Compass No 411 - March 2016

From the Principal

Keeping The Good Stuff

This is the time of year where the plants in our gardens can undergo a burst of growth. In amongst the growth we delight in, there are pockets and sometimes even blooms of weeds. If left unattended, these weeds can over-run even the best-prepared garden. Our lives can be similar to the gardens. When surrounded by abundance, we can often see different weeds spring forth. Left unattended they can screen those things that are of most value in our lives. Just as it is important to weed our garden to keep it healthy, there are times where we also need to do some personal weeding in our lives. 

As a young person, I remember helping the family remove weeds from watercourses and I required guidance to identify the weeds among the good grasses and plants. In our lives we also need to grow in our discernment of what is to be nurtured and what should be weeded out. Identifying those things we see as providing real meaning for us in life can help us to make wise choices. God, as our guide who walks with us, continually supports us to grow to greater understanding and discernment.

Principal's Log

Tomorrow we celebrate International Women’s Day as a community and acknowledge the role that women have played and are playing in supporting families, friends and the wider community. For our community, we celebrate the very significant role that our volunteers play in enriching our young people’s lives. We also take the opportunity to be reminded of the ways we can support the ongoing improvement of access to education and meaningful engagement in society for different groups around the world. Tomorrow morning we will have the privilege of listening to Mrs Ali Palmer speak about cultivating wellbeing and Mrs Shelagh Brennand inspire us as she shares her story of recovery from stroke.

The My School website ( has been updated with data from 2015. The improved speed of data turn around has meant that schools are better placed to use the information to plan for improvement. NAPLAN data on both an individual and cohort basis is just one of the resources used by our staff to plan for ongoing improvement of student learning. Families are encouraged to visit the My School website which contains a range of resources including NAPLAN data and financial reports. Where families have questions you are encouraged to direct those to Mrs Rae Hall, Mrs Sue Zweck or myself.

We look forward to next week’s Year 4-6 Gala Day where students play other SCISSA schools at a range of venues on the coast. Details of the sports and venues are provided later in this newsletter. We encourage families to take the opportunity to support their children where time permits.

May God grant us times of stillness to reflect and refine, so that we always nurture and hold firm to those things that bring good.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the Director of Students


Last year, our staff worked with the University of Melbourne’s Positive Psychology department on PERMA. Some new research released by the Director of the Department, Professor Lea Walters, is very interesting. While most parents intuitively value the provision of love and emotional support to their children, Professor Walters said mindfulness can aid emotional support by helping parents regulate their own attention and emotion. Mindfulness is defined as a present focused, open and non- judgemental state of attention. The good news is that mindfulness can be learnt and anyone can become more mindful with practice.

According to Professor Walters, mindfulness is more than a buzzword; it is about being present and giving each task your full attention. Taking the time to listen and understand your child’s problems, promotes trust and emotional connection leading to a richer and more authentic relationship. It also teaches children to be open and aware of their own thoughts, feelings and situations, which in turn makes them less stressed. This is very important with research showing that ‘31 per cent of Australian children’ are feeling very stressed.

A new smartphone app called ‘AC Companion on Mindfulness’ is recommended by our College Counsellor Annie Williams and a good book that I have been reading is ‘Mindfulness A Practical Guide’ by Tessa Watt.

Year 7 Leaders

Congratulations to our new Year 7 leaders, as follows:

Cambell Gigney, Olivia Gartrell, Elijah Modlin and Zoe Clewett.

Alessandro Papallo, Tegan Graves, Joshua Stevenson and Holly Hurd.

Ethan Watman, Emily McKenzie, Heath O’Sullivan and Emma Frohmuller.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

National Ride2School Day

Last Friday the College (with the support of the Sunshine Coast Council) participated in National Ride2School Day. Thank you to the many parents who took the time to ride to school with their children. The day encouraged students and parents to travel in ways that are more environmentally friendly and healthy. It was a great success!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Research continues to recognise the importance of parent support in creating an environment where children can achieve their academic potential. Next week parent teacher conferences will be held for P-5 students. The conferences provide an ideal opportunity for parents, teachers and students to discuss each child’s progression and development. We encourage all parents to attend these conferences. Due to the scheduling of conferences, there will be no SCISSA training for Year 4-6 students on Monday 14th March.

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Next Friday 18th March is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. Students will be participating in a variety of activities to reinforce this important message.

Pacific Lutheran College aims to create a safe and supportive school community for students. As parents, you are an important part of our work in preventing bullying behaviour that can occur between students.

According to The Safe And Supportive School Communities (SSSC) Working Group (, it is not always easy to identify what bullying actually is. The SSSC describes bullying as an ongoing misuse of power involving patterns of harmful verbal, physical or social behaviour. However, not all aggressive or harmful behaviour between people is classified as bullying. While conflicts and aggressive behaviour need to be addressed, it is important to be clear when these behaviours are not actually bullying.

The definition of bullying has three critical aspects – a repeated pattern, the misuse of power within relationships and behaviour that causes harm. All three aspects need to be present in order for behaviour to be called bullying.

What can parents do if their child tells them they think someone is bullying them?

  1. Listen carefully to what your child wants to say.
  2. Ask your child what they want to do and also what they want you to do.
  3. Discuss with your child some sensible strategies to handle the problem – starting a fight is not sensible.
  4. Contact the College.

At Pacific, conflict resolution is based on a restorative approach that develops resilience in students and instills a culture of respect where students support each other.

The Restorative Approach begins by addressing:

  • What happened?
  • Who’s been harmed?
  • What needs to happen to repair some of that harm?

Through a restorative approach, conflict or wrongdoing is viewed as causing harm to people and relationships and there is an obligation to repair this harm in order to move forward. It is a way of educating students towards self-regulated right behaviour that is respectful of all concerned. In particular, it puts the onus back on the wrongdoer to be truly accountable for their behaviour and to repair any harm caused to others.

It also ensures that those who have been most affected by the wrongdoing have the opportunity to be involved in working out what has to happen in order to move forward. 

As a footnote, research now clearly articulates that short-term ‘solutions’ alone, like punishing students, do not improve the relationships and social factors that allowed the bullying to happen. Although the bullying may stop in the short-term, unless these factors are addressed, it is very likely to reoccur or become covert (hidden).

Prep – Year 5 students undertake the You Can Do It Program, which teaches children a number of skills to be successful and happy and develops emotional resilience. That is, knowing how to stay calm and being able to stop yourself from getting angry, down or worried when something ‘bad’ happens. It also means being able to control your behaviour when you are very upset so that you rebound from difficulty and return to work or play.

The Restorative Approach and You Can Do It program both encourage students to be proactive bystanders when witnessing issues between students. Eminent child psychologist Dr Carr-Gregg, suggests “bullies are buoyed by the support they get from bystanders, so victims and witnesses should be encouraged to stand up to the aggressors by telling the bully to stop or if they feel uneasy doing this to simply walk away and tell a teacher about what is happening”. Through the use of practical tools such as ‘high five’ (speak friendly, speak firmly, ignore, walk away, tell the teacher), students are reminded of their role if they witness problems between students. The involvement of bystanders in restorative conferences and circles also promotes a deep understanding of how negative behaviours can have a flow on affect.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Stars of the Week

This Week Monday 7th March


Fletcher Cox

Jersey Pollard


Peach Cookson

Stella Barnes


Mia Murphy

Thomas Cannon

Year 1

Seth Hellyer

Tyler Casement


Valentino Kelly


Year 2

Hayley Petfield

Aden Temby-Nichols


Annabella Hentschel

Leo Michaels


Carter Boland


Year 3

Riley Bowering

Holly King


Ruby Prosser

Ashton Haas


Noah Daniel

Liam Hague


Jada Baker


Year 4

Archie Palmer

Mitchell Pyke


Riley Dixon


Year 5

Ayla Sheridan

Kelsey Punter


Gabby Rattey

Hazar Pearse


Lillian Atkinson

Jake Whatham

You Can Do It Awards

This Week Monday 7th March

Confidence:     Sam McKean, Sarah Heeney and Ruby Prosser

Persistence:    Hobie Barry and Ben Greenough

Organisation:   Jade Smart

Getting Along:  Tarryn Fawke, Phoebe Wheat and Olivia Crawford

Food for Thought

Exploring the New Frontier in Parenting

Even if you can’t ‘do anything’ about your child’s upsets, empathise. Just being understood helps humans let go of troubling emotions. If your child’s upset seems out of proportion to the situation, remember that we all store up emotions and then let ourselves experience them once we find a safe haven.

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Next Meeting

We warmly invite you to join us at Friends of Pacific. The next meeting is being held this coming Tuesday 15th March at 7.00pm in the College library. As well as a place for parents and guardians to connect, we also look forward to discussing our major event this year – OCEANfest.

The plans for OCEANfest are well underway however, we are still seeking extra people to oversee a few key areas of the festival. It would greatly assist the committee to have a few more people involved, especially in the very important, early planning stages.

If you are interested in becoming actively involved but are unable to attend meetings, please contact us directly at or for OCEANfest, call Leanne Bevis (Middle/Senior Administration) on 54367338.


Friends of Pacific is hosting a mini food and drink canteen for the SCISSA Gala Day as the boys basketball competition is being held at Pacific.

The Gala Day is on Thursday 17th March and we would very much appreciate anybody who can assist us on that day. If you are coming along to watch your child, perhaps you could spare some time to help out. Please contact Allyson Sarvari on 0402 276 988 or

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, FoP Chairperson

Important Notices

Lost Property

The following watches have been in Lost Property for several weeks now. To claim these items, please visit the Middle / Senior College Administration Office.

Miss Angela Hill, Administration

Apple Power Adapter Recall

As notified in a previous newsletter, Apple has recalled the two prong wall plug adapters that were shipped between 2003 and 2015. The details of this recall are at:

As a service to parents, students and staff, Pacific has arranged for a bulk supply of these replacement plugs to be delivered to the College and have established a temporary collection point for the faulty plugs that need to be returned to Apple.

If you have an adapter that is eligible for exchange, please bring it into the IT Department so we can exchange them for you. A faulty unit needs to be handed in to authorise a replacement.

We have a set time period to make these exchanges and then all adapters will be returned to SmileIT (the local Apple Service agent). Please bring your faulty adapters in by end of day, Friday 18th March.

Please contact IT directly if you have any queries.


Current Roster

Click here to download the current Tuckshop roster.

Ms Carrie Dickson, Tuckshop Convenor

Library News

Library Traineeship

The College is offering a school-based traineeship in Certificate II in Information and Cultural Services (CUL20111). In an information society such as ours, there is an increased need for people with job skills in retrieving, collating and organising information. This qualification prepares students for jobs such as librarian, library technician, library assistant, researcher, archivist, curator, customer services officer, data management specialist and more.

Year 11 students who are interested in applying, please see Mr Ian Learoyd for more details.

Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Junior College

Year 3-7 Musical

A reminder that expression of interest forms are due back by Friday 18th March. If you need another form, please collect one from either the Junior or Middle College Offices.

An Audition Workshop will be held on Thursday 14th April (Week 1 of Term 2) and auditions will be held the following week on Thursday 21st April.

Mrs Laura Bonner, Director

Year 2 Toy Characters

This term in English, Year 2 students are learning about the narrative (story writing) genre. They have been using their imagination to create ‘toy characters’ that will become the main characters of narrative adventures. As part of the planning process, students completed a character plan, detailing their character’s physical features, personality, catch phrases and super powers. They then collected a range of recyclable materials to create a 3D model of the character. The students got busy with paint, glitter and glue to create the most amazing toy characters. Thank you to our parent helpers who were brave enough to help on the day. We are now busily writing the narratives. I wonder what adventures our toys will have? Excellent work Year 2!

Mrs Leonie Prout, Year 2 Teacher

Secondary College

The Spangler Effect Hits Our Science Department

The Year 1, Year 8 and Year 12 cohorts have been mesmerised by the sublimation of frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice). Dry ice is especially useful for freezing things due to its particularly low temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius. Whilst carbon dioxide gas is in fact colourless, dry ice produces what appears to be a white cloud. This is simply because the very cold and now gaseous CO2 molecules actually cause the water particles in the air to condense into small water droplets, producing what appears to be a white cloud. Whilst a block of dry ice would cause frostbite if it were touched, the cloud is in fact at room temperature.  

During Term 1, the Year 8 Science students began learning about the transitions between states of matter, culminating in the concept of density. In Year 1, the students have been investigating how everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways. Throughout the demonstrations, students learned through the use of pH indicators, how subliming dry ice in water causes the water to become more acidic. This is the result of the CO2 molecules reacting with the water molecules and producing carbonic acid, which is the same acid that results in the ‘fizz’ in soft drinks. Other demonstrations included the trapping of gaseous carbon dioxide in detergent producing amazingly large bubbles and the production of a wind vortex.

Steve Spangler from Steve Spangler Science created all of the demonstrations. His life goal is to teach Science to children using safe and amazing demonstrations and both the Year 1 and 8 students were ‘Spanglerfied’.

Mr Josh Danzey, Mathematics and Science Teacher

Mathematics Tutorials

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials this year for students in Years 7-12. These tutorials are on Monday afternoons and are in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete class work, homework or seek assistance. The expectation is that they remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent. 

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

From the Head of Career Development

Upcoming Events

The World Science Festival Brisbane is on from 9th  – 13th March. For more details, visit:

The World Education Program (WEP) is holding an information evening in Brisbane on 16th March. If you are considering a Gap Year or looking for an alternative to Schoolies like volunteering abroad, visit the website to find out more:

Applications close for the Letz Live 2017 gap program on 8th April. For more information, visit:

Applications close for Tutors Worldwide 2017 Gap Year Programs on 8th April. For more information, visit:

Bon University is hosting a Criminology Experience Day on 8th April. For more information, visit:

UQ's Science Ambassador Program

High achieving Science Students can become UQ Science Ambassadors, promoting and engaging with Science through regular communication from UQ (email, closed Facebook page, exclusive invitations to attend events). Applications for this program close on 21st March. For more information, visit:

JMC Academy Information Session

Interested in studying Animation, Film and TV, Music, Songwriting, Game Design, Entertainment Management, Audio Engineering or Digital Design? The JMC Academy is holding an information session on 24th March. For more information, visit:

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Junior Sport

Primary Lutheran Swimming Carnival

Well done to our Year 3-7 swim team who travelled to Caboolture last Friday to compete in the Primary Lutheran Swimming Carnival. Schools from the Sunshine Coast, northern Brisbane and Caboolture competed on the day.

Pacific had a high number of swimmers finish in the top three places, which is a fantastic achievement. Throughout the day, Pacific was leading the points score and went into the Freestyle relays with a slender lead over Good Shepherd Lutheran College. Unfortunately, Good Shepherd was able to finish stronger and won the carnival by a narrow 11-point margin. Congratulations to all students who swam on the day.


Next Thursday is the Year 4-6 SCISSA Gala Day. Students will need to be at school by 8.15am and meet on the front oval by 8.25am with their playing bags and gear ready to catch buses. A detailed information sheet was emailed to parents, outlining playing venues and student requirements for the day. Parents are able to come along and support their child during the day. Sports will be played at the following locations:

  • Basketball – Pacific Lutheran College gymnasium and top courts
  • 7’s Rugby – Peregian Sports Fields (Ridgeview Drive, Peregian Springs)
  • Boys Soccer – Meridan Sports Fields
  • Netball – Fisherman’s Road Netball Courts
  • T-Ball – Noosa Softball Fields (Shields St Tewantin)
  • Girls Touch Football – Noosa Touch Fields (Shields St Tewantin)

Games will commence at 9.30am and will conclude by approximately 2.00pm. Students will be back at school in time for normal departure at 3.00pm.

District and Regional Sport Selections

In the last few weeks there have been a number of students trialling for selection in district and regional sporting teams. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Tom Chapman – Independent District Swim Team and Sunshine Coast Regional Swim Team
  • Jayda Lowe – Independent District Swim Team and Sunshine Coast Regional Swim Team
  • Jonti Fisher – Independent Girls Under 12 Soccer Team
  • Jacob Salvesen – Independent Boys Under 12 Basketball Team
  • Chloe Fleming – Independent Girls Under 12 Basketball Team
  • Eliza Woods – Independent Girls Under 12 Basketball Team
  • Nikita Gallagher – Independent Girls Under 12 Basketball Team
  • Isabella Feckner – Independent Girls Under 12 Basketball Team
  • Tegan Graves – Independent Girls Under 12 Basketball Team
  • Hayden Notley – Independent Boys 12 Years AFL

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

District and Regional Representatives

Last week a number of our athletes competed at the Regional Swim trials at the Caboolture Aquatic Centre for positions in the Sunshine Coast School Sport Swimming team. Well done to the following athletes who achieved outstanding results from the meet:

  • Tom Chapman – 3rd 200 IM; 1st 50m Breaststroke (set a new Record); 1st 100m Breaststroke
  • Jayda Lowe – 2nd 200m Breaststroke; 1st 50m Breaststroke; 1st 100m Breaststroke (set a new record)
  • James Brown – 2nd 50m Butterfly; 1st 50m Freestyle (set a new record)
  • Taj Kelly – 2nd 50m Breaststroke
  • Ella Smith – 3rd 50m Breaststroke; 3rd 100m Breaststroke
  • Kaylee McKeown – 1st 200m Backstroke (set a new record by 17 seconds); 1st 50m Backstroke (set a new record)

Well done to all students who participated and represented the Independent District. We congratulate the following students on their District and Regional representative selection:

  • Tegan Graves (District Basketball)
  • Chloe Fleming (District Basketball)
  • Eliza Woods (District Basketball)
  • James Brown (Regional Swimming)
  • Kaylee McKeown (Regional Swimming)
  • Taj Kelly (Regional Swimming)
  • Jayda Lowe (Regional Swimming)
  • Tom Chapman (Regional Swimming)
  • Tyler Turner (Regional Football - shadow)

This is a fantastic effort and we wish these students all the best at the Regional and State Titles throughout the year.

SCISSA Volleyball

Next week is the final week of regular rounds for the Year 7-10 SCISSA Volleyball competition. Well done to all students who have given up their time to represent the school. The SCISSA finals will be held at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. Teams involved will be notified throughout the week.

Next week’s games are as follows:

Wednesday 16th March





7/8 Boys



Bus leaves: 3.15pm

Bus returns: 5.15pm

7/8 A Girls



Bus leaves: 3.15pm

Bus returns: 6.00pm

9/10 Girls



9/10 Boys



7/8 B Girls (Yr 7)




7/8 B Girls (Yr 8)




The Senior SCISSA Volleyball Competition begins early in Term 2.

Open Boys and Girls SCISSA Soccer

The Open Boys Soccer team have continued their unbeaten run this year, with a 4-0 victory over one of the top teams in the competition, Suncoast Christian College. The boys were impressive yet again with a convincing win at home. Next week they take on Matthew Flinders Anglican College (MFAC) at Pacific, in the lead up to their fourth-straight grand final appearance in Week 9. We wish the team all the best and congratulate them on their efforts so far.

The Open Girls put up a good fight against Suncoast also this week, but lost in a very good match. The girls also take on MFAC next week at Pacific, in their last game of the season. Well done to the girls and all the best for your final match.

Year 3-12 Cross Country

On the first Friday of next term (15th April), all Year 3-12 students will be participating in the Inter House Cross Country Carnival. Students will compete in age groups from 8 years through to open boys/girls. The 8yrs – 12yrs events will take place from 10.45am to 1.00pm and the 13yrs – open races will go from approximately 1.00pm to 3.00pm. Students will be taken around the course in HPE lessons to orientate themselves with where they will be running. More information will follow shortly.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Monday Night Netball

This week, Pacific recorded two wins in the Monday Night Netball competition! The Year 7 team played St John’s College and won 20-2. The Senior 2 team also played St John’s and took the game 30-16. The girls had a full team for their late 7.35pm game. Well done to all teams for their efforts on the night.

Most Valuable Players were Tegan Graves, Holly Twidale, Olivia Evans, Caity O'Keefe, Elsa Jonsson and Kelsey Mackey!

Mrs Leigh Drogemuller, Netball Coordinator

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer
  • 2016 Season Kick Off
  • Positions Available
  • Pacific Soccer Canteen - 5th March
  • SCCSA Coaching Clinics
  • Brisbane Roar Coaches Workshop - 16th March
  • Coaches and Managers Evening - Laws of the Game
  • Brisbane Roar Game - 26th March
  • Round 2 - 12th March
  • Involvement With Pacific Soccer
  • Pacific Soccer Contacts

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Boys Formal Shirts

The boys formal shirt is now available in a size 10 for Years 6-12 students. Please visit the Uniform Shop if you would like to have a look.

Mrs Donna Hollindale, Uniform Shop Coordinator

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra

A Day To Rejoice

Last weekend we celebrated the Baptism of Isabel Rose O’Brien.

Change of Venue

St Mark’s Lutheran Church is delighted to continue holding weekly worship services now in the Music Rooms (M Block) at Pacific Lutheran College.

We commence at 9.30am on Sunday and everyone is welcome for cuppa afterwards. For ease of access, it is best to enter via Red Cedar Drive. Come and Worship! For more information, please phone Pastor Ray on 0429856532.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra

Upcoming Dates

11 International Women's Day Breakfast
15 Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
15-17 P-5 Parent Conferences and Portfolios
17 SCISSA Primary Gala Day 1
18 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
19 Year 11-12 Safe Driver Day
22-23 Middle College Conferences
23 Year 11 Driver Education Day
24 K-12 Chapel
Year 12 Awareness Day
Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
Term 1 Concludes
8-10 Armidale Rugby Carnival
11 Staff Day
RSA Day for Students (Kindy Open)
Year 12 Recharge Day
12 Term 2 Commences

General Notices

Muses Trio - Reclaiming The Spirit

Click here for more information on this event to celebrate International Women's Day.

Baroque To Bernstein

Click here to find out more about the upcoming 'Baroque To Berstein' presented by the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra.