Compass No 429 - August 2016

From the Principal

Care For The Environment and Education For All

Two of the strong messages that flowed from the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics were the need to care for the environment and the importance of education for all. These are two challenges that we can take on in our daily lives. In our work places and in our homes, we can consider how we might reduce our environmental footprint and expand educational opportunity.

At Pacific, we are planning to increase our renewable energy capacity and lessen the amount of rubbish we produce. As a step forward in this direction, funds raised at OCEANfest will go toward the expansion of our solar energy system. We are also exploring the use of lower energy lighting and cooling strategies. On an individual level, all of us can think about how to do more with less, particularly plastic. A simple step may be to consider ways to lessen the unrecyclable packaging we use in our lunch boxes. This will be an ongoing conversation with our community.

In his acceptance speech as the first ever athlete to receive the Olympic Laurel award, past Kenyan Olympic champion, Kipchoge Keino, spoke about the importance of education as a means to improve the world, including growing peace. It was a reminder for us not to take the educational opportunities we have in Australia for granted and to look at ways we can support educational opportunity across the globe. In a very small way we are going to provide the opportunity to make a difference at OCEANfest. At the festival, people will be able to make solar light kits that will then be sent overseas for children to use to read at night. Pacific’s ongoing relationships with the Life Centre in Kampong Chnang and tertiary hostel in Phnom Penn are two further ways that we as a community can make some contribution to improving the educational opportunities of young people. In the words of Kipchoge Keino, “We came into the world with nothing and we leave with nothing”. It is what we do for others during our time on earth that makes the difference.

Principal's Log

Senior student, Dylan Creedon and our Junior Drama students performed very well at the Sunshine Coast Drama Festival Highlights Evening on Saturday night. Dylan Creedon’s solo entry received a gold award and our junior entry of ‘Growing Up’ also received a gold award as well as the Aspiring Actors trophy, which was one of the two major awards for the evening. This is an outstanding achievement and we congratulate all students involved. We thank Mrs Janine Delaney and Mrs Laura Bonner for their leadership and direction. 

On Sunday morning we enjoyed being part of the ‘Hymns We Love’ service at St Mark’s Lutheran Church where our Senior Voices group led the service. Thank you to our parents for their support and to Mr Adrian King, Pastor Tim Jarick, staff and students for the talented way they contributed to this celebration of music in worship.

On Monday we farewelled our visitors from Seishin Gakuen after a week of great learning, varied activities and new friendships being formed. We are looking forward to playing host to our first two long-term exchange students from Seishin Gakuen. Reina and Satomi will be remaining with us for the rest of Term 3. We also congratulate Year 10 students Mali Davis and Lauren Petersen, who have been selected to go to Seishin Gakuen in Term 4 this year. We thank all of our host families and students who provided great hospitality to the Seishin students and staff over the course of last week. Thank you to Mrs Michi Hauser and her team for the leadership of the exchange experience.

Thank you to all families, students and staff who have responded well to volunteer at OCEANfest. There is still opportunity for people to assist and we encourage those across Years 6-12 who have not yet registered to volunteer to sign up at: We look forward to a great evening of fun and community and encourage everyone to support our organising committee, led by Mrs Mel Pollock and Mrs Jenny Lee, as they are able.

We pray for wisdom and generous hearts to make the most of our gifts for the betterment of others.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor


What do you call a ‘wise saying’? A proverb. There are many wise sayings that have been accepted into the English language and our common speech that originate from the Bible, especially the King James translation of the Bible. Many of these proverbs come from what’s called the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, in particular the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job. Following are some examples.

  • There’s nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9
  • For everything there is a season. Ecclesiastes 3
  • Eat, drink, and be merry. Ecclesiastes 8:15
  • By the skin of your teeth. Job 19:20
  • The root of the matter. Job 19:28
  • Nothing but skin and bones. Job 19:19-20
  • Pride comes before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

What’s also interesting is that in the book of Proverbs, wisdom is described as a female; some Bible translations use the term ‘Lady Wisdom’. I wonder, how many males would think of women as wise? But this is how the writer of the book of Proverbs describes wisdom, as feminine. In some translations she is portrayed as a force in life that is woven into the fabric of the universe. Wisdom was there in the beginning of the world, God was using her when he created the universe and wisdom is still there today. As humans journeying through life we can either tap into this wisdom and use it to guide us and the decisions we make, or we can make bad decisions in life and work against this wisdom. In the end, for the writer of Proverbs, wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. What is meant here is reverence and honour for the Lord rather than being frightened of God.

