Compass No 428 - August 2016

From the Principal

OCEANfest Ready For Our Help

It is time for our help. The Organising Committee has done a great job in organising our upcoming OCEANfest, which will capture the Carnivale spirit of Rio here at Pacific on Friday 19th August. Parents, staff and Middle and Senior College students are being invited by email to nominate areas where they might assist in the setup, running and pack down of the event. Middle and Senior College parent assistance is being sought via a new electronic volunteer process, which we hope will enable parents to choose to support those activities at times that suit them. We appreciate all the support that staff, students and parents across the College have given so far. Families should have received raffle tickets by post and been invited by email to book ride passes via a new electronic system. We encourage families to be reading all communication regarding OCEANfest, including emails, and to provide strong support to the Committee as requested.

This is a great event where we enjoy being community together and also share our hospitality and creativity with the wider community. Thank you to our Organising Committee led by Mrs Melissa Pollack and Mrs Jenny Lee for the enthusiasm, creativity and time they have invested in shaping a very special event. 

Principal's Log

This week we welcomed the staff and students from Seishin Gakuen, our Japanese sister school. There has been a wonderful warm atmosphere around the College as young people have formed friendships and learnt more about each other’s culture. We thank our host families for their hospitality and Mrs Michi Hauser and her team for their outstanding leadership of this experience.


Our Drama students performed very well at the Sunshine Coast Drama Festival last Friday and Saturday night. Our senior entry of To Kill A Mockingbird and Year 10 entry of Shakespeare’s Women were both awarded silver for their performances. Dylan Creedon’s solo entry and our junior entry of Growing Up were both selected to perform this weekend at the Highlights Evening. The performances on this weekend are eligible for either gold or platinum awards. This is an outstanding achievement and we congratulate all students involved and wish those performing this weekend all the best. We celebrate the leadership and direction of Mrs Janine Delaney and Mrs Laura Bonner who have supported the growth of these young people.

Well done to our Junior Athletics Team who placed 4th overall at the Independent District Carnival last Thursday. Congratulations to all students who competed and we wish those who have been selected in the Independent District Team all the best as they compete in the Sunshine Coast Regional Athletics Trials in September. Thank you to Mrs Natalie Campbell, Mrs Tanya Graves and Mr Kurt Jones for their organisation and leadership and parents Mrs Sara Whitelaw and Mrs Darlene Burnett for their assistance.

Well done to the Under 16 Boys Futsal team who went to the Champion of Champions competition in Brisbane and represented themselves and the College extremely well. Thank you to Mrs Leah Croke as coach and parents Mrs Sandra Chaplin and Mr Paul Fleming for their support.

We congratulate Ms Nell Keen who has been recognised by the Queensland School Library Association for her innovative leadership of our College library. Their quarterly publication featured an article about the range of events and activities that members of our community were invited to participate in for Shakespeare Week.

We thank God for the gifts He gives each one of us each day and we pray for the generosity of spirit to use those gifts for good.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Learning From Turkeys

At the Middle and Senior College Chapel this week, for the benefit of our visiting Japanese students and teachers from Seishin, I spoke about a peculiar Australian bird. A bird that actually lives on the grounds of Pacific. It’s not, as the students in chapel first guessed, a crow or a plover. It’s not even an iconic Australian bird like a kookaburra or magpie. No, the bird I’m thinking of is the Australian Scrub or Bush Turkey.

The bush turkeys at Pacific live in the rainforest on the edge of the College grounds and sometimes wander onto the Junior College ovals, gardens and the chook pen. The bush turkey is strange because as a bird it does not fly much, it makes big mounds of leaves and dirt to nest in and it has an unusual appearance. As strange as the turkey looks especially to a foreigner, there are important lessons we can learn from it. One is that the bush turkey is a communal bird. They help each other to make nests for breeding. The males and females share the nest, which more than one female uses to lay eggs. The male species guards and protects the nest when it has eggs in it and keeps the mound at the right temperature, around 34 degrees. Turkeys are community minded and know that it takes a whole group of them to raise their young.

The second lesson we can learn from the turkey is that they are not as unintelligent as they might look. Often it is from the ordinary, unattractive, seemingly absurd moments in life that we can learn great things. We have a saying don’t we, that when we make a mistake and get embarrassed we feel like ‘a bit of a turkey’. As we go through life, we will inevitably make mistakes and feel like a bit of a turkey at times. But this is not something to be avoided or denied. Being like a turkey and making mistakes is one of the ways that we learn. We need to encourage one another and especially the children in our lives that turkey-like mistakes are OK. We learn from our mistakes, acknowledge them and be at ease with them. Instead of being anxious or upset when we make mistakes, we should note them, change what we need to and then move on. The turkey is a smart, intelligent, communal minded bird. God has given them to us and to our environment for a reason. So when you next see them around the place or our College, why not pause for a moment and ask God, “what can I learn from being a turkey today?”.

