queensland 2017 Scholarships
TAFE Queensland offers Merit and Equity scholarships valued at $5,000. Applications for the 2017 scholarships are now open and will close on 9th October. For more information and to apply, visit:

Griffith University’s Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships
The Deans Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships and the Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships are awarded to school leavers with outstanding academic records and high-level leadership and community engagement. These scholarships are worth between $24,000 to $60,000 and include membership of the Griffith Honours College. Applications for these scholarships close on 9th December. To find out more about the full range of scholarships at Griffith, visit:

JMC Academy Scholarships
JMC offers diploma and bachelor degrees in Animation, Audio Engineering and Sound Production, Contemporary Music and Performance, Digital Design, Entertainment Business Management, Film and Television Production, Game Development and Song Writing. The Academy will offer up to eight academic scholarships at its Brisbane campus for studies in 2017. Applications are now open and will close on 16th December. Find out more at:

QUT Scholarships
The QUT Business School offers the following undergraduate scholarships for school leavers commencing their studies in 2017.

  • Corporate Partners in Excellence – Valued at $36,000 and includes two 15-week internships with QUT corporate partners. Applications close on 18th November.
  • Dean’s Honours Program – Valued at $20,000. Apply for the Bachelor of Business (Dean's Honours Program) through QTAC.
  • Business Academic Excellence Scholarship – Awarded to eligible OP 1 – 2 students. It is valued at $5,000. To apply for this scholarship, students include the Bachelor of Business on their QTAC application as well as applying directly to QUT online at:

Access more information about these scholarships at:

If students come from a low-income background or are experiencing financial or personal hardship, QUT offers a range of Equity scholarships. Applications for Semester 1 2017 open in mid-September this year. Students only need to complete one application form to be considered for all scholarships under the scheme. It is important to apply early for these scholarships to allow QUT to contact you if more information is required. For help with applying, contact the Equity Scholarships team on phone 3138 5582 or email For more information, visit:

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Scholarships
USC offers scholarships on the basis of academic merit, equity (e.g. financial hardship), sporting achievement and community activity. Students can apply for most scholarships online. Scholarship applications for Semester 1 2017 are currently open and will close on 30th November. For details about the various scholarships available and to access the application, visit:

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor 

Junior Sport

Junior Sports Achievements

Congratulations to the following junior teams and students on their recent successes.  It is fantastic to see our students participating so well in a wide range of sports.

Swimming – We wish Tom Chapman (Year 6) all the best in the upcoming School Sport Australia Swimming Championships being held in Darwin later this month.  Tom performed exceptionally earlier this year at our Interhouse Athletics Carnival moving through to the Independent District, Regional and State teams. 

Soccer – Congratulations to the PLC Eels (Year 4) who were awarded the 2016 Team Fair Play award.  With umpires voting each week, the team took out the award from Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association who had 150+ teams vying for the trophy this year.  To receive such an award at a young age is not only a credit to themselves but to their coach, manager and parents for instilling such high values into these children. 

Soccer – A Grand Final win for the season for the PLC Taipans (Year 5) soccer team.  Congratulation Taipans!

Netball – Good luck to the PLC Fillies (Year 5/6) who will be competing this weekend in the 2016 Grand Finals!

Basketball – We wish junior students Gabby Gorham and Katie Graves all the best this Friday for their Grand Final playing with the PLC 7/8s Basketball team.

Semester 2 SCISSA - Training

There are no further Monday SCISSA training sessions for this term.  Kayakers are still welcome to train at Lake Kawana from 3.30pm on Mondays.  However, no transport will be provided to the lake.  Parents will need to arrange to take students from school to Lake Kawana.

St George Rookies2Reds

Our thanks to Joseph Morris from Qld Rugby Union for speaking at this week’s assembly. During Term 4, Queensland Rugby Union’s St George Rookies2Reds program will be coming to Pacific. Online registration for Rookies2Reds is now open for all students aged 5-11 years. The registration fee is $60 and all participants receive a Rookie2Reds pack. The program will run on Thursday afternoons from 6th October to 3rd November from 3.30pm to 4.30pm at Pacific. Click here to download the information flyer.

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Acting Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Water Polo

Once again, our senior girls water polo team had a solid win in their Monday night competition. The girls easily accounted for St Andrews Anglican College in the pool, winning 12-1 and extending their undefeated streak throughout the season. Next week the girls take on Sunshine Coast Grammar School at Kawana in their final game before the holidays. The season resumes again in Week 2 of next term.

All the best girls! 

Friday Night Basketball

This week marks the final round of competition before the Term 3 holidays and we still have a range of teams in the hunt for finals appearances next term.

Last week our two Junior B Girls teams played off in semi-finals matches. The Year 8 girls narrowly lost to Siena Catholic College in a tough match, whereas the Year 7 girls cruised past Matthew Flinders Anglican College to book their place in the Grand Final this Friday afternoon against Siena. The girls play at 4.00pm at Caloundra for the school’s first ever Junior B girls premiership. All the best girls.

Games for this week are as below. Please note that the season resumes again in week 1 next term with finals matches for most teams straight up.





