Compass No 426 - July 2016

From the Principal

Motivation Through Purpose

People and organisations that make a difference often have a strong sense of purpose. For Pacific as a community, we have captured this in three phrases. People the Focus, Learning the Purpose and Christ the Way. In these three phrases we are encouraged to grow in our relationship with others and value their human dignity, to continue to grow in our capacity to learn and support the learning of others and to keep Christ at our centre, as community and as individuals. 

Growing with these foundations helps us to keep sight of what is important and gives purpose to what we do. It lifts us beyond the day to day and gives us direction. It reminds us that we are on a journey of learning and growth, always in the company of a loving God. As part of this community, each of us is called to play their part in bringing this purpose to life in ourselves and in others. 

Principal's Log

This year, Pacific will make history by sending one of our STEM projects into space. Along with schools in New South Wales, Pacific has been accepted into the Quberider program. Students will create a project incorporating science, mathematics or computing to send to the International Space Station to conduct experiments. We wish Georgia Woods, Matt Daniec, Keaton Dines, Cameron Heeney, Jy Flynn, Harry Stone, Liam Dines, Jackson Mikolic, Jodie Bradshaw and Cailem Leembruggen all the best as they engage in this wonderful learning opportunity and thank Mrs Janine Stone for her initiative and leadership in this area.

It was very good to see the energy and enthusiasm of our Year 10 parents and students as they came together to hear information about future pathways and subject selection. As well as hearing important information about processes, young people were encouraged to make the most of the opportunity they have each day to enhance their capacity to thrive in the next phase of their learning. We thank our parents and students for their support and express our strong appreciation to our Heads of Department and to our Director of Teaching and Learning, Ms Sue Arahill and Careers Counsellor, Mrs Natasha Purcell for their leadership of the evening.

The OCEANfest on Friday 19th August is fast approaching and is looking to be a fun-filled afternoon and evening as we join in bringing the Carnivale atmosphere from Rio to the Sunshine Coast. The final preparations are underway and we encourage all families to assist, as they are able. Further details about volunteering at this important community event will be emailed to families over the coming week. We thank Mrs Melissa Pollack, Mrs Jenny Lee and the OCEANfest Committee for all of their work in leading the preparations and we thank parents for your support.

As a College we thank you as a community for your response to our request for changed arrangements last Friday so that staff could attend Pastor Rick Zweck’s funeral. We have appreciated your support, given in a variety of ways and join with you in continuing to hold Mrs Sue Zweck and Mrs Anna Maher and their family in our prayers.

May God continue to help us to keep People the Focus, Learning the Purpose and Christ as our way.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the College Pastor

Cat or Dog?

Are you a cat or a dog person? In the past I have been a cat owner. And I must admit, sometimes I like to lounge around, sleep in on a weekend, find a sunny place in winter and just observe what’s going on around me. All the sorts of behaviour you would expect from a cat. They say that pet owners tend to share the same characteristics as their pets. But there are times in my life when I know that I need to be a bit more ‘dog’ like. That is, be motivated, full of energy and focus and ready to race after that stick someone has thrown me!

A couple of years ago, a British mobile phone company released an advertising campaign called ‘Be More Dog’, which centres around these differences between cats and dogs. You can view the campaign at: The video encourages people to be motivated like a dog; to seize the day, seize the moment and seize the dog in you! It has a great line in it, “Carpe Diem; It means grab the Frisbee”.

When I consider my schooling and my motivation levels, there were times when I was like a cat. I lounged around in classes, I procrastinated when it came to study and assignments. My teachers’ words and encouragement washed over me and I was in my own little world at times. Bored with subjects, classes and teachers and disinterested with school, I was like a lazy cat – bored with the experience. Unfortunately, school is like that for some people. But it need not be a person’s only experience of school. Sometimes in our education and in our life we need to be more dog like, more motivated to seize the day. To act on the moment, to be energetic and willing to learn and take chances.

The writer of the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes puts it this way, “Seize life!...Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange for the hard work of staying alive. Make the most of each one! Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily!” (Ecclesiastes 9:7,9 The Message). The philosophy behind these biblical words is similar to the ‘Be More Dog’ campaign. At times we all need to be motivated, to be more dog like, to seize the day. Life is short, each breath we take is a gift from God. We need to learn how we can be motivated to make the most of each day. There are too many good things God has in store for us to just sit around and wait for the world to pass on by. Contrary to the sleepy cat we have inside us, we need to seize life, seize the day, seize the motivation and be more dog! ‘Carpe Canem’ I say, seize the dog!

Pastor Tim Jarick, College Pastor

From the Head of Senior Students

Senior College Parent Teacher Interviews

We extend a warm welcome back to all students and their families. As Term 3 commences, it is important that students have reviewed their Semester 1 report to reflect on their efforts and learning outcomes. This will help them to establish good routines and practices for the second half of the academic year. In particular, it is imperative for students to maintain a good balance between work, social life, exercise and nutrition.

We invite parents/guardians and students to the Parent Teacher Interviews next Wednesday 27th June. Information about how to book these conferences has already been emailed home.   

Year 12 Graduation Photos

In preparation for the Year 12 End of Year events, we would like to begin gathering approximately three photos of every Year 12 student, which highlight special moments during their schooling at Pacific.

It would be great if you could choose different ages, activities, academic achievements, sports, cultural and/or extra-curricular activities, so that we have a range of photos to select from. You are welcome to email Mrs Leanne Bevis at:, or bring the photos on a storage device (clearly named) to the Middle/Senior Administration office. If you are emailing your photos, please put your name in the subject line.

We would also like some group photos, so if you have any from different events, could you also include these (names and dates would help). Thank you for your assistance.

Pastoral Care Groups and OCEANfest

OCEANfest is an exciting event that provides both students and parent/guardians an opportunity to volunteer their time and serve in a pursuit that will benefit both personal growth and the College community. Further, this event builds community connections. Over the coming weeks, Middle and Senior College parents, friends and students will be invited to volunteer to assist with stalls at this event (communication about this will be sent via email).

In the Middle and Senior College, each PCG has also been invited to contribute to the cent auction. The cent auction is always very popular with both children and adults at the event. For those who don’t know what a cent auction is, following is a short explanation:

A series of prizes are placed on display. Bidders buy a sheet/s of tickets and place as many tickets as they wish in the sealed containers displayed next to the prizes they would like to win. The more tickets entered, the higher the chance of winning. These prizes usually have a theme for example BBQ, Pamper Mum, Games.

A ticket is drawn from the box – like a raffle – determining the winner. Cent auctions typically run throughout the event with the draws happening towards the end of the event. Winners do not need to be present at the drawing of the tickets.

Each class across Kindy to Year 6 at the College is collecting items to add to a themed basket. However, in PCG’s, rather than purchasing separate items and in order to keep costs down, each family is invited to contribute $5. Each PCG will then purchase one larger item, rather than lots of separate items.

A number of PCG’s have already started this process and students are excited, eagerly looking through catalogues to choose something for the group to purchase. Thank you to those who have already contributed. We are aiming to have this collection finalised by the end of Week 3 this term (Friday 29th July). If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email Jacqui Heinz on:

Year 2 and Year 12 Connections

On the final day of Term 2, the Year 2 and Year 12 students were invited to bring along their lunch for a catch-up time. It was really positive to see the connections between students and Year 12 students taking the opportunity to lead a range of activities with the Year 2 students. 


We look forward to further connection days this term.

Miss Kim Stone, Head of Senior Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

P-5 Update

Congratulations to the Year 5 leaders for this term who were inducted and presented with their leadership badges at Monday’s assembly.

Thank you to those parents who attended the P-5 parent teacher conferences this week. As the learning journey at Pacific is a shared one, these conferences play an important role in enabling parents to be a part of their child’s growth and development.   

Acts of Kindness

As I entered the College yesterday, one of the students greeted me with a hearty good morning and held the gate open for me to enter. Often, we undervalue the positive impact that small acts of kindness can have on another person. A smile, speaking in a friendly voice, helping another or doing something thoughtful or generous for others can brighten a dull day and invigorate our feelings and emotions. Acting kindly towards another not only makes the receiver feel good, but the person performing the actions finds their endeavors fulfilling and satisfying.

Are such behaviours innate or do they need to be learnt? Recent scientific evidence has found that surprisingly, our brains are actually wired to be benevolent. Our social environment is often directed towards an ‘every man for himself attitude’, based upon success at the expense of others.

Like any skill, how to speak and act with kindness is something that can be taught. At the College, the development of social and emotional competencies in students is a major focus. Research regularly reaffirms that happy, confident and resilient children perform more successfully academically.

Each year, students study the You Can Do It program, which includes lessons on Getting Along, Persistence, Confidence, Organisation and Emotional Resilience. Students work within the framework of Restorative Practices and the Christian Studies and devotions program. In support of these programs this term, students will be trialling study in developing the concept of kindness.

The concepts translate easily from school to home. As a parent, we all want our children to be happy, confident and resilient. We also want our children to act with thought and kindness without the need for extrinsic forms of motivation (prizes). A quick internet search reveals there is a great variety of interesting material available on the topic. The following site, which contains a program used successfully in the Colorado Schools District in the United States, acts as a great starting point if you are interested in the topic:

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

This Week Monday 18th July

Year 1:  Grace Meekan and Tyler Casement.

Year 2:  Ruby Davis, Caidan Holden and Katie Holman.

Year 3:  Kellen Owen McEvoy, Libby Punter, Mitchell Briese, Tarryn Fawke, Riley Shepherd and Amelia Holmes.

Year 4:  James McCluskey, Grace Powell and Rhys Veizer.

Year 5:  Elyse McFadyen, Alex Monroe and Keira Hickey. 

Lost Property

Ladies Jacket

Before the holidays, a black ladies puffer jacket was left in to the Middle/Senior Administration office. If this is yours, it is available for collection from the main administration office.

Food for Thought

Internet Safety 101

When children go online, they have direct and immediate access to friends, family and also complete strangers, which can put unsuspecting children at great risk. Children who meet and communicate with strangers online are easy prey for internet predators. Parents can play an important role in keeping young people safe online. To find out more, visit:

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor 

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

OCEANfest Update

Cent Auction
Thank you to our families for supporting the cent auction again this year by donating prizes or money. This is always a major event at OCEANfest and a very popular stall. If you would still like to donate to your class or PCG, this week will be your final opportunity, as the baskets will be collected next Wednesday. Thank you for your generosity.

Ride Passes
This year we will have ride passes for sale online, please look out for this information in the next couple of weeks. For those who do not wish to purchase their passes online, there will still be some available at the College.

Cashless Festival
As per the previous festival in 2014, we will be running a cashless event. There will be ‘cash for tickets’ available for purchase in the days prior and there will also be booths onsite on the night, plus an ATM. Refunds of unused tickets are only available on the night.

Major Raffle

Over the coming days, each Pacific family will receive raffle tickets in the mail. Each family is encouraged to sell or purchase their full book of 10 tickets. More books are available from the office as needed.

With over $11,000 worth of raffle prizes up for grabs, make sure you enter in our huge RAFFLEfest – only $2 a ticket. Prizes will be drawn at OCEANfest and 17 lucky winners will be announced. The major prize is an exclusive 18-carat premium white gold ring valued at $3,500, courtesy of Sunstate Jewellers!

Also up for grabs:

  • A Viking Kayak, worth over $1000;
  • A luxury BMW car for a weekend;
  • Two bikes donated by the Maclean Family from the Caloundra Bicycle Centre;
  • A relaxing break at the Sebel resort; and
  • Anytime Fitness packages and heaps more...

There will also be a BOOK SELLERS BONUS prize for the family who sells the most tickets. The winner will receive a $200 gift voucher for the Pacific uniform shop, courtesy of Weareco Clothing.

All profits raised from the festival goes towards providing resources for the College community. This year, we aim to expand our array of solar panels, courtesy of UNI Industries, to become a more environmentally friendly community.

Please return ALL raffle tickets (sold or unsold) with correct money to the main office by Monday 15th August.

Thank you to everyone in our community for supporting this fabulous event again.

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, FoP Chairperson and OCEANfest 2016 Committee

Library News

Visiting Author

Award-winning author and illustrator, Peter Carnavas, visited the College this week to host a workshop with our Year 8 students. As part of their English studies, Year 8 students are learning about picture books and for their assessment, will create their own book as well as analyse a published book. Peter gave students some handy information and tips about writing picture books and conveying information through images.

Making Bouncy Balls

In MakerSpace this week students performed some simple kitchen chemistry to create bouncy balls. Using a mixture of cornflour, water, glue, borax and food colouring, students followed a scientific procedure and had a lot of fun making a mess!

Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Junior College

School Hearing Program

Parents are reminded about the Hearing Program offered to ELC, Kindy and Prep students on 3rd, 4th and 11th August this year. Information and consent forms have previously been emailed to parents, however copies can also be obtained from the main administration office and through Mrs Julie McCosker in the ELC.

If you wish for your child to have his/her hearing screened, please return consent forms by Monday 1st August.

“Early intervention can have a significant impact on a child’s overall speech and language development and educational outcomes. Research has shown that early detection and intervention can influence a child’s speech, sound development, expressive and receptive language development and even their literacy skills such as reading comprehension.” – UQ Health and Rehabilitation Clinics Audiology Department

Ms Sharon Dean and Mrs Maree Hooper, College Nurses

Secondary College

Pacific Becomes a Space School

A new program is giving Pacific Lutheran College, along with schools in NSW, the opportunity to make history by sending their science projects into space.

The Quberider program is a curriculum that can be implemented into any core science, computing or maths subject. Students create a project, which will be sent to the International Space Station to conduct experiments.

The rocket that will carry the projects to space has a tentative launch date of November 11th this year. This will be the first time Australia has sent anything to the International Space Station, making our students pioneers!

Pacific has a group of 10 students taking part in the project, including Georgia Woods, Matt Daniec, Keaton Dines, Cameron Heeney, Jy Flynn, Harry Stone, Liam Dines, Jackson Mikolic, Jodie Bradshaw and Cailem Leembruggen. Each student has a particular focus strength in either physics, science, maths or programming. The group is currently in the planning stages of the project.

Watch this space for further updates!

Mrs Janine Stone, Coordinator

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

Students who have achieved very high grades in Semester 1 have been invited to participate in this year’s AMC. If your child has not been invited and you wish them to participate, please contact Mr Adam Doyle or their maths teacher before the competition next week. Year 8-12 students will sit this competition on Thursday 28th July. They will need to bring pencils, erasers, ruler and compass (optional) to rooms H3-H5 at 8.45am, after being marked off at PCG. Year 3-7 students will sit their AMC on Friday 29th July, also in rooms H3-H5 (above the Hospitality kitchen), straight after chapel. They are to bring pencils, erasers, ruler and compass (optional) and they are allowed to bring a calculator (not iPad). Maths teachers have some practice papers for those students who are interested. Good luck to all of our young mathematicians!

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

After School Mathematics Tutoring

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials for students in Years 7-12 who would like extra assistance or clarification of concepts. These tutorials are held on Monday afternoons in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete Maths class work, homework or ask for assistance. The expectation is that students remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent.

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

Young Driver Seminar

A reminder that on Friday 29th July, the University of the Sunshine Coast is hosting a Young Drivers seminar. The seminar will present some of the latest research from Australia and Germany on young driver road safety.

Click here to download the information flyer, which includes details on how to register.

Miss Kim Stone, Head of Senior College Students

From the Head of Career Development

Caloundra RSL - School Based Traineeship Information Night

Students, parents and teachers are invited to attend a traineeship information evening at the Caloundra RSL. Students will have the opportunity to meet the RSL’s Club Trainer and gain an insight into what is involved in a School Based Traineeship. Application forms will be available on the evening and interviews with potential trainees will also be arranged on the night. Click here for more information.

The information night will be held on Wednesday 27th July. Places are limited, so please register your attendance to:

University Open Days - This Weekend

Saturday 23rd July – Australian Catholic University Open Day at their Brisbane campus from 9.00am – 2.00pm. Download the program and open day app at:

Sunday 24th July – Griffith University Open Day at the Gold Coast, Nathan and South Bank campuses from 9.00am – 2.00pm. To plan your day and to register for a chance to win an iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7, go to:

Important QTAC Information

Year 12 students have received their QTAC 2017 Guide for tertiary study applications from 2nd August until 30th September. Students will be offered an appointment with the Careers Counsellor throughout Term 3 (I encourage parents to attend with their student where possible) to discuss ordering their preferences. A ‘How to Apply’ session will be delivered during Personal Development classes after the QCS Test has been completed. Please note, those students interested in studying in Melbourne will need to apply through the VTAC process.

There have been some changes made to the QTAC offers process this year, with early offers commencing for some courses from 18th November (the last day of school for Year 12 students). It is important to be aware that students need to respond to their offer within a set time frame. This could be within 4 days or 7 days, depending on the date of the offer as advised at the time of the offer. Therefore, if students are attending Schoolies Week celebrations, it will be important for them to continue to check the status of their QTAC applications online and via email and respond promptly. Students are also able to nominate their parents to access information and act on their behalf when they complete their QTAC application.

Key dates for the QTAC application and offer process are outlined below:


  • 2nd August: QTAC online applications open:
  • 27th September: If paying by BPAY, lodge and pay for your application by this date. Your payment must reach QTAC by 30th September to avoid the $138 application fee.
  • 30th September: On-time application due date for a $37 fee.
  • 1st October: Application fee increases from $37 to $138.
  • 18th November: Depending on the courses you apply for, you could receive an offer from this date onwards.
  • 8th December: Application and documentation due date (including the Educational Access Scheme documentation if requested by QTAC) for courses commencing in Semester 1 2017.
  • 15th December: Major offer round for creative and performing arts and some other courses for entry in Semester 1 2017.
  • 16th December: Year 12 results mailed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.
  • 17th December: Year 12 results available from Learning Accounts on the Student Connect website at:
  • Late December: OP ineligible ranks will be available on your QTAC application.


  • 9th January: Final date for change of preference in the major offer round on 16th January, before 10.00am.
  • 16th January: Major offer round for Semester 1 2017 courses.
  • 2nd February: Offer round for Semester 1 2017 courses with vacancies.

Note: QTAC will notify you by email if you have received an offer. If you receive an offer, but don’t respond to it, the offer will lapse and you will no longer be considered for a course. If this happens, contact QTAC immediately. Remember to use your private email address NOT your school email address on your QTAC application.

Special Consideration Through QTAC

QTAC's Educational Access Scheme (EAS) helps applicants who have experienced difficult circumstances that have impacted negatively on their senior studies. The categories of EAS are:

  • Financial hardship;
  • Personal illness and disability;
  • Home environment and responsibilities;
  • Educational disruption; and
  • English language difficulty.

Through EAS you may receive bonus ranks towards entry to your preferred course. You can apply for EAS as part of your QTAC application. QTAC will send you an email containing a cover sheet for each relevant category if you need to send documentation to support your EAS application. You then mail or deliver the required documents with the cover sheet(s) to QTAC. Read more about EAS in the QTAC Guide on page 10 or at:

The QTAC Guide

This book is a very important resource for students wishing to apply for Queensland tertiary courses that commence in 2017. Following are some of the items you can find in the Guide:

  • How to apply through QTAC and some myths about the process (page 5).
  • Ordering preferences and how to reorder them for multiple offer rounds (page 6).
  • Responding to an offer, including offer round dates (page 14).
  • Key dates and fees (page 19).
  • Courses that have fixed closing dates i.e. you must apply for them by a certain date or you miss out (page 20).
  • Courses that have their major offer round on 15th December 2016 (page 21).
  • A section on assistance schemes (page 24). Institution websites will provide you with more information on this as well.
  • Course descriptions and requirements (the index on page 30 will help you navigate this section).
  • Information about tertiary institutions you apply directly to i.e. not through QTAC (page 172).
  • Information about the tertiary institutions you can apply to through QTAC (page 190).

Year 12 students are advised to read the information in this booklet carefully. Use the ‘Contents’ page on page 3 to find specific topics. The on-time due date for QTAC applications is 30th September 2016. The application fee up to this date is $37. From 1st October 2016, the fee increases to $138.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor 

Junior Sport


Could all Semester 1 SCISSA uniforms please be returned to Mrs Natalie Campbell’s office by Tuesday 26th July to enable us to distribute to our Semester 2 teams. There are still some soccer, basketball, rugby and netball uniforms outstanding.

Semester 2 SCISSA Sport

Training and team selections continued this week with the students excited to be on the field, playing their new sport for Semester 2.

With the 2016 Queensland Schools Canoe Marathon Championships only weeks away, Kayakers will now have training on Monday 25th July and Monday 1st August. These dates are in addition to what is shown on the College calendar for SCISSA training and only relates to our kayak team. Students are to meet in their training gear at the senior car park bus shelters by 3.15pm to take the bus to Lake Kawana for training. As per regular Monday training, parents will need to collect their children from Lake Kawana at 4.15pm.

9-12yrs District Primary Athletics Carnival

Notices have now been sent home to students in our Junior Athletics Team. The District Primary Athletics Carnival will be held at the Sunshine Coast University Sports Precinct on Thursday 28th July. If you have not already returned the consent form to Mrs Natalie Campbell, please do so immediately. 

Students will need to be at school in time for the bus to leave at 7.50am next Thursday. This departure time will ensure we arrive in adequate time for warm up and for the first event. Please be respectful of those students competing in the first events by arriving on time. The bus will depart from the bus stop in front of school. Full sports uniform should be worn including hats. Pacific athletics singlets will be handed out at the venue.

Mrs Natalie Campbell, Acting Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Friday Night Basketball

Well done to all teams who competed last week. It was the most successful start to a season we have ever had, with all but two teams recording wins. Congratulations to the Senior A girls who defeated Matthew Flinders Anglican College (MFAC), putting them on top of the ladder early in the season. The junior teams did exceptionally well with the Junior A Boys and both Junior B Girls teams recording great wins. The Senior C Girls (Year 12) also won in a very tight match and the Intermediate Girls had an easy win over Nambour Christian College.

Players and parents are asked to please continually check their emails, student notices, Schoology, the sports notice board, Compass newsletter and the website ( for up-to-date draws and information for the season.

This week’s games are as follows:





Junior A Girls




Junior B Girls (Yr 8)


Cal 1


Junior B Girls (Yr 7)



St Johns

Junior B Boys (Yr 8)




Junior B Boys (Yr 7)



St Johns

Int B Girls (White)


Cal 4


Int B Boys


Cal 3

St Johns

Senior A/B Girls


Cal 1


Senior C Girls (Yr 12)




Senior D Girls (Yr 11)


Cal 3


Senior C/D/E Boys




Secondary Athletics Carnival

The Year 8-12 Athletics Carnival is on next Tuesday 26th July at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). All students are required to attend and arrive at school by 8.25am in their house shirts. A copy of the program will be sent home to all families on Monday. Students are asked to please assemble in HOUSE groups (sitting in their PCG’s) at the following locations by 8.25am:

  • Wira – outside the gymnasium
  • Bula – under L block
  • Mumba – grass area outside H2 classroom

Please note that students are expected to travel to and from the venue in their PCG groups and any dress-ups or face painting must be done at the track (not on buses or prior to boarding). The use of the USC canteen is strictly out of bounds, however there will be a small sausage sizzle run by the Friends of Pacific.

All students who have signed up for events are expected to participate in those divisions on the day. There are plenty of races and events for all students to be involved in throughout the carnival. We wish all students the best of luck and may the best house win!


SCISSA Touch rounds continue next Wednesday with most teams involved in matches after school. Congratulations to all our teams who played exceptionally well this week. The Senior Girls, Senior A Boys, Senior B Boys, Junior Girls and Junior Boys all recorded great wins against their opposition this week. Full training for all players continues this week on Friday.

Players are asked to please continually check their emails, student notices, Schoology, the sports notice board and Compass newsletter articles for up-to-date draws and information for the season.

Games for next week are as follows:

Round 3 – 27th July





Junior Boys


Meridan (4)


Junior Girls


Meridan (3)


Int Boys


Meridan (2)


Int Girls


Meridan (4)


Snr Boys A


Meridan (1)


Snr Boys B


Meridan (2)


Snr Girls


Meridan (3)


** All home games are played on Meridan fields.

We also wish our four Pacific teams who are involved in the All Schools Touch Tournament this Sunday, all the very best. Thank you to all who have been involved in the lead up to this competition, especially to Mr Josh Danzey and Mr Darren Lawrance for their leadership of touch.

Student Success

Jason Wulff has just returned from representing the Sunshine Coast at the State Cross Country championships. He came 15th in Queensland for his age group (12 year boys) and then went on to represent the region in the 4 x 1500m relay event. His team came 5th overall. Congratulations Jason on a magnificent effort.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer
  • Round 14
  • Canteen Assistance
  • Representative Coaches for 2017
  • Round 15 - This Weekend
  • Canteen Duty - 22nd July
  • Looking Ahead...
  • Pacific Soccer Contacts

Click here to download this week's Pacific Soccer newsletter.

Mr Ian Barnes, Pacific Soccer President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Peta King, Uniform Shop Convenor

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra










Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

General Notices

Entertainment Books

Pacific Lutheran College is fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. The NEW 2016 | 2017 Entertainment™ Book and Digital Memberships are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers. From every Membership we sell, 20% of the proceeds go towards our fundraising for Pacific Lutheran Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre! Click here to order your book or digital membership:

Upcoming Dates

18-22 Year 9 Camp - Somerset
26 Year 8-12 Athletics Carnival - USC (9.00am - 2.30pm)
27 Year 6-12 Parent Teacher Conferences
28 Australian Maths Competition
  9-12yrs District Primary Athletics Carnival
1-8 Seishin Visit
5 Year 8 Camp Preparation (12.15pm - 2.15pm)
8 Trimester 3 Begins
8-12 Year 8 Camp - Glastonbury
11 SCISSA Trial Game 5
16 Junior College Science Fair
  ICAS Mathematics Competition
  Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
18 Secondary District Athletics Carnival - USC (Half Day)
19 Secondary District Athletics Carnival - USC (Full Day)
  OCEANfest 2016 (3.00pm - 8.30pm)