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Prep - Year 2 Athletics

All Prep to Year 2 students have begun preparing for their Athletics Carnival, which will be held on Monday 29th August. The Carnival will start at 9.00am and will be completed by 10.30am. Parents are most welcome to attend this exciting event.

Year 4 Camp

The Year 4 camp will be held from 25th to 26th August at Alexandra Park. A letter providing details of the camp, permission slips and medical forms was forwarded home this week. Should you have any questions regarding the camp, please contact either your child’s class teacher or Mr David Druery directly.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

This Week Monday 1st August

Prep:  Joshua Allen, Taylah Campbell, Ella Fergusson, Will Fowler and Madison Austin.

Year 1:  Jackson Ackerman.

Year 2:  Aden Temby-Nichols, Phoebe Shearer, Nicholas Currey, Gracie Werner and Rohnan Webb.

Year 3:  Bailey Ackerman, Katie Daniels, Finn Barnes, Ella Nolan, Brianna Walsh, Jada Baker and Hayden Burnett.

Year 4:  Joshua Lusk, Julian Schirripa and Caleb Donohue.  

Year 5:  Gabby Gorman, Gabby Rattey, Henry Friend, Lachlan Gale, Evie Jaques, Sam Swan, Mia Hetherington and Tamara Zolotar. 

You Can Do It Awards

This Week Monday 1st August

Persistence:  Emily Lengenberg.

Organisation:  Jade Smart.

Getting Along:  Peach Cookson and Toby Creamer.

Other Awards

Mathletics Gold: Elliott Burlone and Cooper Kiernan. 

Notice from the Middle/Senior Office

Old Uniforms

Do you have spare, old uniform items at home that you no longer use? The Middle/Senior College Office is looking for items, which can be used as spares for our students. In particular, they are seeking:

  • Senior/Middle College dresses;
  • Sports shorts and tops;
  • Boys shorts and shirts; and
  • Sports socks

If you have any of these items spare and would like to donate them, please drop them into the Middle/Senior College Office.

Food for Thought

How To Promote Good Mental Health In Our Children

It is easy for parents to identify their child’s physical needs: nutritious food, warm clothes when it’s cold and bedtime at a reasonable hour. However, a child’s mental and emotional needs may not be as obvious. Good mental health allows children to think clearly, develop socially and learn new skills. Additionally, good friends and encouraging words from adults are important in helping children develop self-confidence, high self-esteem and a healthy emotional outlook on life. Read more at:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

OCEANfest Update

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following sponsors who have come on board to support OCEANfest this year!

OCEANfest Stall Volunteers
We need your help! Please contact your class representative or, for Years 6-12 parents and students, logon to to register your commitment. Even if you are unable to spend time at a stall you may be able to help out in another way.

Calling All Cake and Sweet Treat Creators!
The Prep and Year 2 sweets stall are calling for donations of baked goods, such as slices, biscuits, fudge, coconut ice. If you like to bake or know someone who does and would like to show off their creative talents by contributing to the Cake Stall or Sweet Stall, please make contact with us by emailing Alternatively, you can indicate your interest via

If you would like to bake for the Year 2 stall, all baked goods need to be received by Thursday 18th August in the Year 2 classrooms (before or after school). For the Prep stall, all baked goods need to be taken to the Prep rooms in the morning of Friday 19th August. Your contributions are very much appreciated.

Ride Passes
This year, we have ride passes for sale online via For those who do not wish to purchase their passes online, there will still be some available at the College.

Cashless Festival
As per the previous festival in 2014, we will be running a cashless event. There will be ‘cash for tickets’ available for purchase in the days prior and there will also be booths onsite on the night, plus an ATM. Refunds of unused tickets are only available on the night.

Thank you to everyone in our community for supporting this fabulous event again.

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, FoP Chairperson and OCEANfest 2016 Committee

Health News

Adolescent Scoliosis – Information For Schoolgirls in Years 6 and 8

Scoliosis is a lateral or sideways curve of the spine. The spine also rotates on its long axis as it curves. Scoliosis usually develops during early adolescence (age 10 to 13 years), when growth is most rapid. The cause is unknown, but 80-90% of cases occur in otherwise healthy adolescents.

Early detection is very important and very easy. Please visit: and chose the national detection brochure. Please feel free to contact the College Nurse should you have any questions regarding this.