Junior A Girls




Junior B Girls (Year 7)


Caloundra 2


Junior B Boys (Year 8)




Junior B Boys (Year 7)



Siena Black

Int B Girls



SAAC blue

Int B Boys




Senior A Girls




Senior C Girls (Year 12)


Meridan 2

Siena Blue

Senior D Girls (Year 11)



Siena Grey

Senior C Boys



Siena Grey


Congratulations to all who were involved in the SCISSA touch season again this term. It has been another great competition for all. Even though no Junior or Intermediate teams made it in to finals matches, it was great to see them develop and enjoy their games throughout the season.

Congratulations to the Senior Girls and Senior B Boys who are through to the Grand Finals next Wednesday at the Peregian Fields, after strong performances throughout the season. The Senior Girls defeated Matthew Flinders 18-2 in their semi-final to book a place in the grand final next week. Both teams play at 6.00pm. All the best seniors!

A big thank you to the coaches who gave up their time for the teams throughout the season:  Mr Josh Danzey, Mr Kurt Jones, Mr Darren Lawrance, Mr Andrew Block, Mr Brayden Moor, Mrs Elley Grey and Miss Kirstie Johnston.

Regional Athletics

Congratulations to all athletes from Pacific who represented the District at the Regional Athletics Carnival last week. We had a range of students from Years 5-12 who were successful in progressing to the regional carnival (Storm Sawyer, Jason Wulff, Sebastian Salta, Yasmin Richter, Drew Chaplin, James Brown, Kurtis Modlin and Riley Boaza).

Congratulations to Jason Wulff (2nd 800m; 1st Tetrathon); Riley Boaza (3rd Shot Put; 2nd Discus) and Kurtis Modlin (100m and 200m) for top three finishes on the day.

Well done to Jason Wulff who was selected in the Sunshine Coast Regional team for 800m and Tetrathon events, to compete at the State Championships later in the year.

Year 7-10 SCISSA Soccer – Term 4

Next term is the start of the final SCISSA sporting competition for the year, with the 7-10 soccer competition being held. We have three teams competing and all involved must return consent forms to Mrs Campbell this week, in order to get their playing jerseys.

Parents will be emailed game details each week and students will also be advised on Schoology, student notices, assembly reports and in the weekly Compass.

All the best to all teams.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Club Sport

PLC Netball Club

Grand Final Fever

The PLC Netball Club is pleased to announce we have one team in the 2016 Grand Final.

Big congratulations to the PLC Fillies, Under 11 – Division 1 side for a terrific season and making the Grand Final.

The game is being held at Caloundra Indoor Stadium, Saturday 10th September at 10.00am, Court 4 against Golden Beach Thunder.

It will be a thrilling game to watch and it would be terrific for the Pacific community to come and support the Fillies.

Good luck!

Bianca Moffitt, Registrar

Pacific Soccer
  • Grand Finals - 3rd September
  • Fair Play Award
  • Breakup and AGM 2016 - 10th September
  • Want to Help Create the Ultimate Football Club?
  • Adermann Awards - 10th September
  • Tickets for Adermann Awards
  • Bunnings Fundraiser - 17th September
  • Equipment Return
  • KidsFORKids Event - 10th September
  • SCCSA Summer Six A Side
  • Premier Coaching Holiday Camps
  • Sunshine Coast Fire Camp 
  • Refereeing in 2017
  • Pacific Soccer Contacts

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mr Ian Barnes, Pacific Soccer President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

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General Notices

KidsFORKids Concert

KidsFORKids is an open age event where talented teenage musicians come together to show their support and raise money for other local Sunshine Coast kids who are living with a serious illness.

The first KidsFORKids will be held this weekend (Saturday 10th September) at The Shed, Aussie World.

It will be to support two Sunshine Coast teenagers, Bella Harry and Pacific Lutheran College student, Declan Walker. Both Bella and Declan are currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Tickets for the event are $30 each, with every dollar going to help Bella and Declan. Tickets include entry into Aussie World with exclusive use for KidsFORKids from 5.00pm. Local teenage musicians will be performing in the theme park prior to the main concert commencing at 6.30pm. The concert will include three great local teenage bands Flooke, Doolie and hoo8hoo.

Tickets are available at Aussie World and via:

Noosa Regional Gallery – Holiday Workshops

Over the upcoming school holidays, Noosa Regional Gallery is holding a series of workshops and events celebrating all things Midnight Oil.

Click here to download the School Holiday Workshop program of events.

Click here to download information on the Making of Midnight Oil Exhibition.

Sunshine Coast Concerts – This Weekend

This weekend there are three great concerts happening across the Sunshine Coast. Click here to download further information.

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. The NEW 2016 | 2017 Entertainment™ Book and Digital Memberships are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers. From every Membership we sell, 20% of the proceeds go towards our fundraising for Pacific Lutheran Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre! Click here to order your book or digital membership:

Upcoming Dates

15 Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
16 K-12 Chapel
  Term 3 Concludes
17-23 Senior Bike and Climbing Expedition
3 Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
4 Term 4 Commences
5 Year 11 Leadership Day
5-7 Year 5 Camp - Bornhoffen
9-14 Year 6 Canberra Tour