So my question to you is how are you going in your journey of life and your educational journey here at Pacific? Whether you are a parent, student, or staff member are you journeying towards wisdom, the sort of wisdom that ultimately comes from God? Wisdom is more than knowledge; it is the practical insight, which shows up in the sorts of decisions we make. While we are connected to the Pacific community we have plenty of opportunities to learn and explore wisdom. Are you on the path to wisdom and being a living proverb?

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Director of Students


One of the key core aims of Positive Education is for individual students to flourish. Flourish has become a key term in pastoral discussions at Pacific. In meetings, we have been using the definition of flourish as one of greater wellbeing, a greater sense of purpose and more life satisfaction for students. The Oxford dictionary defines flourishing as “to grow vigorously; to thrive, to prosper; to be in one’s prime; to be in good health”.

Recently, I have been reading some of the definitions given by academics at the cutting edge of the Positive School’s movement. Professor Maureen Gaffney uses the example of a small flowering plant that is vibrant with colour, bursting with life and straining towards the light. Professor Gaffney makes the link between this powerful symbol and a flourishing person, who embraces life, connects deeply with others, grows from difficulties and contributes meaningfully to society. For Professor Gaffney, flourishing is more than the absence of disorder and is a multi-dimensional concept that integrates a range of valued outcomes. Her work on flourishing includes the 10 features of vitality, self-esteem, resilience, positive relationships, positive emotions, optimism, meaning, engagement, emotional stability and competence.

Professor Corey Keys defines flourishing as comprising three components: first emotional wellbeing or the presence of positive feelings about oneself and life; secondly, social wellbeing which includes being valued by others and connecting to community and thirdly, psychological wellbeing, which focuses on functioning well.

Justin Robinson, Director of the Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School, defines flourishing as focusing on feeling good and doing good. “We want students to learn things that help them experience more joy, hope, gratitude and resilience but just as importantly to think beyond themselves to the wellbeing of others.”

As we are focusing on relationships this term, it was wonderful to see the strong connection between Pacific and Seishin students last week. The sister school relationship has become an important part of both school’s culture and has enabled students and staff to really flourish.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

National Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week, a number of exciting events will occur across the College to create interest and excitement about science. This year the theme will is Drones, DRUIDS and Robots. The theme will centre on the real-world application of autonomous technologies and look at how this has transformed our day-to-day lives – from robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers to automated pool cleaners. Students will be able to participate in quizzes, view a movie based on the theme and participate in hands-on scientific investigations and activities. A special thank you to Mrs Lu Pollard who has planned and coordinated the week’s activities. 

Restorative Practices at Pacific

At the College, addressing any problem between student’s focuses on a restorative approach, developing resilience and instilling a culture that promotes support. The restorative approach looks at:

  • What happened?
  • Who’s been harmed?
  • What needs to happen to repair some of that harm?

In this way, the focus is on the harm that has been done and the obligation this brings to those responsible to ‘right the wrong’ as much as possible. It’s an approach that seeks to develop an understanding of the harm caused by the wrongdoer’s behaviour so they can best try to make amends to those most affected. In this way, it’s an educative approach. It also ensures that those who have been most affected by the wrongdoing have the opportunity to be involved in the resolution. 

Research now clearly articulates that short-term ‘solutions’ alone, like punishing students, do not improve the relationships and social factors that can cause bullying. Although the bullying may stop in the short-term, unless these factors are addressed, it is likely to reoccur or become covert (hidden).

Prep - Year 2 Athletics

All Prep to Year 2 students have begun preparing for their Athletics Carnival, which will be held on Monday 29th August. The Carnival will start at 9.00am and will be completed by 10.30am. Parents are most welcome to attend this exciting event.

Year 4 Camp

The Year 4 camp will be held from 25th to 26th August at Alexandra Park. A letter providing details of the camp, permission slips and medical forms was forwarded home last week. Should you have any questions regarding the camp, please contact either your child’s class teacher or Mr David Druery directly.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

This Week Monday 8th August

Prep:  Amelia Walsh, Hannah Walsh, Charlie Dee, Phoebe Wheat and Paris Pohlner.

Year 1:  Natahlia Bailey, Levi Mansfield and Ana-Belle Mogg.

Year 2:  Flynn Turnbull, Gemma McVean, Isabella Lee, Madyson Pearce and Ashtyn Gigney.

Year 3:  Abbey Christie, Alex Hughes, Ashton Haas, Charlie Schefe, Sam McKean and Georgina Walsh.

Year 4:  Mia McEvoy, Kiana Campbell, Paige Hynes and Zac McCarthy.

Year 5:  Mia Sheridan, Jack Packer, Will Butler, Ryan Salvesan, Evy Gover and Alex Hughes. 

You Can Do It Awards

This Week Monday 8th August

Confidence:  Matthew Schimmel.

Other Awards

Mathletics Gold: Kirrily Petfield, Aidan Meade, Paige Hynes, Taj McCulloch, Isabella Lee, Kai McCulloch, Mena Wilkinson, Miranda Walsh, William Moffitt, Madeline Walsh, Cooper Whatham and Zoe Nankivel. 


OCEANfest Update

Ride Passes
This year, we have ride passes for sale online via For those who do not wish to purchase their passes online, there will still be some available at the College. We will be selling ride passes from 8.00am to 8.30am and 2.30pm to 3.30pm from Thursday 11th August outside the main administration office. We will accept cash and will also have an EFTPOS machine available.

BONUS: Buy your ride passes online by Monday 15th August and go in the draw to win a $100 Myer card courtesy of TFH – Temporary Fencing Hire Sunshine Coast.

Cashless Festival
As per the previous festival in 2014, we will be running a cashless event. There will be ‘cash for tickets’ available for purchase in the days prior and there will also be booths onsite on the night, plus an ATM. Refunds of unused tickets are only available on the night. The ‘cash for tickets’ will also be available at the College from 17th August, outside the main administration office.

Raffle Tickets
Don’t miss out on over $11,000 worth of raffle prizes! Tickets are only $2 each. Money and ticket stubs are due back to the College on Monday 15th August.

BONUS: Return your money and ticket stubs by Monday 15th August and go in the draw to win a $100 Weareco gift voucher to use at the College uniform shop! The person who sells the most raffle tickets also wins a $200 Weareco gift voucher to use at the College uniform shop!

Live Auction
Over $5000 worth of prizes will go to auction at OCEANfest, live from 7.30pm! Some of the prizes include a Best Western accommodation package, an Anytime Fitness package, an entertainment pack, an On Q Photography package and much, much more!

Event Entertainment



Event Entertainment


OCEANfest Carnivale Opens

3.00pm – 4.30pm

Pacific Music

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Roving Entertainment

4.30pm – 4.45pm

Pacific Dancers

4.45pm – 5.05pm

YMCA Gymnastics

5.00pm – 8.00pm

Busking in Wealth Directions Wine Down Bar

5.05pm – 5.25pm

Sunshine Coast Entertainment

5.25pm – 6.00pm

Dance Energy Performers

5.45pm – 6.00pm

PLC Carnivale Parade

6.00pm – 6.20pm

Dance Edge Performers

6.30pm – 7.00pm

SCPAC Performers

7.00pm – 8.00pm

Limelight Talent Competition and Finals


Cent Auction closes


Live Auction in Bar


Raffle Prizes Drawn


FIREWORKS Spectacular

*Program may change depending on weather

Fun For Kids at OCEANfest!

  • Solar Buddies - Check out this great initiative we’ll be bringing to OCEANfest:!
  • Sand Wizard!
  • Animal Farm Yard!
  • Lucky Dip Showbags: Shopkins Lollies and Shopkins Fruit, Ballet, Frozen, Mermaids, Rainbow Unicorns, Ninjago, BB8, Minecraft Steve and Minecraft Creeper, Soccer, Pokemon, Olympics, Carnivale, Dory and Minions!


Don’t forget it is a free dress day at the College on Friday 19th August. In the spirit of our Carnivale theme, students are encouraged to wear their brightest coloured clothes for a gold coin donation!  

OCEANfest 2016 Committee

Student Musical Performances

Following are the Ensemble performance times for OCEANfest. Students are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before their performance time, as we are running on a very tight schedule. Please note, the Year 2 and Year 3 Choir will be escorted across to the Gym.


Year 2 Choir


Year 3 Choir


Pacific Junior Voices


Junior Strings


Jazz Band


Concert Band


Percussion Ensemble


Senior Choir


Senior Strings



Mrs Aleisha Tuaine, Head of Music

Outside School Hours Care

General Updates

We have commenced preparation for our September Vacation Care Program and have the children’s ideas on the display board out the front of the OSHC rooms. Please don’t hesitate to add your suggestions. The program is due to be released at the end of Week 6.

We remind After School Care families to encourage their children to put some afternoon tea into the OSHC afternoon tea basket (on the parent sign in table). This ensures your children will have a snack for after school.

Absences are always tricky at OSHC. If your child will not be attending the service on a day they are booked in, we ask you to call or email our Service Leader, Mrs Julie McCosker, via the details below. Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs McCosker for casual or permanent bookings.

General email:
Direct email:
Telephone: 5437 7387

Ms Julie McCosker, Service Leader

Early Learning

Junior Kindergarten Room (3-4 years)

So far, Term 3 has been an extremely busy time in the Junior Kindy room. Our interest in the natural environment and insects has continued and many of our learners can be seen using magnifying glasses and bug catchers, exploring the outdoors as well as our nature interest table in the room.

At the beginning of the term, we celebrated NAIDOC week, which was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our Aboriginal Indigenous culture. We read a variety of Dream Time stories, tried different styles of painting inspired by Aboriginal artwork and learned an Indigenous lullaby. One of our favourite stories is “Tiddalick the Frog who caused a flood” and the children have enjoyed retelling the story using felt pictures.

Gardening has been very popular in the Junior Kindy room over the past few weeks with many children wearing gardening gloves, using different garden tools and wheelbarrows to dig and weed our Kindy yard. We have begun planting into our raised garden beds as well as potted a variety of herbs for our veranda, which we enjoy smelling during our meal times. We are looking forward to our strawberries and capsicums growing and have begun deciding what other plants we would like to grow in our second garden bed. To assist us with our gardening, we had a very special visitor from the Sunshine Coast Council come to help us set up our worm farm. We were extremely excited to receive 1000 worms and have begun saving our fruit and vegetable scraps for them. We are learning about the importance of reducing our waste in order to create a more sustainable environment.

Ms Sarah Arthur, Kindy Teacher

Pre-Prep Room (4-5 years)

This term in the Pre-Prep room, we have had a big focus on building autonomy and independence. Our routines and transitions are evolving to promote the children’s ability to organise themselves and their belongings, manage their daily routines and delight in making decisions, choices and resource their own learning. For example, the introduction of a progressive morning tea reflects our respect for the value of the children’s play. At morning tea time, rather than interrupting all the children while they are engaged in their work, we now simply open the morning tea space and children are able to complete their experiences and have morning tea when they are ready. This is of course monitored, to ensure all children are making healthy choices, practicing hygiene and having morning tea at some stage before 11.00am. As a result, we have seen less interruption to children’s play and their play is therefore reaching new levels as they extend on their initial ideas. As educators, we therefore have increased opportunities for purposeful intentional teaching moments. We are also encouraging the children to show pride in their work and their environment; in addition to paper names for naming their artwork, they now also each have their own named tile for placing with creations that cannot be taken home such as peg board pictures and block constructions. These tiles allow the children to feel a sense of pride in what they’ve created and to communicate to others that they would like the creation to be left standing. The children have also been using iPads to take photos of their work and have been documenting their experiences by gluing the photos in to their learning journals and dictating a caption to an educator.

Miss Teagan Frawley, Kindy Teacher

General Updates

Our photo day was held on Tuesday this week. We are very excited at the thought of such a special time at the ELC memorialised for the 2016 cohort. In 2017, we will celebrate our 10 years of service to the community.

The Junior Kindergarten and Pre-Prep classes will celebrate Father’s Day on Tuesday 30th August at 5.30pm. Dad’s, Grandad’s and special friends are welcome to join the children in their learning environments for an extended exploration of the learning and also a light snack (sausage on bread).

External enrolments for 2017 will be sent out early next week. Please drop in and see Julie if you have any questions for the Early Learning Centre or the new build.

Ms Julie McCosker, Service Leader

Junior College

National Science Week

Next week is National Science Week and the Junior College students and staff will be celebrating in a variety of ways. The national theme this year is Drones, DRUIDS and Robots and the junior classes have collaborated to provide many fun and engaging tasks for students.

The week will commence on Tuesday 16th August with a movie day watching the fabulous animated movie Wall-E. With it’s strong messages of sustainability, accountability and friendship all delivered by an adorable robot, called Wall-E, it is the perfect way to kick-start Science Week. The movie will run in the gym during lunchtime and all students are welcome. We are offering a movie snack pack for $2, which will include a popper, a packet of popcorn and a lollypop. Classroom teachers will collect the money for this and tickets will be given to students on the day, which can be redeemed for their snacks. Students can bring in a rug to lie on and a pillow if they’d like.

During the week, all the year levels will be exploring design, make, appraise tasks that reflect their content areas, as follows:

  • Year 2 students will be constructing insects;
  • Year 1 students will be constructing musical instruments;
  • Prep and Year 3 students will be navigating maps, using direction;
  • Year 5 students will be designing light alternatives; and
  • Year 4 students will be designing an app for a device.

A number of Year 7 students will be visiting the Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 classes throughout the week, sharing their coding and robotic skills, under the guidance of Mrs Janine Stone and Mr Andrew Block. Prep students will be dressing up as Scientists on Thursday, so look out for safety wear and crazy wigs.

There will also be two quiz days. On Wednesday 17th August, the Year 3-5 students will form teams and compete in a KAHOOTZ quiz about modern and past scientists and inventions with the occasional movie robot trivia thrown in. They will use devices to respond to questions. The Prep to Year 2 classes will have their quiz day on Thursday 18th August. Students will also be placed in teams and their questions will be based on simple science concepts and observations in our environment.

Please support Science Week by engaging your child in conversation regarding their in-class investigations and/or ask the classroom teacher if they need support in the room for their activities. Thank you in advance on behalf of all the teachers and staff and be prepared to be amazed by the design and imagination our young learners will engage in. To view more about what we have in store, visit:

Mrs Lu Pollard, Science Week Coordinator

Secondary College

Japanese – Seishin Visit and Long Term Exchange

On Monday 8th August, we said farewell to the 20 students and three staff members who were visiting from our sister school, Seishin Gakuen. Throughout last week, the Seishin students were hosted and shadowed by a group of our Senior College students where they experienced both school and home life in Australia. The tears shared at the final farewell reflected the deep friendships that were forged between the students and this experience will no doubt stay with them forever. We thank all the shadow students and in particular, the host students and families for looking after the Seishin students and supporting Japanese at the College. We look forward to seeing our Seishin friends in Japan next year on our biennial trip.


As we said goodbye to our Seishin visitors, we warmly welcomed two students from the group who will be completing their Term 3 studies at Pacific. Reina and Satomi are the first students to participate in the Inbound Exchange Program between Pacific and Seishin, which was established this year. We thank Lauren Petersen and Karlee Connors and their families for hosting the two exchange students for the term as we begin this exciting venture.

We also congratulate Year 10 students Mali Davis and Lauren Petersen, who have been selected to go to Seishin Gakuen in Term 4 this year.

Mrs Michiko Hauser, Head of Japanese 6-12

After School Mathematics Tutoring

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials for students in Years 7-12 who would like extra assistance or clarification of concepts. These tutorials are held on Monday afternoons in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete Maths class work, homework or ask for assistance. The expectation is that students remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent.

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

Cultural News

Drama Students Shine at Sunshine Coast Festival

Over the last two weekends, 40 of our Drama students performed at the Sunshine Coast’s Drama Festival. Only in its second year, the Festival aims to promote excellence in Drama performance. Our students proved to be outstanding ambassadors for Drama at Pacific and in the wider community.

The results were as follows:

  • Senior Group Entry of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – won Silver against 14 other schools
  • Intermediate Group Entry of ‘Shakespeare’s Women’ – won Silver against 11 other schools
  • Senior Solo Entry by Dylan Creedon of ‘Monologue from To Kill a Mockingbird’ – won Gold at the Highlights Evening
  • Junior Group Entry of ‘Growing Up’ – won Gold at the Highlights evening and were also awarded a perpetual trophy for ‘Aspiring Actors’. This beautiful, Maleny handcrafted wooden trophy will be on display in the Library in the near future.

Congratulations to all participants and thank you for your commitment to the Performing Arts at Pacific.

Mrs Janine Delaney, Head of Drama

Hymns We Love Service

Congratulations to all who sang at St Mark’s Lutheran Church last Sunday in the ‘Hymns We Love’ service. All students and staff performed with dignity, excellence and musicianship. Parishioners, parents and friends made many favourable comments to me regarding your professionalism, demeanour and beautiful singing.

Thank you so much for displaying the talents of Pacific Lutheran College so well!

Mr Adrian King, Head of Instrumental Music

Meet the Cast of Mulan!

Meet Tiffany (left) who is playing the role of Lin. Her favourite line from the musical is, "You can never trust a dragon who can regrow its own tail”. Tiffany’s favourite thing about rehearsing is, "When we all work together and the scenes start coming together”.

Meet Eliza (right) who is playing the role of Mushu, Mulan’s closest companion who acts as her guardian and protector. Her favourite line in the musical is, “Guess who’s back in the guardian business? Call out for egg rolls! There’s going to be a party tonight”. Eliza finds rehearsals a “great experience”.

Miss Anita Morton and Mrs Laura Bonner

From the Head of Career Development

University Open Days
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Campus Tours
Want to check out the QUT Brisbane campuses? Take a guided tour of the Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses and hear from current QUT students about their life at university on 21st and 23rd September. For more information and tour times, visit:

Academic Scholarships Evening
Year 12 students and their parents are invited to attend this Academic Scholarships Evening from 6.00pm to 7.00pm on 22nd September at the Kelvin Grove campus. The evening will provide information on QUT academic scholarships, opportunities for scholarship recipients, overseas exchange, study costs and life as a university student. Registrations will open in August. For more details, visit:

Applying for University Scholarships

Even if you think you may not get one, go ahead and apply for a scholarship through the university you wish to attend. What do you have to lose? Scholarships tend to fall into one of the following categories:

  • Academic
  • Equity
  • Indigenous
  • Sports
  • Field of study (for example, engineering or IT)
  • International
  • External (for example, sponsored by an organisation outside of the university)

Every university website has a scholarship web page with details about the types of scholarships available, the value of the scholarship, the selection criteria and the application process. The initial application for many university scholarships can be completed online, followed by a submission of supporting documents.

Following are tips to help students maximise their chances of gaining a scholarship:

  • Apply for all the scholarships you are eligible for.
  • Read the information about scholarships on the university's website.
  • Follow the application instructions exactly and answer all parts of each question.
  • Include all the documentation requested.
  • Ensure that written applications are readable and provide examples to back up your attributes and achievements.
  • Start preparing your application early.
  • Keep a list of your personal achievements, the extra-curricular activities you are involved in, both at school and in the wider community and any awards you have received.
  • Collect ideas for your application over time, start with dot points.
  • Do drafts of your application and get feedback (see our Careers Counsellor).
  • Ask referees for supporting statements early, not at the last minute. They are usually very busy people.
  • Include your career aspirations and how the university course can help you achieve them.
  • Submit your application by the due date.
Upcoming Australian Defence Force (ADF) Information Sessions

Mooloolaba – Wednesday 17th August at 6.00pm. The Defence Careers Information Session will be held at the Mooloolaba Yacht Club (123 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba). Book your spot at:

Brisbane – Saturday 20th August from 10.00am to 4.00pm. This session will be held at the 2016 Aviation Careers Expo at Aviation Australia (20 Boronia Road, Brisbane International Airport). Register your attendance at:

Further information about these events can be accessed by visiting: You can also find information sessions for the Army Reserve at this link.

TAFE at School – Parent Information Evening

This month, TAFE Queensland Brisbane will host an information evening for parents of students in Years 10-12. The evening will provide an opportunity for parents to find out why studying a TAFE course while still at school may benefit their children. The information evening will cover the programs offered, the application and payment processes, pathways to further study and differences between TAFE and school. The next parent information evening will be held on Wednesday 24th August, from 5.45pm at TAFE’s South Bank Campus (66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane). Enquires can be directed to or call Peta on (07) 3244 5684.

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) - Headstart Program

Headstart is a program that gives Year 11 and 12 students the chance to experience university by studying USC subjects while still at high school. Applications for Semester 1 next year close on 31st October. When students successfully complete two subjects through the Headstart program, they are guaranteed entry to most programs at USC. Visit: for more information and to download the Headstart Guide.

School-Based Hairdressing Traineeship

If you are interested in a school based hairdressing traineeship with Stefan please contact Mr Ian Learoyd or contact Stefan’s Head Office on 07 3840 0000 for further details. The College will be interviewing Year 12 school leavers for fulltime, first year apprenticeships starting in 2017 and Year 11 students who will be starting Year 12 in 2017 will be interviewed for our school-based apprenticeship positions.

When you begin your school-based apprenticeship at Stefan we enter into a Training Contract. At the beginning of this training, you have a 90-day probation period that gives you the opportunity to see how our company operates and hopefully discover that you love everything about hairdressing. It also gives us the opportunity to observe your performance to ensure that you have the necessary requirements for hairdressing.

Options Career Information Bulletin

Click here to download the latest Options Career Information Bulletin.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor 

Junior Sport

Junior Athletics Team – Inter-Lutheran Carnival

Our Junior Athletics Team will be competing in the Inter-Lutheran Athletics Carnival at the Sunshine Coast University Sports Precinct on Tuesday 16th August. Due to this carnival not having discus events and reduced nomination positions, we will have a smaller team attending this year. 

If you have not already returned the consent form to Mrs Natalie Campbell, please do so immediately. 

Students will need to be at school in time for the bus to leave at 8.00am next Tuesday. This will ensure we arrive in adequate time for students to warm up and for the first event. Please be respectful of those students competing in the first events by arriving on time. The bus will depart from the bus stop in front of school. Full sports uniform should be worn and students are asked to please remember their hats. Pacific athletics singlets will be handed out on arrival at the sports precinct. On Tuesday morning, if your child will not be on the bus for any reason, please text 0412 446 137. 

Semester 2 SCISSA

This week SCISSA teams participated in Trial Games against Suncoast Christian College. This was a great opportunity for them to play against another school leading into the next Gala Day at the end of this term. Our teams will continue to train on Mondays and Thursdays to further develop their skills leading into this event.

SCISSA Training - Mondays

Monday after school SCISSA training has now commenced; please ensure you have made arrangements to collect your children on completion of training at 4.15pm. All Monday training dates are listed on the College calendar.

Water polo players and kayakers will leave for training together on the College bus, departing from the bus stop outside the school on Woodlands Boulevard. Parents are required to collect their children from the following venues at 4.15pm:

  • Water Polo – Kawana Aquatic Centre
  • Kayaking – Lake Kawana
  • All other sports – Pacific Lutheran College
‘GAME ON’ Development Program

Queensland Rugby Union’s ‘GAME ON’ Rugby Union Development program commenced last Tuesday with 22 excited Year 3 and 4 students participating. If on the allocated days, students are normally in formal uniform, please remember to pack their sports uniform for the session. Students do not need boots or mouth guards for this program.

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Acting Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Friday Night Basketball

Congratulations to the Senior Boys, the Intermediate Girls, the Intermediate Boys, the Junior Girls, the Junior Boys and the Senior C Girls who all recorded great wins in the Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Basketball competition last week. It has been great to see the success of our teams this year and the improvement with all players. However, the team of the week goes to the Open A Girls who defeated Meridan State College in a thrilling match to claim the number one position on the ladder in their division. The team is made up of Year 8, 10 and 11 girls who are playing against predominantly Year 12 students from across the coast. The girls are doing exceptionally well and are looking forward to the cross over matches for A Division, which start next week.

Players and parents are reminded to continually check their emails, student notices, Schoology, the sports notice board and the website ( for up-to-date draws and information for the season.

With OCEANfest being held on a Friday night, all players are asked to make sure they are available to play their matches at the scheduled game time. Students who are helping at festival stalls are asked to please check and ensure that ALL teams can field a full team for their games. Anyone who cannot attend their games next week, must let Mr Mark Hauser know by Monday 15th August. Games for the OCEANfest week are below:





Junior A Girls




Junior B Girls (Yr 8)


Cal 2

St Johns

Junior B Girls (Yr 7)




Junior B Boys (Yr 8)




Junior B Boys (Yr 7)




Int B Girls (White)


Cal 1


Int B Boys




Senior A/B Girls




Senior C Girls (Yr 12)


Cal 1


Senior D Girls (Yr 11)




Senior C/D/E Boys




District Athletics Carnival

The Secondary District Athletics Carnival is being held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on 18th and 19th August. All athletes who made the team are expected to attend for their events. Students on the team have received an information letter, outlining their involvement across the two days. There will be two buses traveling to the track each day (one at 8.00am and one at 11.30am). All students will be required to travel on one of the buses for their events. The carnival runs from 9.00am until 2.30pm on both days.

The open age group is a district trial only this year and only those students who would like to represent the district need to attend. Any athletes interested must see Mr Mark Hauser as soon as possible. For further information, please contact Mr Hauser at the College.

We wish the competing athletes all the best at the competition.

Water Polo

On Monday night, the Pacific Open Girls team took on Matthew Flinders Anglican College in the Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Water Polo competition. Pacific was down 3-1 at the end of the first quarter but they rallied for the rest of the match, finishing the game with seven unanswered goals! Pacific won 10-4 with a fantastic display of team work and solid defence. Well done girls and thank you to Mr Brett Jones for coaching the team.


After having the bye round this week, the Pacific teams will be back on the field next week in the SCISSA touch competition. Games for next week are as follows:





Junior Boys


Meridan (4)


Junior Girls




Int Boys


Meridan (3)


Int Girls


Meridan (2)


Snr Boys A


Meridan (1)


Snr Boys B


Meridan (1)


Snr Girls




Co-Curricular Photo Day - Sport

On Tuesday 23rd August, all sporting teams will be involved in co-curricular photos. All teams who are currently playing matches (touch and basketball) this term, will need to bring their team uniforms for photos. All other sports will have uniforms provided. Only those students who represented the school throughout a season will be allowed in the photos. A list of students involved will be distributed in PCGs over the next week.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer
  • Round 17
  • Canteen Assistance
  • Round 18 - 13th August
  • Canteen Duty - 13th August
  • Rooball Carnival - 20th August
  • Final Series - 20th August
  • Breakup and AGM 2016
  • Adermann Awards
  • Pacific Soccer Contacts

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mr Ian Barnes, Pacific Soccer President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra










Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

KidsFORKids Concert

KidsFORKids is an open age event where talented teenage musicians come together to show their support and raise money for other local Sunshine Coast kids who are living with a serious illness.

The first KidsFORKids will be held at: The Shed, Aussie World on Saturday 10th September.

It will be to support two Sunshine Coast teenagers, Bella Harry and Pacific Lutheran College student, Declan Walker. Both Bella and Declan are currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Tickets for the event are $30 each, with every dollar going to help Bella and Declan. Tickets include entry into Aussie World with exclusive use for KidsFORKids from 5.00pm. Local teenage musicians will be performing in the theme park prior to the main concert commencing at 6.30pm. The concert will include three great local teenage bands Flooke, Doolie and hoo8hoo.

Tickets are available at Aussie World and via:

Click here to download the event flyer.

Kawana Forest Meeting Place

Hire Space
The venue consists of three meetings spaces of various sizes suitable for meetings, small seminars, training, private functions or low impact physical activities such as Yoga or Pilates. A fenced outdoor space and a forecourt are also available. Individuals, groups and businesses can hire the venue. The venue is furnished with tables and chairs, whiteboards, a kitchen with crockery and cutlery and a data projector and screen, which is in Meeting Space 2.

Fitness Classes
Fitness classes with a local personal trainer have commenced at the venue. At the moment classes are running at 6.00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If there is interest, more classes can be scheduled. Call Amy for more information: 0421 499 477.

Kawana Forest Residents Association (KaFRA) AGM

The AGM was conducted at the venue in July. Local residents and guests Jarrod Bleijie, MP (Member for Kawana) and Cr Rick Baberowski (Division 1) attended the meeting. Both guests spoke on infrastructure, transport and other issues relevant to the local area. A community BBQ followed the AGM.

For more information or to make a time to inspect the facilities contact the coordinator on 0428 776 043 or email


Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. The NEW 2016 | 2017 Entertainment™ Book and Digital Memberships are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers. From every Membership we sell, 20% of the proceeds go towards our fundraising for Pacific Lutheran Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre! Click here to order your book or digital membership:

Upcoming Dates

12 Year 8 Camp Returns
16-19 National Science Week
  ICAS Mathematics Competition
18 Secondary District Athletics Carnival - USC (Half Day)
19 Secondary District Athletics Carnival - USC (Full Day)
  OCEANfest 2016 (3.00pm - 8.30pm)
22-25 Book Week
23 Sport and Curricular Photo Day
  Year 6 Canberra Information Evening (6.00pm)
24 Mark Church Visit
25 SCISSA Trial Game 6 - PLC Bye
25-26 Year 4 Camp - Alexandra Headlands