Ms Sharon Dean and Mrs Maree Hooper, College Nurses

Library News

Code Club

Twenty-four students in Years 4 and 5 are members of our Code Club, which runs in the library on Wednesday afternoons. Code Club teaches students valuable skills in computer programming, problem solving and logical thinking, as well as letting students be creative. So far, students have created animations, made music and developed a simple game, all while having fun.


Book Fair

The annual Book Fair will run in the library next week from Monday until Thursday. It is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm each day.

Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Junior College

Year 3 Discovers Caboolture Historical Village

On Monday 1st August, Year 3 students travelled to the Caboolture Historical Village to experience the way that people lived in the early 1900’s and even before that!

Debbie, who was one of the volunteers at the village, greeted our Year 3 students on arrival. After a quick snack at the hotel, they visited the old school for a quick assembly. The ceremony involved raising the Australian flag, listening to the National Anthem (God Save the King) and marching to their first activity.

The blacksmith showed students many amazing tools and some pieces that had been created from recycled metal. After the blacksmith, the class visited the maritime museum and saw many models of famous Australian ships. Each boat from the First Fleet was included in the exhibit. The next stop was the gem shop, where each student was able to sieve for a semi precious gem.

One of the highlights of the day was the train ride. As Luela Holland explained, “It was part scary when the bushrangers came out and tried to steal our jewels, but mostly fun as we travelled around the track”. The bushrangers actually gave the students some very strange money that was valued at 7 pounds. Their final activity was watching Bonita show the class what washing was like in the olden days. “It looked like some really hard work, but in our days it is much easier,” explained Harry Mogg.

After lunch the Year 3 students explored the whole village in small groups, led by the great parent helpers. There were donkeys, goats and chickens amongst the many historical buildings. Year 3 had a very interesting and tiring day at Caboolture Historical Village!


Year 3 Teachers

Secondary College

After School Mathematics Tutoring

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials for students in Years 7-12 who would like extra assistance or clarification of concepts. These tutorials are held on Monday afternoons in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete Maths class work, homework or ask for assistance. The expectation is that students remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent.

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

Cultural News

Mulan Rehearsal Update

This year, students from Years 3-7 are presenting the Disney musical ‘Mulan’. This musical tells the story of a Chinese girl who cleverly impersonates a man and takes her fathers place in the Chinese military. Mulan’s unique journey challenges the role of traditions and destiny.

Rehearsals began in Term 2, continuing each Thursday throughout Term 3 and in the lead up to the performance next term on 5th November. These rehearsals provide the opportunity for student to not only learn the songs, script, dance and movement, but also create an important bonding experience for the cast. Students also learn the value of teamwork, practice and persistence.


Keep an eye out for our rehearsal updates, photos, sneak-peaks and ticket release details. We look forward to performing for you in November.

Miss Anita Morton and Mrs Laura Bonner

From the Head of Career Development

Open Days - This Weekend

University of Queensland (UQ) – Sunday 7th August 9.00am to 3.00pm
Plan your day and view the program guide at:

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) – Sunday 7th August 10.00am to 2.00pm
Play your day and view the program guide at:

Griffith University Visits Pacific

Join us on Tuesday 9th August to hear about the programs offered and student life at Griffith University. This session will take place at the College in A5 from 8.30am to 9.00am. 

UQ Young Scholars Program

The UQ Young Scholars Program is a five-day residential camp at the St Lucia Campus UQ where students can experience and learn about university life and programs. A reminder to students that applications close on Friday 12th August.

School-Based Hairdressing Traineeship

If you are interested in a school based hairdressing traineeship with Stefan please contact Mr Ian Learoyd or contact Stefan’s Head Office on 07 3840 0000 for further details. The College will be interviewing Year 12 school leavers for fulltime, first year apprenticeships starting in 2017 and Year 11 students who will be starting Year 12 in 2017 will be interviewed for our school-based apprenticeship positions.

When you begin your school-based apprenticeship at Stefan we enter into a Training Contract. At the beginning of this training, you have a 90-day probation period that gives you the opportunity to see how our company operates and hopefully discover that you love everything about hairdressing. It also gives us the opportunity to observe your performance to ensure that you have the necessary requirements for hairdressing.

Parent Invitation – Future of Careers 2025 Expot

The Future Careers 2025 Expo will be held at the Innovation Centre in Sippy Downs on Thursday 11th August. Unlike other careers events, the Future Careers 2025 Expo realises the job market on the Sunshine Coast will look quite different 10 years from now.

Industry leaders will present their forecasts of what the future will bring and exhibitors will engage students in the cutting-edge technology that will be an integral part of any jobs in 2025. Exhibits will include a flight simulator, robot, game-creating technology, high-tech cooking demonstration, electric car and even a video from Sunshine Coast teenager Lachlan Smart, who will be in the middle of his attempt to fly solo around the world. It will be an aspirational jam-packed hour and a half that is guaranteed to ignite your students’ passion. Parents are invited too and there will be a special session tailored to how you can support your child in their future career choices. There is no cost to attend.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor 

Junior Sport

Junior Athletics Team – District Carnival

Congratulations to our Junior Athletics Team who competed at the Independent District Carnival last Thursday. Our team of 53 athletes from Years 3-7 performed exceptionally well and, after a very long day Pacific placed 4th overall behind Sunshine Coast Grammar School, St Andrew’s Anglican College and Matthew Flinders Anglican College.

Our Champion Boy Athlete was awarded to Jason Wulff (Year 7) and Champion Girl was Nikita Gallagher (Year 5). Congratulations also to the eight students who have been selected in the Independent District Team to compete at the Sunshine Coast Regional Athletics Trials in September.

  • Chantelle Page: Discus
  • Jason Wulff: Tetrathlon, High Jump, 800m and Long Jump
  • Nikita Gallagher: 100m and 200m
  • Rani Monro: 100m
  • Sebastian Salta: High Jump and Long Jump
  • Storm Sawyer: 100m
  • Yasmin Richters: High Jump
  • Zebadiah Gallagher: 100m and 200m

Thank you to Mrs Tanya Graves, Mr Kurt Jones and parent helpers Mrs Sara Whitelaw and Mrs Darlene Burnett for their assistance at the carnival.  

Junior Athletics Team – Inter-Lutheran Carnival

The final event for our Junior Athletics Team this year is the Inter-Lutheran Athletics Carnival. This will be held at the Sunshine Coast University Sports Precinct on Tuesday 16th August. This year, the carnival does not include discus events and has also reduced nomination positions for some events. As such, we will have a smaller team attending. Notices regarding the carnival have been distributed to the team.

SCISSA Uniforms

All Semester 1 SCISSA uniforms are required to be returned to Mrs Natalie Campbell’s office immediately. There are still some soccer, basketball, rugby and netball uniforms outstanding.

Semester 2 SCISSA Sport

SCISSA training continued this week with all team selections now finalised. Monday after school SCISSA training commences on Monday 8th August. Please ensure you have made arrangements to collect your children at the completion of training at 4.15pm. All Monday training dates are listed on the College calendar.

As per the SCISSA letter sent home earlier this term, please note the following uniform requirements for training, trial games and gala days.


Compulsory Uniform Requirements

Volleyball (boys and girls)

Normal sports uniform

Touch (girls)

Normal sports uniform


Normal sport uniform for training

Soccer (girls)

PLC soccer socks, PLC soccer shorts (available at uniform shop), own shin pads (jersey provided by College)

AFL (boys)

PLC sports shorts, PLC rugby socks (available at uniform shop), mouth guard (jersey provided by College)

Basketball (girls)

Normal sports uniform for training, PLC sports shorts and basketball jersey for games (jersey provided by College)

Water Polo

PLC swimwear, rashie for training


Will need own towel, rashies and wet gear for training, kayaking rashie and cap available for purchase from Sports Aide’s office.

The first Trial Game for this semester will be on Thursday 11th August against Suncoast Christian College. Girls volleyball, girls soccer, girls basketball and boys AFL will all be travelling. Water polo will be travelling to our ‘home’ venue at the Kawana Aquatic Centre and kayaking will continue to train at Currimundi Lake.

Queensland Rugby Union 'GAME ON' Development Program

Queensland Rugby Union’s ‘GAME ON’ Rugby Union Development program commences next Tuesday and Wednesday during lunchtime. Students are reminded to bring their sports uniform if the program falls on a day they are normally in formal attire.

If your child hasn’t already signed up for this program and would like to join, please contact Mrs Natalie Campbell by email ( by Monday 8th August.

The six week program will be run at Pacific during lunchtime (1.00pm – 1.40pm) each week, as per the below:

  • Year 3 and 4 students on Tuesdays – 9th August to 13th September
  • Year 5 and 6 students on Wednesdays – 10th August to 14th September

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Acting Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Friday Night Basketball

The Secondary Schools basketball competition is well under way. The Pacific teams have done an outstanding job so far, only ever recording two losses across all 11 teams each week. Congratulations to the Junior A and Open A Girls who both recorded big wins over St Andrew’s Anglican College at their home court last week. The Junior B (Year 7) boys also had their first win of the season with a good victory over St Johns College, while the Junior A Boys, Junior B Girls, Intermediate Boys and Girls and our Open Boys and Girls teams all had good wins as well.

Players and parents are asked to please continually check their emails, student notices, Schoology, the sports notice board and the website ( for up-to-date draws and information for the season. This week’s games are as follows:





Junior A Girls




Junior B Girls (Yr 8)


Cal 3

Siena Black

Junior B Girls (Yr 7)



SCGS Yellow

Junior B Boys (Yr 8)



Siena Black

Junior B Boys (Yr 7)




Int B Girls (White)




Int B Boys



Siena Black

Senior A/B Girls


Meridan 1


Senior C Girls (Yr 12)




Senior D Girls (Yr 11)




Senior C/D/E Boys



Siena White

** Senior D Girls will possibly play against CSHS on Wednesday 10th August at 4.00pm at Pacific

District Athletics Carnival

The Secondary District Athletics Carnival is being held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on 18th and 19th August. All athletes who made the team are expected to attend for their events and each student will have received an information letter outlining their involvement over the two days.

There will be two buses traveling out to the track each day (one at 8.00am and one at 11.30am). All students will be required to travel on one of the buses for their events. The carnival runs from 9.00am until 2.30pm on both days.

The open age group is a district trial only this year and only those who would like to represent the district need attend. Any athletes interested must see Mr Mark Hauser as soon as possible. For further information, please contact Mr Mark Hauser at the College.

We wish all competing athletes the best at the carnival. 


This week our touch players took on Glasshouse Christian College (GCC), St Andrew’s Anglican College (SAAC) and Sunshine Coast Grammar School (SCGS) in the SCISSA Touch competition. Congratulations to the Junior Boys who won against GCC, Intermediate Girls who drew against GCC and the Open Girls who defeated SAAC. Special thank you to all our coaches for their expertise and help so far this season, we are half way through already! Next week, all teams have a bye round.

Water Polo

On Monday night, the Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Water Polo season began. Pacific has one Open Girls team in the competition and we began our campaign by traveling to Noosa for our opening match against Sunshine Beach State High School. The girls were down a few numbers, but rallied well, displaying some great skill in the water. Pacific defeated Sunshine Beach 18-1 to start their season off with a bang! Well done to all the girls and Mr Brett Jones for his coaching.

State Futsal Titles

On Friday 29th July, the Pacific under 16 futsal team went to the Champion of Champions competition at Oxley in Brisbane. The effort the boys put in was outstanding coming away with a win, a draw and three narrow losses to teams more experienced than ours. Matthew Grey was a competent goalie receiving compliments from several other coaches on the day. Ben Pierce and Brenton Abbott played great defensive games while Harry Turner, Sam Fleming and Kurtis Modlin played well in the forwards and the midfield. Drew Chaplin was a great all rounder on the day. The boys are to be complimented not only on their ability to play well against more experienced teams but their good sportsmanship and humour. Well done to the boys and also to Mrs Leah Croke for her time in looking after the team through the Regional and State titles this year. We also appreciate Mrs Sandra Chaplin and Mr Paul Fleming for their help with transportation to Brisbane. We look forward to more success in 2017!

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer
  • Round 16
  • Canteen Assistance
  • Special Sponsorship 
  • Fair Play Award
  • Rooball Carnival - 20th August
  • Final Series - 20th August
  • Adermann Awards
  • Breakup and AGM 2016
  • Round 17 and Canteen Duty - 6th August
  • Looking Ahead...
  • Pacific Soccer Contacts

Click here to download this week's Pacific Soccer newsletter.

Mr Ian Barnes, Pacific Soccer President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

General Notices

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. The NEW 2016 | 2017 Entertainment™ Book and Digital Memberships are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers. From every Membership we sell, 20% of the proceeds go towards our fundraising for Pacific Lutheran Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre! Click here to order your book or digital membership:

Upcoming Dates

1-8 Seishin Visit
5 Year 8 Camp Preparation (12.15pm - 2.15pm)
8 Trimester 3 Begins
8-12 Year 8 Camp - Glastonbury
11 SCISSA Trial Game 5
16 Junior College Science Fair
  ICAS Mathematics Competition
  Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
18 Secondary District Athletics Carnival - USC (Half Day)
19 Secondary District Athletics Carnival - USC (Full Day)
  OCEANfest 2016 (3.00pm - 8.30pm)
22-25 Book Week
23 Sport and Curricular Photo Day
  Year 6 Canberra Information Evening (6.00pm)
24 Mark Church Visit
25 SCISSA Trial Game 6 - PLC Bye
25-26 Year 4 Camp - Alexandra Headlands

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra










Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra